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A Dam Bundle of Emotion: Percy Jackson One Shots

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Nico Do Angelo x Iris!Spawn Male Reader

"Do You always spy on Y/N during training?" 

Nico's best friend Will said from behind, scaring the Hades out of Nico from the shade of a wide oak.

"What?! No, I- What are you doing here?!" Nico stuttered, his usually pale face a slight pink from the heated blush dusting his cheeks. Will crossed his arms.

"You know, Y/N's a cool dude, you should just try asking him out or at least talking to him." Nico shook his head, turning to look at the H/C head sword fighting Jason in the sand lot. He was dressed in a black muscle shirt and matching black swimming trunks, something his mother Iris would deeply disapprove of, her being the goddess of the rainbow and all.

"He doesn't swing that way Solace." Nico grunted, watching as Y/N was able to disarm Jason and hold his stance.

"Don't be to sure about that Neeks, I'm fairly certain he swings both ways."

Nico turned to his blonde companion, a grimace on his face. "And how would you know that?"

"He told me." Will deadpanned, his blue eyes sparkling. "And I wouldn't be too surprised if he asked you out soon."

"Let me guess," Nico said sarcastically. "He told you?"