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Robin made the plan to kidnap The current Exalt upon learning his prince was just that- a prince. A simple enough task, let the brigands invade a major village drawing the Shepherd's away from the exalt and send in assassins under the guise of night to bring the Exalt to Plegia to be executed.
He would be in charge of the mission of kidnapping the Exalt while Aversa and Validar could set up the stage of execution with King Grangel and their own wicked amusement.

Putting their plan into action required some time with gathering intel on the castle and how to get in, sending spies to be scullery maids. Over months they prepared, Robin carefully constructing the battle in favor of saving the prince from harm. By the time it came to put the plan to action he felt his heart slow to an eerie calm. Something he hadn’t felt in months since seeing the prince for the first time. Waiting within the trees he watched the maids leave with the laundry, the door open for them. One of their spies no doubt. Their plan would begin.

The dozen of them swarmed into the halls of the castle. If the spies intel had been correct they could easily navigate to the exalts quarters without much effort. Yet as soon as they stepped foot into the building Robin felt the looming feeling of despair hanging over his head. The attack didn’t feel right, carrying his tome he followed behind the line of soldiers, their expressions serious as a set of guards surrounded them.
“Halt! Stop the intruders!” The screeched order surprised him as he turned to recognize one of the many Shepard’s blocking their paths. Brown messy hair and green armor, it was one of the few Cavaliers on their team. If he got free he would warn the prince and they would fight.

As he predicted the cavalier dashed off leaving the group as Robin panicked, his magic summoning itself as he struck out like a bolt of lightning to stop him, slamming into the wall behind the cavalier. Ignoring the battle. Pushing back he tried to break past the fight, desperately ducking away from swords and Lances prodding into his personal space. Slipping his book into the pockets within his cape, he drew the sword rarely used on his waist and pushed through the fray, weakly deflecting hits as he managed to free himself from the battle just as reinforcements showed up.
“Get to Emmeryn.” The familiar voice barked the order making Robin freeze as a blast of magic hit him in the chest knocking him back into a wall. This was pain, this was fear. Yet not for his safety or concern, it was fear that Chrom would be the one they killed. 
“Chrom what about you?!” A girlish voice yelled her light brown hair pulled back as she twisted her lance protectively. The prince stepped in front of her as Robin stood up, whose whole body ached from the impact. Staring off at the women he felt his chest tighten, Who was she to act so close to his prince. Chrom seemed to look at him, pinpointing him easily as the leader. His heart raced with excitement, was this what was changing him?
“We shall end this, but you need to go, there are still Plegians attacking outside.” She seemed to hesitate as Chrom looked back over his shoulder. “That is an order.” He demanded. Robin let his sword fall to his side as he pulled his tome free.
“Yes captain!” Her voice shook even if her expression was confident. His comrades seemed to split between fighting the Plegians and leaving to save the exalt. Would this be the closest he could ever get to the rival prince? If it was, then he would take it gladly.
Chrom charged at him as Robin brought his sword up in defense, sparks skittering away from the blade as Robin let it slide free and duck under his arm, a blast of magic slamming upwards as Chrom easily moved, the end of his cape being tattered by the lightning.
“Who are you?” He snapped as they fought, Robin ducked his head beneath the hood further, refusing to respond. They came together again, Robin’s sword work too sloppy to ever put him in an offensive position. Struggling he backed away, if he couldn’t just place some distance between them, then he could use magic-
His world slowed quickly as Robin barely managed to parry another blow, two of the other soldiers had turned on Chrom from behind as he pushed Robin back against the wall, stuck trying to summon a spell to tip the scales in his favor. Robin’s eyes widened at the sight of swords raised to the Princes back while he was distracted. Chrom moved to lunge at him again. Panic consumed him, his heart racing. “No! Don’t hurt him!” The words came out before he could stop them, too late to stop his already summoned air spell he had been casting previously- instead he used the magic to push him back as he redirected the hit to knock him into the wall next to him, most importantly away from the pointed end of the sword that would have pierced his heart from behind.
Unable to control the anger boiling within himself, Robin dropped the sword and flipped through his tome, words softly whispered another spell. Yellowed bolts shot out like lightning slamming into his comrades striking their hearts. Practically exploding the Plegians bodies. Breathing heavily he looked to see a surprised Chrom, standing up from his impact against the wall.
“You...saved me?” He breathed as Robin backed away, he messed up, his father would know about it and he would be compromised. He had to make sure this mission failed. No one could know.
Turning against his own people Robin summoned the fire he could and slammed it into the ground violently. Soldiers shuddered from the heat blocking their only way to exit. Turning to glance back at Chrom he buried his head into the cape, shaking his head as if begging to keep his secret.

