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Two Potatoes

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You slump against the couch, no longer able to hold your tears back. Today had been an exceptionally long day for you. Things just continued to go wrong: being late for work and being yelled at by your boss, working through your lunch break and having to do overtime since no one was there to help. Not to mention your boyfriend was away on a mission and he wouldn’t be back until tomorrow. You felt completely and utterly alone.

A soft chirruping noise interrupted your crying and you felt a nudge at your feet. You peek through your hands to see Soba comforting you. She drops something at your feet and looks up at you with the cutest little blep she always did. You reach down and pick up the round object, which turned out to be…

A potato.

Soba quickly scurries off again to bring you one more potato. You reach to pick that one up too, your tears drying up from her gifts. While you weren’t really sure where she got the potatoes from, you were worth at least two potatoes to her, which really meant something. At least it did in dragon language.

You snap a photo and send it to Genji. He doesn’t reply instantly since he’s more than likely getting ready to leave, but it’s okay. Soba was keeping you company.

She plants herself in your lap and slips in and out of sleep. You fall asleep after awhile since all that crying made you tired. The potatoes sat nearby, not forgotten.