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Stars Stones and Stellar Remnants

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Your clearest early memories were always with Sans.

There was always a certain… fuzz over life before a certain point (a fairly recent point, actually), but there were a few memories that withstood the test of time and space.

The clearest of them all: visiting Waterfall with your big brother.

It had always been your favorite activity. It was better than make-believe or play fights or anything else! Mostly it was because you loved getting to be with your brother, but it was also just so pretty ! You fully believed the stars were the “most prettiest things in the whole wide underground.” You’d been very sure.

And you got to come and enjoy them with the “bestest person in the whole underground!”

There was nothing better!

“someday, pappy, we’re going to see the real stars!”

That line echoed in your mind stronger than almost anything else for years to come. It was the way he said it. Absolute conviction, and…well, Sans wasn’t known for his enthusiasm. Not even then. Even in his brightest, clearest moments, on his very best days, his voice was always calm and casual. At the time, you'd thought nothing fazed him! Because he was so cool! But when he talked about the stars, that all melted away into a deep well of joy and wisdom. Passion, even! Somehow, it made Sans seem even cooler .


“well, pappy, you see, stars are…”

You didn’t really follow what he said.

It didn’t really matter, even! Sans was just so happy when he talked about this stuff! Well, Sans was always happy, you reasoned, because he was always smiling, and that logically meant that he was always happy, but… he was extra happy here. His eyes glittered as he spoke. Glittered! They never did that!

(You missed that look.)

His enthusiasm would always spread to you when he was like this, and you had already needed very little excuse to be excited!

From what he said, real stars were the prettiest things in the entire wide world. They were like the buried treasures from your books (in reverse!), precious, unseen. Bright! Prettier than anything you could ever imagine!

They must have been.


Something went wrong.

Sans’s expression shifted a bit, and you could remember that clearly as the first time you'd ever felt yourself doubting your own words. The first of several (hundreds of) times your confidence would falter. Only the tiniest bit.

What you said seemed to make him less confident, less happy, which didn't make sense because look at the stars! They were very pretty. And he had come here just to see them with you! That couldn't have been something bad to say?

“they are pretty…” he sighed, “but the ones on the surface would blow you away!”

The smile was back, but you were confused. After all, you were pretty great. Sans always said so. You should have been a natural at everything you did. So why did he react like that? What did you say wrong? (Maybe you only imagined it? Why would you?)

These stars were pretty. Pretty and perfect and right in front of you! Right now!

“I LIKE THESE STARS! THEY’RE REALLY NICE AND PRETTY! …BUT THE THING I LIKE THE MOST ABOUT THEM IS BEING HERE WITH YOU!” you cheered, doing your best to make sure your smile was even bigger than his from before. He shared his excitement with you. Maybe you could give some back. “AND I KNOW ONE DAY WE’LL SEE THE REAL STARS TOGETHER AND IT’LL BE EVEN PRETTIER AND BETTERER!!”

You gave him a big hug. The biggest you could manage with such little arms.

You were great at hugs!


Much like the moon, Sans’s smile was once again the brightest thing visible, gazing up into a sea of stars.



The next few times you and Sans visited Waterfall, it was kind of… less fun. It was still fun, of course! But something seemed to be hanging in the air unsaid.

Sans would smile… But…

It was a slow progression. He talked more and more about seeing the “real” stars, and you felt more and more annoyed that he wouldn't just stop talking long enough to look at these stars. It was a silly thing to get caught up on, looking back, but you can't just pick and choose what you want to feel and when.

(You'd later take that as a challenge.)

You would ask him a question about them, and suddenly you were talking about something called “outer space” and the “sky” and a bunch of other fantasies you were quickly outgrowing. It became very clear that Sans didn't know a whole lot about the sparkling stones right above your heads.

They just weren't good enough to matter, were they?

You didn't really register it as resentment (very minor resentment!) until later in life. You weren't sure why you resented this. (You didn't really resent Sans at all.) It was just… you just did .

