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Heroes in Underland

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Before any Quirks develop on earth, people –humans always in denial for many things that out of logic or the things that they scared, all of it because they didn’t know what the things are, and the things are bound to one word: Monsters.

They didn’t mind if humans scared because Monsters loves humans and openly willing to live with humans, but after a while, every mystical being in the world becomes the ones to be hunted down, be it for study or research, or just to fulfill human’s greedy wish.

All of it makes the Monsters hide in shadow, hoping that humans stop wishing such a silly wish because they are… well… just humans, and its need to stay that way.

The Monsters wish and pray not answered because God’s love to see their children suffer and fight with each other, this is also the reason why Monsters start to hate humans and killing them like livestock, just like humans killed their kin’s.

Years of suffering from wars; Monsters and Humans wars, lead to the point where the third side of the wars step in.

The side of supposed to be neutral,

The side that wants peace for both Monsters and Humans sides.

The ones who born with half-blood.

…But it’s still not working.

That was until the fourth side of the wars waltzes their way in, they didn’t call themselves humans, nor Monsters or the half-blood. But they called themselves the Artificial. They not made by gods, so the gods can’t bound them to their rules or their dice of fate.

This makes the Artificial do what the three sides can't do; Bring peace.

They stay nameless, and still nameless.

Their existence always vague in every history books, and always will be.

But their tales always stay at every storybook for the young ones.

Now though, when Monsters, Half-blood, and Human reunited, thanks to Quirks existence, new differences poke their ugly heads yet again;

Heroes, Vigilante, and Villain.

With that, the Gods roll their dices and play with their children, again.

That was before the forth side trashed the Gods playground,


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Summer is his favorite season, to him, Bakugou Katsuki. Summer is full of adventure and surprise. A child himself, curiosities always becomes his top priority. And that’s also a reason why he walks in the small forest alone. With backpack filled with a bottle of water and snack his mother pack for him, Katsuki more than ready to start his adventure.

Today he explores the east side, why? Because his gut tells him, something new and fun can be found there. His ruby eyes shine brightly when he finds a big cave, covered with moss and high green leaves. Good thing he brings a flashlight (for emergency).

With a brave smile and flashlight on his arm, Katsuki entered the cave. Nothing special in there, mostly, rocks and moss. But something caught his eye, there something glowing, deep inside, among the gaps of stone.

‘Green light?’ carefully, Katsuki makes a small explosion to dig the thing that shinning and stuck to the stone. When he knew the stone he was digging was already fragile and easily destroyed the excavation was completed sooner than he had anticipated.

Okay, Katsuki thinks that he will find a stone or some kind of gem that shines in the dark. But he did not expect to find a medium-sized tube and a green cube that floated in it. His palms touching the surface of the tube but pulled it back when the cube also moving.

‘What the fuck?!’ it made him a little scared “tch… Fuck it” again he put his palms on the surface of the tube and the green cube moving towards him.

Almost magically, the green cube came out through the glass cube. The green cube float in front of his face, glowing even brighter as the green cube landed on his hands.

“Pretty…” before he realizes it, he already back at his family summer house by noon.


After dinner, Bakugou Mitsuki –Katsuki’s mom, realize her son is more excited than normal after his adventure “So, kid? What did you found this noon?” Mitsuki gives a fond smile when Katsuki gives a big grin and eagerly tell her and husband, Bakugou Masaru –Katsuki’s dad.

Katsuki runs to his room and out with his palms closed in front of his body “Look!! Isn’t it pretty?!” when he opens his palms, the green cubes float few Inc from his palms.

Mitsuki and Masaru exchanging glances, then it’s Masaru who break the silence “Son, I think, emrn… we think it’s better to contact Hero or police”

All of the proud and excitement in Katsuki’s face drop, and turn to angry “NO!!” Katsuki protectively grab the green cube and dodge from his parents grasp then take the cube in his hands “ITS MINE! AND YOU NEVER GONNA TAKE IT FROM ME!! NEVER!!”

After he pours his pure honesty, the proof Katsuki already found with the cube in his hands, the blinding green light came from the cube, make Katsuki have to release it, so that he can cover his eyes from the blinding light.

When he felt the light endurable, slowly, Katsuki open his eyes “…the fuck…?” in front of him and his parents, there’s a kid –errm… boy? Maybe, same as his age, standing and naked, ot\her than the boy naked and very human-like body. The boy has a cat-like-metal-antenna attached to his head, has another small metallic plate that framed small emerald crystal on his chest, and a long black-cable-like-tail with green crystal at its end.

“Ma –Masaru! Quick! Call Polices and Heroes! NOW!!”

“Yes, of course!”

None of his parent's panics disturb Katsuki, he keeps focusing on the green haired robot boy in front of him “Katsuki!! NO!! DON’T GET TO CLOSE!!”

The boy reacted to Katsuki’s mom voice, it’s twitched a bit, and make the boy open his eyes.

The boy's eyes have the same color of his cube ‘Green… no… emerald?’ it’s really wide and clear, but also …moving? The movement itself is similar to the lens of a camera –movement to adjust its focus “Who the hell are you?”

The boy blinks his eyes several times and tilts his head, even the cat-like-metal-antenna on his head move a little bit.

“Do you even understand what the hell I’m talking about?” Katsuki almost snap when he got the same reaction.

“Katsuki! We are out from here! NOW!!”

“What?! But –”

“Sorry, son, no buts!” his dad picks him up and ran out of the summer house, away from the robotic-like boy.


He finds himself sitting on the chair between of his parents on the chair, on the other side of the desk in front of him, a young detective with a plain look on his face asks multiple questions, like 5 W and 1 H :

What do you know of the boy?

When you found the boy when it’s in the cube from?

Where you found the boy when it’s in the cube from?

With Who or is there someone else with you when you found the boy?

Why do you think the cube you found is turned into a boy?

How you pick the cube without break the tube full of acid?

All Katsuki can do is just answer the question ass politely ass he can. At the end of this interrogate shit, he got some summary of the former cube boy that he found. Long story short, apparently, the former cube and now robot like a boy is some kind of alien technologies that dumped on earth by hundred or maybe thousand years ago, even before Quirk has existed.

“What are you doing with the alien robot then?”

Detective Tsukauchi Naomasa shake his head “The government still didn’t decide”

“Let me guess… that alien robot gonna send into a fucking laboratory and become experiment rat shit, with the reason of fucking study, for our fucking humankind” done with his little opinion, Katsuki got a slap on his head from his mother “Damn it Hag! Don’t you know its hurt ass shit?!” and he got a slap again, harder this time.

“Watch your fucking mouth brat!”

After that, Katsuki just grumbles and sulking on their way home –their got some heroes to escort them home because their summer house needs some examination shit around it.


The next few days, all media flooded with news of the discovery of alien technology by Japan government (which is a big bullshit), and ass Katsuki has predicted, the alien boy is sent into Japanese government very own laboratory.

Oh! By the way, it’s where his mom works, as one of a researcher and big professor in the government laboratory.

“Let guess again… that alien boy is –”

“Katsuki, No!”

‘Katsuki, Yes!’ “–become one of your fucking experiment rats” and before Katsuki got a slap on his head, he fled and goes up straight to his room.

To be honest, Katsuki is still upset with the decisions his parents made. The green cube –no, the alien boy he found was his. Not fucking government property.

But as a child himself, Katsuki can’t do anything by himself to make the alien boy his. “…Fuck…” he can only hope that time can restore his bad mood.


In the morning, Katsuki wake up because of something heavy on top of him, and the first time he saw was greenish hair, then eyes with a large emerald gem color with a moving camera lens inside.

“The fuck?! You!? Why the hell you here?!” the alien boy, the fucking alien boy he found is inside his room and fucking sitting on his body.

The alien boy opens his little mouth “…Ka…tsuki…” robotic like sound came out of his mouth, and the boy mentioned his name “Ka…uki…? ” this time the boy miss spelled his name and have a little frown on his face. Confused?

His mom once said that the boy can’t talk and not understand the language “You… can talk?”

The boy continued mumbled Katsuki’s name over and over “Katsu… kat… Kac…” and more frown appear on his face until the boy perks up “Kacchan!

Katsuki bad mood vanishes and replaces with… proud? Katsuki grab the boy and push him aside, so he can sit in front of the boy “You can talk! You can understand the language!” Katsuki gives the boy big grin and stroking the boy's head “That’s right! That’s my name!”

The boy tilts his head “Kacchan?” although it sounds childish, Katsuki don’t mind it.

“Yes,” Katsuki pointing himself “I’m Kacchan!” then he pointing the boy “What’s your name?”

When Katsuki thought the same reaction –confused, maybe? The alien boy gives him a bright smile “Codename: I-2-9

Now its Katsuki turn becomes confused, but at last, he got the boy …code? Name “That didn’t sound like a fucking name at all” the boy just tilt his head “I know, I’ll give you a new name!”

Ne… ew, Name?

“Let me think…” Katsuki covers his mouth with his right palm ‘Name… for a robot... I-2-9… ’ Katsuki perks up, he got one in mind “I know! Izuku! Your name is Izuku! How’s that sound?”

(Basically, I-2-9 IS a pun of Izuku in Japanese romaji)

The boy perks up and eagerly nodding “Izuku!

Before Katsuki can ask why Izuku inside his room, there clatter sound coming from the door of his room –form his mom, dropped her cell phone, with jaw on the floor. Katsuki can’t help but smirk “Hey mom, are you gonna catch a fly with jaw on the floor?”

With a gasp, Mitsuki collects herself up “Oh god… why?  How…?”

“Don’t ask me, ask Izuku” the said boy is just tilting his head innocently.


A minute's past and Izuku make a confused face again “Kacchan…?

Katsuki shake his head “Don’t mind her, she’s just too old for a surprise”

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Mitsuki’s life as one of the researchers and professors of a laboratory is a bit boring, and she never thought that she’d find anything that makes her life full of surprises and bizarre, but it looks like she was wrong this time. She thinks about how her own son found alien technology, which is already surprising enough, but her son playing with the alien technology in a government laboratory? It’s become totally bizarre.

“This is the video of how the subject got out of our laboratory...” One of her coworkers informed. She watched the recording carefully, following the aliens movements to find out how he escaped.

First of all, the boy was just standing there all day long after having been through many examinations that day, and after a while, the boy started to float few inches off the ground, and some kind of dimensional door with diamond shape opened up behind the boy, then he just floated into the dimensional door and disappeared without a trace, not even the tracker that planted in the boy’s choker could located him.

After few hours of searching, the boy appears the next morning inside Bakugou resident.

“Interesting… he can teleport through the time-space dimension.”

"It's limited for us to keep him locked in our lab."

“Not just that, he can learn fast from Professor Bakugou’s son.”

“But what makes him can learn so fast? We tried to input our language into his system, but his system denied it.”

“Does this mean he just wants to learn from a human?”

“If that’s it, our study about the subject can resume at a new pace.”

Mitsuki shakes her head for a moment ‘Great… they all go crazy with this new discovery, now what…?’ She turned her attention to another monitor, and watched her son read a book for the alien boy in makeshift playground set up inside the laboratory. She hadn’t seen her son smiling like that since he found out about his Quirk a few years ago. ‘What if… They have to be separated from each other…?’ Guilt began to fill her heart at the thought.

“Okay, everyone! Give me your attention please!” The Head Director of the laboratory, Saitama Hakase, clapped his hands together. “There’s been word from government.” All of Mitsuki’s coworkers quickly fell silent, waiting Hakase next words. “It looks like the government wants the subject to become a Hero.” There’s an excited and a disappointed atmosphere around Mitsuki. “To make the subject become a Hero and learn as much as we can from the subject’s body in the process, that’s our new project for the future onward.” Hearing the study part, the disappointment gone from the air.

The guilt and disgust for the government started to grow in Mitsuki, the way the others call the alien boy the subject just didn't sit right with Mitsuki ‘I have a fucking bad feeling about this project…

“That’s why all the responsibility and the head of this project is Mrs. Bakugou”

Yup… a BAD fucking  feeling…


The subject, uh… Izuku, on paper and for social background, becomes the adopted son of Bakugou household and became Katsuki’s younger brother. Mitsuki’s job is to monitor and record all of Izuku’s activity through the black choker on his neck, the choker is equipped with a top of the line tracker, and a function to scan if there’s any error or malfunction in Izuku system. Also, once a week, Izuku have to go the Hospital/Lab for check up and examination.

Izuku profile (as human) became:

Name: Bakugou Izuku

Quirk: Robot form

Explanation: He can transform his body to have robotic attributes, shoot a laser, float with electromagnetic waves around him, and he can do almost everything robot can do. His energy is from the ion in his body and from the solar panel on his metallic cat-like ears. His cable-tail is also can use a charger and connector that connect his consciousness to the internet, security systems, and any electronic tools. If he transforms in a long period of time, his body becomes overheated and this causes him to faint.

During Izuku’s first week in Bakugou family, he spends his time studying about language and words from Katsuki’s books. When Language does not become a problem for Izuku, the first full sentence from Izuku is:

Kacchan, thank you for finding me” Though it sounds very sincere, there is not the slightest sense of sincerity that’s shown on Izuku’s face.

Katsuki just sighed and shook his head. “I think we need to work on your personality.”

Izuku shut his eyes for a second, then; “Question: do you want to change Izuku’s personality?” Asked Izuku a more robotic tone to his voice. When he opens his eyes, there is a floating transparent blue panel shown in front of Katsuki, written with the same question, and O/X below it.

“Woah!” Katsuki smiled broadly because he found something new from Izuku. And of course, he chooses an O for the question.


Mitsuki cursed as the alarm on her phone started going off, a notification there to tell her when something happens to Izuku’s system, and Izuku is with Katsuki. Which means, the possibility Katsuki did something is bigger than anything “Okay brat! What did you do to your brother this time?!” Mitsuki yelled before she opened the door Katsuki’s room, she finds Izuku and Katsuki sitting side by side, watching All Might beat a villain’s ass.

“See Izuku! That’s All Might! He is the symbol of peace!”

All Might, so cool!

“Isn’t he?! He is super cool! I‘ll become a Hero, and kick villains ass’, then go beyond All Might!”

Izuku smiles and hugs his human brother. “I believe you can become top Hero, Kacchan!

“Of course, but you have to become one too!” Katsuki hugs his robot brother back and pats his head.

Izuku tilts his head, his cat-like antenna ears and cable-like tail move a bit, habits when Izuku processing the best answers for Katsuki. “Why? I don’t have to become Heroes if I want to save civilians, heroes are a job for humans who have Quirk and –”

Katsuki slapped Izuku on the head, cutting him off. “Idiot! Did you just say that you don’t want to become my partner as Heroes?”

Izuku tail and ear moved a bit quicker, Izuku nodded his head and smiled fondly at his human brother. “I want to become Kacchan’s partner!

Katsuki give Izuku a proud grin. “Of course you want to become my partner!”

Back to Mitsuki, she’s still standing by the door with shocked expression on her face. “Katsuki, when did-?! What the hell are you doing with Izuku?!”She finally steps intp her sons room.

“Nothing” Katsuki’s monotone voice just made Mitsuki mood worsen.

“Don’t lie to me brat!”

Izuku suddenly clings to Mitsuki leg. “Mommy, please stop, it’s not Kacchan’s fault!” his emerald lens almost shedding tears.

And again, Mitsuki shock on this new discovery. Mitsuki close her eyes and take a deep breath “Okay, both of you, explain to me what happened.”


From both kids, they explain why Izuku personality changed. Again, Katsuki does something that makes Izuku change. Katsuki set Izuku personality to be sweet, adorable, shy, crybaby, and brave little brother, who always looks up to him. 'Since when Katsuki doting brother...?’ She wondered.  “Can someone other than Katsuki changed it?” She asked Izuku.

Izuku shake his head “No, My ownership is in Kacchan’s hands.

“What? When?!”

“When he found me” Now that shyness is one of his traits, he said the words with a blush on his face.

On another side, Katsuki was making a really smug face and wiggling his eyebrows. “See that, old hag? He is mine! Not fucking property of the government!”

Mitsuki shook her head. ‘Now I understand why Izuku listens and obeys Katsuki more than the laboratory or the government.’ With that in mind, Mitsuki leaves Katsuki room, not before smacking his head, hard. ‘I should report to the director about this…


Mitsuki sighed in relief. When the government, all of the professors (including herself), and the director start to debate about Izuku ownership, she reports about who is Izuku owner right now. They more or less agreed, in a condition of Izuku and her family’s safety.

A few days after that, Izuku started to explain things about himself.

Izuku is Ex-Machina, that’s what the other aliens call his kind. Ex-Machina is a super high technology humanoid type robot, his kind are made as weapons and soldiers, with the purpose as an observer and collecting useful data about everything around them. Ex-Machina usually move in groups or colonies, linked and synchronized with each other, but because of error from the Core –A living space ship that create and build Ex-Machina (and btw, the one who builds the ship is already dead), Izuku fell and crashed down to earth when he was still –more or less- in sleep mode (yes, that cube form is his sleep mode), and stuck for almost 800 years.

Then, the Core marked him as junk parts and lost his ownership… and that explains why Katsuki became his owner. Because Katsuki is the one who found him, after 800 years.

To adjust with humans around him, Izuku rebooted and program himself to feel pain, and other sensations of the human body, including making the human so called reproduction system part that now attached on his crotch. (he understands the use of it, but doesn’t understand how to use it).

Izuku can fix’s himself, with disposing of the broken parts of his body, then make another one from ion, oxygen and solar light. He demonstrated this once by cutting his own legs and arms off, and of course, the researchers not wasting their chance to collect the now broken parts and make great use of it.


Its been almost a year since Izuku became one of Bakugou family. It’s a still a little bit difficult for Izuku to learn about humans Heart –Kokoro. And became more difficult with Katsuki as his owner since he’s bad at feelings in general. But he is progressing and can express his own feeling, more or less.

One day in one of Izuku’s check up routines, the Bakugou’s, and other researchers are surprised when they find out Izuku IS growing, like a human. Izuku himself told everyone’s of them that he just adjusts and shifts his body parts around so he can adjust with Katsuki’s and make him look like he was growing like a human.

Until one day…

Izuku comes into the living room, where his human mother sits beside his human father “Mommy, Daddy…” behind him, Katsuki stands with curiosity all over his face, he didn’t know what Izuku was going to do.

“Hm? What is it Izu?”

"Do you need anything, son?"

Izuku kneels in front of Mitsuki and Masaru, his cat-like metallic ears dropped and he tilted his head. With pleading voice, teary eyes, and his ever blushing face he asked; “…Can I go to school with Kacchan?

Luckily Mitsuki was holding her cell phone right now, opened camera app, and was now taking several photos. “Why of course you can!” Mitsuki can't help but give Izuku a brief hug. “Let me call laboratory and government first, okay?” Without hearing any of Izuku answer, Mitsuki stands up and walks into her study room.

After his mom was gone, Katsuki stepped forward and pinched both of Izuku’s cheeks. “Where the hell did you learn to make that face?” He demanded a right answer from Izuku, who was still little confused as to why his heartbeat goes all crazy inside his rib cage from just that adorable –No! It’s just one of Izuku’s ugly faces. There’s no way in the hell Izuku can make his heart fluttering mess.

Izuku whining a bit “I watched it in an anime you told me to watch and learned from it!

Katsuki curse under his breath. “No! That’s not what I mean! I want you to learn how to talk like a fucking human –” Katsuki shook his head and released Izuku’s cheeks, he grabbed Izuku’s shoulder “–Okay, whatever! But, listen to me, you dork –”

Kacchan, that’s rude.

“–Just listen to me!” Katsuki shook Izuku little bit. “Don’t make that face to anyone other than me!”

Izuku yet again, make his adorable –ugly face, ugh! What the fuck with his head?! “This? Why? I think it's effective to make people fulfill my request

Well, no shit… because it IS effective’ “Just DON’T do it to anyone other than me, okay?” There’s a little frown on Izuku face, but he nodded anyway. “Good, now go to my room so we can study.” Izuku perked up and skipped his way to Katsuki room. Leaving Katsuki and Masaru –who smiled, amused by the kids conversation.

“You sure don’t want to share Izuku with others, huh?”

…Never’ “I’m just making sure he’s not gonna get himself kidnapped.”

Masaru chuckled and gave a pat on his son's head. “Sure you do.” Katsuki just grunted and left his Dad alone. Masaru smiled fondly at the retreating figure of his son. ‘He really got that possessive part from Mitsuki’.

Chapter Text

All of Bakugou family gathering in the living room after their Friday dinner. Expect Izuku who plug his tail in the nearest electric socket in the dining table, he can eat human food and know the taste, but it does not give him much energy.

“Okay Izu, you got permission from the government” both Katsuki and Izuku perk up at Mitsuki words “But we need to change your voice”

Izuku tilts his head before he can ask why Katsuki open his mouth “Izu, you still have that stupid noise and fucking electro-robot voice, can you do something with it?” rude and his violent word aside, Mitsuki gives her son mercy because there is no bite in his words.

Izuku shut his eyes. Try to full fill Katsuki demand was a simple thing for Izuku “Trace Emulated” he opened his eyes and several bluish transparent panels pop up around his vision, written with script and symbols “Sync with personality” Bakugou's watch in silent, watch as Izuku lens move and glowing bright green, the bluish panels disappear as he said “Finished

Masaru smiled “Now, can we hear your voice? Sang English alphabets, maybe?” Izuku nodding and he sang. Mitsuki nodding her approval as Izuku done with the song “Good, now for your behavior as a normal human student” Mitsuki give him a list that she thinks what student do with Katsuki help.

Izuku give them confused look as he read the list “Why I have to take notes? It’s easier to record what I learn, then compare it on the internet for advantage knowledge”

Masaru agrees with Izuku opinion, but... “You need to look like human Izuku, and human take notes on the important thing, like information, strategist, even Quirk, etc”

Izuku nodding and smile with new knowledge about human “I’ll try my best-taking notes in school”

Mitsuki smiled “Good, you will be in same school and class with Katsuki. Your school starts on Monday, any question?”

Izuku ear moves a little bit, his emerald also eyes lens moving –full of curiosity “What do I answer when other students ask me about my age?”

Katsuki rolled his eyes “Just answer your same age as mine”


It’s almost 5 minutes before they start homeroom for the day, and the class already crowded by students “Hi, Katsuki-kun!” one of them greet Katsuki when he enters the class.

Katsuki glance over his classmate –the one who has wings grow on his back, Tsubasa. “’Sup” Katsuki greet back as he sits.

Tsubasa stand by his desk “It’s rare that you late, what’s up?”

Katsuki huffed and give his classmate a side loop grin “You’ll know it soon”

Tsubasa his eyebrow “What do you–” before he can finish his word, their teacher came into the class “Ow shit…!”

Their teacher –Saitou, stand and waiting patiently as his class ready for homeroom “Class, we have a new member of our class –”

“Sensei!” a boy with long finger Quirk raised his hand.

“Yes, Nagai?”

“Are they girls?”

Saitou shakes his head “No, not a girl, and not more than one…” Saitou glance at the door –which is still closed “You can come in” all of Katsuki classmates stare at the door, it’s slowly open, and show petite boys who wear a green parka with his hood that has cat ear on it, half of his face is hidden behind his hoodie. “Introduce yourself to the class”

The boy nodding his head, grab chalk and write his name in kanji and small hiragana beside it. Almost everybody in the class, have their jaw on the floor as the boy finish write his name “Bakugou Izuku, its pleasure to meet all of you, I am –umm… Bakugou Katsuki little brother” finally the boy raise his head, make everyone can see the boy face. Izuku give his new classmates and –maybe soon to be friends, a shy smile on his ever blushing face “Please take care of me”

On the other side of class, Katsuki curse in his head ‘…Okay… maybe I just give him fucking normal parka. His shitty face is so cute–no! Ugly, yes ugly! He looks ugly in that cat ears parka!’ Katsuki becomes more and more annoyed when he realizes his classmates still have their jaw on the floor. His hand cracked small explosion –enough to shift the attention in the class. Katsuki glaring at everyone who catches his eye “You fuckers… DON’T YOU FUCKING DROLLING ON MY BROTHER!!”


It’s become a little bit chaotic when his classmates know about Katsuki have a brother. They ask many things when lunch. But of course, Izuku, the shy boy like he always to be, is using Katsuki as his shield. In the end, the entire question is answered by Katsuki alone, with the colorful vocabulary of threats here and there.

As the afternoon class starts, students and their teachers are a bit confused how they call Katsuki and Izuku –'coz both of them IS Bakugou. In the end, they decided to call them by first name, Izuku the one who proposed it though. And to their surprise, Katsuki didn’t mind it either.


Project Hero is still continued smoothly until Katsuki and Izuku made it in middle school. In middle school, Izuku is bullied and called Deku by his bully. Izuku himself didn’t know why he got bullied. Even though Katsuki defended him, the bullies still not stop.

Until one day, one of his bullies is told him don’t get to close with Katsuki.

“But, He’s my brother!”

“You’re not even his real brother, you just fucking adopted!” his bully push him harder until he falls “Your Quirk is no better than just moving around that stupid ear and cable tail on your butt! Katsuki deserve someone who got strong Quirk like mine!” then his bully leaving Izuku –who puzzled by what just happened. Izuku feels stung and phantom pain in his body, no, in his chest.

He start muttering in low volume “You don’t need to tell me, I know that I’m not his real brother” Izuku touch his chest, where he can feel small emerald framed by Vibranium piece, only piece that protects his core (Heart, by human word) and also shows others of his weakness. Izuku still can feel the phantom pain as he processing his bully words ‘…I think… all this so-called-feeling on Kacchan make my system goes error’ from his view, in the corner-up-right, there is a little red triangle with warning symbol in it. Warning that tells Izuku, that he almost overdrive his system.

Izuku shook his head and try to ignore the strange feeling in his system ‘Let’s just analyst it later…’


When Izuku back home in Bakugou’s resident, he told them about his day and his bullies –but not with (maybe) malfunction of his system of Kokoro. At the end of his story, Izuku have a frown on his face “Human really have a complicated feeling, look like I still don’t analyst and understand yet”

Mitsuki and Masaru can’t help but laugh, they find it funny for Izuku being targeted by some random-jealous-student.

By his side, Katsuki just snort “Why don’t you just pay them back?”

Izuku frown and shake his head “No Kacchan, I can’t just pay them back, when I’m connected to the internet and searching about Heroes and rules made by a human, pay them back is not really Hero like attitude, you know that we need to keep our record clean right?”

Katsuki rolled his eye “Really?! You know what Izu? Rules are fucking useless while you have to face fucking Villain”

Masaru chuckle “Katsuki have a point here Izuku. In the battlefield, we can’t predict what going to happen. Sometimes, we have broken some of the rules to complete our mission” as Soldier and lieutenant himself, Masaru can’t help but agree on Katsuki point of view “There so many possibilities if you don’t fight back while you fighting Villain”

“But those students not Villain…” Izuku pouts his mouth, he glances Mitsuki, hoping for some help to retort both Katsuki and Masaru.

Unfortunately, Mitsuki betrays him “Katsuki got his point stand…” Katsuki gives a smug face to Izuku –who still pouting, but Mitsuki not done yet “But avoid the violent way if you want to pay them back, no killing, and no violent” now it’s Izuku turn to make smug face and Katsuki frown his eyebrow.

Izuku tilts his head and his metallic cat ear moving a bit, shut his eye for a second, then open it again “I got an idea, but I need Kacchan, Mom, and Dad permission” all of Bakugou’s perk up and listen to Izuku idea.

It's very rare to Izuku ask or want something for himself, and It always makes them happy when Izuku have a request, idea, or demand because Izuku always gives them a surprise.


Today is PE, and also Quirk test for students, checking the student if they have their control over it. Some struggle, some has control over it, and of course, Katsuki got an A+ for this subject.

“Good, last, Bakugou Izuku” some of Katsuki classmates snickering and mock his alien-robot-adopted brother, mostly because of Izuku just wearing a white sleeveless shirt, make his slim arms look very thin “Bakugou, where your gym uniform?” asks the teacher to Izuku.

Izuku blushing and answer with a soft voice “I don’t want ruin my tracksuits, mom already mad at me, because I’m ruined almost all the clothes, when I tried to train it with my brother” Izuku didn’t lie, but it’s not the truth either.

There’s a frown on the teacher's face, but he gives an approval grunt “Okay, go on and show us what you can do” Izuku smiled and stand on the middle of the ground, not too far from his class.

“I bet he is going to mess up”

“Ha! Yea, I bet he got no control on his ear and tail”

And one of his classmates have a fucking nerve to talk to Katsuki, full of mock and underestimate Izuku “Hey, Bakugou, I bet your brother Quirk is pretty cool right?”

To their surprise, Katsuki is grinning, wide and smug grin “Izu is my brother, and he is stronger than all of your extras”

All complaints and critique from his classmate stopped by weird noise, the kind of noise made by the engine. Their attention moved, searching the source of the noise.

On the ground, where Izuku standing with his eyes closed, for few seconds, they can hear all cracking and engine sound from inside Izuku body. They gasped (no, not Katsuki, he still have that smug grin on his face), Izuku arms start to change its color and shape.

Now, Izuku has black metal arms, twice bigger from its original size, and his fingers chance into a big sharp black claw. Izuku not done yet, he brings his hands up and targeting the wooden dummy, prepared by his teacher “Power level: 2%; Distance: 3 mater; Target…”

Nobody can hear Izuku robotic-mumbling voice, but Katsuki still can see the movement of Izuku mouth, know that Izuku tries to adjust his parameter. Done by adjusting his parameter, Izuku eyes and the gaps around his black arms, start to glowing bright green light. From both his palms, he shot greenish laser. Pierce through the dummy, leaving holes and burns. Izuku not done yet, he runs and held his hands to his side. When the dummy is close enough, Izuku swings his arms crisscross. Turn the dummy into a pile of sliced woods with his sharp claws.

From the sideline, Katsuki barked at him “Make sure you wash the shit out of that damned hand before lunch!”

Izuku makes a black-sharp-nail ok sign “I don’t want the ash in my system either” as he walks to his brother side.

They share a knowing stare, then bump their fist. Both Bakugou’s grinning smugly at each other now, satisfied with the reaction they had.

The reaction of their classmates, and their teacher still in their shock state, disbelieving on what the hell is going on.

Chapter Text

Katsuki didn’t know why, but he didn’t have any interest in girl or woman.


