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Written In The Stars

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He noticed the man's eyes above him gleamed in wicked delight, lips curled in such a way that made Jungkook's body shivered against his own will.

"Mother…" The man laughed as if he just heard the greatest joke of a lifetime, crooked teeth and malicious smile. Jungkook shut his eyes tightly, limbs getting shakier with every breath he struggled to take. He didn't even feel the wetness on his cheeks before his captor pointed out to him.

"Cry as hard as you want kiddo. There's nothing your dead mother can do to help you anyway."

His fist connected with the man's jaw right after the words hit him like a million bricks all at once.

His voice never sounded so strange to his own ears.


The man stood up angrily, "You're gonna regret that," he pinned the younger to the ground harsher than before, "I was gonna let you have some fun too but I guess a slutty omega with such a scent like yours just can't wait for us, alphas, to put you in your place huh?"

His eleven years old brain was having a hard time to decipher the meaning behind those words but somehow he could make out the sentiments. His stomach tightened up unpleasantly. He felt like throwing up, so he did.

"Excited, aren't we?" The man above him seemed unbothered with the interruption. His heart thumped frantically against its ribcage when he felt the man's large hands travelled down to his chest then tore off the already worn out fabric roughly.

His whisper was only barely audible.


"Why don't we add some rules to make it even more exciting hm?" The grinning man pulled out a dagger then brought it dangerously close to Jungkook's face, "Next time I hear you complaining then I'm gonna mark your pretty little face just like this, understand?"

The omega hissed quietly from the pain when the sharp blade pierced through his skin and for a second he was tempted to tell the man to leave his left cheek alone and just go for his left chest instead.

"You practically reek of sex," the man purred as he nuzzled the younger's neck.

It stung and he just wanted to tear the skin off of his neck.

"Crown prince Jungkook!"

The air left his lungs before he had the chance to register who was yelling his name and in that moment he surrendered himself, peacefully let the darkness swallow him whole.


He couldn't bring himself to care even if he tried. It could be a day, three months or even a whole year but he just couldn't. He knew people were talking even if he had no clue what they said. He knew things were changing, faster than he thought was possible and he hated every second that passed, the fact he was still alive even when he stubbornly refused to take any part in it. He wished the darkness accompany him a little longer.

"What did the poor wall do this time, our dearest crown prince Jungkookie?"

That voice belonged to the sole reason of his barely existing state this far.

"Oo oh, is that a smile I'm seeing right now?" Jin teased the younger lightly, "Wow. I feel like today is gonna be a good one, even the sun shines brighter than usual."

Jungkook kinda wanted to hit him but settled to snort instead. "You're not funny, hyung."

Jin's face beamed like it usually did, full of mischief. "That or your sense of humor is simply lacking," the older winked playfully, "your highness," he added for a good measure, albeit a little too late.

The omega groaned his disapproval, "Hyung, go away."

"Nah, I feel like sticking around for life. How's that sound?" The beta nudged the younger's shoulder, "Can you imagine a blessing that's my handsome face, looking at it every single time? Yah Jungkookie, you're almost as lucky as I am," the older told him with an enthusiast of a five year old kid on sugar rush.

"I don't like you," Jungkook half-heartedly gave him a dirty look, wondered if there would be a time in the future when his cousin would act like his age. He hoped that day would never come.

"Was it seven?"

There was a rare pause from the older. "Ten."

He nodded to himself, "Ten."

"You've grown. Don't fight me cause I know. I was there and I've watched you over the years," Jin's face grew serious and the sight was rather unfitting. Jungkook would've laughed if only his throat wasn't feeling so tight, "You aren't that eleven years old kid anymore, Kook. That kid is still a part of you but now you're more than capable of protecting him. I have no doubt he's totally freaking out at how far you’ve come. I bet you my handsome face, he must be so proud," the older gave him a small smile, "She must be really proud of you too."

Jungkook had to strain his ears in order to hear the last sentence.

"I don't like you," he repeated, softly this time.

The beta chuckled as he wrapped the younger in a comforting hug, "Don't worry about that, hyung's gonna do the loving for both of us, alright?"


Jungkook almost dropped himself the moment his father suddenly came into his room when he was halfway doing a pull up. He cursed to himself, silently did his best to regain his composure. He couldn't remember the last time his father stepped his foot into the crown prince's residence, let alone his bedroom.

"Father," he greeted the king with a perfect bow, half naked.

The man nodded curtly with distant gaze and lips pressed together in a thin line. They only spoke to each other whenever Jungkook had to attend the formal meetings, usually before he went to war. He seldom made it to the family gatherings unless Jin threatened him with something deadly, like moving into the younger's palace.

"Jungkook, my son."

Whoops this can't be good.

His father's unfamiliar smile made him a little anxious.

"I have an extremely good news for you."

To say that he felt out of place witnessing the man in front of him in such a joyous manner would be an understatement. His father actually had a wide smile on his face. It was rather unsettling because Jungkook was so used to the man's frown when it came to him. He waited for his father to continue and the man, as expected, didn't disappoint.

