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Multiverse Collide

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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII or any other references involved here.

P.S. The aforementioned characters are a tad younger here. head...groaned out one lad. His hair had a metallic silver look into it, and when he opened his eyes, emerald and ruby orbs darted around, trying to get a bead on his location. What he saw was total darkness. Albeit slow, the teen was able to stand up. Looking at his hands, he saw he wore the same old red jacket his master had given him...but where's his sword?

"Ah, if it isn't the Grim Reaper..." a deep, masculine voice rang out, causing him to tense and narrow his eyes. Just then, red-black smoke started converging towards him, making him back up as to gain distance. The smoke grew in height and started to make out a form, but with the pitch black darkness, it was pretty hard to see it. Eventually, the silver haired teen saw glowing red eyes pointed at him, but the male couldn't get a good sight of the damn thing.

"The Black Beast." Said the one called the Grim Reaper in awe. He remembered this creature, the selfsame being that wrought destruction upon his world which lasted even centuries after its passing. Hell, even its corpse hasn't been fully dissolved.

"Indeed. Nice to see you still remember me, even after putting me out of commission for a year." It said snarkily, albeit with more amusement than hostility.

"Why the hell are you here?! You came to fight?!" He demanded towards the abomination. Despite showing no mouth, it seemed to snicker.

"Well, yes. But I didn't come here to kill you. I came to test your resolve." Confused, the Grim Reaper raised an eyebrow.

"Did you really think that I was deceased all this time? You fool, I witnessed all of your battles. From the you call Jin Kisaragi to Takehaya Susanoo. While yes, you always did get brought down, you always had the tenacity to get up. I like that in you." The lad scoffed, but said nothing.

"We all know that ever since you defeated that false god, you disappeared from existence. But you are not yet deceased. Another war is coming, and you must prepare." Said the Black Beast ominously, its deep voice combined with its tall stature rumbling the seemingly invisible ground.

"Lemme guess, there's another Dark War coming."

"Quite the contrary. In fact, I am willing to lend you my power." Now that made him even more baffled.

"Last time I remember, you made me go batshit crazy, so why would you help me?"

"Even though I was able to watch your battles with that false arm of yours, the majoirty of my existence has resided within the Boundary. I desire freedom, yet I do not wish to bring upon the apocalypse like I had once before." The Grim Reaper was about to speak up, but it continued.

"You already possess the power of the Azure, but only a mere fragment of it. I can give you more, MUCH more power than what you once had. Not even that Mad Dog can crush you. After recent events have transpired, I realized how my presence can bring havoc on your world. Should you accept my power, not only will you be able to utilize the power of the Blazblue at full capacity with little drawbacks, your world can heal faster."

"What do you mean?"

"The moment that vampire embedded a part of me into your arm, we already established a link of sorts. I have been trapped within the Boundary for far too long. I will defer to you should you allow it, and the seithr that once plagued your world will slowly subside. Will you accept, Grim Reaper?"

He thought about it for a minute. On the one hand, he swore off to the utilization of the Azure's power, as its properties and corruption led to serious consequences. On the other hand, if he were to accept him, then the seithr would slowly but surely be gone. Plus, if the Black Beast wanted him dead, it could've already blasted him into bits. Not to mention, when Rachel gave him his new right arm, it wasn't like the Beast willingly relinquished it even though it was still a flawed imitation.

"Fine, do what you want." The Black Beast seems to chuckle.

"Excellent. Before I do though, there's only one thing to do before I bond with you." Just then, a thick pillar of midnight black flames erupted off the ground, before it condensed and took form into a familiar sword.

It was a single edged weapon, but it looks like more of a metal slab in the shape of a cleaver than an actual tool of war. He used it many times in his war against the government. Its name: Blood-Scythe.

Without hesitation, he picked up the familiar weapon, twirling it in his hands before clipping it back to his belt.

"Now, show me your resolve! Do you still carry the same determination you possessed when you took down Yuuki Terumi?! Or have you gone soft?"

"Like hell I did!" A smirk on his face, he slowly charged forward, covering his fist in seithr.

"Hell's Fang!" He punched the body of the Beast, following with a wave of darkness. The Black Beast releases a roar of agitation before it fired a beam of seithr towards the Grim Reaper, which he promptly dodged. Jumping up and seeing its red eyes, he poured seithr into his weapon.

