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Not Exactly Candy and Chocolates

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Bakugou genuinely hates Kirishima less than most of the general population, at least most days. But, for the love of god, if he could just shut up for twenty fucking minutes, that would be ideal.

“I didn’t get any chocolates or presents last year! It’s not fair, you know? I’m a good-looking guy! I have a lot to offer!”

Bakugou’s going to give him a present in the form of a barbell to the fucking face if he doesn’t shut up.

He tries- tries so hard- to just keep breathing and working through his heavy weight reps with the barbell. Honestly, he would low-key rather die than have Kirishima spot him. Dropping several hundred pounds on his face can’t possibly be worse than this. Recovery Girl can heal physical injuries but his brain may never recover from listening to more fucking shit about fucking Valentine’s Day.

“I just want one gift! I have so much love to give!”


“Yeah, Bakubro?”

“If you don’t shut the fuck up I’m going to give you the gift of my foot up your ass, and it will just keep on giving.”

Something in his tone makes Kirishima sigh and give him blessed peace at long last. He breathes carefully, feeling the warm pull in his muscles, trying to visualize how good this extra weight lifting is going to be when he’s using his quirk. The stronger his arms are, the stronger blasts he can handle. He’s well on his way to being fucking unstoppable.

These posers are weak. He doesn’t have time to moon over whether or not he’s getting stupid chocolate or whatever else people give on Valentine’s Day. Take your eye off the prize for a minute and you’ll be shut out in the cutthroat game of heroics.

“You’re really surly for a dude that actually has a Valentine, you know.” He smirks and it is substantially less good-natured than Bakugou usually expects from Kirishima. “What’s the matter? Your ice queen not giving you enough ‘exercise’?”

His hands slip on the bar, but thankfully Kirishima is taking his job seriously and catches the damn thing before it breaks Bakugou’s neck.

“I told you that in fucking confidence!” He hisses, snapping his eyes around the room. Thankfully, they’re alone. "Thankfully", because he would have to fucking kill Kirishima if they weren’t. As far as he knows, Kirishima and Ponytail are the only ones who know.

Todoroki hadn’t told Deku, which unfortunately means that Bakugou isn’t allowed to "tell" Deku, even though he'd already shown him a whole hell of a lot. Bakugou grins, Deku had been weird around Todoroki for fucking weeks after and it had just driven Todoroki straight into Bakugou's arms. He takes a sick amount of pleasure in subtly rubbing Deku's nose in it, resting a hand on Todoroki's shoulder while making eye contact with Deku, blatantly following him up to his room. He never misses a chance to fuck with the little twerp.

Kirishima settles the bar back on the rest in lieu of handing it back to Bakugou, who is trying to wipe the sweat off his hands. He should probably do this in gloves, honestly, it would be safer.

“Speaking of, you going to be okay tomorrow? About Todoroki, I mean.” Kirishima leans forward to rest on the bar, chin in hand to smirk down at Bakugou. Bakugou scowls and sits up, still scrubbing his hands against his thighs.

“I’m not getting him chocolate if that’s what you mean, you gross fuck.”

Kirishima smirks, and Bakugou grits his teeth while simultaneously being reminded why they’re friends.

“Oh of course not!” He sings. “Not you! Everyone else.”

Bakugou furrows his brow. “The fuck are you talking about? Why would anyone do that shit? He’s mine, no one else is gonna get him anything.” The look on Kirishima’s face is an insufferable I-know-something-you-don’t-know look and Bakugou’s about to forcibly remove it the explosive way.

“Ooooh my sweet, innocent Blasty. That boy got so much chocolate last year they had to bring in a hand truck, and I know you remember because you made fun of him for it for months!

Actually, Bakugou does remember that. Or, more specifically, he remembers how upset it had made Deku, and to some extent, Ponytail. He’d specifically made fun of him for it when one or both of his admirers were around. Good fucking times. It’s actually one of the reasons he’d agreed to start up this thing with Todoroki in the first place. Get laid, make Deku miserable, it’s the perfect combo.

“Have you considered that this year will be worse? Todoroki actually smiles at people now and he’s always got Midoriya around to soften him up. Boys and girls are going to be fawning at his feet, you know.” A sly smirk. “Besides, no one knows you’re together, since you’re keeping it hush-hush. Can’t exactly pee all over your territory, huh Blasty?”

No, Bakugou had not considered that.



“How the fuck am I supposed to sit through a day of a bunch of fucking extras drooling all over my-“ Boyfriend? Fuck buddy? Guy-I-might-genuinely-be-in-love-with-but-am-way-too-scared-to-admit-it-because-he’s-so-far-out-of-my-reach?

