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When The Devil Comes To Town

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And he’d been having such a good day as well, Magnus thought as he opened the door to the loft and saw who was on the other side.

“Be my guest why don’t you.” He muttered under his breath while the man just walked in, as if he owned the place. Of course he did.

With a huff of indignation Magnus followed the man, resigning himself to the fact that he’d just have to see what he wanted, knowing the visit was unlikely to be purely social. He only hoped that he’d manage to get rid of his unwanted guest before Alec came home, this was one visitor that he really did not want to explain how he knew to his Shadowhunter boyfriend.

“You’ve redecorated I see.” The man wandered around picking up the occasional objet d’art and examining it closely. Magnus eye’s flicked over to the photos on the bookcase, many of which featured Alec, which Magnus had hoped he wouldn’t notice.

“I like it, it’s homey.”

“Thanks.” Magnus folded his arms defensively in front of himself. “Now if you don't mind, may we get to what you’re actually here for? No offense, but I doubt it’s to admire the decor.”

The man turned and looked at him and burst into laughter.

“See that’s what I've always liked about you Magnus, always so sassy. But honestly, is that anyway to greet family. I mean, I understand I’m not the best at keeping in touch, but really.” The man straightened his perfectly tailored suit jacket as Magnus rolled his eyes.

“Have it your way.” The man held a hand up in surrender before moving over to the sofa and sitting down, crossing his legs elegantly. “But I have to tell you, it’s a rather fabulous story if I say so myself, so I think at the very least you should get me a drink. I know you've always got the good stuff stashed away somewhere.”

“Off you go then.” The man continued, “Toddle off. Oh and make mine an old fashioned, there’s a love.” The man adjusted his cuffs as he nodded pointedly towards the drinks cart with a wicked grin plastered all over his face.

With a huff of indignation Magnus reluctantly made his way over to make some drinks.


Alec sat at his desk finishing up the last of his paperwork, a smile playing at his lips. For once everything had gone to plan and there was quite a good chance he’d get out on time for a change, the thought of getting home to Magnus leaving him with a warm glow in his belly.

Alec flicked through the small pile of reports left to check and sighed contently. Yep he’d be finished in no time at all.

His good mood was shattered instantly by the Institute alarms going haywire. He’d barely had time to check his screen before Raj came barrelling through the door. 

“Alec we need you in ops now..” Raj was out of breath where he’d clearly been running so whatever it was had to be important. He didn't even stop to explain, turning on his heel rapidly and running back out. With a sinking feeling, Alec sprinted after him.

He’d been hoping that it was just Raj overreacting, but stepping through the ops room doors effectively squashed that hope flat. Everywhere lights were flashing and the high pitched screech of the alarm going off filled the room.

Taking a deep breath Alec made a beeline towards the familiar blonde head of his parabatai who was currently staring intently at one of the screens apparently oblivious to the shadowhunters milling around him frantically.

“Jace. What’s the situation?” Alec put on his best professional front as he joined him, determined to not let his anxieties show to those under his command.

“I don't know what to tell you. I've never seen anything like this..” Jace looked up at him, hair flopping over his face and brow scrunched in concentration. “The alarms are going crazy. I’d say greater demon but they didn't even act like this when Azazel turned up. It’s like they're burning out...whatever it is, it’s powerful..”

“Is that…?” Alec stared at the screen trying to ignore the sinking feeling in his gut as he saw a part of the map effectively whited out.

“Brooklyn? Yeah…Look Alec I'm sure..” Jace began to speak but Alec raised a hand to silence him instantly reaching for his phone, the sound of Magnus voicemail clicking in only making the sinking feeling in his gut worse. 

“I gotta go…” Alec managed to blurt out before striding towards the door, instinctively grabbing his bow and arrows on the way past. 

“Hey, wait up buddy..” Jace grabbed his arm as he left the room.

“I'm going Jace, whether you like it or not….” Alec glared.

“Not gonna stop you, just like you can't stop me from coming with you.” Jace shrugged.

