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Earth, Sendak had decided, was not unlike any other planet he’d travelled to; it was wetter, perhaps, certainly in the northern hemisphere and it did, at least, have a natural gravity and atmosphere which weren’t totally unpleasant, he supposed.

“Welcome High Commander Sendak, we trust your journey was untroubled?”

Deigning the wizened old man (a true human if his nose were anything to do by) who greeted him a sparing glance, the Galra turned his attention back to the docking-bay his ship had landed in; spotless, as it should be, and only graced by the Queen’s officials and this creature who, he remembered, was the head of the welcoming committee.

Tch, what a waste of time.

“Ah, yes, well, if you’d be so kind as to follow me? We have a transport ready... and, umm... okay, you already know your way, of course...”

Striding down the gleaming, white corridors (it vaguely reminded him of structures he’d seen in Altean manuscripts; he filed that thought away for later processing, his scowl deepening), the fur-coated male continued on his way and (somehow) resisted the urge to backhand the tittering creature rushing after him with a handful of Sentries and two other half-bloods.

“Ah-h, my name is Samuel Holt and, should you need anything, sir, your data-pad has been loaded with...”

“I will neither want nor need assistance from you” he cut in, his tone bored whilst he rounded a corner to find a smaller vehicle parked in a black-surfaced lot surrounded by trees, greenery and other buildings associated with the space-port, a door opened to demonstrate a luxurious seating area.

More waste; did the Queen have nothing better to occupy her time with than making such needlessly opulent things?

Again, that thought was filed; his report to Emperor Zarkon, he was sure, would bring swift, Galra-efficient change to this distant, excessively lavish little mud-ball.

“Not too friendly, are you?”

Blinking, the crimson of his bionic eye flashing dangerously, Sendak snapped his head to the right where (lounging provocatively against an ivory-pillar, a small, fragrant fruit in his hand) a mixed-blood regarded him with luminous, amber irises before taking a loud, crunchy bite; a flash of teeth (a smile he’d been told) and a wink followed the display.

What impudence!

Snarling and standing at his full height, the Commander prowled the short distance between them, his boots clacking ominously upon the glistening tiles until there was less than a metre separating his hulking form from the other’s (by comparison) shorter, more slender body.

The armour-emblazoned uniform (indicating his place amongst Queen Krolia’s personal staff) the happily eating male wore was the only thing that stopped Sendak from slicing that grinning head clean off its neck.

“Name, rank and objective, now” he barked curtly, his own flash of teeth serving as the menacing gesture such a display should convey.

“Takashi Shirogane, friends call me Kuro, Lieutenant First Class, observation and recognisance” he stated, his posture still relaxed whilst he bit, chewed, savoured and swallowed another bite; “sir” he added as an after-thought, his eyes alight with an (almost playful) arrogance and cock-sure fire.

Such behaviour was deplorable, unacceptable, treasonous even and he...

“You want some?”

Sendak felt his legendary composure attempt to flee him as he baulked; “what?!”

“Well, you are staring at my apple... or, maybe I’m wrong and it’s me you’re gawping at...”

“How dare you! I...”

“Either way, I really don’t mind sharing, if you’re game” the other shrugged, his languid, confident gait slinking away from its resting spot as he sauntered by; “I’ll be training in the arena for a while so, if you are interested, maybe you’ll let me take that fancy arm of yours for spin” he mused, their eyes locking as he smirked.

“Umm, and I can think of some other things I’d like you to spin for me in exchange...”


The journey to Krolia’s base of operations (if the human, Holt, called it a castle one more time then the Queen would be short a welcome-committee member) had become blissfully silent amidst one of his more furious glares; however, taking out his ire on the old man and the other two mixed-bloods was doing little to sooth him.

Damn that blasted creature for riling him; it’d been countless decades since anyone had gotten under his skin so fast and, worse still, he’d strolled away (hips jaunty, expression superior) to a smaller, faster transport and been gone before Sendak could form a proper response.

It was infuriating, humiliating and...

“Umm... Commander, ah... your hand? Are you alright, sir?”

Blinking out of his thoughts, he allowed a thunderous glare to zero on the female who visibly flinched under the scrutiny; “what are you prattling about, child?” he growled before, with a scowl, he looked down at his prosthetic.

He’d snapped the arm-rest he’d placed it on into thick, broken chunks of metal and plastic.

“If it’s a malfunction, sir, we can stop off at the med-tech bay...”

“That’ll not be necessary” he ground out, his metallic fingers releasing the debris with a nonchalance that suggested the act had been entirely purposeful; “however, if a detour would not violate Krolia’s Empire-approved schedule, I want to visit the arena that impudent little up-start spoke of” he added before leaning back imperiously in the plush (not totally unpleasant) seat.

“Hmm? Actually, sir, that would be an excellent place to start the official tour” Sam chirped up, his bespeckled gaze lifting from the data-pad; “Prince Keith has just checked-in to the facility, too... I’ve informed him of our approach... Umm, Captain? How long will it take us to get there?”

“Thirty-minutes tops, Mr Holt” the driver called cheerily from the cock-pit, her smile glinting dangerously in the rear-view mirror; “everyone tighten your seat-belts!”


The people of Earth (Galra, mixed or human) Sendak realised, were all criminally insane.

“Woo-hoo! Did you see that? We made it in fifteen!”

Exiting the vehicle, his mind boggling at just how many military infractions the human woman would have incurred should she have been anywhere else in the Empire, the full-blood released a breath he didn’t know he was holding whilst the other passengers tumbled out with matching groans and sighs.

“A-ahh... so, let’s... let’s make our way, shall we?” Sam tried to chuckle off whilst offering a sheepish expression; “Captain Van Dyne is one of our more enthusiastic pilots, sir, but I’ll be sure to make alternative arrangements for when we...”

“See that you do” he snapped, his own expression grim as he observed a standard (yet strangely decorated and weirdly bloodless) coliseum; it wasn’t surprising that no matches were being held mid-week but the pungent rancour of the prisoners should always be present.

Where were the muffled screams? The Sentries ensuring no one escaped?

“Do you not house a prison below the gladiator ring?” he found himself asking, his bionic eye scanning the structure; “I can’t imagine you have enough expendable energy that currying the sport here is a viable option” he added, his ears perking in confusion when his on-board A.I. found only training rooms, healing facilities, showers and the like beneath the stadium.

“Prison?” Sam queried with a quirked brow; “I’m sorry, sir, but I’m unsure as to why a prison would be here” he added, his legs scuppering to a stop when the Commander abruptly stopped, his expression causing the two mixed-blood attendants (who clearly knew better) to stop and lower their heads a fraction.

“Holt, if prisoners are not executed here through blood-sport then what, exactly, takes place here?” he huffed, his natural eye flashing dangerously; “Emperor Zarkon will not be pleased to know that the Earth Collision treats his enemies with sympathy or mercy” he reminded, his tone sending a flinch skittering across the mortal who visibly gulped.

“O-oh no, no of course not, sir” he stammered; “Queen Krolia follows all executions sanctioned by the Empire to the letter, sir... it’s just that...”


“Well... when the Galra Empire so graciously extended its dominion to us” the diminutive creature began, his glasses flashing in the mid-morning sun; “we humans had long since banned such methods of dealing with criminals, sir... however, the arena was so important to your culture and many people saw it as a way to entertain the masses without, umm, someone having to die...”

“Preposterous” Sendak snorted, his exasperation mounting; “if there are no stakes then what is the point?” he growled, his mouth opening to demand he be shown these alleged alternate methods of culling the weak and criminal element of their shared society when...

“Why don’t you come in and see for yourself, stud?”

Ears flattening and fangs flashing, the Commander turned to find exactly what had brought him here in the first place lounging by an entry-way, his own teeth displayed in a lazy smile whilst a younger man (who clearly had more Galra ancestry and Royal-bearing) grumbled beside him.

Stud? Really?”

“You know I have a type” was the shrugged response whilst, once again, Sendak made his approach; “and besides, your Highness, his ears do this really adorable twitchy-thing when he’s mad” he added through a chuckle when the far taller being snagged him by the neck and lifting him off the ground: “see?”

Scowling, Keith rolled his eyes before drawing his sword and swinging it (with a speed, he supposed, that was impressive for a mixed-blood) up to rest neatly at the true Galra’s throat; “Commander Sendak? We’ve not been formerly introduced” he said blankly, his purple features pinched with annoyance. “I am Keithra, son of Queen Krolia, Prince of the Earth Collision” he continued whilst Kuro casually tapped his claws against the metal which was millimetres away from crushing his throat. “And I’d really appreciate it if you’d not kill my body-guard just now... it’d be inconvenient to find a replacement with his skill level and charm” he furthered, his laser edged blade moving to singe mauve fur before, after a huff, the Shirogane was released.