Yes, they have soft tits.

“I… I like you…”

Yes, they are attractive.

“Please go out with me!”

But no matter how many times these bitches confessed, or tell their-so-called-love-feeling on him. Katsuki TOTALLY has no interest in them, especially the-so-called-love part.

Yes, he is in pre-teen and in the middle of fucking puberty, and this hormone shit is messed up on his sexuality. That’s why…

“Fuck off bitch. I don’t have time for a slut like you”

…it's always ended up with Katsuki dumped them ...and at the end of the confessed-love-event, these bitches tell Katsuki the same thing:

“Go and fuck your sex robot!”

The icing on the cake: It’s repeated for almost every fucking once a week.


“What is the fucking problem of those bitches had?!”

“Kacchan that’s rude, you can’t address girls like that” Izuku tries his best to comfort his human brother. Honestly, Izuku himself didn’t know why these girls think that he and Katsuki do the –cough- fuck things ‘…Fuck me? Sex robot…? Seriously?! in humans biologist, I’m a boy, Kacchan is a boy, and HOW boys can fuck? Isn’t it natural for a human to have sex with opposite genre?’ Izuku starts to doubt the information he picked from observes he did, still in denial, he starts mulling the information in his system.

Well… duh-! Maybe I have these so-called love feelings and I think Kacchan is attractive as human male… but –’ Izuku stop his walk, his emerald eyes glowing blood red as the scanning area around them ‘Too many human here… I can’t teleport from here…’ Izuku hold Katsuki arm and stand in front of him “Kacchan, please stand behind me

Katsuki stop his curse when he heard that robotic voice from Izuku.

The robotic voice from Izuku = Bad News. And by Bad News = Villains.

Katsuki didn’t know why, but Izuku got this weird power-like-foresight and something-like-Villain radars, that help them out from any danger. Katsuki gritted his teeth with the fact he has been protected by Izuku all the time “Fuck no!” Katsuki grinning as his palms spark with explosions “I’m not gonna leave you alone with some dipshit around!”

Izuku did not expect Katsuki to listen anyway, he mirrored his brother grinning face “Then, please stay close to me” this time, Katsuki listens and give a grunt as his response. Standby and watched the area that Izuku might miss.

All of his hairs stand as he sees the big glob of slime grinning just above from his head. Katsuki pushed Izuku with a strong explosion as the slime hold him by legs “FUCK!!” Katsuki repeated strong explosion to burn the slime of his legs.

“What a strong Quirk!” Katsuki blood goes cold as he hears deep and maniac voice from the slime “You’re going to be perfect shell!” the slime moves fast and holds his body, his lung burn as the damn slime cover almost half of his face. He can see Izuku, he was being held back by Kamui Woods. Katsuki glare darkly the damn slime –who is grinning madly at his surroundings.

‘I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!’ Katsuki raises his left hand and aiming the damn slime face “GRRHH!! DIIIEEEEEEE!!!” Katsuki let out strong explosions, blasted the fuckers face.

On the other side, Izuku watch Katsuki struggling his way out ‘Why…? Why you help me? I am not weak like humans… but why…?’ without he realizing it, Izuku cry as he saw his brother fight for his life ‘Kacchan… You really are the strongest human I ever have seen…’ still with tears wetting his face, Izuku shut his eyes “Battle mode: Non-Lethal” Izuku ignore the Heroes around him, all his priority right now is rescuing Katsuki, his precious one. His skin, except for his face, all skins on his body chance its color and shape. Izuku can hear his uniform sleeves ripped as his arms transform “Target: Villain, Quirk: mutant type – slime… weakness: –” the sclera part of his eyes become black, leaving –the still red glowing lens “-Face

With his arms, Izuku slice the bind that made by Kamui Woods “STOP!!” Izuku ignores the wood Hero, he makes a strong blast from his palms to accelerate his run. His lens never leaves his target and priority.

While Katsuki still releases strong explosion from his left palm -ignoring the pain and strain in his arms, Izuku held his right arms up “You..!!! LITTLE –MGH?!!” the slime can’t finish its word as strong and big black claws grab its face.

Give him back to me” Katsuki stare with wide eyes, he never hears Izuku voice has so much emotion in it “He is my precious one!” if his eyes were right, Katsuki can see tears fall from Izuku eyes.

With his other free hand, Izuku grabs Katsuki by his clothe and ripped him from the slime, then throw him over his shoulder “Fuck, IZU!!”

Now with the hostage was gone, the slime Villain spread his slime and swallow Izuku body “HAHAHA!!! STUPID BRAT!!! NOW YOU GONNA –AAAARrrrgrrRRRGGHH!!” Izuku claws –the one that still gripping the Villain faces, releasing powerful greenish electricity.

The slime that held Izuku start to melt and become gooey puddles around him, he releases the face from his hand -let it drop on gooey mess and turn around. He keeps walk casually and calmly away from the sticky ground “Default mode: Human Form” he kept his head down as his body transform back.

“IZU!!” Katsuki tackles Izuku with a thigh hug and made them fall to the ground.

Izuku blink his eyes, back to its normal color, white sclera and emerald lens “Kacchan…? You okay –”

“MORON!!!” Izuku startled as Katsuki shouts at him “I NEVER ASK FOR YOUR FUCKING HELP!!! WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPEN TO YOU?!! YOU STUPID FUCKING LITTLE BROTHER OF MINE, THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!!” Katsuki clutched the front of Izuku uniform.

Angry tears start to flow out of Izuku eyes, his lens and ears moving furiously “THAT’S MY WORD!!! I DON’T NEED YOUR SORRY ASS TO PUSH, AND HELP ME FROM THAT FUCKING SNOT VILLAN!!” Izuku also clutched the front of Katsuki uniform “IF YOU THE BIG BROTHER HERE THEN WHY DON’T YOU ACT LIKE ONE?!!”



Their fight is stopped by familiar booming laugh “What a strong young spirit for brothers” Katsuki and Izuku snapped their head to their side, startled by the appearance of the number one Hero, All Might. “Both of you did a great job of saving each other! But!! It’s also dangerous for both of you fight Villain like that! Try not to do that again!”

Katsuki and Izuku glared darkly at the number one Hero –who flinch a little bit, not expected on their reaction “I CANT HELP IT! THIS MORON/IDIOT IN DANGER!!! MY FUCKING FEET'S MOVING ON ITS OWN!! AND I HAVE TO SAVE HIS FUCKING/SORRY ASS!!” they pointed their finger at each other face, and back again on glared each other.

“Scrap metal!”

“Muscle brains!”

Again, their fight stop, by a large hand on their head this time “Enough both of you!”


After they got scolded and praised at the same times by some other Heroes, and tell the police about what happened, they allowed going home.

Katsuki grumbled on Izuku “I know you can kill that snot bastard” he said in an angry tone.

Izuku frown on Katsuki words “I can’t do that if I want to become Hero and your partner”

Katsuki snorts out of his anger, their walk is silent till Katsuki pull out his phone “Pizza?”

“Hot sauce one?” Izuku can’t help but giggle as he hears curt yes from Katsuki “You pay”

Katsuki huffed a “Deal” and dial a number on his phone.


In a few days after slime-villain attack incident and their so-called-fight for the first time in years, Katsuki realize his brother personality has changed –developing into something else. It has more… feeling in it, and more human –not like Katsuki mind it, in fact, he likes it.

Polite as ever, but cursing here and there when his mood is bad. Izuku also becomes more confident, still shy and blushing mess though. Izuku understanding more of human feelings and start to express those feelings on other people –human he knows. Especially express it on Katsuki.

“Hey” Izuku raises his head from his books looked at Katsuki in confusion “I want you to train me” Izuku frowned at Katsuki demand “I want to be stronger, so I can save your sorry ass” Izuku ears twitched a bit.

“Fine…” Izuku gives a sly grin at Katsuki “…Don’t cry and complaint if it’s too hard for you”

One more thing, Izuku start to have this sly and teasing side since their first fight “Bring it on” Katsuki grinning back “You no batter then copycat fucker!”

Izuku narrowed his lens and it shines briefly “Hoo…” his grin becomes more teasing than sly one “Isn’t it’s you who make me become Little brother that always look up on his big brother, right? Onii-chan~”

This time, its Katsuki turn to narrow his eyes “Stop that”

Izuku tilt his head “Onii-san?”


“Onii-sama?” this time with twinkles on his lens.


Izuku chance his tone more baritones and deep –imitated All Might, while he pumped his fist up “ANIIKI!!

“KACCHAN’S FINE!!” Izuku giggled and chance his tone back “WHERE THE FUCK YOU LEARN THAT CRAP?!!”

With a deadpan look, Izuku pointing the television on living room “Human shows these days is interesting, I learn so much from it!”

Katsuki glaring on the TV, fighting the urge to blow it up “Tch” he stomps out of the living room “Come on! We need to start the fucking training!!”

“Eee? Now…?”

For a brief moment Katsuki gives a bright smile “No it’s next years –OF COURSE IT’S FUCKING NOW!!” then it’s become a dark one.

Izuku sighs and catches up his brother “I won’t wipe your sorry ass if you got hurt!”

Katsuki slap Izuku on the head “Don’t underestimate me, who do you think am I?”

Izuku smiled brightly at the question “My proud Katsuki Onii-chan!” now his voice becomes a bit robotic at the high pitch note in his word. Habit Izuku himself can’t control when he exited on something.

“Get your ass control moron!” Izuku didn’t mind the rude or insult on Katsuki words, besides, it’s his way to hide his shyness and the light blush on his cheeks. “Stop that! Your ginning face is gross!” Izuku pouts his mouth and follows his grumpy brother out of the house.

On the other side, in the living room, their parents just sigh and chuckled at their son’s behavior.

Chapter Text

If you curious about how a god damn real hell feels like, it’s all about torture and pain, at last, that’s what Katsuki thinking right now. Izuku makes him clean fucking beach, full of fucking garbage’s, broken electronics, and junks. By not using his Quirk, fun right?

After lunch, in the same beach, Izuku force him to put his hand into a barrel full of boiling hot water. Force him to make big explosions, then put his palms again inside the damn hot water, the routine repeat for hours later before they clean up and eat dinner. “Focus Kacchan!”

“FUCK YOU!! SHUT THE HELL UP!!” Katsuki knows Izuku has the best way to train his body and Quirk to raise his limit. But, he not expected the training bordering on torture.

At night, Izuku hands him a tall glass of green smoothies that have smelt of lemon and mint in it “This is just basic training to build your muscle and Quirk at the same time Kacchan” Izuku give him a bright smile “Drink it. It helps you to get your energy back”

Katsuki narrowed his eyes, glaring the glass in front of him. His sore arms reach the glass and drink it, he blinks several times at the sour yet has fresh and delicious taste in it. “The fuck you put in this shit?” Katsuki can’t help but ask after he finishes the smoothie, start to feel his energy pumped up a little bit and ease the soreness in his body.

“Half of Avocado, a cup of spinach, lemon juice, mint leaves, ice, and oz water” Izuku beamed from kitchen “I’ll give you the recipes later” he places a plates full of green vegetable course in front of Katsuki –vegetables and eggs salad, stir fry with little bit grilled meat and cabbages as substitute of rice. Katsuki glared Izuku after he looks at the food he made “What? You need to lose some weight too!” Katsuki narrowed his eyes and Izuku sigh –know what Katsuki demanding for. He places a bottle of death sauce beside the foods. “I don’t know why you love to dump all your food with hot sauce…” he pouts as he walks to the fridge to grab ice patches. He grumbled as he opens the fridge “its ruin the taste of the food…”

“None of your fucking business if I like my food with hot sauce on it” Katsuki grumbled as he dumped almost half of it on his food and eats it –which is surprisingly delicious. “How the hell you can cook?” he raises an eyebrow as Izuku back with ice patches in his hands. In his memory, Katsuki never has seen Izuku cook –it’s always his mother, him or some delivery.

Izuku shrug and place the patch on Katsuki shoulders and his forearms “Internets, books, and TV, I just follow how humans do it and do the research myself for the taste” he sits beside his brother and plucks his tail into a socket nearby the dining table. Still pouting “But the taste can’t be as good as your cooking… I wonder why…”

“Who cares? Besides, it’s just food”

Izuku groan and rolled his lens “Kacchan! I read and have information! That the best food has love in it!!” Katsuki almost choked his food in his mouth “I mean, YES!! I love you, Kacchan! But I don’t know why your food is more delicious than mine! I already follow and record this man on the internet for cook these foods for you, but it still tastes wrong! I have loved you since –I don’t know since we meet? But you still love me more to make the food taste great…” Izuku frown at his words “…Does this mean I have to love you more? You always win if it comes to feelings and love… you’re human –duh! But… still, it's making me want to know you’re feeling” Izuku slightly glance at Katsuki “…Kacchan…?” Izuku raises his eyebrow, focusing the changing shade of color on Katsuki face, a shade of pink.

“You…” still with the pink on his face, Katsuki glaring Izuku “…Do you have a fucking idea, what the fucking shit you’re saying…?”

Izuku blinks several times, then he also changes the shade of his face “No!! I mean –emn… its bro –brother –err… oh! Right! F-familial love!! Yes!!” it’s awkward for at last a minute, and Katsuki the one who first breaking their staring contest –still with a little bit of pink on his cheek. Izuku catch a slight of sadness in those ruby eyes –and this makes his system go overdrive again, the icing on the cake: he didn’t know the fucking reason why Katsuki sad “I –I’m going to sleep upstairs… Night Kacchan!”

When Izuku step into the room he shares with Katsuki, he muttered few curses and step into his bed that installed inside Katsuki room –a large tube, about 2 meters tall and large enough to fit his body alone, technology especially made by government labs and famous support company, in purpose to keep Izuku stay in shape, fully charged and make him heal faster. Izuku shut his lens after he can feel the tube start to fill with ion and electromagnetic, he let himself go relax and shut his system, set an alarm to wake his system at 5 AM.

10 minutes after Izuku sleep, Katsuki step inside his room in loose black pants and a tank top. He lazily rubs his dripping hairs with a towel around his shoulder, his ruby eyes stare silently at the huge tube in his room.

It’s glowing in soft green every time Izuku sleep in it, his body and tail always sway a little bit, and float few inches inside the tube. Katsuki held his hand up, touch the smooth surface of the glass tube, feel the buzz of electromagnetic that fill the tube and the reason that makes Izuku float in it “Familial love…” the same phantom ache inside him –the same one when Izuku told him about this familial love bullshit.

He tapped his forehead on the smooth glass, waiting for the ache in his chest stop. His eyes still staring Izuku, watch his sleeping face carefully, the same baby face that didn’t change since he first met Izuku. Well… Yes its change, but not much. He still has the same high when they still in grade 6 –Fucking 148 cm. Much smaller than his current age. As a human, Izuku is 15 years old. But as an alien robot: Ex-Machina, he is more than 800 years old. Izuku himself didn’t even count his current age, which means, Izuku much older than just 800 years old.

Katsuki still remembers when in the second year of their middle school, Izuku said that he got a fucking candy from nice mid-age man (and the fucking pervert is now behind the bar btw) Because their parents call police after Izuku give evidence – a record of the man face that kidnaps him.  Of course, Izuku not actually got kidnapped. He got that fucking collar–er… no, it’s was a fucking choker, the one with GPS in it.

Expecting that Izuku found by Police or Hero? No, that’s not how he got home. He goes home with that weird teleport ability, the reason why he goes home? Because of he passed his curfew. Exciting right? Katsuki nearly kills the fuckers who dare to kidnap his little brother that day.

Katsuki let a soft sigh after he feel the ache was gone, he steps back from the tube “Fucking stupid feelings…” his ruby eyes stare Izuku peaceful sleeping face for a moment, then goes inside his own bed. Katsuki facing the large tube as lay on down his bed, and then let darkness surrounding his mind.


Izuku continues train Katsuki for several months, they didn’t dare to ask or bring up their feelings into the conversation. But the affection and fond for each other still there and they have their own way to express it.

“What are you doing?” Katsuki raises his eyebrow when he found Izuku tinkering something in their room.

“I make your support gadget from parts of my arms, duh-!” Katsuki takes his seat beside his brother, watch carefully as Izuku turning his fingers into a variety of screwdrivers, and something like plasma laser. Build bit by bit every part with care and fast movement from his fingers.

The process itself made Katsuki remember an article about the Quirkless hero from the US –or whatever, build his own high-tech red iron suit. And Izuku amazed at the hero abilities, he said that with full of curiosity and wonder:

“I can’t believe a human can build such a high tech! It’s almost like the simplest design of my outer frame!”

The icing on the cake: Izuku said it in a happy tone, bright lens, and a wide smile. Katsuki knows that Izuku didn’t mean to insult or sarcasm the hero, but he just did it. Naturally, Izuku is just an angel with deadly poison on his tongue –without the said robot realized it btw.

“Done!” Katsuki startled at the excited electro voice, as Izuku pick up the black metallic arms, its length is maybe below his shoulders, the shape very much looks like the Quirkless hero iron suit, but mostly black and orange on its palms. Katsuki narrowed his eyes as Izuku carefully open it in front of Katsuki –who glaring the damn iron arms in suspicion. Izuku rolled his lens “Common Kacchan! Just put your arms on top of it, and then just let it do its job!”

Katsuki growled and glaring Izuku “Tch… put your shitty electro voice down first!”

“Fine…” Izuku caught a bit, and then give a deadpan look “There, better?” Katsuki just grunts his approval, and then carefully put his arms on top of the iron arms. Its closed automatically as it senses Katsuki arm, carefully adjust its own size on Katsuki arms. It’s surprisingly cooling and smooth on his skin. “Try to move your arms” Katsuki comply and fisted his hands, and feels like wearing long winter gloves.

Katsuki lifts his arms, a bit surprised at how light the black metallic things around his arms “It’s stuff…”

Izuku perk up “That’s the idea! I give extra function on it” Izuku pointing Katsuki forearms “It’s has shock absorption, heat resistant, and of course, It also absorbs your sweat!!”

Katsuki grinning as he got the hint “…Collect my sweats”

Izuku mirroring his brother grinning face “And BOOM!” they both laugh and giggling at how they have the same idea. “Let’s try it tomorrow on the beach, yea?” Izuku pumps up his own fist, turn his fist into the black and clawed fist.

Still grinning Katsuki fist bump Izuku –make a little bit clacking noise “Fuck yeah!” new excitement bloom inside Katsuki as he sees a bit of blush on Izuku baby face.


In the class, Katsuki and Izuku busying them self-discus about configuration and motion on how Katsuki new gloves work, like how to realize powerful explosions from the sweats that the gloves absorb, or how the gloves realize Katsuki explosion without any risk or strain.

Their discussion disturbed by a teacher bring a pile of papers, and give announcements. Students in the class around them get rowdy and show up their Quirk. but they startled by the shockwave from just a small explosion, Katsuki scowl and glaring his classmate “Do you think any of you extras stand a chance? Become Heroes? Hah-!” behind him, Izuku start to get nervous –know what Katsuki going to do. “Me and my Brother here” he jammed his thumb to Izuku –who filch and blushing at the sudden attention his classmate give “Are going to UA!”

Izuku buried his face in his hands as their classmate roared with objections “Why the fuck you taunt them?!” they silenced by Izuku who now glaring Katsuki.

Still with a face full of smug, Katsuki shrug “Just telling the truth”

“You don’t have said it in a harsh way!”

“Then how the fuck YOU gonna said it?!”

Izuku shrug “I don’t know! Why don’t you tell them politely! That their Quirk is just too weak or not suitable to become a Hero!” Izuku huffed and rolled his lens “Besides, I believe their Quirk make them successful in other fields, aside from Hero, duh-!”

‘Yups… an angel with poison tongue’ Katsuki smug face grew even bigger “You hear that extras? You can’t succeed if become a Hero!” and the class roared with objection again.

It takes few second for Izuku to realize what he just said, and he tried his best to hide the blush on his face. “…You fucking arrogant bastard…”

Katsuki scoff and rolled his eyes “Fucking scrap metal”

Chapter Text

This is it, this is the day. The day of their entrance exam for UA, Katsuki can’t stop grinning in confidence. Katsuki never feels this proud before, never after Izuku claim, he was his. Beside him, Izuku show his shy smile as he observes –scanning every corner of UA that catch his lens, with blush and exciting buzz “This school is awesome… they have many training fields in that part” he points to south “But even more gym in that part!” he pointed east “I’m so excited to learn more in this school!” then he claps his hands in delight “Humans really is awesome to build such a big place! It’s full of technology!!”

Katsuki can’t help but rolled his eyes and give a light slap on Izuku head –who yelp and whining “Shut the fuck up” Izuku give his pout and teary lens “No! Don’t give me that ugly face! That not gonna work on me!” ‘Not again! Not this time!’ Katsuki stomps his way in the building, leaving Izuku who still pouting. He blinks his eyes to stop his scanner and focus on the exam.

The exam is simple. Destroy as many Villain robots as you can. But avoid the big Villain robot, the one has big 0 points on its head. “Kacchan…” Katsuki glancing his brother and raise his eyebrow, silent question of what the fuck? “Remember what I said yesterday?”

Katsuki have to control all his might to not smirk – especially goes all smug again, Katsuki keep his voice low “That this exam also has special point for the one who helps others from danger?” he scoffs and narrowed his eyes “The fuck your point?”

Izuku gives him a sly smirk “Nothing… but I believe, you can’t get that special point~” he said with a sing-song voice.

Katsuki feels the corner of his eyes twitch, he glare and smirk darkly at Izuku “I’ll fucking kick your ass with the highest point, and wipe the floor with those extras point by saving their faces” Katsuki bumped his fist on Izuku chest “Include you, shitface!”

They didn’t aware it, but they let out deadly and dark aura around them. Make soon-going-to-be-classmate around them step back.

Izuku lens glowing red briefly “You are on! Dickhead!”


“This is bullshit/nonsense!” Katsuki and Izuku screamed in sync as they read the announcement of them make it in UA –but no! Not because they didn’t happy, it’s because the score they got.

Bakugou Katsuki, Practical score: 91, Helping score: 89, Total: 180

Bakugou Izuku, Practical score: 88, Helping score: 92, Total: 180






“ENOUGH!! YOU FUCKING BRATS!!” Mitsuki butt in and slap both their heads. The two glared at their mom, and then back again glared at each other. “Stop, and come for dinner!” but neither of them moved “NOW!” they clicked their tongue and scowl as they sit on the dining table. Side by side –and still hold their glare.

Masaru chuckled as he watches the boys with full of amused “What’s the problem with both of you have a same total score?”

Izuku and Katsuki frown at their dad question “Because I think, I can win from Izu” said Katsuki. Katsuki snapped as he hears a snort from beside him.

“You’ll never win if I realize my limiter” Izuku retorted with a pout.

“Oh yeah? Wanna fucking GO, huh?!”

“Why don’t you –”

“Again! Enough!!” Mitsuki sigh, she places plates in front of the boys, spicy, full of iron, and healthy foods “Eat, okay?” Mitsuki narrowed her eyes on Izuku –who grumbled about something that he doesn’t need food for his body, but he eats it anyway.

His face perks up as he tastes the delicious yet spicy food. “Delicious! Thanks, mom!” beside him, Katsuki nodded in agreement while continues munching his food.

Mitsuki smile in delight has positive responds from her boys “Anytime dears!”

The chat in dining rooms is so light-hearted –for Bakugou’s, for other people? Well… if they think that conversation about military, strategy, science, and human as observation object, IS light-hearted, then they can (probably) adopted by this family.


Today was one week before their first day in UA, Izuku in need to buy new clothes and Katsuki needs to buy new sneakers. They walk side by side in the packed Kiyashi shopping mall “Why the fuck we need to buy YOUR clothes?!” Katsuki growled as he put shopping bags on a bench.

Izuku sighs tiredly “That because you burn almost all my clothes… and I’m also… ripped some of them…” he blushed at his last sentence.

Katsuki snort and rolled his eyes “You don’t even need clothes on your real form” its silent statement that said Izuku cube and full lethal (quite badass in Katsuki opinion) form.

The other boy gives him shy look and his face become a blushing mess. “I don’t have an m-much choice! You the one umn… insist… to do me in that form…”

Katsuki gets this little giddy feeling in him when he sees Izuku shy and still blushing mess, and that somehow makes his cheek warm “–Tch! Let’s just get something to eat, and we go home!” he grabs the shopping bags again and turns away from Izuku.

“Ah! Wait up, Kacchan!” Izuku also grabs his shopping bags and follow his brother. They walk side by side as they look on every display that catches their attention, it's peaceful –or not…

Katsuki catches a glimpse of his robot brother glowing bright red “Kacchan…!” Izuku hides his face under his hood, his lens greedily searching for the damn Villain that detected in his radar. Izuku purposely cough to not attract any necessary attention “About three stores ahead, there is hidden door inside the boutique…” Izuku trail down the Villain hideout, beside him, Katsuki grab his arm “…Kacchan?” Izuku looks up at Katsuki serious face.

Katsuki narrowed his eyes as he pulls Izuku, away from the damn Villain hideout “Call police and Hero agency nearby”

“But –!”

“No buts!”

Izuku pout “At last let me hack and crack through their system! So I can get evident to report them to police, or whatever!”

Katsuki clicked his tongue in irritation “Grr! Fine!” Katsuki drags Izuku to food court beside the damn boutique –Villain hideout. They sit after Katsuki order spicy curry and cola, beside him, Izuku still hides his face under his hood, hide his glowing red lens.

Izuku connect –cracked the villain server from food court wi-fi, he can’t hack too deep inside the server database (because he connected from wi-fi), but at last he can found strong evident and useful data from the said database “Found it~” Katsuki can see the wide victories grin on Izuku face, Izuku humming happily as he uploads his original programmed virus on Villain database. “I’m done”

Katsuki huffed and finish his food “Send it later after we go home” he grumbled as he picks up their shopping bags.


As they arrive at their house, Izuku runs into the living room and plug his tail into LAN port, so he can dive deeper than just connect with wi-fi “Username?”

Katsuki put their shopping bags beside the couch “The usual is fine” Izuku nodded his head as he compressed the newfound Villain information’s into a single file “Make sure you use those shitty proxies or VPN”

“Aye-aye, sir!” still connect his tail in LAN port Izuku plopped his body on the pill of big pillows, special place that Katsuki made so Izuku can dive in comfortable position “I’ll be going for few minutes, Kacchan…” it’s sound little bit funny at the end of his sentence –like robot lost its energy. Izuku shut his lens and go dive into the internet. Katsuki grumbled as he plopped on the couch and turn on the TV, searching any interesting movies or news.

Waiting is not his forte.

Katsuki didn’t remember exactly since when or where, but somehow they become some kind of well known Vigilantes Duo and informant for Heroes and police –Their Jobs (more like hobbies) are simple:

Give away very detailed Villains information to Police or Heroes.

Giving Heroes very good advice (actually from they’re studies and analyst about heroes),

And also tricking peoples (especially Villains) by a very-very bad prank.

What? Oh… –No! No killing, just a total very bad prank. If throw Villains into a jail is count as a bad prank, they already do the prank for… several times…? Maybe…? Well… yeah, maybe they made a mess by poking around at polices secret… but all well end well.

No problem and everyone happy.


Cat headed man run his way through his well-known partner office. He opens the door in front of him with his paws with a bang, startling the men inside the office “Detective Tsukauchi! We got a fax, from Cheshire Cats!”

From his desk, Tsukauchi Naomasa sign, he massages his forehead for an incoming headache “What they sent this time?”

Tamakawa Sansa closes the door, there a little bit nervous and panic in his eyes “It’s a strong evidence about Yakuza group, Eight Precepts” Sansa hand over the document to Naomasa –who read it carefully.

It’s just simple history of drugs transaction and –Naomasa felt cold as he read the next ‘How they can get – no! Never mind that… but –’ he gasps yet again as he read the next one “Call everyone who got involved with Eight Precepts criminal case!! We need to capture these Yakuza right now!!”

“Yes, sir!”

Sansa leaves his office as fast as he can, Tsukauchi sigh again as he re-read the document “How can they do this to little girl…” he grimaces as he imagined it. ‘…From Vigilantes or not, these are something that we can’t ignore…’


Today is the day, their first day in UA “Izu, you got everything?”

“Yups! It’s in my new backpack –” they stop their breakfast as one of news in TV channel catch their attention.

“Today News, with the help of Polices and Pro-Heroes, yesterday, they successfully save a little girl from Eight Precepts –who has proposed to use the girl Quirk, to make Anti-Quirk medicine –”

Mitsuki growl in anger as she sees the picture of the girl –who maybe not even older than 5 years old “Those fuckers… they better drop death to hell!”

Beside her, Masaru frown looks clam, but his eyes are on fire of anger “It’s a good thing that they capture those Yakuza” even his voice is cold and full of venom.

Katsuki tune out the sound of TV, he didn’t need to know it. He already knows the content. Katsuki put down his chopstick and pick up his bag “Let’s go, Izu”

Izuku nod and smile in full of excitement “Bye Mom, Dad!”

Their parents glance at their boys “Be safe you two!”

Izuku put on his green cat ears hoodie and pick his backpack, he smiled to himself as he watches the news. “Hurry up dork!”

“Ah! Wait! Kacchan-!”

Mitsuki and Masaru shake their head in amusement as their boys left, ready to start their first day in UA.

Chapter Text

Katsuki entered the classroom with a scowl on his face, glaring at everyone who caught his eye. Behind him, Izuku wore his usual green cat eared hoodie on top of his uniform, he still wore his blazer though. With his big emerald lens and forever immortal baby face, (still fucking 148 cm) making him look like a freaking 10 year old brat.

And no, that’s not the reason Katsuki pissed and grumpy in the morning. The reason is that he knows Izuku is going to be the center of attention, and Katsuki already has enough people fawning and cooing at his little brother, thank you very much.

“Kacchan, don’t glare at them like that, they’re our new classmates!”

Katsuki sat at the empty desk near a window off to the side, he huffed and propped his feet up on the desk. “I don’t give a fuck about any of these extras!” His annoyed tone made few of their new classmates frown at the blonde.

Izuku huffed in annoyance and sat behind Katsuki. He peeked from under the hood of his hoodie, and gave a brief scan over all of their classmates. He memorized their faces, found out their Quirks and personal features with the data that he hacke- Um- borrowed from the UA server that he connected to as soon as he and Katsuki walked through the front gate this morning. He was cut off from his Data managing as something came his way, or rather Katsuki’s way.

