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What if Bakugou wasn't an Asshole (to Midoriya)

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"Don't you dare hurt him!"

"Or else what? What are you going to do?"

Midoriya Izuku clenched his fist at the sight of the blond boy in front of him. He knew that his chances of defending the purple haired-boy lying behind him would be futile. The blond boy had two lackeys: one with a mutant quirk that gave him wings; the other a quirk that gave him elastic appendages. What did Midoriya have? Nothing but his meaty hands, a backpack full of stuff, and his quirkless self.

"I'll make... you... pay".

"Hah!", sneered the blond. "What's a quirkless low-lifer going to do to me? We're just going to wipe the floor with you and your freaky friend." The blond followed this statement with a fist to his palm, spawning a series of small explosions from his hands.

This caught Izuku by surprise, which simmered into rage. He recognized that quirk from anywhere. It was one that had destroyed countless childhood toys, yet brought a source of joy to Izuku. But to see this now, was just...


Izuku quickly turned around, and flashed a quick smile. A blur of ash blond hair flew to his side, landing with the grace of a cat and scowling with the face of a pit bull. 


Kacchan was here.


Bakugou Katsuki's eyes narrowed at the explosions coming from the blond's hands. So the fucker had the same quirk, huh. Wait, that couldn't be possible, the quirk doctor said that his explosion quirk was the only one that existed out of all the registered quirk users in Japan. So that could only mean...

"Kacchan, seems like he's copied your quirk".

"Tch. You got that right Deku", as Katsuki turned to Izuku. "Start mumbling, now"

"Kay, thank goodness now that you're here. The blond's two lackeys are probably going to attack first. If they're organized enough, I think the boy with the wings is going to attack first while the other one with the stretchy arms will provide back-up. But since we're dealing with six year-olds like us, they'll probably attack together. The blond's going to sit back and attack if his lackeys fail. He'll probably say things to make fun of us, from the looks of it. If he's copied your quirk seems like he probably isn't that skilled in using it....."

"Of course shit nerd, nobody can master my super-awesome quirk. I'm one of a fucking kind."

"Kacchan, stop interrupting me. Jesus Christ save your boasting for later," Izuku rolled his eyes. "I need you to handle the flying guy while I go after stretchy arms. Then we'll..."

"HEY! You little twerps having a tea party? Getting tired of seeing you guys stare at each other," shouted the blond bully "And didn't leprechaun hair say something about stopping us? Well, too bad we aren't merciful to cowards, right?"

"Well I ain't gonna be merciful to some shit-rate copy cat like you!"

"Kacchan... we need to stay calm," Izuku said through his teeth. 

"Yeah Kacchan, you need to shove a chill pill up your..."

Katsuki then blasted at the speed of a Shinkansen towards the blond. The blond then started panicking but then pointed at his two lackeys to attack- as per Izuku's prediction. Despite Katsuki rushing into the fray first, Izuku knew what to do. They'd prepared for situations like this, considering Katsuki's tempestuous shoot-first-then-ask-questions-later proclivities. Izuku then reached for his boomerang and flashed the purple-haired kid a reassuring smile.

And now the fun was about to begin....


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Bakugou Katsuki couldn't have asked for a better fourth birthday. His entire class was there for his party. He received so many gifts. But those would not be the highlight of his birthday.

During the morning Katsuki ran downstairs excited for the festivities to come. He heard what sounded like a moderately loud pop, causing him to look down to see if something dropped, or if he accidentally ripped his pants (highly unlikely; the poor boy was just self-conscious). But it was neither of those. 

Worryingly, he looked around for the source of the noise and ended up twirling like a clumsy ballerina until he fell on the last step. This triggered his mom to run over and check if he was injured.

"You brat! Don't tell me you want to have your birthday in the hospital!"

"Shut up you old hag! I just fell, it's not a big deal..." POP. There it was again. But this time he saw it. An orange yellow orb that quickly flickered and disappeared.

He and his mom then looked at each other with wide eyes.

"IT'S A QUIRK! IT'S A FUCKING QUIRK!", they both shouted.

"Masaru! Quick, come here. Our shitty brat just got his quirk!"

As Katsuki waited for his dad to come and fawn over this new development, he stared at his hand in wonder. He tried to replicate it again, arching his eyebrows hard. It took a few tries until the same spark of orange-yellow came again. And he was able to activate it over and over again, just in time for his dad to witness. 

Then the doorbell rang. 

Katsuki jumped up in excitement, releasing another volley of pops. He knew exactly who was at the door: Midoriya Izuku. And what better than now to show off his quirk to his best friend forever? Life couldn't have gotten better.

"Kacchan!" Izuku shrieked as Bakugou Mitsuki opened the door.  

