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[podfic] cornflower's way too mellow

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 Fic: cornflower's way too mellow by inquisitioned

recorded for my darling Sun, for the Daiya no Chat discord community's White Day Event!!

Reader: Kess

Cover Artist: Kess

Fandom: Daiya no Ace

Ship: Kominato Ryousuke/Kuramochi Youichi

Rating: Mature/Teen and Up

Warnings: none

Reader's Notes: Ryousuke's voice is pretty high, cause that's what my voice does when i smile, apparently

Thank you to Sun for being an amazing person, an inspiration, and a really good friend. Enjoy!!

Music: Arrow Flight by Boy & Bear

click to stream at parakaproductions, right click and save as to download!

SFW VERSION: here's the mp3 [65MB, 01:03:56]

NSFW VERSION: here's the mp3 [57MB, 00:55:45]