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Gazette Drabble Collection

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            Ruki walked into the dressing room and took in the mess Uruha had left. There were clean and dirty clothes scattered carelessly all over Uruha’s corner of the room and beauty products littered his part of the dressing table, everything from a bottle of deodorant to a tub of moisturiser. Most bottles lay on their sides and a lot didn’t even have their lids attached. Closer inspection revealed a patch of spilt nail varnish that had dried onto the surface. It wasn’t even clear, it was pitch black. There was also an almost empty bear bottle from when the guitarist had been celebrating the end of the tour. Ruki would have ignored the mess had it not spread across to his part of the dressing table. The guitarist was entitled to keep his space how he wanted but he should have more respect for others.

Uruha had obviously been borrowing his stuff again, that was his can of hair spray lying on the floor. It wasn’t that he minded Uruha borrowing his things. He just wished the other man would listen when he was asked to keep them in order. Making a mess was one thing. Making a mess of Ruki’s stuff was another.

            Annoyed Ruki began to tidy up the mess that had spread into his personal space. Why couldn’t Uruha have more respect? Why did he have to put up with this on a daily basis? Not just here but in their own home?

            “Ruki,” Uruha called as he entered the room before taking in the look on Ruki’s face. “Is something wrong?”

            “Is that my belt? I told you I wanted to wear that belt tonight.” Ruki complained. Once again Uruha had managed to annoy him without even trying. Why couldn’t he just listen to what Ruki had to say? Why did he put up with this? Why didn’t he just find a new boyfriend who actually listened?

            “Don’t you think it looks sexier on me?” Uruha pouted.

            “That’s not the point. I wanted to wear it,” Ruki responded. “I told you that I wanted to wear that belt. You never listen to me.”

            “I do!” Uruha cried out, denying Ruki’s accusation. “I was listening to you this morning when you mentioned that CD you wanted. That’s why I bought it for you.”

            “You bought it me?” Ruki asked.

            “See,” Uruha said pulling a t-shirt off the table, revealing a wrapped up present which he then handed to Ruki.

            “Ruki, I love you forever, Uruha.” Ruki said, reading the writing Uruha had written on the paper.

            “It’s true.” Uruha confirmed wrapping his arms loosely around Ruki’s waist. In that simple action all the irritation at the guitarist vanished from Ruki’s mind.

            “This is why I love you,” Ruki told his lover. “Just when I feel about ready to strangle you, you do something like this and I know you care.”