"Inferno Divider!" The attack caused seithr to pour out of the wound, but instead of suffocating him, the substance went into his right arm, causing it to momentarily glow red before disappearing.

A huge claw suddenly appeared out of nowhere, forcing him to use his sword as a makeshift shield to block the huge appendage from turning him into paste, but the force of it still knocked him back a few inches.

"Shit! Bastard hits like a damn truck..." clenching his fists, he ran forward once more , dodging a fire of seithr.

"Gauntlet-" The Grim Reaper landed a blow to its body. "Hades!" Before twisting around and doing a spin kick. Not finished with his assault, the Man of the Azure let out a ferocious roar as he pouted energy into Blood-Scythe, causing it to extend and turn into a scythe.

"Excellent! Give me more!"

"WITH PLEASURE!" with the force of a rocket launcher, the Grim Reaper swung his scythe, the red blade making a cut through the body. The Black Beast roared in pain, as seithr poured out of its very being, absorbing into his Azure Grimoire. Panting slightly, he didn't prepare for a huge tail to suddenly appear and swipe him towards the right, causing him to crash into an invisible wall. Groaning in pain, he got up just in time to dodge a seithr concentrated blast.

Resetting Blood-Scythe, he grabbed another blast of seithr from the Black Beast and threw it back towards it, causing the creature to roar in anger whilst being blinded.

"Die already!" Putting the great sword above him, he jumped up in the air and sliced down, causing a huge wound to appear. He dropped to the ground, his wounds yet to have healed. To finish it off, he jabbed the sword towards its body and dragged it all the way up to its head before slicing its neck, causing a huge amount of seithr to flow out. After that, the Grim Reaper stayed down for good this time, kneeling. Enduring hits from the monster felt like taking a cannon up close to his face.

"I've seen enough. You are indeed worthy of using my power." Complimented the Black Beast, as the Grim Reaper rose.

"So, now what?" He asked the Black Beast.

"Hold out your right arm." The Grim Reaper did what was asked of him. Suddenly, midnight black flames and seithr started surrounding his arm, causing him to yell out in pain.

"Shit!" The seithr began to spread around him body, overtaking his very being, but his mind remained strong, his will steadfast.

I ain't going down...NOT YET! The man let out a roar of defiance towards the pitch black darkness.

"I'm impressed. That much seithr would down any normal person. Let's see if you can take more of my being." The black flames and the seithr began to intensify, his right eye pulsing with power. He dropped to the ground, planting both knees but refusing to pass out from the amount of seithr. In a last attempt to avert his death, the Grim Reaper yelled out,

"RESTRICTION SIX-SIX-SIX RELASED! DIMENSIONAL INTERFERENCE FIELD DEPLOYED! ENGAGING THE IDEA ENGINE! AZURE GRIMOIRE...ACTIVATE!" A huge explosion rang out within the area, with the Grim Reaper being at ground zero. Minutes later, the red smoke and seithr began to slowly disappear, the last traces of the abomination known as the Black Beast being absorbed into his right arm. His right eye was slightly glowing red, as is his left green one. Standing up no worse than wear, the Grim Reaper channeled the power of the Blazblue within his hands. A small, midnight black flame erupted, dancing around his fingers.

"So you survived the absorption. I must admit, I didn't think you had it in you." A tick mark appeared on his forehead.

"Were you trying to get me killed?!" The Beast chuckled within the confines of his mind.

"No, a normal person would either be corrupted or die from that much concentrated seithr, but enough about that, time to go."

"Go where?" Suddenly, a huge vanilla door appeared out of nowhere, opening as if beckoning towards him.

"I told you. Another war is coming. I felt a greater threat at hand, one that possibly rivals even me. Warriors from other worlds will appear to fight alongside you, especially that "Angel of Death".

Oh, he still lives huh? His signature smirk appeared on his face. Picking up Blood-Scythe, which promptly turned into black flames before disappearing, he walked towards the door.

"Go forth, Ragna the Bloodedge! Show this new world your true power!" He couldn't help but grin at that statement.

Meanwhile, in another world, Eos...

Another lad was sleeping within a blue-like space. The selfsame place where his ancestors resided. But this lad's time was not over.

He opened his eyes, revealing sapphire blue orbs underneath. Groaning a bit, he slowly rose, seemingly floating in the air.

