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Manhattan's Song

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The trip to Liverpool wasn’t easy for Luca. He was a mass of nerves, and he confined himself mostly to his suite in first class. He had never made a trip over the ocean before without at least a few men with him, and a task or business deal waiting for him at his final destination. He didn’t know what to do while he was alone on the ship. He wanted to catch up on his sleep, but he still woke up every few hours, never sleeping soundly as he should. He was eating very poorly, and mostly because he just didn’t want to get sick on the journey. He spent most of his time smoking cigarettes and cigars in his room, gathering more smoke in his lungs then he knew was good for him.


Luca was sitting on the edge of his bed, he had no energy to move that morning. It was the last morning he would spend on the ship as they were set to dock in Liverpool in the late afternoon. He looked around the room, he had made a mess of the place. He had no one to worry about on the boat, Rose wasn’t there to ask him if he was fine, and Donnino couldn’t say anything to him, neither could Paulie, or Matteo. Tony came to his mind then. Luca shook his head as if to shake the memory of Tony off him. He didn’t want to feel bad now that he was so much closer to Rose and Carmine. But, he still felt bad, he couldn’t shake it as much as he tried. Tony knew the kind of life he was in, he had even told Anna that he was willing to leave it all for her.


Luca wondered if Rose would ask the same of him. And if she did, could he do it for her too? Luca had never known anything but the mob, he’d grown up in it, had never known normalcy, but neither had Rose. Rose had grown up with it too, no matter how sheltered she had once been. She knew it was dangerous, she knew what he did, that sometimes he would come home late, that there would be blood on his shirts or bruises on his body, that money would come into their household quickly from places she did not know of.


Was she really okay with it all? Luca had never bothered to ask her, he had only assumed she was fine with it because she never told him to not go to work or to stop doing whatever scheme he had going on.


He had so many things to ask her, so many things he wanted to know. He had one thing he needed to tell her first before he could say anything else. ‘I never had an affair with Aria Marconi… also, she’s dead.’


Luca threw himself back on the bed, completely horrified that this was something he had to deal with. He had told Rose that she could trust him, and then broke that same trust with Rose with a woman Luca knew that Rose did not trust nor like.


He was angry with himself, but there was no use in being angry still. He just needed to fix the problem.


It took him about an hour to fix up his luggage that had been tossed all over the suite. He finally ate a full meal at lunch and then a man in uniform came to take his bags so Luca could wander the ship before they completely docked in Liverpool. Luca did a bit of walking on the deck as the dock and buildings grew closer.


It took only forty minutes after the boat had safely docked for Luca to exit the ship with his luggage and head over to customs. Luca had all his papers of course and went through with little hassle this time around.


He looked for a taxi to take to the train station and then took the train all the way to Birmingham. He got into another taxi when he got to Birmingham and went straight to Tommy’s home. Luca didn’t know exactly where Rose was, but he had sent a letter to Tommy hoping that he would protect her in his fortress of a home. Luca knew that Rose would prefer to stay with Arthur or Ada, even Polly, but he knew none of their addresses and Tommy was his safest bet.


He took the long drive down the countryside, and he began to realize why Rose loved it so much. The tranquillity, the silence, and the fresh air and greenery. He was silent the entire ride, as he looked out the window from the back seat. For a moment he thought of himself as a horrible person to take Rose away from her home, the place she loved, the place she seemed to still look for in New York. He rubbed the palm of his hand down his face to remove the thought from his mind.


Tommy’s grand manor of a home loomed before him. He had no idea how he managed to fill all the rooms when all he had was himself and his two children. Luca thought hard about it. Don Spinietta had a grand mansion for a home. It was nowhere near as big as Tommy’s home but it was still massive. Don Spinietta lived alone for quite a bit of time. Tommy surely had maids, and cooks, and his brothers and sisters were bound to come around.


Luca was accustomed to his penthouse apartment, it was big, as big as anyone could get in the centre of Manhattan.


But maybe he needed more, maybe a new start?


