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Not A Pet

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I am on a planet that sees humans as pets, or slaves rather on most occasions than not. They have their own kinds of pets that are more 'animal' like, sort of resembling cats and dogs back on my home planet—not really resembling appearance, mostly actions. After Earth decided to be practical dickheads to the aliens when they visited when I was barely five, they made it clear we were on war level. So, on occasion they would send covert people on Earth and basically snatch people to help dwindle the population under their noses. Unluckily for them, I had been abandoned by my own species and left out on the streets since younger.

They brought me to this planet when I was just twelve, immediately in the throes of their environment and culture. I had been one of the first few younger humans to reach the area, knowing we needed to adjust to their atmosphere, finding out children take a little longer to get a handle of it. The feeling was crushing when they had thought we were ready and even one kid had his lung collapse from it being too much. It had saved the two of us that were left in that batch, saying they wanted to try it out when adults were usually ready.

We were put in a store after that and put up for sale so anyone could buy us. After I had been bought, pretty quickly too as I had the dusting on my cheeks—freckles—and they liked the quality, I retaliated. I didn't let them train me like I was a slave, already knowing how to survive on the streets. It became a vicious cycle for me the coming nine years—measuring their calendar with Earth's to get an exact estimate. Pound, adopted, pound, adopted, and then once reaching the pound for this last time, I was marked as vicious.

Lingering in this small single cell like prison with a gel type of glass on one side was leaving me feeling claustrophobic. I couldn't leave the space, but they could enter and leave as they had special things to allow such a thing. They provided us with essentials, but lately my time here has been questionable as the meals for me are infrequent. I have seen them drag others away that are older or aggressive, the creatures dressed in all green, and I worried if that was their way of euthanizing or did they send you off to be labor slave or possibly fighters? I heard about fighter rings from a previous owner and how they did bets on it.

The place becomes rowdy, hearing the muffled begs to be 'adopted' and I knew someone was looking to buy. It has me grit teeth and stare to the wall across from me as I sit in the small space that you can only sleep curled up on the provided 'bed' that is covered in hay. The pan for your business is pulled out when needed and you just tuck it away under the bed. It helps the smell stay enclosed away, but I still hated it. Also, don't get me started on the baths since I am marked aggressive and left me only in a pair of pants.

There are two figures by my cell, having me merely flick eyes as I can see them in my peripheral. I bare teeth more while staying huddled to the wall and even through the begs from other humans, I can hear the pound worker—some creature that resembles that of something that belongs in the water with its scales being a blue mixed purple coloring—explain how I was aggressive and vicious, that I wouldn't be a good choice. It makes me cringe as they just didn't understand that I didn't want to be a slave. The thought of being forced to do whatever the damn creatures wanted had my skin crawl, especially remembering the punishments for not doing the tasks.

They had left me be, letting me calm down as I noticed that even with doing that I am still tense. I have been since they grabbed and dragged me to be on this planet. The place stays loud and I can only stay in place, wait for it to calm down and maybe nap. Though, I notice them by the cell again, having me gaze fully this time.

Sharp eyes are looking to me curiously, having me stiffen more, noticing his posture match his double iris gaze. Blond hair is on the top of his head, ruffled around with feathers within the locks and he is tall, showing feet to be talons up to his knees. Blue feathers lingering on him, going along shoulders as they continue down arms to hands that show a rough skin like his talons—the skin being that of a soft shade of blue—nails looking sharp on the four fingers with the thumb sitting near the 'wrist' more with a shorter nail. There isn't a shirt, but I noticed how that around this planet it based around your species and what you catered for. The exposed chest looking to be like his 'skin' from his talons and hands, but smoother and reaching his entirety. Though this smoother skin a soft shade of blue for his skin like his hands and lighter in the middle area of his chest down to his navel. His lower half holds that of a cloth tied around his waist, knowing a lower portion of clothing is usually common with most species. Feathers linger along his thighs and down to where the talons start, noticing them ruffle.

Light blue lips shift as he tilts his head, curiosity seeming to swell in those azure eyes that have an inner iris of grey around the small pupils. It was something I had to get used to, seeing so many different species all coexisting and showing no difference how you looked. It truly was incredible and we could have mingled peacefully if we hadn't of pissed them off. When his lips move again, he is now facing the pound worker, whose eyes widen in shock and begins moving hands a little frantically. From the reactions, no doubt this man was interested in 'adopting' me and it leaves me to grimace.

