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Three's a crowd

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Chapter 1 – First Impressions

Living under one roof with all the Vongola guardians seems a bit farfetched but hey there are worse way to live, it might be a little cosier than you wanted but you weren’t in a position to be picky.
Your room was located on the top floor between the rain guardian and the storm guardian. Through observation you noticed that the storm guardian spent most of his time with the 10th. This would be a bonus as it meant you would have a bit of quiet instead of being bombarded with his irritatingly frequent habit of shouting at anything and everything. Not that you minded when the rain guardian was in though.
On top of being a kind up beat soul he was kind of gorgeous. In fact, it was a darn shame you hadn’t run into him yet officially. Scoping out this place beforehand had been a bonus, if not for information and validity of the letter you received then just for the amount of eye candy walking around. A day dream began playing in your head of said rain guardian running into you with shall we say a little less than average clothing and –

Your hand moves forward to protect yourself from the sudden impact. You look up to see a grey-haired boy standing in front of you.
“Oi! Watch where you’re going idiot!” he shouts. Despite the fact you’re only a few feet away from him.

“Sorry” you mutter, knowing full well you’d been far too distracted to be shouting back at him.

“Hey, You’re the new guardian” It was more of a statement than a question.

“Not quite” you rub the back of your neck awkwardly “I received a letter from Reborn requesting my sister come see him and the 10th”

“So why’re you here?” he interrupts

“My sisters been missing for 4 years. Reborn said if I stay he can help me find her . . . and in the mean time I am to hold her place as Snow Guardian”
“Tch” was his only reply as he barged past you aggressively, followed by a loud yell

You decide it was best not to interfere.


Heading downstairs you began searching for the kitchen, Traveling had made you hungry as hell. Before you had a chance to search the cupboard a clinking sound catches your attention.


“Hello?” You turn around to see the Vongola cloud guardian standing in the doorway. Although you hadn’t formally met before you’d approached Reborn you’d been sure to do extensive recon of the group that suddenly showed so much attention in your sister. Family habit you guess.


“You’ll be attending Namimori” he asks not moving or making an attempt to introduce himself.

 “Yes” you reply quietly.

Something about this guy’s presence was enough to cause a scary atmosphere in the room, like a rabbit cornered by a hungry fox.

“You need to fill out these” he walks over and hands you a stack of papers labelled Transfer Student. He pauses for a moment staring intently as if assessing you.

“T-thank you” you say softly as you take the papers gently from him, trying to avoid any sudden movement. This guy is giving off serious intimidation vibes and yet there was some tension in the air. He hadn’t stopped looking at you. It would be rude to break eye contact now but at the same time you felt a little power play was brought on meeting his stare.

 After a good minute of nonstop eye contact you being to notice the scary atmosphere start to be replaced by an awkward one. Would he ever break eye contact? Did he want the papers back now? Either way you were too far in this, there’s no way your backing down now. Somebody was going to have to breakaway eventua-
“Hmph” he looks away quickly and leaves.
Holy crap did anyone here say more than two sentences? You decided to make yourself some tea and start on these papers. If you were going to be acting guardian you might as well be as close to the 10th as possible.


The jet lag hadn’t shifted yet and there was no way you’d get to sleep. In a last ditch effort, you pulled on your coat and decided to kill two birds with one stone; tire your body out with a walk round town and test your knowledge of the local area. Though you’d scouted it out a whole week before announcing yourself to the Vongola family it never hurt to keep sharp.

Your travels lead you past Namimori school. It loomed in the darkness, the tall building almost lost in the night sky. There was one light, in the very far left side of the ground floor. Without thinking you began moving stealthily towards it. In your observations there had been no previous documentation of late night activity in this area, something was up.

Pressing yourself into the wall next to the window you slowly peered in. A figure, tall in appearance was standing in front of a dim light. Worse, he was armed. An enemy of the Vongola family setting a trap no doubt.

You gently pull at the window and gauge the reaction. Not locked, great. While the stranger’s back was still turned you began as quietly as possible opening the window.

