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Dragon Slayers

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Danielle's gold eyes that are split by black, vertical pupils watched her fellow Dragon Slayers mingle with the members of Fairy Tail, at least four of the Dragon Slayers belonged to Fairy Tail while two belonged to Sabertooth and the third belonged to a secret Guild.

Danielle herself belonged to a Guild that has been long since wiped out, the Dragon Heart Guild, and she was just traveling though she did make Magnolia her returning place. She had found a decent size cottage near the outskirts of town, it looked like it haven't been lived in for years so she fixed it up and then asked Wendy if she wanted to room with her. The Sky Dragon Slayer quickly agreed to it and they both moved her stuff into the second bedroom.

The Sound Dragon Slayer was also Wendy's teammate even though she hadn't officially joined the Guild, despite the numerous attempts made by Natsu to get her join (each one ended with Natsu being flung into a wall and Cobra laughing his ass off).

The female Dragon Slayer was sitting at the bar and ignoring the looks Mirajane were giving her despite what she may think, Danielle wasn't involve with any of the male Dragon Slayers. She had mixed feelings about them.

Laxus Dreyar? He's alright though he pisses her off sometimes with his somewhat arrogant attitude and smart ass comments (she totally doesn't have a crush on him, despite what Cana and Mirajane may think and good luck trying to get any answers from Cobra because she's got something on him). Though he is good to go on missions with along with his team.

Gajeel Redfox? Smarter than Natsu when it comes to dealing with a cranky Sound Dragon Slayer who doesn't like really loud noises. Danielle teams up with him to make fun of Natsu.

Natsu Dragneel? Lucy may think he's smarter than he looks but Danielle has her doubts, especially when it comes to him wanting to fight her every time he sees her. She had lost count on how many times she had thrown him through a wall and how many times the short master of Fairy Tail had lectured her about it.

Wendy Marvell? Danielle adored her, she was the little sister that she had never had and Danielle didn't want these idiots corrupting her.

Sting Eucliffe? ....she'll have to get back to you on that but he was just as dumb as Natsu when it came to dealing with Danielle.

Rogue Cheney? She liked him, he wasn't annoying and had better survival instincts than Sting and Natsu combined.

Cobra? He was her best friend (he would deny it of course) and he liked one Lucy Heartfilia, it was adorable. He was the one to learn that Sound Dragon Slayers heard everything, their hearing was a lot more keener than the other Dragon Slayers (it was also their weakness) so she was able to hear his body's reaction whenever Lucy came close to him. That had disgusted Danielle and she had thrown a chair at him in response then she had dragged him off and explained it to him.

That had mortified her not best friend.

If he thought listening to people's souls were bad than he didn't know true horror.

But there was a silver lining in that dark cloud: it meant that they could combine their abilities for mischief and chaos. And what a glorious thing that was and probably why Mirajane thought she and Cobra had something going.

Or it could be the fact that Danielle and Cobra like to enter what everyone likes to call 'Snark Warfare'. They always trade snarky comments or quips about each other or other people, with Natsu being a personal favorite of theirs. 

But when it came down to it, Danielle would be there for her fellow Dragon Slayers and their Guilds. She would do anything that she can to make sure they are all safe and happy.