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Violet Currant

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“Then these are my terms. If we win that tournament, and this universe remains, use the Dragon Balls to revive me, and the Ginyu Force.”

“So you’ll enter the tournament?”

“If you’ll promise me.”

It was over. The Tournament of Power, the competition to decide the fate of Universe 7. Frieza had watched how all of Goku’s friends and family came to congratulate him when Universe 7 was announced the victor. His contempt for the Saiyan warrior couldn’t be expressed by the cold shoulder he gave the group after the victory. He was surprised he had even managed not to attempt a battle against Goku in that moment, and banished the thought that it was fear due to Goku’s newfound Ultra Instinct. It would be during a party several months later that Frieza’s hatred would only grow stronger, but he would also cross paths with someone who would change his life.

If he could ever learn to control his men again, that was. He had joined the Tournament under the condition that five of his best men were to be revived, along with him once it ended. Beerus took quick note of this, and used his godly authority to tie a tight proverbial leash around Frieza. As for his men, Whis had suggested that they call upon someone who could supervise the Ginyu Force at all times. The Destroyer’s first choice wasn’t available, and neither was his second. Or his third, or his fourth, or his fifth…

“What do you mean my 44th choice isn’t available? How many people can be that busy?” Beerus could feel his patience wearing thinner and thinner. He briefly weighed his options more carefully, before taking a deep breath and turning to Whis once more. “How about that Galactic Patrolman? The one who’s friends with Bulma? What was his name again…?”

“Jaco, I believe. My lord,” Whis held his staff up to his eye level, and gazed into the orb. “He’s… not busy! Actually, it seems that he’s just been demoted from his position as a galactic “elite…” Whis looked at Beerus, who was relieved that one of his choices finally worked.

“Get him here as soon as possible. We will discuss the terms of this with him.” Beerus grinned knowingly. “We’ll make him a deal he cannot refuse.”

Within minutes, Jaco the Galactic Patrolman was seated in the grass on Planet Beerus, listening to the request of the gods before him. He could feel himself shaking, trying not to seem visibly nervous. Jaco had only seen Beerus in person a handful of times, but he knew of the Destroyer’s power. He feared it more than most anything- if Beerus so wished, Jaco could cease to exist within mere seconds. It was that fear that kept him in line- and Beerus had a short temper to boot.

“So, have we got a deal? You’ll watch the Ginyu Force at all times, in exchange for a bit of divine protection.” The Destroyer glared at the small alien, prompting him to respond quickly.

“O-of course! Anything for you, Lord Beerus!” His voice shook when he spoke, pissing Beerus off a bit. He got that Jaco was nervous in the presence of a deity, but couldn’t he at least control himself better than that?

“Teleport him and his ship back to where they were, Whis. I think I might go take a quick nap…”

“As you wish, my- Oh!” Whis pulled a small communicator from a pocket beneath his robes, and glanced at it. His eyes lit up, and he looked at Beerus with a smile that the Destroyer only knew meant one thing. The only reason that Earth was still intact, it seemed.

“Bulma’s having another party, I assume?” Whis nodded, and the purple feline smiled wider than before. “Let’s go, then. I’m hungry anyway.” He glanced over to the patrolman again, then back to Whis. “Bring him too. He can get acquainted with the Ginyu Force and Frieza. We’ll pick them up on the way there.” With that, the two deities teleported to Earth, in search of the finest food, bringing Jaco with them.