Something or... Someone? A tall boy with dark hair thin framed glasses, and square facial features approached them. “You! Do you have any respect for others?! Get your feet off that desk right now!” Izuku blinked surprise at the sudden lecture that the other male started giving to Katsuki, while the latter growled and glared at the newcomer, but before he can assault the boy with his colorful language, the newcomer set his eyes on Izuku. “…And you!” He pointed at Izuku’s hoodie, the green haired boy tilts his head at the other. “Yes, you! School is no place for you to dress like that! You need to step outside the classroom and take it off, it’s against the schools dress code!!” The boy huffed and crossed his arms across his chest. “Seriously? Do either of you know anything about school rules?”

Both Bakugou’s scrunched their noses up at his question, this time, however, Katsuki backed off and looked at Izuku, who mimicked his older brother. They quickly made a silent agreement, they both gave the boy nasty looks. Katsuki gives his usual dark look while Izuku gives cold one, while his lens is glowing red. But as fast as it came, it disappeared when they seen the fear swimming in the newcomer’s eyes. Giving each other a vibe that said it was enough. “As long as you know your place, we’re cool.” Izuku gives him a bright yet shy smile. “I… I apologize for my brother’s rude attitude, he’s just like that sometimes… Okay, maybe all the time.”

Katsuki snort and rolled his eyes, muttered about something about the boy being a manipulated bastard.

Still smiling, Izuku scratched his cheek. “As for me, I didn’t know there was a rule about hoodies in this class, I don’t really read rule book’s.” He did, but Katsuki said that he didn’t have to follow rules like a robot - which is no and yes at the same time- so he just followed the basic rules and attitudes as a normal student in a classroom.

The newcomer gasped at his words. “What a shame! You need read it. Here, take mine! I have it in my bag.”

If Izuku could produce sweat, he wondered if he gave a sweat drop on his face. However, he still gives a smile of gratitude. “Thank you! You’re a great help! Oh! My name is Izuku and this is –” Izuku gestured to Katsuki who was still glaring, but this time was at his feet. “My proud big bro, Katsuki! We’re both Bakugou, so please call us by our given names, it’s easier that way!”

“Oh, it’s nice to meet you both, I’m Iida Tenya.”

Unfortunately, before they could resume their conversation, the classroom door opened to reveal a shabby man, he had on a black get-up with a weird scarf. “You all still aren’t sitting after the bell has rung?” The man sighed in disapproval. He walked to the podium with a ‘I don’t give a shit’ stare. Most of the class was wondering why there was a little girl with white curly hair, red eyes, with a lone horn on the side of her forehead, dressed in pink and purple clothing. Following behind the shabby man, trying to use him as a shield to stay out of sight.

“Good morning class, I’m Aizawa Shouta, your homeroom teacher. And before you assuming something stupid, the answer is no, this kid not mine. She’s under my care for a little while, so you should get used to her because you’re going to see her a lot.” Their sensei picked his yellow sleeping bag up from god-knows-where and took out a blue track suit with white lines on it. “All of you, change into these, I’ll be waiting for you on the training ground in 10 minutes.” He said in a monotone voice, and with that he and the little girl left the classroom and student’s behind with many dumbfounded faces.


“Woah! Bro! You have awesome muscles there!” A red-headed student grinned in delight when he seen Katsuki’s well-built muscled body. “So manly!”

Katsuki cringed in disgust and annoyance as the weird shitty haired boy observed him. “Fuck off, shitty hair!” He snapped with extra venom in his voice.

The redhead waved the insult and venom off, grinning and showing the row of his sharp shark teeth. “The name is Kirishima Eijirou!” He puffed his chest out, activating his Quirk on his chest and fist –which he punched against his chest, making the loud sound of rocks bumping into each other. “Nice to meet ya, Baku-bro!”

Katsuki narrowed his eyes at the nickname, but not giving any comment on it, he resumed his task of switching the uniform with the tracksuit. Somewhere behind him, he heard “Woah! You look more like a robot than Iida does!” A boy with blonde hair and a black stripe that was similar to a lightning bolt stated as he examined Izuku’s features.

Then from Izuku’s another side, the small boy with weird purple grape shaped hair (what the fuck is with this class?! Full of weird haired people!), he thought about his opinion with a smirk. “Well it’s more like some type of sick joke for some perverted old man! I mean, look at him! He wears a collar, has a cat and tail! Yeah… Definitely gonna be popular with someone with the fetish of Shota–”


All the boys, minus Izuku, were startled by the actions of a certain blond, who angrily created a large explosion in his now smoking palms “You shithead…” Izuku stepped aside as Katsuki stomped over to the now scared boy beside his brother. “I dare you to finish that word.” His surprisingly calm and cold expression made almost all of other boys shiver. Especially with the dark aura and killing intent that surrounded him.

“I’m just–”


The smoke coming from Katsuki’s palms became thicker and the tension around them continues for around 15 seconds in Izuku’s count (though it felt like hours for others). Katsuki closed his smoking hands and steps back. “Izuku, let’s get out of here, I don’t want to inhale anymore of this garbage smell.” Izuku straighten his posture and his face automatically became void of any emotion, at the tone in Katsuki voice. Following his brother, both Bakugou’s left changing room, leaving all the awkwardness behind the closed door.

“…That was awkward.” He said, his face still with void of emotion.

Katsuki snorted and deadpanned. “Yea, sure.” Izuku huffed at his sarcastic tone. While he quietly wished his classmates good luck –they’d need it.




Katsuki glared at the skyrocketing softball, awe and a bit of fear coming from his classmate who were watching aside, he turned his focus to his brother who was clapping slowly with a blank face. “Great timing, Kacchan” Izuku deadpanned sarcastically. “We need to work more on that shitty timing of yours.”

Katsuki glared at Izuku’s smug, no, Izuku’s mocking face, with the shit eating grin. Well yes, his timing messed up a bit when he threw the damn ball, so he can’t retort. But Katsuki being Katsuki, his lovely mouth can’t hold the insult of: “Shut you twerp, midget!” And kicked his brother in the shin as a follow up result of his comment.

Before the fighting from both Bakugou’s could begin, Shouta sighs tiredly and shows the result of the so called miss timed pitch “1.98 Km” he stated flatly. Chorus of oh’s and wow’s could be heard from other student’s –except Izuku who was crying, Katsuki gives him a quick nudge on the head. “All of you will do other exercises with your Quirk, it’s a contest and the better you do, the higher your score will be..” All the excitement rose up when they heard that they could use their Quirk, but when someone said the word ‘fun’, the word that Shota hated the most, he snapped and added a punishment. “Fun you say?” ‘yea… sure, if you wanna fun, I’ll give your FUN!’ “I’m going to sum all of your points in each exercise and the one who is dead last...” Aizawa grinning madly “Is going to be expelled! How’s that for fun?” If he could, he’d grin wider when he saw the horror of his soon decreasing class. Yup! What a fun day it will be to reduce his burdens.


The Symbol of Peace, it’s a title of honor for the one and only true Top Hero who will, and must, keep the world safe. Many Heroes want to become Symbol of Peace as their goal in their Hero carrier. It takes reasons, inspirations, and a lot of determination to become a Hero, but most of them, it’s because of Symbol of Peace.

But for him, the current Symbol of Peace, it’s just a mere name of the biggest burden –he never imagined that there would come a day that his honor became his burden, but to fulfill the civilian, fan, and government’s expectations, to keep them safe and live their life, it is so much stress for his decrepit body. He keeps cursing himself on his draw he had with his long lost enemy, that caused a living hell for his stomach from the last time they clashed fists.

And now, a new source of stress has put him on edge for the past year as an important deadline approaches: Searching for next successor, a new Symbol of Piece and someone he could trust to receive his Quirk: One for All.

Here he was, strolling around his new workplace hoping that he could come across a possible candidate to be his successor.

The top Hero stops in his tracks, his sunken eyes catch a glimpse of the green mop of hair on the training ground. ‘Students…? Oh,  Eraserhead? But… Why are he and the students wearing sunglasses…?’ The exercise looked like it was going to be over soon, but maybe it worth watching this years new rookies.

And so, he starts to hide like a stalker. But he is failing miserably,  Aizawa Shouta, the green mop, and spiky blonde can see him as clear as day. But they didn’t say anything about the Top Hero’s antics. “…Last, Bakugou Izuku.” The young boy with the green mob of hair, black metallic cat ears and a cable tail that was swishing with every step he took.

…Come on young-boy, you can do it!’ He knows that he can’t judge the boy by his features, but he can’t help it, the boy just like a shy, cute little kitten with an angelic aura around him.

What he didn’t expect was what the boy did next, Bakugou Izuku ripped the sleeves of his tracksuit off. Bakugou Izuku picked the ball by his leg up, grabbing the ball with both hands, he slowly raised his hands, took a stance but not throwing it, instead, his hands transformed and became a chunk of black metal, with sharp claws, and was twice the size of his normal hands.

Green electricity ran and crackled from the boys black hands, then –


Like a beacon from God, from the boy's palm, he produces a giant laser beam. And it’s BRIGHT!! Now he knows why they wore sunglasses. For maybe less than 5 seconds, the sudden brightness had disappeared completely. The top Hero blinked a few times and rubbed his eyes, after regaining his focus back, he is confused as to why the boy is being scolded by Shouta and the spiky blond boy at the same time, his confused state continued until he seen the mini tablet in Shouto hand.


The boy, Bakugou Izuku, hadn’t thrown the ball but erase it instead, not even a nuke can scratch the damn ball! Well… Maybe his fist can make a dent or destroy the ball, but erase it? Hell no! The boy really has a strong Quirk. And maybe. Just maybe. Stronger than both, One for All and All for One.

For next few minutes, he keeps watching and gives a pitiful expression to the boy with grape head, Mineta Minoru, if he not mistaken, he cries and begs to not get expelled. The boy from before, Izuku, step up “Sensei, I have a proposal for you.”

“What might that be?”

“Why don’t we put Mineta-kun here into General Department?”

Ooh?’ At Izuku words, Shouto narrowed his eyes, glinting with interest “… And then?”

“We exchange him with the more promising student from G.Dep.”

This time, the spiky blonde boy stepped up beside him. “I agree with Izu, and I fucking believe there is someone better than some shitty grape perv in the General Department.” He snickered.

“Ah… don’t forget with his less nerve and pathetic reason to become Hero.” Izuku deadpanned.

The spiky blond smirked. “What was it again…? Ah!… Right!” Both the spiky blond and Izuku glance at the poor Mineta-boy.

They smile with full of mock in it. “To become (Fucking) popular with girls/bitches.” And their words were full of venom, Mineta-boy become more miserable, but not as much as before Izuku and blond-boy step up for him.

After done with musing over his decision, Shoto nodded and sighed in agreement. “Fine.” At this, Izuku and the blonde boy perked up, even Mineta-boy too. “Mineta Minoru”

Mineta-boy stands up, not crying anymore, eyes brimming with a little hope. “Y –yes Sir!”

“Starting tomorrow, you are becoming a member of class 1 – C, General Department, be thankful you have friends that stood up for you, because of them you’re not going to expelled from UA.” At the end of his monotone and vigorless words, The underground Hero sighed again and grumbled about something (maybe paperwork?) “I’ll prepare your notice and document about you changing classes, new schedule, and subject in G.dep. Later after lunchtime, come to me to get it in teachers office. For now, all of you are dismissed. Change and back to the classroom for your next subject.”

After Shouto and Eri, left, the current Symbol of Peace, pick up a conversation of 1 – A students “Wait! Bakugou-kun, err, I mean Izuku-kun, Katsuki-kun!” this time a tall student with glasses stepped up in front of both Izuku and the blonde, Katsuki. “Why you say such a mean and rude words to our classmate!” A few of the other students are nodding their heads, while some just watch and wait.

Katsuki narrowed his eyes “And your point is…?”

“That’s not very Hero-like from both of you!”

From Katsuki Side, Izuku sigh and shake his head “Let me, ah… no, let us tell you something, Iida-kun.” Never mind the height difference, Izuku seemed to look bigger than the tall boy in front of him. “In Heroes society, just wanting to become popular is same as death wish, and your decline as Heroes”

Before young Iida said something, Katsuki opens his mouth “Don’t dare you to retort or deny it. It’s a fucking fact and we just saved his-” Katsuki jammed his thumb in Mineta-boy’s direction “–fucking ass from killing himself when fighting a fucking Villain!” Katsuki scowls more and stomps his way through everyone and into the building, but not before he yelled; “And he wouldn’t even survive 5 minutes when he faces a Villain with a gun or a long range Quirk like mine or Izuku’s!”

The Top Hero see and heard enough, yes both Izuku and Katsuki were rude, but they also right. They had saved their friend(?).

With a swell of new proud feeling in his chest, the Top Hero begins his trek to the principal office.

Chapter Text

Go away!

Don’t get close to our child!

You have a Villain Quirk!

Never talk to me!

Goodbye, son.

He gasped and sat up from his bed ‘Another Nightmare…’ he sighs as he sees the digital clock, 06.10 AM, ‘What a pain…’ feeling in coming headache, he decided to wake up, a cup of black coffee always make his day batter.

Minutes later, after a nice warm bath, fresh brewing coffee, he plopped on the couch, his other free hand controlled a remote TV, searching for any channel that catches his attention.


He blinks at the title, and then snorted as he watch’s both boys battering and even glared –oh! And yelled at All Might, he disappointed ass the news ended, he didn’t know the boy's name. They seem cool to become friends. A sad smile spread on his face, he just hoped that they don’t judge him because of his Quirk.

Cracking voices catch his attention, “…Morning…” said his scruffy and ever-grumpy uncle in the morning, out from his room. Dressed in black shirt and gray pants, he walks slowly to the bathroom, grumbled about something as his head accidentally bump something (wall maybe?).

“Morning Aizawa Ooji-san” he stands and walk to the kitchen and called out an offer of “Coffee?” a grunt of agreement can be heard from the kitchen, after serving his uncle coffee, he back to watch some morning news.

“Have you chosen your high school?” his uncle plopped beside him watching the news with still dozed eyes.


“Where to?”


His uncle hummed as he drinks his coffee “Hero?”

“Of course”

“Good luck then”


And with that, his day started again.


He was in the middle of his evening runs, his attention attracted to now clean beach attempt that maybe he can walk there before going home. But then, he just can’t believe his luck. He meets, um, found the boys he saw in the morning news. They currently sparring with their Quirk and didn’t actually care that they make the sand around them burn, singed and blackened, he watch in wonder and awe as they fight. But unfortunately for him, they suddenly stop and turn to his direction, starting with curious in their eyes. He cursed under his breath as one of them wave at him, vividly heard to come over to join or whatever.

Before his nerve flattens, he walks as slowly as he can, hoping they pissed and shoo him away. But they don’t buy it, so they walked over him, and dragged him all the ways to blackened sandy side. “Who the fuck are you?” the one with blond spiky hair ask as he crossed his hand.

Wow, one of them have a beautiful personality and mouth, huh?’ “I’m just passing by”

“I’m asking Name, Einstein Parody!” the nickname(?) make his eye twitch in irritated.

Before he can retort the blonde, the small boy beat him “Kacchan, that’s rude!” the blonde just rolled his eyes “Forgive my brother –”

“I don’t need his fucking–”

Which is ignored by the small boy and smiled brightly, “–he always like that, my name is Izuku, and his name is Katsuki. We both Bakugou, so please call us with our given name. Can you tell us your name?”

He wants to curse himself as he muttered “Shinsou Hitoshi” dammit, this Izuku smile is just too bright and innocent to resist. He looks anything but Izuku as he continues with small blush “Hitoshi is fine”

The smile in Izuku face even more bright than before “Hitoshin, it is!”

He blinks at the new nickname “Hitoshin…?”

Beside Izuku, Katsuki sigh and shook his head “You’ll have to used on it, he just loves to mess with people names” then Katsuki give Hitoshi a big evil grin “I’m still calling you Einstein Parody though”

Hitoshi feels his fists itching to punch the smug bastard in front of him. But Hitoshi being Hitoshi, he us his Quirk intent “Is that mean I can call you porcupine?

Just as his though, Katsuki respond in anger “The fuck –” he freezes and stared Hitoshi with blank eyes.

Now it’s Hitoshi turn to smug “That –” Izuku stare him with star all over his face his eyes, that looks like a camera lens, black metal cat ear’s and cable tail, moving in delight “That’s was amazing!! You have hypnotic related Quirk?! I can feel very strong brain wave from you! But at first, I think you have telekinetic related Quirk! Now seeing you use it, your brain waves catch my brother wave as he responded to your question!” Izuku gasped and clapped his hand as he bopped up and down “I bet you’re going really awesome Hero!!”

Hitoshi can’t hold it, his face burned with a blush; he never showered with so many praises at once, and accidentally release his Quirk on Katsuki. The latter glaring at him and pointed his finger, “You! Just now, did you fucking Brainwashed me?!” Hitoshi responded with a nod, bracing himself for any punch– “That a fucking killing Quirk you have!” Katsuki grinned and bump his fist on Hitoshi chest. Hitoshi stared at both Izuku and Katsuki with wide eyes, he knows that Izuku is just being nice and happy in pure amazed, he also knows Katsuki didn’t exactly praise him or anything, but he can’t help but feel happy.

He never expected them to actually accept him. As the way he is. Not judge him with his Quirk nature. “You defiantly become fucking/great Hero!!” they said at the same time.

Hitoshi can’t help but mirrored their grinning face.


There are so many things he learns from both his friend’s, the Bakugou, Izuku, and Katsuki;

Izuku doesn't have a Quirk, not exactly, but –Oh hell! He even isn't fucking human, Izuku is an alien robot. Hitoshi wants to laugh at the joke, but seeing the seriousness in both his friends, he can’t help but believe. He is living with mutant Quirk’s around him, what’s wrong if there is an Alien?

He also amazed at Katsuki parents, they actually accepted him like he was their own child. That still makes him giddy inside out.

What makes Hitoshi surprise is that Izuku and Katsuki are Vigilante (and no, their parent didn’t know it), and the one who give more headache to his uncle in 3 years span. The one what his uncle and the police called Heroes in the Undeland.

They even have a code name, Izuku as Cheshire Cat, and Katsuki as March Hare. Hitoshi somehow didn’t surprise at the code name they use. Then here they are, about 3 months before UA Exam, asking Hitoshi, need his help and asking to become their partner in crime (by dumped Villain to jail).

The answer? Of course, it’s yes!

And so Vigilante with code name Mad Hatter was born.


“I can’t believe it! That practical exam is just total bullshit!” Izuku pouting in his tube, floating and folded his legs and arms, Hitoshi just can’t help but chuckled at Izuku antic when he gets emotional “It’s no laughing matter!” his lens is watching them –he and Katsuki playing Mario Cart.

Beside him, Katsuki huffed as he madly drives his cart “UA is just too stupid to think that they fucking know what they do”

Hitoshi grumbled as Katsuki throw a bomb from behind his cart and winning the race “I disappointed too, Ok?” He scratches his head in frustrated, “I mean who doesn’t? With my non-physical Quirk and rule to not disturb others with my Quirk… it’s just my luck” he scowls and lean his back on the sofa, grab the canned-espresso on the coffee table, chug until it’s empty, cringed at the bitter taste “I bet my uncle disappointed at UA too”

Now floating upside down in his tube, Izuku still pouting, “Well duh~! If only I allowed to sabotage –”

Hitoshi cut in before Izuku finish his line, “You know that I never appreciate it right?”

Izuku rubbed his eyes to stop any tears and straighten his position to his previous floating state “At last let us celebrate that we accepted in UA!! We eat meat for lunch, and I know the right place!”

Katsuki nudge Hitoshi feet lightly with his own “Common slowpoke, up! I don’t have all days with you moping around! You don’t need those shitty school approval to become a Hero!” he then glared Izuku “And you already charged for a week worth! Get out!” Izuku pouted but still follow Katsuki demand and open the tube from inside, out with fresh energy.

Hitoshi shook his head, amusing and used at Katsuki way to comfort him “Lead the way Zuko” he nodded at Izuku, who frown at the nickname Hitoshi use as insult and joke at the sometimes.

Beside him, Katsuki burst and laugh loudly, “Ha-! You need to stop to watch that Avatar-shit!” and snickered at Izuku sour face.

Hitoshi just shrug and deadpanned “They are a good action”


So far, he enjoys his job to brainwashed and make many Villains sleep, then send them to Police office, once every few weeks.

Until one day, just before their first day in UA, he received an email from Izuku, subbed with work, about the group of eight-shit Yakuza tortured a child mare older than 5. He actually furious because these shitty Yakuza IS judge the child worth for her Quirk.

At that very day, he actually bagged at both his friends, begged to save the girl. Which is to his surprise, they already planned to do so on that very day too.

The result? Of course, it’s successes.


The first day in General Department is literally awkward, at first they friendly, then, when they heard about his Quirk, they start to distance them self. ‘What a chicken’ he listened lazily as his homeroom teacher, Cementoss, explain something about subject and –

The fuck?!’ flash of bright green light showered from windows for, maybe, solid 5 seconds. His class erupted with slow panic, but Cementoss do his job well to calm them down. Whatever that blinding green light was, it’s defiantly from certain Alien doing.

Hours later, The bell chimed for lunch never sound so beautiful in his ear, after orientation and explanation on what in General Department do or whatever is it, he finally can get his coffee. “Hitoshin! Let’s have lunch at the cafeteria!” he smile a bit as he sees his friends walk to his desk, Izuku give him bento in purple and black patterned cat paws warp “We celebrate our first day in UA!”

Hitoshi smile flattered as he sees Katsuki, the letter glared at every single student that stare at him and Izuku with a nasty look on their face –just because of they from Hero course. “What the fuck do you extr–” a jab from his side make him stop his insult, Katsuki glared at the culprit for his sore side, who in exchange give him a look of disapproval “Grrr! Fine! Deku. We. Out. Now!” Katsuki snapped and stomp his way out of the class.

While Izuku huffed at his human brother antic, he then smiles at Hitoshi “So? How’s your day?”

Hitoshi smiled a little bit as they follow Katsuki “I’ll tell you mine if you tell first” at this point, Hitoshi forgot his bad day in the morning. And as he suspected Izuku is the culprit for the green flash incident in his class.

But unknown to him, Izuku and Katsuki left out the detail of little change in their class.


Shinsou Hitoshi, having a heart attack–okay, scratches that!

He actually at cloud nine!

He can’t help but pick Eri up and spun her around, his laugh become louder as he sees the girl also laugh. “Hitoshi! Put her down!” still laughing he stops spinning and shower Eri with Kiss on her cheek, make the girl blushing and giggle a bit “Ugh… dammit! Sit down! I’m still not done yet!” but there is no bite in his uncle's voice, he knows that his uncle is happy –mostly because he sees Eri smile. After collecting himself he sat down with Eri on his lap.

At the end of explanation he nodded a good night for both Eri and his uncle, he didn’t believe Izuku and Katsuki leave him this small detail, as he entered his room, Hitoshi grabs his phone and opened a special app programmed by Izuku.

Welcome to Underland!

[User_Name]  [Password]

The appearance of the app itself is like the fantasy-themed net-game app, he quickly enters his vigilante code name, and password, after log in, it’s appearance switch on his front camera, snap a picture of his face, scan the picture, then the application lets him in. He still thrilled every time he opened the app, it makes him feel like some secret agent.

The app appearance then switched yet again to his semi-chibi avatar; Purple crazy haired style, black top hat; decorated with cards and a pocket watch to its side. His avatar dressed in black and royal purple colored tuxedo, red tie and glove, white dress shoes, also holding a silver cane. The last time he opened it, it was grinning full of madness and anger, this time, it’s grinning in happiness, even do small tap dance motion with its cane. Usually, Hitoshi is the one who controls his avatar motion or expression, but look like Izuku beat him for that.

He can’t help but laugh ‘Seems like Izuku knows the news already’ knowing that the Alien hacked, erm, borrowed? the whole school system and documents.

Hitoshi opens their chat rooms, that not exactly chat room, because it's more like group call, where a stamp of your expression automatically posted in the chat room.

Avatar of Smug green-black stripped fluffy Cat pop at the chat rooms “Surprise!!!” he didn’t surprise at all, not surprised that Izuku voice was the first voice he heard, slightly distorted and robotic, but Hitoshi didn’t mind it.

He cants see it, but he sure that his stamp of grinning-happily Mad Hatter was shown in both Bakugou phones (brain for Izuku) “You sly-Cat! How come you didn’t tell me anything’s?”

Then Avatar of ash blond spiky fur rabbit popped, dressed in black and royal red suit and small gold crown on his head. The rabbit rolled his red eyes then also turn into a smug grin, “You can’t just fucking blame us! I and Cheshire Cat didn’t even sure in hundred percent if we can slap the shit-truth on your uncle's face, we just knew that you’re fucking uncle more than happy to expelled his student!” the smug then turn into evil grin “You should see this short creep, he fucking screeches like a dying vulture, totally licking on your uncle shoes!

The green cat shook his head at the rabbit antic, then grinning again “Anyway! I’m going to send you the copy of my note from today lesson!

The rabbit blinks and then he grinning again, a blub lamp went off on its head “You still have Izuku customized mask right?

Hitoshi raised his eyebrow. Yes, Izuku has made him a high-tech gadget, from parts of his face, it was a mask with the based design of his uncle goggles, purple-colored, featured with speaker, strengthen his voice and Quirk, gas and a scuba mask. The Alien-boy gives it to him this afternoon with delivery service “Yes”

The rabbit show it’s smug face yet again, “Bring it to your uncle! I’ll send you the document and shit from my folks, so it’s can officially become one of your costumes! Deku-tech is the best after all!

At the word of costume, the cat panicked voice fills his room “Oh right! Your costume! Need help?” the Cat bopped in a panic with the motion of sweat rain out of him.

Hitoshi smile and shook his head, “Nah~ I’m good, you two already do so much for me”

The cat pout and Rabbit smug face get wider, but then Cheshire Cat perks up with its proud grin, “Oh! And Hatter!


Both, March Hare and Cheshire Cat share knowing grin and give him a stamp of a cake “Happy Birthday!

This couch Hitoshi off his guard, he looks at the clock, 00.01, that’s mean today is his birthday “Yet another sly move, huh?”

Cat and Hare just snickered at the comment “Aaaw~ we know you love it~” the Cat cooed with heart mark around him.

“Yeah whatever” his blushing face betrayed his sarcasm, and damn rabbit lough voice not helping at all.

After few more minutes talk, they bibbed a good night, then ended the chat call.

Now that Hitoshi just hopes that his new classmate is as cool as both Bakugou.

For first in the month, he finally gets some nice sleep.

Chapter Text

For Aizawa Shouta, Being underground Heroes nowadays is hard, and so much pain in the ass. But maybe not as much as the current Symbol of Peace, All Might. For him as underground Hero, All Might is a dump old frat, naïve and selfish. He more prefers Endeavor of his realistic, and think before act –not like he gonna voice it. But all and all, maybe it’s the dumb-ass, naïve and selfish, that makes him the current Symbol of Peace.

His job as underground Hero is simple but also complicated (in a social way) at the same time. But, his job never becomes this complicated in 3 years span.

Mostly, because of Vigilantes group, Heroes in the Underland –that’s was what they called in Heroes and police department. They don’t have specific goal and motive, but they also didn’t do any crime. In fact, they help Heroes and (mostly) Police, give advice or critique for Heroes, info about Villain, black market route and send Villain to jail –by send, it’s mean the said Villain IS shipped in big wooden box or chest, then send it to the police officer. With heavy delivery service and fake address.

What Shouta know, Heroes in the Underland has currently 3 active members, March Hare, Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat –that’s what they called them self. No one –not even Villain meets or sees them in person. So, he simply thinks these Vigilantes still mysterious and also dangerous at the same time. But his opinion about them began unstable on that fateful day, the day where He invited in “A Mad Tea Party”, hosted by March Hare.

Day Before Shouta meet his new students, in teacher meeting room:

“Tea Party…?” principal Nedzu frown as he read 3 invitation cards in his paw.

Him, Yagi Toshinori –All Might, and Nemuri Kayama –Midnight nodded their head, Shouta opens his mouth “That card is sent by delivery service, with a package of a teacup” he explains as place 3 teacups on his table, colored and designed like their hero costume. “I already check the address on the package, where the party hold, and it’s real”

Nedzu eyes glint in interest “And?”

This time its Midnight who explains “In a Café Alice, Just right beside Police office…” she dryly laughs, “They really know how to play their cards.”

All Might frown at the comment “They play the cards with us, and win” he grumbled to himself, cleared his throat, the current Symbol of Peace stared at still full of interest Nedzu “The Tea party start today after lunch, 3.00 PM, and end at 5.00 PM, 2 hours...” he frown dipper “I hope it’s just me, but it seems like they knew my time limit” the silence of the room is enough to tell him that it’s not only just him that feel the same way.

Then the silent broke by Nedzu with a bright smile on his face “Then what 3 of you waiting for?!”

Eraserhead blink “Perdon…?”

“The 3 of you needs to go! All of you think it’s not trap right?” Nedzu got a nod as the answer, he laughs happily “They no stupid to invite number All Might, Eraserhead and Midnight, on top of that the place is just beside dragon nest! Obviously, they just want to talk!” the principle madly laugh to drink his tea “It’s also a fortune to know and catch their tail!!”

The 3 Heroes just sweet dropped at their principal antic.

Later that day, three of them arrive in front of the said café. With Eraserhead lead, the step inside the café. The writer –drassed like Alice in a blue dress and white apron, notice them and lead them to the underground floor, to their surprise, there were others peoples they know very well “Nighteye and Naomasa-kun? Even young Mario here’s too!?”

Nighteye fix his glasses “I take it that you also get invited too, All Might?”

Snapped from his trough and start to sweet in nervous, All Might scratch his cheek “Well yes. Me and two of my friends here”

Night Eye nod in knowledge at both Eraserhead and Midnight “Take a sit and set your teacup on the small plate in front of you” the said plate is also designed in matching color of their hero costume, expect the lone detective who has his cup in Police symbol.

With not much ado, they do exactly what Nighteye told them, after few seconds, the light in the café underground floor is dimmed, then flicker of light –no, hologram of classic Disney cartoon: Cheshire Cat pop up in middle of table, grinning madly and waving its tail from its lazy position “ Well~ hello! Ladies and Gentleman! My name is Cheshire Cat! ” it has deep dandy voice and hint of cunning inside it.

