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Flying by Night

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When Felicity woke up, it was late the next morning.

Diggle was sitting at the computer watching the news, but other that him, there was no one else in the Arrow Cave. She groaned and rolled onto her back. The only light coming in was from the small windows just above ground level.

“Good morning,” Diggle smiled.

“It’s already morning?” Felicity asked. She lifted up her shirt and saw that no blood had soaked through her bandage. She blessed Sara’s stitching skills and then looked around, “Where’s everyone?”

“They went to get breakfast,” Diggle told Felicity and walked over to the bed. “They’ll be back in a little while.”

Felicity had a vague memory of Sara holding her in her sleep. It made it all that much more painful that Sara was having breakfast with Oliver. Felicity was already emotionally raw from her injury, the painkillers, and just waking up so she pushed up on her elbows. “I want to go home.”

Diggle agreed to take her and helped her into her apartment. She didn’t need that much help, but Diggle wanted to make sure she was okay. She took a few more painkillers before leaving the Arrow Cave so there was always the chance that they would take hold of her before she was ready.

“Do you want me to get you something to change in to?” Diggle asked, watching Felicity crawl into bed.

Felicity stiffly got into bed and settled against the pillow, “You just want proof that I have footie pajamas don’t you?”

Diggle chuckled, “Maybe a little bit.”

Felicity pulled her blankets up over herself. She looked at Diggle and swallowed, seriously. “John?”

“Hmm?” Diggle asked, walking a little closer to the bed.

“Am I a good person?” Felicity asked softly.

Diggle frowned. Even the thought that Felicity wasn’t a good person never crossed his mind. Not even once. “You’re one of the best people.”

Felicity closed her eyes and huffed into the bed, her head swimming in the clouds. “I don’t think I am anymore.”

“Why?” Diggle asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Felicity mumbled against her pillow, “I’m in love with Sara.”

Diggle couldn’t say he was really surprised at the confession. Diggle just rubbed Felicity’s shoulder and told her although he was pretty sure she was probably already asleep. “It’ll all work out.”

Felicity woke up with a much clearer head and no memory of her confession to Diggle. She sat up and started to stretch before she remembered that she was injured. It perplexed her a little to wake up in her own bed, but figured that it was one of the side effects of such strong painkillers. Felicity looked over at the clock on her nightstand. After a split-second calculation she figured she should probably start getting ready for Sara’s birthday dinner.

Felicity took meticulous care in doing her hair in curls. It was the finest restaurant in town and she wanted to look her best. Her emerald dress looked amazing on her. When she was finally ready, Felicity gave herself one last once over in the mirror. She picked up Sara’s present on the way out the door.

When she arrived at the restaurant, Sara, Quentin, and Diggle were already there. Diggle stood up and kissed Felicity’s cheek. Quentin nodded to Felicity from across the table and Sara gently hugged Felicity. Although she was delighted that Felicity came, she was worried about her condition, “You didn’t have to come, but you look beautiful.”

Felicity smiled, happy to see Sara. She presented Sara with a small rectangular present, “You do too. And of course I came. Happy birthday.”

Sara hugged Felicity again, this time lingering. She felt Felicity take a deep breath and hug her back. “You already gave me my sister back.”

Felicity blushed and pulled out of the hug, “I forgot you knew about that.”

Sara pulled Felicity’s chair out for her and Felicity daintily sat down, careful to sit up straight so she couldn’t rip her stitches.

Oliver and Laurel arrived together. He smiled at the group, “Sorry we’re late.” Sara stood up to greet them. Oliver kissed her cheek and move to his seat between Diggle and Felicity. Sara hugged her sister for the first time in a long time and reveled in it.

“It’s so good to see you,” Laurel confessed. “You look amazing.”

Sara returned the compliment and pulled out her sister’s chair as well.

Dinner went amazingly considering that Quentin didn’t really care for Oliver. Oliver, Diggle, and Sara a glass of wine at Laurel’s insistence. She promised that she would be fine. Felicity worried about residual medication in her system, but Sara talked her into sharing a glass of wine with her. She noticed that Sara would occasionally look at her with the tiniest smile on her face. Sara touched her shoulder when she laughed a few times and insisted on Felicity ordering dessert, leaning close to Sara so that she could point out a chocolate soufflé that she absolutely loved on the dessert menu.

Sara hugged Felicity when she opened her present. It was a beautiful oil painting of a canary flying. It meant a lot to Sara and Felicity loved the smile on Sara’s face when she saw it.

When they were done, three hours had passed and Oliver picked up the check. Felicity kept her goodbyes short because she knew that Sara and Oliver had a flight to catch. She hoped that Sara liked her present from Oliver. It was by far more than she could ever get Sara.

But Felicity was glad that Sara was going to have a romantic weekend away. She deserved it.

“Felicity,” Oliver called her as she was walking down the street to her car.

She turned around, “Did I forget something?”

“C’mon,” he held out his arm with a charming smile. “We have one more stop to make.”

She smiled at his chivalry and took his arm, “Are we going out for a nightcap?”

“You could say that,” he led her to his limo and opened the door for her. Felicity slid into the seat and found Sara and Diggle already inside.

