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Smooth Fire

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“He’s on a sugar daddy site.”

“Oh my god – really!?” Kaminari and Sero scrambled from their desks over to Kirishima – all looking at the website displayed on one of Kirishima’s dual monitors.

“Damn.” Kaminari whistled. “So he’s looking for a baby.”

“Who knew he was into that – but damn the site lists how much he’s willing to pay.” Sero patted Kirishima’s shoulder.

“I found my cover.”

“Yeah – selling your body for work.” Kirishima shrugged off Sero’s hand.

“I’m not going to sell my body for work.”

“Kiri – being a baby is basically a high class prostitute for one person getting paid a lot more.”

“I’m not going to have sex with him!” He flailed his arms to get his colleagues off his back. They just laughed as they backed off. “I got this – now go back to work slackers.”

“You’re the one distracting us!”

“I only stated a fact and you two came rushing over!” He refuted Kaminari’s rebuttal. The boys rolled their eyes as they made their way back to their desks. Kirishima stared at the profile and then to the case file up on his second monitor.

Kirishima was a fiery red-haired detective of the 2nd precinct division A, working to find corruption or shady, hidden, illegal business behind the scenes of successful, wealthy business owner Bakugou Katsuki. There was heavy suspicion surrounding him that he was dabbling in illegal activities and the young twenty-three-year-old was tasked to go undercover, find out what, and bring them down. Thus, he was on a black underground sugar daddy website.

This provided useful information for Kirishima. He wasn’t going to create an account because it could be tracked to his location, but it stated the places Bakugou liked to go – some of which he had confirmed sightings. And, Kirishima knew he was looking for a baby which told him how he needed to act and be interested in to hook Bakugou. It wasn’t illegal to pay someone for companionship… but if it was just for sex he could arrest him for prostitution. He’d just need to try and get involved with him close enough to find out his secret businesses – and this was the perfect way. It was dangerous, but it could work.

Armed with a plan Kirishima went to Chief Toshinori to get approval to begin his undercover investigation.


A week later Kirishima was walking into a high end club. He was full of jitters and just hoped he wouldn’t have to go hunting for too long. He knew he’d have to hop a bunch of clubs to find whichever Bakugou was at, but he had little hope to find him on the first night of looking. He also had many doubts if he was even the guy’s type even with the way he was dressed. Thanks to his friend Mina he had been given a whole wardrobe of sexiness so that he could wear actual outfits appropriate of the club. Tonight was a black crop top with a skull on it, a pair of leather pants, and finished off with a pair of red stiletto heels. (Kirishima wouldn’t argue a good pair of heels accentuated him and made him feel powerful to wear so he happily took quite a few off Mina’s hands. He could easily walk in them too.) He even had his red hair freely down and framing his face instead of how it was typically spiked up or tied back.

Kirishima looked about the dance floor to see all sorts of people, but he didn’t see the man he was after. He’d linger for a bit before he went off to the next club. The least he could do was enjoy a drink. He headed to the bar, leaning against it as he ordered a Boulevardier. Once he got his drink and started to sip it, he turned to look out and suddenly there was a man sidling right up to him. He had crazy silver hair and was wearing a tank top and tight jeans, all to show his muscles off.

“Hey,” The man smirked, really into Kirishima’s space that he had to back slightly over the bar to get some air to breathe. “Let me buy you a drink and show you a good time.” Well, alright. Any doubt Kirishima had on the way he looked not being attractive was thrown out the window. Except, this wasn’t the guy he was looking for. This was some muscle head it seemed.

“I’m really not interested.” He tried to turn away, sipping his drink.

“What, looking like heaven and you’re not interested? You’re obviously looking for a good time.” The guy caught him by his hip before he could turn away fully. “You can call me Tetsu.”

“Really, I’m not interested.” Kirishima looked at him harder, unable to back up anymore, his hand going to grip Tetsu’s wrist to try and get him off but his grip was like steel. The other sat on the counter clutching his glass.

“No need to play hard to get.” Tetsu leaned closer to him. It seemed the guy was already a bit drunk, breath smelling like rum.

“I’m really not!” Kirishima leaned back, and ultimately was nearly bending in half at this point.

“Yes you –” Kirishima, at this point, didn’t see a reason in arguing further and tossed his drink into his face. Tetsu hissed, stepping back and rubbing his eyes. “Hey! That was uncalled for.” He glared at him as Kirishima stepped back away from the counter, glass on the counter now.

“You were getting too—” His words were cut off as he backed up into another body.

“Tetsu back off.” A deep, sexy, rumbling voice spoke up and Kirishima tipped his head back, met with fiery red eyes and wild blonde hair.

“Ah, you got it man.” Tetsu held his hands up. “Didn’t know you had your eyes on this one.” He backed off instantly and went on his way, stealing some napkins from the bar to wipe himself off.

Kirishima stepped forward so he wasn’t against the man and the man stepped around him. He was wearing a slim pair of black pants with a deep orange shirt that was rolled up to his elbows and left a good expanse of his collar bone exposed. Immediately, the bartender placed two drinks down on the bar, one being a shot of vodka, and the other being the drink Kirishima had ordered. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you.”

