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The Next Generation ( Jack Kline x Reader )

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   Life had changed. You no longer were living with Bobby, instead, you stayed at the Winchester's base. They had been quick to take you in when Bobby had died. It had been hard for you to accept it. You had already lost your first parents (though you had no memory of them). Now, you had lost Bobby, the closest thing to a father-figure that you had. It felt like you would never have a family like other people, though perhaps that was just how a hunter's life was. They had to give up things, but the brothers showed you that it didn't have to be family. 

    The boys had been wary to let you stay with them, though. They had been planning on shipping you off somewhere else but you put up a fight against it. You wanted to stay in the Bunker with them. They were all you had left and you couldn't imagine not having them in your life. After hours of begging and pleading, they finally agreed. New rules were put in place in order to keep you safe, but you didn't care. You were just happy to be staying with them. It made it all worth it in the end. 

    But, they couldn't be with you all the time, you knew that much. They went off on missions and left you behind in the Bunker. This was normal for you. They hated to take you out on hunts, worrying that you would get hurt. The hunts that they did end up taking you on was just simple salt and burns. You were thankful that they took you on at least those but you were ready for more. You weren't just a little bookkeeper on the bigger missions, you helped out when they would let you. You wanted to help protect people's lives like they did. They couldn't keep you sheltered forever. 

    They had taught you how to protect yourself due to your body being the perfect vessel to be used. You had gotten an anti-possession tattoo but there were ways to get it off, such as burning it off. Castiel assumed that at the age you were at now, you would be able to hold a high-tier demon or even an archangel with little to no damage to yourself. This made your vessel a very valuable. Deep down, you knew that it was logical for them to want you as a vessel. But, you so much more than just a shell. You wanted to be you. 

    A few demons had tried to capture you over the years but you had always had enough protection. When you were younger, Bobby, Cas, and the Winchesters would protect you. Now, as you got older, you were able to protect yourself for the most part. At the age of ten, you were gifted with an angel blade. You weren't allowed to touch it unless it was an emergency where you had to defend yourself. You still had the same blade, making sure you took good care of it. 

    You had also been taught how to fire different types of guns. The main thing you were taught was all by books in the library. Both supernatural and normal school type things. You knew what could hurt certain monsters and how to find them. Most of your knowledge comes from books and what the brothers taught you instead of actually going on hunts. It made you annoyed at times but you knew where they were coming from. They just wanted to keep you safe. 

    Dean, Sam, and Cas were all very protective of you. You were their little girl. They all still remember the moments when you were younger and needed them. All of them could remember the fateful night where you had been given to Cas. They got even closer and more protective of you once Bobby passed away. It took a hard toil on you, pushing you into a deep hole of depression. They were all there for you and made the process of mourning as easy as it could be. Even now, there were times that you expected to see him and you were slapped with the realization that he was truly gone. 

    Things had begun to get tense and confusing after Mary, the brothers' mom, came back to life. Both of them were still coming to terms with it. She wasn't what they were expecting. Dean seemed to be the most affected by it. You just wanted them all to be happy. Was that too much to ask? They were fighting a lot more, both about their mother and the Brittish Men of Letters. Everything was tense. Plus, Castiel hadn't been around recently. Your loneliness just seemed to be getting deeper and deeper. 

    At the moment, you were sitting on your bed in an empty bunker. The boys were off doing a werewolf case with someone from the BMoL. They would be gone for another day or so, which sucked but you understood the situation. They had to save people but that didn't help with the lonely feeling in your stomach. You had to be strong in your own way. They were doing everything they could. The idea of the spawn of Satan being born was weighing in on them along with everything else. 

    Bowing your head, you clasped your hands together. This still was a weird thing for you to do but it helped with the loneliness you felt, even if it was all one-sided. It was something at least. As long as if made you feel better, it was worth it. 

    "Dear God," You began, "Well- Uh...Hi, Chuck. I don't know if you can hear this or not but I hope everything is working out with you. Things are tense here but it could be worse, I guess. The boys are gone and I'm alone in the Bunker. We don't know where Castiel is at...We are really getting worried. It gets really lonely here because they always leave. I know you can understand what it is like to be lonely, though I bet mine doesn't even compare. Plus, you know, I can't remember when I've talked to someone around my age range. If it stays like this, I'll just start talking like Cas, if he is okay..." 

    "I hope the boys stay safe and have a good patch coming up. It doesn't seem like they will ever get peace forever but a patch to allow them to relax would be nice. I just want them to be happy. Dean and Sam would never do this, but I don't mind. Even if you aren't listening, it's nice just talking. Oh, I must sound so pathetic...Anyway, I hope you are happy wherever you are. I have a feeling it is only going to get worse but I have a hope deep in my chest. That is all that I can ask for is to keep this hopeful optimism as they call it. Everything will be fine, we'll fight through it, so no need to worry. Talk to you later, I'll keep you updated. Amen."

    Before laying down, you decided to let out one more prayer of a different kind. You picked up your cell phone and dialed the cell phone number you had memorized. 

    "Hey Castiel, I don't know where you are right now. I hope you are safe...Make sure you come back soon, okay? We are all really worried about you. I know you don't really need to sleep and everything, but wherever you are, Goodnight." 

    With that, you laid down for the night. A quiet bunker filled only by the quiet breathing of the perfect vessel.