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no place for silent men

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Tokoyami’s nightmare came true when they were allocated to their dorms in U.A. and he found himself in a minuscule room next to Ayoama Yuga in the 2nd story of the building, where there was a lot of sun and moonlight hitting his room at any time of the day.

It was constantly bright in his room, which was more or less good, until one day, when he uncomfortably fell asleep on his table and Dark Shadow decided to redecorate. Tokoyami woke up in a pitch black room with Dark Shadow at his peak emo level.

Easily, he barely had any sleep for days until he and his eternal companionship could find a middle ground to their problems.

And then, there was the music.

Ayoama had his French… stuff constantly on every evening, and the sound leaked through the walls as if there was nothing separating the two rooms.

Understandably, Fumikaji wished he was dead.

He wanted to study in his room and couldn’t, smashed between a terrible musical taste and the noises from outside. He tried headphones, but the problem was that he’d still be drowned in noise.

And Tokoyami Fumikaji hated noises.

He tried the study room in the common area, but the common area was an open space, and he could hear the pans on the stove, the TV in the living room, Kaminari spotting Mina in the gym. Even the showers on the other side of the building, when everything else was quiet, made the loudest sound, disturbing his peace.

As a matter of fact, “peace” was something that lost its meaning to Tokoyami ever since they came back from summer break. Never in his life had he thought that the biggest challenge of his hero career would be finding some quiet place to rest and study.

Library? Nope. Too many people.

Roof? Nope. Too bright.

Roof, but at night? Nah. Too dark.

Besides, rain season wasn’t making it any better for him to get out of that place.

He even seriously considered begging Mr. Aizawa to let him have one of the rooms in the girls’ side on 2nd level, because it was empty, but then he remembered that he’d still be across from Yuga and his awful music, so it wouldn’t be of much help.

On a daily basis, he wondered if becoming a hero was worth all the trouble. He wondered if it’d be too hard to be transferred to another hero school, and then he’d think of the likes of Utsushimi Camie from Shiketsu, who managed to become Bakugo’s best friend in the span of a day; or Isamu Academy, that had its own version of a Bakugo – easily the loudest student of his class – and that weird friend of Tsuyu-


Half-blinded by a headache that was spreading, Fumikaji gathered his notebooks and made his way to the 4th story on the girls’ side. He wasn’t supposed to be there, but like Itsuka wisely pointed out, if the school really cared about their students not “interacting”, it wouldn’t put boys and girls in the same building.

From all he knew, Tsuyu never ever lets anyone in her room, but it was worth the try. She certainly at least would know of a quiet place to be, because she was super reserved like him, and also very resourceful. Maybe they could be quiet buddies together.

Decided, Tokoyami knocked on her door twice, Dark Shadow hanging behind him in constant support, and Tsuyu opened the door just enough to see who was there, head crooking when she saw him. After taking a deep breath, he decided to talk.

“Hey,” he said tiredly. “I need your help. Please, help me.”