Backing away he headed for the exit, this was fear, this was betrayal and this was love. He understood now, that he couldn’t hurt the prince, not while he loved him fiercely enough to save his life.
The world blurred around him as he ducked down the hall, following the path to exit before he breaking free into the wooded back. Robin practically tumbled into the wooded area as he flipped through the tome, his teleportation spell ready and consuming him into darkness as he tumbled into the throne room, his father stood there waiting with Aversa at his side.
“I failed-“ he breathed, gasping as they looked down at him on his knees.
“It is no concern, we’ve caught the youngest princess, with this we will lure the exalt out and kill her and all her siblings.” Standing up Robin expected to see Lissa, yet the blonde girl on her knees was not the same one he saw at Chrom’s side at all times. Instead, it was a blonde girl he had only seen once or twice. Ringlets of blonde fell around her shoulders two large white bows giving her a feminine look, dressed in pink head to toe. This was not Lissa, looking down at her he knew it.
“Aversa managed to grab her in the ruckus, it seems she’s saved this mission.” Robin knew that tone if it wasn’t for his role as Grima’s vessel he would be nothing but a disappointment.
Staying quiet he waited for one of them to mention saving the prince. Yet nothing came. Instead, he excused himself, this was not right. Being here was not him, starting a war he didn’t want, how had it taken the bravery and heart of an enemy prince to make him feel the things he should have known? He was not meant to be here.
Taking his leave he bowed respectfully at The Mad King before departing. Pulling his hood down he flipped the cape off, running fingers roughly through his messed up white hair. Stepping into his room he was surprised when a set of tactician robes came to his door, heavy black and purple cloak lined with gold. Eyes similar to his Grima mark lined up the side on the sleeves. Taking the time to try on the clothes he stared at himself in the mirror. His eyes were heavy and dark, white hair just brushing his eyelids. All he could think about was how betrayed the soldiers looked at him, guilt pooling in his stomach. He wanted it to stop. He needed it too.
“I want to see him again,” Robin told his reflection. It was true, but he wanted to be his friend. Anything to be more than just an enemy.
“Why don’t you just ask.” Aversa stood in his doorway, watching him stare at his reflection. Her dark talent for magic getting on his nerves when it made it so easy for her to sneak up.
“What do you mean?” He paused, Aversa, tilted her head.
“You don’t want to be here, I don’t want you here. Why not leave then. There is one being who can give you the power to break free.” She reminded him, collapsing back on his desk and crossing her legs seductively. When he didn’t respond to her prompt she laughed. “Grima? The entire reason Validar tolerates your weak hearted presence.” Robin's eyes narrowed, ask Grima for help?
“Chrom would never accept me with Grima controlling this body.” He frowned at her.
“Maybe you can convince Grima otherwise. I’ll even help you summon him.” She offered motioning Robin over.
“The great fell dragon is ready to awaken from his slumber, so we make a circle to bring him into to talk, after all, he can’t take his vessel without the proper spell so you wouldn’t have to worry.” She touched his chin and held it while she talked.
Could he do that? Was he desperate enough?
“Let’s try it.” He agreed without thinking, he was desperate enough it seemed.


