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Broken Angels

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"Master! No!" Obi-Wan struggled against the steel cuffs, trying to elbow the feline aliens behind him. One of them growled and dug in his claws, causing the young Jedi to wince. "No! Let me go!" He let out a strangled scream and cried out, trying to break free from the aliens. Three days. Three days of hell, of being stripped naked, of being paraded before these creatures and a man with long, black hair and cold, glittering golden eyes. Master Jinn had gone white as a sheet when he saw the man, asked how he was even alive. Obi-Wan had thought they had been safe then, but he was clearly wrong. So sooner had they relaxed than had a piece of hot iron been seared into their skin, branding them like they were banthas.

Qui-Gon struggled in his own bonds, trying to get away. The older man was slung down into the dirt and kicked repeatedly, struggling to get up each time. Clawed hands raked down his face and he was dragged up after that. Qui-Gon spat the blood out of his mouth. Despite the collar on his throat and the drugs in their system, he fought still. The man yelled, maybe a curse, and he rammed his knee where the groin plate met the smooth fabric. The human holding him roared a curse befoe going down. Qui-Gon kicked the other one and struggled, trying to run back to Obi-Wan. The long haired man, Xanatos, laughed some and he held up what looked like a ring.

The next thing Obi-Wan knew, he was on his knees, screaming in agony as white hot pain flowed over his nerves. He tried to claw at the shock collar, tried to get it off, but his bound hands prevented that and he was shocked again and again. Qui-Gon stopped short before his own collar sparked. He dropped to his knees. He never screamed, not wanting to give them the pleasure of hearing him cry out. Obi-Wan's gaze met his desperately. This couldn't be happening. They were Master and padawan.They were supposed to stay together. Obi-Wan tried to ignore the tears coursing down his cheeks as the dread hit him. Qui-Gon had been brutal about it, telling him what to expect, and then... He didn't want to think about it. He couldn't. Not with what was going to happen next.

Frightened eyes meet his. Obi-Wan has never seen his Master look this afraid, but it has to be the collars. Or the drugs that burn like fire. He's holding Obi-Wan close, trying to shield his body from the slavers. It's the night cycle and they're alone. His Master is shaking, afraid. Obi-Wan doesn't know why. They'll be fine, right? He tries to wipe away the tears, but Obi-Wan stops them. His Master is frightened and it's scaring him.

"Master?" Obi-Wan asks softly. "Are you okay?"

"Not particularly," Qui-Gon softly says. "It's... going to get bad. I can feel it through what's left of the Force. You're Stewjoni and I'm... well, we don't know what I am. But they seem interested and that's a bad thing." He takes a shuddering breath and closes his eyes. "But I heard them earlier. When they had me cleaning out those crates. They...were talking...about..." He presses his padawan closer to him. "They were talking about how they wanted to rape both of us, but the contract buyer said no damaged goods." He gives a full body shudder. "I can feel that it's going to be bad, padawan. That we'll both need something for the dark times ahead. And...I...I thought that.."

Obi-Wan knows. He's old enough to have heard about what slavers do to "fresh meat". "Yes," he whispers. It's all he can say. He's afraid. Terrified of what is about to happen next. But at least he knows that his Master cares.

"Obi-Wan!" Qui-Gon just managed to get the words out as he was drug away. They kicked him and he gasped in pain. "I love you! Don't ever forget that!" He struggled vainly as he was dragged off, but nothing could change the fact that he was being dragged away. And within seconds, his body was swallowed up by the cold steel of a ship. Obi-Wan tried to get the name of it, but he couldn't. And within minutes, his Master started to scream. It almost sounded like he was begging, but Obi-Wan knew better. Qui-Gon had his pride. He was a Jedi Master, no matter what these slavers said. But the wounded animal cries just got louder and Obi-Wan stood in stunned silence as the tears started flowing again.

Xanatos grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and started forcing him back into the ship. Obi-Wan trembled, tried to scramble around in the man's grasp. But there was nothing he could do. No way to get out of the man's grip, no way that he can go running and save his Master from wherever he was being taken too. Hold him until the pain stopped. Agony and terror spiked over what was left from their bond before it was killed entirely. The dark Jedi dragged him through the ship. Didn't even throw him in the brig, but threw him down into a lavish room. Obi-Wan started shaking, fearing what was coming next. He landed hard, thanks to his bound hands, and he grunted from the pain.

"This is what he replaced me with." Xanatos' voice was as cold as ice when he spoke and he unlocked the cuffs. Obi-Wan sprang up, trying to fight him, to get out and save Qui-Gon, but he was smacked in the face with the Force. It sent him reeling and he went down, hard, over the bed. Xanatos flicked his fingers like a Shadow Knight and Obi-Wan found the thin trousers he'd been given yanked down around his ankles. He tried struggling, surged up and slammed his head into the bastard's jaw, but the Force grabbed him around the neck and squeezed. Xanatos held him like that until he saw dark spots and he thought he was going to die. "Pathetic. A weak willed slave."

"Take the collar off and we'll see how weak I am!" Obi-Wan struggled, tried to jerk his head back, when the man's hands caught his braid. A wickedly sharp dagger sliced through the hair and it was trailing down his belly, leaving a thin trail of blood, as Xanatos smiled some.

"If you struggle too much, you'll slice your own cock off like a Tamilian slave," the man said. He was so much older and this terrified Obi-Wan. His blue eyes widened some when he saw the man's intentions and he managed a weak "no" before he was turned onto his belly. And unlike with Qui-Gon, it hurt. There wasn't any time taken to make sure his body prepared itself or gentle touches to ease his fear. It was fast, it was brutal, and it made him scream and swear that he could smell the coppery tang of blood when his body tried in vain to ease the way in. He would have squeezed his eyes shut and tried to send himself away, but he couldn't. Xanatos finished with a grunt and left a trembling Obi-Wan on his bedding, curling up and trying to hide.

He flung a damp cloth at the young Jedi. "Clean yourself up and I'll think about feeding you. Remember, padawan, you now live at my pleasure."

Obi-Wan didn't move, but a boot to the side of the ribs made him scramble to his feet and try to obey despite the pain. He bowed his head some when he realized that he was supposed to clean himself in front of Xanatos, but it had been a day since he had last eaten and his snarling belly forced the point. He was only sixteen years old, which was a little old for the life his new Master had planned for him.