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Most times, whoever lived relatively close to school would go back home for the weekend – it was simply the reasonable thing to do, honestly, and it wouldn’t hurt to eat some homely food a couple of days – but when they had to study or had group projects to conclude, the students stayed in U.A. to do so.

Even so, the weekends when everyone would stay in were rare, and it only happened for the first time dangerously close to the end of the second term. With the 1-A dorm packed with students, Toru suggested a game, and even though some of them were reluctant at first, she ended up convincing them to participate, and she recruited Yao-Momo and Shoji to assist her in a treasure hunt that would blow their minds – her words.

By dinner time, everything was set and they were divided in couples and trios. Each team got a different clue and whatever team gathered twelve clues first, would be out cleaning duties for a week. Plus, the three that were organizing the game would have dibs on the food they’d eat at the dorm, which got everyone excited to organize something eventually.

Long story short, Toru proved to be a hell of a planner, because it was the middle of the night and most teams had less than half of the clues in hand. Ojiro and Kyoka, Izuku, Ochaco and Iida, and Bakugo and Kirishima were the only teams closer to the goal, and even so, neither of them had gotten to double digits yet.

Because it already was so late, they had to add another complication to the game – it had to be with the light killed and in absolute silence, so they wouldn’t be reported by their neighbors, but it added a new layer of interest to the game, so no one really complained.

As time passed, everyone trying to crack their heads to figure out where the next clue would be, they also had to keep something in mind – there were only 60 clues and 7 groups. If they’d take too long, no one would be able to gather all the twelve clues, and they would all lose, leaving them with the chores they were dreaming of not doing.

What the fuck does this mean?” Katsuki mumbled annoyed, his eyes hurting for staring at the piece of paper that only had the drawing of a cheese in it. “It makes no sense.”

“Lemme see,” Eijiro offered, reaching out to the paper. Reluctantly, Katsuki gave it to him.

“I told you, it’s just a cheese.”

“Yeah, but we already found the kitchen clue,” he reasoned, staring at the paper. “Momo said that each clue would have three answers, right?”

“So not every group would go to the same source, yes,” Bakugo said. Kirishima hummed and stepped closer to the window, where the moonlight was beaming the corridor so he could have a better look on the drawing because maybe the clue was in the drawing, but then he frowned and tried to poke his head through the barely open window. “What the fuck, get out of there!”

“Bakugo!” Kirishima exclaimed after he was pulled by his friend. He wasn’t making a lot of progress in looking outside anyway. “The moon!”

“What about it?”

“Don’t people say it looks like cheese?”

“The next clue is not in the fucking moon, Hair For Brain-“ but even before he finished his sentence, Katsuki understood. “The roof.”

“The roof!”

Without even thinking twice, Katsuki grabbed Eijiro’s wrist and dragged him to the stairs down the hall so they could go up to the roof get their clue. If they’d get that clue, they would only be two away from a week free of swipe and wash, and they were very much looking up to it, but they had one foot on the first stair when they heard laughter as a group of people were happily going down.

“Shhhhhh, shhhhh!” it was Four Eyes doing stuck up rep work even when they were playing. And if it was Four Eyes, it meant that he had Round Face and Deku with him.

Quickly, Katsuki pulled Kirishima to the emergency door, keeping the door ajar to hear what the others were saying, his arm pressing Eijiro against the wall, hand covering his mouth.

“I can’t believe we have 11 clues!” Ochaco was saying excitedly. Through the slit of the door, Bakugo saw her shaking Midoriya by his arm and he shared the same excitement as her. “Only one clue left!”

“Care not to announce to everyone?” Iida said seriously and Ochaco took her hands off of Deku to shake her other friend. They were waiting for the elevator now, just a few feet from Katsuki and Eijiro.

“Come on, Tenya, we just have to figure out this one and we’ll be free of chores!”

The elevator arrived and their voices faded as the doors closed, so Bakugo dropped the hand that was shutting Kirishima just to see the that the boy’s expression was both defeated and amazed.

“They got the roof clue,” Katsuki thought over looking at Eijiro. “And we already got the kitchen clue that was under the cheese plate, so we have to find the third answer. What?

Kirishima’s breath caught and he felt his cheeks grow red for being caught staring. He never meant to be so blatant, but sometimes Bakugo was just so handsome, especially when he wasn’t in full angry mode. Lately, it’d been as if he was ever so comfortable in Kiri’s company, and it’d been amazing to find that new side of him, but now that he was standing so close, Eijiro didn’t know what to do, or if he should do something.

Bakugo narrowed his eyes at him and stepped closer, trapping him against the wall like a scared animal. He crooked his head and then his eyes diverted as more voices came when the elevator opened again. It was muffled because it was the girls’ side, and he could swear he heard a croak from Asui, so they were clear.

“If we’re fast, we can still win,” Kirishima whispered and Bakugo’s attention went back to him.

Their eyes met and Eijiro found himself swallowing down his nerves, but Katsuki simply sighed shaking his head.

“What the hell.” He said to Kiri’s total confusion, and before he could be stopped he put a hand on Kirishima’s neck, thumb under his chin to tilt his head up, and kissed him.

After a moment of surprise, Eijiro breathed out, relaxing his lips and kissing Katsuki back, eyes closing even though he wanted to watch it, he wanted to watch Bakugo Katsuki kiss him because it probably would never ever happen again and it was a moment to treasure, but there were other things to print in the memory too, like the way his lips were so soft compared to the harsh words he could say, and how soft his muscles felt under Kirishima’s touch when he put his arms around his waist, hands flat against Katsuki’s back.

The kiss was deep, slow, and yet it ended too soon. Before he wanted, Bakugo was stepping back, as he faced Kiri’s wide eyes. Eijiro opened his mouth to say something, but Katsuki put another step between them and looked down the dark emergency stairs, hoping the poor light would hide his red cheeks.

“If we follow the thought that the cheese is the moon,” he said as if nothing had just happened. “Then there’s the Bird’s spyglass. He set it in the common area.”

Kirishima still needed a little more time to understand what just happened, and with a small delay, he nodded.

“Yeah, maybe it’s that,” he finally said, glad to see that his voice didn’t betray him. “Tokoyami was talking about watching the full moon anyway.”

Without another word, Katsuki made his way down knowing that Eijiro would be on his heels, as always. It wasn’t as if he cared, really. It was just their normal.