They took the time to draw out the sigil to summon Grima. Aversa taking the majority steps with Robins help. She was the sorceress here. Her specialty was in dark arts while his was on the battlefield. Directing armies, more like betraying armies. Robin’s paced nervously, his chest tightening as they prepared the spell to summon Grima into their trap. “How does this work?”
Robin paused as Aversa pressed a small pouch into his hand, opening it he could see the glittering blue dust within.
“Spirit dust?” He paused looking up at Aversa “how did you get ahold of this much?” He paused looking back at her. It must have cost a fortune.
“I have my ways.” She gave him a sly smile that made him feel like her prey, caught in her trap. “we need you at your strongest so take it all.” She chided him as he nodded once and tipped the bag back against his lips. The powder seemed to melt into his mouth, like sugar it scratched his throat before finally going down smoothly. It took him a couple of gags before he managed to get the entire bag down.
The jolt of energy pushed through him as he breathed in deeply. His heart racing leaning down he stared intently at the circle as if he could see the opening of the world in the symbol itself.
Casting the spell was painfully simple with all the spirit dust in his system. His body shook, overwhelmed by magic as the deep purple mist licked the sides of the seal, rising up in a tornado of purple and pink magic, the outline of a body forming- struggling and shaking slowly solidifying.
He could see now through the magic and chaos that a small girl stood in the center. Her white hair in pigtails her arm covering her face to block from any oncoming attacks. The magic never dying down but instead lashing out as it banged against the protective circle. His magic seemed to shift as if the other being was taking control of it. Calming it, using it.  
“Who summons me.” The voice came out distorted and cruel as she looked up at Robin.
Their faces were identical save for the cracks in her skin, glowing magic flowing beneath the surface, six eyes seemed to shape around her face as purple eyes lit up with amusement. “Another timelines vessel? You must still believe we are not one.” She chuckled kneeling down in front of him. “Let me free of this spell and I shall show you.” She giggled as Robin recoiled away.
“I called to you because I want out of this, I do not want to be your vessel.” He demanded, the female Robin recoiled in disgust.
“Simple minded human. You think you have a choice.” She laughed. “I can smell the spirit dust, oh you are powerful, much more powerful than this body was.” She cooed. “How lucky I will be to take you.”
“You won’t, not when I love-“ his words cut off, he couldn’t tell her about Chrom.
“Oh my, the prince in this timeline too? Don’t worry little vessel, in every timeline you are drawn together. You can’t hide anything from me.” She reached out to stroke his cheek, her hand tapping the magic, instead, she chose to try and snap it, to break it. It dawned on him quickly, the realization that they shared magic.  “Let me free and I can show you.” Robin didn’t budge, like hell he would, but did he have to? Refusing to show fear he stared at her hard, his mind calculating. He made a mistake, this much was obvious. “Oh fine, how about we make a deal? If your prince can learn to love you- all of you.” Robin flinched at her callous words. “Oh? Does he not even know you exist? Even better. Make him love you without you being able to tell him how you feel then I’ll leave you, but if you lose. I want this body. It will be mine.” She offered, her eyes watched him as if he was a meal. Robin's eyes narrowed, was that all?
“Fine.” He agreed. The girl laughed as he stood up. “Step in with me, you’ll lose the one thing he knows about you- your voice.” She told him. Robin stared at the broken and corrupted version of himself. He would not lose the way she did. Stepping into the circle he took her hand as she pulled him close, her hands circling around his neck. Magic assaulted him and everywhere around him as she leaned up to press a kiss against his lips. He could feel the air in his lungs slowly draining and filling with magic as he gasped and pushed away. Without warning she grabbed him and shoved him away, forcing him to tumble into the grass.
Whatever the magic had done it had dropped him into an open field. The magic in his lungs seemed to leave with his breath, his eyes heavy as he laid in the warm sunlight and soft grass. Too tired to ignore the humanoid shape of the magic that filled him seemed to be making in the distance. Whatever it was it couldn’t be good, but he would have to deal with it later. Right now he was just tired.