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Bite Me

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“Fantastic.” Leonard grumbled as he stared up at the dark sky, glaring at the rain droplets that had begun to fall steadily, soaking into his scrubs. He had just gotten off from a longer than usual shift at the hospital and he was in no mood for the weather tonight. He wondered why the full moon brought out all the idiots as he brought his jacket up around himself tighter.

The weather had been forecasted to be clear, but what did weathermen know? Leonard put his hands in his scrub pockets and kept walking despite the rain. He was too close to home to bother with a taxi, but far enough away that his scrubs would do little against keeping him and his undershirt dry.

Leonard continued to walk and weave around the streets, trying his best to stay under awnings. It may have helped keep the rain off somewhat, but what it didn’t protect him from was a pair of bright blue eyes, watching his every move in the inky darkness.

Jim had been watching Leonard for a couple nights and Leonard was none the wiser. Jim had first seen Leonard on his way to the hospital, just as the sun dipped below the horizon. Jim had gotten dangerously close to Leonard that first night when the wind suddenly shifted and he caught a strange smell coming off Leonard that stopped him in his tracks. Jim couldn’t place it and had never smelled that smell before.

Jim backed off that night, hiding in the shadows as he continued to watch and follow Leonard. From what he could tell, Leonard was an average, normal human being. Leonard walked to and from work as normal, only to occasionally stop for take out a couple times. Nothing Leonard did suggested he was anything other than a regular, ordinary human.

Jim wasn’t buying it though, there had to be something to the man that he wasn’t seeing. Jim had debated with himself as to what he wanted to do. It wasn’t sensible, hell, it was down right dangerous to his survival, but he had to know. He waited until Leonard passed the street lamps, and down the same dark alley he knew he cut through. Jim wiped the water droplets off his face and ran his fingers through his wet hair before jumping off the rooftop and landing silently and gracefully to the pavement below.

Jim flipped the collar up on his jacket and set off swiftly and quietly behind Leonard. Jim was near silent as he stalked behind Leonard, keeping close to the shadows in case Leonard turned around. Leonard was too worried about getting himself out of the rain to bother paying attention to anything else going on around him. He lived in a nice neighborhood, nothing ever happened here so he had no reason to be on guard. If only he had any idea of what was going to happen tonight, he might have paid a bit more attention.

As soon as Leonard rounded the final corner of the alley, Jim sprang forward, bringing his fist up to meet the side of Leonard’s temple, Jim had to be careful not to punch too hard, he didn’t want to break any bones. Leonard didn’t even have time to register the blow before his world turned to black and he fell in a heap into a puddle, unconscious.

Jim crouched down next to Leonard, taking him in closely as he raised Leonard’s head by his hair, listening to his steady heart rate and his shallow breathing. Everything about Leonard still looked normal, but when Jim got close to Leonard’s face and was finally able to get proper whiff, Leonard’s scent was definitely different from anything he’d ever smelt from any human. Jim laid Leonard’s head back on the ground when he started to feel his fangs begin to elongate at the smell, he ran his tongue along the sharp tips slowly as he opened his mouth.

No. Jim shut his eyes closed and concentrated. He couldn’t feed on him, not if he wanted to know. Jim swallowed hard and did his best to push down his instincts, after a few moments he could feel his fangs begin to retreat back to where they came. He told himself that he was going to have to feed more often around this one.

Jim needed to get Leonard back to his hideout quickly, the sun would be up in a few hours. Jim could stand the sun in short intervals if he needed to, but it severely weakened him and he would need to feed even more than normal the next night, which was extremely difficult when he was weakened so Jim tried to avoid it if at all possible.

Jim stood up slowly and shook his head, trying to get Leonard’s scent out of his nose before he did something he would regret. He took a few steps away and checked around the alley corner, it was clear. In one swift movement he stepped back towards Leonard and grabbed his arm and effortlessly picked him up and threw him over his shoulder.

Jim checked around the corner once more, choosing not to breathe so he wouldn’t have to smell Leonard. The coast was still clear, Jim adjusted Leonard more comfortably before he set off at speed, becoming nothing but a blur in the late evening rain.