“It’s fine.” He spoke as he picked up the drinks, handing Kirishima’s drink to him. “Here. You didn’t get to finish your drink thanks to Tetsu.” Kirishima took the drink, not believing his eyes.

Bakugou Katsuki was before him.

The blonde offered his arm as he tipped his head to the side in a direction. “Care to join me?” He was incredibly smooth, so much so that Kirishima’s body moved on its own before he registered it, hand wrapping around Bakugou’s bicep. Shit. He was a gentleman. Bakugou smirked, making Kirishima feel a little flustered as he quickly sipped his drink. Bakugou led him from the bar to around the dance floor, and up a set of stairs that a guard let them pass to. It brought them to a special set of secluded booths that overlooked the club. He let Kirishima sit first on the comfy cushioned half circular seat before he sat beside him, sipping his own drink. Kirishima stole a glance, noticing Bakugou just looking out at the club, surveying the scene. Where had he even come from?

“So,” Kirishima started a little awkwardly, gaining Bakugou’s steely gaze onto him. “Is Tetsu your friend then? You two seemed familiar.”

“You could say that.” Bakugou answered. “I apologize for his behavior on his behalf.” That surprised Kirishima. “He’s a muscle headed ass who has no class.” Kirishima couldn’t help but smile.

“I could tell.” He had to remind himself. He was working right now. He couldn’t be charmed by Bakugou. He had to stay strong. This was work. He sipped his drink.

“It takes guts though,” Bakugou spoke, body turned to give Kirishima his full undivided attention. “To toss a drink at a guy’s face.” Bakugou sipped the rest of his drink slowly, looking at Kirishima over the top of his glass. “I like that.” Kirishima could feel his eyes looking him up and down. Well there went the idea that he wasn’t Bakugou’s type. He brushed a few long strands of his bangs out of his face.

“Well, it’s not good to just take it when someone’s rude and forcing themselves on you.” He finished his drink and set it down onto the small table off to the side. Bakugou joined his action with his own glass. His long legs moved, his left crossing over to lay across his second while his arm leaned against the seat.

“Got to protect yourself.” Bakugou agreed. “Not a weakling.”

“I’m offended you’d think I was one.” Kirishima raised an eyebrow, arms crossing his body. It was so easy to fall into banter with him. “Just because I’m a man in heels,” He tapped his knee with the tip of his shoe. “Doesn’t mean I can’t take a fight. These things are killer, don’t you know?” Kirishima crossed his legs one over the other, stretching the leather taut over his muscles – which Bakugou was looking his legs over gratuitously. “Could take out an eye or puncture a hole somewhere important.” Bakugou chuckled and shit, it sounded like music to his ears.

“I’d love to see that.” Kirishima didn’t even notice how close they were, Bakugou having easily breached into his space like it was nothing. His arm on top of the booth was behind him now, could so easily circle around him. “What are you doing in a club like this, looking fine as hell, anyway?” Bakugou leaned in and Kirishima didn’t lean back. They were so close, Kirishima could smell Bakugou. He wondered if it was his cologne that made him smell like rich soot and campfires.

“I’m just here to escape and relax from every-day work. Maybe for a little fun too.”

“Little fun, eh?” Bakugou smirked, leaning forward. His arm went around Kirishima’s shoulders, their legs touching, as he moved to his ear. “I’ll be happy to show you some fun.” Kirishima shuddered at Bakugou’s deep voice in his ear, the blonde already beginning to kiss his ear, tongue tracing his earlobe.

“And who says I’d want you?” Kirishima spoke up, a little breathless, eyes shut at the wonderfully attentive feeling. Bakugou chuckled deeply, nosing his way down past his ear to nip at the expanse of his neck. He was trying so hard to remind himself this was for work. This was not to get laid or have fun. Bakugou was his target, he was only to get close to him to get information. He wasn’t going to sleep with him.

“So feisty. But my dear,” He smirked against his neck, Kirishima registering his hands on his hips, slowly moving to grasp his ass firmly through the leather. “You’re readily on my lap.” Kirishima opened his eyes, gasping as he realized Bakugou was right. He had no clue how Bakugou managed it so smoothly. He was straddling Bakugou’s lap, hands on his shoulders, eye to eye with Bakugou. This man moved as smooth as water.

“How did—”

“Will you deny me a kiss?” Bakugou spoke, voice low as he leaned forward, nose brushing against Kirishima’s. Kirishima stared into Bakugou’s eyes, those eyes like fire alighting his body, looking deep into him.

What would it be like to kiss him?

“Your name first.” Bakugou smiled at Kirishima’s soft voice, leaning forward so their lips barely brushed together. “Mine… is Kirishima.” He should be using a code name – why did he blank on the name he had decided on?

“Bakugou. Be sure to remember it when you moan.” The blonde spoke confidently before he was capturing Kirishima’s lips in a searing kiss.

