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What, are you fucking gay?

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Dicktator: Hey guys!

Twilight was a good book: Oh, you actually did it.

Twilight was a good book: Also, fuck you, I will not be mocked for my taste in literature.

Free!!!!!!!!!!: TWI! LIGHT! ISNT! LITERAT! URE!

Fucking stoner: Gottum

Twilight was a good book: Perish.

Fucking stoner: Guess I'll die then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Explodey boy: Mood

Material Girl: What in God's name is this?

Dicktator: It's a group chat Byakuya~

Material Girl: Yes, but why?

Material Girl: I like a total of two people in here.

Dicktator: Ok

Dicktator: So what do all the people in this group chat have in common?~

S E N D N U D E S: We all want to die

Dicktator: Big fucking mood but not quite

S E N D N U D E S: We all want to die because of the screen names Kokichi gave us

Dicktator: Incorrect, my creativity is unparalleled

Leasbe ai ne: No!

Leasbe ai ne: You go to the same school as many talented girls who work in the arts or other creative subjects who have ten times the genius you do!

Leasbe ai ne: Apologise now, degenerate, or face the consequences!

Dicktator: You got it Tenko! We're all gay!~

Punk died and came back as a scene kid: Ibuki saw gay in her notifications and came running

Who is she?: I saw Ibuki in my notifications and came running

Punk died and came back as a scene kid: x3

Twilight was a good book: Please do not ever use that emoticon again.

S E N D N U D E S: So, this is like an lgbt+ thing?

Dicktator: Yeah~

Dicktator: But just for the gays

Explodey boy: Wow! How exclusionary!

Dicktator: If I made one for all queer folk in the school, it would be the entire school

Dicktator: Plus, Aoi and Sagishi are in a trans + enby chat, so safe chats for specific lgbt+ factions are up and coming! Angie even told me they were gonna make a pan one~

Who is she?: I think this is a good idea, so long as we keep in mind that we are making specific chatrooms because of our shared identity, and do not take this as another opportunity for homosexuals to shun other parts of the community.

S E N D N U D E S: Sagishi that was so well put!

Explodey boy: I can practically feel the hope spilling out of you from my bedroom!


Satan is blonde: Question: Why the fuck do I have Nagito's name in my notifications?

S E N D N U D E S: Scroll up

Satan is blonde: Nagito

Explodey boy: Yes Hiyoko?

Satan is blonde: You're a gross fucking weirdo

S E N D N U D E S: Don't be so harsh, Hiyoko

Satan is blonde: But he deserves it Mahiru!

Satan is blonde: But I won't burn his fingers off, just because you asked me to

S E N D N U D E S: Thank you

Explodey boy: I am frightened for my life

Twilight was a good book: Then perish

Explodey boy: Guess I'll die then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fucking stoner: mood

Punk died and came back as a scene kid: Talk about de ja vu!

unaccepTABLEEEEEE: Bullying? Swearing? Violence? Death threats? This is not at all acceptable for a school environment!

Dicktator: Oh shit, it's the pigs! Roll out!

12 have gone offline

unaccepTABLEEEEEE: I am not a pig!

What, are you fucking gay?

Material Girl: Something... Very strange just happened.

Fucking stoner: It's called puberty sweetie we all go through it

Hermioniko: Not for me,,,,,

Leasbe ai ne: You have upset Himiko! Apologise degenerate!

Fucking stoner: I'm Sorry?

Leasbe ai ne: Good!

Hermioniko: Hi Tenko,,,

Leasbe ai ne: Hello Himiko! How are you?

Hermioniko: I'm,,, fine,,,

Leasbe ai ne: That's great!

Free!!!!!!!!!!: Hey, while I do love how cute you two are, I'm kinda curious about what happened to Byakuya

Leasbe ai ne: Since Aoi wants you to, you may continue degenerate

Material Girl: I don't need your permission, plebeian, but fine.