The driver dropped Luca off at the front gate without a single word. Luca took his bag from the trunk, not expecting the driver to help him. The driver got his pay and was then gone. Luca stepped up to the front door dropped the knocker three times and waited for someone to answer.


A maid opened the door and sized him up. “Can I help you?”


“I’m here to see Tommy Shelby, is he around?” his voice came out very hoarse, he hadn’t spoken for a while. He didn’t bother to ask for Rose, he couldn’t speak her name yet without it hurting.


“Mr. Shelby is here, do you have an appointment?” the maid asked.


“He’s my brother-in-law, I don’t need one.” Luca could see the gears turning in the maids head as he finished speaking.


“You are Miss Rose’s husband?”


“Yes,” Luca was growing impatient. He needed to get inside. He forced a grimace away from his face, ‘Miss Rose’ did she think her unmarried? Luca pushed the idea aside as he knew he was overreacting.


“She’s not here right now,” the maid moved aside to let Luca in, and the closed the door behind him. “She went into town with a friend.” Luca looked at her curiously, a friend? “–A female friend,” the maid corrected herself quickly, though Luca didn’t need the correction, he just wanted to know if Rose had protection with her, and who that friend was. He trusted Rose more than anyone in the world, but now he thought that the maid thought him as untrustworthy as Rose thought him to be.


“Right,” Luca answered, no longer paying any attention to the maid.


“Best you wait for Mr. Shelby in the parlour, Mr. Changretta, and I’ll fetch him for you.” Luca nodded, still not looking at her while he was deep in thought, but he followed her when he heard her move toward the parlour. When he got there, he stood by the window looking out onto the grounds of Tommy’s estate. They were vast, green for what felt like miles, it was a fantasy land. Luca stared out into the field until he heard the clink of a glass. Tommy had entered the room so quietly Luca hadn’t even heard his leather shoes scratch the rug in the centre of the parlour.


Luca turned around to face Tommy, he hadn’t seen him in almost three years, and he still looked the same.


“Rose isn’t here.” Tommy started.


“Right, good to see you too.” Tommy looked at Luca stoically and with that single blank look, Luca already knew that Rose had told him what had happened. He instantly regretted his words. “Where is she?”


“She went to see a horse race, with a friend of mine, May Carleton”


“A friend of yours?” Luca took a toothpick out of the small box he kept inside his coat pocket, next to the matchbox. He placed it between his teeth. Tommy didn’t answer him, but Luca wasn’t expecting him too. It was silent between them for a long moment. Luca had gone back to looking out the window. It felt strange to him to see Tommy again, the last time he had seen him was on the platform where he took Rose away from her family, and now they were seeing each other again as a family.


“I send at least two men out with her everywhere she goes, all of them are men who’ve served. I make her take four when she sees your family. I can’t remember her name. Lilian or—” Luca cut him off quickly.




“Yes, well that was what she said.” Luca was silent again. Lilian? Who was Lilian? Was it Lilianna? Luca knew that Lilianna didn’t have a good friendship with Rose, but he didn’t know much about what Rose had been up to in the last month that she was in Manhattan, he had neglected her so greatly that he felt guilty looking at Tommy. They had the same colour hair, the same cheekbones, the same shade of striking pale blue eyes. Luca tried not to look at him anymore.


“When’s she coming back? Is my son with her?”


“She’s been there a few hours she’ll be back soon, and she took your boy with her too. She doesn’t leave him here anymore.”


“What do you mean anymore?” Tommy didn’t answer.


“I’ll have a maid send you up to her room.” Luca heard Tommy leave the room. He knew that Tommy was cross with him just by the way he spoke as he left the room. A maid came by only a few seconds later to show Luca where Rose slept.


When the maid left him to himself, Luca spent the entire time standing around the room wondering how Rose had been since she left him.


Did she move on from him? Was she done with their marriage? Maybe she was still waiting for him? Tommy had left the impression that he wasn’t too happy to see him, but would any sane man be okay with seeing the man who broke his baby sisters heart? Luca knew he would have reacted the same or worse if it had been Catarina or Bianca.