It was pure unadulterated passion. Bakugou was kissing him with purpose, like he was the only one in the club that had caught his eye. His hands pulled him close, flush against the business man’s chest. The detective moaned into the kiss as Bakugou’s tongue dove in to sweep him off his metaphorical feet. Kirishima was melting, arm wrapped tight around his neck, his hand pushed into blonde locks. They were kissing like long lost lovers reunited after years spent apart.

Their kisses grew, constant lips breaking and reconnecting, frantic breaths. However, as Bakugou’s hands roamed over him his body heated up, singing at the want for more. But he had to draw the line.

“Bakugou,” Bakugou kissed the words from his mouth, making him moan, their bodies rocking together, both parties aware of the hard arousals seeking friction. “Bakugou, wait, I,” Kirishima gasped as Bakugou moved to his jaw, kissing at his neck. But the fervent kisses had slowed. Kirishima pushed at Bakugou's chest and finally the man backed off, sitting back to look at him with dark eyes, pupils blown wide. “I’m not ready for more.” His voice was shaky as he looked back at him. Bakugou quietly regarded him as their breathing slowed back to normal.

“Okay.” Bakugou said, sitting back and raising a hand to brush Kirishima’s hair out of his face. “Only kisses, got it.” Kirishima was a little more than shocked with Bakugou just taking it so easily. He was about to ask more when his fingers brushed his lips. “Not gonna force you my fire.” That was so… “Do you have objections to me taking you home?”


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Bakugou had taken him home in a limousine. The make out session started up again while they waited for the car to be ready before Bakugou laid him straight across the seat and smothered him in hot kisses. When they finally reached his apartment, Bakugou slipped a card into the back pocket of his leather pants.

“My number. Give me a call when you go out again.” Bakugou’s look was smoldering as he nodded, breathless and leaning into another kiss. “I’ll show you an even better place, with better drinks.” Bakugou mumbled against his lips. They engaged in another deep kiss before Bakugou got out of the limo and held the door open for him. When Kirishima stepped towards the stairs to his apartment on the second floor Bakugou moved to follow him and he turned, placing a hand on his exposed chest, more exposed thanks to Kirishima’s roaming hands having popped a few more buttons open.

“Next time you can walk me to my door.” Kirishima said, leaning in for one more chaste kiss before he was ascending the stairs. He could feel Bakugou’s stare on his ass, but the man made no move to overstep and follow him. When he reached the top he turned to wave. Bakugou smirked and gave a cocky nod of his head before he stepped back into the limo. Then, the limo drove off and Kirishima was left to walk the few feet to his apartment door. He fished out the hidden key from a hidden outlet on the siding beneath his window, before he quickly entered. Once inside he squealed and rubbed his face, feeling giddy. And horny as hell. Bakugou had been a charmer, and had nearly charmed Kirishima’s pants right off.

“That was way too close Kiri.” He scolded himself, slapping his cheeks as he finally stepped further into the small studio apartment. “You’re undercover and you gave him your freaking name!” He flipped the light switch and began to make work of getting out of everything. “You blanked completely on the fake name that took hours to fucking come up with!” In his bathroom he started up a hot shower and took the card that Bakugou had slipped into his pocket out, staring at it. “He gave me his card…”

It was his business card stating he was the owner of Lord of Explosions – an incredible fireworks manufacturer and warehouse store he started when he was twenty – and Mitsuki Pharmaceuticals – a pharmaceutical manufacturer and research facility that had been started by his mother and became his when he took over when he was only twenty-one. What surprised him was when he flipped the simple white business card over, he found Bakugou had wrote on it. He had planned to hand him his number – or maybe he had it prepared because he had wanted to give it to somebody that night. Bakugou Katsuki was scrawled personally by the man in fancy, almost calligraphic, letters. There was also a number written beneath it.

Bakugou’s personal cell phone number, he could only assume.

He set it down on his bathroom counter quickly and stepped under the hot spray of the shower, hissing softly as his body warmed up to it and he was left trying to will away his still present erection. “Stupid, stupid, stupid!” He slapped his face, letting his red hair get drenched and fall around his face. “He’s your work, and you totally didn’t do anything except make out with the guy!” His face flushed. “But he had been so smooth.” He argued with himself softly, grabbing the shampoo to wash his hair. “He offered his arm like a gentleman… I don’t even know how I got into his lap!” He still had no idea how such a fiery guy had put the moves on him that smooth.

Kirishima wasn’t shy on the fact that he loved manliness, that he was gay and preferred men, but that didn’t mean he was used to being flirted with or flirting with people. Tetsu’s encounter was a great example of that. Yet, Bakugou had so easily swept him off his feet, and had handled him like a pro. The twenty-five-year-old was well versed, fierce and wild like fire, yet smooth as water. “He didn’t force me…” He stared at the soapy suds going down the drain. “He just said okay and took me home… never crossed a line I wasn’t willing to cross.” It was a fact that still shocked him. Bakugou hadn’t pressed him, hadn’t tried to talk him out of it. Should he have made it sound playful to make Bakugou pressure him? So that way he could’ve grounded him for prostitution? No – it was too soon for that. Bakugou hadn’t even done anything except get him one drink and spend gas to take him home in a limousine.