Dicktator: Dear diary- today I saw a man use the word 'plebeian' unironically

Material Girl: SO

Material Girl: I was after third period and I was just leaving the changing rooms when Touko caught up to me in the hall.

Twilight was a good book: In the process of catching you up... She wasn't by any chance...

Dicktator: RUNNING IN THE HALLS?!?!?!

unaccepTABLEEEEEE: Who has been running in the halls?!

Fucking Stoner: Gottum


unaccepTABLEEEEEE: Of course, Byakuya! I am so sorry to have interrupted you!

Material Girl: It's... Fine, Kiyotaka.

Material Girl: So Touko caught up to me and I asked what she wanted.

Material Girl: She says she has something important to tell me and that I may need to sit down.

Material Girl: I told her to get on with it and that I would be fine standing up.

Material Girl: She then looks me dead in the eye, summons up her courage, and blurts out "I'm breaking up with you! I'm sorry if it hurts you, Byakuya!" And then runs off.

unaccepTABLEEEEEE: Aha! So she was running in the halls! I shall keep a close eye on her from now on.

Twilight was a good book: It is very curious, for you and Touko are not in a relationship.

Material Girl: I. Know.

Twilight was a good book: And I thought she had ceased in her stalking after you told her you were gay.

Material Girl: Me. Too.

Material Girl: I don't understand... She had stopped calling me master, I was able to tolerate her, and now this.

Free!!!!!!!!!!: I may know what's going on here

Twilight was a good book: Do tell.

Free!!!!!!!!!!: I can't! I'm sorry!

Hermioniko: Then why would you say that you knew something and then not tell us?,,,, So irritating,,,,

Leasbe ai ne: Because you are a girl, Aoi, and a good friend of mine, I will let you off for annoying Himiko! But don't do it again!

Free!!!!!!!!!!: I really am sorry guys! But I made a promise to Touko that I wouldn't tell anyone!

Twilight was a good book: I'm going to DM her.

Material Girl: Aoi, you really are a useless lesbian.

Free!!!!!!!!!!: Well this useless lesbian has a girlfriend and the only boys I see asking you out are Teruteru and... Nobody

Dicktator: OH SGJHIT

Fucking stoner: SCORCHED OML


Satan is blonde: I have gained so much respect for you Aoi

Leasbe ai ne: Get him, Aoi!

Free!!!!!!!!!!: *sunglasses emoji*

Material Girl: I hate life.


Gambler_Celestia to Author_Touko

Gambler_Celestia: Touko.

Author_Touko: ... Hello?

Gambler_Celestia: How are you?

Author_Touko: I'm... Fine. Why are you messaging me? You hardly ever even talk to me.

Gambler_Celestia: That's good to hear.

Gambler_Celestia: So a little birdy told me you broke up with Byakuya today.

Author_Touko: They said they wouldn't tell anyone! Bitches! Who was it, Aoi, or Sayaka?

Gambler_Celestia: I won't say, however I would like to know what happened.

Author_Touko: ...

Gambler_Celestia: If you don't tell me I suppose I could just go and ask everybody in our class about it...

Author_Touko: Fine, I'll tell you.

Author_Touko: I didn't break up with him, we weren't dating. I just told him that I didn't feel that way about him anymore. Because I've... Found somebody else.

Gambler_Celestia: Ooo~ Who is this somebody?

Author_Touko: ...

Gambler_Celestia: I'll just go ask Sayaka and Aoi then...

Author_Touko: You CANNOT tell anybody, or I'll tell people what I saw last month.

Gambler_Celestia: Well, we wouldn't want that, now, would we? :)

Gambler_Celestia: I'll keep my mouth closed.

Authour_Touko: I... Have feelings for Komaru.

Gambler_Celestia: As in Komaru Naegi? Makoto's little sister?

Author_Touko: Yeah, but shut up about it! I don't know wether she reciprocates, not that she would because I'm a lousy piece of trash, and also I don't want people sticking their noses where they don't belong.