“Go ahead, I wanna hear the end of that sentence!”

Bakugou punches him.


The Plan- Phase A

It doesn’t take him long to come up with a plan. He is Bakukgou Katsuki, after all.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome and all that jazz.

Phases B and C are a lot more enjoyable, but things mostly hinge on Phase A, so he swallows down as much of his pride as he reasonably can and knocks on the unassuming door. He should be more worried about knocking on a girl’s door at night, it’s not allowed and there’s cameras all over this damn dorm, but he’s on A Mission, goddamit.

Yaoyorozu doesn’t make him wait long.

Prim and proper, even with her hair down and pajamas on, but the smile she gives him suggest that she knows exactly why he’s here. Bakugou is no stranger to how ruthlessly intelligent he is, and it hurts him to admit it, but Yaoyorozu definitely outclasses him in the intelligence department.

Potentially also in quirks, but until she learns some ferocity and tenacity, he’s safe.

He feels weirdly like they’re two predators sizing one another up. A wolf and a big cat, maybe, both interested in the same prey, but considering working together with no small amount of trepidation.

“Oh my, what a surprise. What can I do for you, Bakugou?” She smiles, but the predatory gleam doesn’t quite go out and he chafes a little, tamping down his urge to fight. He’s here to ask for favors.

“You can make anything, right?”

She arches a brow. “Hypothetically. Why don’t you come in and tell me what you had in mind.”


“I don’t know if something like that is even possible-“ He cuts off in mid-sentence, watching Yaoyorozu pull exactly the item he’d had in mind from the skin of her stomach.

“Oh, it’s possible.” She smiles, taking in his narrowed eyes and defensive stance.

“You’re some kind of freak aren’t you.” He says flatly. It’s not a question.

It surprises a chuckle out of Yaoyorozu, who delicately holds his desired item off her fingers. “I’m not sure you get to say that to me.”

She palms the item gently before handing it over. The leather is butter-soft in his fingers, black as night, but each cuff is struck through with swirls of color. Red on the left and blue on the right, with the colors fading to more of a purple in the middle. The cuffs span out to about five or six inches, designed to cover most of the forearm, held together by a thick leather strap, heavily reinforced by the look of it. A metal clip joins the strap from either side. Easy hook, easy release, but only from the right angle.

“They hook here and here.” She points to show him a line of silver hooks, and then does a fancy maneuver with the leather to reveal hidden eye hooks. She points to the obvious ones, “these are for quick, in the moment attaching. They’ll hold for a little bit, but not indefinitely, so use them to hold whichever hand you aren’t fastening the eyehooks on. The eyehooks will hold anything. They can’t be removed one handed.” She smiles, running her fingers over the contraption. Understandable, it’s a piece of art.

He notes with a twitch of annoyance that there’s no mechanism for tightening or loosening the size of the cuffs. Somehow, he doubts that they’re one-size-fits-all.

“How’s it work against his quirk?”

She doesn’t grin exactly, it’s too sinister for that, but it’s something alright.

“They’re obviously custom-designed. Red for left, blue for right. I won’t go into specifics, but there’s a lot of technology on how to restrain villains and I used some of the high-tech information. The left will wick heat, and the right blocks cold. The more he struggles, the tighter they’re going to get, so keep an eye on his hands and make sure they’re not changing colors.”

“It’ll just block his hands though, right?”

She gives him that unsettling smile again. “They’re part of a set.”

He runs his hands over the leather again, trying to stop the excited tingling in his spine. “Alright, let’s fucking talk payment.”

“The girls and I just want to enjoy Valentine’s Day, but there’s a particular nuisance that I would appreciate if you could take care of.”

“Done. One hospital trip coming up.” He levels her with a knowing look. “What else.”

She smiles up at him, unabashed. “Pictures.”


“Jesus Christ, Bakubro! That was excessive even for you!”

“Seriously, dude, I know he’s a creep but did you have to do that?”

Bakugou ignores them and it feels way too much like a drug deal when Yaoyorozu bumps his shoulder and presses a small package into his hand.


Phase B


It’s almost too easy to convince Todoroki to sneak into Bakugou’s room the night before Valentine’s Day.

They’ve been fucking for months, so Bakugou’s not really sure why the ease of the arrangement surprises him, even if Todoroki had some kind of radar or warning about what’s about to happen, Bakugou’s fairly sure that he wouldn’t have objected.

Much to Bakugou’s delight, Todoroki’s a little bit of a slut.