“Couldn’t even get information out of him… But!” He looked up right into the spray of the water, quickly blinking his eyes at the sudden onslaught. “I got his number! He said next time. There will be a next time. I was already told this undercover mission would take a-while, but I found him on the first night and made contact!” With renewed vigor he finished washing up and shut the shower off. He brushed his teeth and was off to settle into his futon after rolling it out in the middle of the room. However, as he settled down in the dark of his apartment to sleep, twirling the card in his fingertips as he had taken it with him, he began to think – Bakugou had just been right there when things were about to get ugly with Tetsu. “Where did he even come from?”


In the three days following his successful night out, he had shown up to the 2nd precinct offices, where Sero and Kaminari were surprised to see him.

“Did you fail?” Kaminari smirked. “And come to grovel for me to pick up your case?”

“Denki – don’t be mean to Kirishima.” Sero shoved his shoulder at him, but was also grinning.

“No, I didn’t fail.” He huffed, then smiled, hands on his hips. “Found him on the first night and got his phone number.”

“So did our great undercover cop sleep with him?” Kaminari’s smug face leaned in. To which he shoved his hand against his face to push him away.

“I did not!” Kirishima said, but his cheeks felt hot.

“Awww,” Kaminari rubbed his nose from the hard push.

“Surprisingly he stopped as soon as I told him too.”

“So our suspected Bakugou Katsuki is a gentleman?” Sero asked, intrigued by the information. “That’s interesting considering his profile… he’s known to be a rather ruthless businessman.”

“Yeah,” Kirishima nodded. “I read the file, and I’m just as surprised. I’m hoping I could catch him in the act of other things that could slap charges on him, for when I uncover whatever illegal business he’s doing.”

“Kirishima.” Kirishima looked from his friends to another colleague of his, Deku, coming by with a mountain of paperwork in his hands. “Since you’re here, see Chief Toshinori. He wants to talk with you about your investigation.”

“Thanks Deku.” Kirishima smiled, and the other smiled back before hobbling over to his desk.

“Oh, not even here for two minutes and already got the boss calling for you.”

“Maybe cause you’re in civilian clothes.” Sero commented with a look over Kirishima, who was in jeans and a multicolor, stripped polo shirt.

“I let him know I was stopping by today.” Kirishima teased, poking Sero’s chest. “I’ll see you guys around.”

“Tell us all about your conquest later over drinks!” Kaminari shouted after him as he headed to Chief Toshinori’s office. He just rolled his eyes, knowing that the teasing would be endless from Kaminari and Sero ever since they had found Bakugou was on the sugar daddy website. He knocked on the door.

“Chief? I stopped by.” He said as he entered the office. Toshinori was sitting with his blonde hair in a scraggly bun, looking over a file.

“Ah, Kirishima my boy, take a seat.” He smiled, setting down the paperwork as Kirishima crossed to the waiting chair at his desk. “I heard you met Bakugou?”

“Yes, I successfully managed to meet him and interact. I think he’s interested as I got his number. I know it’d be better if I contacted him right away, but I’ll be waiting a little longer to be sure I hook him.”

“I trust your judgement.” Toshinori nodded his head, folding his hands over his stomach as he leaned back in his chair, obviously tired and needing the break from the paperwork. “I know this will be an extensive undercover operation so I don’t want you to rush, it’d be better to not arouse any suspicion and cause him to suspect anything. Of course I’ll get word from my old friend if Bakugou would try and hire a private investigator to find information about you.” That was true that was a concern. Bakugou was a very rich man and could easily hire a private detective to get information on Kirishima. It was one of the scenarios they had to consider and already prepare for. Thankfully one of Toshinori’s old colleagues was very prominent in the private investigator world and had agreed to give them a heads up. They even had a plan for him to plant information if needed.

“Thank you chief.” Kirishima nodded his head. “Since I’ve already begun infiltration I guess I won’t be seeing you around the office.” After all, once he begun he couldn’t be seen here in case Bakugou did try and find information about him. He couldn’t have him find out he was a detective at the 2nd precinct.

“That’s true… You’ll still have your work laptop and cell phone at home though, so feel free to contact me if needed. I did give you my personal cell phone yes?”

“Yes.” Kirishima nodded. “I also have Sero and Kaminari’s too.” Since they had all gone to the same high school it provided a great cover, and a way to still stay in contact with the precinct without drawing any suspicion as any meetings with them would be like an outing with friends.

“Good, good.” Toshinori nodded. “I thank you Kirishima for taking on such a tough case. This won’t be easy.”

“I know sir. I’m thankful you trusted me with this case.” Kirishima sat up straighter. He would always be thankful for Toshinori trusting him in his work. Some superiors thought the fiery redhead wasn’t meant for this line of work, but this was just the next step for him. He’d take on even tougher cases in the future.

“Of course. I knew you could handle it.”

“It’ll take me a while, but I will get results.” Kirishima nodded his head.

“It’s fine. Remember to take time for yourself as well during this.” Toshinori looked at Kirishima sternly. “And if it takes months to get results, don’t blame yourself or think of it as a failure.”