Luca didn’t know if he could unpack his belongings or not. Would Rose be okay if he stayed in the same room as her, he wasn’t sure. He left his luggage by the door and went in search for Tommy again. He had forgotten to tell him about Capone, but with good reason.


Rose was more important, he had learned that the hard way.

Luca was in Tommy’s library when he got the news that Rose had arrived and that she was in the parlour. He had almost raced out of the room before the maid could get out before him. He had slowed when he got to the stairs and he noticed himself straighten his shirt and then his coat, he made sure his hair was back and sleek. He still cared if she thought of him as attractive. He still wanted her to be interested in him, he felt strange. He felt as if he didn’t have her still.


When he reached the door of the parlour he didn’t think to knock. He stepped in carefully and quietly, enough that she didn’t hear or notice him. She wasn’t alone. She had Carmine on her hip as she looked out the window with him as they watched a car leave along the long road and then the gardener walked across the lawn with his assistant.


Carmine noticed him standing still and staring at them from the doorway. Carmine squirmed out of Rose’s arms and Rose put him on his feet.


“Papà! Papà!” Carmine shouted gleefully, and for a second Luca thought Carmine would have forgotten his face, forgotten his own father. Luca picked him up swiftly and embraced him tightly.


“Bambino! Have you been a good boy? Papà missed you.”


“I miss Papà,” Carmine said back to him as he rubbed his little hands on Luca’s cheeks. Luca then looked at Rose. She looked just as hurt as the last time he had seen her. She choked as she spoke. He missed her voice.


“Frances can you take Carmine, please.” Luca hadn’t heard the maid behind him, but she plucked Carmine out of Luca’s arms and left the room without any words.


Luca turned back to look at Rose and he could see the heavy rise and fall of her chest, she was holding back tears, and Luca just wanted to embrace her but his feet wouldn’t move.


“Rose?” he called for her.


There were ten feet between them and she closed the space quickly, smacking his chest with the palm of her hands and then the side of her fists. “What took you so long?” she managed to blurt out before she started crying. Luca grabbed her wrists and picked her up before she crumbled to the floor from the pressure. Rose buried her face into his chest, into his familiar scent, and sobbed all over again. She thought that she had cried herself out but here she was, feeling the hurt again now that he was there to see her.


“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” He kept repeating it over until he finally changed his words. “I had to, Rose” he wasn’t explaining himself, but he just wanted her not to be hurt anymore. He moved her over to sit her down at an armchair and he crouched down in front of the chair to look at her.


“Had to what?” she says through shaking sobs. “You had to go on and have an affair, did you sleep with that horrible woman? I saw you plain as day, and you made me feel like it wasn’t a problem.”


“I didn’t sleep with her, I will tell you everything. Please don’t cry Rose, I promise you all I did was lie about why I was doing it, I never did anything against our marriage. I was just trying to do the right thing, I was–I was trying to stop Capone, to stop the Marconi’s.” Rose shook her head at him, but he couldn’t tell if it was because she didn’t believe him or if she was trying to force herself not to cry anymore.


“I’m–I’m a bad wife,” she almost whispers. Luca takes her shoulders in his hands and pulls her in roughly to embrace her.


“No, no, not ever Tesoro, I should have told you everything in the beginning. I never wanted to hurt you. It made me sick having to lie to you.” Rose wiped the tears off her cheeks.


“I wanted to go home a long time ago, but Tommy wouldn’t let me. He told me to stay here and wait for you because of the letter you sent.” Luca nodded at her, and he was glad that she had actually listened to the letter after giving her so many reasons not too. Luca knew how smart she was, even with the bit of information he had given her through the letter.


“I need to tell you–” Rose cut him off, he could see the worry in her eyes.


“Tell me what?”


“It was Capone the entire time, all the murders, the missing cargo, other things too, things I couldn’t tell you without putting you in danger. He used the Marconi’s to get inside New York” He noticed her flinch at the name Marconi, it wasn’t the first time she had done it. “He tried to have you killed the night Carmine was born, he got one of Marconi’s men to do it.” Rose shuddered and then stood up and stepped away from Luca, she couldn’t look at him at that moment. It hurt him, that she didn’t look to him for comfort, but he didn’t want to force anything either. As much as he wanted to smell her hair, kiss her, wrap his arms around her, feel her skin, he couldn’t initiate it again.


