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Violet Currant

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A few months had passed since that mission. Frieza had left Earth and returned to his ship to work- Destroyer Duty with Beerus wasn’t necessary for a while while the deity was awake, anyway. Since then, Jaco and Ginyu had been more or less too busy to meet up and talk too much, only having short and quick conversations every once in a while. When Frieza returned to the ship, the Ginyu Force had much more to do than when he was on Earth, so their workload had grown heavier since. With every mission he was sent on, Ginyu felt no hesitation in his heart that this was (probably) the happiest he had been in a long time. He had nothing to worry about, not with his crew, Frieza, and Jaco at his side. At least, in the long run.

That day of summer began with Ginyu starting from bed in a cold sweat. A shorter term issue pressed him frequently- more and more nightmares about his life as a frog. As ridiculous as it sounded, the distressing dream of being trapped in that useless body for so long haunted him. He had to take a moment to collect himself, not noticing that the rest of the Force was staring at him from their own beds.

“That nightmare again?” Asked Burter, worried. Ginyu sighed and nodded, to which the crew began to try and reassure him that he’d never have to go through that again, not with them at his side.

“Captain…” Jeice moved from bed slightly to try and comfort Ginyu, but was waved off.

“I’ll be fine! Besides, if I was as powerless to let a nightmare get to me, well... I wouldn’t be the captain, would I?” He smirked, trying to force away the panic that had overcome him. While not particularly sure he was alright, the rest of the Ginyu Force chuckled nervously at the remark. With that, they began to get up and get ready for the day’s missions and tasks.

It was a fairly tame day, the only major things needing to be done being management of resources and allocating troops to occupy certain planets. Beerus had gone back to sleep, so now was a prime time for Frieza’s work to resume. Easy enough stuff for him- though it seemed that he had gone to visit Earth for a while. Whatever he needed to do on Earth wasn’t anyone’s business. With Yamcha around, Frieza wasn’t going to get into too much monkey business. The Saiyans and the emperor had called a truce, in a way. More like just not getting involved with each other unless completely necessary, which both parties were more than ok with. At the end of the day, the universe wasn’t being completely destroyed- which went over well enough with most.

When Frieza returned the ship briefly that evening, the last thing the Force expected was a summon into the command center. They all headed there after the day’s duties were done and they had already begun to unwind, changing into more casual Earth clothing. Frieza stood staring out the large glass window into the expanse of space, paying little notice to the 5 soldiers shuffling into the room and standing in formation.

“You called us here, Lord Frieza?” Ginyu spoke up.

“Yes, I did. I have an announcement to make. However, it will not leave this room. I have entrusted you five with this knowledge only. If I hear anything else about it aside from you, I’ll kill you.” He turned around the Force with a smug, proud expression on his face. “That being said, I have come to a conclusion with my human, Yamcha.”

Similar thoughts went through the head of most of the men. “My human?” What did that mean? What could possibly be so important it wasn’t to leave the room? The captain had nearly wondered the same thing, only to recall their previous discussion. “I will tell you in the strictest confidence that I do plan to marry that Earthling.” Frieza’s words suddenly made slightly more sense, and rang with an air of reassurance in his head. This was happening, no matter how he felt about it. He didn’t feel a pang of sadness when he came to the realization, though.

“The meaning of this necklace has been known to some since I first wore it, five days after meeting that Earthling. In my culture, it is a symbol of bonds.” Frieza reached to touch it. “Marriage, simply put. Yamcha gave it to me after only knowing me for less than an Earth week. Now, I have returned the favor to him.”

The room fell slightly hush, before Recoome spoke. “That’s great, Lord Frieza! I knew there was something special about this Earthling from day one!”

“We should throw a wedding party! This can’t just go uncelebrated!” Jeice chimed in.

“I could do decorations, or cooking, or invites, or…” Burter began to list off things they’d need to do for a party.

“Ooh, maybe we could do a performance of the Dance of Joy! The special version, even!” Guldo insisted.

“Yes, the Dance of Joy seems like a great start to a celebration! What do you think, Lord Frieza?”

“No.” The icejin stared his men down, silencing them. “This is the exact reason this stays between us. I don’t want any celebrations or parades. I simply wished for you to know that the human is here to stay, no questions asked.” The Force was disappointed by this. Their whole thing was to be over the top, but whatever Frieza said would go.

“Can we at least bring wedding gifts?” Captain Ginyu wanted to congratulate his lord in some way.

“As long as it’s discreet.” Frieza’s tone warmed as the men began excitedly talking about what kind of gifts they should get the emperor. It was no surprise to them that Yamcha had been chosen- he’d gotten this far, anyway. To have won the heart of the universe’s most malevolent was something they had never expected from a human. That was, until Yamcha.

Frieza was happy, so they were happy. That was all there was to it.