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Violet Currant

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The excitement of Ginyu’s confession was nowhere near lost on Jaco. He told Tights right away, and she had been proud of him for not panicking as Ginyu had told him of the meaning of the scarf. Bulma hadn’t offered much comment, only remarking that Jaco should watch out if Ginyu ever tried to switch bodies with him and there was a frog involved. He had heard bits and pieces of something involving a frog, but he still needed to learn the full story behind that…

However, it wasn’t long until he was required for another mission. His little vacation had come to an end, albeit one Jaco was disappointed about. He had wanted to spend some time with Ginyu, but work always came above all else, a fact he lamented. He contacted HQ about what the mission would be; only to be met with a reminder of something he had completely forgot about. A group of space pirates he had previously “dispatched” had reformed, and who at the helm of their operations but one of the former lackeys Jaco had neglected to arrest the last time? Luckily, the Galactic Patrol had dismissed it as the underling slipping away rather than Jaco’s own fault. But now he had to once more had to infiltrate their base and put a stop to their operations. The last time he’d stopped Rroza’s forces rather easily. But this time, it’d definitely be much more difficult due to the fact they most likely knew his face. This had to be a true stealth mission, rather than the pseudo-brute force he had used last time with Ginyu’s help. As soon as the patrolman remembered the last time he had done this, he got an idea. One that would most likely backfire, but in the moment it sounded good.

“You want me to go on a mission with you?”

“Yes! It’d help me significantly! It’s a stealth mission to infiltrate a base of space pirates.”

“...This is sounding really familiar, Jaco.”

“It’s really important, though! Please?” Jaco had been begging Ginyu to come with him on the mission for a while, under the guise of needing help. It was bound to be tough, after all. While his true intentions were more like spending time with Ginyu, (albeit in a not-so-ideal way) he also didn’t want to chance death. If he was captured by the space pirates, well… they’d most likely torture him, if not kill him outright.

Ginyu sighed, and gave in. “You’re lucky you’re cute and i’m not busy, y’know that?” He turned from a wall of screens containing information on Frieza’s empire and how certain missions were going, and looked expectantly at Jaco.


Jaco’s ship landed on the same planet as they had infiltrated some time ago. It looked identical as it did back then, with even the entrance hatch to the base being in the same place, as far as Jaco could tell. The two peeked down the hatch, hearing the hustle and bustle of lackeys passing through the hallway below.

“How are we going to get through that?” Jaco whispered to Ginyu, bewildered by how the empire had grown since they had last seen it.

“We wait for an opening, and sneak in. I can’t do a body swap without that many people around and aware.” Ginyu replied. Jaco sighed, and they waited until the sound of footsteps and talking faded down the way. They slipped into the base, Ginyu closing the hatch behind them. The interior was crumbling away, but looked as if an attempt was at least made to preserve it every once and awhile. This had been the place where Rroza had walked, (or, floated) and now it was a playground for his empire to continue. Justice would have its way that day, though- Jaco was sure that he and Ginyu could get the job done!

...Or, at least he hoped so.
In exploring and sneaking around the base, they found a guard in what appeared to be some sort of break room, asleep. The two worked out a plan, having seen panels over most doors indicating some sort of identification lock. Ginyu grabbed the guard by the back of the neck of the armor he was wearing, and dragged him to one of the locks, holding him up the camera. There was a brief whirring noise as the identification system processed the image through the camera, then a rapid, sharp and high pitched beeping began to wail from the camera. It beeped twice, and then a red X appeared on the monitor.

“Well. That doesn’t… look good.” Jaco was about to halfheartedly laugh, but was interrupted in his thoughts by Ginyu dropping the guard and grabbing him by the arm, pulling him away from that door with an almost instinctual quickness.
“No way that’s good. We have to get out of here.”

The two quickly rounded a corner, pressing themselves against the wall to avoid detection. It was then that a loud siren sounded throughout the base, followed by an intercom announcement.


