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Codename: Ultraviolet

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Jazz was summoned into the meeting room just outside of central ops. On entering he was surprised to find that apparently a meeting had been in session for quite some time before he'd even been called. Optimus, Prowl, Perceptor, Wheeljack, and Ratchet were already there. Half-empty energon cubes sat about the table. The fact that he'd not been included was surprising. Even more surprising was that Elita-One was linked in as well, attending remotely via one of the viewscreens. After perfunctory greetings Jazz took his spot and addressed the issue right away. “So what's up, Prime?”

“Jazz, we have a special mission for you,” was the answer.

“Oh?” Jazz asked. Missions were good, but that they'd not included him in on the preliminary planning stage made him wonder.

“We've decided to attempt the construction of our own spacebridge.”

“Well that would be nice,” grinned the saboteur. “But forgive me for asking, myself not being one of the sciency sorts, but as far as we know we don't possess the technology. And Shockwave had four million years to design and build theirs.”

“Correct,” Perceptor piped up. “We estimate that he spent several thousand vorns on the research and design, and as much on the prototypes.”

“But now that the technology has been tweaked and perfected, a bridge can be constructed in less than a meta-cycle,” Wheeljack continued.

Jazz tilted his head. “I doubt the cyclops is about to share his masterwork though.”

“That's where you come in,” said Optimus, turning to the black and white agent. “It will be your job to get that technology into our possession.

“Ya' want me to sneak in and 'borrow' a few of his files?” There wasn't any enthusiasm in his tone though. “Unless that place has changed any in the past few million years, getting in and out is nearly impossible. Shockwave's laboratories were the best guarded of all of Megatron's facilities. The control center, no. But the laboratories...”

“As we know,” said Prowl.

Jazz caught the tactician's teensy smirk. “So what secret entrance have you found for me?” he asked. He and Prowl had worked together long enough to predict each other's moves and modus operandi.

“Well that's why I come in,” announced Elita-One from her screen. “The guerrilla tactics my team has been using for quite a long time now seems to have lulled Shockwave into a sort of complacency. We have focused on random break-ins to steal supplies and energon, with a bit of sabotage as well. We've not had the power or resources to do much more. Shockwave's mainframe and laboratories have remained untouched. We're confident that his vigilance is down regarding those areas. In fact sometimes our spy cameras have found the doors left wide open.”

“I see,” nodded Jazz, his processor starting to spin out ideas.

Optimus stood. “Our plan is this. You are to be sent to Cybertron to join Elita's forces. A raid will be planned, yourself along on it, and it will fail, leading to the capture of the team. Once the team is placed in the brig, Jazz, you will escape. Preparations will be made to insure you can without being noticed. From there, you will make your way into the laboratories to find and copy the plans. Once you have that, you will return to the brig and rejoin the others, where the team will either escape; or failing that, Elita will negotiate with Shockwave for their release.”

Jazz's head cocked the other direction. “It sounds like an excellent plan, but with one major flaw. I'm going to be pretty obvious as the only mech on an all-femme team. Barring that, Shockwave will surely recognize me as well and know that something's up.”

“My turn,” interjected Ratchet, straightening in his chair.

“This is gonna be good,” Jazz chuckled.

“Oh yes it will.” Ratchet leaned forward onto the conference table. “We will be reframing you.”

“Oh? As a femme?”

Ratchet nodded while Wheeljack, who through most of the meeting had been tapping and scrabbling at an engineer's oversized datapad, held up a frame diagram for a medium sized femme.

“A double disguise. I like it.”

“You'll make a lovely femme, Jazz,” Prowl supplied.

“And after the mission, will I be allowed my own frame again?”

“Of course,” said Optimus.

“Well in that case I think this is going to be a great mission.” He leaned back into his chair, folding his hands behind his head. “When do we start?”


"Codename: Ultraviolet" continues in Chapter 2: Ratchet x Jazz