"Izuku!" screamed Katsuki as he snared his friend in a bear hug. 

While the Bakugou's welcomed both Izuku and his mother Inko into their home, Katsuki dragged Izuku over to their backyard. Never had Izuku seen his friend so hyper, since usually it was Izuku who was the one going cuckoo-for-coco-puffs during their conversations, especially when it was about heroes. Katsuki was babbling, shoving whatever word out of his mouth and speaking in incomplete sentences. Izuku, after a minute of deciphering Katsuki's gibberish, guessed that it had to do with...

"Kacchan? You got your quirk?! OMYGAWD YOU HAVE TO SHOW ME!"

As they got to Katsuki's backyard, Katsuki let out a rapid volley of explosions, then grinned as if was expecting a standing ovation at Carnegie Hall. Well, instead of an applause, he got vice-gripped by Izuku's hug.

"That's such an awesome quirk Kacchan! Do you know how useful your quirk would be. You can do so much, like....", Izuku beamed, listing off an infinite amount of possibilities for Kacchan's quirk- some interesting, some ridiculous. Katsuki would roll his eyes whenever Izuku started his mumbling sprees. Some of the stuff he's say would be strangely insightful, especially coming from a three (turning four later on) year-old. Sometimes, it was dry boring facts about heroes. But, Katsuki had known Izuku since they could both talk. Despite Katsuki being renowned for his rude demeanor, something deep down in him told him that it would be rude to ignore his friend. 

"Kacchan, have you ever thought of using your quirk on something?"

This caught Katsuki's attention.

Katsuki furrowed his brow, staring at Izuku while shrugging his shoulder. Maybe he could give that idea a try... He scanned for the first object within his point of view, which ended up being a party balloon tied up to their porch. Katsuki put his palm on the latex surface, and fired.

"AHHHYIEIIIII", both of them screamed following the supersonic pop of the balloon. But of course, Izuku screamed the loudest, only to be snickered at by Katsuki.

"That.... was.... fucking....awesome...." 

"Kacchan..... you just said a bad word"

"Tch. Whatever, mom and dad say those words all the time in front of me. It's not like I'm going to get arrested on my birthday. Come on, let's blow up more shit".

The terrible duo (one must not imagine what they must have been like when they were terrible twos...) ran around the backyard finding more things to blow up. Soon, their backyard was littered with small dirt holes, soot marks, and broken backyard toys (the author hopes that they weren't those lead-paint-made-in-some-country-with-unethical-safety-regulations toys). The fun lasted until they heard a gruff feminine yell.

"Katsuki you brat! All your friends have arrived! You know it's rude to leave guests waiting".

"Urgghgghgh. Fine old hag. I'll go. Come on Izuku".

Both made their way to the Bakugou's joint dining and living room to be greeted by Katsuki's entire pre-school class. After a few birthday games (the last one being pin the tail on the donkey that ended with Masaru getting hilariously chased by a bunch of four year olds), and some cake, everyone was waiting for the big show of the day: Katsuki's quirk. Which, he gladly demonstrated by blowing up another balloon, earning the screams of his classmates and a smack from his mom.

Of course, then came all the praises.

"Katsuki, that was amazing...."

"You have the best quirk in the world!"

"With a quirk like that, you're going to be the greatest hero in the whole wide world!"

Katsuki would eat up any praise he got. To him, getting praised was sweeter than that chocolate cake that Inko and his mother jointly bought. But something felt off. As he was being showered with compliments, the more he got them, the more numb he began to feel. Which was strange, shouldn't getting praised be a good thing? Katsuki couldn't understand that strange gut feeling. But, he was smart enough to keep up the facade that he was enjoying them. 


As most of Katsuki's classmates left after the party, he felt a sigh of relief. Sure, his entire class was here, but the need for being alone was screaming in his skull. At the very least, the only person he could slightly tolerate being with was Izuku. But still, some time alone would be nice...

Katsuki and Izuku, being the hero fan boys they were (though Izuku was just borderline fanatic...) ended up watching an All-Might movie. To the two of them All-Might was probably their equivalent of Jeebus Krist. Seeing him in action fighting crime stirred up feelings of euphoria in their bellies, making them hunger for the adventure and power that came with being a hero. Both of them knew already, they wanted to be heroes- more specifically the world's best heroes. Katsuki already had a quirk that him feel like that pedestal was a step away. It made him feel awesome. But a second thought came to his mind: he wanted Izuku to step on that pedestal with him. He wanted them to be heroes together. It wasn't fair that Katsuki alone should get it. But, but, but, that pedestal would only be available to Izuku once he got his own quirk. The thought of Izuku not getting an awesome quirk, or worst being quirkless, shook him to his core.

