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Crab Rangoon

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Loki Laufysen, age thirty-three. Lawyer for Stark Indutries. His client, one Tony Stark, known also as the superhero Iron Man, was sued frequently. On any given day he had five or more law suits being levied against him. Most were ended or settled before they gained any media attention, but some weren't. Loki was trying to end this one before the news, or worse, Mister Stark found out about it. Doing so had left him in a somewhat compromising position. That position currenly being on his knees in the men’s room of a local country club with a cock in his mouth.

His legs ached from being in such an uncomfortable position for so long. His eyes watered, and he gagged a little as the cock bumped against the back of his throat. Above him, his chief rival, a human rights lawyer known to his friends as the Thunder God groaned in pleasure and exertion. Loki didn't kneel for just anyone, but today, he knelt for Thor Odinson. Loki swallowed around the surprisingly substantial length currently nestled in his throat. The movement caused Thor to gasp before biting one of his knuckles to keep quiet. It would not do for either of them to be caught in such a position. No doubt it would get them banned from the club.

Loki smirked at the reactions he was eliciting, proud in his skills. He had honed them in college and made sure to keep in regular practice for situations such as these.

Odinson was a bloodhound when it came to his clients. Loyal to a fault and willing to go to extreme lengths to bring them the “justice” he believed they deserved. Loki had lost three lawsuits during his time at Stark Industries, all three to the idealistic Norwegian lawyer. Not today. Thor was as human as any other man and he could only withstand Loki’s charms for so long.

Strong fingers twisted in Loki’s short black hair, tugging at the strands until it hurt. He moaned at the sensation, grinding his hips without thinking about it. One of Odinson’s legs was close enough to grant him some contact and he pressed himself against it, trying to bring himself some relief. Odinson’s hips suddenly surged forward until Loki’s nose was pressed against the bigger man’s pelvis was the only warning he got before the human rights lawyer came. Loki felt the cock pulse in his throat, the sensation enough to almost drive him to the edge.

Odinson slowly pulled his cock from Loki’s mouth. Before he could fully remove it, the dark-haired man gently closed his lips around it and lightly sucked. Thor shuddered again as his cock twitched, managing to part with what little cum was left. Loki released the man and opened his mouth like a child about to take a pill, showing it to Odinson. Then, green eyes locked on Thor’s remaining blue eye, he swallowed again. Thor shuddered and closed his eye. His fingers untangled themselves from Loki’s hair and he released the other lawyer who promptly slumped backwards.

“Was it good for you?” He asked as he wiped a hand across his chin. Odinson nodded, still to blissed to speak coherently. Loki cleared his throat and stood. He was of a height with Odinson, perhaps a few centimeters shorter. Tall enough to make direct eye contact with the other man. Odinson did not meet his eyes as he turned towards the mirror and bent to wash his hands.

“I don’t usually mix business with pleasure.” He said once he’d finished soaping and rinsing. He sounded almost timid. Loki smirked at the man’s sudden shyness. He’d seen it before. Every time a pillar of the community toppled to Loki’s seduction. Odinson hadn’t been the first and he certainly wouldn’t be the last.

“Shall we return to our lunch? I am quite interested in the crab rangoon they are serving today. Perhaps while we eat we can discuss the settlement between your client and mine.” Loki offered. Odinson nodded. He straightened his tie and smoothed his short hair before unlocking the bathroom door and leaving. Loki smiled. He would have to wait a few more minutes before returning to the table. He didn’t want their liaison in the men’s room to appear suspicious, and he had other, more personal matters to take care of first. It would be rather difficult to discuss the lawsuit at hand while lusting after Odinson, nor would it be helpful to force his erection to fade and deal with the discomfort that entailed.


Once lunch was had and the suit was closer to a settlement thanks to Odinson’s new, relaxed demeanor, the two parted ways. As Thor Odinson left the restaurant, Loki leaned back in his chair, eyes fixed on the lawyer’s retreating form. Perhaps deals with Odinson would not be so tedious in the future. In fact, he was quite looking forward to their next meeting.