"You're gonna get married soon."

What now? Who?

It took him a while to find his voice. "Sorry?"

His father chuckled at him, eyes filled with amusement. Another thing he wasn't used to see. He could only watch his father's mouth moving in silent, completely unaware of what the man was actually saying.

"I expect you to always keep our kingdom's name in mind, therefore you must do your absolute best to show them your best behavior." It was the last and only thing he could make out before the king left his room.

"I'm screwed," he whispered, still half in a daze.

"You probably are," agreed Jin, his face was the only thing that stuck out into the younger’s room.

He glared at the intruder. The beta gave him an unconvincing smile in return, "Or not."

As it turned out, his soon groom-to-be was none other than the great emperor himself.

"I have seriously mixed feelings about this, it's really frustrating."

Jungkook just stared blankly at his cousin.

Anyone under the sun who was still in their right mind feared the emperor. He was king of the alphas, the most powerful among them all and remarkably merciless too. He succeeded the throne when he was only fifteen after came back from several continuous wars and conquered seven kingdoms under his command.

"Old man is having the time of his life," the beta pointed out unhelpfully, immediately regretted it after receiving a fierce glare from his cousin, “Right, sorry."

Jungkook chewed his bottom lip, "I'm gonna find a way out."


"What hyung? Don't tell me you actually support this madness."

The older sighed, "Of course not, my dearest Jungkookie."

"There's a but coming, isn't there?" Jungkook turned away, refused to see his cousin's face.

"I told you I'm conflicted," he reminded softly, "It's not a light matter and the last thing I want is to see you in trouble."

The younger still had his back facing the beta, "But I already am."

Jin couldn't argue with that so he didn't, "Then let's make the best with what we got, shall we?"


He looked up at the starry night sky, completely unbothered with the cold air on his skin and found himself wondering if the luminous moon above him was still the same moon he used to see from his balcony back home. The imperial palace, much to his surprise, was not that much different than his kingdom’s castle even though it was certainly twice bigger in size.

"Admiring the view or contemplating about life?" The voice was vaguely familiar but he knew that wasn't the case, she didn't even visit his dreams once.

"Queen mother," he greeted the woman, unsure of himself.

The woman smiled brightly at him, eyes soft, face filled with grace and she had this warmth air around her which reminded him of something he was too afraid to name.

"Lose the queen then we're good."

He wasn't anywhere near enough prepared for a sudden bone-crushing hug from the queen mother. She held him tightly, wrapped him in something he hadn't feel for so long and it made his eyes burn. He stood there motionless, unmoving except for his lungs contracted harshly. His sobs filled the quiet large room, unfiltered and it was oddly the first time he realized it was finally easy to breathe after ten unforgiving years.

He didn't know how long they stayed like that but when he found his voice again, it was terribly hoarse and his throat hurt like hell. It must have been longer than he thought.

"I'm sorry," he didn't even know where to begin.

He was surprised to see the woman's face filled with raw emotions and tears. Even so, her smile was still radiant as ever, "I'm the one who should be apologizing instead."

He shook his head, "No, I-

"I kidnapped you after all." Her gaze was still soft but she sounded regretful, "I'm sorry for being so selfish, dear. I hit a wall and didn't know what else to do, you're my only hope."

"It's not your fault, please stop apologizing, your majesty."

He couldn't help a shriek escaping his lips when the queen mother unexpectedly messed his hair and pinched his cheeks gently before wiped the remaining tears there. "I won't until you quit addressing me with those ridiculous names, sweetheart."

They had a staring contest for a while before Jungkook gave up with a defeated sigh. "I understand, mother."

She lightened up instantly, pulled him in another hug, "Much better, now let's watch the sky together."

He didn't have the heart to refuse such an offer. It was the warmest he felt after a while anyway.


"Thank God you're still alive!"

He had to use violence in order to save himself from suffocation.

"Ouch, that hurts," Jin gave him a pained look, "It's been a week, Jungkookie. Don't you miss this handsome face a little?"

Jungkook did but there was no way on earth he would admit it out loud.

"Cold as always," the older grinned at him, "I take it as a good sign then. Does it mean his majesty actually treat you well?"

He almost forgot about that or even the whole wedding thing for that matter. Almost.

"Eh? He doesn't?"

"It's more likely he doesn't know about my existence yet or simply doesn't care."

The beta frowned, slightly taken back, "What? You haven't met his majesty yet?"

Jungkook shook his head then grinned, "Aren't I lucky?"

Lucky wasn't exactly the right word to describe how he felt about his current situation. It was beyond that. He felt in love with being alive again, it was beautiful. He called it a miracle. He never drew himself in any other color beside grey. It used to be only that color for him and yet, lately he found himself looking at life through colorful lenses in the most unexpected place.

