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Mirrored Lives

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Mirrored Lives

Chapter 1- Free the Man in the Mirror


            Lightning flashed through the Santa Barbara sky followed quickly by a crash of thunder. Two men burst unceremoniously through the doors of the SBPD, soaked to the bone.

            “Will this rain ever stop?” Shawn complained as he shook off his windbreaker, re-soaking his friend Gus all over again.

            Glaring, Gus wiped himself off and flicked as much water as he could back at Shawn. "Let's just get the check so I can go home. I have my route to work on tomorrow. That last case we did put me almost a week behind!"

            Carlton happened to just be coming upstairs and their antics had caught his attention. This time though, it was a welcome intrusion, because it saved the head detective from having to call them in. “You two. With me.” He pointed at them and kept walking. Shrugging in unison, both men trailed after the head detective. “The chief wants you in on this so listen up. We have a victim, Hispanic female, mid to late 30s. We found her in the truck of a car off Elm Street.”

            Shawn nodded, frowning. “Must have been a nightmare.” Once Carlton had given him the customary leer of disapproval, Shawn covertly grinned and raised his fist towards Gus for a bump.

            Gus, less than amused himself, didn’t return it. “A woman died Shawn.” Finally realizing his joke timing was a bit off, Shawn lowered his fist with a pout.

            Carlton was already a few steps ahead of them now, and was still talking as they approached his desk. “Strode was just handing me her toxicology report.” He handed the file to Gus who immediately realized what the results were.

            “This is the same stuff anesthesiologists use to put people under.”

            Shawn looked over his friend’s shoulder. The terminology just looked like gibberish to him. “Gus, please for once could you pretend to not know this I'm only thinking of your coolness factor, which just plunged to a negative.”

            “C’mon son.” Gus quipped before his brow furrowed in confusion. “You know, that stuff’s almost impossible to get unless she was in a hospital. They don’t have any prescriptions for it. Is it what killed her?”

            Carlton shook his head. “She was stabbed multiple times. The sedative could have been to stop her struggle.”

            Juliet walked up a few seconds later, carefully carrying something. She noticed Shawn and Gus, “Great, you guys are here.”

            Shawn’s eyebrows raised and he gave her a small smile. “Hey Jules.”

            She smiled back before composing herself. “Woody found this on the body.” Juliet presented a beaded necklace with a stone pendant that was solid black on the backside and green with gold on the front. “It could be a unique piece. I just got done showing the chief and she wants you to see what you can sense.” Juliet stressed the last word and looked at Shawn.

            Ever since finding out about his secret, and forgiving him for it, she kept acting as if he wouldn’t know he needed to pretend to be psychic. Shawn found it cute, but a bit disturbing due to the fact that too much of her nervousness could give him away. “Sure thing Jules. We’ll get right on it.”

            Gus gave him a disapproving glare, "You'll get right on it. I'm going home to get some grub and sleep."

            Shawn nodded and rubbed his head, "I know, you didn't have your nap today... AH!" Gus slapped his hand away and punched him in the ribs. "That was too hard!"

            Rolling his eyes, Carlton turned to his partner. “O’Hara, we should head to the hospitals and see if our victim was a patient at any of them.” Carlton hoped they could at least get some kind of ID out of all the running around they’d have to do. Shawn and Gus had the ability to wait on their task, but he and his partner didn't have that luxury. "Let's go."

            "I'll see you later tonight Shawn." Juliet gave her boyfriend a tender look before turning to follow after her partner.



            "And... CUT!" A curly haired man from the director's chair called. Everyone behind the camera started looking back at the take while the actors took a breather before the next scene.

            As usual, as soon as they cut, Dulé was on his phone, showing something to Tim, who'd wandered back to the group after the take had ended. Tim laughed and began typing on his own phone.

            James smiled reached out and grabbed his girlfriend of seven years, Maggie, before she could get too far away and gave her hand a gentle squeeze, letting her know she did a good job on the scene. "Hey, did you want to go to Joey's later on tonight?"

            Joey's was the restaurant just across from where most of the cast and crew stayed while in Vancouver shooting scenes. They often filmed all the interiors they could at once so they wouldn't have to move around and take up too much time. They often only had a week to shoot each episode, and the shooting schedule was often a tight fit.

            "Sure!" Maggie smiled back. "I'm starved. I'll catch you in a few minutes."

            As Maggie walked off to grab some food, James looked at the necklace in his hand. The costume person must have gone to a swap meet or something to get a weird necklace like that. It was kind of pretty though. He wondered if he should joking ask Andy, who was directing the episode, if he could keep and use it as next season's necklace. It went so well with his eyes. He smirked at the thought, then came up with a better one. A really good idea he needed to run by some people before they shot the next scene.

            "Hey Roday!" His co-star Dulé called to get his attention, he turned and a camera flash practically blinded him. He was half expecting it, the tech savvy black man had been tweeting pictures of the set all day. "Hey, twittersphere..." He heard him mumble.

            Rubbing his eyes, he turned around and saw Tim was just putting away his phone. "You up for going to Joey's tonight?" The tall man asked.

            "Yeah, Maggie is up for it too." James looked around and easily found who he'd been looking for, "I need to go talk to the big guy for a second." By 'big guy' he meant Psych creator Steve Franks. At 6'7" the man was a wall, and not a hard one to lose either.

            Even though Andy was directing, Steve was never far away from the set.

            "Steve!" James greeted as he approached. "I need to shoot something by you."

            "Go ahead." Steve smiled. The man was like a big kid, a little bit of himself was put into Shawn Spencer and it showed whenever he would get giddy over a fun scene, or would play a prank on one of the cast members.

            James held up the necklace he'd been carrying. "When Shawn and Gus are talking about the necklace, I think Shawn would actually put the necklace on and model it. What do you think?"

            "That's great! We can see how it works out." Steve's eyes widened as he got his own idea. "We can have Gus continue the no respect joke!"

            James knew it would go over well. He looked over his shoulder and saw Dulé was getting in position. "Thanks Steve. I'll catch you later." He jogged over to his mark and got ready to shoot the scene.



            Shawn lagged behind Gus as they made their way to the station doors. His friend had made damn sure he didn't get distracted by the case before they grabbed the check for the last one. Lord forbid they get it tomorrow.

            Shawn fiddled with the necklace in his hand as he walked, before shrugging and putting it on. "Hey Gus! How do I look! This really matches my eyes." He batted his eyes for effect.

            "You really have no respect for the dead do you Shawn?" Gus chided. "Besides, that's a woman's necklace."

            Shrugging, Shawn kept the necklace on anyway. "I'm going to see what I can dig up on the necklace." If it really was one of a kind that might be a problem. It was a lot easier to track mass produced jewelry at stores. "You sure you don't want to come? I'll put up for some ice cream."

            Gus froze, "Cotton candy flavored?" He asked with a suspicious look.

            "You know that's right buddy."

            Giving in just as they got to the door, Gus sighed, "Fine, but we're making it a large! I haven't eaten since lunch."

            "Gus... it's only been two hours."

            "I don't care!"