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She wanted to tell you

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Brian’s mom had told her that there would be boys that would take her for a ride, tell her pretty little lies, and tear her heart in two for as long as she could remember. Her father had left before she was born, apparently not ready to be a parent at such a young age. Along with that, her mother's endless string of boyfriends, and her own experience, Brian had written off relationships forever. She always ended up screwing something up anyways. She did it with her mom by running away and continuously fighting, with Rome by becoming a cop, and pretty much every other relationship she had in some way or another. She had never expected Dom though.

She took the undercover case in LA because they needed someone who could drive, and everyone in the precinct knew about her juvie record. They all knew she stole a car and caused a five-car pileup. With the promise of a promotion to a detective, she was in. Brian needed the cash if she was going to try and help Rome get on his feet after he got out of jail.


Brian was 7 when she met Roman on the elementary school playground. Barstow was a small town which meant one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school. Their friendship started off unusually. To this day neither of them can remember what the fight was about. All they know for sure is that Rome eventually pushed Brain saying she wouldn’t do anything because she was a girl, which made her swing her tiny little fist right into his face giving him a bloody nose. They were taken to the principal’s office immediately. While waiting for their parents, they began talking.

“You know you punch pretty hard,” Rome said his voice muffled from the paper towels he had pressed against his nose.

“Let me guess, I punch pretty hard for a girl, right?” Brain spit out as venomously as a 7-year-old girl could.

“No, I mean you hit pretty hard for a person,” he said in slight awe. Then with a giggle, he added: "I bet you hit harder than Alan Wilcox ever could.”

Brian smiled at that. That is the day they became best friends.


When Brian was 12, she ran away from home for the first time.

“I just don’t understand why he has to be here all the time,” Brian grumbled. This was the third night in a row her mother’s new boyfriend, Mark, had stayed the night.

“Aubrianne, I don’t want to hear it tonight so just drop it.”

Brain growled low in her throat “I told you not to call me that. Why can’t you just call me Brian?”

“Because I named you Aubrianne. If you don’t want to go by your full name, why can’t you at least shorten it to a more girly name? Like Aubri?” Her mother sighed irritably. They have had this conversation many times before.

“Because I’m not girly mom and my name is Brian.”

“Your name is Aubrianne. End of discussion.” She said harshly glaring at her young daughter as she left the kitchen to take Mark his beer and sit on the couch with him.

Brian stood there for a moment with angry tears in her eyes before she stomped into her room and slammed the door. She threw some clothes in her bookbag and silently slipped out her window. Hot tears streamed down her face as she made her way to Rome’s house about a mile away. When she got there, Rome had been the one to answer the door, his mother working the night shift at the local diner. He didn’t say anything just pulled her into a hug and held her until her tears stopped.

“Come on let’s play F-Zero so I can kick your butt,” he said as he released her and started walking to his room.

“In your dreams, Pierce,” Brain replied smiling and followed him.

This became almost a routine for them. Every time Brian and her mother would have a fight, she would show up at Rome’s house. Sometimes she would scream, sometimes she would cry, but Roman never failed to take her mind off everything and make her laugh.


Brian was 14 when a guy first tried to use her. Most of the town's teenagers have snuck away to race cars in the desert about 20 miles out of town. Brian had won her race for the night and caught the eye of a senior 19-year-old boy named Alex. Still high on adrenaline Brian somehow found herself pressed up against Rome’s car (because he was two years older than her, he was the only one of them with a valid driver’s license and therefore a car) making out with the older man.

She was on cloud nine up until Alex started to grab at her breast. She tried to push his hands away mumbling for him to stop. He just held her against the car harder and moved his hand around to her back and undid her bra clasp. Pushing as hard as she could she pushed Alex off her and punched him square in the jaw.

She yelled for Rome, and he ran straight over forgetting all about the other girl he was talking to near the fire pit.

“Brian what’s wrong,” he said hurriedly seeing her disheveled look.

“Nothing Rome get in the car now.” She said coldly as she opened the passenger side and climbed in. Rome obeyed and quickly got into the car taking off into the desert on the road back to town. He stopped about 5 miles out and demanded she tells him what happened. Once she had, he was cursing up a storm, furious and swearing to kill Alex with his bare hands. Brian didn’t say anything, just mumbled that she wanted to go home as she pulled her legs up into the seat and wrapped her arms around herself. Rome looked at her and just nodded his head, putting his hand briefly on her head and tucking her short blond hair behind her ear in a comforting gesture. She told her mother what happened when she got home, and all she said was “I told you so.”

