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Oh, Holy Night.

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Jungkook hums the last hymn of the night under his breath as he tidies up the pews, sliding the bibles back into their allotted slots and gathering the discarded water bottles onto one pew up front to be disposed of later.

There’s a knock on the large wooden doors and he doesn’t even have time to turn around before they’re opening, moonlight washing through, slightly tinted orange. Jungkook smirks to himself.

Blood moon or whatever.

He’d had a lot of confessions come to him today before the service, a lot of people wanting to purge themselves of sin before something seen as a ‘bad omen’ like a blood moon came along. It was all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo if you ask him.

Standing in the doorway is a man about his height in an expensive looking suit, complete with a shimmering, multicolor blazer, silhouetted against the outside. The lights of the church flicker and turn off completely, and there’s a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

The doors slam shut behind him and then, in a large wave, the candles on either side of the pews light themselves, fire coming up about a foot in height before dying down to its normal size. Once every candle is lit, the boy steps forward, and Jungkook swears under his breath. “Demon,” he whispers.

The demon smiles coyly, his icy blue eyes crinkling at the corners.

“Don’t you remember me, Father Jeon? You sure tried your damned hardest to exorcise me back to hell all those years ago.” He lifts up one manicured hand and inspects his fingernails.  “Or does the name Kim Namjoon not ring a bell?”

It takes everything in him not to mutter expletives under his breath.

“Why have you come here?” Jungkook asks, voice dangerously low. “Why inhabit another body?”

The demon offers him a pretty smile, albeit too wide.
“Oh, Father Jeon, you must be mistaken. All demons have a physical form of their own,” he says, smirking at him with an unreasonable mirth. “Mine just so happens to be the prettiest incubus this side of hell.”

Jungkook hisses. “Your name was Taehyung, right?” His fumbling hands search for a bible, already reaching for the smooth rosary beads he keeps tucked into his pocket- but the backs of the pews and his pockets alike turn up empty.

“Trying to exorcise me out of your precious chapel already, Jeon?” Taehyung makes a tsk sound as he steps forward a bit, one hand poised cockily on his hips. “I’m not surprised.”

There’s a niggling in the back of his head and Jungkook frowns, glaring daggers at the demon in front of him. “Not one step more.”

The demon scoffs. “Or what? You’ll exorcise me again?” He takes another few steps forward, his hips swinging from side to side, and Jungkook swallows.

“You don’t belong here, demon,” he mutters. He pats his pockets again but the rosary beads are still nowhere to be found, the backs of the pews still as empty.

“It’s such a shame that you chose this profession, Father Jeon,” the demon says, voice suddenly echoing. Jungkook looks up to see him sitting atop the large marble statue of the Virgin Mary high above the confessions booth- legs dangling, shiny dress shoes glinting in the candlelight.

“Don’t get me wrong--- father is good, but I bet you’d rather call someone daddy,”  Taehyung purrs.

“You have no place here,” he says again, but it feels like he’s not in control of his thoughts. He’s suddenly picturing Taehyung taking that expensive suit off, stepping on him in those perfectly shined shoes, gagging him with the silk vestment around his shoulders-

Jungkook squeezes his eyes tightly shut.

“Get out of my head,” he breathes. Taehyung laughs and suddenly he’s behind him, and Jungkook finds himself unable to move. Actually, physically unable to move.

“Aww, that wouldn’t be any fun,” he mumbles, baritone voice humming smooth next to his ear, warm breaths ghosting over his neck. One of his hands comes up and undoes the collar of his shirt, sliding the white fabric out of place from where it encircled the base of his throat and discarding it to the side. His warm fingers begin unbuttoning Jungkook’s shirt, and Jungkook can barely inhale.

“Our father who art in Heaven,” He whispers, “Hallowed be Thy name.” Taehyung grins against his neck and slips his tongue out to lick a fat stripe from the base of his neck to just below his ear. “Thy-”

This time, Jungkook’s thighs are parted, and there’s a warm, solid thigh being slid between them.

“-kuh. Thy k-kingdom-” Taehyung slips one of his hands inside Jungkook’s shirt to pinch harshly at one of his nipples, and Jungkook can feel the demon taking over his thoughts.

“Keep going,” Taehyung murmurs against his ear, breath hot and damp. “It turns me on to see a holy man fail miserably at reciting sacred text.” Jungkook stammers, hips twitching in the hold of Taehyung’s unoccupied hand. He’s trying hard to maintain his grip on his mind.

