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She wanted to tell you

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Dom wasn't expecting to get a call from his sister saying that Brian was killed in a car accident. He wasn't even sure how Mia knew Brian had died, as far as he knew they hadn't spoken to each other in five years. He wasn't exactly sure that he wanted to go back for the funeral. Brian had been the one to play him and tear his family apart after all. She had used them. She had used HIM. He fell for her act so quickly, got lost in her deep blue eyes and short blond hair and icy personality. But at the same time, she had jumped on a semi and blew her cover to save Vince from dying. She had also killed Tran and Lance and gave him the keys to let him get away before the police got there. So he got to work making arrangments to get back to Barstow for the funeral, he at least owed her that.

Dom was standing on a hill overlooking the cemetery they choose to bury Brian watching the funeral from a safe distance. His could feel his heart fracturing in his chest. However, he told himself it was from seeing his sister cry and not from watching them lower the casket into the ground. When it was time, he saw the man that had been standing next to Mia walk forward and throw a handful of dirt into the hole in the ground followed shortly by Mia doing the same. When the service had ended he watched as the man than that been standing by Mia wrapped his arm around her shoulders, her wrapping an arm around his waist, and walk them both to a black 2003 Acura NSX. He followed them to a reasonably secluded house that had seen better days. The car was parked in the driveway, and the garage door was open. Taking Mia's hint, he pulled into the empty garage and quickly pulled down the door. He could hear voices arguing with each other as he walked to the back door of the house. He let himself in and walked silently to the living room where he heard the voices coming.

"We need to tell him, Mia, you know that," said an unfamiliar voice.

"Brain said if anything happened not to tell Dom what was going on. You know she didn't want him to get in any more trouble Rome, " said Mia with a sigh

" Brian is gone. Dom needs to know the truth." Rome retaliated.

Walking into the room finally, Dom spoke up "Well then whats the truth?"