“Aww, would you look at that? I knew you liked me” the black and white haired mixed-blood grinned whilst patting imaginary dirt off of his pristine uniform; from the looks on both of their faces, it was clear that both Prince and Commander weren’t sure whom he was addressing.

Just as he’d hoped.

“Well, as fun as this is, I should really go and get ready for my match” he sighed out, his own Galra-tech arm burning an electric violet whilst he smirked in a way he knew lit up his eyes in a way that most males couldn’t ignore.

“I trust that I’ll see you both later, yes?”

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“You, my friend, have a death wish...”

Chuckling, his hands deftly securing the latches of his breast-plate, Kuro smoothed his features into a look of innocence as he turned to Matt; when their eyes locked over the holo-screen his trainer was observing, the human snorted whilst the older male asked: “whatever do you mean?”

“By the Ancients” the red-head mumbled whilst angrily jabbing at a few glowing icons; “seriously? You’re enjoying this a little too much...”

“Oh come on, Matty, it’s just a bit of fun...”

“Playing with Prince Keithra’s feelings for you is one thing but gaining the interest or rather the wrath of Emperor Zarkon’s right hand man is beyond suicidal” the glasses wearer tried to reason, his tone long-suffering. “One of these days you’re going to land in a pile of shit so deep that not even Queen Krolia will be able to bail you out of it...”

“Tch, you worry too much, mom” the fighter grinned whilst picking up and securing his bayard to the white belt which clung snugly across his tapered waist; “Keith’s a good kid who’ll soon realise that his silly crush on me can’t go anywhere” he offered with a light shrug. “Hell, for all I know, he’ll probably end up with Prince Lotor if all of the rumours over the gossip-mill are true, heh, now that’ll be a good match providing they don’t kill each other trying to figure out who’ll be on top when they...”

“Ugh! Too much information! Thank you!” the shorter creature yelped, his hands cuffing his ears as Kuro snorted.

“Aww, Matty, you’re such an adorable little virgin” he cooed sweetly; “I could always help you with that...”

“Yeah, thanks but no, Captain claws for fingers” the human snipped, his eyes narrowing; “you’re way too much Galran for me to handle” he added before, his gaze now widening, he scowled thoughtfully at the screens he’d been manipulating. “What the hell?”


“Your latest banter-buddy has demanded that Myzax by your opponent today” he muttered whilst Kuro blinked then let out a deep, throaty laugh.

“Oh, but I have been dreaming of a re-match with that guy... have the Druids finished the upgrades he demanded they install?”

“Shit... have they ever” Matt breathed as he enlarged the image he was viewing to display for his trainee’s observation.

Whistling, his brows rising, the mixed blood crossed his arms and hummed in appreciation; “wow, I’m starting to like Sendak more and more” he smirked. “I’m sure I can find some way to repay him for this awesome opportunity” he added with a wink that had the human groaning in dismay.

“There is something seriously wrong with you!” the red-head declared; “he’s a monster whose been sent by our superiors to check up on us, so how...”

“Umm, I bet there’s a certain part of his anatomy that’s more monstrous than the rest... and I’m not talking about his arm...” Kuro purred whilst Matt grabbed fistfuls of his hair and attempted to tug out his growing frustration.

“Please, stop!”

“Yeah... and he’s so tall... Is it wrong that I just want to climb him like a tree? You know, I’d probably have to if...”

“Lalalala! I can’t hear you!!” the younger close to screeched, his holo-screens going haywire whilst his pyramid-drone danced and bobbed around him, chirping in distress.

Chuckling, the half-breed raised his hands in a placating gesture; “okay, okay, I’ve stopped, see?”

Cautiously ceasing his motions, his body bent in an odd pose (as he’d been squirming), the human sighed and stood up straighter, his form exasperated as he walked back over to the gladiator; “all joking aside, Myzax is packing some serious heat, a few extra feet of height and I don’t want to know just how much muscle” he murmured. “That, and his new and improved quintessence weaponry looks like it’s off-world grade, hell, my schematics can’t even chart the power levels it’s throwing off...”

“Re-lax” Kuro shrugged; “I’ve faced off with bigger, meaner things than Myzax... and besides, all the new tech in the world can’t hide the fact that he’s shit at fighting” he added before stretching, a few of his joints popping deliciously.

“So, is it time?”

“If you want it to be...”

“Good” he smiled, his claws extending as he walked past the younger male and towards the locker-room’s exit; “let’s get this party started...”

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Sendak had to admit (and only to himself) that he was, however begrudgingly, impressed...

“Oohhh! What an upset! What a powerful knock to the head! The Druids are gonna have their work cut out for them after that one! But wait... could it be?!”

The hybrid, Kuro, was magnificent to watch; his form was flawless, his skill with the bayard (which morphed effortlessly from blade, to gun, to grappling-hook at will) was unmatched (not even Lotor, from what he’d seen of the boy, could interchange his bayard so fluidly) and Myzax, well...

“It is! He’s down! Just like David felling Goliath!! K.O! K.O! Un-be-lievable~!!”

The hulking creature, ten foot at the shortest, hadn’t stood a chance as, even with his weight, height and weaponised advantages, Kuro was all grace, speed and lethal, well practised motions...

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give to you your Champion of the Galra Empire’s Earth Collision Arena, Lieutenant First Class, Takashi Shirogane~!!”

The smug look which the preening, bowing male shot his way whilst the crowds cheered and the announcer continued to shower him with praise almost had Sendak stalking his way down to the dust and debris damaged battleground to show him what a real fight looked like...

Kuro~!! Kuro~!! Kuro~!!

However, he was here for a specific set of purposes and trouncing Queen Krolia’s pet hybrid was not one of them, no matter how tempting...

“Oh wow! You’ve done it again, Kuro-chan! So do you have any words for your fans today?”

Sitting within the ‘box’ (another luxury that should be afforded for the Emperor and the Emperor only), the food and drink he’d been offered still untouched whilst Holt, his attendants and the Sentries posted with them continued to talk excitedly about the match, Sendak could only glower down into the pit and at a human woman who all but gushed over the smirking victor.

“In times of war” he began, the honeyed irises housed inside the human whites of his eyes flashing the Commander’s way; “we of the Galra Empire claim victory or death” he stated and, at his right, the true blood was sure that Prince Keithra had stiffened.

As well he should for, if the little up-start was about to say anything even remotely treasonous then he would, of course, have to act...

“However, in these times of peace, I ask for our Prince’s permission to spare Myzax’s life... he is a worthy opponent and one whom I would relish a third match with” he added, his smirk curving into something darker and distinctly Galran. “I do not ask for mercy, I merely ask for a further opportunity to teach this lower-life-form his place, and that place is beneath the boot of one wearing the crest of the Emperor!” he called, his remark flaring up further, wild, appreciative cheers whilst the Prince huffed out a chuckle and stood.

At the motion, all voices quieted and Sendak was, with a blink (that made him scowl deeper) beckoned to stand beside him; “Champion” Keithra responded: “in all things we, of course, defer to our Emperor” he announced whilst politely gesturing to the (growing in suspicion despite the cordial, appropriate display of deference) Commander. “This day, we are blessed with the presence of Lord Zarkon’s protégé and, it is to him and his wisdom, that I offer Myzax’s fate...”

The little shit!

Smoothing the furious anger he felt bubbling away from his face, a bored look of superiority swiftly replacing it, the true Galra sneered; “mercy, in this instance, would be death” he declared. “Send him to the Druids.”

Howling at his decision, the humans, hybrids and full-bloods all cheered the ruling whilst (to his continued shock) Kuro used the device that the perky Earth woman had given him to shout a rousing “vrepit sa!” which, in turn, thundered across the crowd even as he and the Prince returned to their seats.

This, Sendak thought, was a potentially very dangerous situation...

“Did you not enjoy the match, Commander?”

Not a thing appeared out of place; they’d treated him with the utmost respect, acknowledged his standing in the Empire and yet...

“It was... passable in terms of entertainment, I suppose” he managed to drawl, his thoughts racing; there was something unsettling about this colony and, at the heart of it, Kuro and Keithra seemed to have found their place.

What was it that they were trying to hide from him? What were they planning?

“Ah, high praise from someone with your illustrious reputation” the Prince mused whilst he got up and began his quest to leave the lavish, servant peppered room; “come then, my Mother is ready to receive you” he added, his purple, white accented cape billowing out behind him grandly as he sauntered.

Bearing his teeth (why did everyone preen around this mud-ball?), Sendak stood to follow, his eyes momentarily glancing back into the arena, his bionic implant flashing when Kuro noticed, winked and waved at him with a shit-eating grin plastering his features.

Dangerous, indeed....

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“W-why are you...”


Ulaz’s years of training and ardent battle practises were the only things keeping him from panicking; the Druids had been dealt with but he knew, with crystalline certainty, that the Sentries are tics away and that the Champion is in no fit state to fight a prolonged battle.

