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Violet Currant

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The planet he was sent to scout was a small, red planet of dirt. When Jaco pulled up onto the planet and opened the hood of his small ship, there seemed to be no inhabitants on the surface. The Ginyu Force climbed out of the ship, stretching their legs and admiring the view of a nearby comet passing by the planet. That’s when Jaco heard something approaching, and it was approaching fast. Before any of them knew it, they were blindsided by creatures that matched the color of the dirt and thrown into a fight.

“Guldo, now!” Ginyu shouted. Guldo took a deep breath and two of the creatures halted, with Burter immediately tackling both of them in their paralyzed state. Guldo gasped for air, watching Jeice kick a creature away from Captain Ginyu’s back. However, the remaining members of the Ginyu Force quickly realized that Recoome was nowhere in this fray. He’d been singled out by one of the creatures and was wrestling it a little farther from the group. The Force watched Recoome tangle with the larger beast, and it was noticeable that he was starting to wear down, despite his brutish strength. Nobody could do anything, there were too many surrounding Jeice, Ginyu, Guldo, and Burter. They couldn’t make it to him without risking an opening in their formation.

A shot rang out, and Recoome was left on the ground, the creature collapsing and bleeding out beside him. Jaco was standing by his ship, unnoticed by both the creatures and the Force. His gaze and stance didn’t falter, his finger not having moved from the trigger of his gun. Using this moment of distraction, Jeice and Burter utilized their Purple Comet technique to take out the few remaining creatures. Guldo and Ginyu could only stare at Jaco in a sense of disbelief.

“Don’t say I never did anything for you guys.” Jaco then proceeded to kneel down, pulling a small patch from his gun holster, and began to collect soil samples.

After several hours of logging data and the Ginyu Force scouting the area, it was time to return to the ship.

“I’ll drop you all off at Frieza’s new ship.”

“Aren’t you forgetting that we are to stay with you at all times? You can’t ‘drop us off’. Captain Ginyu spoke up from the backseat. Dang it, how could he forget? So it was either this… snug arrangement, or staying on Frieza’s ship when he wasn’t busy. Maybe Frieza’s ship wouldn’t be that bad?

Frieza didn’t return to the ship that day. Or the next day, or the day after that. He was staying on Earth much longer than Ginyu had anticipated. What was this about…? What could possibly hold his attention and quell his temper for so long? Knowing Frieza like Ginyu did, he knew that if Frieza had a problem with even the smallest thing, it would cease to exist by his hand. He did not expect Frieza could go one day without being annoyed by something, let alone five days. But he had to be patient and simply wait for Frieza’s return. Not like he could do anything about it, anyway.

Jaco took Frieza’s absence as an opportunity to explore the ship and see what kind of things the former tyrant kept around. Everything was fairly uneventful. Nothing crazy, just usual equipment and facilities. Jaco was sure that if he were to attempt to mess with any of the equipment on the ship, that he’d be killed regardless of whether he threatened to tell Beerus or not.

The ship ended up being much larger than he had first anticipated. The corridors seemingly lead around and around the same areas, and Jaco had pretty much lost his way before he knew it. He wasn’t used to large areas, so he found it easy to get lost.
“Lost?” The patrolman whirled around at the sound of a voice. Captain Ginyu stood in front of him with a wry smile on his face. How had Jaco not heard him approaching, especially with his headset?

“No, just conducting an elite investigation. Jaco tried to sound confident in his words, but he could tell that Ginyu saw right through him.

“Riiight. Do you need me to show you where you’ll be staying when you’re not doing anything? I might as well do you that service for saving Recoome back there.”

“Fine. Lead the way. I totally would have found it on my own if I wasn’t busy investigating, though.” Chuckling, Ginyu folded his arms.

“Sure you could’ve.”

Ginyu lead Jaco down a hallway near the loading dock, where his Galactic Patrol ship was parked. Pressing a button next to the door, it opened to reveal a small, cozy room. There were only a few things in the room. A dresser, a bed, and a small desk.

“Get comfy. Lord Frieza hasn’t returned from his Earth trip yet. Food will be ready in about an hour!”

As Ginyu turned to leave, Jaco spoke. “Wait, you’re cooking?”

“”Of course. I have to feed the members of my own team, plus any guests. It’s only fair.”

“I can only eat dairy, just so you know. It’s closest to the food on my native home planet. Milk and cheese, preferably.” Ginyu laughed, puzzling Jaco.

“So now I know why you chose to look after me and my men, huh? I'll have you know, we’re not that kind of group…” Jaco jumped back and stammered, “What’s that supposed to mean?! Leave me be already, or i’ll make you!” He took his gun out of it’s holster and pointed it at Ginyu, who only laughed as he left. Tossing his gun onto the bed, the patrolman took a seat at the desk and began to examine the technology of the monitor that was there. Degenerates. They should at least try to treat their overseer well.

“I think the Captain is cooking again.”

“You sure? He can’t cook to save his life.” Jeice and Burter sat in the common room, playing with a deck of cards while Guldo worked on patching up Recoome from the previous encounter with the creatures.

“Yeah, he better not be making his ‘Ginyu Special’. I don’t wish to get sick again.”
“Was I really the only one who liked his cooking? Tough crowd.” Guldo piped up into the conversation, wrapping a bandage around Recoome’s arm. “While we’re complaining, i’m not a big fan of this ‘Galactic Patrolman’. He’s patronizing me! We can take care of ourselves, too!” Recoome nodded in agreement.

“It makes sense why he’s here, it’s just…” Burter paused. “Don’t make me enjoy it any more.” Jeice gave a grumble of agreement and went on shuffling the cards.