At first he thought the imperial palace would be his jail, like a hellhole, but as it turned out, the place was his greatest escape. It was the perfect place. He could be anything, could do anything. People didn't really know him, didn't care about his past. They didn't whisper behind his back nor sent him pity glances wherever he went. He could just paint when he felt like painting, dance when he wanted to, sang like it was nobody's business and there was literally no one he had to ask for permission first. It was liberating. There was also one floor in the hospital wing reserved for young omegas who were recovering from trauma and he wasted no time to volunteer there.

"Whoa, that's the biggest smile I've ever seen from you so far. I'm glad you're actually having a good time here," the older pointed out, amazed. However, his amusement didn't last long, "I hate to be a pain but as you already know it's impossible for you to avoid his majesty forever. You do realize that right?"

The younger nodded, "Don't worry hyung, I know. I think I can handle it after all."

Jin stared at his cousin for a solid five seconds, "You are really my Jungkookie right? The one who was vehemently against this wedding not long ago?"

"And I still am but I just don't think it's that terrible anymore. I mean, sure, I'll still have to marry him but it's only a one day event after all."

The older gave him a look, "What do you mean for one day? You're gonna be his spouse for the rest of your life, Jungkook."

Jungkook shrugged easily, "He's too busy for that, hyung. I heard the dude’s not very fond of omegas."

There were numerous rumors circled around the whole palace regarding the emperor. The man often described as cruel, frightening and cold-hearted. It was also no secret that he held a strong dislike towards omegas.

"How could you be so certain about that?"

"I don't know for sure but they said he never sleep with one and treat my kind as if we don't exist at all."

Jin sighed quietly, "If they were telling the truth then I don't know whether to be relieved or not."


Hoseok swore he could name a hundred thousand things more important than attending his own wedding. He regretted the day he promised to grant his mother's wishes when he wasn't exactly in his right mind. The ceremony was unsurprisingly tedious and he kept on glaring at people who were foolish enough to congratulate him.

"My sincerest greetings to you, your majesty."

He refrained from glaring and nodded at the beta in front of him because the man was actually had an impressive career as a fighter despite his childlike attitude and famously handsome face.

"Kim Seokjin, isn't it?"

Jin showed his charming smile, “Right at your service, your majesty.”

Hoseok just wanted to be somewhere else, patience was never his virtue.

“Did you come to congratulate me?”

The beta bowed at him, “Forgive me, your majesty, but I’m afraid I had different things in mind.”

Good for you.

“Such as?”

His expression suddenly grew solemn, “I’d like to hear your thoughts regarding omegas if you don’t mind me asking.”

The alpha sighed, “What about them? I don’t really concern myself with them, they’re too tiny, too smelly, too fragile and too insignificant to think about. I’d rather stay away from them.”

Oddly, Jin seemed satisfied with what he heard, his face broke into a cheerful grin, “I understand, your majesty.”

The emperor would’ve said something if only he hadn't felt so gloomy.

Hoseok dragged his feet in the slowest pace he could back to his residence even though he already knew sooner or later he had to face his groom once and for all. It didn’t take him long to find the omega in the living room.

Is he seriously having a workout session right now?

The younger was currently doing a one hand push up, completely oblivious of his arrival. Reluctantly, he sniffed the air in the room and was surprised to smell nothing but his own scent there. Omega’s scent usually made him nauseous and was one of the many reasons why he hated the kind. He almost didn’t feel bad when the younger tumbled to the ground when he finally noticed his presence.

“Ouch- your majesty."

The omega hurriedly stood up and did a 90° bow to him.

“Listen carefully,” Hoseok began his speech straightforwardly, “I’m only doing this to keep my promise, so don’t even for a second think of me as your husband or worse, get in my way if you still value your life and your kingdom.”

He watched the younger nodded a little too eagerly which made him wonder if he was only imagining things.

“Does it mean I can do whatever I want as long as I don’t bother you, your majesty?”

What he’s so happy about? Actually, scratch that. I don’t want to know. Don’t need to. Nope. Who cares if he’s looking like a stupid bunny all scrunched up like that? Definitely not me.

It was his first time to actually look at the younger from such a close distance since he’d been stubbornly avoided him throughout the ceremony. Hoseok admitted the man didn’t look like a typical omega with his perfectly built body and height, he also noticed the younger wasn’t bad looking either.

That was merely a simple observation. I don’t want that omega anywhere near me.

He needed to set his point straight. “I couldn’t careless even if you carry another alpha’s child, just stay away from me.”

The omega actually smiled at that, eyes all crinkled up, “I understand, your majesty,” he bowed again before practically bounced his way out of the main palace.

Wait… Did he just leave like that?


He regretted it right away as soon as the words left his mouth.

“What is he doing over there anyway?”

“Would you want me to find out, your majesty?” there was a subtle smirk on Taehyung’s lips but he chose to ignore it.

“There’s no need for such a thing. I was only thinking out loud since he always goes back and forth making my head hurts.”

It’s not I like care if he has some kind of serious disease. I just don’t want him to spread it all over the kingdom.