Not that Bakugou isn’t, but that’s what makes them compatible. A deep enjoyment of sometimes kinky sex.

Well, deep for Todoroki at least.

If he hadn’t been listening for Todoroki’s soft landing on the balcony, he would have missed it entirely. Todoroki’s got the dark hood of his zip-up pulled over his hair at some semblance of a disguise and Bakugou rolls his eyes as he slides the balcony door open. Todoroki smiles, sitting back on the railing, hands stuffed in the pockets of his soft grey sweatpants. His feet are bare, swinging gently, and the sight makes heat pool in Bakugou’s belly.

Fuck, he’s beautiful.

“Hey.” He calls softly, shoulders and face relaxed in a way Bakugou only sees when they’re like this, alone and away from the rest of the world. Comfortable.

Bakugou’s mouth feels too dry with anticipation for words, so he moves forward, seizes Todoroki by the back of his neck and pulls him down for the first rough kiss of the evening. Todoroki has to bend down awkwardly, and Bakugou’s kiss is a little more teeth than lips, nipping and sucking and forcing his way into Todoroki’s mouth. Todoroki wraps one hand in Bakugou’s hair, fisting roughly and yanking his head up for a better angle, resting the other hand on his throat and scratching lightly.

Bakugou growls into the kiss before breaking it, catching Todoroki’s jaw in his rough hand. “I’m about to fucking wreck you.”

Todoroki rolls his eyes teasingly, tongue darting out to soothe his kiss-swollen lips. “I’ve heard that before.”

“And you’ve been wrecked before.”

Todoroki shrugs teasingly. “Eh.”

Bakugou blinks at him, “you wanna fucking die?”

Todoroki smiles and pulls him in for another kiss, this one gentler, “only a ‘little death’.”

“Then march your cute ass inside.”

Todoroki chuckles, swiftly pecking Bakugou on the lips one last time before making a show of slowly sliding off the railing and sashaying inside. Bakugou’s mouth feels dry again, watching that pert ass sway, and he sucks in a deep breath. Patience is a virtue, tonight.

“Katsuki?” He calls from inside and Bakugou looks up to see the cuffs dangling off two of his long, pale fingers, and a devilish smirk to match. “What’re these?”


He slides the balcony door shut behind him and presses himself firmly against Todoroki’s back, wrapping his arms around him and unzipping his jacket. “What the fuck do they look like?” He helps Todoroki out of the jacket, leaving him in a thin white tank top that does wonders for his muscular arms and chiseled chest and leaves Bakugou a little breathless.

“The Herald of an interesting night, I think.” He examines them carefully, turning them in his hands. “You didn’t buy these at a store.” His brow furrows adorably and Bakugou has to hide a grin against his shoulder, laving open mouth kisses up his neck and stretching up to nip his ear as his hands toy with the waistband of Todoroki’s sweats.

“I sure as hell paid for them.” He slides his hand down and grips Todoroki roughly, rubbing him with dry, calloused fingers.

Todoroki’s breath hitches and he manages to stifle a moan at the sudden contact, even as his face contorts into a half-scowl. “Katsuki, please tell me you -ah!- did not bring Momo into our sex life.”

“I did not bring Momo into our sex life.”

“I hate you.” He groans and Bakugou smirks against his neck, releasing his dick in favor of shoving his sweatpants down to his ankles and pushing him roughly back onto the bed. Bakugou chases him down, kneeling one leg on the bed and slowly rucking up his shirt so it’s bunched under his armpits. He sits back to enjoy the sight before him, the long planes of muscled skin. Thick and strong without being bulky. He thumbs Todoroki’s nipple casually, teasing the unnaturally warm bud as his gaze wanders south.

The curtains certainly match the drapes and Todoroki’s definitely interested in the proceedings. Todoroki’s already a little flushed, breathing a little harder than normal, and his normally serious mismatched eyes spark with anticipation and a little mischief. Todoroki smirks and brings his hand to his right nipple, rolling it between thumb and forefinger until Bakugou scowls and swats it away.

“Mine.” He growls, leaning down to nip across Todoroki’s chest and up his throat, not sucking hard enough to leave bruises, there’s plenty of time for that later.

“And Momo’s, apparently.”

“How long are you planning to bitch about that?” Bakugou swings his leg over to straddle Todoroki, grinding his clothed cock down against Todoroki’s bare one. Todoroki’s eyes roll back and he arches his chest up, baring his throat in a pretty, long line that Bakugou can’t resist running his tongue up and nipping.