“We must make haste” he breathed, the bonds ensnaring his human charge easily giving way to the force of his dagger; “there is little time and, although I have no right to ask that you trust me...”

“Y-you’re here to... you’re freeing me?” Shiro gasped, his body stumbling off of the operating table whilst Ulaz checked the corridors.

“Yes” he replied; “but you must move, now, can you do that?”

Watching the shocked creature nod, the Blade’s second in command returned the gesture before beckoning him to follow; thankfully, the human had little trouble keeping up and soon, a few close-calls with a blaster here, a crippled Sentry there, they were safely ensconced in an escape pod and speeding away.

The bombs he’d planted to assist their bid for freedom were, thankfully, instrumental in halting the battle-cruisers which would have surely followed them.

Now all he needed was to ramp-up the worm-hole generator and...

“Y-you’re Galra, aren’t you?”

Taking a tic to look over his shoulder, his eyes luminous in the dim-lighting, Ulaz could just about see the human’s form (crumpled on the floor near the entrance they’d scrambled through, his implant cradling his natural arm to his chest) as the space-eddy yawned open before their craft.

“I am” he admitted, his ears jerking at the other’s intake of breath; “however, I am not one of them” he clarified, his face grim.

“There are many like me, like us who despise Zarkon and his poisonous grip upon the Universe” he added, his form straightening after their craft made the jump which would speed them towards the first rendezvous point. “My name is Ulaz, vice-captain to Kolivan, leader of The Blade of Marmora” he furthered with a little incline of his head; “I was sent to free you from the arena and to offer you a place within our organisation as it’s our belief, Takashi Shirogane of Earth, that you are destined to be a Paladin of Voltron...”

Snorting, those dark eyes glimmering with distrust, the younger being started to unfurl, his gaze only momentarily shifting from the Galra to the swirling vortex they were travelling through; “is that the reason why you took my arm? Gave me this?” he close to growled, the prosthetic flashing violet.


“I’m not mistaken, am I? That was you, wasn’t it?”

Sighing softly, the freedom-fighter felt his ears droop; “you are correct” he replied gently, his head nodding to the implant. “Zarkon appreciated your spirit and wanted to enable your further success for his entertainment” he stated, his frown deepening; “without that technology, you would surely be dead...”

Heh... perhaps that would’ve been better” Shiro muttered gravely, his strength depleting as he slumped back to the ground; “I... I just want to go home” he said whilst curling in on himself, his eyelids feeling heavy.

He knew he shouldn’t sleep, it wasn’t safe... he was never safe... never would be...

But God, he was tired...

So fucking tired...

He was out before Ulaz, his cloak in hand, came to drape it about him...

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“... did well to secure him, was the operation a success?”

Shiro couldn’t be sure but it felt as though he’d been healed; nothing hurt, ached or trembled when he jostled his form.

However, he’d had dreams like this before.

“He wakes, so soon?”

Snapping his eyes open, the human could barely restrain the flinch which jerked him; this dream, like all of the others, was actually a nightmare.

“Y-you...” he tried, a shudder of cold washing up and over him when the strange, capsule like structure he’d been stood in cracked open; blinking, the scarred male toppled out, his eyes screwing shut as he braced for an impact that never came.

He’d been caught on both sides by strong, furred hands attached to stronger, equally furred arms.

“N-no... not again... no more...” he heard himself breath, a sheen of sweat prickling his brow when he tried to pull away.

“Easy there, we’re not here to harm you...”

Snapping his head up (his psyche thrilled that there were no tears lacing his lashes, not anymore), Shiro glared at the Galran, at Ulaz before hissing; “says the person who cut off my arm!”


“Peace” the taller, gruffer voiced alien tried; turning his attention to the left, the human took a second to regard the red-paint, the grim demeanour, the braid and realised, with a blink, that this was no ordinary Galran.

Not of the Empire which he’d seen, anyway.

“W-who are you?” who murmured, his flux of anger born strength feeling him; “you’re Galra but you aren’t...”

“Heh, you’re a perceptive one” the taller, bluer alien replied, those eerie, pupil-less eyes shifting above his head for second before returning back to his bewildered gaze. “I am Kolivan, the leader of the Blade of Marmora” he introduced whilst they slowly, carefully, helped the shorter man to stand. “I am only sorry that our meeting couldn’t have come sooner and that you were forced to exist in the way that you have been before my mate was able to rescue you” he furthered, his tone smooth yet gravelly and sincere.

Looking between the two, his wariness giving way to weariness, Shiro allowed them to walk him towards a large, padded chair which had a range of weird, coloured buttons rippling out of the armrests; “b-but why me?” he found himself asking. “I don’t matter... I’m just an Earthling... hell, I’m just an astronaut, a pilot and, if you want me to do anymore of t-that fighting... in the arena... then...” he huffed, his body slumping into the foamy surface with a tired wheeze.

“Whereas I can make no promises about not fighting, we are at war with Zarkon and will be until his tyranny ends, however, one thing I will swear to you, upon my honour, is that you shall never again be subjected to that vile and wretched place” the taller Galran assured. “And as for you being selected, we would liberate all prisoners if we could but time is of the essence and we have strong reason to believe that you, Takashi Shirogane of Earth, are destined to be a Paladin of Voltron...”

“I... that word...” he murmured; “the guards talk about it sometimes, usually when Zarkon is on the war-path... the matches when he is are... brutal” he said softly, his gaze nervously shifting to Ulaz as the lilac creature began tapping away at the various control-panels. “What is it, exactly? I’ve heard of Paladins too, before, back home during mandatory history-classes... aren’t they a warrior monk, a priest of some kind?”

“That and more” Kolivan acknowledged, his mouth opening to add more when the sound of his mate gasping cut him off.

“W-what’s the matter?” Shiro asked, the feeling of trepidation that’d been swelling inside him mounting; “is something wrong? Oh-h God, am I sick?” he gasped, his body sagging as thoughts of the blood and all manner of other fluids he’d been splashed with danced morbid circles through his mind.

“Ah, no, no it’s nothing like that” Ulaz was quick to sooth, his head gesturing for the older Galran to review the monitor he’d brought up; “I... forgive me, but I hadn’t realised that you were an omega” he added, his brow ridges raised when the human simply shrugged at him.

“It’s standard for all omega military personnel to be given beta-supplements which effectively mask our gender” he offered lightly; “and from what little I’ve heard about what the Empire does to people like me, it just makes me more glad that I took a three-year booster shot” he furthered, his voice tired and strained whilst he observed the cautious pair.

“If this is the part where things get weird and you... you start treating me like I’m made of glass or... or worse then you may as well just kill me and be done with it” he stated, his tone resolute.

“I’m not a whore, a pleasure slave or anything like that, okay?” he grimaced when the silence yawned between them, “so if you...”

“Please, you misunderstand our concern” Ulaz cut in gently, his hand moving to touch the shorter beings shoulder before he thought better of it; “omegas are sacred in our culture... but you’re right to be wary, of course, and you aren’t wrong in supposing that your fate would have been very different should this knowledge have been made public” he said.

“It is a blessing from the Ancients that the Druids did not harbour more of an interest in you” Kolivan agreed before tapping at a bracelet he wore; “Antok? Have the kitchen prepare rations for our guest and alert Thace to the change in plans” he called, his ageless face turning back to Shiro.

“We are at your service, here, Shiro, not the other way around” he promised; “should you wish to learn more about the Paladins and our hopes then we will gladly share what we know... however, if you’d prefer it, we can make arrangements to return you to Earth” he stated with a nod. “None will harm you in the meantime and we would, very much, like for you to share in an evening meal with those of us gathered at our Headquarters, if that is acceptable to you?”

Blinking, his face probably as flabbergasted as he felt, the human could do little else but nod as he accepted Ulaz’ offered arm and stood.

He hadn’t had any nightmares quite like this one...

Chapter Text

The Blade of Marmora were as pleasant and amenable as they were utterly terrifying.

“You are suitably impressed, I take it?”

Looking (no, gawping) at the training facility and the grey-uniformed, mask-faced creatures flipping, vaulting and spinning around it with active, sizzling daggers of various shapes and sizes, Shiro could only swallow and nod: “impressed isn’t the word” he found himself breathing.

“Well, worry not, for you only need to access this space should you truly wish to” Ulaz murmured, his right hand carefully and gently rubbing at the human’s shoulder before moving them on; “we’ve ensured that all of the food-dispensaries can only serve you meals which are compatible with your metabolism, so stop by whenever you need to” he added whilst gesturing to the next, large chamber they passed. “There is also an observatory which you’ve been granted access to, however...”

“You can’t just let me roam all around your secret base, I know, I understand” the younger tried to chuckle, his own grey uniform a joy to walk in even if the clawed-gloves and extra weight of a trench-coat styled robe was something he’d have to get used to.

He’s take these clothes over the black enviro-suit and torn, dull purple tunic any day; hell, he’d be happy to never see or touch purple again...