At first he thought it would be easy to ignore the younger once they got married since the omega was also on the same page with him. However, it was way harder than that. The guy was literally everywhere. Hoseok saw the younger early in the morning walking in front of the main palace to the infirmary like he was on the way to some kind of party, saw him dueling with some of his best fighters, actually beat them all and seemed to enjoy every battle even with his body covered in blood and bruises. He saw him in the dance hall with blasting music, his every movement was like a deceleration of being alive. The alpha also often found the omega roaming all over the places like he belonged nowhere, lost in his own world without a single care to give. It was simply impossible not to notice Jeon Jungkook.

“Do you have a contagious illness?”

The younger’s face was torn between pure confusion and bewilderment, “I’m sorry? Did you just-

“Do you see anyone else here?”

He shook his head frighteningly fast, “No, but-

“Do you?”


“Have a serious disease?”

Jungkook’s eyes were much bigger than he imagined them to be.

Is he half a bunny or something?

“No, I mean at least not that I’m aware of. Why? Do you think I might have some, your majesty?”

Hoseok swore he never felt the need to comfort someone like this before. “No, that’s not what I meant. I was just- You often visit the infirmary.”

He didn’t miss the way Jungkook’s face gradually lose the tension and how his mouth formed a ‘0’ shape.

This guy is a living meme. Definitely not adorable. Stop.

“Oh, that. I’m working on something there,” the younger beamed and somehow it made Hoseok dizzy. He left hurriedly before catching something serious.

Jeon Jungkook is dangerous. I shouldn’t have underestimated him.


It got worse. The younger came to his dreams almost every night. Hoseok could feel his sanity was slowly slipping away as he fought the losing battle. Most nights they were unclear, vague faces and muffled voices but there were a few rare nights where he could perfectly see, hear and feel in those dreams. His mate was there, right where he should be, close by his side and yet in the end he always lost him. It was always Hoseok crying over a dead body while cursing the universe for their separation.

“Is there anything wrong, your majesty?”

“He’s late.” Is he alright?

“Are you perhaps talking about Lord Jungkook? I heard he won’t be visiting the infirmary today.”

That’s a first. Is he alright?

The news came from the head hospital.

“Did she tell why? What else did she say? What does he usually do over there anyway?”

There were many thoughts swirled around his head and for a second he thought he was going to explode. Taehyung explained that Jungkook volunteered to work with young omegas who were recovering from abuse and trauma. The younger even took formal education about the whole thing and became an official member of the infirmary despite his royal status. “I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you more, your majesty. She seemed cautious and didn’t say much.”

Hoseok nodded before dismissed him and decided to take the matter into his own hands.

Jungkook’s residence wasn’t that far from his own but he never bothered to visit it before. The building looked characteristically similar with the main palace but somehow the younger’s place offered a totally different vibe. It felt less lonely even though there weren’t many people around. He mindlessly wandered around from one room to another, ignoring every greeting and questioning look he got as he passed by. In the end he still couldn’t find the younger even in the main bedroom.

“You look more troubled than usual, dear.”

“Good afternoon to you too, mom.”

His mother chuckled when he made a face at her, “What’s wrong?”

“Have you seen Jungkook?” She seemed surprised with his question but he didn’t have time to explain something he was still unsure of. He just needed to see the younger soon and would deal with everything else later.

“Mother? Where is he?”

“I haven’t seen him yet but I think he might need some time alone today,” she gave him a meaningful look, “I’m gonna visit him tomorrow.”

Hoseok was never a good listener and judging by the way his mother warily smiled at him, she knew it all too well.

His feet brought him outside where the trees were tall and the air was quiet. There he was lying on the ground, deep in the middle of the forest, completely unbothered with the hot weather. Jungkook had both his eyes closed but there was no sign of hurt or injury on his body.

Thank goodness he is breathing.

His stomach tightened unpleasantly when he noticed the tears on the omega’s face. The alpha gently touched his shoulder after the younger didn’t respond when Hoseok called out his name several times.

“Jungkook, please,” he pleaded as he shook his shoulders firmly this time. Jungkook suddenly let out a loud shaky breath like someone who was finally breathing again after a long time drowning.



His heart got broken for the first time.

It was unthinkable. He just couldn’t take the way the younger looked at him, the way his voice trembled and the way his body shook violently. He had no words for the pain he felt on his being.

“Kook? Can you hear me?” There was an intense fear on the younger’s eyes, his breathing was severely shallow and Hoseok swore he would do anything to comfort him.


It was the last thing Jungkook whispered before lost his consciousness.


Hoseok couldn’t remember the last time he felt so scared in his life, the feeling was rather unfamiliar to him. His thoughts wouldn’t stop torturing him, his body felt dead and the only thing he could do was to stare at the door in front of him. The head healer strictly warned him to stay out from the emergency room and for the first time he listened and obeyed an order.

“Your majesty,” Jin kneeled down in front of him.