Especially when they motion him to leave, seeing blue tail feathers with ringlets swaying behind him in a golden color like his hair as he leaves out of my sight. The worker moves to press onto the pillar separating cages and the gas releases into my small room, making me shift anxiously. There was no escaping it and I couldn't hold my breath long enough, gathering from past times. It has me feeling the temporary sluggish effects as they come in to muzzle me, knowing from a previous time, and my wrists were bound together. The black type of handcuffs are locked and connected to a collar, attaching it to my neck swiftly. It leaves my hands sitting to my collarbone, keeping me restricted and they drag me out once reassured I was locked up tightly.

Hearing the noises of exasperation muffled from the other's imprisoned, it was evident they were disappointed for not being picked. I could tell a few even glared, probably knowing the state I was in being of 'vicious' and no doubt a few were here the last time I had been brought in. My mind is still in a haze, knowing the effects last for a good half-hour and they partially drag me along. Getting to the front area, they offer to take me out to the car, mentioning of me being under the drugs influence for the time being, allowing enough time. Of course, they couldn't resist offering to give another dose to be on the safe side.

The thing was, though, the bird-like male showed worry to me as they held under my armpits. A shake of his head is there and mentioned to put me in the passenger side of his car, them already heading for the parking lot with me after he mentioned not needing another dose. The dragging continued as I was soon melting into a cushion in the long hover like car. They ran off something else unlike Earth did, though I am not fully aware as I wasn't told of the world, just what to do in homes.

"Let me buckle you up, yoi." The voice gives a deeper tone—some soft cooing at the end—and has my attention dragged to the creature next to me, noticing the car started and starts floating up off the ground. A hand lines along my bare stomach, having me suck it in away and give a slight growl as it made me nervous. The buckle is fastened, a hand beginning to pet through my hair as those blue-grey eyes view me in worry. "You poor thing, let us take care of you." My glare lingers at him as the vehicle moves to back out and he is pressing to the holographic screen that pops up for him to enter the destination.

When first arriving to the planet, my first 'owners' inserted a language program and it was excruciating. The signals pulsing through my head, having me cry as it felt like someone was bashing my head in. I had been under intensive care for a week after that, them thinking I wouldn't live and commenting they did too much at once for a child. Of course, I didn't know every language, still finding that barrier on occasions, but I knew the most common ones of this region of sorts.

Nails scraped lightly on occasion as he continues to pet me, having me relax a little into the feel, but not fully. I didn't know his motive and knew people seek so much from humans, finding them to be a prize—like an accessory they can show off like they have with me at parties. The vehicle moved along their made roads that remind me of solar panels, but knowing it was far from that, and he continued to coax me.

"My name is Marco," the voice fills my ears again as I glance to him with my glare lingering. "There were many names on your papers, but I want to know your true name. Do you still remember it, yoi?" The question surprises me, having me look to him in confusion and clench my jaw with a slow nod of my head. The head tilted, those eyes flickering, the colors sometimes daring to blend before going back to their own sides and I let lips part under the muzzle.

"Ace…" I whisper, noticing him tilt his head back a bit and shifts the eyebrow line on his face though there isn't any 'eyebrows' there.

"… Ace? As the cards of human games?" A slow nod leaves me to answer, noticing as full lips shift to smile. "Very well, Ace. When home, I will take the restraints off, they had me keep them on when leaving. It will also be easier to remove when home, yoi." The vehicle is slowing into a housing area, still amazing me on the buildings having curved designs, being partially underground, or along the lines of more vegetation than walls; all ranging differently by species. "I have a partner, do not be alarmed for when he comes home later." The new information has me curious on what kind of partner, but didn't delve into that as I was curious on what exactly is going on and what he has planned. For now, I would try the waters to see his intentions and go from there.

The vehicle slowly pulls up to a home along before the sidewalk, having me gaze upon the floating home. The car lifts higher and moving sideways to park in their garage. Having the home up shows that both, or at least just Marco, is of a flying creature and prefers elevated heights. It wasn't too high, like a home back on Earth, but the first floor starts where the second floor would be on Earth with a walkway easily provided. The home they have here is three stories, noticing there was most likely just one room up top on the third that is dark walled like most of the home. I was helped from the vehicle after it parked and he got out.