With the possible exception of Ulaz and a handful of other lilac Galrans.

Hmm, now wasn’t that a thought?

“Thank you for your cooperation, Shiro” the alien in question offered smoothly, his voice as kind as the look upon his face; “would you like something more to eat before we return to your quarters? The evening meal is still some time away, after all.”

“That’d be great, thank you” the omega smiled, the pair of them turning into relatively quiet area decked out with long tables and benches; “umm, do all of you eat together often?”

“We are a pack-species as you are” the taller replied, a hint of sadness furrowing his brow; “however, in our line of work, and with Zarkon’s forces growing by the cycle, even we must make sacrifices and only meet for special occasions” he admitted quietly whilst directing them to a strange, gas-pump like set-up. “And speaking of which, it’s not that I wish to rush your decision, but have you reached one yet?”

Looking down for a second (his hands automatically taking the plate which has been given to him), the omega sucked in a breath; “going home... God, it’s more than I’ve dared to dream about for so long” he said, a dollop of something landing on the disc he held momentarily distracting him. “But... but I just can’t let that bastard keep doing what he likes... hell, if you and Kolivan are right, if I am potentially a pilot to a weapon capable of stopping all of this, then, well...”

Sighing, he looked up and tried to form what he hoped was a smile; “I’d be honoured to become a part of the Blade of Marmora...”

Chapter Text

Shiro stared at the sleeping Galran, a feeling of apprehension warring with an anxiety which begged him to flee whilst, at the same time, his rational, Garrison-trained forebrain argued that he needed to be here, he needed to find answers, information, anything that could help them to defeat Zarkon.

Emperor Zarkon; God, the name itself sent chills tripping down his spine.

He swallowed, his shoulders hunching even as folded arms tightened, the quintessence of his modification flaring until he quelled it with a thought.

“How do we defeat Zarkon?” he asked, his voice (thankfully) more firm than he’d been expecting; “what is his weakness? What can we use against him?” he furthered, his legs bringing him a step closer to the cryo-pod.

“If you were going to strike him, where would you? How would you do it?”

Why defeat him at all... when you can join him?

Baulking, a jet of purple spewing into the canister, Shiro’s eyes widened to the side of saucers whilst he stepped further still; “so you can hear me?” he murmured, a strange sense of dread pooling in his stomach until he stood no more than a foot from the glass and took in a breath.

That scent... it was so familiar, soothing in a way he couldn’t explain...

“You can’t hold out... you’re going to tell me what I want to know... you’re just some broken toy-soldier, you can’t...”

You didn’t think me so broken when you begged for my knot...

“W-what?” he heard himself whisper, his whole body trembling whilst flashes of images, phantom touches and whispers of cried passion taunted him even as he screwed his eyes shut; “n-no, you... I... we haven’t...”

Human’s are such delicate little things, aren’t they? Your minds just choose to black-out what you don’t want to remember, what you don’t want to know’ the silken, purring voice murmured through the room.

Or... or was it inside his mind...

“S-shut up! You’re lying, it... I could never...”

Be so desperate? So tired? So hungry for nourishment and comfort that even a small act of kindness was something you’d show your belly for?’ the voice, Sendak’s, chuckled; ‘do not worry, my Champion, you’ll never have to beg or starve or struggle again if you simply surrender to me and accept me as your mate...’

“Y-you can’t be serious!” Shiro snapped, the violet plume within the canister coalescing whilst the omega grabbed his ears and bent at the waist whilst more images, scents and sounds permeated his mind; “shut up... shut up!” he cried desperately even as the laughter surrounding him darkened with lust.

Oh how I’ve missed your spirit... and I was not lying, earlier, when I said that your escape had impressed me... it has made my desire burn all the hotter for you...

“N-no... it’s not true! You’re a monster! I couldn’t have... not with you, not even in my darkest moments, I...”

Why should you shy away from your instincts? Your submissive nature? Embrace it’ the older ordered, his mind pulling away from the Castle and King Alfor’s code; he’d flown the craft as close to the Galra controlled planet (deserted with a suitable atmosphere and an outpost which would serve as a temporary safe-harbour) as he could for his plan to work.

And now, his hook baited, he just needed to reel his human closer...

“No! No... I’m not listening to you!”

Closer still...

Then don’t... just peel back your under-garment and look at your neck... at the mark I left upon it...

One more step...

“Shut up! Shut up!!”


Eyes flashing open with a matching, parted smile of triumph, Sendak rippled the cryo-chamber’s barrier as Shiro’s fist made to slam into it; in quick succession, his clawed hand moved to snatch the human’s wrist and pull him into the pod then turning to shove him into the back of it, the arm he’d captured wrenched painfully against a struggling back.

Now, his bewildered, deliciously writhing prize secured, the Galran solidified the shielding and launched the pod to its required destination...

Whilst simultaneously urging Allura to hurtle the Castle and its occupants towards a star...

Chapter Text

Shiro tried to calm his breathing, tried to settle his mind, tried to ignore the feel of soft (familiar), fur-lined lips ghosting across his neck and the nose burying into the nape of his neck, breathing him in.

If he activated his arm and tried to fight the other off in these closed-quarters then he could potentially ruin the integrity of the pod, definitely killing them both.

Was he that brave?

You’re not that stupid, Takashi’ the Galran murmured through their (no, it couldn’t be, it couldn’t be) mating-bond; ‘relax, be still, we’ll be entering the planet’s atmosphere soon...

“How could you plan all of this?!” the human snarled, his eyes glaring at the white wall he was pressed against, his teeth gritting when the other purposefully pushed into him, the armour plate covering a purple-furred chest almost squeezing the air from his lungs. “You can’t tell me that you allowed us to defeat you? That you tricked us into imprisoning you inside the Castle?” he accused, his body struggling against the leg which had slipped between his thighs.

“Mm... admittedly, no, this would not have been my first choice” Sendak close to purred; “initially, I had hoped to secure both you and the Lions, that way I could have rejoined the Empire and received my due from Lord Zarkon but, of course, that wasn’t meant to be” he huffed. “Therefore, you will have to suffice as my, what did you once call yourself? Ah yes, my consolation prize” he chuckled. “Oh... how I have longed to bury my knot deep inside that delicious rutting-channel of yours and now, with no Druids to interfere, my legacy can finally be planted within you...”

“N-no...” Shiro breathed, his hands curling into fists; “t-this isn’t real... it c-can’t be happening... the others will...”

“Ah, have I failed to pass on that little detail? My, how clumsy of me” the Galran close to growled, his tone mockingly pleased; “I sent your precious Castle, Voltron and the rest of your motley crew straight into the heart of a star” he said, his teeth flashing in a feral grin when the human jerked in shock, his knees close to buckling.

“Y-you... you monster!” the younger howled, his eyes screwing shut as he began to struggle in earnest; “you bastard! You fucking... Ahh!”

Sinking his teeth deeply into the biting mark he’d left only a few hours before his future mate had escaped him all those weeks ago, Sendak purposefully manipulated his claim upon the other until all fight, all resistance fled from Shiro’s system and he slumped helplessly against his alpha with an obedient, subdued whimper.

Purring, the older creature released his hold and licked at the blood sluggishly oozing up and out of the black body suit which encased the omega, his head affectionately nuzzling into the side of the human’s head; “that’s better” he praised. “Hmm... we must be entering the atmosphere now, good” he added, the reverberations rattling the pod coinciding with the hiss and sizzle of gases streaming past them; “soon we’ll put an end to all of this needless, thankless struggling” he promised.

“Yes... as soon as we’re settled, we’ll solidify the bond and knot you properly” he furthered, his thigh hiking subtly upwards to gently rub between his mate’s legs; “a cub stretching you wide and full is just what you need to remind you of your true place...”

Chapter Text

Biding his time whilst his senses were being swamped by alpha pheromones and an impending sense of dread was, Shiro thought, one of the most desperate situations he’d faced.

“Planning another bout of resistance, are you?”

“You can’t just lock me up in this pod forever” he returned quietly as, with a thunk which had them both stumbling within their limited space, the small life-craft landed upon a clearing surrounded by tall, swaying blue and orange trees, pink bushes and lime-accented grasses.

“You’re right, of course” the alpha chuckled; “and here I am with only one arm in my defence...”

“You’re mocking me” the human seethed; “you think you’ve already won... that I’m just going to roll-over and let you do as you please...”

“Hmm? Oh no, you’re quite wrong there, my wayward little mate” the older chuckled, his jaw once again rubbing up the other’s neck. “I am looking forward to you challenging me, to you giving me your fire and venom... it is what makes you so alluring” he close to purred before, his hand moving to the release button, he smirked and waited for the barrier to recede.

“I... I don’t want this...”

“You will grow accustomed to your position in time” Sendak assured whilst backward stepping out of the pod; “however, if there is any credence to your thinly veiled attempt at ignoring our bond then, off you go” he said with a half-hearted shrug.