As the Midoriyas were leaving for the evening, Katsuki sprinted to the door. He tightly grabbed Izuku's shoulders, staring at him with wide and slightly tearful eyes (though Katsuki would never in his life admit to shedding tears).


"Yeah Kacchan?"

"Can you please get a quirk? Please? Can you pinkie swear? Can you make sure it's an awesome quirk? I want to be the best heroes together, and I want you to have a strong quirk"


Izuku took a breath.

"I cross my heart and swear that I will get a quirk.  And when I do, let's be best heroes together. Just like All-Might".


Oh how naive would that dream be...

Katsuki, still up past bedtime, was shredding his presents in a frenzy. Just like praise, he loved receiving any kind of gift. But most importantly, he was looking for Izuku's gift. After what seemed like an eternity, he came across it: a flat, floppy package. Whatever it was, Katsuki tore it apart until he let out a gasp. It was the rare limited edition All-Might comic that was allegedly out of print. Even better, it had All-Might's signature at the back (photocopied, and probably done with Microsoft Paint, but if you're a four year old, who gives a fuck. It's All-Might's fucking signature). 

As he ran around gripping the comic, in his excitement he activated his quirk.

Poof. Half of the book got burnt. 

And then water works came. Followed by a worried Bakugou Masaru. 

"Son what's wrong?"


Despite his little fatwa on crying, the destruction of his best friend's gift was an exception. A rather heart-breaking one. 

While ensconced in his dad's warm hug, he kept sobbing and bawling about how this ended up being his worst day ever. How he didn't want his quirk anymore. 

After an hour of Katsuki crying his vocal chords to death, Masaru decided to take his son into his study, sitting him down on a chair. He then rummaged though shelves and shelves of old books until he found what he needed. 

"Katsuki, I understand you are rather saddened after nearly destroying Izuku's gift. Anybody would feel sad about something like this. But we can't turn back time. What's done is already done. You already received your quirk."

Katsuki wanted to say something, but could only respond with a weak nod.

"I want you to take something out of this. You saw how powerful your quirk was. Of course, what happened in the backyard was proof enough. But, as cliche as this sounds, great power comes with great responsibility. What do you think the word 'responsibility' means?"

He looked at his dad, now calm enough to ponder what he just heard. The word 'responsibility' sounded scantily familiar that he might have seen it in a dictionary (apparently Katsuki loved learning hard words to show off his superior intellect). But somehow, it's definition slightly eluded him. It took him a while to probe his head until he found a response that satisfied him. 

"Umm.... it means... you have a job to watch over something...?"

"Almost. It means you have the duty to handle something or someone. Here's why I brought this up", Masaru said as passed him what looked like a pile of old Marvel comics. 

"I know you would prefer reading All-Might than any other comic, but I think there's something to be gained from reading these". On top of the pile was the first few issues of Spiderman. 

"Tomorrow, I want you to read some of those comics, especially the Spiderman ones, and tell me what you think I meant by saying 'great power comes with great responsiblity'. Katsuki, you are a smart kid. So it is only fitting that as your parent, I push you to think harder so you can grow and become better. Now, I think you should get to bed since it's 12:30 am, way past your bedtime."

Katsuki crawled back to his bed, mulling over the conversation he had with his dad. He had so many questions. Aside from as to why his dad would gift him a bunch of old comics and talk about a seemingly cliched quote you could probably find on Tumblr, he wondered whether if reading those books had the answers to why his quirk was the way it is. Would these books tell him how to control it? Would these books tell him whether if having a quirk was worth it? Would they make his sadness go away? Only time would tell, as he lulled himself to sleep in a haze of confusion.


As soon as the sun hit his eyes, Katsuki woke up. He always enjoyed waking up before the rest of his family, viewing it as some sort of achievement. But, that wasn't the first thing on his mind. Those comics. He had to read them. His dad was right that he'd much prefer reading All-Might comics then some old crap. But this old crap was relevant to finding the answers he needed. So he began reading.

Spiderman seemed to be about a teenaged-boy, who received his 'quirk' in the weirdest way Katsuki ever knew. Getting bitten by a spider. Ouch. Well moving on, he kept reading until he got to the part where the boy's uncle was murdered. Despite being a heavy subject for a four-year-old (Katsuki knew his old hag would tear a new one in his dad if she found out that his dad was making him read stuff involving murder), Katsuki somehow didn't recoil. Of course he felt sad, that Peter Parker lost half of his only family. He wondered what it was like for Izuku to have his mom as his only family ever since Hisashi Midoriya left them. He then on until he saw the very words his father mentioned the night before: "with great power comes great responsibility". 