Felicity cocked her head to the side and asked Oliver, “Where are Laurel and Officer Lance?”

Sara took Felicity’s hand and gently tugged her into taking the seat next to her, “They went home. Apparently no one told them about our mystery destination.”

Felicity smiled. She figured she knew where they were going. She was actually glad that she was going to see Oliver and Sara off to Paris. Felicity looked across the limo at Oliver. He smiled and winked at her. That’s when she knew exactly where they were going.

The car started moving and Oliver opened some champagne. He poured everyone a glass and passed it around, “To Sara Lance.”

Felicity smiled and tapped her glass to everyone else’s, “To Sara.”

It only took one funny anecdote to get them to the airport. The limo pulled right up to the jet that was waiting just for them. Oliver opened the door and stood out of the limo. He helped Felicity out first. She was getting giddy. She couldn’t wait to see Sara’s reaction to this massive birthday present.

“Surprise,” Oliver told Sara and kissed her cheek as she got out of the limo.

Felicity made sure to video Sara’s reaction. It was complete shock. Sara asked, “Are you serious?” However when she turned around Oliver and Diggle were getting the luggage out of the back of the limo. Felicity turned her camera toward Oliver and saw a strikingly familiar piece of red luggage. Oliver walked in front of the limo and put down the suitcase.

“Oliver,” Felicity looked at her suitcase in his hand, “What’s going on?”

“Don’t worry,” he told her, “Laurel packed it.” He set the bag down and stepped close to Felicity, pulling her into his arms. He kissed the side of her head. “Felicity, you’re such an amazing friend. You deserve a romantic vacation away with an equally amazing woman.”

Felicity was confused. She turned around and looked at Sara, “What is going on?”

It only took a moment for Sara to connect the dots. She was being set up, but in a good way for once.

Sara slowly approached Felicity who was still processing. She carefully took one of Felicity’s hands and then the other one. “I know this is kind of an ambush, but I would really love for you to join me. Maybe so we can just figure out what it is between us. I mean, you and I can go or we can tell the pilot to fly you to Central City to pick up-”

Felicity didn’t need to hear anymore. She pulled Sara down for kiss. It felt so good and she couldn’t delay kissing Sara anymore. She slid her arms around Sara’s neck and reveled in the feel of Sara’s arms around her waist, pulling Felicity’s body hard against her own.

When they finally pulled away, Felicity had to fix her glasses. She looked into Sara’s eyes and found an unclouded happiness there. She loved what she was seeing. She wanted Sara to be happy, more than anything.

However, there was something putting a damper on Felicity’s mood. She turned around and looked behind herself. Oliver was standing in front of the limo with Diggle. She gently touched Sara’s face and pulled away. She took a few steps on the runway toward Oliver and stopped in front of him.

“Are you sure?” Felicity asked, nervously.

Oliver put his hands on Felicity’s shoulders and looked her face over before pulling her into a hug. When he stepped back and had her at arm’s length, “I just want you both to be happy. Your happiness is with each other.” He slowly moved in and kissed Felicity’s cheek, lingering for a moment. Then he smiled at her, “My happiness is somewhere else.”

“Someone else,” Felicity poked Oliver’s chest with both her index fingers. She took her turn to kiss his cheek. “Call her.”

Oliver lazily smiled at the way Felicity knew him so well. He nodded, “I will.”

“Good,” Felicity told Oliver. She moved over to Diggle and hugged him. They said their friendly goodbyes as Sara carried their bags onto the jet.

Sara was walking back down the stairs to fetch Felicity when she was nearly run over by the other woman. Sara caught her around the waist and used to opportunity to kiss her. Felicity smiled from ear to ear and walked the rest of the way into the plane.

Sara stood at the top of the stairs and saw Oliver still watching the jet. She caught his eyes and gave him a nod. He nodded back and it was all the communication they needed. They understood each other and where they came from, but they didn’t belong together. Her happiness was inside of the plane, trying to figure out what kind of operating system the on board entertainment system worked on. His happiness was probably sitting in the basement of a church at an AA meeting.

After the excitement died down, Sara was sitting on the couch in the plane with Felicity pressed against her side. Felicity’s head was on her shoulder. Sara was stroking Felicity’s hair in a quiet contentment. Felicity’s phone dinged and she picked it up out of her handbag that was next to her without moving from Sara’s embrace.

Felicity smiled and showed the itinerary to Sara. Sara looked closer at the email and saw that Felicity had emailed it to Oliver who forwarded it back to Felicity. When she asked what that meant, Felicity explained, “He tricked me into planning the whole thing.”

Sara smiled, “Then this trip will be amazing.” She kissed Felicity’s forehead and then when Felicity tilted her head up, she kissed Felicity’s lips. The pull was just too strong. All her concerns about taking Felicity down with her were gone because she knew that because of Felicity she was going to try to stop being the dark assassin she once was. She was going to move as far away from that to try and be the kind of person that deserved to be with Felicity.

Felicity hummed into the kiss and broke it with a smile. She looked over Sara’s face and whispered, “Happy birthday.”