“W-what?” Shiro blinked whilst turning around, slowly, to observe the Galran and the sprawling, alien flora swathing out behind him.

“You’re a resourceful creature, Takashi, so you should be able to survive out in this wilderness, shouldn’t you?” the taller reasoned, his tone light and patronising. “Maybe your friends have survived, maybe the Castle will be able to find this world amongst the thousands of others in this system so you can be reunited, form Voltron and slay Lord Zarkon together...”

“What did I do to make you despise me so much?” the omega cut in, his eyes alive with challenge; “the arena... there’s so much that I can’t remember... before I escaped, the Druids were doing something to my head, through this and... there was a... a collar” he spat, his implant glowing. “And now my only choices are... to go with you and exchange being raped for safety... or to, to take my chances out there?”

“Tch, rape? Every time I took you, you begged me” Sendak sneered; “I’m an alpha, you’re an omega and we are connected regardless of whether you want to acknowledge it or not” he added before, with a huff, he turned and began walking away.

Blinking (a voice screeching from his hind-brain all but crying not to be abandoned, not to be cast away), the human watched him stride off, his gaze shifting back to the psychedelic landscape before, with a swallow, he stepped onto the strange, leathery grass.

With every step the other took, the colder, the more vulnerable he felt...

But he couldn’t follow the Galran, he couldn’t just give himself over to the enemy... an enemy that smelt like home...

Oh... oh God, there was a bond there... a bond and...

He gasped when the first flare of heat spiked up from his loins to lance his brain; that bastard... that bastard had triggered this with all of those rubs, touches and purrs...


Trying his best to repress the moan crawling up his throat, Shiro tried to focus on his breathing as his knees buckled and he sank to the strange, acrid smelling ground; “w-wait!” he somehow managed to call, his eyes screwing shut with the revulsion he felt for his own weakness, his stupid, pathetic omega biology.

“Oh my, this is quite the predicament you’re in now, isn’t it?”

Hissing at the smug male leaning over him, the human glared up into those luminous eyes; “I hate you!”

Chuckling (the sound grated on his ears whilst he struggled not to lash out) Sendak’s clawed hand reached out to cup his mate’s jaw-line, a smirk forming; “the line between love and hate, I believe, is one that can often be blurred...”

Chapter Text

“But... I don’t understand” Allura murmured, her expression growing more worried by the second as she and her Paladin’s crowded around the firmly locked doors of Shiro’s room. “Alpha, beta and omega dynamics are considered rare even within the Galra and their expansive, diverse race” she admitted before quirking an eyebrow at the young humans huddled together. “Did you not think it pertinent to inform either myself or Coran that your genders were so... so... volatile?” she asked, her cheeks heating delicately as a desperate keen rippled through the barrier they observed, the holo-panels flashing up a warning or two.

“Tch, it’s not as though we knew about aliens in general before last week” Keith interjected, his tone harsh with worry. “We know no other way of living... hell, all of the animals on Earth follow the same gender-profile with only a few odd exceptions in the oceans” he added whilst flicking a look at Hunk and Pidge who were nodding along with him.

“Ah... I see” the Princess said, her expression now closer to sheepish; “I am sorry... I keep forgetting how sheltered your peoples have been from the wider, universal community” she apologised before another cry had them all snapping their heads to Shiro’s room.

“Is there not an alpha amongst you who can, you know...”

“A-ah... it’s not that simple” Hunk said through a cough, his own cheeks enflamed. “Alphas don’t reach sexual maturity until they turn twenty-one, so even if Lance was healed, neither he nor Keith are... um... able to help Shiro right now” he furthered whilst their resident hot-head slammed his fist into the formerly pristine, white wall out of frustration.

Coughing again (and diverting attention away from the clearly pining young man; Keith would have to thank him for that, later), Hunk pointed at himself. “I’m a beta, so no luck there and, since I can’t actively scent Coran, I’m sure he’d be a similar classification and... um, well, even if Pidge wasn’t underage, she’s a femme, just like you” he said, his words causing their shortest Paladin to baulk.

Hunk?! How the hell did you know that? I’m taking beta-supplements and...”

Hey!” Keith cut in, his eyes narrowed on a flashing-vermillion icon; “we don’t have time for this” he snapped whilst waving a hand at their (feigning surprise) hostess. “What does this mean?” he asked, his arms folding with a scowl when more sounds of discomfort and distress flitted into the corridor.

“Umm... oh... oh no, this is terrible” the flaxen haired royal murmured, her fingers flying over the screens; “Shiro’s vitals are deteriorating rapidly... at this rate he’ll...” she breathed, her pink-accented irises narrowing before she opened up her comms. “Coran, have you found anything useful in the archives?”

“I’m afraid not, Princess” the older Altean replied from the Castle’s extensive library whilst he and the Mice continued to bring up screens of their own or prize open books which were caked with ten-thousand years worth of dust. “Everything that King Alfor has is purely to do with Galran physiology and, sadly, most of that data concerns the standard male, female genealogy... hmm, it seems that the Druids held the alphas and omegas of their kind as sacred beings and kept what they knew about them to themselves” he sighed.

“Damn it!” the Red Paladin hissed; “can one of your pods be, I don’t know, calibrated to trigger my rut early?” he asked, his form positively bristling with how useless he felt.

“Don’t even think it!” Coran yelped across the open channel; “even if such a procedure was possible, any number of terrible things could happen to you and then we’d be down two pilots instead of one!” he reminded before taking a breath, his form stiffening next to the huge, gleaming bench he’d been leaning over. “I know that you’re worried, Shiro is important to all of us” he began, his eyes narrowing with resolve as he swallowed thickly; “that’s why I don’t say what I’m about to without any great thought or sense of feeling” he said, his right hand bringing up an image that made him cringe.

“Commander Sendak is an alpha...”


Grunting, his organic eye staring blearily at his surroundings (his artificial ocular device had been disabled along with the A.I. which operated it); the last things he remembered revolved around the Paladins of Voltron, a force-field he couldn’t penetrate and a defeat which meant his eternal banishment from the Empire.

Scowling thunderously, the Galran attempted to flex his prosthetic to find, instead of a surge of quintessence, joints and tendons which flexed and moved more naturally greeted him as he snapped his head to glare down at the limb.

It was metal, similar in size to his real arm and... Altean.

Definitely Altean...

“What is the meaning of this?!” he hissed, his attention zeroing in on the determined (and angry) looking people surrounding the cryo-pod he’d been locked in. “You dare imprison and mock me?! I may no longer be welcome in Lord Zarkon’s Court but I am still a warrior and I...”

You are going to help us” Keith stated, his tone as blunt as it was cutting; “can you feel that pretty-necklace you’re wearing? Go on, you can touch it” he added, his eyes narrowing when the purple-furred creature grunted and touched the collar cuffing his neck with claw-extended fingers.

What- arrgghhh!

Snarling, his legs buckling to stumble him back into the wall of his prison, Sendak’s fangs lengthened in pure, unadulterated rage; “I will tear the lot of you limb from bloody limb!” he promised, the yellow of his eye flashing amber. “You will rue the day that you...”

“Should we shock him again?” Hunk asked.

Don’t you fuckin-


Yaaahhhh!!” the Galran screeched, his face alight with pain and electricity as the youngest femme smirked, her index finger reluctantly pulling away from the small holo-pad mounted on the arm-guard of her Paladin suit.

“Okay... so, back to the you helping us thing” the beta said, his form completely nonplussed as he regarded the panting alpha; “you know all that pain you’re in? Well... that’s kind of the tip of the iceberg” he continued, his right brow quirking when the alien snarled at him. “Hell, if we wanted, we could probably burn your head clean off your neck, just like that” he furthered with a shrug, a wink at their youngest member causing her to smile at their enemy in a way that had his fur bristling.

“I see” the oldest being spat, his legs straightening as he stood at his full-height; “do your worst for I would rather die than assist you” he stated, his face set in grim determination.

“Tch, enough of this!” Keith snapped, his baynard activating; he levelled it dangerously near the Commander’s throat. “You will help us whether you want to or not” he insisted, the purple of his eyes sharpening before he looked to Allura and Coran. “He won’t have a choice once we get him into Shiro’s room... if their alphas are anything like ours then any thought processes will be overridden by testosterone” he added before returning to glare at (the now bewildered) Sendak.

“The collar is a precaution and a way to deal with you when it’s over...”

“Feh! You mean to sacrifice me to your Leader’s blood-lust, do you?” he sneered; “has he become so desperate to kill?”

Shut. Up” the blade-wielder ground out, his hand moving to the deactivation-pad. “Now, are you going to come with us quietly or am I going to have to drag you?”

“Ha! The second you remove this force-field it’ll be over for you! So open it if you dare!” the Galran chuckled harshly, his hands clenched into fists as he readied himself to...


The pain was so brilliant that it blinded him into the darkness, his whole-world spinning until he crashed into the ground with a thud.