“Why are you here now?” she asks as she is still looking away from him. “Did you finish what you needed too?” she looked at him again, there was a sense of business to her, she was poised and she stood tall. Luca could tell she was different, but the kind of different he didn’t really know. Luca reached his hand out to her, he couldn’t help it anymore. She looked at his hand for a moment and then reached out to him too. Luca’s heart leapt in his chest, but he continued what he was doing. He took her hand gently and motioned her over to the sofa where they could both sit together.


Rose spoke before he could. “Where’s Catarina and Bianca?”


“They’re in France, they’re fine. Paulie’s taking care of them. You don’t have to worry.”


“Lilianna’s in Birmingham,” Rose added quickly.


“She’s supposed to be in London.”


“She’s here, we see each other almost every other day. She was lonely and she looked for me.” Luca knew that there was an unspoken hostility between Rose and Lilianna before, but now he wasn’t sure.


“Is she the friend Tommy talks about?”


“Maybe, I spend a lot of time with May Carleton as well. She trains horses, I–I wanted Carmine to see them.” She stuttered and for a moment Luca thought she might cry again, but this time he didn’t know what about.


“What’s wrong?” Luca asked


“It’s–I’m sorry, I was horrible, I didn’t understand. I’m a bad wife,” she sobbed again.


“No, you’re not. How could you understand, when I didn’t say a word. You’re right about me being a fuckin’ bastard. Remember that? I hurt you and I’ve never regretted anything more in my life. I don't know how many more times I’m going to have to tell you before you’ll believe me, but if I have to say it the rest of my life, that’ll be fine with me. I just want to be with you again, I can’t stand being without you.”


“Luca–” the palm of her hand was on Luca’s cheek, stroking him gently.


“I love you more than anything. I’d do anything for you. I’d risk everything, I’d risk everything I have with the famiglia for you because you’re more important to me.” Rose leaned into him to close the space between them with a rough kiss. He was so deprived he melded his lips against his wife’s hungrily, wanting every last bit in case he was deprived of it again, though he didn’t plan for it.


“I love you more.” She whispered against his lips as they looked for air to breathe. “You don’t have to give anything up or risk anything for me. I’m here with you, I’ve told you before. All I need is you, just let me be the only one for you, okay?” Luca nodded at her, his heart hurt still, but he moved in to kiss her again.


“I need to know,” Rose started again once they moved away to look at each other intently. It had been a long time since they had looked at each other this way. Luca was ready for any question she had now. “Is everyone okay, back home?”


Luca hesitated for a moment, not everyone was okay. “I–Tony’s dead.”


“What? Our Tony?” Rose had a look of disbelief on her face, Luca tucked her loose hair behind her ear and nodded at her. As a single tear slid down her cheek.


“Yeah, our Tony.” Luca wasn’t looking at her anymore. He was looking down at their hands.


“Love, are you okay?” she wiped her own tear with her free hand. She put the back of her fingers against Luca's cheek to soothe him gently. He moved his face to kiss her hands.


“I’m better then I was before. I’m better now that I’m here with you, Tesoro.” Rose continues to cry quietly.


“Carmine asked for you every day. I found out I was pregnant and I knew I needed to see you again.”


“Pregnant?” Luca looked at her carefully, and then to her hand placed on her stomach. Rose nodded at him.


“We’ve never argued before Luca and I felt horrible. I just wanted us to be okay, but when Mamma died it wasn’t the same. I know you are hurt.” Luca wiped away Rose’s stray tears and then placed his hand on top of her stomach, against her own hand.


“I’ll work on it, I promise.” He says to her, kissing her cheek. “How long have you been like this?”


“I’m not sure, maybe four months.”


“That’s a long time already.” He chuckles at her.


“Are you okay with another baby?”


“Of course I am, the more children the better.” The grin was back, the grin she loved so much. “Mio amore, ti amo”


“I love you too.”