“Of course chief!” Kirishima smiled, feeling better because that had been a worry at the back of his mind.


Kirishima waited another two days before he dialed the written number on the back of Bakugou’s card. It was midday, and he was staring out at the neighborhood kids playing on the street, twirling the card between his fingers. It only rang twice before Bakugou’s voice was filling his ear.

“I see you like to play the waiting game, Kirishima.”

“Bakugou!” Kirishima was surprised he knew it was him calling. “How’d you know it was me?”

“You’re the only one I’ve given my personal number too, and I’ve been waiting for your call. Didn’t expect you to be the type to play around.”

“Well, I’ve got to keep you on your toes, especially after the night we had last week.”

“Trying to one up me, eh?” Kirishima shuddered, able to feel and just envision the smile on his face. “I like a man who’s challenging.” He could feel himself swallow down his nerves, feeling confident just by Bakugou’s words.

“I hope you’ll get used to me challenging you.”

“I look forward to it.” Kirishima just hoped he wouldn’t bore the blonde in any way. “Are you free this evening?” Kirishima was taken by surprise, but at the same time he really shouldn’t be with the way Bakugou had steered them their first meeting. Bakugou was smooth in how he moved the conversation, even though it was through the phone.

“I am. Do you have plans?”

“Yes; to pick you up at seven for dinner.” Bakugou truly was just moving Kirishima at his pace, but he’d play along, so that he could keep up.

“Any particular dress code?”

“You have good fashion taste so I’m not worried. Just something nice… although… I’d like it if you’d wear those heels again.” Kirishima glanced to his half opened closet where those stiletto heels lay on the floor beneath some tossed away pants.

“Do you like when I wear heels?”

“I do. They look good on you.”

“Good.” Kirishima did like wearing heels… made him feel powerful, and he always felt it helped accentuate his very gratuitously-bestowed-on-him ass. “Then I will see you at seven tonight.”

“Be prepared to have a fun evening Kirishima – much better than the other night.” The redhead had no time to ask what he meant as Bakugou ended the call as soon as he had finished speaking.

“He really loves to make a show of things…” In a way he matched the very firework business he owned. Kirishima glanced at the time on his phone. “Six hours to prepare myself.” And he’d need a lot of mental preparation. He was going to do his best to at the very least, not let Bakugou get him into his lap without noticing. “Ah… I have no idea where he’s taking me.” Would it be a club or an actual dinner restaurant? “I have no idea what to expect.” He sighed, running his hand through his lightly spiked hair. “Okay… first off is doing my hair. Needs to be washed, brushed, dried… ought to wear it down…” With his mind on his date night, he pulled himself from his window sill and headed to the bathroom to get ready.


Seven o’clock came and he had just walked down the steps to his apartment when he was surprised to be greeted with a Ferrari in the color scheme of black and orange. Kirishima knew who it belonged to before the very man could even get out of the car. The doors on both sides opened and Bakugou made his way around, dressed to the nines in a dark red suit, looking like a fine gentleman.

“You look divine.” Bakugou smiled, eyes traveling from Kirishima’s toes where the red stiletto heels were strapped to his feet, up slim fitting black jeans, and a white billowy button up shirt that was tucked in loosely. His face was done up lightly in some natural-like makeup to accentuate his eyes more, and his long hair was done up in a loose but placed bun.

“I’m not underdressed?”

“Not at all.” Bakugou took his hand.

“And I’m not late?”

“Right on time.” Bakugou led him to the car. He helped him into the passenger seat and then quickly made it to the driver’s side, both buckling up once the doors had shut. “Ready for dinner?”

“I am.” Kirishima was as ready as he’d ever be. He had spent the entire six hours prepping himself for the night, going through so many scenarios in his head to try and prepare himself for what might happen. “I’ll be honest, I’m a little nervous on what you have planned for the evening.”

“No need to be nervous.” Bakugou revved up the car and took off smoothly from his building. The man was even obeying all the posted speed limits which meant Kirishima wouldn’t even be able to cite him with speeding if he wanted to. “I’m just taking you out for a nice steak dinner at Retro’s.”

“Retro’s?” Kirishima’s eyes widened with shock, keeping himself from sputtering. He half-turned his torso in his seat, looking at Bakugou. “That’s a really high class restaurant. It has a ten-star rating and it has many international rewards. Famous celebrities to politicians dine there!” He stared at Bakugou, who kept his eyes on the road as he navigated the streets.

“That’s the one.” Kirishima couldn’t fathom a reason why Bakugou would want to take him there, but it seemed like his question was already being answered before he could answer. “Nothing but the best for my baby.”

Bakugou looked at Kirishima with a split second look that honestly should have had him down on his knees. That split second lit up his insides and made him feel more wanted than any past partner had. Kirishima swallowed hard, having to remind himself to stay cool, as he readjusted himself in his seat to look forward. This was only their second interaction and the man was already taking him to such a high-end, high-scale restaurant? They’d be viewed publicly… The paparazzi were known to always camp outside the restaurant to catch anyone who’s anyone arrive and depart.