His throat never felt so tight before, “He- Jungkook…”

The beta gave him a small reassuring smile, “I’ve known him for all his life. He’s a tough one. I have a strong faith that Jungkook’s gonna be alright.”

He wanted so desperately to believe, he knew what Jin was saying weren’t just empty words, after all, he had already witnessed the younger’s strength with his own eyes. However, he couldn’t stop thinking the worst. The older moved to sit beside him and did the talking for both of them as they watched the door together. He listened with a heavy heart and didn’t miss a single word. It was bittersweet. Jin told him about Jungkook’s childhood, his hobbies, favorite foods and mischievousness. He also told him about what happened exactly eleven years ago, how that day changed the omega forever.

“He despises his omega status and has an excessive trust issues with alphas in general. At first I was worried sick when he said he wanted to fight in war. I was so close to lock up the brat inside his own palace but he was too persistent and I ran out of excuses to give him when he defeated our kingdom’s top ten fighters. He’s always like that, our Jungkookie, always thinks he has to be so tough and endures everything on his own.”

Hoseok found himself smiling a little despite the tightness on his chest.


Jungkook looked ethereal in his sleep, not a single trace of exhaustion or anything remotely dreadful shown on his angelic feature. It somehow made Hoseok’s heart ache even more but still couldn’t stop himself from staring. His hands were itching to reach out but he held himself. He watched the younger’s face twitched adorably, instantly knocked out the air on his lungs. He should’ve seen it coming a long time ago, should’ve had realize it sooner but he was just too blind. He couldn’t help being angry with himself for so many things, like the fact that he didn’t meet Jungkook sooner, didn’t take his time to really see him when he actually had the chance, didn’t recognize him as his mate because he was too busy being a bastard.

His mind suddenly went blank when he found a pair of doe eyes staring at him. Hoseok opened his mouth in order to say something, anything at all, hopefully something comforting but it was no use.

Please be alright please please please.

Those beautiful orbs didn’t contain the same emotions as they did the last time he saw them and he was truly thankful for that.

There were just so many things and he had no idea where to start. “I’m sorry…”

Jungkook frowned slightly before pinched his own arm, “Your majesty?”

“No, please don’t do that,” he gently took the younger’s arm and rubbed the red spot soothingly.

“Your majesty, why are you crying?”

“Huh?” Hoseok simultaneously brought up his hands to wipe the silent tears, “I’m- Please don’t worry about me. How are you feeling? Is there anything you need? Do you want to eat right now?”

The omega seemed taken back. He watched Hoseok with a confused expression, slowly adjusted himself into a sitting position, “I’m fine, your majesty. But you don’t look too well.”

The alpha never put so much effort to smile before, “I’m perfectly okay as long as you’re alright.”

“But you’re still crying,” the younger pointed out worriedly.

“Jungkook, I’m sorry,” he wished he didn’t sound so broken, “I don’t know where to begin, I am really sorry. I don’t know why I can’t stop crying too,” he chuckled.

Jungkook chewed his lower lip thoughtfully, “Is it because of what happened earlier?” he didn’t wait for an answer, “But it wasn’t your fault, your majesty. I’m the one who should be apologizing instead. I’m sorry you had to see that and deal with it. Also, I want to thank you for bringing me back to the palace.”

It wasn’t fair. Every fiber in his body was screaming at him. The image of his beloved mate apologizing like that was just too much for him. Hoseok didn’t know what to say, didn’t know how to explain, words failed him. He just wanted the younger to stop hurting, wanted to protect him from everything, wanted to give the whole world to him.

Jungkook jumped out from the bed and gave him a deep bow, “I’m really grateful to you, your majesty.” His honest smile somehow felt like a punch to Hoseok’s stomach.

“Please stay,” he wrapped his arms around the omega’s waist, held him tightly from behind before the younger could leave the room, “I don’t have the slightest clue how to do this and I never felt so scared in my entire life before,” Hoseok confessed truthfully, heart beating loudly. “I’m sorry you had to go through those terrible things alone, I wish I was there for you but I didn’t so I’m sorry. I’m sorry you had to lose your mother too soon. I’m sorry I don’t know how to take your pain away but I promise you won’t have to face anything on your own anymore.”


Jungkook was lost. His brain couldn’t offer any logical explanation. The whole thing felt surreal to him as he stood frozen in the alpha’s embrace. It had been too long since the last time he felt so secure in his life.

“I don’t know what to say,” he trailed off uncertainly.

“Then don’t say anything,” the older whispered softly, “I just wanted you to know you got me.”


Things were changing between them in a way Jungkook never imagined possible before. It both terrified and excited him all at once. They used to avoid each other and stayed away from one another’s business but lately they were inseparable. The older insisted to walk him to the infirmary every morning, danced together with him when he wanted to dance, brought him to beautiful places he had no idea existed before and even stayed in silence with him when they got nothing to do. It was all new to him. He used to think spending so much time with another person would be suffocating, but as it turned out, he enjoyed every second they were together and found himself looking forward to see the alpha again as soon as they parted.

