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Violet Currant

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The next few days carried chaos with them. Frieza was on Earth with Yamcha, doing god knows what. It was almost time for another one of his mating cycles, so he probably fled to be with his husband for good reason.

Jaco hadn’t been able to get through to Tights immediately after his makeout session with Ginyu, so he decided to wait a few days to consult her with his questions. The whole experience left him in a daze. He hadn’t stopped thinking about it since, and what it could possibly lead to in the future. Sure, that wasn’t the only aspect of their relationship- but Jaco’s thoughts continued to race regardless. He figured that asking Tights about it would at least give a fresh set of eyes on the situation, and how he should proceed with it.

Tights was surprised to see a message from Jaco on her phone. It had been a little bit since they had last spoken, and she had a feeling it was probably because something had happened with Ginyu. Maybe she was the only one Jaco felt he could confide in? Either way, it was interesting. She could probably use the material for a novel. Opening the app, she read the message Jaco had left for her.

“hey tights i have a question. some stuff went down between ginyu and i and im wondering if you think its too early to tell him id want more of what went down. thank you in advance” Stuff went down? Her curiosity was piqued.

“What happened? Did you two… you know?” Within seconds, there was an icon indicating Jaco was typing back.

“ill call you and tell you because its a lot”

Picking up the call from Jaco, Tights expectantly listened when he told her everything. The way he described the whole situation was dreamy.

“Well… I think that you should just be upfront with your feelings about wanting to be more intimate. Just put on your big boy pants and do it already!” Jaco had always been too nervous around Ginyu for Tights’ liking. If he had something to say, he should say it- never stopped him from insulting her via bluntness in the past, so why should it now?

“Okay, and another question. Do you think it’s too early to try and tell him I want him to fuck me within an inch of my life?” Jaco paused. “But, like… I also want him to hold me and whisper sweet nothings to me, and kiss him all over? I’ve never felt this way about anyone before!”

“... Jaco, you want him to what?”

“Nothing! I just… don’t know how to express my emotions. I get you’re telling me to just tell him, but…” He trailed off. “It’s hard to do that when you look him in the eyes, and realize how he could just pick you up with one arm and snap you like a twig-“

“Okay, okay! Enough with that! Quit being weird! Your capacity for being painfully blunt is way too high for you to be worried over this. Just do it- that’s all I can tell you, Jaco.”

“... Alright, i’ll try. I’ll update you if anything happens.”

“Got it. I’ll see you around.”
Their conversation was brief, but Tights hoped she had gotten through to him. While Jaco was stubborn and anxious about a lot of things, he was unpredictable at times. That was all Tights could bargain on.

As for Captain Ginyu, he didn’t tell anyone about his thoughts on the situation, instead internalizing his feelings. It didn’t help how pent up his emotions were. He couldn’t stop thinking about how Jaco had looked at him when he pulled away from the kiss, as if to ask, “Why did you stop?” The feeling of being over him like that was one that Ginyu had no idea he wanted until he was there. He absolutely hated that the moment had been squandered, but was also grateful for it- had they not stopped, Ginyu may have actually given into his thoughts of slamming Jaco into the floor and showing him who was the captain- had they not stopped, Ginyu might have started grinding his hips onto Jaco more noticeably. He was both thankful for his ability to hold back, and angry for it. The thoughts of the makeout session lingered in his mind, distracting him from other work related matters, and it was plainly obvious.

The Ginyu Force had noticed their captain had been spacey and lost in thought ever since Jaco had come to visit. They just didn’t know why. Another meeting of the Ginyu Force: Advanced Guard was called, for a suspiciously similar reason as the last time they had come together.

“You all know the drill! What do you think we’re here to discuss?” Jeice asked, his voice full of authority.

All three remaining members responded in unison. “The captain.”

“That’s right!” Crossing his arms, Jeice stood a little taller. “He’s been… really distracted lately. We’ve all noticed. Anybody have any ideas why so we can try and help him? We can’t just let something bother the captain like this!”

“Maybe…” Burter was quiet and thoughtful for a moment. “Maybe- Since Lord Frieza got married to the human, he’s hung up about that?”

“But you saw how genuinely happy he looked for Lord Frieza when he announced his marriage! Besides, haven’t the captain and the Galactic Patrolman been dating for a little while now? I feel like he wouldn’t still be with him if he was still interested in Lord Frieza.” Guldo added.

“Maybe something happened between the patrolman and Captain Ginyu?” Recoome suggested.

“Okay, okay- all decently valid suggestions. However, we should investigate this matter further! We’ll need to do reconnaissance! Since I am the second in command of the Ginyu Force, I’ll do it!” Proclaimed Jeice, smirking. “We’ll figure this out, right guys?”

“Right!” The three responded. Thus, the events were set in motion for something truly spectacular. Everyone involved (minus Tights, who really was more of a bystander) would get more than they bargained for within the next few days.

The next time Ginyu saw Jaco, there was no hesitation in asking Jaco if he wanted to go on a date. Just the two of them to somewhere that was important. In return, there was no objection from Jaco. He was going to tell Ginyu how he felt- or at least die trying. To him, there were two endings to the date; Ginyu would either fuck him so hard he forgot his name (an option Jaco didn’t know he wanted more than the other), or they would end up being sweet and fluffy, cuddling and exchanging expressions of affection.

It was going to go down, somehow.