One day, you asked Sans if you could go to the library together and find a book about the Underground stars. You knew they were rocks, so maybe you could read about geology! That was the study of rocks! You could both learn together whatever he didn't know!

He said you two could do it later.

The memory of trudging through the snow to the library, alone, was another very strong one.



Whenever you were in Waterfall, you always found time to watch the stars. With or without Sans.

Time passed, you grew older, but the sight of the “stars” never did! Seeing them still filled you with joy, and you already had a lot of that! And some days… when you didn’t quite have as much joy (though those days were rare! You made sure of it! Positivity was very important!), they always made you feel better again.

They brought back that first clear memory. You and Sans, closer than close. Family. Childhood. It wasn't just that, though. There was something about the “stars” that captivated you.

Snowdin was home, but the stars of Waterfall were…



...forget it.

You were never all that great at explaining yourself. Even to yourself! That only meant you would need to practice and get better!


(One day, you made a new friend!! You were so happy ! You talked for hours!)

There was this very cool thing they did, where they reacted to the light below them, and sometimes you liked to send small puffs of bright, harmless magic towards them just to watch the reflections and shadows dance across the ceiling to your entire world. When you were still very young, you liked to think you were waving at them!

(One day, you made a great new friend! You two talked and talked. You felt like you could tell him anything!)

They always waved back!

(One day, you met your new best friend! He told you things... He was very smart.)

You “outgrew” that silly notion eventually, but you still held on just a bit. You were always so stubborn. You knew they were just rocks, the same way you knew the gifts from “Santa” were from your brother, or that a bedtime story didn't guarantee a good night’s sleep (in fact, who even needs it? Can't have terrible nightmares if you can't sleep!), or that people didn’t always mean it when they agreed that you were great or smart or cool... or that they remembered who you were at all besides “Sans’s brother, right?”

(One day, you met your only friend. He taught you a lot.)

As you got older you started to face a lot of uncomfortable truths, or… if you were more honest, you started to avoid a lot of uncomfortable truths.

(One day, you met a flower. God, you’re so stupid .)

(A smile could be a lie. You were learning that one really well. Your brother had a lot of secrets. You weren’t important enough to share them with. You would never be important. No one would ever respect you.Cooking spaghetti was not, and never would be, warrior training. You didn't have any friends. You probably never would.)

You know. Those truths. And so, so many others.

(One day you met a flower… NO! NO!! STOP! PLEASE!!!)

(One day you met a flower.)

(one day you met a flower…)

(one day a very bad thing happened)

( day…one day…one day…one day…)

(one day… i dont understand... werent we friends once... cant we just be friends again…? …please...)


(One day…)

Knowing the “stars” were always above you… you always felt a little more whole.

(One day, you thought something was going to happen…)

(But nobody came.)


You eventually stopped “waving” to them, at least in public, but you always smiled to them! Earnestly!


You hoped you weren't completely crazy to feel like they smiled back.



A lot of monsters liked to “wish” on the “stars.”

You never did. Not really.


They said that you could wish on real stars, and your wish would come true. These weren’t real stars, just poor substitutes, as everyone was so quick to remind you. Whatever power they had, if any at all… it was probably only good for one wish, and you were saving it. You didn’t need wishes to get most things you wanted, anyway.

You just needed to work hard!


Over the years, though, you had started to enjoy coming to see the stars more by yourself than you did with Sans. You felt guilty about not wanting him around for it. It’d always been your thing as kids, and those memories were some of the best you had…



There was something about it you couldn’t put into words. Something you didn’t want to.

Maybe it was… well … Sans liked the real stars. And these weren’t the real stars.


These weren’t Sans’s stars.

They were yours.



While you two didn’t utilize it for that purpose often, you and Undyne had found one of the best spots in the entire Underground to stargaze in Undyne’s favorite rock formation. If she hadn’t already claimed it as hers, you might have considered it in the running for your favorite too!

(Instead, you chose your “bridge.” You were really proud of that! With a nice paint job and the ropes, it made entry into Snowdin Forest both more dramatic and safer! No one was falling on your watch!)