With that, bright red lasers surrounded the two on both sides, littering the hallway they were in. Ginyu grabbed for Jaco, pulling him closer, having noticed a laser forming behind the patrolman. Jaco’s thoughts and emotions blurred together as Ginyu pulled him close, him completely forgetting they were on a very important mission. In that moment, all the patrolman could process was Ginyu having pulled him close. His mind went to a different place than the dangerous place he was in then.

“Oh, so you’re going for it now?” Jaco asked, offering a smug smile to the captain. “Well then, who am I to turn that gesture down?” Jaco placed his hand on Ginyu’s cheek, and drew their faces closer, finally ending in a small, short kiss.

As he pulled away, Jaco saw that Ginyu’s expression was completely smitten. The realization then struck him- that was not the point of that gesture. In his blushing stupor, Ginyu’s grip loosened on Jaco, and the patrolman fell backwards right into a small field of lasers. He fell flat on the floor, groaning from both pain and embarrassment.


Jaco quickly got up and grabbed Ginyu’s arm, dashing through the hallways of the base blindly in an attempt to escape, as they luckily had gotten out fast enough to avoid confrontation. This was his fault- but he could not dwell on that for long. Now, it was fight or flight. Flight was more Jaco’s style.

“Ginyu, c’mon! We have to get out of here!” He stopped by a small group of cargo, and dragged Ginyu behind it. “Ginyu! Hello, is anyone home?” The captain’s unresponsiveness worried the patrolman, but before he could shake Ginyu, Ginyu’s hands reached for his shoulders and tugged Jaco towards him. Before he knew it, their lips met again. This time, it was certainly not as chaste as the first kiss. Jaco’s heart felt like it was going to jump out of his chest, it was beating so rapidly- but Jaco was the one to pull away again, this time for much needed oxygen.

“Whoa.” Was all Jaco could sputter out. Ginyu’s expression one of satisfied pride as he turned to peek out from behind the cargo.

“Let’s go, Jaco. The control room for the base should be nearby. This place is familiar.”

The patrolman quickly shook his head and tried to clear it of the thoughts racing through. “A-ah, right. Let’s do this.” He did this best to flash a confident smile at Ginyu, who reciprocated with the same expression. The two nodded, and quickly ran down the corridor to a large, steel door. There was no kind of lock to the door, but a button on the side. The two looked at each other, unsure of what was to come. Ginyu pressed the button, and the door slowly opened to reveal a room full of monitors, machines, and a strange statue by the main monitor.

A man in a chair swiveled around at the sound of the door, smirking at the two. He was tall and lanky, with high status armor and a large lock of hair tied back. This was him, the man they had seen before.

“Moci! You are under arrest by the Galactic Patrol for piracy and continuing Rroza’s empire! Come quietly!”

“Ah, a Galactic Patrolman and a Frieza Force member? What brings such polar opposites here?” Moci grinned. “I thought suicide missions of any sort were forbidden in both your lines of work.” He stood up from the chair, and flipped his hair from his shoulder to his back.

“Polar opposites, hm?” Ginyu stepped forward, and looked Moci in the eyes. “Actually…” He held out his hand and fired a small ki blast in Moci’s direction, to try and threaten him. “Him and I are more alike than you think. We’re both here to stop you!”

Moci quickly dodged the ki blast by jumping back, clenching his fists with the sudden recognition of the two. “I remember you two now…! You bastards are the reason I was humiliated! I’ll make sure no trace of you remains after this!” The expression on Moci’s face was one of complete and total anger and hatred, his teeth tightly clenched into a scowl.

“A.D! Get them!” Moci cried, and the large statue Jaco had noticed came to life, to reveal it was not a statue at all, but a man. He was tall and hooded, clad in metal armor and sporting a broken horn that crowned the hood. His cape flashed as he quickly moved towards Jaco, and he threw a punch at Jaco’s head. Ginyu moved to help Jaco, but was grabbed by Moci, the space pirate chuckling. “ Don’t forget about me!” He teased, his gaze full of malice.