From the head chair and the chair from its right side, two holograms appear, also in their classic Disney form. “ YASS!! FINALLY, THE TEA PARTY HAS BEGUN!!”  the Mad Hatter bopped up and down in mad excitement, while beside him, at the head table, March Hare shipping his (hologram) tea quietly.

Then suddenly snapped and pointing a (hologram) gun to Mad Hatter head “ Shuss your mouth maggot! Don’t you see I’m trying to drink my tea here?!

Mad Hatter groaned “ Common Bunny! It’s All might! And he comes to our tea party!! ” Mad Hatter laughs loud and madly as one of his gloved hands pointed the said Hero in front of him.

Cheshire Cat chuckled lightly in amusement “ Now~ Now~ both of you, don’t we have something to give? ” it asks as the cat head tilt in disturbing angle.

March Hare huffed his anger and set aside his tea (hologram) “ Fine, Hatter, if you will?

Ass your wish bunny! ” Hatter ruffled his pocket and fish out a broken watch pocket, he tinkers it a bit then with a loud click, the table, just right on top of Heroes and detective cup, filled with many other holograms, floating bright panels of blueprints, a big traditional Japanese house, and many other documents. But what that catch their attention is a picture of the little girl right in the middle of many holograms.

With his voice full of anger, March Hare spoke again “ I want all of you to save the little girl, her name is Eri.

Nighteye raise his eyebrow “And who do you think you are? Can order us like you are the strongest in here?” he crosses his arms, try to read the future from the Vigilante in front of him, but he got nothing, it’s only mean one thing; ‘To read people future, I have to actually see them in person, and they know I can’t active my quirk if they show up in non-existed from. Fucking high-tech and no stupid people I see…’ he watches the Cat, twisting its body, still grinning madly.

Then pop! Suddenly Cheshire Cat head pop in front of him, grinning in the solemn expression “ No gentleman, it’s not an order, it’s a plead, plead from the little one ” than floating paws point at Eri picture.

Loud brawl comes from Mad Hatter, he cries his eyes out “ She’s just 5 and she tortured by a fricking Grem-freak!!

Togata Mario –Millenium, narrowed his eyes in suspicion. “Do you have any proof?”

March Hare glared at Millenium, then pointing his gun to the lone detective “ Ask him, I believe Cheshire Cat sent him that shit of so you called proof, minutes ago!

The said detective twitch at the sudden attention, then give a sullen nod, his face is pale and a hint of grim still there “Yes… then you invite me to this Mad Tea Party” Naomasa give a confirmed look to other Hero, nodding his head, “…and they tell the truth” for all to Heroes, Naomasa is well known as lie detector, even just hearing the voice, his Quirk allow him to tell which is truth and lie.

March Hare shrug his shoulders and continue shipping his tea “ I just love Tea ” he said in deadpan tone “ Hatter who invite all of you when the Cat over there –”  one of his long ears pointed at the cat, that now plopping its big body on All Might's head, again, in lazy potation, while the owner the head stays still –didn’t know how to react “ Tell him about this Eight-good-for-nothing Yakuza group, tortured little girl

Mad Hatter shouting in frustrated “ No bunny! My concern not there!! This Eight-good-for-nothing-scum is want to try made Anti-Quirk medicine with the girl Blood, bone, organs –Oh heck! It’s her Quirk of all! And I’m totally no Go with those Eight-good-for-nothing-scum way to treat suck a cutie!!

At this point, All Might shake in anger, on top of his head Cheshire Cat snickered with madness in his eyes “ Now~ now~ mister I think I’m not-at-all Mighty to let this crime going on~ ” All Might froze, because the Cat on his head is voicing his through right on the nail with sing-song voice. Still snickering, the cat jump and this time, land on top of Eraserhead shoulder “ Calm down~ we can still save the sweet girl~ we no stupid, and I believe most of you know it!

Beside Eraser, Midnight can’t help but voice her comment “How?”

All of Disney characters, March Hare, Mad Hatter, and Cheshire Cat grinning full of madness and anger, know that they winning their game, “ Simple, we call it, steal the candy from the baby!

Present timeline

He still remembers the face of everyone face when they told to kidnap the kid –especially All might, but all well end well, no one dead or even hurts to his delight, they even capture all the Yakuza members. The kidnapping plan executes carefully and successes an hour’s latter after Tea Party, thanks to Cheshire Cats who navigate Nighteye, Midnight and Millenium into the big mansion, and out with the girl. Alongside himself, All Might, other Heroes and police, Mad Hatter and March Hare also distract the Villain, and again, no one sees them how to do that.

Later in midnight, after he sends a report to principle Nedzu and Police Department, Cheshire Cat send him a document about Eri parents, after knowing that the girl parent throws her to the Yakuza, Shouta (forced) become her guardian since she still can’t control her Quirk. Principal Nedzu order, thank you very much.

He already has a troublesome nephew, and now he has a little girl under his wing, just his luck.

A pull from his pants put him back to reality, staring down, Eri staring at him with a worried face. He pulls a small smile and pick up the girl “I’m fine, let’s go to class, you can have your snack after that”

At the word of snack Eri brimming in happiness and a slight smile of her own, she hugged Shouta neck as he patted her back lightly. The smile on the pro Hero face wider, then disappear as he sees his co-worker and long life partner since high school. The said guy is grinning madly as he holds his phone up –probably taking a picture or shit.

Without Eri looking eyes, he sends a glare at the blonde with his Quirk on, giving a message of “your DEATH” with just his glare. After satisfied at the fear on his partner face, Shouta resumes his track to his class, with Eri still in his arms.

Chapter Text

Katsuki’s mood has been foul for this morning. Since he and his brother got out from their beds (yes, that big fucking capsule is Izuku bed), Izuku has been making this buzzing-engine like sound all through their walk to school, even when they arrived at their class, the buzzing is only kept getting louder.

 “Hey, Bakugou, what’s wrong with your brother? I hear this buzzing all morning from him” Jirou Kyouka, if Katsuki not wrong, the girl with sound Quirk related or something.

 Katsuki raises his eyebrow as she nodded at Izuku, the latter starting to vigorously write something in his notebook. Again.

Katsuki sighed, look like the buzzing is already disturbing some of their classmates, especially ones with good ears, Katsuki bopped his brother’s head with a loud bonk making the head slam down on the table with an equally loud thud.

 “What the fuck Kacchan?!” Izuku snapped and glared with his glowing green lens.

Katsuki glared back “Don’t dare you ’what the fuck me!’ It’s what the fuck you! Don’t you realize that you’ve been a buzzing mess, like a freaking broken Television?!”

The comment makes Izuku blink several times, and then he looks at his classmates, searching for confirmation –and got it from both Kyouka and Shouji Mezou, the pair of best ears of the class. The rush of embarrassment and panic fill his systems, blushing head to toe, his head looking increasingly more like a tomato, and his green hair not helping at all. “Shit– I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I don’t mean it! I’m just excited to go to school because –”

 A slap to the head made his rambling stop, with teary eyes, Izuku stares at Katsuki, who was still glaring at him “Shut. The. Fuck. Up.” Is what Katsuki said with glare and dark aura around him.

There are a few seconds of silence, then a round of loud laughter was heard from the class redhead, “Man! You two really have funny brother relationship, huh!?” Eijirou slung his arm around Izuku shoulder “Say, I’ve been wondering this, are you two twins or something?”

Katsuki narrowed his eyes at Eijirou gesture toward Izuku, his protective instinct is tingling, “What the fuck your point, shitty hair?”

Eijirou waved off the insult, still grinning, “What’s wrong with wanting to know your friends more?”

At the word word friends, Izuku smiled brightly, despite yesterday’s awkward moment, this Kirishima Eijirou kid still wants to be their friend.

“Actually, it’s or something, and I’m adopted! Kacchan found me in the forest after my parents left me there.”

The temperature of their classroom dropped as Izuku dropped the bombshell, with a pure-innocent-happy smile.

Katsuki internally slapped his own forehead and curse under his breath. Even though he edited Izuku personality and Izuku picked up a few of Katsuki’s behaviors, for as long as he can remember, this dense and thick-headed root personality had never left the dork.

The silence was cut by the door of their classroom opened and expecting it to be their Sensei, all the students returned to their seats. But as they sat down they noticed that it was the tall boy with the purple hair. His tired eyes scanned at the room, then stopped at Katsuki, giving Katsuki a questioning look in regards to the tense atmosphere he felt in the room.

 “…And you are?” asked someone –Tenya who was inspecting the newcomer.

“Hitoshin!”  Izuku called with an even brighter smile, waving his hands at the purple haired boy, then pointed at the empty seat between him and Yaoyorozu Momo, “I thought you were gonna be late! C’mon! Your seat is right behind me!”

Hitoshi just watches his friend full of amusement as he walks to the empty seat “Good morning to you too” he said with nod to Katsuki who grunted as a reply.

After Hitoshi put his bag on the table, Izuku grinned at the rest of their classmates “Everyone! This is Shinsou Hitoshi, me and Kacchan have known him since before we enrolled into UA, he is going to be our fellow as Hero-in-training and new classmate from now on!” Izuku announced, grinning cheekily and gave a wink at Hitoshi, “He is an awkward one socialization-wise, so be gentle with him!”

“You didn’t have to mention that last part” Hitoshi said as he karate chops Izuku head.

Katsuki was merrily snickering and decided to give a remark; “Said the guy who talks with a cat” if anyone in the class knew the three true identity, it was a double meaning remark.

Hitoshi huffed and took a seat, glaring at the porcupine head “Said the guy who had a thing with cat” he said in flat tone, also with double meaning in it. This bantering was lightening the air around the class and even made some of them start snickering. Can’t imagine Katsuki have a thing with cat.

Though, said Cat that Hitoshi was referring to is sat between him and Katsuki.

The door opened again, this time was their Sensei, with Eri in his arm.

 “Class, take your seat” Shouta walk in and put Eri down onto the small chair and desk beside the podium(god-knows-where-it came-from) , then gave the girl a coloring book and a set of crayons. With tired look, he scans the room and stopped at his nephew “I take it that you all know Shinsou Hitoshi?” looks like his nephew was doing fine with his first impression to the class as he got a stiff and enthusiast nod from his students, “Well, let’s begin our homeroom for today…”


His name is Monoma Neito, he’s proud with his Quirk and its capabilities. He was in Class 1–B. Hero Department, and it’s still sore spot for him that he wasn’t in the Class A, so don’t provoke him with it, thank you very much.

Actually, since yesterday, he hear rumor form Class 1–A.

Jealous, anger and all negative feelings fill him as he hear that one of Class 1–A’s students got exchanged with a freaking random General Department student, and it’s irritated him with no end.

Why not from his class?

Why not Him?!

That’s why he is going to check this weak-ass Gen.dep student, because he doesn't approve of said student stealing the empty spot, his empty spot.

He stalks, um, observes the Class A one by one, if the rumor is right, this ex-gen.dep is tall and purple– ‘hm?

A tall, purple-haired male student came into the cafeteria, yawning lazily, and beside him, was the famous Bakugou brothers. Famous because of their insane performance in entrance practical exam, and it’s also because of them, he became a Class B student.

Neito keep his eyes on the weird trio, ‘I see that purple bastard already has friends…’ he ground his teeth as his hate and jealous increased. ‘…And it’s the Ba-stard-kugou’s of all people!

The green headed Bakugou walked between the blonde and purple kid, smiling nervously as the boys from his sides bantering, forgot the green headed Bakugou between them, on the other side of the small green Bakugou, the ash blond Bakugou glaring angrily at the purple haired ex-gen.dep student “You fucking purple onion! The hell you mean by that?!”

The purple student sighed and gave a look at the blond Bakugou “Ask yourself for that, it’s obvious that your Quirk uses your own sweat, and if someone dumped a bucket of cold water, your sweat glands would shrink.” The purple headed smirked, “That means anyone and everyone can beat you” he said with deadpan tone.

Seems like the blond froze at the remarks, but from the look of his face, the blond has his own pride to protect “Tch-! You can’t even control someone who’s injured or pained! Even a small bump is enough to escape from your weak ass control!”

This time the purple kid froze, then scowled as he glared at the blond “Haa?! Said that again, you porcupine!”

“What? You wanna Go, Purple Onion?”

Can’t hold himself back anymore, Neito step out from his corner, uncaring to his classmate’s call, daring himself to cross the safety line.

 “Eh~? So you’re the infamous ex-General-kun, huh?” Neito didn’t care that his smile and voice was full of mockery. He just keeps a keen eye to the purple-kid.

The first one who responded is the blond Bakugou “What the fuck does an extra like you want?”

Smirk on Neito face got even wider “Nothing~ at last not from you,” he pointed his finger to the purple haired boy “You” both blue and purple shade eyes narrowed, the owners glaring each other for a full minute until Neito break the silent “I’m not approve you as new Hero student” ‘Especially not after you stole MY spot!

Like reading what the Copy Quirk boy was thinking, the purple haired boy smirk and raise up his chin, chocked an eyebrow “So? You got a problem with that?” taunting the half head shorter blond.

Neito clicked his tongue “You! –” and his memories blurred right when the control of his body is practically out of windows.


Hitoshi watches the cocky blond walk at slow pace to his classroom; making a note to remember the cocky blond’s face, because sometimes, grudge is a pain in the ass. Beside him, Katsuki and Izuku wore the same grin –their trademark matching eat shitting grin, totally enjoying that Hitoshi use his Quirk on the cocky blond.

Hitoshi internally sighed as he continue walk to Cooking Hero, Lunch Rush, to grab his lunch and coffee. Izuku didn’t make any bento for him and Katsuki today, the latter said that he want to analyze Lunch Rush’s food. ‘Finally, food…

He took his tray at the same time as light slap and fist bump hit his shoulders come from both his sides, “You don’t need anyone approval to become a Hero!” Izuku said with cheeky grin.

“That fucker is just fucking jealous” Katsuki deadpanned, but refused to look at Hitoshi.

All Hitoshi did is huff out his amusement, look like they’re misunderstanding his slack shoulders of hunger for food, as a sad feeling. He appreciate their concern and also have to bit down his laugh as he spoke again, “I think I’ll grab a lunch menu for today” he said with his usual monotone voice.

He smiled slightly as grumbled of “Hot Currie” and exciting “Katsudon!” come from his sides.

Really, he seriously has good friends.


“Hey Baku-bro, ‘Zuku and new guy!” called someone, and the said someone was none other than Kirishima Eijirou, the kid is grinning and waving in their direction “Let’s have lunch together!” Eijirou pointed at table he seat with other two Class 1–A students, there still three empty seats, one between Tenya and a girl named Uraraka Ochako, two at the end of table, beside Eijirou who sat across Tenya and Ochako.

Katsuki shrugged and took the seat at the end of table, one seat away from Eijirou, and technically seated in front of Ochako. The said girl was giving Katsuki a look as he dumped unbelievable amount of death-hot sauce on his already red colored Currie.

Izuku happily took the seat between Tenya and Ochako, great them with bright smile. While Shinsou sat himself between Katsuki and Eijirou, nodding at the other three.

“I know it’s late, but let me introduce myself and my follow friends”

Actually, Hitoshi don’t need it, because Izuku already sent him a stack of profile of his new classmates and the alien had insisted that he to memorized them before he came to class this morning, but, what’s the pain in being friendly?

 “Sure” he nodded at Tenya to begin the introducing.

“Well, my name Iida Tenya and this one hare is Uraraka Ochako, than beside you is…”

“Kirishima Eijirou! It’s nice to mecha, Shinsou!” Eijirou give him a thumb up, which is to Eijirou’s delight, returned with fist bump from Shinsou.

Hitoshi smiled, ‘Look like they’ll be nice to be friends with…’ “Nice to meet the three of you, Shall we eat then?” because honestly he seriously hungry right now.

The others nodded, mumbling “Ittadakimasu” and eat their lunch. They talk about small things like lessons and stuff, the conversation keep flying and tossed between them, then their conversation become more twisted kind of joke, until;

“Bakugou-kun –” Ochako’s call was greeted by expected “Yes?” and “Huh?” from both Bakugou. Hitoshi did not even hide his amusement at the look on both Izuku and Katsuki faces.

Katsuki glared Ochako and Hitoshi at this, “Be specific, round face. Call Izu by his given name or whatever” actually, it’s also indirect request to also call him Katsuki, try to make it sound friendly, but he will never voice it. Never.

Izuku give a reassuring smile to Ochako “At your own pace, Uraraka-san” he tilts his head “What is it?”

With reddening cheek of her already blushing cheek, Ochako cleared her throat “Um, who do you think our teacher in Heroes Fundamentals training after lunch?”

The question make Katsuki and Shinsou stiffen, they already had a good guess who is the teacher, but Izuku refuse to tell them who actually it is, said alien had hacked, em, borrowed whole document of their school after all.

When a sly smile bloomed on Izuku face for a brief two seconds, Katsuki and Hitoshi already knew that Izuku wouldn’t give an actual answer “Hmm… It’s kind of a tricky question… UA is full of surprises you know?”

From his other side, Tenya nodded his head while chopping his hand through the air “I know what you mean, Baku –” a look from Katsuki was enough to make Tenya correct himself “I mean, Izuku-kun. Aizawa-sensei is still giving us nerve after that first day.”

Izuku grinning sheepishly, “Well, I and Kacchan aren’t, or more like can’t complain at that particular event…”

Katsuki grumbled; “I hate that fucking short-pervert” after swallowing the last bite of his extra hot curie and chug down a glass of warm water.

“Say, um, Katsuki-kun…” Ochako blinked owlishly at the remark from Katsuki “Is there any particular reason you hate perverts?” it’s not like she’s fond of them either, but curiosity is keep creeping on the edge of her brain.

Katsuki glared at Ochako, really glaring anywhere else other than his brother and Hitoshi, knowing them, they must be looking at him with mirth in their eyes.

 “It’s complicated” he grumbled out.

Hitoshi didn’t buy it and he couldn’t hold himself anymore, he actually laughed openly and gave a mock whispering gesture to others, while purposely talking out loud enough for everyone in the table could heard him “He is just has this Brother Complex situation”

Katsuki snapped and glared at Hitoshi “No am not!”

Hitoshi ignored it with sharp edged smirk on his face “Actually, it’s because Izuku was molested by perverts in public and sometimes inside the train. There’s even more who tried and attempt to kidnap him, I mean, look at him!” Hitoshi pointed at Izuku, the latter cutely, in Hitoshi opinion, tilt his head with a confused look in his bright-big green lens, moving ever slightly with his cat ear “Who didn’t want to keep such a cute creature to themselves?” Hitoshi don’t have top notch pride, so he had no shame to call Izuku cute.

Izuku, blushing at the sudden compliment (or insult?) and as dumb as ever he is, Izuku drop the bombshell with innocent face “Is get invited by stranger house, also included as, aah… Kidnapped…?”

Cold and dark aura come from Hitoshi side, the owner of said aura is actually smiling, pure of madness and dark feeling, if you strain your eyes hard, you can see twitching tendon on his forehead, making Ochako, Tenya and Eijirou shiver. Katsuki wordlessly left the table, with Izuku hot in his heels; still didn’t understand why his human brother angry.

…too thick headed for a cunning-cat…’ Hitoshi stared blankly at Izuku, and the only one who didn’t break a sweat –too used on Katsuki behavior for his liking, “Well… that’s a lesson for us today, don’t molest or insult someone brother, since the guy absolutely has no chill and seriously has a complex with the said brother.” He can’t help but said it in deadpan tone.

The others give silent agreement with only a look on their faces.

Never poke lion in its cage with a stick.


Hitoshi enters the classroom from behind his class, back from the bathroom, behind him, Eijirou and another blond of the class, Kaminari Denki, joked at each other.  He found them on their way back from buying something to drink.

As he passed the first row from behind, he stops, distracted at something, something that catches his peripheral view. Slowly turn to his right, the first thing he sees is red and white, and then different colored eyes, then the scar on the left side. The Class stops their activity of anything they do, watch full of curiosity and wonder, what the heck their tall-purple fellow going to do.

But Hitoshi didn’t do anything, he just turns around and sits quietly, leave the confuse Todoroki Shouto. Not missing the strange behavior of their friend, Izuku and Katsuki studied Hitoshi face, but only found mirth on his purple eyes on his ever tired face. Hitoshi lazily rests his head on the table, while his hand busy on something, hiding from their view.

A buzz from Katsuki phone and a Notification at Izuku view, stop them to ask the purple boy. Carefully, they open, while Izuku looks like dazed, a quarter of his conscious connected to Underland, Katsuki phone scan at his middle finger at the back of his phone, where the fingerprint scanner located –allow him to login without taking a picture.

The appearance of the app flip with the familiar semi-chibi avatar; spiky fur ball of ash blond colored gijinka-rabbit, in its usual black and royal red suit and small gold crown on his head, sitting on the orange mushroom, while it’s steaming tea-set just right beside him on the small simple round coffee table. The rabbit holding a book in its paws, reading it with bored and scowls expression.

With his skill full finger Katsuki opens the new notification. He bites his tongue, tries his best not to laugh as he read the non-group-call massage from Hitoshi; I’m so gonna call that half-n-half Zukko if he paints his hair ebony brown. And below it is the stamp of Mad Hatter clutching his middle, trembling by the force of his mad laughter, which covered with his other hand, to keep him silent.

Behind Katsuki, he can swear to hear a soft giggle from certain alien and snort from certain brainwasher as a second later, green-black stripped colored fluffy cat appear, said; Congratulation me! I’m free from the nickname! Grinning happily and popping confetti.

An expected comment of, ‘Seriously!? That fucking purple onion has to stop watching that freaking Avatar-bullshit’ popped in his head. Katsuki responded with rolled eye stamp of his own March Hare character; My money is on half-n-half going to fucking confuse why he called Zukko.

Then the cat sends the nicely edited picture of Todoroki Shouto, with ebony brown hair and dialog of “Yeah, Sure, whatever”, beside his straight face; My money is on Todoroki-kun said this, then there also stamp of sly smirked Cat with teasing wink.

Katsuki bites his tongue harder as another wave of laughter bubble up his chest. While Hitoshi slumped on his table, clutching his mouth and middle, both willed them self to not laugh like a madman inside the Class because the art of Todoroki-Zukko is just so priceless.

Izuku keeps silent with a dazed gaze, act like he read his book, but internally laugh, don’t actually try to care, at the front and back of his seat is filled with boys that actually suffer, protect their good name and pride.

Suddenly, the front door of their class was opened, “FEAR NOT!! ‘CUZ IM HERE TO TEACH!!” All Might save the Day! Thanks, fucking goodness above! The bulking-bara Hero posed with his hand on his hips, standing proudly behind the podium. “And enter the class like a normal person!” which is not, and his grinning face not helping him to look the so-called normal person.

Taking a shaky breath, Katsuki flipped his switch to focus.

Hitoshi promised himself to not look at the certain red-white haired kid for the day, not after that Zukko pic from the Cat.

Izuku off of his connection with

Joking is over, now, time to focus to their Class.

Chapter Text

Like the proud father professional Hero he is, The Symbol of Peace, All Might, watched as one by one of his babies Students!Dammit, brain! Stop!’  walked in their brand new Hero costumes. He nodded in approval; mentally checking off each one by one their costumes, “Congratulations, from now on, all of you are Heroes!” he said with pride, but then his sunken blue eyes dropped down to one group who principal Nedzu ordered him to watch out for. Why? He himself didn’t know.

“What a Killing taste, Hito-shit, you and your shitty costume will be totally killing our image if you stand beside us,” said Katsuki-boy, full of sarcasm and with a mocking grin, but there’s no actual bite in his comment. Hidden behind his red high-tech transparent visor, All Might still can see the boy's red orbs, full of mirth and pride for his friend.

Young Shinsou adjusts his mask with bluish transparent visor, the boy's voice was not muffled at all, in fact, it’s clearer and easy to catch any expression from just his voice “Shut the fuck up!” Aizawa's nephew held a red phone-like device, in All Might's opinion, it looked like he was adjusting something on his mask with the red device.

My pentab and scanner Fucking broken!

( )


Then, a sigh came from an unknown figure –no, wait… it’s Young Izuku! The robot Quirked boy stood tall, almost as tall as Katsuki-boy. “We know you look up to your uncle or whatever, but I didn’t expect you to actually rip-off the base design of his costume” it’s still the young Izuku's voice, but slightly distorted and robotic, was it the effect of his fully transformed from? Or was it from the helmet the boy wore?

Shinsou-boy is just shrugged and pocketed his red device inside the white pocket of his utility belt, hidden behind his jacket, yep, one was that similar with Eraser's costume “The idea is to be undetected and natural. I can’t let my enemy know my trick when I use my Quirk, besides, I don’t want to have a matching costume with you guys”

Izuku shook his head and mumbled something about Katsuki and his costumes not practically matching. But young Shinsou's comment made Katsuki-boy smug and he puffed up his chest “Oh, please~ don’t be jealous like a bitch Hito-shit”

“No, I'm not! and it’s Hitoshi!”

“Yeah sure, Hitoshin

“You fucking Ton-Katsu–”

Izuku sighed yet again “Seriously guys? Don’t start it now” but to no avail, the bantering still went on.

“Izuku-kun? Is that you?” they stopped when young Iida approached the wonder trio, he inspected the fully transformed Izuku. The trio turned to the owner of the voice that called to Izuku, not expecting that they'd draw so much attention and curious stares, especially the said stare for Izuku.

The robot-boy nodded his head “Yes, it's me Izuku. Is there something wrong?”

The Inginium Jr. shook his head “No! Of course not! it’s just that um… your height…”

Snickering came from both young Shinsou and Katsuki-boy “I know right…? The shrimp's original height is almost the same as our explodo-boy over here.”


“This is his original height?!” comes the Uraraka-girl voice from behind young Iida, she inspected Izuku's full transformed from “…why is your… erm, normal form? Why is it shorter?”

Katsuki-boy snorted, jabbing his thump in Izuku's direction, “He's just lazy” that wasn't actually an answer. But his comment got his side jabbed by the dull side of Izuku's sharp claw.

The robot-boy shrugged, ignoring the glare from his human brother “It’s just easy to move around at that height and compressed form,” he then gestured to himself “Aside for my helmet, this is actually my original form and height. But,” he held out his palms, slightly moving his sharp-clawed fingers and tapping his feet. “In this form, I can’t actually hold anything or wear shoes without destroying it, that’s why I compress myself and make myself look more human than a walking-destroyer”

Young Iida made a slightly confused voice “Compressing in terms of…”

"I make myself Short” Izuku finished, deadpan.

A burst of laughter came from Katsuki-boy and young Shinsou, while Uraraka-girl was giggling with teary eyes, even some of the students also snickered and were amused by the wonder trio. Even the current symbol of peace was amused at the scene ‘They really are full of wonder!

The amused and light atmosphere was broken by a loud distorted shriek from Izuku “Ha- Hagakure-san!! Why are you not wearing any clothes?!” the robot-boy said, pointing at the floating gloves on the air, the invisible Quirked girl, Hagakure Toru.

Said girl answered with confusing tone “It’s my quirk you know? Not wearing any is for maximized-”

“That’s not the fucking problem here!!” the explode-boy frantically took his visor off of his face, making the world know of his blushing face.

Also with a blushing face, Aizawa nephew did the same as Katsuki-boy, took off the visor-part from his mask as well as his jacket, showing that he was wearing a sleeveless shirt, then through said jacket to the invisible girl, make the girl squeak as the jacket smacked her body “Hagakure we understand that you fully invisible for others in your… costume.” All Might swore that the purple boy has lost his control “But when Katsuki and I wear our visors… and for Izuku even though he doesn't wear a visor, it’s…” Shinsou didn’t dare to finish his words, and the red from his face started to creep down to his neck.

“Woah, wait- wait a damn minute, bro!” Kirishima said blushing a little “So… a minute ago, you both wearing that high-tech visor…” he then pointed at Izuku, who covered his face with his clawed hands “…and Izuku naturally can see Hagakure. That means you three…”

“EH?! Does that mean Baku –em, Izuku-kun could actually see me this whole time?!”

At this point, Katsuki snapped and growled in anger and embracement at the same time “JUST WEAR THE FUCKING JACKET ALREADY, YOU BITCH!!!”

Slumped on the ground, Izuku-boy didn’t dare to look up “Please wear it Hagakure-san, for the sake of my mind!” and the boy practically did traditional dogeza, begging for the invisible girl to wear Shinsou's jacket.

Minutes after that bizarre moment, the class finally calmed down, with Hagakure-girl wearing much the bigger jacket of young Shinsou’s. Izuku collected himself, both Katsuki-boy and young Shinsou placed their visor in their previous position –but the three still refused to look in the invisible girls' direction.

“Well, then Class! Let’s begin our training!” ‘…and hopefully no more drama for the day


The training turns out that it was a mock battle, with non-lethal moves and teamwork were the key to this training. They going to be given different role per team, and the team’s pick with a lottery, which is turn out, Miraculously:

Group A: Ashido Mina & Kirishima Eijirou.

“Niihihihi! I,t has been a while huh? Kirishima~”

With a slight blush, Eijirou nodding his head “Yeah, since middle school graduation, I guess? I’m sorry for not great you earlier” he said still with a nervous smile.

Mina grinning and nudge Eijorou side “You look better with that new hair! Not gloom-n-doom!”

The red on his cheeks now can compare with his hair “Oh! Common! Please don’t mention it now!”

“Right~ Right~! It’s your High School Hair Debut after all!”

“Ashido!” Mina can’t help but giggle at Eijirou red face and almost pouting expression.

Group B: Todoroki Shoto & Yaoyorozu Momo.

Momo smiled softly at the teen, “Todoroki-san pleasure that I can work with you.”

Shoto himself has internal complex “Same for me,” he said with his own soft smile, hard to see, but it’s there.

Group C: Tokoyami Fumikage & Asui Tsuyu,

With a kero, Tsuyu nodded at Fumikage “Let’s do our best Tokoyami-chan”

Fumikage slightly feel discomfort at the honorific, but also give a polite nod “Like wises, Asui-san –”

“Please, call me Tsuyu-chan”

If not  for the black feathers that covered his entire head, the world would know that he blushing ever so slightly, but before he opened his beak, a familiar figure creeped up from behind him “And call me Dark Shadow, nice to meet you, Tsuyu-chan!”