It was great. It sat at the entrance to Hotland, and it was the perfect spot for sparring matches and dramatic battles.

It was also the perfect spot to just sit and be.

In one direction were the sparkling stones of Waterfall, and in the other, the red glow and skyline of Hotland’s booming industrial district, and at the very edge of that, barely visible from here, but still utterly commanding of respect, sat the CORE. You didn’t like actually being in Hotland, with that massive thing looming over you, the uncomfortable heat, the dizzying heights, the confusing steam vents and conveyor belts, the heights… but from this perspective, from this distance, you could appreciate the sight and what it must have taken to build all of that. Monster hands and tentacles and claws had made that . The CORE’s full history was lost to time. No one was sure exactly when or how it had been built, it’d always just been there, but you could imagine the work that went into it, vividly.

It was all actually very inspiring! An example of what a great work ethic could achieve! Monsters were cast out... exiled to a dark cave... yet you had built all of this!

One day after a long training session, you and Undyne both sat up there, soaking in the atmosphere and regaining the energy you’d both just spent on trying to destroy each other (in a friendly way!).

The stars Underground could only shine with the light they were given, unlike the stars above the surface. From this angle, the “stars” seemed to glow with a light they didn’t elsewhere, the radiating lava in the distance giving them a brilliant red sparkle. Some days, from certain angles, they didn’t shine much, but from up here, they practically sang.

You never got tired of this.

Undyne was the first to break the comfortable silence. “They really are pretty huh?”

You smiled widely. “THE STARS,” you exclaimed, loud as usual, but with a softer tone. You didn’t want to break the calm. “ARE ONE OF MY TOP TEN THINGS IN THE ENTIRE UNDERGROUND!”


Undyne gave you a huge grin at that. You knew she would. You also knew she would ask you what the other nine were.

...At least, that’s what you’d been going for.


You already had a few answers picked out. Some confusion on both ends, a joke, a laugh… You were rarely as spontaneous as you liked to seem. You liked to have a plan. It made you feel a little more confident, and while that came quite naturally most days, others... you needed to fake it a little. Just a bit.

“I wonder what the real stars are like…” She spoke softly, far more gently than her usual cadence. It was nice, different maybe, but the fact that she let herself sound that way in front of you, as if maybe she actually enjoyed this time as much as you did…you felt as warmed by that fact as you felt unsure of how to proceed. Your plan had failed, and this had become an oddly sore subject. For reasons you were never quite able to grasp.


“That,” she said, still soft and breathy for a moment before ramping up the volume even higher than your own version of normal, “IS SO COOL!!! That might just be the most BADASS FACT I have ever heard!!!”

You grinned. Nailed it.

The quiet you’d been enjoying was gone now, but her enthusiasm was far more precious to you, and you were excited that you’d been the one to fuel it.



And that was the opposite of ‘Nailed it.’

Rather very un-nailed-it.


You regretted it the second you said it. This was why you tried to plan things, because when you didn’t, sometimes your tone didn’t quite turn out right. You had aimed for the casually affectionate, almost playful kind of pride you normally reserved for talking about Sans to others, and you hoped she hadn’t caught that uncharacteristically bitter edge that slipped out of your mouth instead.

But she did.

You needed to redirect this and get her smile back where it belonged. Or at least bury it with more blathering until she forgot you’d said anything significantly abnormal. You excelled in that.


Extra cheery. If smiles could scream, yours would be deafening. (It may have actually been too much.) The Great Papyrus, Master of the Shouted Word! You were pretty sure it worked.

“And what about you?”


“Aren’t you excited to see the real stars someday?”

Oh no. She caught you.

You felt your face involuntarily sinking into your scarf. You tried to maintain your trademarked enthusiastic grin, but it fell into a more sheepish expression than you were comfortable showing around Undyne, and the embarrassment you were feeling at your own reactions just made you shrink in on yourself even more.

This was not Royal Guard behavior. You were acting like a child, and you hated yourself for it in that moment.

It felt like hours, but it was probably just a short moment before you looked over at Undyne, expecting disappointment or anger at your weakness, or worse .


