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the new days

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“I’m sorry”
¿What? ¿what is he talking about?
“i cant take it anymore”
¿what is it? ¿Yuuki? ¿why are you crying? ¿Someone hurt you? You have to tell me, i will hurt them but please tell me
“It´s over, it´s too painful”
Oh no, please stop crying, i can´t take it, you know it, you know me
“i loved you so much”
And i love you, so ¿thats why you´ve been so weird lately?, don´t worry you don´t have to be shy in front of me
“but i can´t be your sex toy any longer”
What are you saying, you´re nothing like that, kotonoha, sekai, setsuna, roka, ai, otome, and the others, they are my sex toys you´re not, you already know i told you a million times
“I´m done with this relationship, i dont want to be with you anymore”
Hold on, this can´t be possible, ¿what about us? I told you already, you are the only guy who i ever love, and you know it, you´re upset about sex, ¿did i hurt you?
Please tell me, this, this can´t be over, i don´t want to be over, ¿I have to break up with some girl?, okay i will, i have to kill taisuke and those friends of him, i swear i will, but please, please, just stay with me
“makoto, you havent spoken anything, please tell me something, hate me, be mad at me, or something”
How could you say something like that, you don´t deserve it, you are the most nice, kind, cute and sweet person in the world, and i can´t be mad…. Finally i realize, there is a phase or something, you need space for your own stuff, it´s okay, this is like a phase like some guys who become emo shit or something like that
In that moment a phone starts ringing inside the room, it has to be one of both, there is no one apart of them, makoto and yuuki were looking into each other eyes, in yuuki eyes there are full of sadness, and the tears fell from their eyes. But makoto eyes were empty, without light, and his face was without expression.
“makoto, we don´t work, i can´t be your secret…and i want a relationship with comunication and support”
“i will, i will suport you, your hobbies, your dreams, anything”
“makoto, this is just, sex, we didn´t even have a conversation before, a real conversation”
“i love you”
“me, and who else?, as i know, you always say i love you to everyone. Makoto it´s over, look this is not you, it´s me, i´ve change, please forgive me someday”
Makoto didn´t speak, he was just looking his secret lover, memorizing every part of his face, every light in those eyes, his skin that was covered in his uniform that was a little big for him.
Yuuki is waiting for some answer, for some word, or any kind of comunication, he is patient, he knows makoto need his time to react, so they just waited for a while.
5 minutes… 10 minutes… 15 minutes… 20, 20 minutes just waiting, makoto is unexpressive, and yuuki is non stop crying in silence, but, the silence have been avoided again by the phone ringing, only this time makoto answered as if the previous moment did not happen, as if everything was fine
“oh, hey kotonoha, ¿everythig is okay?”
“yeah, it´s just the classes are about to start, ashikaga-kun and you should come in before the teacher get mad”
“okay thanks”
Makoto looks fine, with the same smile as always, looking yuuki like he looks the rest of the other people, with no feeling in his face, with any feeling in his eyes, changing his thoughts in kotonoha
I almost forget about her, kotonoha my first love, my girlfriend, my lover, the first one who i ever love, a shy and beautiful girl who doesn´t need support or comunication, a girl who belive in me no matter what and forgive me.
And sekai, my first Kiss, my first time, the girl i gave her my virginity, with whom i became a man, a sexy woman who appreciates the little time i spend with her, the mother of my future children, i can´t break up with them they are very important for me, i love the both of her, ¿why yuuki is so anoying right now? Now the three of us are in a happy relationship, kotonoha, sekai and i we are together now, with no jealousy.
Plus i have the other girls roka, ai, setsuna, hikari, otome, i have my own harem, my life is full, complete, ¿why should i care about a guy who doesn´t respect me, a guy, and he non stops to tell me this bull shit, he knows me, but the girls, taisuke know me too
If what i am doing for our relationship is not enough, then you are righ, you don´t deserve the love and passion i gave to you.
We will play this game for a little while, and when you realice that you need me, that you can not live without me, like the rest of them, then may i forgive you, or maybe not, but i know you will come back
“it was kotonoha, i have to go back to class, see ya”
And makoto leave yuuki all alone non stop crying hugging himself in a corner for a while. Makoto closed the door , and the only light was from the library leaving the room in darkness, full of boxes and books, in the center there is a table a normal and Brown table for other books and papers for more books.
Yuuki is alone, like always, everyone is in class and the only sound is his uncontrollable crying that filled the cold and dark room.
After a few minutes, he couldn´t cry anymore, but he was still sad for his lost, and he just waited, to something, to someone, or just wait to the time pass .
Just five minutes more, and i will go back to class
And he did, he waited five minutes, but his legs are weak and can not bear his own weight, so he stayed in the room for longer.
In the library there is a beautiful girl with a long Brown hair with waves, gray and brilliant eyes with determination, a skin tanned by the sun and the same school uniform like sekai or roka.
That girl just waited for a while, she waited until she saw makoto levave the room prety well, and waited until yuuki cameo ut, but when she realize that yuuki would not leave, she entered to the room only to find his friend crying in a corner
“oh honey”
She approached yuuki and gave him a hug comforting him
“he…i…i can´t take it any longer”
He said through tears tearing the girls heart
“let´s go home, honey”

