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Violet Currant

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When Frieza returned, the entire Ginyu Force was tense. Would there be a smaller version of Frieza clinging to his leg? Or would it be a small human? Or both…?

Frieza was pleased to finally be back on his own terms, to say the least. He had returned to the ship with the intentions of simply going back to how he had once lived, but once he remembered Yamcha and Beerus’ presence constantly hanging over him, he had to find another thing to do. Luckily, Destroyer duty was to start soon. At least then he’d have something to cure his boredom, even if only in a small way.

“Lord Frieza, you honor us by returning so soon.” Ginyu knelt before the tyrant once he arrived, the rest of his men following.

“Yes, well,” Frieza’s tail shifted from side to side, brushing the ground. “I had some things to take care of. Now that that is done, we can get to business.” It was then when Jeice glanced up at Frieza. While he’d noticed it before, he hadn’t said anything. Where was Frieza’s offspring? If he’d gone to mate with the human, shouldn’t he have had it? Was it still incubating? Given the evidence, he didn’t believe for a second that Lord Frieza had actually gone to sleep off his cycle on a different planet.

“Pardon me for asking, Lord Frieza, but…” Recoome spoke up. “Where is your young? Weren’t you-” Before Recoome could finish, the rest of the Ginyu Force was scrambling to cover his mouth, lest anything worse come out.

“My… young?” Frieza took a moment, but quickly realized what the Ginyu Force had known. “I do not have a successor, nor do I plan to for quite some time! How did you… you stooges know about that?!

‘So this is what it feels like to be a deer in headlights,’ Ginyu thought. He should’ve briefed his men on this earlier…! Then again, shouldn’t it have just been common knowledge not to speak of this? Recoome was surely to be punished for this later… If there would even end up being a later to speak of.

Right now, it didn’t seem like there would be one.

“Well? Tell me!” Frieza demanded, staring at his frightened soldiers. “Actually, perhaps i’ll just destroy you for this invasion of my personal life!” He held up a finger to the Ginyu Force, who in response clung to each other tightly. Captain Ginyu was the only who dared look at Frieza. The emperor’s energy began to charge, casting a purple hue over the Ginyu Force and onto Frieza.

Wait. This felt familiar. Ah, right! When Frieza had tried to kill one of his men before… Yamcha had stopped him, albeit with a threat. A true one, however. If Yamcha ever came back onto the ship, and noticed the colorful cast of characters that he had met before had disappeared…. Damn it. Frieza never got to do what he wanted these days, or so he felt, anyway. While this realization filled him to the brim with rage, he had no choice but to cease fire or suffer the consequences. Gritting his teeth, Frieza stopped charging his energy and lowered his hand. He would not allow this to go unpunished, though.

“Ginyu! Front and center!” He ordered, causing Captain Ginyu to quickly stand up and present himself to his leader.

“I apologize, Lord Frieza, for the-” Ginyu’s response was interrupted by a swift, yet precise smack to the face, the sheer force of which sent him crashing to the floor.

“Discipline your men better, Ginyu! You should be grateful for the second chance I have given you.” Frieza turned to leave, leaving only the Ginyu Force crouching around their leader, and Ginyu himself only touching where Frieza’s hand had connected.

“Y-yes, Lord Frieza.” Ginyu shakily replied, watching as Frieza left the room. In his years in the Ginyu Force, Lord Frieza had never laid a hand upon him or his men. However, once that human stepped into the picture, that had changed. At the same time, though- the human was the reason they were all still alive. From Jeice’s description of the fight the Earthling and Lord Frieza had, the threat was the only reason Frieza had decided to be merciful. He had to be thankful to... what was his name again? Yamcha? He had to be thankful to Yamcha for that. Captain Ginyu had no idea he could even be merciful to those that had angered him.

But now he was the exception, he supposed.