“Papyrus...?” Concern. So, worse, then.

She’d just been in such a good mood, and you ruined it. You of all people had no right to take someone else’s happiness away. You owed her an explanation, even if you weren’t sure of the full answer yourself.

“I… WELL YOU SEE, I…. THE GREAT PAPYRUS…. UH… I…” you floundered. As much as you talked about yourself, you didn’t like talking about yourself.  And Undyne… she was your friend (Maybe. You hoped. God you hoped) and you should have been able to open up to a friend. But… she was also the Head of the Royal Guard. As head of the Royal Guard, she, technically , held all your hopes and dreams in the palm of her hands, always ready to crush them within her grasp, so disappointing her terrified you even more than disappointing any other friend. (Not that you had any.) You weren’t sure what you were feeling was disappointing, but… well…why take chances?

“Papyrus you don’t have to hold back with me. C’mon, I won’t do whatever it is you’re worried about. You can talk to me!”

You smiled. Not your usual one, not very genuine either, but… it would do. It’s not like you were going to lose her companionship or a spot in the Royal Guard just by saying this. You kept the lower half of your skull buried deep in your scarf, maybe in the hopes of muffling the sound of your voice enough that it wouldn't carry any further than the two of you. Truthfully, this wasn't something you wanted the whole Underground to hear.

“I…UHH…” you let out a sigh that took your volume with it. “I suppose I'd like to see the real stars someday. I'd like that very, very much, Undyne. I just,” you paused to think exactly how you wanted to phrase this next part. “I don't want to be excited about something that's not happening”

You quickly added a “YET!”

Too quick. Too forced.

Undyne gave you a long look and a sad smile. She wasn’t used to hearing you like this. No one was. You felt exposed, and… maybe you were being just a little too pessimistic. You weren’t a negative person at all. Even on this subject, you weren’t! Not really… but… it was so hard to get it into words. You weren’t exactly a poet, and these were some very complex feelings!

Time to redirect.

“IF I’M TOO EXCITED NOW, I MAY RUN COMPLETELY OUT OF EXCITEMENT BY THE TIME WE REACH THE SURFACE!” You put your hand to your chest, theatrically. Maybe it was a silly pose to pull out when you were only wearing the ratty old t-shirt and jeans you always practiced in, but it gave you a surge of confidence whenever you found yourself lacking. You'd never needed it more than now. “I AM VERY GREAT, AND I HAVE A LOT OF EXCITEMENT TO SHARE! BUT WHY FOCUS IT ON SOMETHING I DON’T HAVE YET WHEN I CAN BE EXCITED ABOUT ALL THE THINGS I DO HAVE!? LIKE…”

You paused. Should you do this? You were doing this.

You didn’t want to show it, but you were so, so nervous…


( please )


( please like me )


You tried to make that sound like a declaration of absolute truth. Confident. Fake it until you make it and all of that. But the question hanging there was clear as crystal and you knew she had to have heard it.


You looked at Undyne expectantly, scared out of your mind, but hopeful. So hopeful.

You hoped.

You hoped.

Oh stars , you hoped.

( please )


At least you hoped she would be merciful enough not to laugh in your face for calling her your friend. For some reason, you felt that that had happened to you at least once in your life, though you no longer remembered the event itself… It wasn't just a bad dream. Couldn't be. It stung.


The worst you feared didn’t come, though. Instead, the earlier worry in her eyes melted into joy, and the next thing you knew, she had you in a tight hug.


It occurred to you only then that she may have wanted a friend just as much as you did.

Any leftover doubts and pessimism were forgotten as your friend quantity increased by one.


The stars above sparkled, and you silently thanked them for the wish.



You were a very prompt and orderly skeleton.

Punctuality and efficiency were very important to you! They were key components of being in the Royal Guard! The most efficient way to do things, then, was theoretically the best, and the most efficient way to and from Undyne’s house in Waterfall was to take the ferry.