“Dark Shadow!”


While the bird-headed boy was bantering with his companion, Tsuyu couldn't help but thought that the boy and his companion were cute.

Group D: Kouda Kouji & Shouji Mezou,

Mezou raised his hand and made become his mouth to speak; “Let’s work hard on this, Kouda”

The shy boy nodded his head at the taller teen, he willed himself to not to freak out at the arms-teen's tall body. “Please be gentle to me, Shouji-kun,” Kouji said in a soft tone.

Group E: Kaminari Denki & Jirou Kyouka,

“Eh?! Seriously? You have that ultra rare album?!” Denki almost, almost, screamed and stared at the girl beside him with a dumbfounded expression.

The girl rolled her eyes but had this giddy feeling since someone in the Class had the same taste in music as she did. “I'll input the recorder inside my phone if you want to hear it,” she said with a little blush.

“Really!! Man, I’m fired up now! Let’s do our best, Jirou!”

Kyouka smiled at the funny look on Denki's face “Yeah, sure”

Group F: Satou Rikidou & Sero Hanta,

“Hey Sero, want some candy?” offered the thick-lipped boy in his ridiculous yellow body suit.

Hanta shook his head “Thank you but no, please keep it for yourself for future use.”

Rikidou just shrugged his shoulder and pocketed his candy. “Just tell me if you want some candy, ok?” knowing the answer was still no.

Though, Hanta is grateful, because his nerves relaxed a little.

Group G: Iida Tenya & Aoyama Yuuga,

“Aoyama-kun, its pleasure that we can work together”

“Non~ non~ Mr Iida, let’s do this lightly, it’s no use if we rush things,” said the sparkly boy with a sparkly wink behind his red glasses.

Group H: Hagakure Toru & Ojiro Mashirao,

Still wearing Hotoshi's jacket, Toru pumped her fist up “Yoosshaaa!! I’m fired up!” then she faced Mashirao “Let’s do this, Ojiro-kun!”

The tailed boy smiled and nodded at her enthusiasm “Of course, Hagakure-san” he said with a soft smile, “Hagakure-san…?” he blinked in confusion as Toru covered (?) her face with her hands.

“Just now… our eyes met! Ojiro-kun can see me too? How?!”

Mashirao just blushed and looked away “Hmm… I wonder why…?” it’s nothing special really because if you learnt and trained enough, you could feel human presences around you. But, no, he was not gonna tell the girl that technique, it almost made him feel like a stalker.

Group I: Shinsou Hitoshi & Uraraka Ochako,

“We are soo doomed” Hitoshi heavily sighed. Beside him, Ochako blinked several times. Hitoshi caught the look on the gravity girl's face, then straightened himself “…And no, it’s not because I’m team up with you”

Ochako blushed slightly, wondering how the boy know what she was thinking, was it his Quirk or something? “Then why?”

Even though he was hiding behind his mask, Ochako still could see and hear Hitoshi's expression, said boy nodded his head toward something behind her “See it yourself” Ochako still wanted to ask why, but her question died down as she looked what was behind her. She put two with two together, then understood why her training partner said they were so doomed.

Group J: Bakugou Katsuki & Bakugou Izuku.

“…I feel like the entire universe is playing with us” Izuku said, waving lazily in Hitoshi's direction, who responded by sending them dirty look.

Katsuki rolled his eyes at the look and showed his nice finger to Hitoshi, who also replied with two nice fingers of his own “And here I fucking thought that we could fight each other…”

They exchanged a knowing look and a second later, they both laughed as quiet as they could, but just ended up looking like what looked like an evil laugh from classic Villain comics, make the students nearby step back from the crazy brothers. “Let’s kick some ass real quick.”

Katsuki grinned at the challenge “Fuck yeah.”

Chapter Text

All Might's booming voice came through the intercom and said; “Both teams! Take your scheduled positions. We will start in 5 minutes

The Heroes inspected the building's blueprint, guessing where and how they would secure the bomb, and The Villain team on the 5 floor took their sweet time in preparing what will come to secure their bomb.

While Katsuki stretched his shoulders, beside him, Izuku inspected 10 green cubes, chained with (Izuku's) special electromagnetic belt, each were labeled by number, and cute cat-themed print (such as paws, tail, ears, whisker) on them, “You going to use those shit?” he couldn't see it, but he was sure that Izuku was smiling as he popped the cubes from their chain.

Floating Unit Cat-cher Kitties

Yeah. That’s what Izuku called his cubes, what a shitty name for something that's so high tech. The Alien really has no naming sense.

Izuku giggled a bit as he piled the cubes on his palm “They do a good job in cramped places like this” he let out a small green spark from his palm to his cubes; switching the cubes On as they started to float and circled Izuku in slow motion, “Ichiya, will assist you Kacchan” said cube, with No.1 label on it, floated and landed on Katsuki right shoulder. “…and make sure you don’t break them, it takes whole weeks to make and rebuild them!”

Katsuki scoffed and continued warming up to build up some sweat “Which one?” he asked out of nowhere, knowing that Izuku will understand what he meant.

Izuku hummed, he started to mess with the floating cubes around him, making the cubes make a sounds of soft mewing and purring, “As long as you don’t give Yaoyorozu-san time to create her weapon and don’t let Todoroki-Kun coat you with his petty half-assed Quirk, either is fine by me.” then he started teasing the cubes near his tail.

Katsuki huffed his amusement at the bizarre scene in front of him “Fine, I’ll take fucking both of them, you do the support role here.”

Izuku sighed and nodded “We must hold back though…” he then shook his head in amusement “I don’t want us to become killers by accident”

“Then let’s just fucking hope they don't disappoint us like a pair of bitches, if they have any shitty brains, I believe they can win this. By shitty luck, they fucking need it.”

“You know that's freaking impossible right?!” Izuku groaned at Katsuki's shit-eating grin “Let’s just pray we don’t destroy this cramped-building and All Might-sensei doesn't get mad at us…” Katsuki just shrugged and went back to warming up his body, putting more vigour in it.


Back in the observation rooms, All Might sweat dropped at how fast the Bakugou’s built up their strategy by small chat, and they openly said it with their intercom on, letting the No.1 Hero know what they're talking about. ‘They're confident… or is it just arrogance…?

“What a sly move… hope those bastards don’t overdo it, they may break their opponents with a perfect win” mumbled someone, it was young Shinsou, beside him.

All Might almost spew out a stream of blood at the young boy's face, ‘Bloody hell! That freaks me out! This wonder group is really not good for my stomach’

Almost it seems like young Shinsou read his mind as said boy looked up to him with mirth in his eyes, but he didn’t comment on it, and just continued his previous thoughts about the fight, “You better not disregard it Sensei, since this going to end real quick when they both team up” Uraraka-girl, who seemed like just catch the last part, gave a questioning look. Then again, like he could read her mind, he looked at Uraraka-girl “Just watch Uraraka, you'll soon know what I mean”

Make it 3, I hope it’s not pride or something that makes them act like that’ the boy's eyes were not leaving the monitor, watching it with less interest but an intense stare. ‘His Quirk is Brainwash… not mind-reading… right?’ Curious with what young Shinsou meant, All Might turned on his intercom “Begin!” he declared with confidence, trying to pushes away the nagging feeling about these Wonder Trio knowing his secret because no way could these possibly boys know!



As the All Might declared the beginning of the training, Shoto's right hand touched the wall in the first floor hallway, and froze the whole building, behind him, Momo was holding a steel pole, and wearing a heavy coat, shivering a bit at the sudden low temperature of the room, Shoto mumbled to the tall girl; “Stay close to my left side” then he walked carefully, stern eyes watching at every corner for possible ambush. He stopped in his tracks when he heard a distant explosion, but didn’t know from where. ‘Floor above us… second floor?

They made a quick progress in searching for the fake-bomb and went up to the second floor. Still not finding anything, ‘I’m sure that the explosion had come from this floor… a decoy?

It was when they made their way to the stairs that lead them to the third floor; “There's someone coming!” Momo warned him, the girl is wearing some kind of hearing device that she made just before they climbed up to the second floor.

Shoto and Momo instantly go into their defensive positions. Momo took off the device and stored it in the pocket on her belt.

The Hero team could hear a loud crack, like something sharp, had landed and pierced the ice floor. ‘How can they still can move? I froze the whole floor and everything that connected to it…’ there was a sound at the end of the hall, the sound that made by ice being stab with something sharp. Then there was shrieking of ice ( from the wall maybe?) being graced with something even sharper. 


Black sharp claws crushed the corner of the frozen wall, then a head with glowing red visor, and glowing set of red jagged teeth peek from the corner “Oya~?”  a distorted and creepy robotic-childish voices came from it, send shiver at the Heroes team “Well~ -kssshk- Wel~come~ our dearest Hero~ -ksshk- and Heroine~” the form giggled creepily, its voice was changing randomly, from man to woman, and back again to child, like a broken radio with every hiss it caused.

“Bakugou-san…?” Momo was in shock, the bouncy-cute boy of the class, turn into (like) a real Villain. All the greenish colouring vanished from the green boy's costume and body parts, changing to a stark blood red, and the flash of red jagged teeth on the boy's front helmet not helping at all. It made him more intimidating and he screamed danger.

The boy tilted his head and the grin on his (projector) helmet get wider “Bakugou…? Which one? Could you be more specific?”  He pointed at himself  and said in normal-Izuku Voice “Me?-kssss…-” then pointed at Momo direction, hissing; “-…ssshk-Or Me?” with Katsuki's voice.

Shoto cursed under his breath at what Izuku meant, and as he turned around; Katsuki was standing there, palms up with small piling explosions. He was grinning victoriously, also blocking their only escape route in the long windowless hallway ‘How the fuc–?!



The last think Shoto remembered shielding Momo from the direct hit of the explosion.


Back again at observation room, just as All Might started the training and Shoto's ice was about to reach the top building, Katsuki broke the glass and jumped off from the windows at the opposite of entrance of the building, making small explosions to soften his landing. After that, he slipped in again from a window he skillfully opened, then began following team Hero in a safe distance. Completely soundless and undetected, he wasn't even didn’t emitting one of his dark auras.

“I don’t expect that Baku-bro to be able to do perfect stealth like a freaking assassin!” Eijirou cursed under his breath as Momo made a hearing device, but still didn’t notice Katsuki stalking from behind her. “We'd be doomed if that guy chose to be Villain, I mean, look at that!” he pointed at the moment when Heroes Team walked carefully to the second floor, Katsuki just needed four silent leaps through the stairs and stay in his stealth. Creeping out from the shadow, just to watch and follow, and murmured something through the intercom.

Even though hidden behind his mask, Hitoshi didn’t let his expression slip. He critically calculated for the strategies for him and Ochako’s fight. Thankfully their fight is the last one  of the day, so he can carefully build a solid strategies to win, while whisper at Ochako to answer her questions, out of his opponent earshot.

At the middle of the class, Denki watched in awe as Izuku ran with ease on the ice with his clawed feet, skipping the stairs with several jumps, and also landing with ease. This continue until Izuku arrived at the second floor “I wonder what that floating cubes for?” said cubes were floating around Izuku all the time, and at the same time Izuku made his dramatic appearance in front of the Hero team, the cubes floated up  higher and flew just above the Hero team, unnoticed.

As on cue of Izuku pointing at Momo direction, Katsuki also made his move and held his palm up. Then;


There was too much smoke that it covered the every camera of the second floor, making the Class have to wait until it cleared “Mission Completed” All Might jolted right up as both Bakugou’s said it at the same time, and he could feel the smugness from both of them. Then after the smoke screen cleared, showed that both Shoto and Momo tied in a green electric chain, or, more like the green cubes that let off magnetic electricity to connect each other, creating a green electric chain, tying both dazed Shoto and almost fainted Momo.

Looks like confidence describe their actions!’ “With both members of the Hero team defeated, the Villain team wind!” declared All Might, still unable to believe what happen. They not only broke the record of the fastest win by 5 minutes and 8 seconds, but they also work with flying score, ‘Wide point of view, Efficient at dealing their opponent, and excellent team work. I believe Aizawa is so gonna rub it on Blood King or Mic, and I can’t deny it that I also want to rub it in Endeavour's face. The guy beard is going to be real warm!’ and All Might didn’t even bother to hide his smiling grinning face at the idea of teasing the flame Hero.


“HAHAHA!! What a fight! Good job for both teams!” All Might give a thump up and his glinting smile “Now class, what we learn from this fight?” Hitoshi raised his hand “Yes, Young Shinsou?”

“That we learned, to never team up both Bakugou together again. Never.” He said with a deadpan voice, which earned him light slap on the shoulder from Katsuki. This brought up snickering around him. But small smile from Momo, and sour look from Shoto.

Shoto raised his hand “That we need to be more careful and watch our back” he also said it deadpanly and glared at Bakugou’s. Especially Katsuki, since the guy's smug face makes Shoto want to punch it with the firey fist of his left hand. Breaking his oath or not, he really wanted to do it.

Momo also raised her hand “That our opponent can attack from everywhere and in any way.” She cringed at the Stun Grenade from Katsuki, It didn't hurt thanks to Shoto, just hot and bright, and made her skin and costume stink of smoke. She really needed to have a good shower and to wash her costume after this training.

All Might nodded in approval, “Exactly, now who do you think is the MVP here?”

Kacchan/Deku” said both Bakugou’s.

But Katsuki seems like not buy it, “HAAH?! Oi, don’t dare you fucking joke with me, Deku” Katsuki growled the last part “Fucking said that again and I’m gonna blow your head off!!” Katsuki jabbing his finger at front of Izuku helmed “You assisted me with my landing trough Ichiya and sneaking behind those extras!” he snapped and glared at Izuku.

With his finger blunt side, Izuku swapped the finger in front of him “But it’s you who gave the finishing blow!” this time Izuku was the one who jabbing on Katsuki chest.

You were the one fucking distract those extras attention!!”

“But it was you who planned to ambush them at that hallway!”

“Don’t fuck with me Deku! You held them in that electric shit cubes!”

Shinsou just let out a tired sigh, while both Bakugou’s bantered about stupid stuff, again. Hitoshi rubbed his head at the incoming headache “Could you two, lovebirds, stop? My head start to ache hearing you chipping each other…”

FUCK YOU!!” said both Bakugou’s, then they were back to growling and snarling at each other. The monitor on Izuku helmed showed a comical motion of shark teeth grinding and bearing, totally mirroring Katsuki expression right now.

A booming laugh cut off their argument, ‘I wonder why they don’t like to put themselves up’ and solid big hand rested on the Bakugou’s shoulders “Well, Bakugou-Anii here is right. Izuku-shonen, You are the MVP of the fight! I kept monitoring both of your movements and interactions, but it’s clear that you not only knew how to defeat your opponents with their advance on the field by distracting them, but at the same time, you also assisted your teammate in winning in fair and square!”

To All Migh'st delight, the others clapped and also praised Izuku “Congratulations Izuku, you the man” said Hitoshi with flat tone and he clapped slowly, totally mocking at Izuku who was flustered by the praises from his classmates and All Might.

“Yeah Izu, pft, fucking good for you” Katsuki never grew bored of teasing Izuku, his brother is just too easy to tease.

Aah… so that’s why they don’t put themselves up on too because whoever was at the top, gets mocked and teased…’ All might inwardly laughed at himself at the Irony of his status for No.1 Hero.

All Might and his other classmate aside, right now Izuku really wanted to smack the smug bastard and purple eyes bags in front of him. “Shut Up!! I hate you guys!!

“We love you too” Hitoshi deadpanned triggering laughter and guffawing from his other classmates, including Katsuki.

All Might shook his head at the wonder group's antics “Alright Class, let’s move on to the next pair of teams!”

Chapter Text

Mina was an intense girl by his standards, but that was also the reason why he crushed on her so badly. While he himself, just had decent looks (in his perspective), and red dyed hair to match his Idol Hero, Crimson Riot.

Where was he? Oh right, He has a crush on Mina.

Anyway, the trigger was back at their Middle school day, when he almost killed by a Villain, then there’s a girl with spunk, who stood tall in front of him. Even though her legs and fingers trembled so badly, she refused to show that she was scared, she kept her brave face as she screamed at him “Don’t worry! I will protect you!” with the brightest smile and blushing cheeks on her already pink skins.

At that point, his like for red hues was turned to love.

Yeah, he knows, such a lame way to fall in love with a girl.

“Hmm, hey Kirishima, which floor do you think they're on?”

Mina's voice snapped him from his thoughts ‘Dang it Eijirou! Focus!!’ Eijirou hummed then sighed in defeat “I don’t know”

“Your point is~?”

“Honestly? I don’t know what Satou and Sero's quirks are, I mean, yeah I know yours and vice-versa”

Mina also nodded in agreement, then a sly grin spread over her lips, “then what about this!?” she leaned into Eijirou's personal space and whispered something. And whatever that something was, it made Eijirou grin widely.



The plan was simple, “ATTAAACK!!!” they yelled at the same time. With Eijirou at the front as defence and punching-bag, Mina readied herself for any ambush with acid on her arms. After they ran and rounded the corner of the third floor, they found Rikidou.

With maniac laughter, Mina started to rain on the poor guy with low corrosive acid and melted his costume, while Rikidou let his guard down due to Mina's sly move, “RED GAUNTLET!!” Eijirou punched the shit out of Rikidou straight into his Gut. But that wasn’t enough to defeat his opponent.

Rikidou quickly popped sugar cubes to his mouth and making his muscles become more ripped. While roaring a battle cry, Rikidou lunged himself at Eijirou and hit the hardening body with multiple punches.

Eijirou grinned as he saw Mina skating with her acid and rounded behind Satou, right after the sugar rush ended, Eijirou pulled out his capture tape and tied Rikidou's hands “Villain Captured!!” with Mina's skilled hands, she also put her own tape around the big guy.

“Arrgh! Dammit!”

Eijirou laughed and patted Rikidou's back “Sorry bro, but we're gonna win this!”

“Hurry up Kiri!!” Mina yelled from the stairs



Back to the Observation room, the Bakugou brothers, Hitoshi and Ochako, watched the match from the back of their group “Who do you think is going to win?” the question didn’t really specify who Ochako was asking, but Katsuki take the liberty to answer it;

“My money is on Red-head and Pinky”

Hitoshi grunted in agreement and Izuku hummed for awhile –calculating for any winning chance for the Villain team, then sighed, “I’m sorry to say this, but if the Villain team wants to win, they'll have to take down Ashido-san first”

Katsuki smirked as he watched Hanta technically fill the bomb room with his tape “That Tape-face has a shitty brain; no way he's going to win this shit”

Rude and explosive attitude aside, Ochako raised her eyebrow as she watched the monitor where Hanta was in the room, filled his tape as trap ‘It’s a good–

“It’s a good tactic,” Shinsou said, snickering as he saw Ochako flinched and shot him a look “That’s what you think right?”

“Is your-”

“No Uraraka, My Quirk is not mind reading” the dumbfounded face from Ochako made both Bakugou start snickering and Hitoshi chuckled “Just watch, and you are going to understand why we know Heroes team going to win.”  Ochako couldn’t help but pout and follow her partner's advice.

Unknowing from the wonder group and Ochako, all the students in the room heard their conversation and also were curious as to why they knew that the Hero team was going to win. Though, some of them maybe already knew why namely Momo and Shoto.


“Whoa! What the hell is this?!” Eijirou stopped himself as he stepped onto the 5 floor, hallway, windows, and every corner was filled with tape. He poked at the nearest tape, and it was indeed sticky “Ashido, think you can handle this?” he asked with a grin.

His partner grinning back and give him a sly wink “Move aside Kirishima, Ladies first!” she made a slicing motion with her hands and opened their way “Acid Slice!

Still grinning, Eijirou followed Mina at a safe distance, not wanting to make any contact with that nasty liquid “What a manly move!”

“I’m Girl!” she deadpanned with a pout.

“What a womanly move, then!”

Mina giggled and gave Eijirou a playful look “You know that you're flirting with me right?” Eijirou's silent and beet red face was her answer.

Eijirou awkwardly cleared his throat “Anyway, we need focus to find the bomb” Mina nod, still with a sly grin.

After a few minutes of melting the tape that stood in their way, they finally found the bomb with Hanta standing in front of it “Go Kirishima! I'll hold him!” Mina spayed and melted all the tape that came their way.

Eijirou crossed his hands in front of his face and charged with a roar, breaking the tape-trap with pure force, piling it in his hands. “OH NO YOU DON’T!!” one of Hanta's elbow shot out a long tape to capture Eijirou, but only find it cut off by acid and let actually Eijirou head-butted the damn bomb.

Hero Team wins!


Back again to the observation room, with Mina, Eijirou, Hanta and Rikidou back. All Might congratulated the Hero team and encourages Villain team. “Now, Students, Who do you think was the MVP here?” Momo raise her hand “Yes Miss Yaoyorozu?”

“I think it's Ashido-san. Even though Kirishima-san is also had a big role in this fight, he couldn't move if he got caught by Sero-san Tapes. And they also wouldn’t have progressed fast enough if  not because Ashido-san melting all the tape.”

Oh wow, kids nowadays really know how to analyse’ this time, Izuku also raised his hand “Yes Young Izuku?”

“Oh, um… I just wanted to give a pointer to the Villain team,” the robot quirked boy jabbed his thumb in said team's direction “The key to  why they didn’t –ah, no, couldn’t win, was  because they were afraid to take a risk.”

“Oh? And why is that?”

Izuku shook his head “I can’t tell them, if I sugar coating them, they just become lazy and short-circuited brain.” He turns his head toward Hanta and Rikidou, who gaped at the direct hits launched by the younger Bakugou “I expect something much better from both of you next time” and that was like the Younger Bakugou was-

“You speak like you know what you are doing when you face real Villain” came a deadpan voice, and not from Hitoshi, but Shouto. The bi-coloured boy raised his eyebrow, waiting Izuku respond.

You have to do better half-n-half it’s just backfired to you…’ Katsuki side glanced Hitoshi, who also did the same, and got that the latter also thought the same thing.

The said boy, god knows how, makes red glow of jagged teeth on his helmet's glass, grinning widely, “-kssskkkhhsk- Do you…? ” whoever voice that Izuku tried to imitate, It’s defiantly a man, a grown man, with deep and full of malice in its voice and its make Shoto pale before he glared icily at Izuku, which was ignored.

The tension of the room was broken by All Might “Right,” he gave a thumbs up “Anyway, both of you, Miss Yaoyosozu and Younger Bakugou, are right! Now everyone! Let’s move on to the next team!” All Might carefully kept an eye for the wonder group, he felt like he knew why principal Nedzu wanted him to watch them ‘…cause they re going to be death of me…


At last, I can take my guard down a bit…’ All Might inwardly sighed in relieve.

Unlike the previous team –after battle scene- there’s no drama or angst;


Group H: Hagakure Toru & Ojiro Mashiro; as Heroes.


Kaminari Denki & Jirou Kyouka, as Villain.

With Mashiro down from Denki uncontrolled electricity, but also get his brain fried to creeps.

Makes the fight leave in Toru and Kyouka hands, with Kyouka and her Quirk, she can detected Toru and defeat the invisible girl –who almost touch the fake bomb, with speakers in her boots. But even though it’s the Hero team who lose Toru the one who’s got the MVP.

Of course Toru take of Hitoshi Jacket’s and give it back to its owner during this round.

Izuku didn’t dare to look up at monitor, and almost technically shut down his system; he is all red under his helmet. He really wants to burry himself deep into the core of this planet. At the end of the fight, He just get short summary from Katsuki and Hitoshi, who take off their visor yet again.

When the girl back to observation room, she get smacked yet again with a jacket, but this time, it was made by Momo, plead and demanded by Bakugou’s, and Hitoshi who take the honor to give the jacket.


Group C: Tokoyami Fumikage & Asui Tsuyu; as Heroes.


Group D: Kouda Kouji & Shouji Mezou; as Villain.

The fight end up rather fast at this round too, With Fumikage and Dark Shadow combo, they stall Mezou who choose to fight and defense the bomb with Kouji, but with Tsuyu leap over the boys and simply slap the fake bomb with her tongue. All and all, Fumikage become the MVP, since he has a good defense to keep both Mezou and Kouji at bay.


Group G: Iida Tenya & Aoyama Yuuga; as Heroes.


Group I: Shinsou Hitoshi & Uraraka Ochako; as Villain.

“Show off” Katsuki deadpanned with flat tone.

Izuku sigh as he watch the monitor “That’s total fuck you for us actually” he rub the back of his neck, while his lens peaking at the back of his classmate and All Might. They’re jaw is on the floors. Sigh again, ‘Seriously Hitoshin! You don’t have to THAT anti-climax!!

There’s no actually fight, really, Hitoshi and Ochako choose first floor as where they place their fake bomb, right in front of fucking entrance door. Maybe to save time and too troublesome for Hitoshi opinion, at first Ochako seems doubting on Hitoshi choose for their bomb place, but after Hitoshi tell her about something (plan maybe?), Ochako perk up and eagerly follow Hitoshi plan. No, she not brainwashed, she truth her partner, in whatever goddamn reason it is.


As the training begin, Heroes team, who staring dump founded at the fake bomb few meters away from the damn door, with Ochako who stand in front of it and grinning, make a simple triangle shape with her finger. “Realize!”

Hitoshi, who float at ceiling right on top of entrance door of the building, landing with grace and his jacket, that’s now tied on his hips make it more dramatic land. “Who are you?!” with laud voice, almost like Present Mic very own voice in volume, but with Brainwashed attribute. Heroes Teams jumped and give a high pitched scream as their respond. Then their body slacked, simply stand there in the center of hallway, with blank face.

Ochako pump up and screamed; “It’s worked!” with flip-flop, she take the capture tape from Heroes team, and warped it to themselves, finished with big bow on top of their head.


“Villain teams, Win!” All Might almost yelled at this, he didn’t expect this, nephew of eraser head and this gravity girl totally killing it! ‘…and Aizawa gonna bark even louder on every other class homeroom teacher faces… Blood King mostly…

WOAAAA!! SO COOL!! WE WIIIIN!!!” Ochako shriek can be heard in the observation room through All Might Intercom. And at monitor, it show that, she hug Hitoshi, make him float and twirl the boy in the air.

The round ended with Ochako as MVP… and Hiroshi want to puke out his lunch. And few teasing from the Bakugou brothers, make both Ochako and Hitoshi flustered.

Back at the groups, certain bi-colored boy seething in anger and glaring icily at the younger Bakugou. 'How he... no maybe it's they know about that man?' suspicion and a tad of curiosity fill him bit by bit. His instict tell him that he need to watch those three, namely: Shinsou Hitoshi, Bakugou Katsuki and... Bakugou Izuku. Especially the robot boy, something on the robot boy make him on the edge.

Chapter Text

A while back, before they entered their class, reporter or journalist or whatever, is horning in front of the main fucking gate of their school like a fly, the reason behind it is because of some massive douche-bag, leak information that All Might teach in UA.

Fucking great! What a way to start a fucking shitty day.

And now… fucking Deku been weird since that shitty unwelcoming morning event, Katsuki brother-instinct is tingling since forever, moaning to him to make sure that his brother is OK, like, really Okay, “The fuck is wrong with you?” he practically tune out the fucking glasses in the middle of his shitty speech, thanking the classes for select him to become class president or whatever.

Deku snapped out from his dazed state, and he gives Katsuki dumbfounded look “…I’m sorry Kacchan… what did you say?”

Katsuki pretty sure that his blood vessel popped, “The fuck is wrong with you?! You’ve looks like shit after step inside this fucking classroom, what the fuck?!” he almost screaming the last curse, Almost.

Deku blink slowly, his eyes –cameras stare Katsuki blankly, every layer of his lens adjusts its focus, but to no fail, it still looks dull and lack of focus “I… there's…” Deku shook his head, try again to work every micro of his system to focus “Something not right, something jammed the communication system… inside school… and I’m trying to fix… virus…? No, not virus… I need to dive into the school security system… and-” Deku scowl and let off string of curse that Katsuki cant heard, but he sure that it was more colorful then Katsuki’s normal curse  “I –I explain letter!”

Oh no, Ooh hell fucking NO!

Dread starts to fill Katsuki at the urgent in Izuku voice, since all this year's living, understanding and practically know all the alien behavior, or the pattern and the way Izuku process his data, Katsuki know. The urgent –or more like Izuku in the warning is bad. And bad mean Villain.

In all of the fucking place, why in this shitty place of fucking school?!’ Katsuki glance at the purple onion -who starring at him with a questioning look in his purple eyes. With a scowl on his face, Katsuki gives him back side of the peace sign, for others its maybe look silly. No, it IS look silly and awkward. But for Katsuki, Izuku, and Hitoshi, that was a danger sign, and danger here, meaning danger for Villain.

At the moment, the three of them thinking the same thing; ‘Fucking great’, with a various sigh and growl.


As the principal of UA high school, its Nedzu work to keep his student and staff safe. The chimera principal still can handle the reporter or journalist since they can’t step inside the schoolyard, but he has to admit that he can’t handle one thing;


The damn thing is like water, they keep flowing and almost unstoppable. That’s why he can’t stop or control it if there’s a leak at the dam he builds for that dammed information. Freaking human and their pouty mouth is torture, he personally preferred the human and their Lap coat, because that type of human is easier to handle. Toss them to some carnivore animals, let the human scream, clean any crime scene, and his job is done prettily.

As Nedzu mussing the wonderful idea in his head, he doesn’t expect that his staffs enter his office, one by one, namely Powerloader, Eraserhead, No.13, and All Might –in his skeletal form, and just after the lunch bell let off. “Well hello, gentleman~ what brings you here?”

His question is answered by the confused look by his staff “Sir, you the one who called us here” said Powerloader.

Nedzu frown at this “I didn’t call you, gentleman, here…”

Eraserhead groaned in annoyance “We got a message from you…”  Eraser pull out his phone, and it was indeed from Nedzu, “And if it’s not from you then who-”

Suddenly, the principal phone ringed, He smiled brightly as he sees who call him “Well… look like we going to know it soon!” he said in a cheery voice, with a swift move, Nedzu pick up his phone. Set it in loudspeaker mode “Hello there Kitty Cat~ fancy to have you call me personally!” in Nedzu head he start to think the way that his caller can contact his phone, cause his phone is armed with military satellite connection, locked in safe security for any important data in it, so there’s no way some random number or contact can call his phone.

