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Violet Currant

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Bulma always threw a gratuitous amount of unnecessary parties. All the time, for everything. But for once, this was well deserved. Winning the Tournament of Power was nothing to sneeze at, and Universe 7 had done it. Escaping being erased by the Grand Zeno was truly something to celebrate. When Beerus and Whis had arrived, Bulma had pushed a large cart of food their way. This satisfied the two deities, for the time being. In their bliss, they had forgotten about the Ginyu Force and the fact that Jaco was even supposed to be their supervisor at all. Jaco sat in a lawn chair, sipping milk from a small carton. He knew the Ginyu Force and Frieza were both being watched by Goku and company, so he could relax for a bit. The small alien had a feeling this would be the last moment of pure relaxation he would have in a while.

The force was not dressed as lavishly as Frieza, who wore a suit tailored for him with a cape bearing the crest of Universe 7. It truly showed how regal Frieza was, really an outfit befitting of an emperor. The Ginyu Force was restricted to their regular armor, as they didn’t have time in between being resurrected and getting settled in on Frieza’s new ship to be able to get new outfits for themselves.

“Lord Frieza, it’s so good to have you back, and to be back!” Ginyu beamed, grinning at his leader.

“Hm, yes. I enjoy being alive once more. Certainly not around these monkeys, however.” He scowled at the large crowd of self proclaimed ‘do-gooders’ behind him. He wouldn’t dare give those maggots his attentions by properly naming them. There was a long pause, but then Jeice piped up. “So, uh, Lord Frieza. What are you going to do from here?”

“I plan to recreate my empire. This is only an… inconvenience.” Frieza turned to him men. “I expect that you will ll do all you can to assist me in my efforts.” His statement was met with 5, synced responses of, “Of course, Lord Frieza!”

Jaco watched the freak show from the corner of his eye. He may have been afraid of the cruel tyrant Frieza, but his soldiers were nothing more than man-children in flashy leotards. Posing ridiculously, it seemed like they were trying to make fools of themselves. Jaco thought they were succeeding in that regard, and took another sip of his milk carton. He leaned back in his chair, and began to drift off. Well, up until the point where he heard a voice come through his communicator.

“Patrolman Jaco. Come in, Patrolman Jaco. Can you hear me?” Jaco quickly sat up, nearly dropping his milk. “Y-yessir! What’s the matter?”

“I need you to do some scouting of a newly discovered planet that was picked up on radar, so we can put it in our database as soon as possible.”

“Of course! I will depart immediately!” Jaco pressed the hang up button on his receiver, and wasted no time in running over to Beerus, who was busying shoveling a plate full of macaroni and cheese into his mouth.

“Uh, excuse me… Lord Beerus?” Jaco fidgeted nervously as the Destroyer took note of his presence. “I-I must depart on a super elite galatic mission! Could you, oh, I don’t know… Get Frieza away from the Power Rangers so I can take them with me on my mission, and don’t get killed with a Death Lazer…? If there’s no one to watch the Ginyu Force, you’ll probably have to do it yourself.” He gazed up at Beerus, trying not to seem as fear-filled as he felt.

“Only because I don’t want to deal with them myself.” Beerus placed his plate of macaroni and cheese on a table and stood up. “Normally, I would take extreme offense of someone of your standing asking such a deed of me. However, this time i’ll let it slide. Watch yourself more carefully.” Jaco was shaken by a wave of fear down his spine. He should’ve known better than to ask something so simple of a Destroyer! He should’ve asked Whis instead. Whis didn’t have a temper like Beerus’, and he could certainly shut Frieza up.

“Frieza! Come here.” Frieza spun around to see who had addressed him so casually, and felt anger begin to well up inside of him once he rested his eyes on Beerus. Had his hatred of Beerus been stronger than his hate of Earth’s Hell, he would’ve surely attempted to fight the God of Destruction. Instead, Frieza focused all of his energy to keep his composure.

“Go!” Beerus ordered, and Jaco took off running towards the Ginyu Force.

“I’ve got a mission to do, you five! You’re coming with me, whether you like it or not!” Jaco nearly shouted at the Ginyu Force. He had to get out of there, and fast before Frieza tried any crazy shit. Captain Ginyu seemed as if he was already resigned to his fate, and cupped his hands around his mouth to amplify his voice.

“Lord Frieza! We have to go! We’ll…” He briefly glanced back at his men before shouting back to Frieza. “We’ll see you back on the ship after this!”

“Fine, go with your glorified babysitter.” Frieza’s tail slammed against the ground in annoyance.

Every member of the Ginyu Force climbed into the ship, groaning about the tight fit and how they’d have to deal with Jaco for longer than they’d wished. After Jaco had explained the situation to Bulma, and had waved goodbye to everyone, he climbed in the ship and updated his destination coordinates.

This was going to be a loooong ride.


Frieza turned back to Beerus, but the God of Destruction had relocated to the sushi bar in mere seconds. He clenched his fists in anger, but released them. While he was furious about having to be stuck at this party, he’d try to not let his temper get the best of him, for his own sake. Then, he spotted a human whom he’d never seen standing off in a corner, talking to a blue, floating feline creature. Frieza had found someone to entertain him for the time being. He poured himself a glass of wine at another table, and sauntered over to the man.

“So, what do you call yourself, human?”