Instead, you just made sure to leave your house earlier, and tell Sans to expect you that much later. The quiet walk was worth anything else the time cut into. You could skip meals, you could skip naps (they were never very restful anyways), you could even leave work early if the situation ever called for it (but it never did! You were very careful!), but that walk… you weren’t going to miss it.

It wasn’t your favorite part of the day. Definitely not. It was too self-indulgent. Too unproductive. Too… Un-Papyrus.

What it was was necessary.

You needed this quiet time, more and more. You wanted to make friends, and you wanted to be with your friends you did have, but you also needed to… be away. Just for a bit! You didn't like feeling lonely, but sometimes you needed time alone... if that made sense?

You thought it did.

You needed your breaks from being a brother, a protégé, a sentry, a master chef. You needed your breaks away from being “The Great Papyrus,” to be whoever you were besides everything else, and these walks under the “stars” accommodated that. There was just a little tug from inside your ribcage, though, when you thought about the way you'd turned a ritual you once shared with Sans into some kind of big, selfish secret . As if some particularly pretty rocks were somehow more important than the person you were originally meant to share them with.

So, one day you asked Sans if he wanted to go for a walk to see the stars with you. He'd been really down lately ( so had you ) and it seemed only right to ask.

He turned you down.

You only asked once.



One day, during one of your walks, you met a flower and made a new friend!

It almost felt too quick. You were almost uneasy.

But you were almost a lot of things, and it was very easy to talk to him! He listened very closely! He knew exactly what to say to get you to open up! You envied that. By the end of the walk he knew almost your whole life story, and you… you never caught his name…? Strange. You hadn’t even thought of asking.

You wondered then if he had caught yours, and then, if he had, if he even remembered it. If he actually cared.


You decided to take what you were given. You were just happy to make another friend!

You weren’t going to question this any further. (You had headaches when you tried, anyway.)


You two met a few more times on your walks home. You missed your alone time, but it was nice to have someone to talk to. He was kinder than you’d expected him to be, and your unease faded a bit with each meeting.


(Flowey . His name was Flowey . You remembered. You weren’t sure if he told you or if you’d simply already known. It didn't really matter.)


One day, he stopped and said quietly, “...I’m sorry, Papyrus.”


He gave you an uneasy smile, and you grinned in return. You were getting better at forcing it.


Your head hurt.



You wished you could see the stars from Snowdin. It would make sentry duty a lot less dull to be able to watch your stars sparkle above, but there was a sort of magical light that filled most of the underground, shifting with the hours, obscuring the crystals in the brighter regions entirely, even at the darkest parts of the cycle. Some homage to the light outside of the underground, you guessed. A way to keep the time. A signal to sleep and wake, if that was something you were into.

You’d read books on the subject; it was kind of fascinating. Never seeing the sky for yourself made it difficult to actually picture, though.

You’d found all kinds of books about stars and galaxies and faraway worlds, and while most went to Sans as gift, you often read them first. You wanted to understand. To match his zeal he’d always had for this particular subject. You wanted to have something you could both talk about without the wall that was growing between you, and this was one of the few passions he seemed to have left these days.

The Great Papyrus was great at being enthusiastic! But… but…


You just didn't get it.


There were even illustrations in a few but…

They were just... dots?


What was so amazing about that?


The fact that Sans loved them had always made you want to love them, too, but without seeing them yourself, just reading about them, you couldn’t find the appeal. And, well…

The surface was…


it wasn't that you were…

You weren’t...





Whenever Sans or anyone else brought it up, now, you just knew you would all get to the surface! You had a good feeling about it! It would happen in no time! You believed it 100%! And then you would see the real stars!


You were pretty convincing, you thought.

But, still, you could never completely fool yourself.


Some things just weren’t in your power, weren’t in anyone’s power, and your “boundless” optimism was… well.

Everyone had their limits.

You just didn't acknowledge yours. Never did!


You believed in yourself.

You believed in people.


But you knew getting to the surface was beyond your power, beyond any of you, and what you didn't believe in was luck.


So the real stars... they may have been up there. They may have been pretty. But it didn’t matter, because they weren’t really real. They were a fantasy.