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A few weeks has passen by and its quiet, everybody seems happy without any problem, well all of them except yuuki.
He is still upset and sad about the break up with makoto, the hardest part is that, makoto looks happy and holding her hand, kissing her or hugging kotonoha almost all the time, the other part is talking with others girls.

Everytime yuuki saw them he felt a stab in the heart, luckly for him, his new best friend tomoyo yamada was so supportive and positive, a girl who always makes him smile with her crazy ideas and relaxing personality. Both of them decided travel in a car all the summer with no destination, an adventure. Yuuki at first was reluctant, but after many pleas for her new best friend and good argues here we are in front the school doors after the clubs were closed waiting for tomoyo and the car, but he founds makoto looking at him, looking very angry.

“¿what´s upp?”

“there have been rumors yuuki, about you and your friend”

That last word friend makoto said it angrily spitting it out of his mouth, looking yuuki with dissapointment

“i don´t care about rumors”

In that moment tomoyo has arrived with the car. The car is old a Little rusty and a Little dirty, the car is green colorless, but it looks functional and that´s all that matters.


“itou, everything has already talked, goodbye”

Makoto is standing there, doing nothing, nothing except looking yuuki walking to the car, just watching, whatching yuuki enter the car and then, he is watching the car moving, after a few seconds, he can´t watch the car or yuuki, but he could still hear the engine move away until what seemed like around the corner, where makoto lost all contact with the car or yuuki.

Before he realized, the tears were falling of his eyes, he just walk, walking to the train station letting the tears falls, and without any light in his eyes, looking nowhere, thinking nothing except taking care of the pain he had in his chest.

If i stay here this pain is gonna be bigger, i… i just need to rest in bed and tomorrow i will be okay, i just need to went home and…and…rest
Meanwhile in the school rooftop there was a guy observing the scene, he is tall, Brown hair, Green eyes, handsome, and his name is kasannoin kyoichi.

“goodbye yuuki”

Kyoichi wasn´t idiot, he already heard the rumors but he wanted to belive that everything is was all fake, but the reality is that yuuki is leaving, he doesn´t know where is he going, when is he coming back or if he is coming back, his head is a mess and he could not evite remember the moments he share with him.
When they met, every time they´re both in the library, when they play videogames together, walking to the station, and the kisses he stole from yuuki.

Just for practice

With that single phrase in his mind he went home, looking in his telephone a bunch of numbers wondering who call.

When makoto finally arrive to his house, the first thing he does is lay down in his bed, looking the White ceiling.

This is the first time i am all alone in my bed

Still with that tears that never let go, with that pain in chest and the words that have been in his mind for a long time he just said the words that he should have said in the school doors

“please don´t go”