"Come on, I know those must be uncomfortable." Marco mentions while helping me into the home, noticing the deeper tones of the decor with accent pieces in brighter colors as soon as we made it in. Though, we had gone to the second floor, noticing the stairs he circled up on and was in a brighter atmosphere with cushions galore and their Disk—that is commonly a television, but like holographic style—is resting to a type of coffee table.

The windows are large surrounding the home, even downstairs, and giving enough light and I am sitting on a large cushion that is like a pallet shape, but nowhere near being uncomfortable. I am sat up enough for him to begin unlocking me before taking it all away, along with the muzzle. My body gives to laying back as I try to get over my fogged state and he carefully brings back a blanket to set over me.

"Are you hungry, yoi?" I look to him and don't have to say anything as my stomach answers for me, making me flush in slight embarrassment. A chuckle reverberates from him like a bird rolling his cooing and it's a bit soothing to hear. "I take that as a yes. I will get you some and something to drink. When the drug wears off, I will show you the bathroom to wash up." The words linger as he moves to the stairs, giving a slight glance to me from the door frame with a tilt of his head. "Will you be alright, yoi?" The concern nearly has my eyes stinging on how he was acting towards me, but I swallowed it down with a stiff nod of my head.

The silence followed, though I heard water trickling somewhere, maybe a small waterfall and it's peaceful. Thinking that maybe this Marco is different is a nice thought and I try to keep calmer as he hasn't proven anything threatening yet. Most would have by now, or at least sneered at me like I was plainly just a slave that would lick their feet. In a way, I was thinking that maybe… just maybe Marco would treat me like how they did with dogs and cats on Earth—an actual pet. Giving a little more freedom and not expecting every chore under the galactical suns to be done like some maid. I don't mind helping, I feel like it helps to give my share, but they always tried to treat me like trash, kicking me around. I have my fair amount of scarring from past homes, no doubt what he noticed when viewing my bare torso.

Sitting up more, my head is clearing and is around the time he comes back up with that same friendly appearance. A round plate that has sections holds food, something seeming to be measured dietary wise, and is held out to me. I carefully grasp to it before pulling it in, grabbing to the spork provided to begin eating. The taste fills my taste buds, having only tasted bland food and the cheapest found from not only at the pound but in previous homes. I begin shoveling it into my mouth, with legs pressing together and toes curling.

"Calm down, it's okay. We have more, yoi." The words come out with his cooing sounds lingering and I could cry as his hand begins stroking through my hair. "They really didn't treat you well…" The tone is low as I glance to notice him looking concerned before he is smiling reassuringly. "Don't worry, we will treat you better. You are such a good boy." Marco mentions, having a feeling swell in me and enjoying the festering it gives me while leaning into the touch a little more as I eat a bit more slowly.

Once I finished my food and took some sips of the vitamin water provided, he showed me the shower where you stand in a type of small basin for and left me to find pants—worrying me slightly since he only has a cloth. The water stayed warm as I scrubbed clean, feeling so amazing on my skin and took in what I could before he came back. When getting out, Marco was there starting to help dry me, having me fester while taking the towel. He had been a little curious, but left me to do it while holding some clothes for me. It was only a pair of pants, sweatpants to be exact, with their type of material being softer than what Earth had. Once I put them on, he helped dry my hair more, having me give soft noises of protest, but couldn't deny the pampering. A brush was even pulled through my hair, my face flushing as he didn't have to, but he did nonetheless.

After it all, he told me the space of the home was free for me to roam and said once I was adjusted, we could go out. Though, he had a slight frown at that and I knew it was because humans must wear something to show who they belong to and some places even require a leash, and rarely a muzzle as well. I focused on the free roam aspect, Marco mentioning of doing some dishes and I had first started to follow him downstairs. The stairs are large steps and spaced wide enough to have two people stand on the same one, it was kind of nice, and I explored my new territory.

I kept this all in mind like how a cat would be in a new home, getting used to surroundings and noting possible hiding places. There was a bedroom of sorts off the kitchen, being small with a small bathroom. Viewing out the windows, I noticed that their 'backyard' has a small pavilion and below there is a garden laid out—though I could hardly see it. I feel curious, but notice there would be no way down, even off the deck/pavilion area from what I can tell anyways. Heading back up to the second floor, another small bedroom is there, the bathroom separated from this one though, and I notice more clearly on a desk area for work. It seems to be set up for a writer with the papers stacked and a small 'laptop' provided? Possibly? I didn't touch anything and soon head for the stairs again.