“This is technically our first date and you want to take me to a place like Retro’s? Aren’t you being rather zealous?”

“It won’t be our last.” Confidence and finality completely bloomed in his deep voice and Kirishima licked over his red painted lips in response. That endless confidence that Bakugou had was one of the many manly traits Kirishima was known to fall for. It was sexy that he had such confidence – and those words made his job easier. This meant that Bakugou was taken with him, and he was going to have a, hopefully, easier time infiltrating and finding out Bakugou’s secrets. “I said I’d show you an even better place, with better drinks, and I’m doing just that.”

“You’re showing off aren’t you.” Kirishima challenged. “I read your business card, you’re a very wealthy man.” He could see Bakugou smirking.

“So you know who I am?”

“I do. No one who has TV or access to a newspaper doesn’t know who you are.”

“Glad to hear you know a bit about me, but that’s all business Kirishima.” They had reached the city by now and he knew they were nearing the restaurant. “I’m here to properly woo a fiery vixen,” Bakugou smirked with another glance at Kirishima. “Of course I’m going to show off a little… and maybe make you seen publicly with me.”

“So bold Bakugou. You can’t just lay claim like that – I haven’t even said I’m yours. I’m my own man.” They pulled to a stop in front of the restaurant, a high rise building with so many floors containing more than just Retro’s restaurant. Sure enough there was a red carpet up to the door, and crowd control barriers lined either side of the path, keeping back so many paparazzi’s that were already flashing their cameras, waiting for them to get out. There were even a mix of regular fan girls and boys, waiting to see or catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrities. In the meantime, the valet came around to the driver’s side to open Bakugou’s door.

“I love that feistiness of yours.” Bakugou smirked, already unbuckled and Kirishima undid his, both staring full on at each other. “You’re a fire I’d rather kindle brighter.” Bakugou’s teeth showed as he grinned and Kirishima thought any normal person would think he looked like a madman, but it was completely charming to him. “Now, if the public wants to speculate over who you are to me, I won’t say no to what they claim.” Bakugou chuckled low. “But for now, let’s enjoy dinner first.” Bakugou got out and greeted the valet, handing him the keys. “Don’t scratch it. I’ll grab the door.” The valet nodded, waiting by the driver’s door and not about to enter until Kirishima was out.

Kirishima waited as Bakugou opened the door for him, his body blocking him from view of the flashing cameras. Bakugou held his hand out to him, hearing people shout that there was someone with Bakugou Katsuki.

“A woman is with Bakugou!” Someone screamed as Bakugou’s hand waited for him.

“Let’s go.” Kirishima was as ready as he’d ever be. He laid his hand in Bakugou’s palm so he could use it as the perfect leverage to get out of the car in one fluid motion and not cause himself, or Bakugou, any embarrassment in stumbling. Bakugou stepped slightly to the side to let his feet out first. Cameras flashed wildly as he started to come out of hiding from inside the Ferrari and into view for the public.

Perfectly poised red stilettos touched the red carpet, long legs covered in black after them.

Kirishima could hear the fangirls scream.

Chapter Text

With Bakugou’s strong hand giving him the leverage he needed, Kirishima exited the car in one fluid motion. Next to Bakugou he stood to his full height, the city wind rippled his blouse and the loose strands of his red hair lightly. His appearance finally revealed to their onlookers.

The screams and shouts, and click of cameras exploded.

“It’s a man!”

“Who is he!?”

Reporters who were mixed in with their photographers tried to yell questions, but they were loss to the sea of chaos and swell of voices. Bakugou grinned smugly.

“You know how to make an entrance.” He teased in a low voice. He moved Kirishima’s hand to hold the inside of his arm so he could lead like a proper gentleman. Kirishima smiled, his free hand came to lay over top the one holding the inside of Bakugou’s elbow.

“This little fire has to come out with a bang, right?” Kirishima teased with a bat of his eyelashes that got Bakugou’s grin to widen.

“Let’s head inside.” Bakugou lead Kirishima down the red carpet, attention on Kirishima instead of the swarm of paparazzi trying to interview them on the spot. It felt like they were gliding through a sea of lights. Kirishima could already foresee Kaminari calling him in the morning, if not later that night, for being plastered all over the celebrity news and papers for being seen in public with Bakugou. Up the few stairs to the huge tinted glass doors, a man from inside opened the door for them. Bakugou let Kirishima enter first, hand moving to his lower back, and Kirishima was left to be blown away by the interior.

It was a large lobby with an indoor fountain complete with a swan sculpture taking center stage. There were four different elevators around the space and a large oak wood desk, much like a hotel would have. Kirishima tried not to look too out of place as they walked to the counter.

“Welcome to Retro’s Bakugou Katsuki, and welcome to your guest.” The man behind the desk bowed to them both.

“I trust everything I’ve requested has been taken care of.” Bakugou said, a certain look in his eyes as he looked at the concierge. Kirishima couldn’t decipher the look.

“Yes sir. Your table is ready,” His hand motioned to a tall American man in full waiter dress that came to stand beside the desk as he bowed to them. “Ronald will be your waiter.”

