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Izuku remembered the day he lost his best friend.

"Izuku!""Katsuki!"Their mothers screams were lost to the screeching of tires Izuku didn't understand at the time, what happened ?

Kacchan and him had been playing ball in their front yards while his mom and auntie chatted. The ball rolled into the street so Izuku went to get it, looking both ways before chasing after it; Confident no cars were coming. Just as he retrieved it turning around to go back.


A car raced in outta no where disrupting the pleasant atmosphere filling the small neighborhood.He couldn't move panic glued Izuku to the road with the car barrelling down towards him.
Everything went black the moment Kacchan pushed him, Screams echoing in Izukus ears until all of it stopped.

He woke up with a start; Mind racing, heart pounding, his breaths coming out in pants. Soon enough he calmed himself down, unfamiliar as to where he was Izuku looked around the room he occupied. Sterile came to mind. The door to the room clicked open allowing a middle aged man with messy dark purple hair and stubble to walk in followed by "MY BABY'S AWAKE !!!!" Mrs.Midoriya. Seeing his mommy eased Izukus worries a little.

"Mommy what happened ? Where are we ?"

Her smile, for a moment, disappeared before coming back not quite meeting her eyes this time she spoke a slight tremble to her words " We're at the hospital sweetie, This man is Doctor Shinso he'll explain everything you need to know so pay attention darling."

"You and your friend were injured in a hit an run, the car just grazed you leaving you with a mild concussion since nothing else is wrong your being discharged," Scratching his chin Dr.Shinsos purple gaze rested on Mrs.Midoriya now", He may show symptoms later I've given you a run-down of what to expect so don't panic or anything it's all normal and shouldn't cause any major concerns though bring him back if its needed." Tapping his pen against his clipboard Dr.Shinso nodded once turning to leave he said" Have a nice afternoon." Looking once more at his clipboard he left, door shutting softly behind him.

Izuku looked to his mommy who wrapped him up in a hug muttering" Lets get out of here and go home baby." Izuku cooperated allowing his mom to change him from the hospital gown to his green t-shirt and blue shorts that Mrs.Midoriya held onto the whole three hours she waited with his white socks already on he slipped on his All Might themed light-up sneakers. Izuku bounced around holding his mommys hand. They left the room weaving in between nurses and a few doctors rushing along to the room across the hall Dr.Shinso was already in directing a few nurses and handling some tools.

Izuku caught sight of spiky blonde hair in the room 'Kacchan ?' A nurse blocked his line of sight before he could see any more, pulling him along Inko and Izuku went home. Unable to hear the cries of anguish in their wakes.

End Flashback

Kacchans funeral happened three days later. Two weeks after the Bakugos moved away and Izuku learned something that could've changed this all.

Guilt ate away at Izuku for years till his fifteenth birthday he decided to embraced his power and help others he accepted his place as a god.

"Kacchan why'd you have to go and play hero?"