Huh? I? Looking at his hands and a mirror out of nowhere, he saw his face return back to its youthful self, his face free of facial hair. Looking at his hands, he no longer wore his Kingly Raiment, yet his clothing still gave him a majestic aura. His hair was back to how it looked like when younger, no longer like John Wick.

The lad wore a black high collar short sleeved jacket that juts out of either side of his head, along with gloves of the same color. He wore black pants and boots as well. A small pouch was on the left side of his waist.

Looks like I've seen better days. Chuckled the young lad. Suddenly, a humongous flash of light that forced him to cover his eyes, a humongous dragon has appeared. It wore metallic jet black armor, with piercing blue eyes looking down upon him. Its wings were made of swords the size of skyscrapers, each of them enough to cleave the ground asunder.

"Noctis Lucis Caelum." The voice rang out. He recognized that voice anywhere.

"Bahamut." Said the True King with reverence laced in his tone. He recognized him as the leader of the Astrals and by default the most powerful of them. A pity he only showed up once to defeat Ifrit and even then his main purpose was to be distraction.

"My apologies for calling you here, your Majesty, but there is another situation at hand." Hearing that made the King of Kings tense.

"Is Lucis in danger again?" Bahamut shook his head.

"No, far from it. There is another threat that looks over the horizon. Another world in the brink of darkness." This got Noctis confused.

"What's that gotta do with me?"

"Should you not stop this threat, that same darkness could potentially harm this world, the kingdom of Lucis that you once fought for. With the Caelum bloodline all but eradicated from existence should you reside within the crystal, no one is able to take the calling of the kings, and thus it leaves to you, the True King. The King of Light himself to bring upon salvation to the people."

Another world, huh? Were his only thoughts. Yeah, his adventures up to this point was a crazy ride no doubt about it, but another world?

"Really, Noct you're gonna wuss out again?" Suddenly, he saw a familiar face. That tall burly man, his arms covered in tattoos and his face adorned with two scars.

"Gladio?" Noctis wondered in surprise.

"Yeah, Noct. You've gotten this far haven't you?" Just then, he saw yet another one of his companions. The same person he knew since childhood.

"Prompto." Before Noctis could talk, a formal voice spoke out.

"Indeed. This is your calling. The prophecy has dubbed you the "King of Light" for a reason Noct. The Astral spoke no lies and as the last of the Caelums, this is your job Noct." The True King remembered this one's bespectacled face, his calculating eyes filled with wonder and curiosity.

"Ignis! Why are you all here!" He asked, floating towards them. It wasn't that he wasn't happy to see them, but it was quite surprising.

"To guide you Noct. I understand that you've got doubts. That this whole thing is nothing but a dream. In reality, this world is in peril once more." Responded his advisor.

"He's right. You're the King of Lucis! You need to set an example for not only your people but for the sake of others."

"As the Oracle, I agree with this statement." A female voice called out towards him. A blond woman started to walk towards him, a smile on her face.

"Luna." He cried out, his voice a whisper. She caressed his face gently.

"Do not despair, Noctis. Your duty as King does not only apply to Lucis alone, but to also the other worlds that need your guidance."

"Indeed, my son." Looking behind him, he saw them. Thirteen figures all clad in armor, within their hands the 13 Royal Arms, the same weapon's the Kings of Yore utilized.

"Dad, and the Kings of Lucis!" He smiled at the support of everyone around him.

"Walk tall, True King, for your journey is far from over. Go to the new world and save it from the darkness that lurks within!" Determination built through him, as his friend, late fiancée, dad and the rest gave him words of encouragement.

"Your friends push you on, young King. Even they agree that you must answer the cries of help." The former prince of Lucis formed a smirk of confidence on his lips.

"You guys will be coming with me right?" None of them nodded their heads, much to his disappointment.

"Fret not, for you will not be alone. Nine warriors coming from different fabrics of the world will possess the same goal as you. They will be instrumental to your quest."

Well, at least I won't be alone. He thought to with resolve, Noctis slowly ran towards the beacon of light, engulfing his very being.

"Accept your blessings, King of Kings! You will need it in this perilous journey!" were the last words Noctis heard from Bahamut before being taken into who knows where.

People introduced so far:

Ragna the Bloodedge (Blazblue).

Noctis Lucis Caelum (Final Fantasy XV).

I already have in mind who the other eight will be. Reviews are appreciated.