“Until you make me stop.” He grits out, fisting both hands in Bakugou’s hair and dragging him up for a kiss. Bakugou grinds down against him again, feeling Todoroki shudder and whine into the kiss, not relinquishing his punishing grip on Bakugou’s hair. Bakugou brings his hand up and grips Todoroki’s jaw firmly, fingers digging in hard enough to bruise. Todoroki fights him for a second but ultimately drops his head back down on the mattress, opening his mouth and dropping his hands obediently.

Bakugou smirks and presses one last open-mouthed kiss to his lips. It’s a filthy, wet thing that sends sparks straight to his dick. He grinds his hips down once more for good measure and pulls back to survey his work.

Todoroki looks positively wrecked.

His lips are swollen, shiny, and parted suggestively. His pupils are blown in glassy eyes and his face is a pleasant red, slightly darker on the left side and in a few small spots down on his jaw where Bakugou had gripped him. They’re definitely going to bruise. Heat sears down Bakugou’s spine. They’ll be played off as standard training bruises by everyone else, but he’ll know.

His mark.

He reaches down with both hands and gives Todoroki’s nipples another firm twist. Todoroki arches up off the bed with a cry loud enough to remind Bakugou why he’d told Kirishima in the first place. Someone’s going to have a nasty case of blue balls by the end of the night, serves him right. The temperatures beneath his fingers spike, hot and cold, and he digs his thumbnail in just a little more, and -oh- he knows Kirishima heard that one.

Todoroki’s shaking beneath him and he finally takes pity and releases his abused nipples, running his palms along Todoroki’s sides to soothe him. He’s still spiking his temp, breathing carefully and regulating the best he can against the onslaught that is Bakugou Katsuki. He spends so much time during sex worrying about setting them on fire or making it snow that he’s never able to really let go. Bakugou allows himself a smug smile. Someone should really help him with that.

Todorok’s still breathing hard when Bakugou reaches up for the cuffs, running his hands over the soft leather and ignoring the spike to his groin the best he can. It’s getting harder. He unfolds the left one and deftly maneuvers Todoroki’s hand into it, stretched high up over his head in a mouthwatering line.

He bends down and brushes his lips to Todoroki’s temple. “Color?”

Todoroki takes a shuddering breath, closing his eyes in a desperate attempt to focus. “Green.”

Bakugou snaps the first set of clips, and oh look they fit perfectly, no adjustment needed, and brings his right arm up to the second cuff. He’s almost got the first set of clips done when Todoroki jolts violently, nearly throwing Bakugou off of him.

“What the fuck?!” He sounds more surprised than panicked, and frost explodes over his right hand. Nothing from the left. Bakugou pants in excitement squeezing his thighs tighter around Todoroki’s chest, both to make sure he’s not unseated and to get some friction on his aching dick. No safe word. He snaps the clips on the right cuff. The frost abruptly stops spreading. Todoroki yells and Bakugou doesn’t know what it feels like, but it must be unsettling.

“Seriously, Katsuki, what the hell are those?” Alright, maybe he’s a little panicked, and it turns Bakugou on way more than it should.

“Shhh.” He soothes, cradling Todoroki’s cheeks in his hands and leaning down for a kiss. Todoroki fights him, teeth catching roughly on Bakugou’s tongue and biting his lip hard enough to bleed.

Bakugou jerks back with a hiss, pressing his thumb to staunch the bleeding and glaring down at Todoroki, who looks borderline murderous. Bakugou considers his next move carefully. They’ve talked about it before, and he knows Todoroki’s into it, and it fits the scene, he’s just always been a little worried it’s a kink that’s not exactly born from a healthy place.

“Goddammit Katsuki!”

He looks up at Todoroki’s snarling face and bound hands. Ah hell, who is he to judge?

He casually backhands Todoroki hard enough to snap his head to the side.

Todoroki goes completely still, eyes wide and mouth the slightest bit ajar. He slowly turns his head to face Bakugou, I can’t believe you did that, written all over his features. No safe word, no outward signs of distress, he just looks mildly impressed. And ridiculously turned on.

Bakugou leans down until their noses almost touch and Todoroki turns his head away, maybe in embarrassment, maybe in deference. Either way, Bakugou reaches up and fists his hand in Todoroki’s hair, pulling hard. “Fucking look at me.” Todoroki complies, still reeling from the slap.

“You gonna fucking behave?”

Todoroki nods as much as he can with the punishing grip Bakugou has on his hair.

“Verbally.” Bakugou yanks harder and Todoroki hisses with the force.

“Yes, Katsuki!” He manages, and Bakugou smirks.