“Th-Thy kingdom- Thy kingdom-”

Taehyung rolls the hardened bud of Jungkook’s nipple between deft fingers, applying just the right amount of pressure.

“-come,” Jungkook gasps. Taehyung is fully in his mind now, controlling his thoughts, his reactions.

“I’d love to see you do that,” Taehyung hums. He licks at Jungkook’s neck again and nips harshly, making Jungkook grit his teeth together to avoid from making an embarrassing whining sound.

“I remember when I was inside that boy Namjoon,” Taehyung says. “Do you remember, Jungkook?” He nods, unable to do anything else as Taehyung’s hands continue unbuttoning his shirt.

“I said all kinds of things to make you angry, but once you were , oh, boy. I think that’s when I started wanting to fuck you,” he breathes. Jungkook squirms in his grip and Taehyung’s fingertips slide his now open shirt from his shoulders, puddling it on the floor. He slides an appreciative hand up his stomach.

“So pretty,” Taehyung growls, a second, deeper voice melding with his own. It should be scary. It should be dangerous. It should be everything Jungkook despises about demons, this one in particular, but with Taehyung in his mind, clogging his senses, it’s everything he could wish for.

“I think the only thing I like more than seeing you angry,” Taehyung says, “is seeing you submit like a little bitch.” Jungkook lets out a gasp, abdominal muscles twitching under Taehyung’s fingers, back touching the demon’s chest as he leans back.

His head swims. The demon in his thoughts makes it impossible to think straight, so he doesn’t try to think. He just lets himself feel.

Feel the way Taehyung’s hands guide him to grind back against his thigh, pressing bruises into his hips. Feels the way sweat trails down the small of his back as Taehyung continues to tease him, to play him like an instrument. He swivels his hips and lets his head drop back, eyes glazed.

There’s a part of him yelling at himself. He’s the head of his cleric, the most renowned priest in not only the church, but the whole community. He’s worked for years to get to where he is now and here he is, mind consumed by a demon he illegally exorcised, rutting down against his thigh, whimpering and secretly delighting in the fact that he’s being humiliated as he does.

“Not such a secret when I’m in your mind,” Taehyung murmurs. One of his hands comes down to palm at Jungkook’s clothed erection and he lets out an embarrassing breathy sound. “The priest likes being called a little bitch, then?”

Jungkook’s unspoken yes goes right through his own head and Taehyung grins, pushing the heel of his palm down harder over Jungkook’s cock and making his hips jerk.

“I bet the little bitch would look so pretty speared on my cocks, hmm? Spread out like a slut with both my cocks up your ass, gagged with my fingers in your mouth?” Jungkook’s hips twitch up again and again and at this point he’s pretty much humping Taehyung’s hand, but he’s too gone to care.

Taehyung is a demon. An incubus. And he apparently has two penises- Jungkook feels himself salivating at the thought, but he knows it’s Taehyung in his head that makes him this responsive and wanting.

“It’s not me, baby, it’s all you. You’ve wanted this for a long time, haven’t you? Wanted to be fucked and put in your place?”

Jungkook nods, even though he doesn’t need to. Taehyung is in his thoughts, in his memories. He can see the many nights Jungkook has spent thinking about a faceless lover pounding him into a bed, can see the shame with which Jungkook has woken up with wet boxers because of the filthy, depraved sex he has in his dreams. He can see how sometimes Jungkook manages to get up to four fingers worked into his own ass before he cums untouched.

“I can give you something you could only dream of,” Taehyung whispers. He hikes Jungkook backwards until his ass is pressed firm against the other’s crotch. “I can show you something more divine than Heaven itself. Would you want that, baby?”

Jungkook swivels his hips down onto Taehyung’s crotch. “Yes,” he breathes. Taehyung grins against his neck.

“Over the pew,” he says. He lifts Jungkook off his lap and nudges him towards the nearest pew, which Jungkook grabs tightly, back arched prettily over the wood.

Taehyung is behind him, removing his suit jacket and tossing it off to the side. He pulls Jungkook’s pants and underwear both down with no effort, and Jungkook’s erection presses against the cool wood of the pew. He hisses.

Taehyung reaches for one of the water bottles Jungkook had gathered earlier, uncapping it and sticking a finger into the liquid. When he pulls it out, it’s transformed into something thicker, glistening slick on his fingertip as he traces Jungkook’s hole to warm it up. He slips it in easily, and Jungkook’s hips kick forward, smearing precum along the edge of the pew.

He pushes a slick second finger alongside the first, watching as Jungkook’s grip goes white-knuckled on the pew.

