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Me Without You is Paradise

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"Scott? Answer your goddamn phone please?"

Stiles was sitting in his Jeep, grappling at his jaw with frustration. This was the fourth time he'd called Scott and still no answer. He looked at his phone, 9%. “Shit,” Stiles hissed quietly. How was he going to get home now?

Leaning his head back against the headrest, Stiles contemplated. Maybe he could call Derek. Derek and Stiles didn’t have the best relationship but they definitely had a connection. Frenemies, maybe, or acquaintances with life-saving benefits. Either way, Derek might be willing help him out of this situation.

Derek answered on the third ring, “What, Stiles?”

“Um, hey buddy ol’ pal. Are you feeling alright, I hope you’re feeling alright. How’s the pac-”

“Why did you call me?”

“Yeah so, my Jeep broke down and I have no clue where I am because, for some reason, this side of town was just like, ‘we don’t need street lights,’ and now I can’t see what the street sign says and-”

“What can you see,” Derek asked, cutting Stiles off again.

“I’m assuming it’s the preserve, probably the other side ‘cause I’m nowhere near your old place.”

“Okay, I’ll see who can come for you; I’m not in town right now.”

“Oh thank you, baby Jesus. Derek, you’re really the best. Thanks so… and my phone is dead. Great.”


It only took ten minutes for Isaac to pull up in that awkward Toyota SUV Derek had bought. Behind him was a tow truck for the shop not too far from Stiles’s house. The blond boy said something to the mechanic before approaching Stiles.

“Alright, so it’s $150 for the tow and an extra $25 because I was at a party.”

Stiles gaped, “$175! Isaac, we both know I don’t have that kind of money.” The Cherub boy just laughed. “I’m joking, I’m joking. Derek said he’d cover it all, but I do want something for the fact that I had to leave that party.”

“Yeah, yeah. Just get me home, please?”
Isaac watched as the mechanic hooked the Jeep up to the towline and nodded his head towards the SUV.


“Why didn’t you call Scott,” Isaac asked as they drove towards Stiles’s house. Stiles scratched the back of his neck, his anxiety stinking up the car. “I, um, I did call him. He hasn’t been answering me.” Isaac looked confused; Scott ignoring Stiles, that’s impossible. Isaac tried to think of something Stiles had done that would upset Scott, but he came up with blanks. “Do you mind me asking why,” the blond tried. He turned to look at the brunet beside him and was struck by the look of rejection on Stiles’s face.

“I, well we, I told him that…” Stiles tried to even his breathing, slow his heart, calm his nerves. “I,” he started again. “I’m bisexual; I like dudes and girls.” “Okay,” Isaac dragged out, “but what does that have to do with Scott ignoring you.”

“Well, a couple of nights ago…

“What’s up? I left Allison ‘cause you said this was important.” Stiles rolled his eyes. He hadn’t had a chance to talk to Scott in while (because of Allison), and now that he was getting that time, his mood was pissy (because of Allison).


“I just wanted to chill, dude. We haven’t had a bros night like this in a while; ya know with Gerard and all that.” Scott sighed, “Yeah, I guess. So you just wanna hang out?” “Well yeah, Scott. It’s been forever. Let’s play some Mario Kart or something.”


The two boys played for a while, joking and getting back into their grove until Scott opened his mouth.



“Dude, why are you always Bowser?”



“Dude, have you seen him. Dude’s hot like burning.”



“But he’s… he.




“Yeah, and? He’s still sexy. There’s this drawing of him as a human, I saw it on twitter, and bro, like burning.”



Scott was shocked. Stiles didn’t like guys, he had the world’s biggest crush on Lydia… a girl. “You’re joking, right? Stiles, he’s a dude, a man. What happened to chicks,” Scott whined. “I still like girls, dude. I’m just saying that it’s no problem to acknowledge that men are mmph.”



“But you can’t like both,” Scott protested.
“Yeah, dude, you definitely can.”



“No, Stiles, you can’t. It’s gross and it’s wrong.”



“Then what are you trying to say? Do you have something against bisexuals?”



“I- I don’t have anything against them, Stiles. I get that they’re just people trying to pick a side but-”



“No one is trying to pick a side, Scott. Being bisexual doesn’t make you confused.”



“It does though. It’s like a phase in life that people go through before they choose to be gay or straight, like college. Or- or it’s just people who wanna be greedy. Like, no one needs to like both genders, bro. It’s not efficient.”



Stiles was fuming. Did Scott really believe this shit? Did Scott just think that Stiles was a confused, greedy whore? Stiles tried to make a plausible argument, but all that came out was a low, hurt “Leave.”






“You heard me, Scott. Get out my house.”



“Why are you so upset, dude. I’m just telling the truth.”



“So it’s true that I’m just confused, that ‘Im not fully gay yet. Or am I just a greedy bitch, I just want everybody for myself? Huh, Scott, which one is it,” Stiles shot back.



Everything seemed to click for Scott. Oh. So Stiles… was bisexual. Oh.

“Scott never answered my question. I’ve been trying to call him to settle everything out, but he won’t answer.”

“So you're saying he's ignoring you because you're bisexual?”

“Yep,” Stiles popped the ‘p’.

“That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.”

“Tell me about it; it's not even like he's homophobic or has a problem with me liking guys. He's just upset that I like men and women.”

Isaac couldn't believe this. What kind of best friend was Scott; only trash friends abandon each other for little things like this.


After dropping Stiles home, Isaac pulled into Derek's driveway. He had been living with Derek since his father died, and he likes it so much more. In the loft, Derek dropped that “lone wolf” persona and became the type of parental figure Isaac never had. He made sure Isaac ate, felt comfortable, and gave the blond boy almost anything his heart desired. But Derek was still sensible with Isaac; he made sure Isaac stayed out of trouble and respected the people around him. Hopefully, he could do the same with Scott.

“Why are you so upset,” Derek asked as soon as Isaac walked in. The older man could smell the stink of anger and frustration wafting off of the boy. “Scott,” Isaac answered.


“Yeah, he's ignoring Stiles.” Isaac shrugged off his leather jacket, hanging it in the coat closet by the door, and kicked off his boots.

Derek raised his eyebrow as if asking how that was important to him.

“He's ignoring Stiles because of Stiles’s sexuality. Like, what kind of friend does that?”

Derek was stunned. “Wait, are you saying that Scott didn't notice that Stiles wasn't bi?”

Isaac hummed in agreement, rummaging around in the kitchen.

How could Scott not see that? Stiles spent so much time flirting with everyone and it wasn't hard to notice that he smelt spicy sweet whenever he spoke to someone he was particularly “fond” of. It's easy to see that he wasn't strictly into girls or guys; Scott couldn't be that oblivious. Derek sighed; he didn't really expect much from Scott in the ways of paying attention, not with Allison around.

“What do you think we should do? You spend more time with him than I do, and I feel like we should keep him occupied so he doesn't get too sad,” Isaac suggested, ripping open a pack of pop tarts.

Derek snatched the pop tarts out of Isaac’s hand, pointing to the pan full of stir fry on the stove. “Firstly, eat the food you made me cook. Secondly, I think we should bring Stiles into our pack a bit more.”

Isaac looked shocked. “Bring him into the pack? Why?”

“He's the only reason any of us are alive right now. He's saved all of us time and time again; we don't appreciate him.” Isaac nodded in agreement. “Plus, it seems that we can't trust Scott to appreciate him if he'll let something like sexuality change his relationship with Stiles,” Derek continued.