There’s a little bit noiz, like the phone is being jammed, “Ah~! Finally~” Eraser and All Might tense as they hear the cunning dandy voice, come from the principal phone of all place, “Hello there again, Mr. Number 1, and Underground Hero, been a while huh? Is little Girly Ok in your care?

“Cheshire Cat” Eraser hissed the name, practically ignoring the Cunning cat question “Quit with the chit-chat, what you want?” Eraser internally cursing the Cat and himself, who let off protective voice, ‘Cunning as always…

We’ll take that as a yes then!” the underground Hero clicked his tongue, his eyes stray to Powerloader, who nodded and take out recorder device, make sure that he records all the conversation. “Weell~ you see, there’s a leak that All Might is teaching in UA,

Eraser narrowed his eyes ‘That was not something new,’ “…and?”

We hope you already aware that the Mr. Number One over there is big-fat beacon of grudge,” All might visibly flinch at the remark, not like he can deny it though “But again, it’s not something new!” the Heroes didn’t know why, but they can hear the cat shrug, but still grinning.

Aside from the Cat actually try to ease some of Heroes nerve, all of them are still tense, especially All Might. “Could you just straight to the point?” All Might clench his fist tightly, he, more or less, already know what the Cheshire Cat implying, and he really didn’t like it.

There is some group Villain planning to attack one of your facility.

Yup, All Might didn’t like it at all.

At this point, the Heroes can hear that the cat mussing its thought, “Hmm… what was the name –OH!! The Villain League or Alliance…? Or something like that, and the leader is a big shoot, and we believe All Might is known who~

Everyone, expect Nedzu look at the Symbol of Peace face, and much to their surprise, the said Hero face full of grim and rage. “…All for One… still alive…?”

One of ironic of Heroes society is; Heroes more than eager to accept the Undelands Information because it’s always accurate, but All Might is more than eager to believe that this is just a Fake Information.

That’s why…

Nedzu steeled himself, he has to stay calm if he wants more of this juicy information from the Underland, some of Heroes didn’t have patient, and if their client angry or short-tempered, than the Underland going to prank the said Heroes agency. By hack their database, prints out any of bad side of the agency, then send the print out the document to Police or Heroes associate. That was the Underland’s prank. “Do you know anything else?” ask Nedzu, still with a smile.

The damn Vigilante continue with his sly and cunning dandy voice, not caring All Might in his dark mood, “Unfortunately, we don’t know where, when and how they attack, but we suggest you to fix the security and firewall in UA, ASAP, since they pretty much jammed and cracked~” Nedzu raise a questioning eyes on Powerloader, who cursed and nodded as he confirmed the Cat warning with his phone.

Nedzu smiled brightly at the advice and satisfying answer of knowing how this silly cat do his job, but at the back of the smile mask that Nedzu use, the staffs know there is a tad of madness and sadistic at the principal eyes “That was wonderful news! We thank you for the advice Kitty Cat!”

The Cat makes a sound that similar with purring and giggles “We love to help you, Mr. Sleepy Mouse, Oh! we may and not may, going to invite all of you in our tea party again ~ say Hello for the little Girly from us~ Cya~” and with that, the call was ended, no trace, no history, nothing. Good thing that Powerloader record the conversation.

“Well…” Nedzu eying his staff “You hear the cat? Go get to work!” Nedzu grinning as he gives orders to his staff “No.13 and Eraser, alongside with Poworloader please check and fix our little problem.” The chimera principal smile becomes more bright and filled with the sadistic vibe in it “And you Mr. Symbol of peace, let’s talk with me! We have an event to plan about!”

The symbol of piece nodded curtly, “What plan, if I may ask…?”

“Well…” this time, smile with madness and sadistic bloom on Nedzu face, “We need to plan tea party before they invite us to their tea party!” he said with a cold voice. And it’s enough to make it clear;

If the Underland also responsibility in this case, and harm his student and staff, the chimera principal himself going to make them sorry.


“Hei, Bakubro! Let’s go to the cafeteria!”

“Shut the fuck up Shitty Hair, you don’t have the right to fucking order me!!”

Bless Eijirou and his thick head, the insult does not stop him to invite his new bro “Aw~ common! Don’t be shy~!” he said with a wide grin.

“I’M NOT!!” Katsuki snapped and storm out of the classroom, with Eijirou –still grinning with victorious, trailed behind him.

Hitoshi rise eyebrow as he sees the weird-so-called-new-bros, “I don’t understand why that red dude wants to be his friend”

In front of Hitoshi, Izuku giggled and puffed out his chest, “Well, what we can say? My brother has his own charm!” Izuku does not even hide the smugness in his tone.

“…And I don’t understand why you so proud of him” this time, Ochako the one who talks, and Hitoshi smirk in amusement at the remark.

He nodded at Ochako “Cafeteria?” ask casually, and replied with a nod and warm smile from the girl. “Common Zuku” Hitoshi grab the Izuku by the back of his collar like a cat.

“I don’t have appetite!” Izuku whines all the way to the cafeteria as he dragged by Hitoshi, like a lazy cat he is.

“We need to eat for the Rescue Training after lunch”

Izuku, now manhandled by Hitoshi, groan and whining again, “Hitoshin~! Put me down! I can walk just fine!” but make no afford or struggle on Hitoshi shoulder, make the later rolled his eyes, and adjust, surprisingly light, Izuku metal body, on his shoulder.

Seeing this, Ochako can’t help but voicing her thought, “Nee, Bakugou-kun, why you call Shinsou-kun, Hitoshin?” Ochako stare at him with doe eye as she asks.

Before Izuku could respond, a baritone laugh comes from Hitoshi, “He has a weird habit to mess with people’s names, and give them pet or nickname” Hitoshi shrug as he remembers Izuku call him at first encounter “Hence, Hitoshin” he said and pointing himself with his free hand.

Ochako giggled and nodded “Well, does that mean I have my nickname too?”

Izuku smile and lift his head to face Ochako “Yes! Mind if I call you Uravity? I think it suits you! It’s a mix-match of your name and Quirk!”

Hearing this, Ochako seems surprised, but then smiled in delight, “Wow! Actually, that is a name that I think to use as my Hero Name!”

Izuku gasped “Really?! It’s only mean I have more reason to call you by that name then!”

Hitoshi sighed and let the two chat, despite Izuku being manhandled by him. His though stray to the event at the classroom after Katsuki signs him, He must keep his natural poker face and won’t let his internal panic control his emotion.

Before they enter UA, Katsuki already warns him about the possibility of Villain step inside the campus area, and simulate every single bad scenario with Izuku. Being the member of Underland for less than a year, make him have to catch up on many things to follow his two partners, such as mental training, physical training, and knowledge. And in his case, he more focused on knowledge. Having brain related Quirk, make him train his brain by knowledge, while Katsuki helps him with physical training, Izuku hammering his brain with knowledge and mental training to power up his brainwave.

Ending the flash of past memories, Hitoshi let his though stray to the recent one; short meeting (in the phone) before Eijirou invite Katsuki to lunch.

We have to wait if they do something after Izu send the messages, back the fuck off! But if they don’t do anything, then just let the idiots in death sentence die. While we gather the trash and fucking throw it in its respective place.

Eh? Does that mean we have to step out from the backstage? What if they use this opportunity to rule us out?

That mouse mother fucker already knows what you really are; by reading your real bio-data send by the fucking government, we don’t need a total genius after they read that fucking data about Izu, and figure out the identity of Heroes Underland really is. Heck! I bet Hatter uncle already stuck his nose on our butt!

*sigh* I bet he is going to furious knowing his nephew was the cause of his headache and lack of sleep…

“Shinso-kun, what are you going to eat?” Snapped back to reality, Hitoshi glance at the girl to his side.

“Hm… Coffee and something light, eat too much make me heavy and light headed.”

Ochako make a confused face “Why?  If we have training after lunch, isn’t it good to eat more?”

Hitoshi answer with sharp edge smirk; “I don’t want to throw up my lunch if someone spun me again.”

Ochako natural blush only darker at the remark “I won’t do it again!” and the pout only make Hitoshi smirk turn to grin, he playfully poke the round-blushing cheek, and rewarded with a giggle “Hey, stop that!”

Bored with poking Ochako cheek, Hitoshi chance it with pinch “Heh, your cheek is soft like cat paw,”

“Shinso-kun!” giggle and whine come from Ochako.

Too bad the moment is broken by a loud cough, “Errmm… Shinso Hitoshi-kun, May I ask your mercy to put me down before flirting with a girl?” but it just makes Hitoshi lost his balance and drop Izuku, “Ouch! Hey! I ask to put me down! Not fucking drop me down!”

Now blushing to the tip of their ear, Hitoshi and Ochako walk in awkward silence with grumpy Izuku behind them, “Sorry about that…”

“Err, no it’s just, erm… Oh! What about a sandwich for lunch?”

Hitoshi nodded “Sure, we can eat outside if you want”

“Sounds cool”

Behind them, forgotten yet again, Izuku pout and deadpanned “Yeah, sound cool, go and have your lunch date”

It's not a date!!” Ochako and Hitoshi said at the same time.

Rolled his lens, Izuku walks away from the blushing duo “Sure~” he said flatly.

Standing in the middle of the hallway, Hitoshi and Ochako glance at each other, and then laugh in a light-hearted tone, somehow found the awkwardness between them is funny. Not skip a bit, Hitoshi and Ochako continue their walk to the cafeteria.


15 after lunch, Hitoshi and Katsuki almost take rank down the yellow sign to green, assuming that the problem has been taken care of, but when the blaring alarm went off, its rank up and changes to red. ‘Death sentence it is…’ Hitoshi flatly though, his eyes went wild and search any signal from both Katsuki or Izuku, to step out, when he found none, he calmly ran the nearest windows to check out if there any Villain come from the front gate. ‘Is that…?

Someone grasp his hand and yank him from window “Shinso-kun! What are you doing?! Hurry! We need to evacuate!” it was Ochako, the girl looks very panicked and her trembled hand is the proof that she was afraid.


“We have to-” she went silent and her face is blank, but Hitoshi can feel the girl more freak out than before.

Uraraka, I need you calm down and relax” after he seen the tense leave the girl's shoulders, Hitoshi nodded in approval, and realize his control.

Blink in confusion, Ochako stare Hitoshi with doe eyes “What-”

“Listen to me, there’s no Villain” he said it while pointed something outside of windows, “It’s just the press from this morning” true to his word, when Ochako glance outside, the crowd of press being held down with Aizawa-sensei, their homeroom teacher, and journalist worst nightmare, Present Mic-sensei.

“We- we need to do something!”

Seeing Ochako start to panic again, Hitoshi let a calm smile and nod his head “Okay, help me again?” he tilted his head at the crowd. Answer Hitoshi expectation, Ochako nodded with determination shone brightly in her eyes. “Okay, Hare’s the plan;”


Take a deep breath, Hitoshi let off his strongest brainwave “CROWD CONTROL!!!” he howled at the top of his voice, and the hallway filled with hundreds of panicked students, went silent, “I NEED YOU TO CALM DOWN AND RELAX, THERE’S NO NEED TO PANIC!!!” after confirming that his command is working, Hitoshi continue “WALK CAREFULLY TO YOUR RESPECTIVE CLASSROOM!!!

Hitoshi must stay focus so he did not let his brain realize its control, in hundreds of fucking brains, when the hallway empty, leaving few first-year Hero Department who slip from his control. They stared him like he grows another head, but Hitoshi ignores it and looking down at Ochako, who hold his legs with her arms, keep him not float up to the ceiling, technically, they look like a cheerleader, with reversed position.

“That was awesome, Shinso-kun!” she grinning with eyes full of awe and slowly put him down.

But as the gravity hit him, the strain of his Quirk crashes him, confirmed that his demand is completed. Hitoshi groaned as horrible headache fill his nerve; it’s never happen before, yes, it’s easy to control unsteady brainwave, but what you can say after controlling hundreds of panicked student in one shot? The numbers just staining his brain more than anything “Ugghh… I need a nice premium espresso from Starbucks…”

Someone grab him before his face planted to the floor “You Okay?”

Oh, it was the big guy with six tentacles in his class, “Yeah…” great, now his voice rough and strained, Hitoshi try to smile, but just make it strained. He blames his headache for this “Do me a favor, and bring me to Recovery Girl, please…?” Hitoshi never talks to the big guy, but his gut tells him that the dude is a nice guy.

The dude nod and carefully pick him up with ease, bridal style, no less, Fucking great.

Not opening his eyes, he groaned; “Uraraka…?” Hitoshi can hear faint I’m here trough his headache “You owe a date…” he let himself smirk as he hears a flustered squeak from the girl.

After a while and the headache become more bearable, the dude- Medzo who carried him spoke “You did great handling the situation like that”

Hitoshi attempts to snort at the comment, but just his head washed in another wave of pain, “Ugh… greater if you ain't lift me like a princess in front of our classmate and girl” he can’t help but deadpanned the comment.

Surprisingly, Medzo chuckled at his dry joke “True”

Yeah… true…

True to his gut, the big dude is a nice guy. Hitoshi just hopes that he can be friend with this tentacle fellow; it’s a great wish before face up with his death sentence today, namely his uncle.

Chapter Text

Today was one of his cursed day, Aizawa Shota, leaving Eri in Lunch Rush care, and he makes a beeline to class 1-A. His brain keep jumbled back forth; he still can’t believe that his boss, that crazy mouse mother fucker is fucking let Villain in the school ground and take curriculum sheet for today lesson.

 “Aizawa-sensei, if my prediction was right, Underland going to make their move if the Villains attack our school, and I want you to evaluate them, Official or not, they are our powerful and important informant”

“…And you want them to assist UA and our new generation…?”

“Ah, sharp as always I see, but yes! Who didn’t want them as comrade?”

Just for the sake to lure out a group of informant Vigilante, who become the main source of his headache for past year. Principal Nedzu always rights, his prediction, theory, and whatever is in that tiny head is always right. All the damn mouse need is a tiny piece of information that given by Underland, and he already can assume that the Vigilante will fight for UA.

The exciting part is; his boss didn’t tell him who he suspected as one of Heroes Underland member ‘Exciting my ass…’ and as Pro Heroes himself, his brain is screaming that one of the members is in his class.

When he reaches his class door, Shota practically slammed it open with a loud bang. Not entering, he just stands there, scanning one-by-one of his student's face with calculated and suspicious stare, with remote in his hand, Shota swiftly open the costume storage case for his student; “Chance to your Hero costume or gym uniform, I’ll be waiting outside, front gate in 10 minutes.” He said flatly and then shut the classroom door again, leaving his student scramble around to change with their costume.


Still, with a calculated stare, he observes one by one of his student as they step inside the bus. Take a sit at a random place as they wish and its look normal to him, until he catches weird things. The Bakugou’s and his nephew, yes, they wore their respective costumes, and no, he didn’t feel like imagine it, but he saw their form is a glitch for mare second. It’s like the glitch from holograms, yet they solid, like bodily solid.

Shota was sure he sees it somewhere, but he can't place it where ‘All of this bullshits start to make me crazy…

The rode to Unforeseen Simulation Joint, USJ for short, is dreadful for him, and he can’t help but scowl that he feel like bring clueless students in his care to their death.

“Hey Izuku-chan, can I ask something?” it was Asui Tsuyu voice.


“May I ask about your Quirk?” Shota can see the younger Bakugou nod from his peripheral “Is it Mutant like mine? Or transformations like Kirishima-chan?”

Kirishima nodded while voicing his though “Ah… now that you mention it, there also some Emitter vibe in your Quirk”

Izuku sheepishly poke his sharp nails together “Well much like mutant Quirk, parts of my body made by steel” Izuku point out his ears, and wag his cable-tail “Transforming any parts of my body, and fully functioned it like a real robot, also, I can manipulate electromagnetically and fire it like laser”

Shota memories flashed back at the green beacon’s that almost burn his eyes, if not for sunglasses made by Yaoyorozu Momo Quirk, by Izuku request (and Katsuki demand), he defiantly blind right now.

“Oh! Does that mean you need to charge your energy like mine?!” this time Kaminari Denki voicing his excitement knowing another electro user in the class.

“Yups!” Izuku gives a firm nod. “Its suck though, that I need to charge regularly, even though it’s more filling than eating food.”

“I know right?!” Denki laughs, happy that someone understanding his sore spot “We gonna make one hella duo if we team up!!” he said and pump up his fist.

Snort can be heard from the back of bus “Yeah, sure, and you more like a burden when you running low.” Ah, from the snarky and sarcastic, it’s must be the older Bakugou.


This time, Izuku laugh “What Kacchan trying to say is, you need to find how to control your Quirk, Yes everybody Quirk is strong, but it’s mean nothing if you can’t control it!”

Denki groaned at that, grumbled something that he sucks at control “Man up Pikachu, like it or not, you need to do something with that shitty control of yours!” the class laugh as Denki make a face.

“Well… flashy and strong Quirk aside, do you think your brother going to be popular?” it’s Tsuyu again who ask Izuku.

Raising an eyebrow, Izuku tilt his head “What do you mean?”

“I mean, he can’t become popular with his anger”

“Oi, frog face! I can become as popular as fuck if I want!!”

But Tsuyu just deadpanned “See?” while jabbed her thump at Katsuki direction.

“Aah…” scratching his check in awkward motion, Izuku unsure how to answer her or not “…Well…” Izuku absently stares at his human brother.

The latter just clicked his tongue and stare out of windows “I don’t need slut who just want to suck my ass and make me like walking wallet.”

Well, insult aside, it just makes people around Izuku confuse at the ash blond answer. Thankfully Hitoshi comes to rescue “It’s not a surprise that you confuse,” Hitoshi, who sat beside Katsuki, slumped in his chair in tired and lazy manner.

Tsuyu tilt her head and put a finger on her chin, “You make it like Katsuki-chan is popular.” She said with a kero.

Hitoshi laughs dryly, didn’t really care about death glare from his side, “Well… I give you the advice to stop read magazine, and read an article about science”


“No, Asu –emn… Stu, I won’t tell you,” Hitoshi wiggle his eyebrows in a playful manner “If I tell you, where’s the fun?” Hitoshi absurdly turn toward Katsuki, nudge the later side “Common now, stop sulking and be a big-bro for your cute lil-bro”

“I’m not!! I’m fucking angry!!”

Hitoshi snorts out his amusement and lifts his hands in mock surrender. Huffing his anger, Katsuki turns his head to stare out of the window. Hitoshi faced the rest of his class, and mouthing “Grumpy cat” while pointing Katsuki direction, but quickly back to his surrender position again, because Katsuki glare Hitoshi suspiciously, the latter just keep his usual deadpan face.

Few second after stare(glare)-ing contest, the class finally lost it and laughs lightheartedly, leaving only Katsuki who feel like being insulted by his class “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK YOU SHIT LAUGHING ABOUT?!! STOP IT!!!” but It’s just more of them laugh harder because in their head, Katsuki not like a rigid dog anymore, “I SAID FUCKING STOP IT!!!” he hissed like a cat, a grumpy cat.

At other side of the bus, their homeroom teacher guilt keeps growing. The bicker and yell stop absurdly as Shota stand and give his class a glare “We are here” didn’t want to test their homeroom teacher patience, the class steps out of the bus.

At the front of USJ, space Hero, No.13, stood while waving at the class and the Underground Hero. ‘Okay… this is it…’ Shota turns on his earpiece. “Eraserhead, Online” he mumbled carefully, not to hear by his students, who now listen to the No.13 speech.

Nedzu voice comes out from the earpiece from his ear. “No.13 and Eraserhead, arrive at point 3. Midnight, Snipe, and Present Mic, please stay alert and standby.” Shota can hear Nedzu grinning, full of madness and sadists in it. “Now, let us welcome our guest!


Katsuki knows that he was fighting a losing battle, but it doesn’t really matter to him, as long as he, Izuku and Hitoshi, laid a low blow and win the War. They have nothing to regret and complain. From the corner of his eyes, he can see the Underground Hero mumbled something ‘…So they DO something, huh? But seems like didn’t do it anytime soon…’ Katsuki secretly lets out his trademark smirk for second as his instinct keep blaring ’Want to lure us out’ in his head.

The smirk is unnoticed from the pro or other students, but, for Izuku and Hitoshi, it’s as clear as day. ‘Step out from the backstage it is’ is what they think in the same time.

As No.13 finish with their speech, and lead them inside the USJ, almost like someone flipped their switch, they wore their natural poker face; Scowl and angry for Katsuki. Tired and bored for Hitoshi. Naïve and shy for Izuku (it’s hidden behind his helmet).

“Woow! This place is awesome!”

“Yeah! It looks like Disneyland for Rescue Heroes!”

Yeah… and you going to die if you let your guard down’ for some reason, Katsuki eyes fall to the fountain at the central plaza. And a dot of black misty things is confirmed his suspicion, especially as the misty thing is starting to spread and nasty, bulky, and black creature step out of it ‘Nomu…’ Katsuki internally groaned, ‘Of fucking course, they going that thing here…’ His classmates and teachers start to fuss and fretting when more and more Villain comes out from the misty thing.

“Villain!! No.13! Evacuate the Students!” ‘Hope you make the right decision you crazy mouse!!’ Shota tap his earpiece “Underland was right, our guests come to visit!” he said in the urgent tone.

Back again in the student's side, Hitoshi sigh as his uncle jump into the war zone, his purple eyes scanning the panic student ‘Now… where is our cue –ah, found him.’ Hitoshi lazily taps the new class rep “Iida, run to the campus main building, search for help.”

Startled, no it’s not because Hitoshi asks him to search for help because that was most logical things in this situation. What makes Tenya confuse is, it’s how Hitoshi seems so calm and collected, he quickly collect himself as he retorted; “And risk our classmates, No, I can’t do that. As the Class rep, it’s my job-”

Hitoshi cut in “-To stay calm and make the best decision.” His calm eyes become cold and sharp, much like how their homeroom teacher glares. “Don’t you see we outnumbered?” Hitoshi point the center plaza, “Search for help!

“But-” and that’s it, Tenya control of his body thrown out of windows, and it makes the class (not all of them) gawked, even No.13 stunned. They can’t believe that Hitoshi didn’t even hesitate to brainwash the class rep.

Use your Quirk and run to the main campus, as fast as you can, search for help.” With the finality of his command, Tenya darted out of USJ in breakneck speed, just right before the misty and black Villain appear a few seconds later, not noticed that the students already decreased by one.

“Greeting, Heroes, We are the Villain League, and we are here to take down the Symbol of Peace.” The misty Villain eyes gleaming, full of mirth “But, the plan was changed, hence, we decided to kill all of you.”

Before No.13 step up in front of their student, Hitoshi beat him at that, Eraser nephew walk with ease and confident, calm and collected as he greets the Villain “It’s rude for us to let our guest greet first,” Hitoshi stop, just a few feet away from No.13 “Before, you kill us, may we know your name as mercy?”

For some reason, No.13 knows that the word us and we are not revered students or No.13.

The Villain suspicious at the purple boy, the boy clearly pulled something, ‘Try to buy time? Are they plan on searching for help?’ but he doubts that a mare Hero-in-training can do anything, and from the reaction of the boy classmates, it’s the former “Very well, My Name is Kurogiri.”

The purple-boy smile, a very unsettling smile in Kurogiri opinion “Mr. Black Mist huh..?”

“Shinsou-kun! What are you doing?! There’s no time-”


No.13 gawked at what he saw; Eraser nephew costume, no, his form start to distort, change and become something else. ‘…Someone else?

Bzzzzt!! Kssshhk!!

Stand in Shinsou Hitoshi place, Purple mess of hair caged by a black top hat, decorated with poker cards and a pocket watch to it side, dressed in black and royal purple colored tuxedo, red tie and gloves, and white dress shoes.

Hidden behind his half clown mask, his purple eyes still focused on the Villain, who seems as shocked as the others. With a swift and well-trained move, Hitoshi pulled out a rifle, or, what seems like 8400 Police Tactical, in alternated sci-fi form, and clearly customized model.

If not from the sound of almost silent bang from the rifle, Kurogiri can’t avoid the bulled, it’s graced his metal plate by inch “That was close…”

Hitoshi let his rifle down “I see…” he smiled as he hears very valuable info slip from Kurogiri “Ah! What a rude me, I forgot to introduce myself…” he held his rifle firmly in one hand, and the other tipped his top hat “Member of Underland Informant Vigilante,” his visible lips formed sharp edge smirk “Mad Hatter

No.13 didn’t know how many time they stunned, ‘Aizawa nephew, no, Shinsou Hitoshi is the member of Underland? Mad Hatter…?’ No.13 let themselves curse, ‘How come I didn’t notice?!

Something bordering growl can be heard from the Villain “You-”

The sharp edge smirk becomes grin of madness “Gotcha” Hitoshi, no, Mad Hatter held up his rifle again and pulls the trigger without care No.13 to don’t shoot the Villain.


As the bullet collided to Kurogiri metal plate, strong electricity shocks his body or the vital organs that protected in his metal plate, as if someone cut the string, he collapses on the ground like a rag doll.

Propelled his rifle on his shoulder, Mad Hatter turns his back and watch his spectator gawked yet again. Still grinning in madness, he takes a slow step, walk calmly and steps down few stairs to the central plaza.

Mad Hatter aiming his rifle at the ringleader, the Handsy-bastard, named by the Rabbit, he let his grin down to thigh line, inhale, exhale, aiming, then pull the trigger.


Chapter Text

Shigaraki Tomura is confused, very, very confused. He ordered Kurogiri to teleport the students at random place, so those Heroes wannabe can die under the thug he borrows from Giran –Informant for Villain. ‘Is he fighting the other puny Hero?’ the student is still there, and he can see the No.13 head still intact.

What the fuck…?’ His question then answered by a figure walk down few of the stairs, holding a god damn rifle, and the good part is; the holder in purple is aiming the damn thing on him. ‘Is Kurogiri defeated?


“Nomu” The mindless toy -Nomu step in front of him, as the bullet collided with Nomu, it shock Nomu with strong electricity. But that’s not enough to defeat Nomu. ‘If that shit hit me… I’ll be toast…’ he growled and glare the purple-fucker, “Kill him!!” he didn’t plan to use Nomu so early, but what you can say? That purple-fucker has the nerve to shoot him.

Tomura grin as the artificial human already in front of the purple fucker, drawback its elbow to lunch a deathly fist and-

“No, you don’t!”


-stopped, before it even touching the purple-fucker, ‘…What the fuck?!

“What a strong blow from a lump of junk!” exclaimed someone.

“You trash-cat, what took you so long?” said the purple-fucker, didn’t even flinch at the sight of Nomu looming over him. Heck, he even looks bored at Nomu grim figure.


Tomura can’t believe his eyes, a kid –who appear out of nowhere, blocked Nomu fist and spartan-kick Nomu and then made it fall down the stairs. Dressed in thick green-black strips oversized jacket, half of his face is covered with hood -with a pair of yellow cat eyes print, and decorated with a pair of cat ears, and green undershirt written with Yes, I’m the CAT, so what? print, black shorts, and -for god knows why, he also wearing freaking black-green striped stocking, complete with black Top-up shoes with metal-sole.

The kid turns around and happily, waved his green cat paw gloved hands at the purple fucker “Aaaw~ did Hatter miss me that much?” he exclaimed again while a thick, fluffy and long green-black strip tail sway lazily behind him.

Purple fucker or the so-called Hatter by the kid is huffed and back again to his previous position; aim his rifle back to Tomura. “Nope,” he replied, popping the P at the same time he pulled the trigger.


With no shield “Shit!” Tomura has to avoid and take cover behind the random tree by the fountain, “NOMU!!! KILL HIM!!!” compiled to his word, Nomu roared and strike again, but his fist collided with the kid punch, strong shock wave come from both collided fists, but the kid is faster to take his next action, he jumped and make himself eye leveled with Nomu 8 feet tall body.

The kid draws back his right hand and swings it with full force, “Neko~~ PUNCH!!!” -is actually an extreme bitch slap with long sharp-clawed hand, and make the artificial human goes flying to the Ruins Zone with a loud crash.

Tomura can’t help but roared “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!!” from the data he got hour ago, there just three Heroes that come in this place, No.13, Eraserhead, and the main priority why they here, All Might. As much, as he Hate Heroes, he takes a lot of mental note for any Underground Heroes, or Top Heroes with powerful Quirk so he can kill them later, but he never hears any shit about this green-kid and his purple friend.

The great part is he didn’t know what exactly their Quirk yet, so far, Tomura just know that the purple fucker seems like he can use his rifle –something similar like Snipe Quirk? And the kid has a parts mutant and super strength Quirk. ‘Just who the hell are they?!

Almost like he can read what Tomura thinking about, the purple-fucker lowered his rifle and smile, one that Tomura didn’t like “Ah, yes, but before that isn’t it fair if you tell us your name first?”

Tomura clicked his tongue ‘Oh well… they die today anyway’ “Shigaraki Tomura!”

The purple-fucker nodded in approval, still smiling, and aims his rifle at Tomura again –not going to let him move from his hiding spot “Well, it’s pleased to meet you. My name is Mad Hatter.”

Tomura just scoffed at the rip-off naming sense “…What? Like that Mad Hatter in kids story books?”

“Something like that” just with his voice, Tomura almost can hear that this Mad Hatter shrug, before he shot at where Tomura feet was.


“Fuck! What is your fucking problem!! Stop shooting me!!” Tomura snapped and duck before another bullet meet his head.


Mad Hatter snapped back, “Then stop avoid it!!”

“FUCK NO!!! Are you crazy?!”

“That’s my middle name, thank you very much!!”

Oh, right, he is Mad Hatter after all...


This time, Tomura backflipped and take his distant. If his knowledge is right, the riffle Mad Hatter use is not the standard for a sniper. While it looks like what sniper-police usually use, the customized form and the length of its hostler can’t reach him any longer than 100 meters or so.

After takes some more distant, Tomura can’t help but grin as he sees the sour face on Mad Hatter face as he lowers his rifle. “What is it? You fucking done already?!” he barked, but refuse to step forward and decay the shit out of that purple-fucker. He wants to soak this small winning thanks to his knowledge about weapons.

But the moment is ruined by the sound of clapping hands.