After reading more comics, it was until then Katsuki put two and two together. Peter Parker became Spiderman because he felt it was his duty to use his 'quirk' (or powers for the lack of a better term) to fight evil. To help those in need. Wasn't that what All-Might did one time when he rescued 100 people from a disaster zone, while smiling? But that thought stirred slightly uncomfortably within him. What being a hero meant to Katsuki was winning every battle and becoming the best. It was that very idea that motivated him to wake up earlier than anyone else, race Izuku to the ice cream store to prove who was faster, and of course, read the Merriam Webster Dictionary at his local library (somehow, he hated to admit that because he didn't want to come off as a nerd- that was Izuku....). But now, he felt more confused than he was last night.

But wait, didn't this have something to do with his quirk? The connection finally hit him. His quirk was so destructive that if it became powerful enough, it might hurt the very things important to him. He already destroyed Izuku's gift, what if he hurt his friend? What if he hurt his parents (as much as he hated to admit, he would never want any harm to come to them). 

"So what dad was trying to tell me, was that I should strive to use my quirk to help people. That's what a true hero is..."

He smiled. Maybe these comics weren't so shitty at all. 

Later he came across another interesting hero: Iron Man. What caught Katsuki's eyes was that his 'quirk' was similar to his. He could shoot beams of light out of his palms, and also use them to fly around.  Hey, wasn't that what Izuku was trying to tell me when he was mumbling around? Oh well, fuck it, he'll ask his friend later. Time to read more comics before his old hag force fed him some natto. 

As he read on, he was surprised to realize that Iron Man (or Tony Stark per se), was in fact quirkless. He didn't have powers. All he had was his brains, and he used that to build a suit out of scratch while trapped in a prison camp. And that reminded him of...

Wait, wasn't he thinking about what would happen if Izuku was quirkless? The scenario of Izuku being quirkless unsettled him. If Izuku was quirkless, he would be weak. If he was weak, then he couldn't be one of the top heroes alongside him. And Katsuki's competitive mindset kinda did stem from an aversion to all things weak. He didn't want Izuku to be weak: it would make him furious yet sad. But that thought, like his original rationale to become a hero, conflicted with his newfound insight. 

Being a hero was more about using your powers to help people, than becoming the most powerful hero. But if you didn't have a quirk, how would you be able to save people? Unless, you were as smart and rich as Tony Stark, maybe you'd be able to do what he did....

But wait, Izuku was smart. Not genius level, but the way he rambled on about heroes and their quirks was so insightful sometimes that it would stymie adults. He recalls when the two of them were waiting for Best Jeanist to give them an autograph, Izuku amazed the fashionista hero with an almost-accurate description of how his quirk worked. And if Izuku kept doing that, he'd be able to raise his potential so high. So wasn't someone who had such an ability as powerful as someone who actually had a quirk?

Despite all these insights, Katsuki's competitive drive to become the best was still there. Of course, he was a little narcissist at heart. He still wasn't going to change that. His own quirk, it's uniqueness, it's power still emboldened him. Maybe, instead of becoming powerful for the sake of power, he could become powerful for the sake of being better at helping... people?

Well. That was quite an interesting thought. He had a few answers down, but was still confused as to how to compromise between his drive to become the most powerful hero, versus his newfound understanding of what a hero should do....

As his mom chastised and cajoled him to come down to eat natto, he came up with one last idea: if Izuku was ever quirkless, he would do his best to help him become a great hero. Quirk or no quirk. A portion of that burning competitive spirit was channeled into a new calling: one way where he would be able to handle the responsibility of having great power.

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Izuku found his white colored socks to be interesting at the moment. Of course, in his line of sight, they were blurred by tears. What was also blurred was the conversation between the quirk doctor and his mother. It had already been 5 minutes since he heard the news, but he in his mind, he tried to pretend as if he wasn't in the doctor's office. As if what he heard never existed. As if, the shocked face of his mother and the X-ray of his toe joint never existed. Maybe that was his quirk, to blur out reality. But who was he kidding. It was already clear that he was quirkless. And because of that, he broke Kacchan's promise.

He was a bad friend.

He hurt Kacchan.

Kacchan didn't deserve to have Izuku as a friend.

After a tortuously somber car ride with his mother apologizing that he couldn't be a hero, Izuku rushed home and slammed the door to his room.

Something was wrong. Of course, it was weird to see Izuku skip the last few days of kindergarten. Even if he was sick, he would beg his mother Auntie Inko to drag to him school. He loved the teacher Ms. Tanaka, who would always have stacks of books and homemade cookies ready for either Izuku or Katsuki to read. Of course he was the teacher's favorite, as much Katsuki didn't want to admit. But regardless, he knew from the pit of his stomach that something was seriously wrong with Izuku, and he needed to go find out.