Alec nodded tersely feeling calmer knowing his parabatai would have his back.

The activated speed rune meant that they arrived at Magnus’ loft in hardly any time. Along the way Alec’s phone had rung almost incessantly but none of those calls were from the one person he wanted, Magnus. Instead they seemed to be largely from Luke and whilst he knew he should answer right now all he could think of was checking Magnus was okay so he filed the calls away in his mind as something to deal with later.

“Alec wait…” Jace hissed just as Alec was about to sprint into Magnus’ building and Alec hesitated for a split second to turn and look at his parabatai. “Look all I'm saying is that we should scope things out first, just in case.”

Alec laughed sardonically, knowing full well if Clary was in that building nothing would stop Jace piling in without a single thought of his own safety. 

“We have no idea what we’re dealing with..” Jace held his hands up trying to placate him but Alec wasn't prepared to listen, not when Magnus was so close.

“Whatever it is, I can stop it..I stopped Azazel..” Before Jace had a chance to answer Alec disappeared into the building and dashed to the elevators, knowing full well that even with his heightened speed they’d be quicker than the stairs.

Luck was obviously on his side as he noticed an elevator ready and waiting for him and it was only when the doors closed that he started to question the wisdom of his actions, especially as Jace hadn't caught up with him yet.

He tapped his foot impatiently as he checked his phone again, still no response from Magnus but several missed calls from Luke and more than a few text messages. Shoving his phone back in his pocket, he stared intently at the numbers lighting up in sequence and gripped his bow tightly in his hand, fingers clenching and relaxing rhythmically. 

As the doors pinged open on Magnus’ floor, Alec hurried to the front door of the loft. He had no real reason to suspect Magnus was in trouble and yet somehow the hairs of the back of his neck were prickling and he just knew there was something amiss.

Without hesitation, he notched an arrow and stormed into the loft, knowing that Magnus would completely understand his concern if he was overreacting.

As he stepped into the loft he saw Magnus sitting on the chair, drink in hand and for a split second he relaxed until he looked closer and saw the hint of a grimace on his boyfriend’s face and the obvious tension in his shoulders. The next thing that drew his attention was that Magnus wasn't alone. Before he had chance to acknowledge the fact, the other man stood and turned to look at him.

“Well, hello there..” Alec heard the british accent and it didn't escape his notice the man looked him up down, pointedly smiling wickedly, apparently pleased with what he saw. “Lucifer Morningstar. I must say I'm very pleased to meet you.”

“What?” Alec mouthed as the man offered a hand and out of the corner of his eye he saw Magnus shrug and sigh.


Any hope that Magnus could avoid the situation he was in right now disappeared the second the loft door opened and Alec arrived in full warrior mode. With a sigh of resignation Magnus got to his feet and went to stand next to Alec, ignoring Lucifer who was eyeing his boyfriend in a way that made his blood boil.

“You can put the bow down, darling” Magnus laid a hand on Alec’s shoulder, who apparently was still rendered speechless by Lucifer’s introduction. He supposed it made sense. It wasn't every day you met the literal devil so he guessed he needed time to process.

Alec’s eyes flicked wildly from Lucifer to Magnus before nodding slowly and reglamouring his weapon.

“Darling, eh? Well I have to say Magnus, I'm impressed. How would you feel about sharing?” Lucifer shrugged at the glare Magnus sent in his direction. “No? Pity really. Can't blame a devil for trying though..”

“You’re…” Alec struggled to speak.

“Lucifer Morningstar, yes.” Lucifer turned to look at Magnus shaking his head slightly. “I thought we’d been through that.”

“The devil..” Alec was watching Lucifer closely, one eye slightly closed.

“Yes yes. The devil, old nick, satan. Although quite frankly I prefer Lucifer if you don't mind.” Lucifer retrieved his whiskey glass and swirled the contents around before taking a hefty sip. “Sure I can't persuade you on the sharing front. He’s really very pretty you know.”