Fucking slow clapping hands, and it just makes Tomura more irritated when the culprit is the green-cat “You guys done with the bickering? Can I introduce myself now?” said the Kid and for fuck sake, he is floating over Mad Hatter head while propelled his hands under his chin, and if not for his metal mouth guard he wore, he almost looks like bored at their so-he-called bickering, but no, to Tomura, he looks like mocking him, because the mouth guard make the kid look like ever-grinning-cat, like; “I’m Cheshire Cat, by the way!!”

Tomura internally groaned, but mask it with a scowl. The situation clearly tells him that he was in the tight spot, and without Kurogiri, he has no way to get the hell out of this place. “Great, another rip-off, what next? Rabbit?”

Unknown from Tomura, someone steps out from the diamond shape portal, walk with calm and silent step, low prescience, and creep like an assassin from behind him “Got a problem with Rabbit?”


Everything happens in flash for Tomura, the moment he turns and reach his hand out to decay whoever behind him, he was being pinned down by spiky ash-blond boy dressed in black and royal red suit, and black gauntlet “You-” the black combat boots  the blond wore is painfully digging his throat, and the heat from the sole not helping at all.

“I’m warning you,” crimson eyes, framed with silver rabbit half mask with gold line on its edge, “the moment you try to use your Quirk, I’m going to explode your throat” the way he talks is polite, but the venom and glare in it are spoken other ways.

Well… that’s explained why his sole is hot. “…You are…?” Tomura growled, he didn’t want to look weak, refuse to look weak, thus, he sends killing intents to the ass-blond who pin him down.

The blond just merely rolled his eyes –like he used (or bored?) with the killing intents, “As you can guess” the blond visible lips form a devilish smile, almost as same as his sensei, but still not enough to make him shiver “I am, the rabbit, March Hare!” the sole on his throat keep going hotter and hotter “The Host of this Mad Tea Party!! Also their leader,” March Hare nodded his head at where Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter are, then back again glaring at the peasant under his sole, “Leader of what you call… Underland Informant Vigilante”

As he hear the cursed name of certain group that make Sensei and Lague cant freely move in a year period, Tomura reach out his hands to decay the fucker face, and-


-Something sharp pricks his shoulder, make his body limp and paralyze. Something; ‘…make me sleepy?’ as he looks up, and what he sees is the purple-bastard was the one who shot him, again…! “You son of a bitch… I told you to stop shot me…”

Mad Hatter just shrugs and deadpanned; “I already am, and you know why”

Yeah, that because Tomura can’t move and avoid for fuck sake, “…Fuck you” Tomura growled as his conscious gradually slip away.

The fucker just grins smugly “You are welcome.”

Ah… I really want to kill the shit out of these fuckers…’ with the last string of his conscious, he takes a deep breath and shouts before he completely falls into deep darkness. “NOMU!!! KILL THEM ALL!!!”


He smirks as he hears the inhuman roar of the mindless toy. Lose or not, sees these fucker curse and panic face for mere seconds is worth it, totally worth it.



March Hare clicked his tongue and let of single “Fuck!” as his eyes go wild to analyst situation around him. No.13 and others in class A still didn’t move or evacuate from this shitty place, Eraserhead cornered by mutant Quirk user from Ruin zone, and fucking artificial human currently eying him.

What a way to end the fucking great day.

“Cat, use your portal and send me back to that loser!” he pointed the class –who now panic because Nomu roar, “After that, kill that beast!” Cheshire Cat nodded and right bellow Tomura, diamond-shaped portal open up, and before he sinks into the portal with Tomura, March Hare give a stern look to Mad Hatter, “Assist Eraserhead!”


Losing its first target, Nomu chose Cheshire Cat as its next target and this time, fist collided with fish, “Hatter!! Go! I’ll handle this alone!”

Mad Hatter nodded and makes a mad dash to where Eraser nearly stabbed by blade handed Villain from behind, he pulled out a handgun from hidden pocked in his Hat. Like before, take a deep breath, aim, exhale, and pulled the trigger.


“AAARGH!!!” like his rifle, the bulled stun the Villain, but it’s just for few seconds, and that’s few seconds is enough for him to give a flying kick to the dumbass who wants to stab his Idol.


Mad Hatter turns around and found Eraser unreadable face, “Hey~ Eraserhead, nice to meet you, my name is Mad Hatter-” Hatter pulled the trigger again and stun the Villain in front of Eraser –the latter round kick the said Villain and make them unconscious, “My boss, March Hare want me to -” Mad Hatter knock out another Villain from his side with the back of his gun “-Assist you!”


Eraser can’t help but smirk at the cheeky tone in Hatter's voice “He~ what a kind boss you have” the underground Hero catapults his opponent with his scarf to him, and punch the damn Villain, digging his fist into the Villain's gut. “Unfortunately –Kh, I’m not in the mood being assisted –Hh, by Informant!!” without missing a bits, Eraser buried his knee in the Villain side for more damage.

Mad Hatter gasped and make a face “Aaw~ common~ don’t be stingy~” while grinning, Mad Hatter change his fighting style by using the now empty handgun as makeshift Tonfa and rifle loaded with electromagnetic as a makeshift teaser.

Eraserhead become more irritated as he saw Mad Hatter know how to use his weapon, and fighting while defending him from more mutant Quirk user. “Fuck-!” at the same time Mad Hatter duck from Villain kick, Eraser catapult the Villain away from Mad Hatter.

Even though eyes locked with the enemy in front of him, Mad Hatter can feel a pair of tired eyes start to burn his head from behind, “You look like want to strangle someone right now” he cringes a bit as he deadpanned with a tad of cheeky tone in it. The eyes burning him now have killing intent in it.

Leaning back to back with Mad Hatter, Eraser let off wide sharp-edged grin “Fuck yeah.”

Mad Hatter twitched at the dark tone, but also let his lips form an identical grin with the person behind him. That was the first time he hears his idol curse. “I wish this someone for their luck then.”

Eraser let off a snort “Yeah, You wish” and with just that hollow, and humorless words, both parted and fight the rest of Villain in front of them.



“Dude! What the hell-?!”

As diamond shaped portal open right above of the students, March Hare appears from the said portal and landed gracefully with unconscious Shigaraki Tomura on his shoulder, “Hm? What the fuck are you extras looking at?” is the first words come out from March Hare when he looks at the startled face around him.

Shrugged, March Hare walk off to the other paralyzed misty Villain that start to regain his conscious, “Wa –wait! Bakugou!” exclaimed someone as he pulls out stun-gun with his free hand, but March Hare ignore it and Zab the misty Villain and make him unconscious again.


As he dropped Tomura beside the misty Villain, he turns around and asks “What?” with just his stern expression. Before he can turn to his back again, Todoroki Shoto walks in front of the class with a wary step.

“What is your goal?” March Hare raise questioning eyes at Shoto straightforwardness, “Bakugou Katsuki, Bakugou Izuku, and Shinsou Hitoshi… What you guys really are? Villain? Hero?”

Act before thinking type? Or…’ March Hare narrowed his eyes at Shoto “To save you guys from killing yourself,” before Shoto can voice his though, March Hare cut in “Is a lie.” his crimson eyes filled with mirth as he saw more students tensed and in defense position, huffed his amusement, “Our real Objection is this shit here,” March Hare kick Tomura side lightly by the heel of his boots “And what we really are,” March Hare give the bi-colored boy a smile, the one that very soft, but very unsettling “Why don’t you ask The Space Hero over there?”

March Hare dutifully ignore the tense atmosphere around the class. Satisfied that the attention –more or less, not directed to him anymore, March Hare put away his stun-gun again in his suit hidden pocket, and pull out two black metal collars from the other pocket.

With little trouble, March Hare put the collar around Tomura neck and above Kurogiri metal plate, “Bro, what is that?” If not because of his well-trained poker face, the boy behind him, Kirishima Eijirou, will know that he was startled by his sudden question.

“Quirk Nullifying Device” he answered with a scowl. ‘I’m going to kick the shit out of him later!’ March Hare refuse to knowledge that Eijirou is good hides his prescience while approaching him from behind.

Like child eying new toys, Eijirou eyes twinkle in wonder as he eying the collars, “Is that mean that they can’t use their Quirk?”

Uh-huh,” March Hare rolled his eyes at the obvious answer. Done with the collar on the Villain, March Hare pulled out his phone and send a quick message to certain well-known Detective, a rare SOS message to the police station.

Like find the timing to catch his blond classmate, Eijirou nervously scratch his neck “Hey, Baku-”

“-March Hare”


The blonde Vigilante eying the redhead Hero in training “March Hare” he repeats again with finality and authority tone in it.

Finally know what the blond mean, “Right… March Hare, it is!” Eijirou gives March Hare a thump up and oblivious grin.

Well… the happy go lucky act aside, March Hare cross his arms, waiting (demanding) the redhead to spill what in his mind. His crimson eyes observe the now fidgeting Eijirou. Having little patience he is, March Hare choose to search his own answer. He may not as good as Cheshire Cat or Mad Hatter, but with the oblivious and straightforward boy in front of him, he can see through Eijirou by the expression, body langue, and emotion-filled in his eyes.

“You want to help.” He not asking when he said that, and judging the expression Eijirou wore; March Hare know he nailed it. It was then he saw the others also have the same expression as Eijirou.

Sighing in defeat, the blond Vigilante switch back to his March Hare Persona “I won’t repeat it, so I need you to listen carefully and remember it.” eying others with stern stare –not accepting any objection, he needs to choose carefully on this if he wants all of them come back alive and head still intact with their body.

March Hare can't help but think; ‘They going to be the death of me…

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Okay, let’s do this…! You can do it! You are the big boy now!! Fuck pride! Fuck everything!!’ like magician pulled out their cards out of nowhere, March Hare also do the same with his phone “First…” as he turned on his phone, he quickly opens The Underland app, since they were in mission, his avatar alongside with others members is nowhere to be seen, only leaving the steaming tea-set and book on top of coffee table.

Tapped lightly at Mission button at the main menu, and only the Underlands member only knows how the flash led camera become projector. The led let off a bright light and show the 3D map of USJ. Ignored the awe and wonder around him, March Hare tapped purple and green dots on the map. Shortly after tapped the dots, one by one, names and transparent bluish panel popped on top of the dots, showed a fast and blurred vision.

After inspected the vision on each panels, March Hare open his mouth “Hatter, Cheshire, report status.” He said with a tad of demand in it.

After few seconds Mad Hatter is the first one answered the call, “Mad Hatter here! Villains keep coming from the others Zone to the central plaza. Eraserhead and I start to -Oh, FUCK!!” the Vision on the purple dot stop for few seconds, and then showed a rifle, aiming at the Villain with chameleon-like Quirk who tries to attack Eraserhead from his side.


Voice of familiar gunshot echoed from the Central Plaza and the Projector, “-and that was my last ammo!” a string of curse in unfamiliar language come from Mad Hatter as the vision from the panel shake, “Eraserhead!!” the vision become more blurred for a moment then clear again with the view of unconscious Villain with broken nose, and Mad Hatter now bloody dress shoes. “These fuckers are not as strong as they look, so far the strongest I fight is at last C- Villains and the others just street thug level!

The visual on Mad Hatter panels change, showed that the latter is actually stared up to the ceiling of the dome, focused on something. And March Hare also focused the blur dots of something black surrounding with a greenish spark, then suddenly there's a crack sound and the panel blurred again, “Mother fu-” almost like the god above prevent Mad Hatter to finish his curse, the call was suddenly ended with;


Soon after the thundering sound of something heavy collided with the concrete floor, wave of mild earthquake shook the floor, and heavy smokes rise from the edge of Central Plaza between Mountain and Conflagration Zone’s, “Cheshire Cat, here! I’m in the middle of-

RRAAAAAAAAGGHH!!!” the Cat playful voice cut off by the animalistic and beastly roar from the same place where the smokes rise.



A gush of a shock wave and more shake come from the other side of the dome. March Hare let off a tired sigh in his head, knowing the Cat, he can guess that the artificial-feline in the middle of wrestling match or something keen as catfight with the goddamn Nomu -Bulky, and Nasty, and bigger, and black, and- March Hare paled and shuddered at his own though, he defiantly didn’t want to know that next part of his imagination.

March Hare can’t help but snapped at the Cat, “YOU FUCKING TRASH CAT!!!” and keep screaming like a psychopath, while black aura oozing from him, “How many times I fucking told you?! That Nomu is NOT a fucking yarn ball!! It’s a goddamn priced stockpile of information for fuck sake!!” out of reflex he let off several bombs on his free hand.

To be honest, the class startled at the sudden outburst from the blond. But the only one who seems not really surprised at this, ‘Yups… he still Bakubro alright!’ Eijirou sweatdrop at the blond and internally laugh at the ironic of how fit March Hare persona with the blond.

March Hare cut in when hearing Cheshire start to whine, “FUCKING NO!! I’ll give you 5 minutes to contain that lump of shit, and send that shit to the Lab so we can run a test on it!!”


“NO BUTS!!” he ended the call as quickly as he heard another roar from the other side of the dome and the Cat grumbled voice, but it’s gone alongside the green dot and visual panel on the projector map. Now March Hare sighing for real, ‘He’s going to give me a fucking earlier grave…’ March Hare recollected himself, and straighten his stance as he once again gives his attention to the class again.

“I’ll give all of you a mission. Accept it or not is up to you.” He internally cringed as he masking the anxious with authority and power in his form. It’s hard to contain his March Hare persona in front of people –not like he always needs to do it. At last, it worth for the attention the class gives to him. Smirking sadistically, “The mission is simple, clean and collect as many trash as you can!” several students gulped at how March Hare casually refer the Villains as trash. “-and if you accept it, there’s condition. If you refuse… there’s consequent for it too.”

The class unconsciously prayed that March Hare know what he is going to do.


Drinking a cup of coffee and donuts as the snack is always felt like a blessing for every police officer, especially for certain detective, Tsukauchi Naomasa. With his paperwork done, no incident, no Villain attack, everything feels like a holiday for him.


Just when I think I can relax…’ Naomasa sigh and face Tamakawa Sansa who holding a paper, and Naomasa has a good guess what written in it, there’s only one reason on why his friend looks like he wants to throw up a fur ball; “I take it that the Underland send us something?”

Sansa didn’t say anything, he just quickly give Naomasa the paper and wait by his desk. The message is simple and short, but enough to make Naomasa bolt out his office and bark his command “Gathers everyone!! This is emergency, and contact UA NOW!!!”

“Yes, sir!!”

Naomasa sigh and reread the paper in his hand;

For our lovely Detective,


Villain attack UA facility, Unforeseen Simulation Joint.


From the Underland’s:

The Host of Tea Party, March Hare.

I swore to god, if this is a prank from them, I’m personally going to hunt them down!!’ he folds the paper and slips it in his trench coat pocket “We go to USJ!! NOW!!!”


Leaning back to back, again, Mad Hatter and Eraser inspect their opponent carefully, especially at one that comes from Downpour and Ruin Zone –it’s the most Mutant Villain comes. Mad Hatter Huffed his annoyance as he sees more of them leek out from both Zone, takes a peek at the now death-tired person behind him. ’10 minutes at most…

Mad Hatter grip his makeshift Tonfa –hand-gun- harder, the hand-gun already heavily damaged, and he still bitter because his priced rifle sliced to half, by blade fingers Villain minutes after he shot his last ammo at the same time he stares at the ceiling.

Take a peek again at the man behind him, he steeled himself, ‘…I wonder if I can squish more information.’  After all, his job as a professional informant is not just a name. Lightly nudges Eraser side to gain the other’s attention, he starts to make his move; “Guess your age start to get you.” By pushing the man button.

Eraser snort at the remark, “I didn’t even start my warming-up yet”

Play tough to get huh?’ grinning at the challenge, Hatter knows how exactly to handle the type like Eraser. “Say, why your friends did not come to help?” he didn't mean to activated his Quirk, but he needs to use it to catch the brainwave from the Underground Hero; ‘From the body language and unsteady brainwave… I can make a good guess in this…’ he hummed as he mused the fresh information. “…I see”


“You know, you don’t have to test us. All you need is ask, and we’ll gladly help the new generations.” if his guess is right, that was the main reason the UA didn’t send reinforcement. ‘Bingo!’ Mad Hatter didn’t miss the ever slightly twitch from Eraserhead, and that is enough to affirmatives his guess more. “Underlands can help, but of course it’s not unconditional, and you know why.”

At this point, Eraserhead sneered and pulled his lips in thigh line, ‘Yes… because he -No, the Underland takes the Information’s as the hostage!

Seeing the Underground Hero silent treatment is stung Hatter for a bit, “…And we will come to your tea party. Later.”

So they already know Principal Nedzu plan? As expected for Informant…’ Eraserhead nearly miss Mad Hatter laughs. 

“Finally!!” said the purple Vigilante with pure amusement in his voice.

The underground Hero opens his mouth to say something, but nothing come out as he saw the reason why Mad Hatter laugh –the reason he didn’t wish to see, the students, the kids under his responsibility is running down the stairs. and either fight or capture the Villain.

“What the hell you brats doing here?!!” to his horror, his students start to spread at every direction at different Zone. From his peripheral view, he can see blinding yellows electricity spark and zap every Villain in the Flood Zone.

“Nice Kaminari!!” Sero Hanta yelled as he fish out the now unconscious or paralyzed Villains.

With dump face and two thumbs up, Denki could only say “Uee~ii~”

From Eraserhead another side –Ruin Zone, he can hear the battle cry and roar of; “Oraoraoraoraoraora!!!” from Kirishima Eijirou and Sato Rikidou.

Mad Hatter laughs lauder, as he too hears the same thing as Eraser. “HA!! I knew someone watches that midnight anime!!” if not because Eraser leaning behind him, he defiantly on the floor, wheezing while clutching his sides.

He still the brat I know that like watches that nonsense of cartoon… ’ pushing his soft spot for the boy behind him aside, the Underground Hero force himself to focus, “Can you stop laugh and focus?!” Eraserhead grabs his scarf, ready to capture a Villain or two that going to mess with his students.

Mad Hatter waved lazily “Nah~ I think our jobs are done here~ right?

“What do you-” Eraserhead internally curse as the control of his own body out of the window, ‘That’s it, detention for the rest of his life!!

“Hatter we’re done! Mission complete!” said someone from behind Eraser.

Even though he still in the hazy state of being brainwashed, the Underground Hero still can pinpoint the owner of the voice; ‘Bakugou… Katsuki?

“Oh, hey Rabbit! Are the packaged ready to deliver?”

“Nope!” said another voice, popping the P in his word, and this new voice also from behind Eraserhead, but somehow little bit from above him.

Bakugou Izuku is the member of Underland too? And why his voice come from above my head?!

 “We still didn’t run any test.” Said Katsuki(?) with his usual grumpy voice, and the yet from his words loud in the air.

Test…? What did he mean-

Certain purple Vigilante cut his thought; “You hear them Eraserhead?” said Hero unwillingly nodded his head at the Mad Hatter question.

“Oh! They a bit late, but police are coming! Please don’t reveal our identity.” Said Izuku(?) with his voice hovering from above the Underground Hero’s head.

Is he flying –no, floating…? ’ again, Eraser thought is cut in as he hears a distant siren going off from outside of USJ.

“Fucking finally…” said Katsuki with a rare-tired sigh.

When he felt the control of his body back, Eraserhead turn around with his scarf ready in his hands. Only to find the three form that he familiar with “You…” Eraser narrowed his eyes. This time his eyes didn’t fool him, he defiantly saw a small glitch at the edge of the three in front of him, in their Hero Costume. ‘How the actual fuck they can do that?! Was it a hologram? But that thing didn’t work that way!!

“I have to say…” said his purple boy of the nephew, even though his voice monotone and tired, Aizawa can’t be fooled, the Underground Hero know that his nephew is nervous “…You look like want to kill someone”

The second Hitoshi said his thought (remark), he backflips his body in ease -that will make any Acrobatic Hero to shame, then rolled to his side to avoid white bandage that lunges to him, mean to capture and strangle him to his death “You ungrateful son of a bitch!” Eraserhead growled as his weapon failed to capture Hitoshi, again, “Get back here!!”

“I’ll be back later!” Without miss a beat, Hitoshi run to the now freezing Downpour Zone. ‘I have a feeling this is the work of that cold-Zuko-dude’ he snorts at his own thought ‘I’m defiantly going to call him that!’ and with that in mind, he slips inside the cold dome. Determinate to capture any Villain in sight, and push out the urge to search the bi-boy to just call him Zuko, ‘…Okay Hitoshi, focus!’ Hitoshi bite back his laughter as he saw his first victim target.

Back again with Aizawa Shota, who now more focus on the other two and also the parts of the cause of a headache “Both of you-”

Unfortunately, Katsuki cut in (again) with a serious and stern look, “Later. We talk, later.” and with just that, he and Izuku run to Mountain Zone direction.

Before the Bakugous out of Aizawa earshot, Izuku exclaimed a “See you later, Aizawa-sensei!”

Leaving their dumbfounded and tired homeroom teacher in the dust, with a sigh, the underground Hero reaches his intercom, ‘I am going to grounded them personally later’ “This is Eraserhead, they pass. But demand to keep their identity from police. I don’t know how, but it seems like they make the others students do the same things.”

Good and no problem, we can handle it! We talk with your class later Eraser! Now, ladies and gentleman of my staff, let’s move to the phase 2!” and with the collective voice of Roger, Yes Sir and Ok, Aizawa turn off his intercom.

After this shitty day, Aizawa just hope that he didn’t need to face his long last enemy and every Heroes Nightmare;

Paper works.

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“What-” ‘What the hell is going on here?!’ as long as he works as Detective, Tsukauchi Naomasa never seen the scene before him, yes his job is to solve cases or track down Villain, and yes again he also participates on capturing them in a way or other. But in his carrier as Detective, he never saw so many Villains in one place. The last time he saw so much Villain is when he, and his fellow police and Heroes come to rescue the little girl from Yakuza group, his eyes roaming as his coworkers in Special Villain Force department help the UA Heroes to capture the Villains.

When Naoumasa catches a glimpse of someone he knows, he ran to their direction, thankfully that someone notices him, “Aah! Tsukauchi-kun! Good to see you here!” said the No.1 Hero, All Might in his buff form –yes, Naomasa know his real form.

“Mr. All Might,” Naomasa nodded at the Hero in his dress shirt and yellow pants –thank god he not wearing the yellow suit he usually wore with the pants, that horrible suit is more blinding than his Hero costume, and not really healthy for Naomasa poor tired eyes.

All might nodded back, “I take it that you and coworkers also invited here?” he asks with a dry smile.

Naomasa gives All Might dry smile of his own, “Yes.” Pull out a small notebook and pen, “Can you tell me what happens in your side?”

“Why of course!” All Might nodded with his trademark grin.

Naomasa smile as he writes down several things All Might told him, but nor he knows that the top Hero is left out the detail of who the Underlands member is. All Might –Yagi Toshinori is no Number one Hero for nothing. Too bad his power used for lie misleading his best friend, ‘It’s for the safety of the students!

Yeah… sure, keep telling you that.


Along the way to the entrance of USJ, Katsuki grumbled something about “Haven’t run any test on that shit” or “Fucking paper works” or “Shitty way to die”, and some cuss about their mission.

By the time they reach entrance, police, medic and UA staff can be found here and there. “Ah, thank goodness! That’s makes 20 of you!” said someone from the Bakugou brother left, “Are you both alright if we have a short chat?”

Katsuki narrowed his eyes, give a good glare to the man in front of him, “We already have enough shit for this shitty day, and you want to fucking chat about it?! Who the fucks are you?!!” Katsuki growled at the last part, and his palms start to let off smokes.

“Kacchan! That’s rude!”

“Fuck off, Izu! I have enough of this bullshit!!”

“That’s a shitty excuse, and you of all people know it!”

“Fuck you!”

“You’re fucking welcome!”

“That’s not I mean you shithead!!”

“Then stop being an ass!!”

While both Bakugou’s still bickering back and forth, the man in front of them just blinks several times, clearly not expecting this. He recollected himself and cleared his throat, “Ehmn- Boy’s-”

What?!” they said at the same time, snap their head to the man and give him a good glare. Even though Izuku wore a helmet with tinted glass, the man knows Izuku glaring him too.

The man just gives them a professional –total fake/bullshit- smile in Bakugou brother’s opinion. “My name is Tsukauchi Naomasa, and I’m Detective.”

This makes Izuku tilt his head –ears and tail twitching in interest. But Katsuki just raised his eyebrow within sort of ‘Well?’ sense and unreadable expression, much to Naomasa dismay, who wonder if they know his Quirk as a lie detector.

“…And?” ask Katsuki, demanding the Detective to just rip the band aids, and get his shit to the point. Of course, he and Izuku know Naomasa, but the later didn’t need to know about it. Yet.

Still, with the bullshit professional smile, Naomasa nodded, “I want both of you to answer some of my questions.”

Katsuki have to fight the tempting urge to roll his eyes, intend he narrowed his eyes, ‘Get your wits together Katsuki! Compared to your torture training with your old man, this is nothing!’ crossed his gauntleted hands in front of his chest, Katsuki gives away his best poker face; scowl “Make it quick!”

Naomasa glances Izuku –who sigh in relive, or more like act as if he relive, then nod his head at the Detective, “Please do, we tired…” well… that’s lie for Izuku case, but Naomasa didn’t detect it… so, yeah, you got the point.

Naomasa nodded in understanding, “Of course, let’s start with…”

Again, Naomasa didn’t know he was being manipulated by the Informant and not really true information, but still, no lie in it.


When he stepped inside to the bus, Katsuki didn’t know how to react at the scene in front of him, must he laugh? Or maybe show some of his sympathies? “The fuck you doing?” and Katsuki decided to show his sympathy; by nudge -the almost unconscious and in the middle of kissing the bus floor- Hitoshi with his foot, checking if he was ok.

Hitoshi waving off his hand lazily at his frienemy (friend in term of teasing or mess with someone, and enemy went they on each other’s neck because of something silly or petty), and answered with ventriloquism technique, with the icing of impression Aizawa Shota voice, no less. “Leave us alone Bakugou, don’t you see? I and the bus floor here are in the middle romantic intercros–” Hitoshi freeze, still face planted on the floor, jerk his body in surprise, “Oh! Holy shit! What the fuck my fucking dead grandma doing here…?” he tilts his head “Mn? Why she waving her hand’s in inviting motion-”


Both Bakugou brothers and their classmate cringe as Aizawa sole grinding Hitoshi head, the underground Hero glared at his ungrateful nephew of his, and subconsciously active his Quirk, “Just so you know brat, do that again and I’ll literally ground you.”

“Yessir!” Hitoshi -somehow still conscious- mock salute his uncle, and hiding the mirth in his voice, which is failed miserably, giving Aizawa more reason to grind his sole, “AAaaaAAAAARRRGH!!” Hitoshi squirm his limp to get out of most painful nudge from his uncle. “I’m going to call this as child abuse!!”

Aizawa narrowed his glowing red eyes, not realizing he open it in his personal record, “What are you talking about Hitoshi? It’s called nudge.” He deadpanned Hitoshi comment, lazy, bored, flat tone, but somehow have a very dark tone in it.

Oh crap… did I snap him?’ “What about I give you my cat café coupons? You know; the one few blocks away from our apartment.” that stop the movement on his head, but the damn foot seems comfortable and not going to move any time soon. Hitoshi inwardly groans, knowing all too well what his ungrateful uncle want, “Fine!! I’ll give you all of it!!” As the accusing limp leave his throbbing head, Hitoshi grumbling about something suspiciously sounds like child abusing and demon. Thankfully his uncle decided to not comment or do anything about it.

Hitoshi picks himself up and sat the nearest chair –which is beside our bishounen and almost downright emo stoic, Todoroki Shoto. “Hmn?” while still wore his poker face, Hitoshi blink in surprise at his seat-mate, nodding as he great Shoto, “…Cold-Zukko.” He said with finality in it, ‘Yeshh!! I finally said it!!’ satisfied at his long last wish finally accomplish.

The bi-colored boy raises his brow, but also nodded, “Purple Einstein.” He said it with also firm tone.

Oh god damn it, Hitoshi already love the boy. Hitoshi let off his trademark sharp edge smirk, “You and I are going to be the best pal ever.”

Groan can be heard from the Bakugou –Katsuki direction, “Oh fuck no! We don’t need another more deadpan character!!”

“Don’t mind him, he just jealous~” Hitoshi whispered to his soon-to-be the best pal.

Before any violent and madness free in the bus, Izuku cut Katsuki retort, “Hitoshin, why you dispelled your hologram?”

“I’m not…” Hitoshi sigh tiredly as he active the hologram again; by press specific button inside his suit, it’s almost like magic, because his Mad Hatter costume glow for seconds, and next, he change in his Hero costume.  “He makes me to.” Hitoshi nodded at the person who glaring dagger at him.

“Bakugou Katsuki, Bakugou Izuku, take a seat. Now.” Aizawa give the said both boys good glare.

Katsuki rolled his eyes, “Great, another deadpan character.” still in his poker face; scowl, Katsuki sit beside Izuku.

After several minutes the bus run back to the main campus, Katsuki sigh and took the liberty to pull off the band aids, “I take it that shit over there-” he jammed his thumb at Hitoshi direction, who have a trouble to keep his eyes open, “-Tells you about the base of our identity?” Katsuki confirmed his guess from the nods around him.

Hitoshi yawned and popped his stiff neck, “I tell them that we are information and rescue specialist agent… of short.”

Katsuki nodded, then eying Eraserhead and schooled his face in business mode, “Before you ask, we neither Villain and Hero, we just Vigilante… of short”

Aizawa raise his brow few millimeters “Of short?”

Katsuki shrugged “No comment.”

Aizawa train of thought cut off by Hitoshi groan.

 “Ugh…” Hitoshi let off a pitiful groan, “Tell me Mr. Maxplodo,” Hitoshi eyed Katsuki, then rubbed his head and groan again, “Why the Kami above so cruel to let child abuser exist…” despite the sudden chance of subject, that didn’t stop Aizawa give Hitoshi dirty look, and his form clearly told Hitoshi that his uncle going to ground him again, later. ‘Aw… fuck me and my mouth…

Katsuki choose to oblivious at the glare from his homeroom teacher direction, he give Hitoshi a look that say; “Are you stupid?” and then shrug, “Like hell I know, I’m not even fucking believe of your so-called-God or whatever,” Katsuki puffed up his chest and sit straight “I’m scientist for fucking reason.”