He first asked his mother whether if the Midoriyas booked an early summer vacation. Mitsuki said no, and normally their family would be the first to be informed about something like that. Mitsuki, amidst Katsuki's angry begging, called them to make sure. Inko picks up, and through the line, he knows she sounds overly skittish. Too skittish. He hears something about Izuku being sick. Bullshit.

Izuku's birthday was on the 15th of July, on a Sunday. The last time Katsuki was there, he saw a very spritely Izuku babbling about heroes, All-Might, and going to see a quirk doctor the next day. So it made sense that Izuku wouldn't at least be here on the 16th. Today was the 19th, which was a day away from the beginning of summer vacation. Izuku was missing for three days after the visit with his quirk doctor. The only possibility of Izuku being sick was if he caught something serious or accidentally food poisoned himself. But the alternative for Izuku staying home that long... was something that made Katsuki's stomach curl. 

"Mom, we have to go visit Izuku. I mean it fucking now."

"Brat. I'm in the middle of a damned phone call, and plus it's impolite to just barge in all the sudden to somebody's house!"

"Mom, I'm being serious. I know something is wrong with Izuku. He would never skip school for that long," Katsuki said this time with a pout that could rival Pusheen the cat. 

"Fine brat, let me just finish with Inko first okay. Sorry Inko, my son was interrupting. Just a question, would ti be a bad time for us to you a visit? ...Uhuh.... Mhm... Oh my... is everything....alright...?"

They could both hear sobbing across the line. Finally, a look of understanding passed between both Bakugous.

"That's it brat, we're going there right now. Inko, hold on dear, me and Katsuki are going to be coming over."

After arriving, both Bakugous could see that Inko was a complete mess. 

While Mitsuko quickly came to Inko's side to comfort her, Katsuki looked around to see if everything else was fine. He checked the stove to ensure that it wasn't running haphazardly, which was luckily not on. But the rest of the kitchen was a mess. Dishes upon dirty dishes were piled on each other. Dirty linens that should have been in bedrooms were scattered on the floor. It was quite a sight to see the Midoriya household decay after three-four days of just seeing them. 

As Katsuki ran back to where his mother and Auntie Inko were, he heard a stifled cry: "He's been diagnosed quirkless. And he hasn't left his room for three days. He refuses to eat much. I just don't know what to do anymore, I've failed him as a mother".

Fuck, Katsuki uttered as he revisited a memory from two days ago:

Katsuki was playing outside with his classmates during recess. All was fun and games until the topic of Izuku was brought up. 

"Katsuki, where's Izuku? Is he ok"

"I think he's sick", he shrugged while wondering the same thing. 

"Wasn't Izuku at a quirk doctor two days ago?"

"Yeah he was. He said he was going to show us his quirk" said another classmate

"What if he doesn't have a quirk, and he's hiding at home like the timid coward he is?", sneered another classmate. At that all heads turned to him.

It was Kensei, the rowdy kindergartener with a muscle enhancement quirk. Ever since he got his quirk, he'd taken to swaggering around and intimidating kids that were smaller than him. Even Katsuki, for all show-offy arrogance was starting to find him annoying.

"And you know what", said a rat-faced student who was Kensei's friend. "My brother said that Izuku's name in Kanji can be read as 'Deku'. And you know what that means, it means he's useless. A total. Total. Deku."

Jeers came from a quarter of the class, all agreeing with Rat Face's logic.

Another classmate piped up: "The name fits him! He is a 'Deku'. He's always timid, weird, and talks about stupid things no one cares about!"

"He's so stupid. Always saying that he wants to be a hero. How can he be a hero if he doesn't have a quirk."

As people grunted and nodded in agreement, Kensei and Rat-Face began chanting 'Deku' repeatedly until mostly everyone joined in. 

"BOOM!", and everyone turned around scared.

They all stared at Katsuki, who had columns of smoke leaving his palms. He stared right back, until he walked away with bile seeping up his throat. 

And that as all Bakugou Katsuko wanted to remember about that flashback. Of course he knew that Ms. Tanaka admonished the class harshly and punished them by cancelling their trip to the zoo on the last day. He remembered the concerned staff members meeting parents to discuss their children's behavior. But he also heard of the whispers among the adults, the staff and parents, some of who bit into the "rumor" so easily. "That child is quirkless?" some of them hissed. Oh how fresh was the bitter taste disdain in his mouth. He wanted to forget that rational adults were capable of putting down his friend for being quirkless. He wanted to forget that some of the chanters were ones that were invited to Izuku's birthday. He wanted to forget the way his classmates creeped up like zombies, and how the innocent friends he used to have fun with became anti-quirkless zealots. He wanted to forget....