Suddenly the stranger turned around, you ducked just in time. The light goes out and the faint sound of a door opening and closing drift through to your ears.
You wait for a minute just in case he came back. With the coast clear you return to opening the window. With one slick movement you jump up and over the window ledge landing in the classroom. In almost the same second the door opens again. SHIT you think as you try to find cover in near darkness.

Footsteps click closer to you . . .then closer . . . then stopping. The figure is in front of you now. Mere meters away. You slow your breathing not wanting to take any chances. The figure notices the window. He shuts it quickly and turns out brushing his foot against yours.

He pauses, then reaches down and grabs you by the collar pulling you up without hesitation. A lighter snaps open and suddenly his face is visible. The Cloud Guardian.
He stares, seemingly unmoved by the revelation of your identity.

“Why are you trespassing on Namimori grounds”

You squirm out of his grip and right yourself. “I uh . . .I saw a light on and a strange man in here, I thought it might be a danger or a trap?” You state wondering why words were now so hard to say. His face flashes a quick look of worry but changes so quickly back to his stoic look you could blink and miss it. “Is that so” he says, pulling out two metal batons from behind his back. You go to grab your weapon but a sharp look from the cloud guardian stops you.
Before you have time to ask why the cloud guardian secures a handcuff to your wrist.

 “H-Hey!” you shout as he attaches the other cuff to the radiator pipe.

He doesn’t respond and instead turns his attention to the only door into the room.

“There’s an enemy on the loose and you’re tying me up?!” You state shocked at his decision, but the cloud guardian doesn’t bother replying as he walks out the room taking the only source of light out with him.

At least it couldn’t get any worse you thought. With a bit of luck that bastard had left your other hand free, you knew that lock kit would come in handy one day however operating it with one hand might prove . . . a challenge, to say the least.



A few well-co-ordinated movements later and you can tell you’re in the home stretch with just a couple more turns you should be free. Without warning the door slams open again. The cloud guardian walks in calmly seemingly unharmed.

“There is no-one on the premise” he states before noticing the lock picking mechanism sticking awkwardly out of your handcuff. An aggressive look crawls over his face, his metal batons are up and he rushes towards you.

 A quick as you can you get the handcuffs off the radiator pipe and dodge his attack.

“I’m going to have to bite you to death” He smirks.

A sudden heavy bite breaches your shoulder causing you to wine in pain. Fuck how did he get close to me?! Turning around you manage a clean hit to his ankle with your reinforced staff. This knocks him back enough for you to lean in for another blow to the lower part of his stomach.
“Short range weapon users often forget about defending their lower half” you inform the now grounded guardian smugly. You kneel over him picking up the collar of his white clean pressed shirt bringing his head to yours.

 He looks annoyed but hell this was fun. It’d been a long time since you sparred with your sister it was nice to know you were still sharp.
The Cloud Guardians brow furrowed as he attempts to hit you back not realising your knees had firmly pinned down his arms. It’s amusing to see him struggle. In the heat of the moment you grabbed the handcuffs still attached your wrist and cuff one end to his hand. Undoing the part still on your wrist you shimmy down to attach it to one of his belt loops.

“Not so fun is it?”. Knowing you’d already pushed your luck far enough you turn and exit through the same window, making sure to close it behind you. One as a sign of respect and protection for the now slightly impaired guardian and two to hopefully discourage any angry pursuits.


As you arrive home you can’t help but wish you’d had a little more fun playing with the cloud guardian.

You turn the handle of your door and happily hang up you clothes before switching into PJs.

Some small snoring sounds falls upon your ears.

Geez the walls here must be especially thin if you can hear someone else sleeping. Having sufficiently tired yourself out you crawl into bed. For some reason it’s warmer than usual and your pillow feels . . . human shaped? You feel around some more. Yup definitely human shaped!

You scramble for your bedside light, hastily switching on the light.

THE RAIN GUARDIAN?! Shock runs through your body like a lightning bolt! In my bed? Half-naked?! You look around to confirm you’re in the right room. Yup all your stuff is there and that’s your suitcase in the corner. Oh god, he must’ve wandered into the wrong room and fallen asleep!