“Good boy.” He presses another sloppy kiss to Todoroki’s lips and gets a soft sigh in return, the hand in Todoroki’s hair loosens and he scratches lightly at his scalp.

“Can you use your quirk?”

Todoroki’s face scrunches up adorably and it feels like a kick to Bakugou’s heart. Sex is the only time he ever gets to see Todoroki so open, calm, comfortable. But this…

Fire flares from Todoroki’s foot, but sweat beads on his forehead with the effort of it, and his hand spasms, but not even a wisp of smoke appears. Bakugou’s respect for Yaoyorozu skyrockets and he makes a mental note to be slightly less shitty to her in the immediate future. Todoroki’s teeth clench and his body goes taut, the flame on his foot growing for a few seconds before abruptly extinguishing, leaving Todoroki panting hard and shaking lightly.

Bakugou swallows hard. Todoroki’s properly helpless beneath him. Not just tired and fucked out or begging for Bakugou’s dick, but genuinely unable to do a damn thing to stop Bakugou from taking whatever he wants, and isn't that a pretty thought? He groans a little, rutting against Todoroki’s chest.

Todoroki’s looking up at his hands in wonder, face slack and smooth with how hard his brain’s working. Bakugou leans down and presses an open-mouth kiss to his neck, wet and sloppy, before biting down hard. He releases the skin once he’s satisfied it will leave one hell of a mark, and presses his lips to Todoroki’s ear.

“What’s it feel like?”

“Like a lifetime of responsibilities stripped away.” And wow, okay, he’s way too eloquent, Bakugou’s going to have to fix that. He bites hard on Todoroki’s earlobe, getting a hiss of pain before releasing.

“I can’t feel my hands at all, it’s like the nerves are just dead, and when I try to use my quirk, even in other places, it’s like I’m being blocked somehow.” He flexes his fingers experimentally. “My hands are too heavy to move.”

That scary bitch will get her pictures and maybe a damn fruit basket to match.

Bakugou sits up, satisfied with the several dark hickies on Todoroki’s throat. He licks his way into Todoroki’s mouth, easy as breathing, before pulling back to look him in the eye.

“I’m going to fucking destroy you, and you’re going to take it like the helpless bitch you are.”

He doesn’t need to hear Todoroki’s loud swallow or see the blush creep over his cheeks and spread down his chest to know the effect of his words.

“I eagerly anticipate your best efforts.” He snarks and Bakugou scowls before pressing a hand to his mouth.

“I’ll hit you again.” He warns, squeezing his hand dangerously.

I’ll get off on it. Todoroki’s eyes promise and Bakugou sighs inwardly. Snark is a part of their foreplay Todoroki can do for hours, but Bakugou tires of quickly. He prefers to let his actions do the talking. And talk they do. He slides forward and pulls his aching cock from his sweatpants, giving himself a firm stroke from root to tip. Todoroki’s eyes follow his hand and the blush on his face and neck deepens.

Bakugou leans forward and takes his hand off Todoroki’s mouth, replacing it with the head of his cock, tracing his swollen lips with the tip and spreading the glossy mix of pre and spit. His tongue darts out for a quick taste, brushing the head and drawing a groan from Bakugou. Bakugou wraps his hand around the base of his dick and slaps it against his pale cheek, directly under the scar. Todoroki closes his eyes and his blush gets worse with embarrassment. Bakugou does it again, enjoying the wet smack more than he should. Todoroki’s lips tremble and he tries to look irritated at the degradation but he only succeeds in looking more turned on.

Bakugou smirks and slaps his dick against the other cheek. Debauched Todoroki is definitely his favorite.

Satisfied when Todoroki refuses to meet his eyes, Bakugou slides his thumb into Todoroki’s mouth, pressing down roughly on his tongue. Todoroki obediently opens his mouth, cheeks still flaming, and Bakugou rubs his thumb far enough back to make Todoroki gag. Saliva fills his mouth, running down the corners of his cheeks and fuck that shouldn’t be as hot as it is. He lets up on the pressure a little and swaps his thumb for his middle and pointer fingers, thrusting them lazily through parted lips.

Todoroki is positively squirming under him, trying to cross his thighs for some sort of friction, but it’s nowhere near enough. He hums miserably around Bakugou’s fingers and Bakugou grins. “Jesus, Sho, if you want my dick that bad you only gotta ask.”

Bakugou didn’t think it was possible for Todoroki’s cheeks to get any darker, but they do and he squeezes his eyes shut, positively trembling under Bakugou. Bakugou has to take a breath at the sight, embarrassed looks so good on him. Helpless and trussed like a Christmas turkey looks even better. It’s heady, having one of the most powerful heroes in the world shaking under him. A powerhouse of strength, intelligence, and popularity, brought to utter helplessness because of Bakugou.