Magnus and Alec both replied no in unison and Alec even held his hands up in front of himself.

“Who now?” Magnus muttered as the loft door opened again, this time Jace arriving brandishing his seraph blade.

“Oh there’s more. How lovely.” Lucifer grinned. “Well I have to say the New York Shadowhunters are certainly very handsome. I’d quite happily settle for getting to know you better seeing as pretty boy over there is apparently already taken.”

There was no mistaking the intent behind the leer of Lucifer’s face as he looked at Jace whilst indicating at Alec with his thumb.

“I'm straight.” Jace blurted out.

“Are you?” Lucifer eyed Jace with amusement as if he knew something the blonde didn't. “Well that’s never stopped me before. I've flipped so many so called straight men that they call me the skillet.”

“Thanks, I'm good.” Jace raised a hand and shook his head in a gesture remarkably similar to the one Alec had used earlier. Turning to Alec and Magnus he raised a questioning eyebrow. “So anyone care to tell me what the hell is going on here?”

“Hell, very good. Terrible place though, wouldn't recommend it. Couldn't wait to get out of there myself.” Apparently Lucifer was getting bored of the conversation and made his way back to the sofa. 

“Fine then. Jace Wayland, Alec Lightwood meet Lucifer Morningstar.” Magnus rolled his eyes, giving in to the inevitable and waving his hands between the three men in an introductory gesture.

“As in…” Jace looked at Alec for confirmation and received a nod in response.”Well I guess that explains the alarms then.”

Apparently Jace was taking the information more in his stride than Alec.

“Oh sorry, my mistake. I was in such a terrible hurry getting here I forgot about that.” Lucifer clicked his fingers and Alec noticed that the alert on his phone that was linked to the institute stopped it’s incessant flashing. “You know the LA Shadowhunters are far more relaxed about this sort of thing. Mind you they’re not as easy on the eye, so swings and roundabouts I suppose.”

“The LA Institute knows you’re here..” Alec frowned.

“Well of course they do. I've been living in LA for quite a few years now and a lot of them are regulars at Lux, my club. They take a very pragmatic approach if you ask me. I don't bother them so they don't bother me. It’s all very civilised. Maybe it’s all the sunshine, puts them in a better mood.” Lucifer mused.

“But..” Jace began.

“Yes I know your ‘Clave’ doesn't know. We thought it best knowing how annoyingly rule oriented they are. ‘The law is hard but the law is the law’ I mean really what a dreadfully dull motto. Trust my brother to come up with that little gem. Raziel always is so terribly proper.” Lucifer waved his arm around casually.

“Okay..” Alec replied slowly moving to perch on the arm of the armchair, eyes never leaving Lucifer as if he were afraid of a sudden attack. All in all, Magnus couldn't help but feel he was coping remarkably well with the whole situation. “None of that explains why you’re here though.”

“I was just getting to that before you two came galavanting in. As I said to my nephew here, it’s a rather fabulous story even if I say so myself.” Lucifer gestured towards Magnus. With a huff of annoyance Magnus sat in the armchair resigning himself to a truly unwelcome round of explanations.

“Nephew?” Jace’s eyebrows raised in surprise. 

“Well yes, obviously.” Lucifer glanced at the two shadowhunters, his eyebrow raised before he seemed to work out what the problem was and turned to Magnus. “Oh I see. They don't know about your dear old dad do they. Seems I'm not the only one with father issues, eh?” 

Magnus opened his mouth speak but before he had a chance Lucifer had turned to Alec with a smile on his face and begun to speak again.

“Let me tell you pretty boy, you've definitely won the warlock lottery. You won’t find anyone more powerful than Magnus here. My brother may have lost it somewhat when he followed me to Hell, embracing his dark side and all that, but fallen or not he’s still got all that angel mojo going on. I shouldn’t be surprised really, youngest child, they always have issues. Anyways, what can I say? My family may be dysfunctional, but boy do we have some ‘good genes’ as you humans say.” Lucifer smirked before frowning slightly as Alec completely ignored him turning to Magnus instead with his eyes full of concern.