"Katsuki! Breath!"

He jolted around and stared at his mom. He did not notice how hard he was hyperventilating. 

Inko now calm, gave Katsuki a paper bag while his mother wrapped a blanket around him. It took a while until he was breathing normally. 

"It's okay brat. I'm here. Just breath." Mitsuki warmly smiled while rubbing circles on his back. 

"Katsuki, what happened? Are you all right?" Inko asked.

Normally Katsuki would reply with his signature "none of your business" to anyone. But if this was to Auntie Inko, he'd calmly answer. Especially after being tired by what he perceived to be a panic attack.

"No... Auntie....When you said Izuku was quirkless, you were not the only person to know. Some of the kindergarteners kinda figured it out, and now everyone knows...gulp...But I'm scared for Izuku... I need to see him... I need to know if he's...fucking... okay..."

"I would gladly take you to Izuku.... you're the best friend my son has ever had" Inko replied, but began to sob. "But he won't come out of his room! He's only came out to grab some food and use the washroom but that's it... he refuses to unlock his door."

A locked door, huh?

"Auntie.... I think I might know what to do...."

Izuku was on his bed, lying face-down. A bowl of what used to have katsudon was on his desk. 

He bitterly wished he had a disappearing quirk, because he felt that he hurt too many people just by existing. His mom was in shambles; he knew he should probably go out and give her a hug. But seeing her crying and apologizing was just too much.

And of course, there was Kacchan. 

He knew Kacchan had a bit of a temper, which definitely matched his quirk. If somebody were to try to make fun of Kacchan, he would give them the best beat down of their lives. Beneath that brash, loud persona though, Izuku knew that his friend was just self-conscious and slightly sensitive. Which was exactly why he feared Kacchan at the moment. If he knew that he didn't have a quirk, that he broke their promise, how would his friend react to a broken promise? Especially now he had an explosive quirk.... who knows what could happen to Izuku. Perhaps keeping away from his childhood friend would not only protect Izuku from the backlash, but also Kacchan from getting hurt.

As he was about to trudge to the washroom, he yelped and jumped back after hearing an unexpected 'BOOM'. His door opened, and standing there was Kacchan.

Oh no. As he scanned around, he realized he was trapped. He couldn't jump out the window, lest he wanted to be injured. Kacchan was smack in front of the door, so that was obviously not an option. 

Why would Kacchan be at my house? Wait, he must have known. His mother must have told Kacchan's mom. He must be here to yell at me. Wait, what was that word Kacchan liked to use so often. Oh, fuck.

"Hey... Izuku..."

Izuku, then looked up, surprised at the rare softness of his friend's voice. He'd expect there to be a scowl on Kacchan's face, when there was none.

"I heard you weren't feeling all right, and I wanted to see if you were... okay..."

Izuku still didn't respond, leaving Kacchan in awkward silence.

"I...uh... heard that you don't have a... quirk."

That was the last bit for Izuku. He violently threw a pillow at Kacchan.

"Get away from me!"

His friend was able to catch the pillow in time, but Izuku noticed how the muscles on Kacchan's face were tightening up.

"Izuku, what the hell! I'm just trying to see if you're fine, and now you start acting fucking weird and telling me to go away?"

"GO AWAY! I hurt you! I broke our promise! I'm a bad friend! You don't need a friend who breaks promises!"

Kacchan looked at Izuku with wide eyes. He stood there, not moving.

As Izuku was about to shout at Kacchan again, he saw his friend lunge at him. Closing his eyes, he braced for pain.

Which came in the form of a warm hug.

Katsuki himself felt angered. Being told to go away by his best friend really hut him. But he was equally confused when he heard Izuku rant about broken promises and being a bad friend, until...wait. He remembered. That promise he and Izuku made during his fourth birthday. So that's what this entire fucking mess was about.

Despite that, he noticed that his friend was probably in pain. Just like the time when he accidentally destroyed half of Izuku's gift to him.

So he did what he knew best. What his dad did to comfort him. Give a hug.

"Izuku. It's okay. It's okay if you don't have a quirk. I'd be a fucking bad friend if I left you because of that."

In response, Katsuki's shirt sleeves became wet. 

"I'm... sorry... Kacchan.... I'm really...a bad... friend. I told you to go away. I didn't even let you talk I thought you would hate me for being quirkless."

"Izuku, it's fine. I was just... worried about you," Katsuki croaked, as he began crying as well.