It’s a shame no one knows what a fucking slut he is.

He rubs his fingers harder against Todoroki’s tongue and gets a whine for his efforts.

“Please.” The word is nearly incomprehensible, gritted out around the thick digits of Bakugou’s hand. Bakugou grins and pulls them out, giving Todoroki a chance to breathe.

“Gonna have to do better than that, Sho.”

“Please,” He swallows hard, cheeks shiny with spit and pre, pupils impossibly large, “please f-“ he stumbles over the word, closing his eyes, “fuck my throat, Katsuki.”

“I fucking own you.” Bakugou whispers, raking his hand roughly through Todoroki’s hair, chest puffed up with pride and dick hard enough to cut diamond.

“Yeah, Katsuki.” His voice is nearly a whisper.

“Look at you, a fucking mess from slobbering on my fingers.” Bakugou chuckles. “I’ll give you my dick, you cock-hungry slut. But first you gotta do something for me.”

Todoroki’s eyes crack open. That can’t be good.

Bakugou leans forward and fishes out the next part of the set, having already decided that the whole thing might be a little much, given Todoroki’s reaction to the cuffs. Todoroki eyes it nervously.

“No.” He whines.

“Yep.” Bakugou pops the ‘p’ and leans forward the fasten the strip of leather around his throat. Again, a perfect fit, and he’s a little creeped out by how exact Yaoyorozu’s eyes are.

He rearranges himself on his knees and finally lines his cock up with Todoroki’s lips. “Open up, Sho.”

Humiliated beyond belief, Todoroki opens his mouth obediently.

The angle isn’t perfect, but everything else is, and it’s been such a long time since Bakugou’s had his dick in a mouth at regular human temperatures that it’s a little weird. He raises up and braces on his hand, slowly feeding Todoroki his dick and savoring sinking into the wet heat. He’s much thicker than average, but not too much longer, and Todoroki has to stretch his perfect cocksucker lips wide to accommodate, but his throat is mostly safe.

He does his damndest, sucking hard and running his tongue up the underside of Bakugou’s dick, lapping at the head when Bakugou pulls back and thrusts back in with more force. He’s positively writhing, hips arching off the bed and soft whimpers coming from his throat, hands utterly still where they’re still stretched above his head.

Bakugou grits his teeth and fists his hand in Todoroki’s hair, craning his neck at a more favorable angle and setting up a ruthless pace. Todoroki gags with the deeper thrusts, saliva running from the corners of his mouth. It’s a pretty fucking sight. The beginnings of his orgasm creep up all too quickly, pleasure tingling up his spine and making him snap his hips forward with more force and less finesse, chasing his edge.

He tightens his hold in Todoroki’s hair and gives him a light shake. “Look at me.”

Todoroki’s in too deep to consider disobeying, despite the roaring in his ears and desperation singing through his blood. He cracks open one eye and then the other and the sight of mismatched eyes with pupils blown so wide they nearly look like the same color is the last encouragement he needs. He pulls Todoroki’s head off his dick and wraps a fist around himself, jerking his dick roughly before finally cumming on Todoroki’s beautiful face. Cum splatters over the aristocratic bridge of his nose, paints his eyelashes and cheeks. Bakugou works himself through the orgasm with his hand, rubbing the head of his dick teasingly against Todoroki’s parted lips and smearing them with fluid.

He brushes Todoroki’s bangs back from his forehead. “Now there’s a look that suits you.”

Todoroki squeezes his eyes shut and turns his face away, cheeks flaming. Bakugou allows it, giving a self-satisfied chuckle and taking a moment to revel in the power of the moment.

He reaches down and musses Todoroki’s hair in a gross facsimile of tenderness. “Time to pay the piper.”

Todoroki turns his face back, brow furrowed. Is he the piper? Bakugou snickers and reaches for his phone. He and Todoroki are no strangers to dirty pictures, there’s mountains of sexy photos between them. Snapchats, photo messages, hell- even an email or two of hard dicks and bruised skin. As such, Todoroki isn’t particularly concerned when Bakugou lines up his phone camera, angling for a good shot of his bound throat and arms and come covered face.

Bakugou flips the phone around to show Todoroki and the image of himself looking so thoroughly debauched, wrecked, and used brings crimson back into his cheeks. Bakugou’s ready, snapping an even better shot and thumbing open his messages for his newest pervy friend.