“Magnus?” Alec asked softly.

Magnus stared down his lap where he’d locked his fingers together, unwilling to meet Alec’s gaze.

“My father is Asmodeus.” There was no way he could put it nicely, couldn't dress it up as something it wasn't. His father was a notorious fallen angel and greater demon and he knew one day he’d have to tell Alec, he’d just hoped he’d have more time. 

“Okay,” Alec replied calmly and as Magnus looked up, expecting a look of disgust on his boyfriend’s face, yet all he saw was Alec looking at him, smiling gently.

“It doesn't bother you?”

“Should it? I mean you're still you, you’re not your father..” Alec shrugged as if it were the simplest thing in the world and Magnus wondered why he’d even doubted him.

“I….I’d just rather the Clave didn't know..” He really hoped he wouldn't have to explain his reasons.

“None of their business..” Jace added and Magnus felt himself relax. 

“Well, as touching as all this is, I was in the middle of explaining why I'm here..not get into the middle of a Jerry Springer episode.” Lucifer interrupted, clearly not happy with not being the center of attention. 

“Fine. Go ahead.” Magnus waved a hand to indicate Lucifer should start talking before grabbing Alec's hand and giving it a squeeze hoping that it would convey his gratitude for his understanding.

“Finally, so as I said it’s a rather fabulous story..” Lucifer began to speak, his eyes glittering with excitement.


It seemed fairly clear after listening to Lucifer Morningstar speak for five minutes or so, that if he thought that meeting the devil was weird, things were about to get a whole lot weirder.

“So let me get this straight. You’re here because you ‘work’ as a special consultant for the LAPD and you and your detective friend have been tracking a serial killer who seems to have moved to New York.. Am I the only one that finds” Jace was the one who finally spoke, perfectly summing up what Alec was feeling.

“Bizarre? Really? Honestly, it makes perfect sense to me. I am the devil, Blondie, it’s my job to punish the guilty..” Lucifer folded his arms defensively in front of himself.

“Yes but you’re…” Jace began to speak again but his words faded away as he saw Lucifer begin to scowl.

“I'm what exactly? Go on say it … evil.” Lucifer pouted. “You know I thought that the nephilim would be more educated than that, apparently not.”

“Woah.. I didn't mean…” Jace held up his hands in an attempt to placate him

“Yes you did. If it weren't bad enough that my sainted father condemned me to rule over hell, now everyone seems to think it’s perfectly okay to blame me for everything that’s wrong in this world. God forbid they should take any responsibility for their own actions. Oh no..”the devil made me do it”..well let me tell you..” Lucifer rambled accentuating every word with some rather dramatic flourishes of his hands.

Magnus cleared his throat loudly effectively ending Lucifer’s rant.

“Okay, so you’re after a serial killer. I still fail to see why you’re here.” Magnus was determined to get the conversation back on track in the vain hope that the sooner he got the full story out of Lucifer the soon he’d, well, go.

“Yes, well as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted.” Lucifer narrowed his eyes at Jace who shrugged apologetically. “We had a spate of killings in LA and we were getting remarkably close to the killer, thanks to some pretty incredible detective work on my part, if I say so myself, then poof! They disappeared.” 

“So why do you think they're here then?” Alec asked. 

Strangely enough he’d adjusted to the idea of the devil as a crimefighter. Perhaps it said something about the surreal nature of the situation but it even made a kind of sense. What he didn't know was what any of this had anything to do with Magnus and by extension them. From what he could tell Lucifer Morningstar hardly seemed the kind of person who’d just pop in for family reunion without good reason.

“A very good question. Brains as well as beauty.” Lucifer smiled smoothly and Alec couldn't resist rolling his eyes, a gesture Lucifer largely ignored. “Well in the meantime there have been a series of killings across the country, not as frequently but every now and again. All leading in one direction, New York. Detective Decker seems certain the killer will turn up here sooner or later and she has excellent instincts, so here we are.” 