“Is there something wrong?” It was impossible not to get goosebumps whenever the older looked at him like that.

He shook his head with a smile, “Why?”

Hoseok cupped his face with gentle hands and concerned face, “You are quieter than usual. Are you thinking about something?”

Shoot. Am I that easy to read?

He took the alpha's hands on his face, mildly distracted by how warm they felt against his skin, “It’s nothing, hyung. You worry way too much.”

The older, as usual, wouldn’t budge. “You know that you can tell me anything, right?”

He knew, of course he knew. After all, he had lost count for every time Hoseok would sit in the dark with him, patiently listened to his story and offered him comfort Jungkook never had before. “I know, hyung. It’s not a big deal.”

The older pouted at him, “But it’s important for me.”

“It’s nothing I can handle on my own, I promise,” he smoothed out the frown on Hoseok’s face and tried to reshape the triangular on his mouth into a smile. It was useless though, the older was almost as stubborn as him. He took a few deep breaths before told him about his monthly condition.

“Jin hyung told me you always take suppressants.”

That hyung talks too much.

“I’ve been reading and asking around,” the older was being cautious and it made him a little nervous. Jungkook had to look away while he still got the chance.

“Those things aren’t good for your health, Kook.”

It wasn’t like he didn’t know. He’d been using them since his first heat, fully aware of the consequences. He was never fond of being an omega anyway. The suppressant worked like a miracle for him, it prevented the heat and masked his scent into nothingness. He never thought he’d regret using those things but somehow Hoseok’s dejected face made him feel guilty.

“It’s not that dangerous, hyung,” he still tried to reassure him.

I’d rather suffer any pain than being a horny slave to my own heat.

Just like what he told the older, it wasn’t a big deal. He could handle the side effects perfectly well. He just had to take a few days off and lock himself inside his room to deal with his aching body.

Hoseok didn’t say anything for a while, he just held Jungkook tightly like he always did.

“Just come to me when you had enough, alright?”


“You’ve been circling this room for the past fifteen minutes, sweetheart. Wanna go for a jog with me outside?”

He might’ve just taken his mother’s offer if only she didn’t look so amused with herself.

It was harder than he thought. He couldn’t sit still, couldn’t stay calm and every second that passed felt like hours.

“What if he needs me?”

“I don’t know about that but we all know Jungkook is extraordinarily tough. He’s been dealing with it on his own for years and I believe he knows what he’s doing. Don’t you think he can get through it?”

He didn’t have a single doubt that the younger could pull through. He completely believed in him.

Hoseok sighed, “I know he’s perfectly capable but I’m not talking about that. I can’t help it, mom. How can I? He’s the one, he’s my mate and I’m here, aren’t I? How can I just let him suffer on his own? It’s killing me, I feel like going crazy.”

Her mother pulled him in a hug, “I’m truly sorry, dear. I didn’t know. I was just trying to respect Jungkook’s wishes.”

“I know, mother. I also wanted to do the same but I feel so useless like this.”

She didn’t exactly give her blessings but also didn’t try to stop him when he left to the younger’s place.

The sight of Jungkook with his hands on his head in the corner of the room was breaking his heart. The younger was curled up in a ball, body trembled violently from the pain Hoseok couldn’t see.


Everything ached. The pain was familiar and yet his body still couldn’t get used to it. He was so close to come to the older but ended up hesitating in the last minute. It wasn’t like he didn’t trust Hoseok, the man was nothing but a saint to him. It was just that Jungkook didn’t want to burden the alpha more than he already did.


For a mere second, his body didn’t hurt so much anymore.


The pain was suddenly replaced by soothing touch.

“Hyung?” it came out like a slur but he hoped Hoseok could understand him. He sensed, rather than seeing the older picked him up and brought him to the bed before changed his damp clothes. It was weird how natural the whole thing felt to him despite his own fears and insecurities. It never ceased to amaze him how the older always managed to get him feel better even during his roughest day.

“Shhh love, I got you…”

Hoseok’s skin brought relief to his aching body, the alpha’s comforting scent anchored him and his calming whispers slowly lulled Jungkook into a peaceful slumber.


He noticed the trees were visibly much taller and thicker than the last time he visited. There were also different kind of colorful flowers bloomed prettily all around the place. The view was breathtakingly beautiful but it still couldn’t ease his currently heavy soul. It had been too long since the last time he came but somehow he still vividly remembered the way. He wouldn’t be there again if it wasn’t for the man beside him.

The alpha brought up their clasped hands, planted a gentle kiss on Jungkook’s knuckles, before slowly released his hand, “I’ll see you soon?”

Jungkook nodded at him, carefully savored Hoseok’s astonishing smile while he had the time.

His head filled with flooding memories as soon as he read the words on the monument, he couldn’t remember the last time someone mentioned the name.