Gambler_Celestia: That's all very well and good, but I'm confused as to why you told Byakuya you were breaking up with him if you were'nt actually breaking up with him.

Author_Touko: ... What?

Gambler_Celestia: You said to him, and I quote from the man himself: "I'm breaking up with you! I'm sorry if it hurts you, Byakuya!"

Author_Touko: Fuck.

Author_Touko: Did I actually?

Author_Touko: Fuck! I did!

Author_Touko: I was so nervous to finally move on or whatever that it just spilled put! He probably thinks I'm a freak!

Gambler_Celestia: Oh, I'm sure he already thought that.

Author_Touko: I've got to message him!

Gambler_Celestia: Bye~

What, are you fucking gay?

Twilight was a good book: Well that clears that up.

Material Girl: What did she say?

Material Girl: Hold on...

Material Girl: She just messaged me.

Twilight was a good book: ...

Material Girl: Ah. That explains it.

Material Girl: Interesting.

Punk died and came back as a scene kid: Ahhhhhhh! Ibuki is LITERALLY dying from the suspense of not knowing!

S E N D N U D E S: I don't think you're actually dying Ibuki

Punk died and came back as a scene kid: I am too! My next song will be titled: 'The weapon was a cryptic text message'.

Fucking stoner: Ngl I'd listen the fuck out of that song

Punk died and came back as a scene kid: Of course you would! Who wouldn't want to listen to Ibuki's talents?

Satan is blonde: Me

Punk died and came back as a scene kid: You own every single album I've ever released

Satan is blonde: ...

Satan is blonde: Fuck

Fucking stoner: She's got you there

Explodey boy: Hey guys!

S E N D N U D E S: Hi Nagito

Satan is blonde: Hey dickface

Fucking stoner: Hi

Explodey boy: Oh sorry I can't really talk at the moment I have to go

Explodey boy: I'm leaving to go on a date with my super cute boyfriend!

Who is she?: *groans*

Fucking stoner: Shut the fuck up

Dicktator: Haha! Fuck you! :D

Punk died and came back as a scene kid: GET LOST NAGITO

Satan blonde: Literally just die already

Free!!!!!!!!!!: Did you seriously come online just to brag about the fact that you're in a relationship?

Explodey boy: Oh, right! Most of you are still single! Oops, sorry if I made you jealous

Punk died and came back as a scene kid: You know you did you little fucker!

Dicktator: Jokes on you! I have such an unlikable personality and fucked up commitment issues that any relationship I get into will be doomed from the beginning!

Dicktator: I'm dodging a bullet by remaining single!

Free!!!!!!!!!!: Kokichi do you like... Need to talk?

Dicktator: I'm good

Fucking stoner: I don't think you're undatable, Kokichi

Dicktator: I said I'm good

S E N D N U D E S: That aside...

S E N D N U D E S: Nagito, you're 'super cute' boyfriend is Hajime Hinata, so I wouldn't hype up his looks too much

Free!!!!!!!!!!: The guy from the reserve course?

S E N D N U D E S: Yeah

Satan is blonde: Hajime's plain af honestly

Explodey boy: You guys just can't tell because you're lesbians

Satan is blonde: We still have fucking eyes

Explodey boy: Yeeeaaahh but obviously bad taste because Hajime is handsome

Material Girl: I think he's somewhat attractive for someone so untalented.

Twilight was a good book: You're only saying that because he looks a bit like Makoto.

Material Girl: No.

Twilight was a good book: Sure.

Explodey boy: And Hajime more than makes up for his lack of talent with his huge amounts of hope!

Fucking stoner: I was so ready for that to say dick

Who is she?: Jfc I thought you were about to say penis

Punk died and came back as a scene kid: Nagito's ultimate kink! Hope!

Explodey boy: At least I'm not into vampires

Twilight was a good book: I'm leaving this fucking chat