To: Creati
From: King Explosion Murder: 11:34 PM

Keep your filthy hands to yourself.

[Attachment: 1 image]

His thumb hovers over the send button, and hesitates for just a second before giving a particularly villainous grin and adding Small Might to the recipients list. Nothing like reminding him Todoroki's ass belongs to Bakugou to spice up the day.

Happy fucking Valentine’s you perverts.

“What do you think, Sho? Should we send one to your dad? Show him what his precious masterpiece is up to? Getting used like a fucking bitch.” It’s a bluff and they both know it, Enji can be particularly petty and the last thing either of them wants is Todoroki getting pulled out of UA and shoved into Shiketsu with that wind fucker. A muscle Katsuki’s cheek jumps in annoyance.

Todoroki just squirms, hips bucking, searching for friction. “Katsuki!” He whines, leaning his head back and baring the long line of his throat, broken up by dark leather.

A fucking pretty sight.

“Alright, Sho, keep your fucking panties on, we’ll get something up your cock hungry hole.” He dismounts Todoroki’s chest and leans up to get a better view of the whole picture. And what a picture it is. Todoroki’s dick is hard, angry red, and drooling crystal strings of pre on his magnificent abs. His chest is still flushed a lovely pink and Baukugou can’t resist reaching down to torment his nipples a little more, digging his thumbnail in roughly and twisting. Todoroki keens, back arching off the bed, face screwed up in pleasure. Bakugou’s fairly sure Todoroki can’t come untouched, not for lack of trying, that’s for fucking sure.

He swipes the next objects from the bedside table, moving down to reposition himself between Todoroki’s legs. Todoroki shakes with anticipation, legs trembling from where they’re bent up on the covers. He blows lightly on Todoroki’s dick, watching it twitch and hearing the resulting hiss. He runs his hands teasingly through the mess on Todoroki’s muscled stomach, tutting mockingly, and trailing them south to the juncture of hip and groin, bypassing his dick entirely. He does the same on the other side and Todoroki’s breathing goes erratic and pained, groans and whines escaping him. “Katsuki!” He manages, somehow. “Katsuki, please-“ He chokes off with a groan when Bakugou gently runs a hand over his balls, watching them twitch upwards.

“Such a needy slut.” He presses his lips against the inside of Todoroki’s thigh and bites hard, getting a near-scream in response. He chuckles and sits back enough to squirt a little lube into his hand and finally grips Todoroki’s grip, running his hand up the length of it with a single firm stroke.

Kirishima definitely hears that yell.

He only gives Todoroki a single stroke before palming the little ring and working it over the head and down the shaft of his cock. Todoroki sobs, throwing his head back, and his left leg suddenly spikes with heat, but he’s too far gone and the cuff and collar are working too well, no flames come. The realization has Bakugou half-hard in record time and he presses the heel of his hand to his cock.

Thankfully, the little ring, dark to match the other parts of the set, doesn’t seem to be without a sizing mechanism, more elastic than it’s leather counterparts, but the same black color, shot through with purple swirls like the insides of the cuffs. Built to withstand temperatures. Bakugou’s still creeped out, but at least Yaoyorozu doesn’t know the exact size of Todoroki’s dick.

The ring settles snugly at the base of his shaft and a spike of cold so weak it’s barely there runs through Todoroki’s leg. He makes a noise so frustrated and helpless that Bakugou’s concerned he might come on the spot.

He sits up to survey his work, keeping his hands wrapped punishingly tight around Todoroki’s knees, forcing them apart for his inspection. The darkness of the band looks damn good against his angry red dick, and even better in front of his heaving chest. Bakugou reaches for the lube again.

They have sex regularly enough that the first finger isn’t a challenge and Bakugou snickers cruelly. “Jesus, wet and loose, you really are just a fucking slut.” Todoroki bites his lip, but his hips twitch in clear arousal. Bakugou slips him a second finger, feeling a little more resistance, but moving quickly to scissoring them and pumping in and out.

Todoroki whines breathily, and it’s a sound Bakugou fucking loves, thinks about when he’s jerking off alone. It’s a perfect pornstar noise, just for him.

He’s lubed up and loose, but maybe a little less stretched than he ought to be when Bakugou finally pulls his fingers out. He reaches for his phone again, making sure to get a long body shot with a good view of his stretched, twitching hole.

He sends them to the chat, snorting indelicately when he sees Yaoyorozu has already replied to the first message. She must be as much of a sadist as he is because he knows she can see Deku’s name in the chat, too.

From: Creati

To: King Explosion Murder: 12:02 AM

He’s very docile, isn’t he? Make him cry.