I’m finally here again, sorry it took me so long. I’d understand if you’re mad at me.

“I hope you weren’t too lonely. I heard Jin hyung comes here often...”

I’m sorry I didn’t go with him. I guess I wasn’t ready to accept the reality.

“I’ve been doing alright, in case you’re worrying about me…”

Well, not at first though. Things happened too fast for me. Father married someone else before I had the chance to ask him about you. I got confused and frustrated way too often but Jin hyung was always there for me, he still is. He talks too much, especially about his handsome face but I got nothing but admiration and gratitude for the man, please don’t tell him that. He also let me fight at war beside him even though I’m an omega. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. You might be upset that I spent so many years feeling ashamed of my status. I’m sorry mother, I didn’t know better.

“I met someone special, his name is Jung Hoseok…”

Yes, I got married to the emperor himself. It was an arranged marriage but the imperial palace was my starting point. Hoseok hyung’s mother is very kind to me and treats me like her own son, she reminds me of you. Hoseok hyung is... well, I feel a little embarrassed to admit it but I love him. Mother, please don’t laugh, if you do then I won’t tell you these things anymore. I also didn’t know it would turn out like this, the whole thing still feels surreal to me even now. He’s just so- I don’t think words alone can do him justice. He’s my person, my mate. I wish I could explain it better but don’t know how to. He helped me get through my darkest days and made me think differently about my omega status. He gives me love, comfort, and protection without making me feel weak. He’s like a ray of sunshine and I can feel his patient love even in the darkest part of my being. “My sincerest greetings to you, Jungkook’s mother,” Hoseok kneeled down beside him, head stayed on the ground for a moment.

“I am your son’s husband, Jung Hoseok. I’m sorry for coming so late, mother, please don’t be too upset with us,” the older placed a bucket of his mother’s favorite flowers near her memorial. Jungkook sat in silence as he listened to the older talking to his mother. Hoseok told her everything, the good and the bad.



His omega gave him a sheepish smile as he nodded, “Very, feels like I’m going to die.”

“Me too,” Hoseok admitted, gently pulled the younger on his lap.

I won’t be able to live with myself if I screw up, or worse, hurt you.

“We won’t have to do it if you don’t want to. There is always next month and-

Mind blank, can’t remember.

Jungkook’s kisses were like a deadly drug, there was just no way on earth he could go back living without them after he got a taste. The younger’s lips were moistly more red than usual and there was a burning determination on his eyes which made Hoseok breathless.

“Hyung, I want it. I want you.”

Dear God please help me.

Hoseok simply didn’t have the strength to question him any further.

“I want you too,” he choked on those words but hoped the younger could feel his sincerity through his desperate kisses and touches.

It wasn’t Hoseok’s first time to undress him but for some reasons his hands wouldn’t stop shaking, “See? I’m a nervous wreck,” he chuckled at himself.

Jungkook joined him before pulled him down to him, eyes filled with laughter and something else he’d been yearning for so long, “Here, let me help you,” the younger said kindly while taking off his own shirt in a swift motion.

Why are you so perfect?


His carefree laughter was like a song to Hoseok’s ears.


“Don’t stare like that,” warned the younger with heated face as he slowly released the pillow on Hoseok’s face.

It was an impossible task.

“But I don’t know how not to, love. Have you seen yourself?”


Jungkook felt like he might die from embarrassment. His entire being was already on fire and the look on Hoseok’s eyes didn’t help at all. The older captured his lips again in hungry kisses, slowly went lower as he left his mark everywhere on Jungkook’s skin.

“Ngh, hyung,” he tried to bite his lip but the pleasure he felt between his thighs was too much, “that’s enough.”

Hoseok’s head was the only thing that prevented him from keeping his legs together and for a second he was tempted to strangle the older.

“But Kook,” pouted his mate as he looking up at him from between his thighs, “I never tasted something so heavenly like this before,” admitted him with a look of wonder as he licked his own lip, “I think I could stay down here forever.”

Jungkook didn’t think twice again to use his hamstring muscles.


“Stop saying weird things, hyung.”

His main concern used to be going too far too soon and he was truly grateful for his husband’s endless patience but things were taking way too long. He was so close to beg but fortunately, the older seemed to read his mind. Hoseok’s body was literally no more than an inch away from his and yet he still wanted, needed it closer. His bruising kisses drove Jungkook even further away from his sanity and he didn’t even mind every moan that slipped away from his mouth when their hips moved together. “Please hyung, it’s not enough.” Jungkook thought he might explode if he had to wait any longer to feel his mate inside him.

“But it’s gonna hurt,” Hoseok looked like he wanted to pull away and Jungkook was quick to stop him.

The omega captured his mate’s mouth in a gentle kiss, lightly bit his lower lip and sucked on it softly. He smiled at the older, “It’s alright, hyung. I trust you and I want to do this with you.”

Jungkook waited patiently while his husband fought an internal battle.

Hoseok finally sighed in defeat before searched for his eyes, “Promise me that you’ll tell me to stop when it’s too much for you.”