Then, he knew no more...

Chapter Text

Grunting, the ringing in his fur-lined ears doing little to ease the nervous tension he’d been storing, Sendak struggled to pull himself into a sitting position against the wall he could feel against his back; staring glibly into the darkened room, he took a deep breath to centre himself.

The air around him was thick, sweet...

Blinking, the Galran drank in another lungful, his nose twitching before a sound (distinctive, desperate) snapped his head toward an alcove to the left of him, his eye widening in time with the slackening of his angular jaw-line.

For, within the alcove was a bed, a bed which supported an omega, an omega in heat...

“By the Ancients...” he hissed, his sore neck twisting so that he could stare; “what kind of... vile trickery is this?” he growled, his legs kicking him up to a stand whilst the pheromones exuding from the whimpering creature did their best to unwind his sanity and unfurl his baser, primal instincts.

“No tricks” the Red Paladin called from somewhere; “Shiro is in a bad way” he furthered, his tone tense and terse. “So just... just hurry up and help him” he demanded angrily; “we’re running out of time...”

“Oh, but this is some strange madness you’ve daubed me with” Sendak sneered, his body (by its own accord) edging ever closer to the naked, shuddering body sprawled out so wantonly across the dishevelled mattress. “You’d have me believe that you’re gift-wrapping the most sacred of all beings for me to take without undergoing trials? And that it is your leader, the alpha Champion of Zarkon’s arena?” he laughed, his voice on the verge of hysterical. “Ha! You Alteans and your alchemy... you’ll not have me fall under...”

Hey! No one gives a shit about you and your stupid hang-ups, ok? I don’t want you to be in there! I don’t want you touching him” he seethed; “but I can’t help him like you can so... so for fuck’s sake, just...”


Blinking, his form throwing itself to kneel at the omega’s side, the Galran found his flesh hand resting atop the (deliciously burning) lower-back; at the touch, the younger, slighter male arched and moaned, his mouth parted as he panted and looked (unseeingly) toward the purple being.

A-alpha?” he breathed softly, a tinge of pain lacing the word.

“Omega” the older rumbled, a spike of desire lancing him with a greater potency and precision than any weapon he could hope to beat; “shh, shh, shh” he soothed, his arms working in tandem to remove his armour and strip away his black under-suit.

Then, fully unclothed, Sendak remained kneeling, his eye appraising the tanned, scarred perfection laid out like a sacrifice, an offering fit for hands far more worthy than his own; he licked his lips, a carnal hunger rising up to swallow him whole.

P-please... please... I...

“Shh...” he murmured, his gaze sweeping from an unmarked, pheromone glistening neck (untouched, the mating glands beading up, their perfume signalling the other’s fertility, inviting a bonding bite), down a toned, muscular back to a firm, parted rump and a pool of rich, creamy slick collecting there.

A low, possessive growl rippled up and out of him as he prowled to lie atop the trembling figure, his cock hard, aching and arching towards his abdomen.

A small part of him warred against what he was about to do; this omega hadn’t been courted, hadn’t been prepared and was so much smaller, more compact than the omega’s of his own kind.


The scent permeating the air around him, the taste of it promised familiarity, compatibility and soon that quiet voice of warning, of reason was drowned out by the demands of his hind-brain; this omega was his and he would carry his offspring, secure his legacy.

“Your scent grows sweeter with each tic, Takashi” he rumbled and the younger man had to agree...

God, he’d never had a heat and oh how he hated the feeling of his anus collapsing to accommodate the almost painful widening of the slick-rich rutting channel; the sensation of vanilla scented slick lapping at his cheeks, lubricating them was making him cringe in a combination of embarrassment and desperation.

He was horny, burning and utterly mortified; it seemed as though, for the millionth time, he was cursing himself for being born in this ridiculously weak, overly-sensitive body; oh why... Why had his injection failed? He was supposed to heat and hormone free for the next four years...

“Shh, shh... I will not harm you... I swear upon my life and my honour...”

“F-f-f...” Shiro tried to say before a gentle stroke of a hand across his face (meaning to calm) quieted him, it then dipped down and cupped the juncture between his neck and shoulder where the clever, battle-worn fingers began to knead the mating glands beading up there.

“Umm... so you are untouched” the alpha commented, his tone coated with pleasure as he stared down into the omega’s half-turned gaze, his smirk softening; “you may have been my enemy once, but that means nothing now...” he added, a wave of hunger eating up his features as his hand hovered millimetres away from goose-pimpled, tan skin.

“I will endeavour to earn you, to earn the gift of our union” he furthered as his hand travelled south, finger curving under a hip-bone and questing for the curls of hair encircling a rapidly reddening member pinned against the mattress, uselessly beading pre-cum.

“Soon, all you shall feel is pleasure... and the swell of my knot inside you” he added through a purr that was more a growl whilst he pulled his flesh hand away to allow a keen index and middle finger (claws thoroughly retracted) to brush against the human’s entrance.

A-ahh... oh... p-please...

“Shh... you must relax... give into your nature...” he murmured gruffly before, (upon reflection) a bit too harshly, he jabbed the digits at the entrance, the motion causing Shiro to yelp and jolt, his heat prone body twisting whilst a moan escaped his lips. This transformed into an all out cry of pleasure when the tips breached him and swirled before delving further, their motion allowing for more slick to slide itself into the open air as they surged forward; Sendak barely managed to stop himself from breaking the seal that assured the omega’s purity.

Whimpering when the fingers began to stretch the hyper-sensitive flesh of his rutting channel, the younger being struggled weakly whilst the Galran increased the motions, his muscle corded form easily covering him and pressing him into the foam-based mattress.

“A-h...ahh! I...”

“I can wait no longer” the alpha suddenly declared, his tone almost as wrecked as his expression. “I will have you now... struggle not, speak not for fear of spurring me on” he warned, his nostrils flared and pupils fully dilated.

’Thing is...’ Shiro thought blearily, the departing fingers giving him one final, thorough stroke. ’ ‘M not so sure I’d want to... to stop you... is it so wrong that I want you to keep going... no one’s ever done this to me before...’ his boiled-brain continued whilst he huffed, the full weight of the warrior pressing on him stealing the air from his lungs.

Why the hell had he been denying himself this?

Regarding his prize carefully, Sendak swallowed; he’d heard many an Elite, those of Zarkon’s inner-circle, brag about the effects an omega could have, even on a hardened warrior... but, by the Ancients, he’d never believed himself to be so easily bewitched, so happily ensnared by doe-eyes, pinked lips and enticingly spread legs...

He certainly could not recall becoming so hard when in the company of femmes; why, even other Commanders, in all of their strength and battle fervour, had only ever tempted him to bed on a few occasions and yet... Looking at this slender creature, his bronzed form prone, panting, a living painting for him to devour... Sendak found himself thinking that, once he’d sunk into the depths of those eyes, tasted his slick, plugged him with his knot, he’d never again crave another’s flesh...

Snarling possessively, he worked his way down until he knelt between those quivering thighs before using his hands to gently turn the human over; the few scars he'd spotted only added to their owner's carnal beauty.

Then, grinning (and with little effort) he snatched up the omega’s thighs and pulled his unresisting body upwards to give the purpling shaft a long, wet lick. Then, the younger man’s cries adding fuel to the already raging fire building inside of him, he snatched the pearl of pre-cum bubbling at the tip before moving lower. Breathing in the musk deeply, his eyes rolling back, the Commander leaned forward, his tongue darting out to sample the perfumed slick smearing the entrance his own member was so keen to be swallowed by...


Growling, he pressed his tongue against the entrance before pushing in deeper, his taste-buds singing as they were met with the delicious nectar oozing from the orifice; taking long, leisurely laps, Sendak felt his chest rumble with pleasure even as the omega he held wriggled and writhed, his legs kicking about uselessly at broad shoulders.

Then, his shaft demanding its long-promised reward, the violet alpha took one final lick before lowering the other back to the bed and turning him; he wanted to rut, no, he needed to rut, to dominate, to knot...

Licking his suddenly parched lips, the sight of the man’s scar-less back filling him with a sense of pride, the Commander began pulling at the other’s slender hips, raising his rump and helping to further spread the supple thighs he’d been kneading moments before.


Settling behind the mewling creature he’d ensnared, the Galran carefully took hold of his purpling length, his right hand carefully holding it whilst his left rested on the omega’s hip; slowly, his self-control at breaking point, his knot already building, the alpha pressed the swollen tip at the puckered entrance. Then, a breath sucking between clenched teeth, the fur-coated alpha pushed steadily forward, his keen gaze watching as the reddened circle struggled to consume him.

Grunting at the initial resistance, the stronger male butted and jutted against the slickened orifice before baring his teeth and thrusting; his prize yowled when the helm sank into the dizzying heat, the rest of his member following until his reached the membrane that would be torn by him and him alone.