A theoretically very pretty fantasy.


Pointless lights.



Nyeh heh heh…


“Point less?”


Wowie… That was awful . A crime against comedy, really. It barely even counted as a coherent pun.


You were slowly turning into Sans.

You decided to clean the entire house a few times when you got off duty.



One day, you made a new friend, and Flowey made a plan.


You agreed to help.



One day…


Y̨̥̠̳̲̱͚̟̹̮̹ͬ̊́ͧ̃ͮ͊ͣ̊ͭͯ̇ͤ͜͡Ö̮̼̤͖̣̹̻̣͈̱̤̠̣̟̟̮̘͕́̋̄͂ͯ́̑ͭ̎ͫ͆̌̋ͨ͘̕͞͝U̸̧̧̮̖̺͖̰̖͙̭̬͎̞̫ͯ̋ͤͭͪ͌͋͂ ̡̨̰̲̬̝̝͕̙͙̯̬͚ͯ̒̄ͫ͂͋͂̍͗̑͘W̼̯͕̞͇̜͈̐ͧͧ̎͘͡Ȩ̷̥͈̞͉̻̞̮̖ͩ̏̂ͯ̒ͭ́͊ͪ͑ͣ̔̄͗̄ͨ̌̾ͪͅR̵̵̨̨̹̠̱͕̝̩̣̞͖͍̠̦̣̪̰̤̋ͩ̅͂͊ͣ͒̎̎͛̀̋ͮ͗̊̂͆͊̓͞E̸̸̛̟̥̮͉̪͔͍̮̫̲̣̿̓̎̾ͨ͛͋̍ͪ̔̉ͮ̏̿̿̀̂̍͜N͒ͭ̆̇ͬ̉̚҉̫̳͇̤̱̫͚̪͓̩̪'̸̧̠̥̤͎̫̳̼͕̥̯͊̃̅͗ͯͮͨͫ͟͡͠T͂̾̇̾͘͡͏҉̙̱͎̭͙̮ ̶̷̞͎͎̹͉͚͔̹̰̲̺̓̾ͯͤ̃ͤ̚͘͞ͅY̵̻͈̠̫̝͕̗͈̤ͬͣͩͯ̑ͣͮͪ̓̇ͪ̔Õ̸̢͕̦̙͈̘͔͈͈̲̞̼͇̖̝͙̦͊ͤͧͨ̿̀ͣ̉͆̍ͩ̑ͥ̽͋ͤ̈̚Ữ̡̡̟̠͈̳̺̘̺̳͈̊̔͝͠,̴̢̏ͥ͆͊̿͘͟҉̗̫̩ ̶̛̫̗͍̱̭̼̲͎̳̮̣̣̤̼̭̠̩̲͔͗̓͆́͆F̵ͭͪ͊̓͂̑͋̿̐̉ͣ̏͗͆͒́̉͝͏̷̝͔͇̯͓̹͠O̴̮̯̱̫̳͍͖̗͐͂̇̿̌ͨ̄ͮ̂̅͢͠ͅR̸̨̺͎͙̳̤̰̳̜͈̺̺̲͕̣̺͇̃͂̃͛ͬ͌ͩͯͫ̇ͬ͡ͅ ̸̄̎ͥ̋ͪ͆̒̆̑̅̓̓̇̄̇̏ͫͥ҉̶̝̮͖̖̙͙̩Aͯ̈́͋̃̍̉̍͛ͨ̂̚͢͜͏̶̘̳̥͚̜̬̺͈̦͡ ̡̡̨̹̯͈̬̮̳̤͌̇̿̃̅L̸̨̰̥̟̤͎͖ͧ̃̽̇͟Į̵̵̧̛̞̭͉̮̲̲̥̜̝͖̟̥̺̳̦̄̄ͤͣ̏̒̋͋͑̾͊ͩ̌ͨͭͅŤ̢͉̞͎̤͖̈́̃̋̿̿̓ͭ̅̎ͦͫŢ̸̵̡̭̜̟͎̬̣͓̼͈̠͉̮̙̩̮͑͋͗͂͑ͦ̀̇̇̍͛ͨ̈͂̂̽ͧͩ̚͞L̴͕̝̫̜͚͕͉͈̳̱̺̱̐ͬͮͮ͂͊ͤͬ̉̂̌ͬ̊ͤ͒͛͌Ę̨̱̩͉̞̩͚͍͕̇̓ͫ̒͒̂͗̂͋͋͞ ̢͌̑̍͗ͦ̄̾̅̏͗̏͛̂͠҉̯͓̟̱̖͍̥̱͔̻̻̦͉̬͡ͅW̿̐ͬ̏̄̒͋̾̽̐̈ͮͭ̒ͪ̃͐͊̚҉̸̶̢̹̺͉̙̜͖͚͓͖͇̳̼̦̳̞̝͙̬̣͜H̬̭̣̩̙͎̞͙͔̤̥̲̼͍̑̃̅ͯ͌͊͐́̽̋͂́͛ͬ͜͞͠ͅI̴̛͎̦͖̯ͬͭ͐ͣͧ̽̚̕͘L̴̲̬̞̣̲̱̲̯̙̺̦̞̥̼͓͈̻̩ͧ̆ͯ̌ͩ̅̈̐ͨ͋̈́͞E͙̫͚̱̩͙̹͇̲̰̳͓͇̰͔͋ͤͩ̄̄̒̇͒̃ͮ͠.̵̨̱̬̜͓̙̮̠͙͙̅ͫ̈̓̾́͛ͅ
̵̨̟͙̭͙̮̳̍̃ͨ̂̎͛ͣ́̿̇ͩ́͒̍̓̍͢ ̨̛̪̺͇͍̎̔̎̅ͨ͒͋͊̚͞͡Ỷ̎̈́ͨ͛͌̽ͥͭͯ̔̉͒͐̾ͦ̿͐͜͠͏̻̻͕̲͚̟͖̠̥̰͉͎̻͡O̴ͩ͒̐̂̑͂̍̎̿̂́͗̀ͬ̆ͣ͏̶̡̛̟̙̦̭̻̠̼͍̰͓̝͖ͅͅỦ̢̪̻͍̰͈̳̫̓͌̆ͦ̔̑̐͑͆͊̂ͣ͌̚̚͟͝ ̸̸̢̹̹͓̝̬̹͚̳̙̖͋̓̓̄ͬͬ̀̋̐̋͂ͤͫ̊̐̋͋̅͟͞F̷̴̼͕̙̎ͧ͐̃ͦ͋͌ͥͬͬ͛̓̏̌̕O̢͖̥͎̲̭̱̱͕͕̦͕̼̔̎͗̎̀̎͞R̶̛̪͍̦̲̬̻͉̉̆͒̐ͧͬG̴̸͍̪̩̟̬̮̯̥̼̦̺̘ͯ̄ͯ̊̈̀ͧ̓̔ͨͭ̈͐ͣ͘͟ͅŎ͕̗͔̼͓̯̣͕͕̫̅͑ͭ͑ͣ̿͌̚͘̕͠ͅͅŢ̷̷͓̦͇̣̓ͯͭ̏̓̾͂̿̍͒̐͞.