“I promise,” agreed the younger in a heartbeat even though he was very doubtful that would happen.

His entire body finally sighed in relief the moment Hoseok entered him. The older was barely an inch inside and yet it was enough to take him higher than he’d ever been.

“Alright there?”

Jungkook answered the question with his hips as he tried to get more Hoseok’s cock inside of him and moaned when his body involuntarily released excessive fluid along the way. It took some time because Hoseok was way bigger than he imagined.

The air around the room was heavy with their scents perfectly blended together and Jungkook simply couldn’t help the moans escaping his lips when Hoseok thrust into him in a slow pace. He looked up at his husband and instantly rewarded with a kiss.

Wait. Is he-

The younger broke the kiss concernedly, “Hyung, why are you crying?”


Because you’re so beautiful it hurts. Because it feels like my soul has been yearning for yours all this time. Because I only know how to love you and don’t wanna let go.

“I feel like the happiest person in the world,” he admitted with a wide smile, gently placed a kiss on Jungkook’s forehead, “These are happy tears.”

His mate blushed furiously but locked his legs behind Hoseok’s waist, “I told you to stop saying weird things,” complained the younger as he pulled the older deeper into him, both of them moaned together at the sensation.

He wanted to make it last and savor every second but his omega had different thing in mind. “Mm, faster, hyung,” Jungkook moved his hips earnestly, in a way that would surely drive Hoseok crazy if he wasn’t already.

Both of them knew he couldn’t deny the younger anything, “Yeah? Like this?”

“Aah, y-yeah.”

Hoseok was in heaven even though at first he was anxiously worried that he wouldn’t fit. Jungkook diligently took his every inch and wrapped him in deliciously wet tight heat. “H-hyung,” The omega blindly reached out for his shoulders when the older found his prostrate and abused it repeatedly, “Mmm, close ah.”

Hoseok felt Jungkook clenched up around him, milking his cock for all its worth and they both came together shouting each other’s names.



Jin watched his cousin’s beaming face from the distance and couldn’t help smiling to himself. Jungkook was still the same stubborn brat who refused to respect him as an older brother and yet some things were completely different.

“Uncle Jin!” A six year old little boy ran up to him in an alarmingly fast speed.

The beta tried to catch the energetic kid with a hug but ended up lying on the ground instead, “Ouch, how’s my favorite nephew doing?”

“I’m good. Let’s go!”

“Your uncle barely just arrived,” Hoseok amusedly reminded as he tried to get his son off of him before helped him up. The older alpha gave him an apologetic smile, “He’s gonna be a handful.”

Jin simply waved him off, “That’s highly debatable. I practically raised the most stubborn brat with these ouch-

Why does the brat always get stronger?

His nephew looked up at his two fathers with eager face, “Father, dad, can I go now? Please?” He still couldn’t get used at the heartwarming scene in front of him. Both parents took their time to say farewells to their son, each of them hugged him tightly and showered the boy with silly kisses until the poor kid had enough and protested. Hoseok made his son promise to behave and not burden him so much, meanwhile Jungkook encouraged his innocent nephew to ‘try out fun tricks on his fun uncle’.


“Today isn’t my birthday,” her mother gave him a mischievous smile.

Hoseok shook his head but smiled nonetheless, “Good evening to you too, mother.”

“Are you perhaps looking for Jungkook?”

He gave her a look, “I know where he is.”

She beamed at that, “You never let him out of your sight ever since that day, do you?”

How could I? I don’t know how to and even if I did, I still wouldn’t want to.

“Thank you.”

Her mother's confused face was something new to him, “Sorry?”

“I don’t know how thank you for bringing him into my life.”

He didn’t expect to get a hit on his stomach, “I know I kidnapped him but that was too much.”

“What? No, I-

Her cheerful laughter filled the whole room, “I was just messing with you,” her eyes sparkled brightly, “But I don’t think you have to thank me for that.”

“I’m still thankful though.”

She nudged his shoulder then pointed at the stars above them, “Then you can thank them instead.”

He frowned slightly, “Why the stars though?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged, “I just feel like they’ve been spelling out yours and Jungkook’s name together right from the beginning.”


They watched the sky for a while in comforting silence before a gloomy thought suddenly passed him by, “Mother, I don’t wanna lose him again.”

“You won’t,” she reassured him a little too soon.

“But I always did.”

“And yet you never fail to find him again.”

He sighed, “It’d be better if we don't have to separate in the first place.”

She pinched his cheek lightly, “Says the one who always gets the chance to be together with his soul mate in his every lifetime.” Her mother smiled kindly at him, “Most of us will never get to experience the special bond you share with Jungkook. Do you really mind a little bit of waiting?”

“You’re right. I never thought about it that way,” he admitted.

I don’t mind the waiting. I would wait for eternity if I had to. Our names are written together in those stars and I will trust them to guide me back to you in our next lives just like they already did in this one.