“You like that, hmm,” Taehyung hums. Jungkook makes a breathless noise of agreement. Everything Taehyung is doing to him, every sensation tingling across his skin feels better than it ever has, white-hot pleasure singing down his spine and making his knees wobble dangerously beneath him.

“G-God, yeah,” Jungkook chokes out. Taehyung grins wickedly and leans over him until his clothed chest is practically pressed flush against Jungkook’s back.

“Saying His name whilst getting fingered by a demon? God, you’re such a filthy slut. Bet you’d say anything to get me to fuck you, right, baby?”

As he speaks, Taehyung twists his fingers into Jungkook’s prostate, making his cock twitch against the back of the pew and leak a fat bead of precum onto the wood.

“Yes,” he whimpers.

“Say you want my cocks more than you want Him. Tell me how desperate you are to be stretched open and put into your place.” Jungkook’s hips twitch and his cock glides across the wood of the pew, dripping.

“I wuh-wanna be filled by you, Taehyung, s-so badly, wanna be fucked and put in my puh-place. Please.”

Taehyung reaches over with his free hand and grabs the front of Jungkook’s neck, lifting him up and back by his throat until he’s standing with Jungkook pressed to his front, fingers digging into his pulse points.

“Tell me,” Taehyung purrs, voice low and directly against his ear, “that you want my cocks more than anything He could ever give you.”

Jungkook swallows, adam’s apple moving roughly against Taehyung’s palm. His head is light with the pressure of Taehyung’s fingers and the demon’s muddling about in his head, but he manages to open his mouth.

“Want- Want your cocks so bad, Taehyung, more than-” Taehyung curls his fingers into Jungkook’s prostate, reminding him of their presence- “-ngh, more than H-Him, more than God-” he tightens his grip on Jungkook’s throat.

“That’s a good little whore, hm?” His fingers pump easily in and out of Jungkook, and he feels his knees threaten to give out, but Taehyung’s holding him tight to his chest.

Taehyung removes his fingers for a moment and releases Jungkook’s throat, and he almost tumbles forward onto the pew, gripping the back for stability as the blood rushes back into his brain. The fingers reappear coated in even more lube as Taehyung slides his pinky in alongside the others, filling him in the best of ways, but still not enough. He’s so fucking gone with Taehyung’s little mind games that he doesn’t even feel the burn of the stretch.

“M-More,” He whines, only to receive a harsh slap across the face that leaves him drooling, head bent.

“Good whores take what they’re given, baby. I could stop everything right now.”

Jungkook stammers harshly, face throbbing in the best of ways.

“‘M sorry,” he mumbles. Taehyung laughs a little, low and sadistic.

“Your lip is busted.” Jungkook darts his tongue out and feels the sting, tastes the strong copper of blood. Taehyung pushes his fingers in until he’s up to the knuckle and drizzles more lube on top, wiggling until he’s almost got his whole hand in Jungkook’s tight ass.

His other hand pulls Jungkook’s head up and then he’s leaning over to kiss him, tongue laving unabashedly over the split in his lip and tasting the blood, savoring it.

He pulls his hand away and Jungkook gasps at the empty feeling, clenching around open air, before Taehyung’s clothes are being rearranged and he feels not one but both of the heads of his cocks pressed to his rim.

“Gonna be a good little priest and take my cocks quietly? I can sense two people coming. Two very important people.”

Taehyung pulls him down until he’s hovering over his lap as the demon sits on the pew behind them, cocks slicked up and pressed together at Jungkook’s entrance. Jungkook nods, licking at the blood on his lip again.

“I’ll cloak us. They won’t see anything, but I can’t cloak sounds, so you have to be quiet.” Jungkook nods eagerly, sinking down onto the two large cocks, mind going fuzzy at the feeling of finally being full, the feeling that this moment, the stretch of his ass around two giant cocks, was what he’d been missing. He doesn’t even care if it’s only Taehyung in his mind, telling him so; he sinks down until he’s fully seated on Taehyung’s lap, and the demon slides two fingers into his mouth to keep him quiet as his other hand guides him to swivel his hips in small figure eight’s.

The doors open and Jungkook’s heart rate skyrockets, but the hand on his hips doesn’t stop guiding him. Two lower priests from his cleric walk in, and Taehyung’s fingers press into his mouth further as he pulls Jungkook down with a more than human grip.