“Yes but surely the mundane police can handle things..” Jace interjected, clearly taking on the role of the thorn in Lucifer’s side.

“Well there’s two main problems.” Lucifer continued to look only at Magnus and Alec and act like Jace was invisible. “Firstly the corpses are all turning up with various body part removed, and in one case entirely skinned. It’s almost as if someone is purposefully removing identifying marks, although not the mundane kind..”

“You think they’re warlocks?” Magnus leant forward in his seat suddenly very interested in the conversation.

“Yes I suspect so, although so far I haven't managed to get any warlock to examine the bodies.”

“Which is why you came here?” Magnus asked

“In part, yes. Secondly the first thing the good detective did when she arrived was head straight to the local police department. Now imagine my surprise when we met with the local detective and I found out that he’s a werewolf alpha..” lucifer said raising an eyebrow.

“Luke..” Alec murmured, the multiple missed calls on his phone making a lot more sense.

“Yes I think that was it. Very handsome, smiled a lot, penchant for teriyaki and one of the finest backsides I’ve seen in quite some time.”

It was to be fair a pretty accurate description Alec mused before deciding that discussing his mother’s boyfriend’s impressive butt was probably not the best idea.

“I think perhaps you’d better fill us in on the details of the case. If someone really is targeting warlocks I need all the information you’ve got.” Alec looked at the serious expression on his boyfriend's face as he spoke and knew there was no way that Magnus wasn't going to involve himself in the case. He took his responsibilities as High Warlock very seriously, one of the many things that Alec loved him for.

“So you’ll help? Lovely. Right then let's get cracking.” Lucifer sprung to his feet bouncing excitedly in a way that reminded Alec more than a little of an hyperactive toddler. “Come on then, there’s detecting to do.”

Magnus shuddered slightly beside him and held up a hand.

“You okay?” Alec whispered.

“Something’s out there, I can feel it testing the wards. Definitely demonic and strong too..” Magnus replied and out of the corner of his eye Alec saw Jace reaching for his blade again. Lucifer however seemed remarkably nonplussed although Alec supposed there wasn't much that freaked out the devil.

“Oh relax Blondie, it’s just Maze. She’s always so protective I should've known she’d turn up.” There was an unmistakable sense of fondness in the way Lucifer spoke.

“Maze?” Alec scrunched his brow trying to keep up with yet another revelation.

“You brought a demon with you. You do know that’s what we do, kill demons, don't you?” Jace seemed to be used to the withering looks Lucifer kept throwing in his direction judging by the way he seemed to be actively enjoying annoying him.

“Now listen here. Firstly, I wouldn't get into a fight with Mazikeen..” Lucifer tapped a finger thoughtfully to his lips before apparently changing his mind. “Actually no, I think I’d like to see her kick your butt, so be my guest. Tell you what, why not compare her to the demons you fight, she’ll love that. Not even slightly similar to comparing you lot to sewer rats..”

Jace opened his mouth to protest but before his parabatai could get into more problems Alec intervened.

“So she’s what? Your friend?”

“More like bodyguard really, not that I really need it, except of course when the detective’s around. Long story. I would have warned you so you lot don't try and get all stabby stabby but last thing I heard she was babysitting Trixie. Hmm, Detective Douche must have stepped up..”

There were many things that Alec had filed away to deal with later for the sake of his own sanity, primarily that he was chatting away to the literal devil who apparently had a sideline as a crimefighter. A babysitting demon was just another one to add to the list. Hopefully this Trixie was simply a goldfish or something else that could look after itself. He didn't even want to know who Detective Douche was either.

“Anyway not to worry, Maze is more a loiter in the background to make sure everything’s okay, sort of girl.” Lucifer carried on obliviously and Alec pinched the bridge of his nose to fight off the headache that was slowly building behind his eyes. “So, where we? Oh yes, off to visit the big bad detective wolf..You know the more I think about it the more I think this is going to be so much fun..”