Rose opened her eyes. The room was the same. Tommy’s house, the same picture was on the wall, the bathroom door was open, but her bed was warm. Rose turned over, and Luca was fast asleep. It was the first time in a long time that he had been able to sleep so soundly. Rose nuzzled herself into his chest and breathed in his scent. She felt strange, to be so close to him again. The months before she left him in Manhattan were difficult, they barely spoke. But she couldn’t do that anymore, not speak to him, all she wanted to do was talk to him, look at him, remember the good things.


She had spilt so many tears in the bedroom at the Tessa that she didn’t know if it would feel so good to return there either. But the newness of Tommy’s home felt as if that moment between them, as they lay in bed together, that was their new beginning, their restart. She thought she could cry again, she was overwhelmed, Luca was really there with her. He had told her everything as he should, he’d give it all up if it would make her happy. But she didn’t need all that. She just needed to know if Luca would be by her side forever. She put her hands on his chest, then on his arms, on his neck, his face, he looked the same, but tired still as he slept so beautifully. He stirred for a moment, and she kissed his jaw. It was really him, it wasn’t a dream.


Luca stirred again and slowly opened his eyes, he instantly had a smile on his face when he noticed her there with him. He kissed her deeply, and then they took a moment to relish in each others company. They looked at each other so intently, as if one of them would blink and the other would disappear.


“Good Morning,” Luca started.


“Good Morning, my love,” Rose was grinning widely too.


“I’ve missed this, waking up to you, your scent, your hair, your skin.”


“I’ve missed the sex,” Rose spoke blankly, and then began to laugh. Luca grinned devilishly at her.


“The sex, eh?” Luca tickled her sides, and Rose shrieked.


“Luca!” she almost shouted, between a few gasps. He stopped tickling her to take a good look at her. They locked eyes, and everything for once felt brand new, intense, and enlightening. Luca gently grazed the back of his fingers across her cheek. She leaned into his touch and closed her eyes. He moved his body slightly on top of her, and dug his hand behind her ear and into her hair. He kissed her gently for just a passing moment. He smelled her skin, felt the plushness of her lips against his. It felt like he had never kissed her before for just a moment, and he kissed her harder to feel that feeling again, to feel that excitement.


Rose knew where Luca’s mind was heading. She wrapped an arm around his clothed back, and she placed her hand around his neck to pull him deeper into their kiss.


They separated for a moment to take in some air. Rose made her next move then. She reached for the hem of Luca’s undershirt and began to tug it up his body and over his head, he complied so easily, in this state he’d do anything Rose told him to.


She sat up and pulled off her own nightgown over her head, and she left her breasts bare, her panties still on. Luca moved back from her slightly and took in the vision before him hungrily. He hadn’t realized how long he deprived himself of her. He could have kicked himself, but there was no time for him to when Rose was looking the way she was right before him. He moved in to kiss her again, and then began to trail kisses down her neck down to her breasts, he took one perky nipple in between his teeth nibbled lightly for a second. She moaned deeply, and he took her breast roughly into his mouth, he moved his free hand to pinch her other nipple teasingly. She moaned again.


“I missed you, daddy,” she purred close to his ear. A flame that flickered with excitement inside him blazed into a roaring fire at the sound of her voice. He moved away from her then and stood up from the bed they shared, lust, and a sort of adoration some people conveyed to gods or goddesses was displayed in Luca’s eyes. He tugged his trousers off and then his underwear. Then he pulled Rose by her left ankle closer to him. She yelped from the sudden pull. But she knew what she had done, what she had started. It was what she intended.


He almost tore her panties off, but Rose helped him. She sat up and lifted herself so that he could pull them off easier, and the first thing he did when he saw her bare there was to slide his thumb against the fleshy pit of her apex. He had a hunger in his eyes that Rose missed, that she thought she might never see again. It made her feel five years younger.


