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Amu Hinamori, now the age of eighteen. Studying hard, playing hard, and working hard in school. Ever since middle school, meeting and making new friends she's been ever so happy. It took a lot of time to get out of her shell, now she's a more open butterfly. Learning new skills, learning new things is her goal in life.

She's the number one on the tennis team and the pitcher on the baseball team. Her art skills has been leveled out to max, she draws all over her papers and homework. She even does requests from friends if they need a reference and she will gladly draw them out step by step.

With cooking, she's….still having some slight trouble but she's taking classes for that too! Her studies are quite on top.

But deep inside, Amu isn't all that happy exactly. She loves her life, her friends, and her family. The thing that makes her sad the most, is that she couldn't see two of her characters anymore. They are what she's already become. Ran and Miki.

Ran, the sport loving, sport expert. Also the honest and happy-go-lucky girl she always wanted to be. Amu has accomplished that, and Ran went inside her heart, saying her goodbyes. Amu had cried herself to sleep that night, she had become that she had become what she had wished for.

Miki, the artist in music and all of the arts. Amu had accomplished that once she graduated in her second year of high school.

Oh how she missed them dearly, but two of her other characters still stay by her side to keep her company. Suu and Dia, always around her shoulder to keep her on her feet and to be honest with who she is.

Without them, she thought, I wouldn't be where I am today… With that thought, she clutched at her heart saying silent thank you's to her other characters Ran and Miki, she owed them greatly. And the friends she was with when she attended to Seiyo Elementary School.

"Amu-chan?" Suu questioned to the ex-guardian in concern. Amu came back out from her thoughts and shook her head, smiling to her character,

"Sorry Suu!" She exclaimed, "I'm okay, I promise. I was just missing Ran and Miki." Her eyes shifted away as she looked out into the distance. Dia, then slowly drifted down in front of Amu with a small smile, giving her the victory sign. The pinkette blinked, then quickly grinned from ear-to-ear, returning the victory sign to her Character and she darted off down the street.

Amu always stopped by the cafe her friend worked at, Kuukai Souma, as she stepped in she was greeted with a giant bear hug and "noogied" her head.

"Ahh! Kuukai!" She whined, pushing him back.

"Aww, c'mon Amu, I rarely get to see my little sister anymore!" The ex-jack chair grinned, and patted her head, sitting her down at one of her favorite spots by the window and the piano.

"Amuuuu-chaaan," Kuukai slid over to her while placing a piece of cake for her. Amu blinked at the hospitality from her non-related brother, seeing he had given her favorite cake with a strawberry on top. She sipped her tea, with a sudden realization and narrowed her eyes at him.

"No." she said firmly.

"Aw, please! Everyone loves it when you do! Even I do!" Kuukai then refilled her tea with hot water and extra tea bags for her.

"I should've never started playing it, cause you never stop asking!" Amu glared once more, but he was unfazed, still giving her one of his charming smiles. Amu sighed, placing her tea cup down.

"Fine," she pouted, she could never resist her brother, but they both knew that she loved to play. They also both knew, she would do anything for her brother to see that smiling face. Kuukai threw his hands up in the air in victory, shouting and quickly hooked up the speakers and went back to his work to listen the ever-so talented Amu-chan.

The pinkette took one small bite of her cake, and gracefully went to the piano. She put up her grown out hair into a bun, placing her slender fingers on top of the keys before playing, smiling at the giant instrument.

She remembered when Miki taught her how to play, how to read music and how to make her own music. Soon then Amu began taking classes after school to learn more, craved to learn more about the piano.

With a small smile, the teen began to play gracefully, with elegant classic music. Soon, more customers came into the cafe to listen the nice unique music. Her clever fingers gently pressed each key, pouring out all her feelings each time she played a note, she even hummed along with the music as if she was creating a song in her head.

Kuukai watched his sister play with elegance, he knew she was in mourning of her characters and missing her friends, so he was there for her when most of her friends moved. Tadase skipped a grade now attending to a University, Utau was always on a tour and he was missing her too. Yaya moved due to family issues, so Amu and Kuukai were there for each other when no one was. They were like family now, even Kuukai had a giant family of eight, surrounded by brothers, he was happy to call Amu his sister. Even proud to have a friend like her. During the past years, he watched he grow. Accepting herself, being honest with herself, and doing things she's always wanted instead of always having a front. He still remembered the first day he met her, so shy and confused, but now she was outgoing and focused.

Daichi, Kuukais character peeked out from his apron to hear Amu Hinamori's music.

"She's grown hasn't she?" Daichi looked up at the previous guardian of Seiyo, and Kuukai smiled, watching admirably of his sister.

"Yeah she has,"