“Where is Father Jeon?” One of the two men asks. The other looks around, walking forwards and stopping just shy of the pew that Jungkook and Taehyung are currently on. Jungkook’s weeping cock bobs against his stomach at the thought of being caught, of making noise and having them both see how fucking filthy he was, being fucked by a demon. He almost whines, but Taehyung’s fingers pressed to his tongue keep him from doing it.

“I don’t know,” he replies. The first walks forward and swivels his head, gazing over all the pews, and Jungkook doesn’t even think twice- the moment the priest’s gaze unknowingly combs over him, he cums all over his stomach, clenching tight around Taehyung and biting into his fingers to keep from making any noise.

The priest’s gaze continues, oblivious, and Jungkook’s chest heaves with the effort of staying silent.

The two priests murmur to themselves as they leave, closing the large doors behind them. Taehyung removes his fingers from Jungkook’s mouth and drags them through the dripping mess on his stomach, bringing them up to his own mouth and licking them.

“Mmm,” he hums, “Nothing purer than the whore priest.”

With that, he grips Jungkook’s hips with both hands and begins pounding into him, both of his cocks filling him and stretching him perfectly. There’s also something about the fact that Taehyung is still fully dressed and Jungkook is completely bare that has him moaning- a breathy, broken moan.

He feels Taehyung’s breaths on the back of his neck but he doesn’t even care because his prostate is being rubbed by two thick dicks, and his mind blanks. Nothing in his life has ever felt this fucking good, it’s enough for drool to start puddling at the corners of his mouth and smearing down his chin.

“My little whore is gonna see something so much better than Paradise,” Taehyung growls. “You’re gonna see power.”

Jungkook chokes out another moan, feeling tears well in his eyes at the white-hot burn of pleasure inside him. Taehyung doesn’t stop the brutal pace he’s set, and Jungkook can feel his own will slipping away, letting Taehyung fully enter his mind. If he can feel this good, he doesn’t care about anything else.

“Gonna cum again, priest? Make a bigger fucking mess of yourself?”

Jungkook nods dumbly, too fucked out to answer properly, but Taehyung is in his mind. He knows. Hot tears roll down his cheeks, and Taehyung licks filthily at one as he reaches for Jungkook’s swollen, leaking cock and pumps it lazily in contrast to his pace.

Jungkook’s mouth hangs open as he cums again, and Taehyung doesn’t even slow down before he’s cumming too, pumping Jungkook full of it and fucking it into him a few times for good measure.

Jungkook rolls his head back onto Taehyung’s shoulder, only to find that the demon isn’t there anymore. His head touches the edge of the pew and he opens his eyes to find that he’s sitting on it, dripping Taehyung’s cum. With two fingers he reaches down and touches his slick rim, pulling them up to see that Taehyung’s cum is white, but oddly iridescent in a way that reminds him of a pearl- he lifts them to his lips and licks at them hesitantly.

The cum burns the cut in his lip but he doesn’t care. Taehyung’s cum tastes like the sweetest honey he’s ever tasted, with an underlying hint of what has to be strawberries.

“How sweet, the whore priest wanted a taste,” Taehyung croons. Jungkook looks over slowly to see him standing at the edge of the pew, hair impeccable and clothes barely even ruffled.

Jungkook opens his mouth to reply but all that comes out is a garbled whine. Taehyung smiles at him almost fondly and reaches over to gently stroke his matted, sweaty hair, pushing it out of his face.

“Get dressed, baby. There’s much work to be done.” Jungkook frowns slightly, what does he mean ‘work to be done’?

Taehyung chuckles lowly. “You didn’t think I came here because I wanted to, did you?” He asks, faking innocence. “I’m under orders to corrupt, seduce, and bind a high priest. You belong to me now. To us.”

In one of Taehyung’s hands are his clothes, which he places next to him. Jungkook dully registers that even if he doesn’t try, he’s acutely aware of Taehyung’s presence now- his brain seems to know exactly where and how to locate the other.

“Binding is sweet like that,” Taehyung sing-songs. He looks angelic under the candlelight of the church hall and it’s then that Jungkook remembers all demons were once angels before being cast down to hell.

Taehyung only smirks.

Jungkook gets dressed, pants first. Taehyung rips a page out of one of the bibles that have suddenly reappeared in their slots behind the pews and wipes the drying cum from his stomach so he can put his shirt back on. He smirks as he sees the ink begin to blur as the cum soaks into the thin paper.

Jungkook wonders if Taehyung is in his mind permanently now, as he re-buttons his shirt.

“I am,” Taehyung whispers. In the back of Jungkook’s mind, a low, raspy voice whispers back,

“And you’re in mine, lovely little demon priest.”