Mine” he breathed as he leaned forward, his arms bracing and securing the slighter shoulders of the omega beneath him, his mouth latching onto the beading mating glands; at the relieved sigh which relaxed the younger man, the Galran slammed his rut extended fangs deep into the human’s neck as his hips rushed forward.

Snarling, Sendak allowed his eye to fully roll back as the tight, insatiable heat engulfed him and sucked him in deep; licking and thoroughly enjoying the rich, adrenaline spiked taste that swirled around his mouth, the older began a slow, deep rhythm. The omega’s stuttered cries made for the most beautiful music as he continued to rock, his hips pressing in deeper with each hip jarring movement, his hands tightening to the point of bruising until he could take no more.

Locking his jaw, the younger man’s cry like a siren’s call, the Commander started to slam against the soft cheeks of his conquest's rump, his knot becoming harder and thicker with each snap of his hips; then, his eye widening, he angled the omega’s body and thrust for all he was worth.

“Ahh! Ahh! Aaahhhh!”

Roaring, his right hand jamming under the mattress to hastily tug at the omega’s weeping member, Sendak clenched his teeth and, using the momentary lessening of the tightness around him, the stronger male rotated his hips and vigorously rubbed his knot against the slick until, with one hard push that had Shiro wailing, the Galran finally sank into the heat that engulfed him with all the force of a starved mouth.

Huffing, the taller of the pair somehow managed not to collapse upon the omega as the dark haired male came a second time, his rutting channel clenching and milking the knot it’d captured as his member leaked cum onto the bed.

It was then, at the moment when they crashed, that Sendak knew he’d not be releasing his little human and that Zarkon would be greatly displeased...

As his eyes fluttered closed, his arms curling possessively about the still trembling body beneath him, the alpha found that he could care less.

His allegiances, it seemed, were very much changed.

Chapter Text

“You... you can’t be serious...”

Two days had passed since Hunk and Keith and thrown Sendak into their Leader’s room, two whole days of wondering, worrying and monitoring the situation to ensure that the Galran did nothing other than help their friend through a potentially fatal consequence of his gender.

Therefore, when the Commander emerged from Shiro’s room, his collar deactivated (“tch, did you truly expect such ancient technology to subdue me?”) with the slumbering omega curled in his arms and announced that he would join the Voltron Alliance, everyone (Mice included) fell to the floor in shock.

“You would turn my assistance away?” the magenta creature asked as they sat around the dinner-table; “then I believe I should merely request asylum, then” he shrugged, his flesh hand offering the dozing male another spoonful of the green-nutrient paste which he gladly accepted with a contented sigh.

“B-but you... and Shiro... and Zarkon and...” Lance (having woken up from his cryo-sleep, freaked out, fought with Keith and joined him in prowling around the corridors) sputtered, his hands gesticulating wildly. “And... I’m sorry, but this is really distracting... is he ok? Did the heat do something to his brain? Holy fuck! Were you too late or...”

“Hm? Do you know so little about your own kind, child?” Sendak snipped, another spoon presenting itself for the omega to take; “his body is going through what we refer to as the haze... he’ll be himself again as of next cycle” he relayed with a snort. “This is merely the result of his hormonal imbalance settling whilst his body adjusts to nurture the cub he’s carrying” he added when everyone within the chamber stared at him with increasingly enlarging eyes.

“Must you gawk so openly?” he sniffed before scooping up a mouthful for himself from the same spoon; “tch, it is as though none of you have seen a mated pair before” he furthered with a shrug, his face becoming more and more displeased when the other’s continued to gawk at him.

Mated... pair?!” Keith close to screeched, his body standing so quickly that his chair tipped over and clattered onto the marbled floor; “you bastard! You were only meant to...”

“You think me so villainous that I’d rut an omega like some heathen animal and abandon him and my get?!” the Galran cut in, his snarl menacing whilst he curled his Altean arm more securely around his yawning, sleepily blinking mate.

“Well! Yeah!” both younger alphas called out in unison whilst Lance moved to stand and mirror Keith’s annoyed posture; “this was not supposed to happen! You’re our enemy!” the longer haired of the two interjected.

“Damn-straight he is! You’re a guy who has, like, tried to kill us several times!” the Blue Paladin reminded; “we can’t trust you in general, let alone not trust you to... oh, I don’t know, steal the Lions and use Shiro as a hostage!”

“Preposterous!” Sendak countered, his fangs flashing; “I could no sooner deliver my mate to someone who would cause him harm than you could survive in space without an enviro-suit! I...”

“N’more yelling” a exhaustion softened voice yawned out, its presence causing everyone in the room to snap their attention to the Black Paladin who stretched lightly before curling more deeply into the Galran’s (thankfully amour-less) chest. “S’too loud... an’ he’s gonna stay, we’re gonna... gonna beat Zarkon and he’ll help us do it... s’no more alpha shoutin’, okay?”

And, just like that, the whole room quieted; the matter, it seemed, was resolved and the meal resumed for, as a pack, their omega’s rule was law.

Allura and Coran merely exchanged glances, shrugged and begrudgingly accepted that this was happening.

This was happening...

Chapter Text

Waking up (sated, happy, warm) cuddled into some amazingly soft, lightly musked fluffy fabric and feeling as though he’d never be more safe, more secure then right here was, Shiro thought, a weird way to wake up on the Castle of Lions.

However, with a yawn, a light stretch and a contented sigh, the human found that he could care less, until...

“You are well?”

Eyes snapping open, a trill of shock spurring him into action, the Black Paladin yelped and almost tumbled off his bed; a magenta, furred arm tightening its grip about his waist was the only thing preventing him from face-planting the ground.

O-oh... oh God...

“Breathe... that’s it, slowly

Swallowing thickly, the voice that his hind-brain identified as alpha, as mate, rippled over him and soothed the panic that would have (ordinarily) spurred him into activating his Galra-implant, turning and smashing his fist into his attacker’s face.


“W-what’s going on?” he whispered, his eyelids screwing shut when a wave of dizziness had him slumping back against (what he now knew to be) a well-muscled, plush chest; “I... you... I don’t...”

“I am going to lay you on your back, alright?”

Trembling slightly (his psyche warring between common sense and damned, stupid post-knotting omega contentment), Shiro felt himself nod and manage to restrain the moan of pleasure he felt at being so gently handled by his mate.

His mate...

“S-Sendak?” he murmured, the Galran now pressed (probably uncomfortably) against the cabin-bed’s wall as he looked down at him; “o-oh God... it was the heat wasn’t it? Something wasn’t right...” he added, his eyes closing again with fatigue.

“A-and now I’m... you... we’re” he chuckled, the sound a little broken; “shit... how in the universe did this happen? I was never going to let an alpha take me, let alone bite me and... wait” he said, his whole body freezing, his distress causing Sendak to grunt and jerk with worry.

“D-did you... knot me?”


“Oh fuck! You did, didn’t you? Of course you did! God! I probably begged you to, didn’t I?” the human gasped, his body moving to wrestle (a thoroughly stunned, blinking) Galra Commander onto the bed, his naked body straddling the other’s (equally bare) hips as he glared down at him, his quintessence hand activating.

Swallowing, the part of him that was a warrior, a survivor demanding that throw the little up-start off and thrash him being undeniably crushed by his alpha instincts (you never harmed your omega, they were sacred; if it was Shiro’s will that he die then so be it), Sendak braced himself for the worst.

But the blow never came; the glowing, purple fingers were, instead, gently clearing away a patch of fur which coated the juncture where his neck met his shoulder on the right-side. “I think that should do it” the younger murmured before leaning back, his face stern; “I want you to fuck me, right now, so we can solidify this bond” he stated, his words causing the Galran to baulk, his jaw loosening.

“Y-you’re accepting me?” he breathed, a shudder of want, need, longing surging through him; “but you...”

“Look” the omega huffed, his face determined; “this isn’t going to be easy, this isn’t what either of us have ever wanted but it’s done, I can feel you in my head and now I’m... well” he broke off, an expression of vulnerability creasing him (and making Sendak want to wrap him up in his arms) as he flesh hand touched his (still toned) abdomen. “I’m carrying the child we made” he said before, another u-turn of emotions causing the Commander to choke with shock, the glowing hand returning to his neck; “and I’m not doing this by myself!”

“I-I... I would never...”

“And then there’s Voltron and the Empire to worry about” he seethed, his eyes narrowing; “I’m not going to be able to pilot Black in a few months time which is going to put us at a severe disadvantage” he furthered, his right brow quirking. “So you are going to help us out by pinpointing targets to destroy and you are going to advise us and engage in our battles against Zarkon until his Empire topples and we free all of those he’s enslaved, do you understand?”

“Y-yes, I have already spoken with the Altean Princess...”

Allura” the younger insisted, his face smoothing out to allow a gentle smile to tug at his lips; “huh, so that wasn’t a dream, you have been eating meals with them... good” he sighed before, with a stretch, he deactivated his arm and ran his fingers across the soft tufts a of fur coating the other’s chest, his smile deepening at the purr his motions caused.