̿̒̄ͥ̅̋̆̐̆̀̏̄ͩ͛̌͆҉͕̠̗̻͙̠͍̰̪͉̥̮̪̜͚̣̱̻ ̷̡̮̭͔̙̜̞͕̹ͣ͆ͬͤ̍͋ͥ͑̂̚͘ͅͅY̿͐̒͊ͭ͋ͯ̋̾̚͟҉̠̟̗̮͙̤̮͙̤̱̯̠̪̟̱̦͞Ǒ̵͔̞̺̯̯̰̜̜̝͓̼̻͈͈̳̟ͯ̽ͯ̆ͮ̎ͬ̚U̸̵̷̷̢̻̣̙̙̣̩͑̾̇̄̓ͪ̔̿̑̈̽͑̏ͪ̊̍ ̺̬͉̭̤͙͍͓̼̟̼̥̹͍͔͓̣̼̙͋͌̏ͦ̔ͦ̉̍͌͂̍̄̽̾͒ͣ̚̕͘Ŗ̽̀̿̂̈̍̚͝͏̪̩͍̰̪̺̟̝̹͓̙̘ͅE̸̶̫̝̩͙̬̫̗̤̭̟͍̮̜̙̼̝̓̌̽̾ͫ̊̿ͤ̈͂ͨ̐ͧ̂̓̄͡M̷̡̛̟͔͇̯̘̩͇̜̟̦͎̳͇͚̥͎͇̈́̏̈̓͌̈ͨ̾ͬE̸ͮ̑̄̒̀ͬ̊̂̋̉̾ͨͬ̕͏̰͈̯̘̫͙̱̮̤͈M̨̖̟̰̜̏͑̊ͮ̐̚̚͢͡B̢̧̛͚̰̻̬͚̖̩̭̯͖̻ͩ̉́̔ͯ̋̕͢Ȩ̴̩͚͕͉̖̘͉͉̳̟̣͈̝̰̘̰̖ͨ͆ͣͧ̏ͨ͋̑͘͜͠R̴̨͉̘͇̦͇̳̎̀̃̓̀͋͌͌͋̑̎̈̂͊ͤ͟͡ͅȆ̡̧̖̻̜̘̙̱͉̤͓̪͔ͥ̇ͥ̂͗̈ͣ̈́́̓̅ͨ̓ͨD̢͍̦̺̯̮̝̰̩̓͋͆̈́͑̔̏͊͋͑͋͢͟ͅ.̛̜̜̞̝̤̱͖̙̝͚͔͇̫̬̟̄͒̿̇ͯ̐̆̉͂̌ͨ̓̎̋ͭ̂̚͡ ̵̄͂ͣ͗͋͊̓̔͗ͯ̏ͧ̄ͫ̂͗̃҉̜͚͕̼̪͢
̷̷̢͔̣̫̺̞͎̞͓̙̬͓͎̟͓͊̂̀ͬ́́̎ͫ̑ͮͯ̿ͤͮ́̅Y̵̨̨̫̦̲̬̖̲̘̳̠̱͊͗̐͛ͮͬ̚ͅO̴̯̺̮͉̼̩͈̲ͣ͛̓ͨ͋̾̅ͫ̄ͨ̆̌̊ͣ̚̕͜͠͞Ư̸̰̘̱͚̗͉̟̮̱̦̬̝̘͓̥͍̘̭ͬͥ̆̇̎ͧͬͬͦͩ̊ͫ͐ ̓͗̋ͨ̇̄̏̏͏̨͔͍̱̱̦̪͕͔͜͞F̧̡̤̝̠̝͓̯̗͉̩̾̎͆̈ͮͣͪ̂ͪͯ̋͆̏͒̈́̽͞͠Ơ̜̥͇͕̝̾ͣ̔̽̄ͦ͛̽̃̇͊ͪͧ̽̈́̕͝R̶̷̶̭̗̱̘̣͖̲̼̗͙̝̜̫͕͈̉ͯ͌͒̅͛ͥ̾̒̓͋͌̋͂ͧ̚Ġ̸͕͇̟̫̘̳̥ͫ͊̍͊́̀̀ͨ̎̉ͪͦ͐͆ͧ̃̈͋͘ͅOͣ̏̾̽̈͋̍̉̃҉̨̱͎̪̻̖͔̗̫̤̲̼͍͉͢͠Ť̢̗̝̹͔̳̪̥̣͙̹͇͎͔͙̃ͭͮ̈́͒ͪͫ̿̿ͩ̚͠ͅ.̶͕͔̝͎̱͇͓̲̦̯̤̤̙̤̘͉̘̜͓̇ͯͬ̀̃͂̋̃ͮ̊͐ͭ̀͝

“someday, pappy, we’re going to see the real stars!”


One day, Papyrus… you got to see the real stars.