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How it Ends

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Warning: This is my second fanfic so constructive critisism is welcome but please no flames. I don't have Microsoft Word so I'm using Notepad on my laptop so if you see any spelling or grammar errors let me know and I will try to fix them...unless it's in the dialougue because i really think characters from Dragon Ball Z and other anime should use slang terms once in a while so errors in dialouge are most likely on purpose unless it's spelling.

Rating: The rating will stay the same as the prequel.

Disclaimer: If i owned DBZ or Dbz Kai Vegeta wouldn't be evil anymore he would never go Majin Vegeta and he would be better at expressing himself without killing people and be better at making friends and treating them right...since none of that is happening then I don't own DBZ or DBZ Kai and the only profit I get is practice for my writing in school.

Authors notes: Thank you to all my wonderful reveiwers especially awesomegabby195 who will be surprised. SS means SuperSaiyan any number after is the level of SS i.e. 2, 3, 4. Yes they can go SS4 in my fic even though that didn't happen til GT cuz when i remembered when SS4 came into the show I already had them use it in an earlier chapter. This story takes part AFTER the Majin Buu arc but BEFORE Uub comes in on the last few episode before GT. By the way this chapter may be short. And if you have suggestions or requests I'm open to them...within reason of course That doesn't mean I will use them in this fic... but it's possible they will inspire a new fic...BTW a reveiwer to Vegeta Meets Himself asked what OOC is so I'll answer. OOC means Out Of Character. And a favorite author of mine gave me an idea for authors notes and since she said she's seen hundreds of versions of this i'm gonna do my welcome to Yokus' Corner. Please welcome our special guests: the 3 Main Characters of this fic: Vegeta, Goku(Kakarrot), and Nice Vegeta(N. Vegeta). *applause*

Vegeta: Can we just get on with this fic already?
Goku: Vegetas got a point. You HAVE kept everyone waiting for a long time.
N. Vegeta: Yes it would be quite rude to keep them waiting much longer...or any longer at that. all agree on that?
Vegeta, Goku, N. Vegeta: *in unison* YES!
Yoku:...ok on with chapter 1 of...How it Ends! ...BTW this starts BEFORE N. Vegeta goes through the ITD portal to go to the real Vegetas dimension. Chapter one is basically what his dimension is like.

Ch. 1 The Other Dimension

"Well I'm off to the other dimension. I'll be back as soon as I can." N. Vegeta promised his friends and family.
"Be careful." Bulma said.
"See ya soon dad." Bulla and Trunks said in unison.
"Have fun." Goku said.
"Alright." N. Vegeta said and then he stepped through the portal and was gone. However before the portal disappeared Icer(see Vegeta Meets Himself ch. 1) flew through it.
"NO!" screamed all the Z Fighters.

"We couldnt stop him..." said Master Roshi.

3 months later

"What the hell is taking him so long?" Bulma screamed. "When is he coming home?" Then she broke down sobbing.
"Calm down honey." Bulmas mom said, rubbing her daughters back in attempts to comfort her.
"We know." Goku said as he walked up. "But you know Vegeta. Something important must of happened to keep him there so long."
"I know." Bulma sighed, defeated.


"Not again!" GOku said as he went SS4 for ANOTHER round against Icers' men.
1 grueling fight later

"Oh my god! GOKU! Are you ok?" Yamcha asked as he arrived on the scene to see Goku bloddied and battered from the fight with Icers men.
"Yeah...I'm fine." Goku said before he promptly passed out.

9 months later

"Maybe something happened to him...he would never stay away this long." Bulma said, worried as to why her husband had yet to return from the other dimension.
"Or maybe he got killed. After all we watched Icer himself go through the portal right behind him." Piccolo said bluntly.
"Ohhhh you shut up!" ChiChi yelled pulling a frying pan out of no where and hitting him in the head before turning to Bulma. "I'm sure he's fine dear. Maybe he isn't back yet because they dont have an ITD in that dimension." (you have no idea how right you are)
"Yeah that's gotta be it! Thanks ChiChi." Bulma said slightly happier. "He'll be back soon. I just know it!"
"YEAH!" cheered all the Z Fighters except for Piccolo who was still unconcious from the frying pan to the head courtesey of ChiChi.


Yokus Corner

Vegeta: Thats it?
Goku: Kinda short isnt it?
N. Vegeta: Yes. What happened? Why so short?
Yoku: Because I'm the author and thats how I planned it. And because any more would be spoilers for future chapters. *ALARM RINGING*
Vegeta, Goku, N. Vegeta: WHAT IS THAT?
Yoku: That sound means I have at least one important announcement. 1: I starts school in two days but I will still update regularly. 2: I take requests IF they are reasonable. 3: I update faster if I get reviews. 4: I suck at fighting scenes so if you want details give me examples in reviews. Tune in next time for chapter two of How It Ends.