Rose grabbed his cock before he could stick his face in her cunt. She held on possessively and looked him right in the eyes. She looked at the door to make sure it was closed, she knew that despite it being closed it would not help the sound she was going to emit that morning. But it would at least fend people away from the immediate area, Tommy’s house was large enough where if anyone walked far enough the maids or whoever else was perusing around the house wouldn’t hear the loud panting and moans that would begin to escape Rose’s mouth in just a few moments.


Rose got up from the bed, Luca’s erection still in her hand. She glanced to see that one of the curtains was wide open, but it didn’t bother her now.


“I really missed you so much daddy, you better not leave me again.” Rose’s thumb glided across the tip of his member, as she pouted at him. Luca was struggling to keep his cool as he became a puddle at the fierce yet caring hold she had on him.


She began to stroke him ever-so-slowly looking at him with her pouty lips and sad eyes. Luca didn’t know what to do with himself but stare back as she dominated him in a way he wasn’t expecting. She moved her hands faster, and then faster again until Luca took her wrist roughly to stop her. Rose knew that Luca didn’t like to spill his seed in the cold, that he’d rather release himself within her warm walls, the way it had always been.


He picked her up gently, slowly, and she wrapped her legs around his torso and kissed his lips, his cheek, his jaw, his neck. He placed her down on the bed, and kissed her back passionately, the way it should be.


He slid his cock teasingly against her clit, and he watched her shiver beneath him. Before he went any further he moved her hair away from her face.


“I love you, Rose. More than anything.” Rose looked as if she might cry beneath him, but she held it in. “I want to take away the pain,” Luca couldn’t help but look hurt as well, despite being the stoic man she knew could hide his emotions from anyone. A tear slid down her cheek, but she wiped it away quickly.


“We’ll work this out.” She answered, and pulled him closer and kissed him deeply. She couldn’t hold back the tears, and she cried but didn’t make a sound eluding to it.


Luca slid inside her then and made love to her gently, wiping her tears away and kissing her softly as she should be kissed.


They fell asleep in each other's arms again and didn’t wake until the afternoon.

Rose sat in Polly’s sitting room with a cup of tea in her hand as Luca sat next to her with Carmine on his lap.


Polly returned with a maid behind her carrying a cheese and ham plate. Rose raised an eyebrow at her aunt. Rose had noticed that Polly liked to flaunt her wealth, and she understood why as well. They never had this kind of money before, she had never been able to have a maid or afford a ridiculous cheese platter to entertain guests. Rose picked up a biscuit and planned to pick up a piece of cheese but her stomach turned and she picked up one of the many pieces of ham.


Polly had watched her do so.


“Thank you for inviting us to mass earlier,” Luca stated as he played with Carmine’s small and stubby hands.


“Of course, why wouldn’t I?” Polly was still looking at Rose as she drank her tea. “Finish that up will you,” she motioned to Rose impatiently.


“Are you trying to read my leaves?” Rose only slightly rolled her eyes, and then looked at Luca to show her annoyance to him.


“It’s important, why else would I read them. Hurry then,” Polly was impatient. Rose swirled her teacup before she drank the last bit and then handed it to Polly. “A baby of course,” they already knew that, but it was a nice confirmation. “You should name the child after his father, he’ll be a lot like him, independent, troublemaker, uh,” Polly paused as if she saw something she wasn’t expecting. She raised an eyebrow and she rolled the teacup in her hands. “Just keep an eye out for your boy, he’s going to be a lot different from his brother.”


“Another boy,” Rose sighed but in the most relaxed way. She knew how to deal with a baby boy, she already had one. But naming him after his father was something she was not planning to do originally. Arthur had been named after they’re father and now the name was blacklisted from the family.


“If we don’t name him after me, will we be cursed?” Luca joked, Rose hadn’t expected him to and she snorted a laugh.


“Just do as I say.” Polly seemed sure of herself, so Rose didn’t question her further. Her bump was growing more and more by the day. This time she felt ready to bring her child into the world, and it felt all the more real now that Luca was by her side again.

Luca stood by the fireplace, the room was lit by mostly candles and an electric lightbulb from a lamp on top of Tommy’s desk.