“Please follow me,” Ronald said. Bakugou nodded his head in approval to the man behind the desk, then lead Kirishima after their waiter to an elevator. Kirishima honestly didn’t know what to expect. He had only seen what had been advertised on television and magazines. He knew Retro’s had floors of dining areas, kitchens, special meeting spaces, and even more that made him dizzy trying to remember it all.

Ronald held open the elevator’s doors for them, the elevator having a glass back. Their waiter hit the fourteenth floor button and it was quick to begin its ascent. Once they started to pass the second floor they could finally see out the glass back, and Kirishima couldn’t resist to turn to look out. The sun had already set and the views of the city’s lights were gorgeous.

“You like it?” Bakugou asked, body turned to view it with him, hand against the small of his back.

“Yes,” Kirishima nodded. “The way the lights shine is incredible… it’s so beautiful.”

“I’ll show you a more amazing sight after dinner.” Bakugou’s hand traveled lower as he spoke until he cupped the swell of his ass.

“Bakugou!” Kirishima gasped, quickly swatting at his hand. The man chuckled and turned Kirishima around just as they reached the fourteenth floor. Kirishima entered an awed state again, and he had to accept that this night was throwing all the dates he has ever had in his life completely out the window. Bakugou was treating him to a fancy night out at a restaurant that probably cost a pretty hefty fortune – and he had zero clue on why.

“Right this way.” Ronald held the elevator door while they stepped out. It was a gigantic restaurant space, one of the many floor levels, with gigantic windows all around, a simple bar, lovely tables, and low lighting. All the tables could be seen but it was obvious that each table was its own private space. Kirishima was sure he saw the Prime Minister, and most certainly a few celebrities. They were led to a table by the window where a gorgeous bouquet of red roses waited, along with a bottle of champagne, and rose petals spread across the table. It was their own personal set up. Bakugou held out his chair so that Kirishima could sit down.

“Bakugou, did you do all of this?” He asked, looking up at the blonde as he sat. Bakugou looked smug as he undid the button of his suit jacket as he rounded the table and sat across from him.

“I did.”

“This is so much – everything’s gorgeous.”

“And we’re next to a beautiful view,” Bakugou’s hand motioned to the window beside them and Kirishima was taken away with the undeniably stunning view of the city. After marveling at the sight, Kirishima looked suspiciously at Bakugou.

“If we hadn’t just met, I would suspect you’re proposing to me.” It came out rather bluntly, but he needed it to be said because it truly felt like Bakugou would plop a ring down on the table at any moment. While they spoke, Ronald poured their champagne and set down small menus, before he left to give them a moment to talk and look things over. Bakugou sat back in his seat with a coy smile on his face, watching him.

“A proposal would be sudden, and not at all what I’m going to do. But,” Bakugou reached into his jacket. “I did buy you jewelry.”

“You – wait, what?” Kirishima watched as Bakugou pulled out a long, black velvet box. He slid it across the table, disrupting a few petals, and opened it. His eyes widened, shocked by the necklace that sat inside. It was a gorgeous Mikimoto* necklace of pink gold cherry blossoms and a single pearl. Most of it was a simple gold chain, but at the center was the cluster of delicately placed cherry blossoms with tiny pearls in the center of each cherry blossom, white diamonds in between, and the large pearl dangling down below them. “This is…” Kirishima struggled to speak.

“It’s Mikimoto’s Cherry Blossom necklace. Every year they come with a new design and this is what it will be this year. They will sell it later on this year.” They hadn’t even released their designs for the year yet. How did Bakugou even get his hands on it? “It’s eighteen carats pink gold with white diamonds and white south sea cultured pearls.”

“This had to have cost a lot… they haven’t even released this yet.”

“It’s nothing.” Bakugou waved his hand, leaning his elbows onto the table.

“I don’t have the slightest clue on how you would’ve gotten your hands on this!”

“Child’s play really.” Apparently so!

“Bakugou… this is too much.” He tore his eyes away to look up at Bakugou’s intense gaze. “I can’t accept this.” He couldn’t decipher what the man might be thinking with giving such a gift that had to be more expensive as an engagement ring. They had only met once. At the club. They hadn’t even fucked yet!

“Why not?”

“We’re not dating, we’ve just met, and this is our first date.” Kirishima raised his eyebrow at Bakugou. “It still feels like you’re proposing with such a lavish gift.”

“Hm.” Bakugou seemed to contemplate for a moment, hands clasped together loosely. “All true, but I want to spoil you. You’re already irresistible to me Kirishima. I want to monopolize you.”

“And what if I don’t let you?”

“I’ll keep trying till you agree.”

“Bakugou, I don’t even know that much about you, and you know nothing about me.”