Well this is gonna be an awkward first impression. You lean in and gently tap the sleeping guardian’s shoulders.

“Um excuse me?” You whisper. He doesn’t react. “Hello?” You say a little louder reaching over to put both hands on his shoulder and shake him. Bad move! Sleepy the rain guardian rolls over taking you with him into a big spoon little spoon position.

 He’s so strong you think to yourself as you realise there’s no escaping his grasps. Even worse he’s rubbing his chin on top of your head like you’re his favourite teddy bear.
It looks like this is gonna be the rest of your night. Lacking the energy to take out a sleeping giant nearly double your size and strength you reluctantly get comfy and let your eyelids softly close.


A small ray of light slides in through your curtains.

Sleepily you check the time. Only 7am, you sigh and roll over enjoying the luxury of a double bed, something you’d not had in a while. Being constantly on the move looking for you sister had lead to some rough nights sleep, you could get used to this.

Something feels off though, you sit up and look around racking your brain, something happened last night.
Foggily a memory of being restrained comes into your head. OH GOD. A hot red blush fills your face as you suddenly remember. You look over onto the bed. It’s . . . empty? Had it all been a dream?

Maybe it was, you look around again but see no sign of the dark haired guardian previous presence. Swinging your legs out the bed your feet touch an unfamiliar material. You look down, It’s the rain guardians clothes! How could this morning get any more bizarre?! You try to calm down but you can feel the warmth blush rising to your cheeks again. Is he still here you think to yourself? Getting out of bed you listen for any signs of life . . .


But the clothes were there. Whatever you remember from last night the rain guardian was definitely in your room. Should . . . Should you take the clothes back? Or would that be awkward like hey you slept in my room last night so here’s your clothes hahaha . You didn’t want people to get the wrong idea.
A bag! A bag would hide everything. There’s nothing wrong with one person handing a bag over to another person. Nobody could get the wrong idea from a plain bag. You pick up the pile of clothes from the bag and neatly fold them trying to carefully avoid the underwear. There’s a plastic shopping bag you’d been planning to use as a trash can but would suit this purpose too. After getting dressed you quietly step out in the hallway light beautifully by the morning sun.

 You knock on the door and wait. A cheerful “Come in” sounds from the other side. Oh no! You were hoping he’d be out! Does he know you slept together? Did he sleep walk in and sleep walk out?

You gulp and cautiously walk in and introduce yourself.

“H-hi” you wave awkwardly. “ I uh . . . think these are yours” you practically throw the shopping bag into this arms. His big strong arms.

“O-oh” he said suddenly avoiding eye contact and staring at the floor. If you didn’t know him better you would have said his cheeks had turned a light pink, but that could just be the sun.

He chuckles. “ I’m sorry, I got tired from baseball practice and went into the wrong room. I hope I didn’t disturb you” He’s-He’s so . . . un-phased by what happened? You knew he was upbeat but wow was this guy raised in a barn or something?

“I promise it won’t happen again” he smiles and tilt his head to the side.

“Oh I don’t think I’ve introduced myself” he offers his hand for a shake. “I’m Yamamoto Takeshi”

You take it and try to suppress the memory of those strong hands wrapped around your body. “Nice to meet you” you reply sheepishly.
“Mah, now wasn’t that a better first impression” he laughs.

Somehow his laugh puts you at ease. You notice the clock by his bed. Ahhh the time!

You hurry out the door to get ready. You have time for a quick shower if you skip makeup or breakfast. Luckily you’re just one room down from the shower area. You had planned a quick shower but that was before you remembered how nice a hot shower was. You felt the water pour down your neck, over your shoulders, down you back and across your legs. You’d forgotten how long it had been since you had hot water on demand. Five minutes couldn’t hurt, if you skipped makeup and breakfast you could still make it.

Savouring every moment from shampooing to conditioning right up to the last few seconds of washing off the soap you eventually step out the shower block feeling ready to take on the day. So happy you practically waltz back to your room. You haven’t had time to unpack since yesterday nor do you have your proper school uniform but you figure black trousers and a white shirt can’t go wrong. Throwing a granola bar into you bag you set off for Namimori school.