He drinking an amber liquid from a short glass, he relished in the sweetness of the drink as it was difficult to get something so pure in America. Prohibition had gained him millions from mass-produced alcohol that often became a little tainted from the long ride overseas. Otherwise, it was still great amongst all the bathtub gins that were making their sad rounds in New York and the rest of the United States.


Arthur was sat on the couch a drink in his hand as well, his eyebrows were knitted together, and his eyes were gazing intently at the crackling whips of the fire. He wasn’t as angry anymore. He had taken a few swings at Luca when he had got through the front door. Only one of them connecting with Luca’s jaw, as Luca stumbled back in surprise. It was broken up quickly by Tommy and Rose, and then apologies were exchanged and stories were retold.


If Arthur had punched any other member of the famiglia, he would have been dead on site. But he couldn’t kill Arthur, even though it had crossed his mind once upon a time. Rose would hate him forever if he did, and he was never going to be in that realm again.


It was now late in the evening after dinner. Tommy was writing something at his desk, as Luca and Arthur looked like statues finding it too awkward to speak.


Luca cleared his throat, took a gulp of the alcohol in his cup and then turned to look at Tommy, who was already looking up at him from his desk.


“I have a proposition,” Luca started. Tommy took off his glasses and laid them on the desk, he sat back in his chair and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “After what I’ve done to protect my family, I’ve finally crippled Capone. But the problem is he’s still alive, and though my second keeps telling me that we won’t have to worry about Capone again I want to make sure that I really won’t.”


“So, what is it then?” Tommy asked. Luca looked at him, and then at Arthur before he spoke.


“Marriage, between my youngest sister and your youngest brother.”


“It’s not necessary, what you and Rose have is enough for me.”


“I insist on a new truce, Capone could escape criminal charges or prison and who will go to where it’ll hurt me most first.”


Tommy nodded and thought about it for a moment. Tommy looked up at Arthur and then back at Luca and nodded his head.


Tommy stood up from his chair and walked around his table to meet Luca and then they shook hands in agreement. Capone would never touch the Changretta’s or Shelby’s again.


As they separated to sit down in silence again, Luca spoke. “I plan to give Solomons a proposition as well. I’ll pay him a visit before I leave.”


“Solomons is dead.”






“Well, that’s one less person to worry about.”

The last week they spent in England was in a hotel away from Tommy’s Manor. Luca spent a majority of the time trying to make it up to Rose, but Rose didn’t care for the past anymore, she was looking for her future, her future with Luca, Carmine and their unborn baby.


They went shopping, to the pictures, the went out into the country to see the horses, but then they knew that they needed to return home. Not just because Rose was now homesick for a home she would have never thought she’d be homesick for but Luca was now Boss of Manhattan. Boss of his own crime family, a leader in the Cosa Nostra. He’d done it.


“What are you going to do now, love?” it was early morning on a Monday, the sunrise was peeking in through the large balcony windowed doors. Carmine was still fast asleep on the rollaway bed brought in by a few maids several nights before.


“I gotta go home, yeah know, lay the groundwork down. Make sure all my contacts know who the boss is now. But I’m sure Nino has started most of it for me.”


“Is Nino underboss now?”


“Yeah, I made him underboss,” Luca wiped the sleep from his eyes as he turned his body toward Rose’s. Rose’s nightgown was pushed to the side, exposing more skin than necessary. Luca fixed her nightgown for her and kissed the top of her head. She moved in to hug him, and tangled her legs with his, her baby bump separating them more then she wanted it too.


“I’m glad we're going today.” She changed the subject, she knew it was what he wanted. “I miss Manhattan, and though it was great to see my family again, to see the countryside, I think I’ve gotten my fill of it.”


“I’m gonna make some changes when we get back, you’ll see.”


“You don’t have to do anything, you know that.” Rose brushed her fingers against his cheek, and then into his clean, dark hair.


“I have to, for my own state of mind, but I know you’ll appreciate what I’m planning.”


“So, you won’t tell me?”


“No, it’s more of a surprise.”


“We should get home then, I hate waiting.”


“Yeah, I realized you do.”