The next day at school Alex was sporting a lovely bruise on his face from her punch and a black eye and busted up nose. She would have to remember to thank Rome for that later.


Brian was 16 when she went made a stupid mistake out of pure rage and spite.

“Hey Aubrianne, why don’t you go get me another beer,” yelled Jake, her mother’s newest addition to her list of shitty boyfriends, from the living room about ten feet away from her. Brian rolled her eyes and made no move to get up from her place at the kitchen table. She had an English project due and was currently preparing a poster about Macbeth.

“Hey I’m talkin to you,” growled Jake. Brian had learned quickly that he wasn’t a man with patience. Still, she made no move and continued to color in the Birnam Wood in the corner of the poster.

“Aubrianne O’Conner, get off your ass and do as your soon to be stepfather says,” Her mother says while she is curled up next to Jake on the couch high as a kite. That made Brian snort quietly to herself.

“You got something you wanna say, girl? And I know you aren’t gonna make me tell you twice to get me that damn beer!” Jake leaned forward and put his elbows on his knees, his red shot eyes glaring a hole in her skull.

“Get your own damn beer,” she muttered.

He slowly got up and walked toward her. When he reached her, he pulled her out of the chair and shoved her into the wall. He smirked at her shocked reaction and walked toward the fridge and pulled out a beer. Brian knew she would regret what she was about to do, but Rome did always say she never knew when to quit.

“Hey, would you look at that, your legs do work,” she said in fake amazement.

The next thing Brian knew she was on the kitchen floor scrambling back to get as far away as the pissed of man towering over her. He grabbed her by the collar of her t-shirt and hauled her up holding her against the wall. She really should have expected the sharp sting of her left cheek as he backhanded her. Hard. So, she swung and unfortunately it was caught by Jake. He threw her arm down and punched her in the eye making her head reel back and slam into the wall. Then he swung his right fist into the side of Brian’s head, connecting right at her temple and suddenly she was falling. She didn’t have time to brace herself, so she landed roughly face first. The pain was radiating from her face and head so much she almost didn’t feel the wetness at first. Then she smelled it. Beer. Cheap, crappy beer. That bastard had poured his beer on top of her head while she was on the ground.

“Next time, listen” she vaguely even registered the drifting voice. Everything was drifting.

Brian didn’t even know she had passed out until she woke up. It was dark outside, and she could hear snoring in the living room coming from her mother and Jake. She slowly pushed herself up using the wall to help balance herself. It was 8:00 pm according to the clock on the stove. Great, she thought to herself, she had been passed out for almost two hours and her mother never even bothered to check on her. She was going to go to her room to lay down, but something caught her eye.

Keys. Jakes car keys to be more exact. Oh, this would be fun. She grabbed the keys and silently walked out the front door.

The blurriness of the next events would be blamed on the concussion she was sure she had. One minute she was driving down the freeway, windows down and blaring music. The next she is in the back of a cop car. The car in front of her had locked its brakes up, and the one behind her slammed into her from behind. Five car pileup. That along with Jake calling the police and saying she had stolen his car and the beer that she reeked of she was quickly thrown into juvie.

She spent two years alone without even Rome by her side, though he did visit her when he could. Two full years for her to think. She knew she had to get her life in order or she would end up dead. She would get out of this hell hole, get herself a respectable job, convince Rome to do the same, and they would live safe, boring lives together. So, when she got out at 18, she joined the police academy.

Rome was pissed but it wasn’t like they hadn’t fought before. She was convinced that he would come around. That was until two months after she joined the force that he got arrested. He made a stupid mistake and had eight stolen cars on his property for Gods sake. Three years in an upstate prison. All the while blaming Brian for his mistake. Brian’s mom had died while she was still in juvie from a drug overdose. For the first time in her life, Brian was truly alone.

So, she took the undercover job. She swore to herself to gain Rome back and make amends. It looked like it would be an easy job anyway. Infiltrate a gang of criminals who were hijacking trucks, get evidence to bust them, get out and make detective, and be waiting for Rome as he walked out of the prison gates.

She wasn’t expecting team Toretto.