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Punch Me in the Face

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Bakugou was the last person Todoroki expected to find when he opened his door. Although, that explained why his room vibrated with each door thump.

“Can I help you?” Todoroki blinked at him with disinterest.

“I need you to punch me in the face.”

Todoroki blinked again, this time his eyes focused more intently on the blond. “Excuse me?”

Bakugou growled under his breath and leaned against the doorframe, invading Todoroki’s personal space. “I need you to punch me in the face, Half and Half, are you fucking deaf?”

Todoroki stood up straighter, finding the intimidation technique distasteful. “No, it’s just that every time you speak, I hear ‘punch me in the face.’” He ended it with a thin-lipped smile.

Bakugou’s eyes narrowed and he pulled back, automatically preparing to assault Todoroki in one way or another. Todoroki tensed, completely ready for whatever Bakugou decided to throw at him. But then, to his surprise, Bakugou stopped. He let out the breath he’d sucked in to fire vitriol at him and his shoulders dropped, no longer in attack mode. Todoroki’s eyebrows furrowed: Bakugou letting an insult go? Unheard of.

“Well then,” Bakugou gritted out with pained politeness, “Now’s your chance. Punch me. In the fucking. Face.”

Now Todoroki was really frowning. He squinted at his visitor, noting his deliberately de-escalated posture; it was approximating something like casual body language. His face was a dark cloud of annoyance and pricked pride, but Bakugou was doing his best not to act on it. Odd. Interesting.

“…you’re serious,” Todoroki finally responded, staring hard into Bakugou’s scarlet eyes.

“You think I’d do all this for a fucking joke?!” Bakugou snapped, losing patience and his carefully restrained attitude. He leaned into Todoroki’s space again, yelling in his face, “Punch me!”

Todoroki leaned back, just barely avoiding Bakugou’s hot breath and spittle. Charming. “Just tell me one thing,” Todoroki continued patiently, “why?”

With a growl, Bakugou stomped across the hall and back, dragging his fingers through his hair. “Because! Reasons! Why the fuck do you care?!” he finished, coming to stop at Todoroki’s doorframe again.

“As the person punching you, you could be setting me up to get written up by Aizawa. How do I know this isn’t some-”

“Alright, ALRIGHT! You fucking prissy nerd, let me in, I’ll tell you!” Bakugou pouted, shoving his fists in his pockets and slouching into Todoroki’s room.

Todoroki closed the door behind him and raised his eyebrows expectantly.

“It’s for… it’s for a fucking crush, okay?” Bakugou muttered, not facing Todoroki.

Todoroki stared. He wasn’t actually sure Bakugou had feelings. Not like those feelings anyway. And how was punching him going to help with a crush? Good question, actually. “How is this going to help you?”

Bakugou turned to him, a blush receding off his face. “Never you mind about that, just punch me, alright? Make it good, visible, like… swelling, bruising and shit.”

That probably made up what Todoroki got out of this deal: one free non-retaliatory punch on Bakugou. The idea was tempting. One last question then. “Who-”

“None of your FUCKING business, scarface!” Bakugou screamed, “Now either do it or I’ll get som-”

The collision of Todoroki’s knuckles with Bakugou’s lips and his sharp teeth underneath hurt like hell, but the sweet cracking and grinding sound, the look of shock on Bakugou’s smug face, made it all worth it. Todoroki dropped his fist immediately, shaking his hand out and rubbing his sore knuckles. “You asked for it,” he deadpanned.

Bakugou was actually flung back slightly from the impact. He righted himself and massaged his jaw tenderly, wincing as he touched the bright-red point of contact. “Thanks,” he grinned, actually grinned, eyes full of light and vigor. Then spit a string of blood onto Todoroki’s floor. Apparently, the inside of his lip was cut from grinding between Bakugou’s teeth and Todoroki’s knuckles. Todoroki could sympathize, finding some of his knuckles torn open from the same friction. He glared at the unwelcome streak of red on his floor though. Classy.

“Good luck, I guess,” Todoroki grumbled, opening the door again for Bakugou.

Bakugou nodded, a strange tension coming into his eyes. If Todoroki didn’t know better, he’d have said it was nerves.

“If you ever need another favor,” Todoroki added, in parting, “get somebody else.” And he closed the door sharply on Bakugou with a satisfying click of the lock. Poor Kirishima, he hoped the red-head could handle this.


“So, yeah, I’m pretty much impervious to flame now at my hardest… what the HELL happened to you?!” Kirishima broke off of his story, mid-sentence, to gawk at Bakugou coming down the stairs.

Bakugou raised his eyebrows and his hand went to the now significantly-swollen left side of his mouth. “What? You mean this?”

Kirishima pushed past Midoriya to rush to Bakugou’s side. “Oh man, that looks bad,” he fretted, peering closely at the injury. “Come into the light, come on, let me see,” Kirishima ordered, dragging Bakugou by the hand out into the common room light.

“Kacchan?” Midoriya stepped closer, also worried over Bakugou’s distended face, “What happened to you?”