The patrolman bent backwards in just the nick of time as the blow’s impact brushed in front of his face. A.D threw another punch to Jaco’s head, to which he dodged once more while he slowly backed away, attempting to get distance. The flurry of punches continued regardless, leaving Jaco to the defensive. Finally, A.D threw a punch that resonated with the strength of a peerless warrior, one that had power to rival even Bulma’s punches. Without thinking, Jaco grabbed A.D’s forearm, and with all the strength he could muster, lifted and threw the pirate over his shoulder with one quick movement. The impact of A.D hitting the ground was loud and rang throughout the room, along with a groan from the dazed villain. Jaco struck a quick pose triumphantly.

Ginyu attempted to hit Moci strike after strike, but the other kept dodging every attack a second ahead of the captain. He stopped, and looked at Ginyu. “Oh, tired, are we? Already?” The slightly ragged breathing of the captain was something Moci was clearly taking enjoyment in, the superiority of his speed angering Ginyu. The Body Change technique wasn’t going to work again- Moci had most likely figured out a way to dodge it from last time- so all he could do was go on the offense rather than strategize.

“I haven’t even broken a sweat yet, and you’re both shaking in your boots already? You were the two to take down Lord Rroza? He was even weaker than I thought! Now, I, Moci, will-” Moci’s monologue was interrupted by a sharp yelp from him. He spun around to investigate, only to see Jaco grabbing Moci’s long ponytail and yanking as hard as he could. “W-what are you doing? Let go, you moron!”

“Ginyu!” The captain’s attention directed from Moci’s almost-hilarious expression to the patrolman. “I’ll hold him here, you attack!” He nodded, and with overwhelming power, Ginyu rammed his fist into Moci’s gut, causing the space pirate to sharply inhale from the sudden impact. He quickly fell to the ground as Jaco let go of his hair.

“Oh, you’re tired already?” Ginyu taunted, laughing at Moci on the ground.

“I haven’t even broken a sweat! You’re as weak as I thought!” Jaco covered his mouth to stifle a giggle. The two loomed over the villain, laughing at his expense. Then, the patrolman grinned and reached for his gun holster. “Now, we, Ginyu and Jaco…” The two struck a pose together, clearly having fun with it- and pointed their respective weapons at Moci. Ginyu charged his ki, and Jaco charged a shot on his gun.

“We will defeat you!” They yelled in unison, firing their weapons with the utmost of perfect timing. A brilliant blue and purple light filled the room, and the impact of the blast sent Moci flying through the wall behind him. The two looked at each other, and nodded. Ginyu jogged over to the impact sight and picked Moci up by the arms, hoisting the defeated alien over his shoulder.

“Galactic Patrolman #34 Jaco reporting in, do you read?” Jaco pushed one of the buttons on his radio, and attempted a call. “Requesting backup to arrest stragglers of Mission S.P.”
A garbled, yet understandable and deep voice responded. “Copy that, Squad 2 headed your way for assistance.” A goofy smile spread across Jaco’s face, and he jumped up in excitement. Finally, he never had to deal with this particular group of space pirates again! Not only that, but he had gotten to do something that made his heart flutter in his chest…! A successful mission overall was definitely going to do good on his report to the Galactic King.

“Good job, Jaco.” He turned around to see Ginyu beaming, not even remotely bothered by the dazed guy hanging over his shoulder. Jaco hadn’t doubted Ginyu’s physical strength, but… well, he couldn’t exactly describe how that made him feel, but it was certainly some kind of way.
“Ah, thank you! This wouldn’t have been possible without you, though! I honestly doubt I would’ve been able to win, even if I used to be super elite!”

Ginyu chuckled. “Perhaps if you keep showing results of a mission like this one, you’ll be a super elite again in no time.” The sentiment of the statement was honest and true.


The two delivered Moci to the Galactic Patrol HQ, and by the time they got back to Frieza’s ship, it was notably late. No one roamed the halls, and most of the lights on the ship were dimmed. It was then the two parted ways at the loading bay, saying their respective goodbyes and the like. Jaco quickly rushed back to his room on the ship, and buried his face into his pillow as soon as the door was closed. He had really done that! It had all happened! His excitement over the successful mission (in more ways than one) kept him up until the early morning hours.