Scary bitch. A surge of hot triumph raises in his chest when he realizes Deku’s left him on read.

He flips Todoroki to his knees, reaching up to manually roll his shoulders since he’s having trouble moving them with the cuffs. He roughly palms Todoroki’s ass, heating his hand just enough so when he squeezes Todoroki gasps and ruts forward, a red palm print left behind. He’ll feel that every time he sits tomorrow.

Bakugou lines himself up and thrusts into Todoroki, hard and firm, the lack of adequate stretching making him groan as Todoroki struggles to accommodate his girth. Todoroki’s still trembling violently beneath him and the sudden intrusion makes him sob out a quiet wail, softer than his earlier noises, like he’s just had too much. Bakugou steadies himself with one hand on Todoroki’s hip and the other pressing the back of his head, shoving his face into the mattress. He gropes for his phone again, grabbing a fistful of Todoroki’s hair and leaning over him so his chest is flush with Todoroki’s back.

“Say cheese, princess.” He bites Todoroki’s ear and pulls hard enough on his hair to make Todoroki wince and raise his chin, and damn that’s a nice shot. He adds it to the group chat without bothering to read Yaoyorozu’s message and tosses the phone down on the mattress, gripping Todoroki’s hips tight enough to bruise and fucking him in earnest. He pulls out just to slam back in, the force of it shoving Todoroki’s body up the bed and leaving him making noises like the wind is being punched out of him with every thrust.

“Katsuki. Katsuki!” He’s babbling incoherently and it just eggs Bakugou on, making him thrust harder and deeper, chasing his own pleasure and using Todoroki to do it.

“Katsuki, please!” He keens out, biting at the sheets to stop from making even louder noises, which is hilarious because the neighbors definitely hear him anyway.

“Hmm? Please what?” He slows his pace, leaning forward again and reaching down to where Todoroki’s chest is nearly flush with the bed, rolling his nipple between thumb and forefinger. Regular human temperature. Bakugou’s dick jumps.

Come to think of it, he looks down at Todoroki’s face and, hell, that’s not keeping his pace slow at all. There’s a flush high on his cheeks, his pupils are still blown, and his mouth is parted, drooling pathetically on the sheets. His eyes are glassy when they strain up to see Bakugou and, fuck, he’s never seen Todoroki this far gone. They’ve had some dirty sex, but Todoroki’s always kept some modicum of self-control, he’s always had to or chance setting them both on fire. With his quirk out of commission, there’s nothing for him to desperately focus on other than the screaming pleasure. He rolls his hips and just barely hears the quiet gasp. Christ, he’s fucked the brain out of the kid.

Todoroki’s not like Bakugou or Deku, his quirk is always on, always working and while most of the control is subconscious, it’s still there in the back of his head, taking energy. It’s like a muscle he’s been using constantly for fourteen years is finally resting and he’s letting go for the first time. Affection wells up in Bakugou, not that he’d ever fucking admit it, and he gently brushes the hair from Todoroki’s forehead.

“Shhh,” he coos, “I got you, Shouto.”

Todoroki closes his eyes, scrunching his face up- still adorable- and Bakugou lets himself look for another moment before pressing a gentle kiss to Todoroki’s shoulder blade and settling back up to finish what he’d started. He’s flagged a little in the mushy interlude, so he rocks his hips against Todoroki’s, squeezing and kneading his plump ass until he’s ready to continue his onslaught.

And continue he does, setting a punishing pace, thrusting hard enough that he’s sure Todoroki will feel it tomorrow. He’s feeling it now if the increasingly loud cries are any indicator. His edge in sight, Bakugou finally reaches down to unhook the band around Todoroki’s dick, fingers slipping a little in the mess, but ultimately loosening it and replacing it with his fist. He gives Todoroki a firm squeeze and Todoroki ruts desperately into his fist only a few times before coming with an honest to god scream.

The spasming and clenching around his dick, coupled with the knowledge that the whole damn floor knows he’s made Todoroki his bitch brings Bakugou over the edge, spilling deep inside his greedy hole.

He takes a second to breathe before rolling them onto their sides without pulling out, maneuvering Todoroki’s still-bound arms down in front of his chest. Todoroki is dead weight. He leans up and grins with satisfaction when he sees that Todoroki is well and truly dead to the world, tear tracks and dried cum on his cheeks. That’ll be a good picture. Later. For now, he pulls Todoroki tight to his chest, murmuring soft praise even though he knows it falls on deaf ears.

Tomorrow is Phase C, but for now he just wants to enjoy the moment.