Bakugou glared at Midoriya, but it seemed to lack some of its usual bile with Kirishima’s fingers petting his face. “I, uh, I fucked up a technique,” he muttered, eyes on Kirishima and addressing him alone, “my explosion ricocheted and hit me in the face.”

“Oh no, that’s terrible,” Kirishima whimpered, keeping his hands on Bakugou’s jaw, “it’s a good thing you can’t be burned by them.”

Midoriya frowned as Bakugou nodded to that. An explosion wouldn’t have left that kind of impact on him. And how would an explosion ricochet anyway? Midoriya squinted at the interaction in front of him and filed those doubts away in the back of his mind.

“Mmm, this needs ice,” Kirishima was humming, looking away at last and preparing to drag Bakugou to the kitchen to rectify this.

“Er, yeah, but first, um, couldn’t you…?” Bakugou mumbled something inaudible.

Kirishima leaned closer, eyebrows drawn together in confusion. “I’m sorry, what?”

Bakugou growled and looked around the room before repeating himself. Throwing a poisonous glare at Midoriya, Bakugou dragged Kirishima a few feet further away and mumbled something almost directly into Kirishima’s ear.

Midoriya couldn’t hear what it was, but he did see the pink flush creep over Bakugou’s face as he said it and the instant dilation in Kirishima’s pupils when he heard it. Putting two and two together, Midoriya cringed away. He did not need to know that, thanks.

Kirishima stayed silent for a moment, too stunned to respond. Upon seeing Kirishima’s shock, though, Bakugou ducked his head and started to move away.

“No, wait!” Kirishima grabbed him and pulled him back so hard, he hit the wall.

“Oof! Watch it, shitty hair!” Bakugou snarled, rubbing the back of his head, “I’m already injured, idiot!”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Kirishima murmured, threading his fingers into Bakugou’s hair and stroking it. Bakugou immediately froze, dropping any pretense at anger and just staring, stock-still, at Kirishima.

“So, you wanted me to kiss it better, is that right?” Kirishima murmured, pressing closer to the explosion king.

Bakugou gulped.

“Well,” Kirishima hesitated, going a little pink himself, “this still needs ice, but, maybe this will help.” And leaning just a fraction closer, Kirishima pecked the darkest part of the swelling bruise. “Is that-?” Before Kirishima could ask if that hurt or not, Bakugou bent his head forward and kissed him fully, messily, unstoppably.

“BAK- BAKUGOU!” Kirishima flailed, trying to get a word in between wet, desperate kisses, “You’ll hurt- your bruise!” Kirishima finally pushed him back by the shoulders, gasping for breath.

Bakugou wiped his mouth and winced, a thin streak of blood on his hand. “S’fine, I don’t care,” he panted, bright, hard eyes pinned to Kirishima.

I do,” Kirishima huffed, looking up at him again, and flushing immediately at the stare Bakugou was giving him. “C’mon, you’re getting ice,” he said, taking a strong grip on Bakugou’s upper arm and hauling him to the kitchen.

At the same moment, Todoroki walked down the stairs, passing behind Bakugou and Kirishima as they grumbled their way to the kitchen. Todoroki raised an eyebrow at the scene, watching Kirishima grab a plastic bag and fish in the freezer for ice cubes while Bakugou looked on with a sort of softness never before seen on him.

“So that worked out after all,” Todoroki nodded to himself, “nice.”

Midoriya, who was still standing in the common space between the kitchen and the stairs, turned saucer-wide eyes on Todoroki. “You know something about this?!”

Todoroki slid his eyes over to Midoriya. “Yeah. I punched him.”

“You… you WHAT?!” Midoriya squeaked, then clapped his hands over his mouth, his expression warring between shock and amusement.

Todoroki had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling himself. Watching Midoriya’s eyes light up with laughter was killing him though.

“You’re kidding,” Midoriya whispered fervently, stepping closer to Todoroki, “you just punched him and he let you?”

“Better than that,” Todoroki leaned down conspiratorially, “he asked me.”

Midoriya couldn’t contain it this time and exploded into a fit of giggles before he could cover it. Todoroki grinned widely, watching Midoriya double over.

“Oh my god…” Midoriya gasped, “I didn’t… I had no idea Kacchan could be so… sappy.” He giggled again, looking up to watch Bakugou complain at Kirishima as he pressed the improvised ice pack to his face.

Todoroki glanced up at the new courtship again. “I don’t know. I’ve suspected for some time that he’d taken a liking to Kirishima. Maybe not like this, but…” he looked back at Midoriya, “you’ve seen the way he looks at him.”

Midoriya sobered and swallowed, looking at the floor. “Yeah… I did think that maybe something…”

“So even Bakugou can develop a crush,” Todoroki kept his eyes on Midoriya, “Gives you hope for the rest of us.”

Midoriya looked up at Todoroki and began to blush. “Er, yeah, yeah… ha ha… gives you hope, right.”

Todoroki licked his lips and swallowed, deciding to risk it. “Who knows, if this works, I might need to ask someone to punch me in the mouth.” So saying, he turned away and walked off as if he definitely had something to do right now.

Midoriya frowned after him. But who… who did Todoroki like?