They could make this work, he decided, they could make this great.

Chapter Text

Adopting a pack made up of humans, Alteans and one hot-blooded hybrid was, Sendak would admit, not entirely terrible.

“Hey! What have I told you about touching my stuff, huh?!”

Well, most of the time...

Sighing, his hulking form having walked in on yet another argument between the two juvenile alphas, the former Commander sucked in a breath and replayed, in his mind, Takashi’s words to him the last time he’d picked them up by their scruffs and locked them in cryo-pods to cool off.

What? You can’t just put them away when they annoy you, Sendak... Now go on, get them out and try to talk them through what’s happened... and don’t you look at me like that, mister... Just think of this as practise for when our own kids are acting up, I mean, you’re not going to put them into stasis whenever they argue, right?

The pluralisation of the noun ‘kid’ (which wasn’t, as his translator had so wrongfully stated, an infantile-goat) had filled him with such delirious pleasure (his mate desired multiple offspring with him) that he’d fished the pair out of their punishment and gladly sparred with them in the training room until they both broke down and apologised.

However, this issue seemed to be a little more challenging than last time.

“It wasn’t me, you jerk! Why the hell would I even...”

Taking in a deep-breath, Sendak steeled himself and approached the bickering pair, their heads snapping towards him whilst their legs (which had been poised to continue the ridiculous kicking match that’d been circling the Bridge if Coran’s look of exasperation was anything to go by) halted (at the sudden imbalance, the loudest human toppled).

“Ow! Ah! See what you’ve done now?” Lance snapped whilst Keith smirked and loomed over him, his position smug; “ugh! And now someone’s sent Galra-dad to check up on us... hey! Hey! Don’t go scampering away Coran! We all know it was you...”

“Just like you know that I was the one who took your precious space-rock?”

“Of course it was you!” the younger countered as he rolled to stand; “who else would...”

“I grow tired of this” the former Commander cut-in, his arms (sure, he missed the quintessence-deadly prosthetic the Druids had supplied him with; however, he could not hold, pet or fondle his mate if he still had it and so he wasn’t too perturbed) crossing whilst he levelled them with an unimpressed look. “What causes you to quarrel now?”

“Keith is a lying, cheating little sneak! That’s what!” the slightly younger hissed; “when we attacked and destroyed that top-secret Galra base last week Hunk found a pile of crystallised quinte-what-ever and gave me a piece” he furthered, his anger strengthening when the hybrid rolled his eyes. “Now it’s gone and Keith is the only guy we know who can touch that stuff and absorb it...”

“Tch! So I what? Broke into your room and ate it? Is that what you’re saying?!”

“There! You see! He’s admitted it!” the Blue Paladin almost crowed, his right hand pointing dramatically; “nobody said anything about eating it!”

Looking from the pair (who were edging closer to each other once more) to the long-suffering Altean (who seemed to be twitching a little less around him), Sendak huffed out a: “quintessence is ethereal in nature so it has more than likely evaporated into particles” he said, his words stopping another shoving attempt. “Have you contacted the Yellow Paladin? Are his crystals similarly missing?”

“I, well! Ahh... ugh... huh” Lance sputtered, his anger melting away as he cocked his head to one side, regarded Keith with a narrow eyed glare, and made towards the exit; “Galra-dad better be right, mullet!” he called whilst ambling purposefully through the Bridge’s gleaming-white doors. “Cus if he isn’t, it’s on!”

“Ha! What’s on? Me kicking your ass?” the hybrid taunted whilst the slightly taller teen flipped him the bird as the oldest of the room’s occupants resisted the urge to do something that the Yellow (no-Hunk, he reminded himself; Takashi always smiled that much brighter when he addressed their adopted cubs by their given names) may not thank him for.

“You two have the potential to be great warriors and allies” he mused to the hybrid (whilst an increasingly more relieved Coran went back to his business; the comments about the Galran crystal almost destroying the Castle were also decreasing in frequency) who blinked at him.

“Tch, not when he...”

“However, legends say that Lor- Zarkon (he was still getting used to the difference; thousands of years worth of loyalty and service could not be forgotten so easily but the gentle encouragement and acceptance of his mate was getting him there) and King Alfour held similar potential” he mused, his words causing Keith to pause, his smirk dropping.

“Perhaps, since your blood is of superior stock, you’d think on this before giving in to such childish fights in the future, Keithra” he furthered, a flicker of satisfaction sparking in him when the Red Paladin stiffened.

“Y-you... how did you, that name, that’s what my... but you couldn’t...”

“Your heritage is obvious” the older shrugged whilst turning to make his own way out; “the name, I suppose you couldn’t know, not if Takashi’s previous ignorance of Galrans is anything to go by, is similarly an easy thing to guess as it clearly sounds so similar to an Earth designation” he added whilst the doors open, their eyes locking when he turned his head.

“Reflect on what I have said and, should you wish to speak to me further, you only need ask.”

Chapter Text

Fidgeting with her glasses, her eyes sneakily glancing from the data-pad she’d been trying to study to the omega (his Galra-implant hand resting protectively over his abdomen) who’d just entered the Bridge, Pidge tried desperately not to give herself away, however...

“Hey Katie, you okay?”

Shiro wasn’t their first Space-Dad for nothing...

Swallowing (and quickly looking around to make sure that her fellow Paladins weren’t snooping anywhere nearby), the young femme pulled herself up and out of the control-station she’d been allocated to amble her way over to the twenty-four year old, her cheeks pinking slightly.

“Well...” she began, her hands wringing sheepishly behind her back; “I... um, it’s just... I’ve read so much about omegas and biology and” she stammered, the blush she wore deepening. “Not that I want to pry, or anything, but I was hoping, urgh, I mean wondering if you would... umm... let me monitor the baby... Ah! And you too, of course” she added, her voice pitching when the older human blinked at her. “I’ve unlocked so many great, totally non-invasive scanners and equipment from the Castle’s infirmary and I...”

“Whoa, Katie... that...”

“... just really, you know, want to make sure that you’re both alright because, well, my uncle on my mom’s side, he is an omega and sometimes he got really sick with stress and I...”

“...would be wonderful.”

Cutting herself short at his utterance, her eyes widening whilst the rest of her body seemed to deflate with a combination of joy and relief, the fourteen year old breathed out a; “really?”

Chuckling, his arms opening to allow her access, the Black Paladin hugged his youngest pack-mate warmly as she returned the gesture. “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this Pidge... being mated and pregnant is tough enough without, you know, being in space and surrounded by crazy purple-people who want to steal my magic lion” he chuckled, his tone becoming more incredulous by the second as she laughed along with him.

It was actually crazy when you stopped to think about it...

Not as crazy, however, as what happened later that evening when the young scientist (her head already spinning with several ways to take the readings she’d need to ensure Shiro and his Galra-human child were healthy and well) was humming her way to the Green-Lion’s bay.

“I would have words with you, if I may?”

Yelping, her body jerking in shock (the Castle’s corridors were whisper quiet when they weren’t either actively chasing or being chased by Zarkon’s forces), Pidge spun to see their newest pack-member (who towered over everyone, sure, but her more so) approaching her, his face impassive.

“Umm... sure?” she replied through a thick swallow, her hands only twitching near her bayard (as opposed to grabbing it like she’d done during his first few days of freely roaming their space-ship-den; she was incredibly proud of herself for that (even as her hind-brain screamed at her to run).

“My mate has told me of your proposition” Sendak stated, his natural eye narrowing slightly as he stopped a good few feet away from the clearly nervous human (he’d have to work on that); “I wanted to pass on my thanks” he continued, his own posture relaxing when the young femme’s slight frame similarly eased.

“Oh? Err... um, sure, you’re welcome” she stated whilst timidly playing with her glasses in the way that his mate had assured him was endearing and not because she was injured or hurt.

Humans and their mannerisms; would he ever understand them?

“It is customary” he added; “in my culture to return a favour for a favour or a gift for a gift” he said, his flesh hand raising to tap his cyborg eye. “I have often caught you scrutinising this and, although I can offer you little explanation as I am merely its beneficiary, you are welcome to take what scans or data you would like from this ocular implant” he stated, his ears flattening when their (currently) youngest cub let out a squeal.

“Are you well, or...”

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! Really?! You mean it?” the little femme cried, her legs rushing towards him as he stuttered and almost faltered; “oh wow! Wow! Here, just hold still while I...”

And, just like that, the former Commander of Zarkon’s most elite fleet, an alpha feared across the cosmos, found himself standing in a corridor of little remark with a happily chirping girl clambering all over him like a wild Vesliket, her hands touching, prodding and poking away around his sensitive ears and face whilst she scanned and took readings.

To his perplexed mind, the siren calling them to battle couldn’t have been more accurately timed...