They stood there for what seemed like forever, arms wrapped around their bodies comforting each other. It was later both their parents would come in to retrieve the pair of friends. The Bakugous elected to stay overnight to help the Midoriyas settle down and recover. While Mitsuki helped Inko with household chores, Katsuki sat down with Izuku. Before coming here, Katsuki decided to bring the stack of Marvel comics his dad lent him. He figured if Izuku was indeed hiding becuase of his quirklessness, then it was high time for Katsuki to introduce his friend to the wonders of Iron Man comics. 

"Hey Izuku, did you know that there's a series of comics about a hero named Tony Stark, who calls himself Iron Man? He's really powerful, oh, and he's smart just like you. He built a suit out of metal scraps while being stuck in a shitty jungle."

"Really? Can I read them, can I can I can I?"

"Of course you nerd, that's why I brought them here" scoffed Katsuki. But it was a happy scoff. 

As Izuku flew past pages of action-packed panels, his once-dead eyes began to glimmer like they used to. Katsuki's friend was back.

"You know what the best part of it is, Izuku? He's..."

"Quirkless", Izuku's face dawned at the realization. "He's quirkless, but he was smart and hard working enough to not let that stop him from being a hero."

"Exactly. That's why he's so fucking awesome. And the most awesomest thing is, you can be just like him."

"What do you mean, be exactly like him?", Izuku scratched his hair while staring at Katsuki. "I don't have enough knowledge to build a metal suit that can fire off light beams and missiles and fly. Where do we even get any of the metals? They seem very expensive, and we're not rich enough. We could get jobs, but the only job we could do is make a lemonade stand. And that we won't make enough money for that. Plus, none of us know how to work with metal to make stuff. Woudln't that be very dangerous if we tried...."

POP. A plume of smoke wafted by Izuku's eyes. Luckily, since Katsuki had practiced controlling the intensity of his explosions, Izuku wasn't hurt, and neither was the explosion deafening.

"You're mumbling again Izuku..."

"Oh.... sorry Kacchan"

"What I'm saying is, you too can be a hero. And I'm going to do my best to help you become one."

And it was with those words, that Izuku knew he was lucky to have Katsuki as his best friend.


Chapter Text

Despite years of Izuku helping Katsuki to talk about his complex feelings, doing so was an arduous task and would result him in defaulting to anger. Knowing this, Katsuki would prefer to isolate himself from anyone so they wouldn't have to face the brunt of it his temper.


"Get the fuck away from me Deku!", Katsuki shouted as he fired an explosive smokescreen. He truly wanted to be left alone. Left alone to wallow in his losses, his grief, and worst of all, his conflicted emotions.

Apparently, Izuku didn't take the cue that Katsuki wanted to be alone though. The stubborn broccoli-head activated a weak Full Cowling that was sufficient enough for him to speed up himself towards his friend while clearing the smokescreen. This only further aggravated Katsuki.

"What the fuck do you not. Get. About. LEAVING ME ALONE!"

Katsuki was going to fire off another explosion, but his tantrum had exhausted any attempts to do so. The only outlet for his anger was his face- scrunching up into a putrid snarl. He could only stand panting with his palm extended.

"Bakugou Katsuki, you son of a bitch, you'd think I..."

"Don't talk to me like that cunt nerd!"


A red mark had appeared on Izuku's face. Katsuki's eyes widened, staring at the palm that attacked his friend and the tears that were rolling down his freckled cheeks. Before he could try to run away again, Izuku's two hands softly grasped Katsuki's shoulders.

"Hey, it's okay Kacchan...sob... I know you're upset. You probably don't want to talk about it. And...sob... that's fine. But before you go, I just wanted you to do something with me, please?"

Whatever Izuku wanted, Katsuki would have turned it down, but he was too tired that he just offered a weak nod in response. Maybe doing what the nerd wanted would be better than just bruising his knuckles on a concrete wall to push away his regret.

"Kay Kacchan, come with me."

By the time Katsuki followed Izuku to the school bike racks, his friend had stopped crying. They arrived in front of a bulky looking bike, leaving Katsuki confused. As he was about to open his mouth, Izuku read his face and responded.

"It's Hatsume's. I convinced her to give me a copy of her key. It can convert into a two-seater hover bike as well. I'd piggyback you while using Full-Cowling, but I'm too damn tired", Izuku said as he gave a lopsided grin.

Izuku then unlocked the padlock, and thrusted a key into a hole on the bike to transform it. The bike's wheels shifted horizontally to become hover propellers, and the seat extended to allow Katsuki room. Katsuki would have stormed into Mei's workshop to ask why the hell she and Izuku were working on a project behind his back, but he'd save that for another day.

"Alright Kacchan, hop on." Izuku then handed a helmet to him.

With his hands hanging on to Izuku, he watched as they lifted off from the ground and flew off into the sky. The sunset at 5:00 pm had never been as beautiful as Katsuki would imagine, which illuminated the Musutafu skyline in warm colors. He had to admit, it was kind of badass to see Izuku adeptly pilot a hover bike, yet romantic that he was close to Izuku while watching the setting sun.

