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When Whizzer died, Marvin’s world came crashing down. He hated being in his house, in their house. It’s empty, and everywhere reminded him of Whizzer. His laugh when Marvin told an awful joke, where they got home and screwed, where after a bad day they would cuddle up on the couch. He had been such an ass to him. He always said that he was an ass. He left his only child, divorced his wife, and ran off with Whizzer just cause of that one quick fuck from before.

He hit and ridiculed his ex-wife for finding happiness with another. She told him to grow up. He guessed he never did. Marvin locked up in his home for days. He didn’t eat, or sleep, and only left to use the bathroom. Cordelia forces him to eat at least a small bite of something. Mendel and Trina visits frequently. They try to cheer him up, but nothing works. Jason says that he has finally turned into a nut job, and he doesn’t blame him. His father is a shut in who can’t get over the death of someone he loved. At this point he’s just weighing everyone down. People have to tell him to eat, he doesn’t work, he can’t even function as a person.

Which is why he was staring at himself in the mirror with pills in his hand. He looked like a corpse. His eyes had bangs that looked like bruises. His hair was a mess, and he haven’t shaved in months. He looked terrible, but would that really matter anymore? He uncapped the bottle and held it to his mouth. He wonders who will find him. Most likely Mendel or something. Hopefully not Jason. He already has to see him in a pitiful state. He chuckled at the broken man in the mirror.

How did life come to this? Oh well, he thought. Down the hatch they go. Marvin swallowed half of the sleeping pills in the bottle. Everything immediately became dizzy. He sat down on the floor. He looked up and smiled. At least he won’t be such a disappointment. Then everything blanks out.

Marvin wakes up in his bed, his and Whizzer’s bed. He hasn’t slept in this room for the longest. Everything hurts. He remembers being in the bathroom and swallowing a bunch of pills. Did he die? Is he a ghost or something? Something moved next to him. “What the hell?”

“Marv… go to sleep…”

“Whizzer?!” It couldn’t be. He’s dead. He died. Whizzer was dead. He’s been dead for months. This has to be some sort of sick joke, isn’t it? Marvin tugged at his hair. This really can’t be happening. He watched as Whizzer got up from under the covers. “You woke me up… Ass…”

“This can’t be happening…”

“Are you okay?” Marvin couldn’t look him in the eyes. How could he? How could he? “Marvin, you’re scaring me…” Marvin let a sob out of his throat. Whizzer wrapped his arms around him. This really couldn’t be happening.