“Then we’ll get to know each other.” Well, that caught him off guard. Bakugou leaned forward, the intent of his eyes boring into Kirishima. He could see the feral want in him, and Kirishima had to resist trying to rub his thighs together to create friction for his already tightly restricted cock. “In the meantime,” Bakugou stood to walk around the table. Once around Kirishima, he picked up the necklace from its box and hooked it gently around his neck, careful not to clasp any of his loose hair into it. “Please accept the necklace.” He returned to his seat and gave him a lustful smile. “It looks great on you.” Kirishima looked down, able to see the necklace, and very cautiously touched it. It had a bit of weight to it, and it was indeed absolutely, stunningly, gorgeous… He looked back up at Bakugou and let out a soft sigh, a smile grew across his face.

“I can’t say no if you look at me like that.” Kirishima finally gave in to Bakugou’s persistence.

“The night isn’t over yet – we’ll see what else you’ll accept and enjoy.” Bakugou’s face held mischief, and he racked his brain for possible guesses of what Bakugou might have planned.

Finally, they looked over the menu. Kirishima ordered Wagyu beef, vegetable tempura, and miso soup while Bakugou got Fugu, fried rice, and seaweed salad, and they ordered some Otoro** for them to share. They hardly waited ten minutes with their champagne before their order was brought out to them. Most of the dinner was spent in relative silence minus the comments about the food and the view. Kirishima was more than satisfied with such an expensive dinner. After Ronald took their plates away, Bakugou sat back, serious about getting to know each other.

“Before we get on with the rest of the evening, I feel like we should settle our stomachs and talk about ourselves, ask questions, that sort of thing.” His words were rather polite despite his brash personality.

“Agreed,” Kirishima nodded his head in confirmation. “So, pretend I haven’t heard a thing about Bakugou Katsuki… tell me about yourself.” Kirishima’s head tilted slightly to the side, watching the blonde carefully. Bakugou smiled as he sipped some champagne, setting down the glass.

“My name is Bakugou Katsuki, twenty-six, and I’m a very handsome man.” He winked and Kirishima couldn’t help the small giggle that left him. “Just kidding,” He chuckled low. He was finding that Bakugou did have a great sense of humor (though some may have called it ego) and it pulled at his heart strings. “I’m a business owner of two businesses that have made me a very wealthy and sought after man. When I was twenty I started Lord of Explosions, which is a manufacturing and warehouse store of fireworks. You may also have heard of my mother, Mitsuki, who started the research facility and pharmaceutical manufacturer Mitsuki Pharmaceuticals. I took that over when I was twenty-one, though my mother had been prepping me to take over since I was in high school.”

“Wow~” Kirishima whistled softly. “That is two very big companies. You truly must be wealthy.” It was shown well with all the lavish gifts and treatment he had received in just this night alone. But, was all of that money earned legally?

“I made my first million within the first six months of opening my business.” Bakugou proudly stated.

“Remarkable.” Kirishima clapped his hands together lightly. He decided to delve deeper into the enigma that was Bakugou Katsuki. “It’s impressive that you started a fireworks business on your own. If you don’t mind me asking Bakugou, why did you choose to open a fireworks venture?”

“Well, I was a mischievous little shit growing up.” Bakugou chuckled fondly at his memories, and Kirishima instantly began to wonder what he looked like as a young brat. “Truly was an asshole… but I liked playing with fire, and fireworks. You could say it matched my explosive personality.” Did he still have that explosive personality or was he all sparklers now? “You could say it attracted me with its’ own explosive nature, and I wanted to control it. Then, I wanted to learn how to create the designs, and the colors, and that made up the beautiful and explosive quality of a firework.”

“Wow… that’s really interesting.” And it was something he had not known about Bakugou, so it was good to gain all the intel he could. It also showed Bakugou was willing to talk about himself and open up.

“I guess so,” Bakugou then smiled, leaning forward. “Now, Kirishima, why don’t you tell me about yourself?”

“Ah ha, my turn now, huh?” Kirishima laughed softly, and Bakugou joined with a chuckle and a nod of his head. Thankfully Kirishima had prepared for this. And he had decided his name would be easier to give since he already gave his first name, and his files had all been changed in the system to match his undercover identity. “My name is Kirishima Eijirou, I’m twenty-three, and currently I’m an editor for an online journal and blog called ‘Pampering Yourself First.’ It’s about self-care and ways to spoil yourself.” An undercover job they had started him on as soon as possible. He was actually editing articles for them, and had been since he had been given the case so that it was a reliable background.

“You don’t write any articles yourself?”

“I was only hired as an editor. I could submit a piece if I really wanted to – they take submissions and pick one to highlight every week.” It wasn’t what he was doing it for though, and editing was easy. Writing a whole article to keep an alibi job up? That was a bit extreme and unneeded, not that he couldn’t do it and didn’t like writing.

“I know you could do it if you wanted to. Bet they would accept the first one you submit.” Kirishima laughed.

“Are you challenging me to write one?”

“I’m just saying why be an editor when you could be the writer? Not that being an editor means little.” Bakugou smiled back at him. “Just want to support you best.”

“I appreciate it.” Kirishima smiled, taking another sip of his champagne. “Now, you did elude that there was more to the evening?” He asked with a quipped eyebrow.

“I did.” Bakugou smiled. “Are you ready for the night to continue?”

“I am.”