Romantic!? He gulped. He decided to perish the thought since he didn't want to deal with more complicated personal feelings he couldn't resolve himself.

They briefly stopped as Izuku when to a convenience store to get a tub of Green Tea Ice cream (he had a pair of tupperware spoons and a mini cooling bag in his backpack, which Katsuki had to suspend his disbelief as to when and where he got those from). Then they took off again until Izuku landed the bike in front of their hangout cave.

"Why are we at our secret hideout, and what's with the ice cream? It's not like I broke up with somebody?" Katsuki asked as he sat on the ground.

"Nah, I just wanted to bring you here so we can talk alone. Plus I saw Tsuyu, Uraraka, and Mina watching us from our classroom window. Oh and as for the Ice Cream, I was kinda craving for it after class."

"Tch. I see you're deviating from your diet. Don't tell me I didn't warn you when you can't fit into your hero costume."

"That will most likely be when I grow bigger biceps than you. Now shut up and your ice cream."

After a few spoonfuls of Haagen Dazs, Katsuki was able to formulate his thoughts. He still couldn't find the right words to describe them, and doing so was like pulling teeth. But fuck it, he thought, being flowery is Izuku's department.

"Look, I'll be honest. I was pretty upset that I lost to you. That's not the main reason I went bat shit crazy though. It's just...well... I always loved winning. I always loved being the best at shit. Kinda why I always asked to race you to our houses, and why I got you into playing League. But that kinda goes against me wanting to help you become a kick-ass hero. I just thought I violated my promise to work with you to become the best. I just couldn't reconcile my desire to win, and my desire to help you. It kinda fucked up my head. So I tried to put those fucked up feelings onto you. I fucked up. I'm just a fucked up person in general"

Finishing with a gulp, he stared at his friends verdant eyes with tears staining his view of them. Izuku's face was now calm and unreadable, which made Katsuki feel a bit more tense.

"Well Kacchan, it's ok if you want to win and beat me. It's completely okay and you're not...fucked up for wanting that. It's also fine if either of us loses. Because if you beat me, you help me become better," Izuku said pensively.

"Ever since we were little, I don't know, I'd always thought of you as my image of victory. You were so good at almost everything you did. You were so brave and charismatic, always leading the way. You were just... awesome. So if you beat me, this makes me try harder to become as awesome as you are. I guess... sometimes the greatest reward you could give an opponent is to not hold back...? Well, I mean if that makes sense. My point is though, don't worry about wanting to kick my ass. It helps me. I guess the same kinda applies to you if you... lose.  So, you feeling okay now?"

Katsuki could only reply with a nod, too captivated by the light spring breeze and his friend's words. Sometimes he wished he were that eloquent, but it didn't matter. That's why he was sometimes glad to have Izuku as a friend. He lit the way through the darker parts of his own mind.

As he was about to say something in response, he noticed the wind becoming rough and a giant shadow growing right in front of him. As he moved away to defend Izuku, his look of aggression changed into relief when he say a familiar figure shout...


At the very least All Might had the decency to decelerate at the perfect moment so he could land softly, otherwise they'd be obliterated by the resulting shock wave.

"Oh, hey Toshi-sensei. How did you find me and Kacchan?"

"Oh well, it's not everyday you see a hover bike in the skyline of Musutafu. So I connected the dots, and that somehow led me to the two of you. Now, Young Bakugou, is everything fine. I understand that today's battle simulation didn't go as well as you expected, and..."

"All-Might. I'm very sorry for how I acted today. I wasn't acting like a hero, blowing up most of the building and taking out my emotions on Deku," Katsuki said while giving a full bow to his mentor.

"And Dek- Izuku. I'm sorry. You didn't deserve me acting like a whiny bitch..."

"No Kacchan, you don't have to apologize at all, I completely under..."

"Izuku. Just let me apologize. It's the least I could do after all of this."

All Might watched on, amused at his mentee's unusually calm demeanor. He didn't seem like the type to openly apologize.But from what he could deduce, Young Bakugou seemed to wear his heart on his sleeve in front ot people he only trusted, and that Young Midoriya had talked some sense into him.

As he was about to give a rousing speech about how proud he was of his students, he hacked a bloody cough and transformed into his civilian form. Young Bakugou was the first to hand him some tissues while Midoriya offered what was left of their Green Tea ice cream.

Of course, maybe he didn't need a rousing speech to express his pride. Sitting down with his students to enjoy the sunset, the breeze, and some ice cream was probably enough. It'd be a moment they would all treasure forever.