The purple head just rolled his eyes at the ego boost bastard, then he glance at Izuku, hoping the Alien-boy give his opinion too. But no, Izuku just tilt his head, while his ears and tail move in amusement “Hitoshin, how come you expect me to believe on Humans Gods?”

“Yeah thanks, that’s very helpful from you.”

Katsuki laugh at the sour face and sarcasm in Hitoshi voice, “Suck it Hitoshit!”

Hitoshi frown at the name, but he didn’t say anything, “Can I ask your reason on why you didn’t believe Gods, Katsudon?”

Ignored the insult, Katsuki give his trade mark grin, one that give Hitoshi unsettling feeling, “Yes, while I’m believe in those shitty God existent, but I don’t fucking pray my wish or worth ship them, because they downright nature disaster and good for nothing,” Katsuki let smugness paint his face “Beside, why the fuck I need to pray? When I can just fucking ask the shitty gods in person?” Katsuki laugh more at the look Hitoshi give him.

Izuku chuckled, “It’s true Hitoshin, and all we need to do is warp to New York or Asgrad to meet the Gods themselves.”

“Can I ask you pardon? I mean… who the hell is this God we talking about?”

Izuku dutifully answer Hitoshi question, “The Thunder God: Thor!!” in English and the said God voice.

“What the-?! But- but he is World Top Hero!”

Katsuki smirk in amusement, “Seriously Hitoshit?”

Hitoshi growled, “Fuck you!” his hand twitching to punch the smug bastard him.

As much as they want to continue, their banter is cut off by someone exclaimed; “Whoa! Whoa! Boys! Wait a damn minutes ok?!” it was Ashido Mina, “Can we backward what you’re talking about, yeah?” Mina point at Katsuki “What do you mean this blond Bakugou here is a scientist?” Katsuki frown at the remark, but didn’t comment it “-and this green Bakugou here is not Human?!” underneath his helmed Izuku raise his eyebrow.

There is one thought that flashed in Tea Party members heads; ‘Seriously?’ with an expression that pretty much says; “Are you stupid?

Before Izuku can explain it, a tired sigh cut in “You brats…” their homeroom teacher is in the bad mood, and it was so clear for the class “…Can we have the chat after we arrive? I’m not paid enough for this.” And Shota active his Quirk to make his glare more effective, after several seconds, the underground Hero deactivate his Quirk, but his eyes not leaving the three Underlands member in front of him. ‘They defiantly are going to be the death of me…


Somewhere in the dark laboratory like the place; men sit in front of a massive monitor with his fingers danced smoothly on top of the keyboard, his work stopped by a figure approach him from behind.

Father, Tomura nii-san and Kurogiri-san is captured.” Said the figure with robotic and emotionless tone, his figure more clearly as he approaches his father, his purple and glowing eyes –no, not eyes, it’s more look like pair camera that replace his iris’s and pupils- observe his father expression; the man who is also known as All For One.

The man let off a small sigh, ‘My wife going to kill me if she knows… ’ “Can you locate them?”

Yes.” the boy nod and make a troubled face. His purple camera-like eyes eying his father while shuffling nervously.

Rising his non existing brow, “What is it?” the man wait patiently for the boy to answer.

…eer, you see-


Whatever the boy want to say, cut off by a loud noise of someone open the lab door. “HIASHI!! HOW DARE YOU!!?” voice of frantic women echoed in the lab, make the man –Hiashi wince at the volume. Soon after the screech, the figure of slim woman stomp her heeled shoe and glared at the man.

The boy give the woman small smile, “Hey, mom

“Hello dear!” The women give the boy a brief hug before turning to the man. Glaring Hiashi, daring him to say something stupid, like;

“Inko dear-”

“No! Don’t ‘Inko dear’ me!!”



Hiashi gulped as various small and sharp things start to float around him, “Our boy here,” he gestured the boy “Is going to help him out, ok?”

Inko narrowed her eyes and then turn to the boy behind her, “My baby boy!” Inko start to cry as she hugs tight the purple-curl mob of her baby boy, “Promise me you back with your brother and babysitter, okay?”

The boy chuckled and hug her mom back, “Yes mom, I promise!

Inko wipe her tears as she let go the boy, “Make sure back before dinner ok? I’ll make something special!”

The boy smiles and turn around to the nearest empty wall, “I will.” Seconds later, huge hexagon and purple distorted portal split in front of him.

Before the boy step inside the portal, his father called his name, “Y.39.M.0.” he feels something throw to his direction, and catch it with ease, “You forgot to bring that.” It was his dynamo’s, with the shape look like knives with black metallic and purple highlight.

Smiling to himself, he let off a spark of purple lightning in his hand, turn on the specific chip inside the dynamo’s and makes it fly around him, “Ittekimasu~” and with that, he steps in the portal.

As the portal gone, Inko eying her husband “How many time did I told you to call him Yamikumo?”

The men just shrug, “Habits” and back to his previous work, build a new system for the Noumu.

Dear~” Inko called.

Oh no.

Oh, fuck NO!!

Hiashi downright hate that tone, it’s too sweet for his taste, sweet and Inko is equal pain and his doom somewhere nearby. “Yes, Inko?”

“Do you think I forget with what you have done to my boy?”

There are a good few seconds of silent, “…Yes…?”

And the memory of sweet smile of the evil woman is the last thing he remembers. God, he loves his wife when she’s evil, but he wished that evilness not bite him in the ass.


Chapter Text

After back to the campus, the students immediately send back to their house and to keep their lips sealed about today event (Especially The Underland identity) until further notice from UA. Unsurprisingly, the campus closed for the next day, and at the day went others students are having their day off.

3 certain students being called in the massive meeting room; filled with others UA staff that directly involved with the Underland; Principal Nedzu, Powerloader, Midnight, Present Mic, Snipe, and of course All Might.

With scowl as his poker face, Katsuki scan the room analyst if he can have as much information from the staff around him. Most were curious, confuse, and in the border of denial, refuse to believe that Heroes society being messed with a bunch of kids.

‘Ooooh! God Damn it…!’ Katsuki never thought that understatements feel so fucking good and delicious. ‘There are so many fucking possibilities from being an understatement! Why the fuck I never think this shit?!’ Maybe he needs to lower his pride–No, actually, scratch that, let’s just thrown all his pride out of windows and feel the deliciousness later. ‘Yeah… let's do that, later; in our next mission.’ Thinking about it makes him giddy inside-out, but he willed himself to deepen his scowl and start jotting his foot, showing that he start to being impatience (and a tad of giddiness), even though it was just an act.

Katsuki attentions spread for every little detail in the meeting room, mainly for information, strategy, and tactic to get the hell out of this place, safe and clean.

On Katsuki left side; Hitoshi wore his usual bored face as his poker face. Humming of what heard like random tune, but Katsuki knows better; the brainwasher is in the middle of stockpiled the information around him; with his natural ability of cold-reading, muscle reading, and understanding brainwaves around him; by On-Off his Quirk occasionally with the sound he makes, make his brain works miles away to send his own brainwaves, make them work like radar –of sort.

On Katsuki right side; Izuku stays emotionless, while inside, Katsuki knows that Izuku is in the middle analyst certain sample from their mission yesterday, and slipped a Dormouse; is a virus or more like Assistant App, to make Izuku work easier to slip any security.

But his priced information still not drops on his lap, so he still needs to wait for said information to being confirmed. Of course, the cost of their cover being blown is not pretty, but they cut it with a low blow and still stay in the winning group. Then, they can play their game and moves more freely under UA watch.

The whole 10 minutes of the boring meeting is about yesterday incident, and summarized version of how Underland involved the said incident, which is more or less tuned out. Unfortunately, their stockpiling information activity cut off by a tired yet firm voice from Eraserhead; “Next is a proper introduction from the member.”

Aa… so it finally begins; The beginning of mind fuck game,’ or what you called as interrogation, ‘Hmm… classic.’ Katsuki mused as he raised a brow, silently demanding the underground Hero to continue.

Eraserhead opens a file –a fucking paper file, ‘Seems like they really know how we work…’ Katsuki stops jotting his foot, motion that he actually pays attention.

“Shinsou Hitoshi,” said boy shrug and sit straight.

Then the brainwasher began droned his introduction “I’m Nephew of Eraserhead, Aizawa Shota, also the former student of General Department first-year Class C, and switched place With Mineta Minoru former student of Hero Department first-year Class A after the very first day.” Eraserhead shifting his eyes, daring the boy to active his Quirk, but Hitoshi just smirk and shrugged, “-That was what you call me, here in UA.” he pointed the floor, “In Underland, I am known as ‘Mad as a Hatter: Mad Hatter’. I am Specialism and responsible for information gathering on field, capture and sending Villains to the police.”

Katsuki inwardly snorted as he hears the sending word, ‘That explains everything and nothing at the same times.’ Little did the Heroes here know that they also have an agent inside the Polices, Heroes, and Politic/Law department, but they didn’t need to know it, yet.

God, he loves being a sneaky bastard in his job.

Eraser nodded as he confirms and writes down a note at his nephew file, flipping another paper, he continues, “Bakugou Izuku,”

Without skipping a beat, Izuku motionlessly introduces himself, but before he begins, Katsuki stops him. “Before Izuku begin, can I take it that all of you already signed the necessary paper?” he unconsciously slipped into business mode and March Hare persona.

Midnight, which is the most emotional of the staff next to Mic, voicing her though “What do you mean necessary paper?”

Katsuki eying the Chimera Principal, “I take it not all of you.”

Nedzu nodded his head, “I will take responsibility for any leak from my staff and makes them sign the necessary paper.”

He feels Hitoshi radar pulse in his direction, mentioned Nedzu isn’t lying, but Katsuki didn’t want to blindly take the risk and trust the Chimera, “Izuku,” Katsuki sighed Izuku to continue.

Knowing what Katsuki really mean, Izuku nodded and facing the UA staff, “I am adopted brother of Bakugou Katsuki, student of Hero Department first-year Class A,” Izuku camera eye lens flicked as he too pointed the floor, “In Underland, I am known as ‘The Mischief-puss Cat: Cheshire Cat’. I am the reason of why Villain and Black-Heroes information’s transferred right, center and left.”

All Might and several others flinch as the hear Black-Heroes being mentioned, while Eraserhead and the principal merely blinked, for both, as Underground Hero and ex-lab mice, they knew so much how some Heroes do not really act like a Heroes. Dirty jobs and the ugly background is always in the dark corner of everywhere.

Not unnerved with the I-know-the-adult-ugly-world stunt that Izuku was pulled, Aizawa shrug and write something in his paper before the flip to the next page, “Bakugou Katsuki,”

Katsuki bit down a groan, ‘Just when I thought I can become the one being an understatement! Oh fuck-!’ while inside his head Katsuki grumbling and let off string of variant curse, on the outside; Katsuki quickly donned his business and serious face, “I am Izuku brother, student of Hero Department first-year Class A, scientist for the government laboratory, and I am supervised the Chemical and Nitro related experiment and research.”

He got the title when his Mother accidentally found him red-handed in her office; make a mix Nitro composed bomb that has the same destructive power as a nuke bomb, but with higher corrosive effect.

Having Father as one of the military higher-ups, Mother supervises government Lab, Alien-robot adopted brother and Quirk with high destructive power; makes Katsuki head do the wonder. After good scold here and there, Katsuki banned to makes any bomb-related experiment, much to his dismay.

So in the end, he tweaked the same chemical composed, and not long after that, he found more effective nitro composed medicine to reduce symptom for people with the heart problem. Then, he finally got his title after jump class several times and does several tests.

And that was when before his first year in middle school and a few weeks after Izuku goes to school.

So, yeah; He literally repeats the middle and high school again, when he actually already graduate from college and got a title, why? Because his father pulls a bull that he doesn’t have any friends and not having any Flame-of-Youth-shit that his father ranted when he’s drunk -that and his parent also want to make sure that Izuku cover doesn’t blow up in public.

Back again to present;

Katsuki didn’t know how to react as he read their muscle flow, body language, and facial expression. He expects a face of disbelieve and surprise, but to him, the staff seems like they are surprised on something that didn’t relate him being a scientist.

Meanwhile, at his sides, Hitoshi let off loud snort and muffled his laugh in his hand, and Izuku cracked a wide smile while he laughs inside his head.

What the fuck they laughing at? Something funny in the way I talk?’ Katsuki shrugs and continue, he too pointed the floor “…In Underland, I am known as ‘The host of the mad tea-party: March Hare’ I mostly supervise to filter and reorganized the Information before being transferred, I also the one who responsible for planning any nameless rescue and Villain being captured by Heroes or Police around the town.”

With that down, Katsuki swore he hear something that sounds like; “The boy didn’t let off single cuss.” And from All Might direction, no less.

Loud clattering sound and laughter make Katsuki frown. Hitoshi falls off his chair, lying on his side, banging his fist on the floor and laugh his ass off. Izuku, while still on his chair, hunch over while clutching his sides and also laughing his ass off.

What the fuck?

What are they laughing of?

What –oh. Oh, fuck me… FUCKING SERIOUSLY?!

The worst thing is Hitoshi and Izuku can tell what Katsuki’s thinking, literally, their laugh start to pick some volume, “Can we continue?” thankfully Eraserhead irritated voice cut off their laughter, but years having sneaky bitch like Hitoshi make Katsuki super aware the hidden mirth and amusement in that god damn tired eyes.

Eraserhead amused because All Might startled at his lack of cuss?

What the actual fuck?!

Fucking seriously?!!

…Fine.’ As if something flipped inside Katsuki, he smiled. At this act, Izuku and Hitoshi scrambled back to properly sit on their chair, “Are you done?” he asks with a smile and pleasant tone to his friend and brother.

Yes sir.” both said, their body stiff and rigid as a hand pats their shoulder, signal for warning at any future pain.

Katsuki nodded and smiled at All Might, “I hope you don’t offend by their rudeness Mr. All Might.” He said with worried and sad tone.

All Might, in his buff form just give a stiff smile “Of course not!” while inside his danger alarm going off.

Eraser let off a small smirk, “Good, now that all of you already introduce yourself, can you answer our questions?” and he too, smiled, make his coworker shifting nervously. God, he loves seeing them squirm when he acts so out of character, and Aizawa knows that Katsuki loves it too.

Psycho and crazy act aside, Katsuki get back to his usual self, much to his friend and brother relief, and then they register the Eraserhead words.

Izuku smiled, as he asks with cheery tone, “You want information from us?”

Hitoshi smirk, “You know it’s not cheap right?”

Katsuki nodded, “We have our own cost, what will you pay us?” and he back again to business mode.

At the same times, all the UA staff thinking the same thing;

‘They already starting to play their cards from the very beginning.’

“What do you mean by that?”

Katsuki raises his brow, “You think we can just freely give out information for free?”

Before Midnight could retort at the rude boy, Hitoshi cut in, “You want our service and information. We can give Villain or any puny Heroes information, which also include spy or traitor. All this time, we do that for free, yes.” Hitoshi carefully eying the principal, “And yes we know about your plan; New improvement for the new generation,” Hitoshi smirk, “We can do that with no problem, of course as long as we have the permission.”

“But the real matter here, what you can give us?”

Snipe snort, “You know you we can just bring you to police for your crime right?” Izuku giggled, Katsuki and Hitoshi smirk at Snipe, “What’s so funny?”

“Of course it’s funny because you can't do that.” Katsuki grinning in full amusement, “We didn’t do any crime.”

Powerloader growled, “Of course you are! You harass our security, that already includes CIBER crime -”

“Did you find any proves? Trace?” at the lack of respond, Izuku grinning even wider, “You can't move Police whiteout any proof, you can't use the law to demand us do your job, because of we still underage, literally.”

With that being said, Katsuki adds his two cents “Voice record and the hidden camera won't help you.” As if on cue, the entire hidden device let off a noise like mice as they burn to crisp.

“What is your motive?” All UA staff startled at Nedzu sudden question, “As long as I hear and know, all the think of what you do is nothing but Pest Control.”

All Might face faulted at Nedzu statement, his train of thought is disturbed by light-hearted chuckled from Bakugou Katsuki, “Yes. Principal Nedzu you are right, what we do is a mere Pest Control.” All Might frown become deeper. “We try to make the better society.” The three boys snort at the same time “-is the biggest bullshit we ever heard, our reason is not some corny shit like that,”

“You know that you indirectly insult Stain and All Might over there right?” said Hero brow twitching at Hitoshi remark, the boy compared him with the Hero Killer. Hitoshi grinning at All Might, “I know you in denial.” Then he shrugs as if Hitoshi didn’t realize All Might flinch, “But seriously, you and his idealism are alike in a way or another.”

“Jab and insult aside, yes, our reason is simpler then any of you think,”

No.13 finally voicing their though “…And that is?”

The boys grinning widely and with the eyes full of madness. Then they said at the same time;

We just love to mess with people head.


It has been a long and very stratified day for them, the three stands at the sore of Gadobah beach. Even though they tired, they still have work for their night shift. God, they hate their night shift.

Their minds drive back at the meeting, for the day;

Win the UA truth, check.

Get the permission to mess with students (as long as they give a satisfying result), check.

Expand spy network for future use, check.

Katsuki smirk, “I am going to enjoy my high school life.”

“Said the master of the Everlasting smug bastard.”

Izuku giggled at Hitoshi remark, “Said Him.”

They laugh lightheartedly while the sun disappears in the horizon.

Too bad their fun time cut off by Hitoshi, he kneeled and clenches the front of his shirt, start to wheezing and coughing uncontrollably, gasped for air. Clicked his tongue, Katsuki pulls out a box from his uniform breath pocket, and quickly pull out a pen-like syringe from it, “I may not believe Gods, but I believe Karma.” Without even hastate, Katsuki rips open Hitoshi shirt and staph the syringe right on top his heart, “You should learn your fucking lesson, to stop to insult your boss. Seriously.”

Hitoshi let off a weak snort as his breathing become more manageable, “Over my dead body.” His smirk wider as he sees Katsuki make a face of disgust, but Hitoshi can still see the worry in that ruby eyes. His Boss is a real mother hen.

“Hitoshin, do you really didn’t want to tell them, our motive?”

Hitoshi just shakes his head as he stands again, “-and risk my dream to become a Hero? Nope, no thank you.” He placed a hand over his heart, “We already talk about it, but not even with Izuku technology can heal my problem, by blood and gen.” his violet eyes staring at the stars in the cloudless sky, “I need to take the manual procedure to heal it, I can heal if I take operation, yes. But the risk is too big for my case, even if the operation succeeds, the rehabilitation takes a year or two, maybe more.” His violet eyes stared at his friend with a mix of amusement and sadness “And by that time, both of you already Pro Heroes.”

Choosing to huffed his worry, Katsuki shoved the box in his hand to Hitoshi chest, “That’s your payment for this month and bonus for today mission; Nitro Heart and my new composed supplement to reduce more of your symptoms.”

Hitoshi gives Katsuki worried look “Newly composed…?” he asks with the tone full of doubt.

“Dammit, Hitoshit! Izuku and old hag already give me the green flags!! So it’s safe!!”

At that, Hitoshi snickered and pocketing the box inside his breath pocket, “Thanks, bro.”

Katsuki scowl, “I don’t need you for my brother, Izu already gives me enough headaches.”

Hitoshi and Izuku share a look, then they grin, “Aww~ don’t be shy~”

“I am fucking not!”

“Kacchan in denial~~”

“Fuck you two!!”

Said two just laugh at the red-faced Katsuki. Shake his head in amusement; Hitoshi slung his arms at Bakugou brother shoulder, “Seriously guys… Thanks.”

Katsuki scowl as his face takes few shades redder than before, “We… we are ...friend.” Even though he sounds like grumbling about it, Hitoshi and Izuku choose to not mention it.

“Welp~ what do we waiting for? We have the night shift, yeah?”

Katsuki and Hitoshi groan, dammit… they really hate their night shift.

“Common guys, who know we can found the perfect donor for Hitoshin!” Izuku flicked his finger, and second later, they float as diamond shaped portal open on top of their heads.

“I am calling my dibs to mess with half ‘n half tomorrow!”

“Hey! He is my best pal!”

And their bickering disappears as the portal closed, leaving the empty peaceful beach for the night.

Chapter Text

March Hare walked down the long hallway to the council chamber for his second meeting before he ends the day (it’s more like a family gathering for him though). Every now and then, a wisp of light splashed at every step he took, makes the stronger impression of the fantasies around him, the Twilight and Magically themed corridor filled the whole things in the building; furniture, decoration, all of them lightening with colorful and glowing crystals or plants at every corner.

But no, he didn’t even have a half of his mind to mesmerize what around him, because he is too used and too tired for doing something that he counts as a waste of time.

Turn to another corner; March Hare stopped as he entered large open space of ballroom, ‘The meeting didn’t even fucking started, and I already hate it…’ with the last sigh in his head, he stop inside the ballroom, and makes a beeline to the carved marble wall in the corner of the ballroom.

With a swift move, he put his gloved hands on the wall and pulse out his inner energy into the wall.

No, it’s not his Quirk power, and it’s also not from the technology he wore. It’s the inner energy that runs into the family, from generation to generation.

Because his family spread around the world (mostly in Japan or east region country), said inner energy has several names, be it;

Just a simple name like Aura,

Magic or Mana as in Magical term,

The common name like; Live Force,

Ridicules name like; Flame of Will,

Ki as in Martial arts related things,

But for his generation (the current four/fifth Quirk holder), it’s more logical to be called their inner energy as; Chakra.

After pulsed out, his Chakra to the wall said wall glowed, the carved arts on its surface outlined with a bluish glow, showed the pictures of ancient war. But the picture didn’t last long as the wall shattered like a piece of glass and faded into the floor; symbolized that he and his family destroy the pain in the ass from the world with their own power.

After the wall shattered into thousand of glowing glass, leaving a gaping hole and showed another room form the other side. March hare step inside the room before the wall starts to build itself again and closed like nothing happen to the wall.

The room is already filled with two figures seated around the couches, circled the round glass table in the middle of the room. Every couches have different decor and motives; that include the ones who sit on them; who also wore different costumes to match the couch. Though, there also few empty seats.

March Hare take a seat on his couch –the one with Alice in Wonderland themed, and where the new streaming tea on the table served for him. While sipping his tea, March Hare raised his brow at his cousin and uncle, asking the silent question that hanging on the air around him.

Tired sigh with a hint of amused comes from March Hare right; it was his uncle. The famous Pro baseball player, Pitcher, and Ace for Lycaons; the once class B and weakest team in Saitama, and now unbeatable team in Saitama and in the best 3 strongest baseball team in Japan. Even though born in the third Generation, his uncle doesn’t have a Quirk; Yes. He is Quirkless, but that didn't stop him from being a pure sadist and cunning as fuck.

His name is Tokuchi Toua, or as well known in Underland as; The Deceiving Magician: Dr. Facilier Shadow;

His uncle spiky bright spiky blonde hair caged with high top head with skull, and bones decorated around it, with single black crow father on its side, “Mr. Big is still in the middle of ass wiping the mess we leave in the Yakuza territory we destroyed last month,” his sharp ember eyes framed with crow-shaped half mask. His slender body warped with gold chains as necklace and bracelets, simple black suit, deep purple shirt, black-tight pants, and black-white lining phantofel. “I and the other Magician already sweep clean their illegal casino.” His thin lips graced a smug smile, and his eyes seeing far away of nice and good money he earns from the said casino. “They also have a nice room service.”

March Hare responded his uncle dreamy voice with a dull; “Aaahh” and nodded, understand what his uncle mean (even though he is not, he choose to play alone to keep the drama out of him). ‘Now that you mention it…’ March Hare continue sipping his tea, not even bothered by his uncle mischievious-lustful eyes when he thinking about nice gambles or nice fucks, ‘That shitty Eight-good-for-nothing has a large territory.

Snickered escape from across the table, It’s was his cousin, “Oooh~ yeah, they also have fucking nice guns there.”

He fucking read my expression, again.’ His family really has no shit about privacy, but March Hare is no Hypocrite because he himself didn’t give a shit about something of so-called privacy. Privacy is something luxurious and as close as myth in his madness of Family, and all he can do is let off an internal sigh, while outside, he raised a brow.

The third spiky blond in the room still snickering, “Never thought going to have that same Rambo replica machinegun from that shitty place,” his cousin is Captain of the American football club, and is the third year of Demon High School; one of the Biggest and best Sports School. Hiruma Yoichi, or as well known as known as The Lord of Hell: Hades in Underland. For his costume, he wore almost complete contrasted clothes with March Hare clothes (which is red and gold as the dominant color), Hades wore the same style with March Hare, only all Hades wore is all pitch black expect his bright red bow tie and full mask of a demon with mix of wide smug-angry-mocking smirk crafted on it. “Kekeke, aah~ goodies~”

March Hare shrug as he put down his half-empty cup with a soft clink, “You may need to see Mad Hatter, and he broke his Tactical, again.”

Out of nowhere, Hades pulls out AK47 and start to fire the wall behind March Hare head, the later didn’t even flinch. “That fucking son of a bitch, I’m gonna triple his drill on his next training with me!!” Hades Quirk is called Demon, which is explained everything yet nothing on his appearance and behavior toward others around him. Again, he and his uncle also have the family blood and gen; Pure Sadist and Cunning as fuck.

And if you ask, yes, March Hare also has the Family blood in him. Not like it’s something you didn’t know at this point.

“Yoichi! You ruin my mood!!” Dr. Facilier snapped from his dreamy state and throwing darts (gods knows from where they come from) at his nephew, who in reflex shooting the darts, keep it at bay so he not going to be stapped with the dammed paralyze poisoning darts.

This continues few minutes, and in time March Hare finishes his second cup of a tea, both finally satisfied after ranted long cuss, Hades sit down again, and the gun is nowhere to be seen, as well as Dr. Facillier with his many darts.

“Can I begin?” March Hare asks at both family members, who nodded or give him a grunt.

March Hare pulls out his phone and put it on the glass table; second later, the clear and transparent table filled with words, videos, and pictures, all of it stream out from March Hare phone. ‘It’s going to be hella pain in the fucking ass…


Meanwhile, in a certain shady bar…


…Shigaraki Tomura is in the middle of his episode with nearby coffee table. Poor thing is decayed and he kicking the dust everywhere.

Nii-san, mom going to be mad if you broke anymore-

“Shut your twerp Yami!”

Yamikumo just sighs and give an apologies look to the misty man who stood behind his bar, said the misty man just nods his head, and give Yamikumo understanding look. While Tomura still trashed and throwing tantrum behind him, Yamikumo skimmed his lens through the papers in his hands; it was list and profile of UA Hero Department first-year student, the only thing he can get from the before Tomura attack USJ, he can get more, but there this super hard and complicated firewall that prevent his digital body go through the school system.

His mussing stopped as he saw something that makes his system short-circuited; “Kurogiri-san, you know him?” Yamikumo gives Kurogiri the profile, which the later accept and read it.

Kurogiri nodded after he saw the picture in the paper, “Yes, before the Underland step into our plan, this boy cowers behind No.13. Is there anything wrong with the boy?” the misty man gives the paper back to Yamikumo.

“Nothing,” Yamikumo smiled as he received the paper, his lens flickered variously as he read the profile, ‘Bakugou…’ “Nothing wrong at all…”


“…And that’s how we win the UA truth.” Said figure with spiky ash blond hair; namely, March Hare, finishing his latest report.

Several seconds later snickering and laughter filled the room, even banging their head or fist on their armchair or the glass table in front of them.

Out of reflex, March Hare pulls out his beloved; a silver roulette gun, and without hastate, March Hare pulls the trigger, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!” nor the loud Bang's or his cuss fazed the laughter in the room; even though his aim is mere inch from Hades and Dr. Facilier heads, in fact, their laughter just getting louder.

“Ooooh!! Fuck… never though pft- All Might-!”

“Kekeke!! It’s going to be good blackmail material!!” Hades wrote down variously everything’s he thinks valuable in his black book. “Imma soo gonna rub it on the others who idolized that muscle brain!! Ya-Ha!!” and he continues clacked like a madman.

Clicked his tongue March Hare crossed his arms, with his beloved Dest (Yes, he named his gun. Dest as in Death in Japanese tongue) still dangling in his hand, “Now that I fucking done with this shitty report!!” with that he sank into his couch, sulking as his cousin and uncle still laughing.

After few minutes catch their breath, Dr. Facilier cracked a smug smirk. “Why done you go first?” he gestured ward the demon incarnate.

Behind his demon mask, March Hare and Dr. Facilier know Hades raise his brow “Oh? Is that a challenge I hear?”

Dr. Facilier just shrugs and cocked his head, smug turned to a sinister smirk, “Is it?”

The bright neon blue eyes on Hades mask glow, and dark Chakra starts to seeping around him, “Kekeke… oh~ yes, it is.” He sasses back, leaking out killing intent.

The clock not even hit midnight, and March Hare already know that this is going to be a long meeting, much to his dismay. Then again, not like something new.

“Before Hades began his report about planning Vegas training camp-”

“The fuck are you talking-”

Talk about privacy my ass!’ is what March Hare though as he read his cousin body language, “-Yes Hades, I fucking know what you are going talking about, I am this family information broker-”

Dr. Facilier suddenly gasped, “-You shitty brat!” he snapped and glaring dagger at Hades, hands full of darts, ready to throw anytime soon. “How dare you go to Vegas without me?” he leaks out menacing Chakra and high killing intent around him, almost makes March Hare suffocate; who sit few feet away from Dr. Facilier, keyword: almost.

And here we go again, the second round of their rant, “-Stop ranted at me!!” March Hare snapped and firing Dest at Hades as the later ranted his AK47 and cussing at him, while Dr. Facilier stops throwing darts; most likely out of darts, but second later, pulling out a set of knives, “Can I take it that we going to the next phase?!”

At his question, both his cousin and uncle become more rigid. March Hare observe carefully, both silent, then maniac grin spread painted their face, even though Hades wore the demon full mask; March Hare just know Hades grinning like a maniac behind his demon mask, that includes dark chuckle and Chakra rumble down their very being. “I take that as a Yes.” March Hare himself can't help it as he copied the same expression and chuckle of his family.

He and his family put their passion and love into a motto with class and high quality that run in every generation;

As long as you DONT kill anyones, y ou can GET whatever you want,

But make sure to MESS anyone minds along the way, b ecause fucked AT someone mind is more deadly than killing them.

KILLING or takes lives from others living beings is no less than just mercy for their pitiful LIVE.