The third floor is a bedroom in an octagon shape with windows basically as the walls and the roof was like that as well. In the middle of the room is a large nest, possibly sticks or twigs of sorts showing around the rim and it is cushioned in the middle; large enough to let almost four people in, but creatures range in size and no doubt Marco took up a bit with his height and wings. The bathroom is the same as I see it through the open doorway, noticing a large basin bath tub and a shower head provided above, reminding me of a rainforest type of one, and a toilet bowl as well. I was a bit confused because it was all windows, but then I remembered it was hard to see in from outside, thinking the windows were somehow tinted or just able to see out, but not in.

Noises reach my ears as I soon make my way down to the second floor, noticing the talking from there. Someone is with Marco and I freeze in the door way at the new individual there with a tail lain out behind him that is swaying with flicks along the ground. The tail looks like it has scales and would remind you of a dragon, but thinner as it matched the size of my forearm. They have a cloth tied around their hips, though with the tail, it has no back part and his shorter statured legs—not by much than how mine are—matched the smooth dark green scales, mostly noticing it to be like that, no texture can be seen from where I stand. The scales go up along his spine, curling out in swirls along the almost skin like looking exterior, showing to be a soft honey color along to the front part of him. Up the spine, the scales extend along shoulders and along his biceps and the back of his forearms. Blond hair is strikingly golden with dark green horns curled back and inwards. The thing that got me most, besides the fact his legs are limber with scales seeming to completely consume them even the dragon like paws, is the crests on each shoulder blade as if something lingers there when the creature wants it there.

"Ace," Marco's voice coos out, finding me with his blue-grey eyes and I stiffen when the other turns towards me.

Green coaxed with honey eyes are gleaming to me in surprise with slits of his pupils, a light blue scar lingers over his left eye and I had noticed it somewhat trailing down his chest and the front of his left arm. Scales linger along from his neck to cover his jaw and chin, lips spared with the honey color and the green scales reach cheek bones and seem to outline around his eyes, except the marred blue scarring takes over its spot. The chest shows his height being mostly torso, green scales spreading from his neck across his sternum in a line, more swirls breaking off from it to mix with that honey scaling. Tension forms in his body, I begin to realize, and I feel the need to shrink away.

"Shh, shh, it's okay, yoi." I flicker eyes to Marco as he looks reassuring and approaching the other, who is clearly confused. "This is my partner, Sabo." The introduction has me view the mentioned man with eyes flicking to see any motive. A hand comes out, Marco trying to coax me closer, but I feel unsure and notice the other hand rubbing to the dragon-like male's back.

Slowly, I shift forward and keep eyes to them both as I am unsure on how this is all going to go. Marco has been kind so far and Sabo kind of just looks confused and a little unsure. I shift a bit more before in range of Marco to pet along my head, the both of them taller than me, though Sabo not so much as Marco. A hand wearily raises and I truly feel like a cat as Sabo begins to pet along my head on the other side. It's soothing and I relax a bit at the attention with eyes stinging at it.

"Are my claws scrapping?" Sabo asks, a gravelling to his tone, as he stops his hand and I stare to him with a shake of my head, a little more tense again.

"Ace was on the Alter list from past failed homes." Marco seems to clarify and I tilt my head at the 'Alter list' part, but it seemed serious as Sabo looks worried to me. His hand returns quickly as I enjoy the pets, knowing this would be embarrassing on Earth, but here it was a natural thing. "I had wanted you to have company, Sabo. Since you are home most of the time while I work outside of the home, yoi." Marco mentions while Sabo is soon moving closer, having me tense while he shifts to begin leading me to a cushion. I merely move onto it with my knees, staring up to him as he ruffles my hair and moves back to Marco. I shift to relax into the cushion, wiggling to get comfortable.

"Thank you," Sabo looks happy and they share a nuzzle against each other's cheek. "Let's find you a spot to sleep," a smile is to me as I gaze to Sabo in slight confusion before feeling a festering with him as well.

They are both nice.