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Jeongguk pulls his tank top down with a huff, hoping the thin material will stretch with a simple tug enough to cover his ass and crotch. He’s in the tightest pair of athletic leggings that Taehyung was able to find while digging through his closet, the older having claimed that for a yoga class, a pair of leggings would suit better than his usual basketball shorts.

Bullshit , Jeongguk thinks bitterly. His ass and thighs are already thick, and these tight as fuck pants only draw more attention to him. He can already hear the impending whispers and giggles from women who’ll want to put their hands all over him, making him shudder. He hadn’t really planned on going inside the yoga room until Taehyung turned up to go in with him, but seeing as Taehyung’s late, that plan may have to be set aside for now.

This whole thing is just a punishment for losing a prank war against Namjoon and Yoongi, but the actual punishment is Seokjin’s fault for being the one to come up with the stupidest fucking idea ever of him and Taehyung attending a class that doesn’t exactly suit them. Well, Taehyung and what flexibility he has could probably pass the class with flying colors. Him, not so much.

Not to mention his crotch is getting itchy in their crushed doom. His dick is tucked in places he had never imagined it could be tucked in before, and he can’t say that he’s too pleased with its whereabouts. It’s not like he can just put a hand in his pockets and scratch, because he has no pockets in the first place. How the fuck do girls do this ?

When he grows more impatient, he reaches into his drawstring bag and takes his phone out. If Taehyung even dares to leave him alone in this low point of his life when they’re supposed to be in this together, Seokjin is going to hear every word of it, and that means that Jeongguk will get to watch and laugh while Taehyung fulfills an even worse punishment. His friends call him extremely petty, and he will say that they’re extremely correct.



Busan Bun 1:49 PM

Hyung where are you??

I swear if you’re ditching me like this I’ll rip your balls off

I’m wearing leggings for this

I have a fucking wedgie that I can’t pull out either



Which that may be a bit dramatic considering it’s just the receptionist's occasional glances, and the painfully blatant staring from a girl waiting for somebody in another class that comes his way.

Still, he shifts on his feet a little uncomfortably, pulling at his top with one hand again. He feels like he relates to one of those watermelons with a ton of rubber bands around it that’s getting ready to burst. His poor, poor dick.



Tae 1:50 PM

Relax I’m not ditching

I’m a good friend :)

I was just a lil late getting my day started bc my o-n-s wanted to blow me before I left lol


Busan Bun 1:50 PM

I suddenly cannot read wow

Pls just hurry


Tae 1:50 PM

I’m coming in rn you big baby


Indeed, Taehyung does come through the front doors just then, signing in with the receptionist and walking over to Jeongguk. Bitter feelings bubble in Jeongguk’s chest when he sees Taehyung in proper yoga pants that are at least decently flared at the ankles, not skin tight all the way down like his are.

“I’m going to kill Jin-hyung,” he grumbles once Taehyung is next to him. The silver haired one looks rather happy about going into the class, while he is anything but. This really isn’t fair punishment if one of them is enjoying it, is it? “Do I really have to go in there?” he asks, gesturing to the opaque door that has the class’ hours printed on it.

“Yep! It’s not like it’s even that bad of a punishment. I thought you liked exercising. Plus, yoga can’t be that hard,” Taehyung puts a hand on his back and ushers him closer to the door, opening it for the both of them and walking into the room.

There’s already a few women inside the room already, mats laid out while they do basic stretches while waiting for the instructor. As soon as they enter, all eyes are on the two of them, and Jeongguk turns around to exit. Unfortunately, Taehyung makes a ‘tsk’ sound and holds an arm out to keep him from leaving. He could push past Taehyung if he wanted to, but he supposes he should go ahead and get this over with.

“Lifting weights and running mills is hardly anything like yoga,” Jeongguk hisses, letting Taehyung lead the way through the room to wherever he chooses to settle down.

His free hand clutches onto the back of Taehyung’s shirt like a child would hold onto their mother. It’s just a bit embarrassing, but he can’t find himself to care when he’s pretty sure that the women are staring at his ass without even trying to be discreet about it.

Taehyung picks a spot where two mats will fit next to each other and flattens his pink one out on the floor, while Jeongguk lets his green one flop against the wooden surface with a loud smack. The sound reverberates throughout the entire room, and his cheeks grow red when he sees Taehyung looking at him like he’s just eaten the last cookie in the jar. This is really not his day at all.

“It’s just one class, then you’ll never seen of these people again. Y’know, maybe this class is exactly what you need to chill out a little,” Taehyung says, taking a seat on his mat and doing toe touches. He can practically fold himself in half and even reach past his toes, and whenever Jeongguk tries, he feels his abs burn uncomfortably at the slightest movements of trying to match Taehyung. “You’re too on edge as it is. If this doesn’t work, then maybe you need to get laid.”

He grimaces, opting to sit cross-legged on his mat instead of doing any warm ups. “I’m not really in to random fucks hyung, you know that,” his voice comes out in quiet mumbling, not wanting the other women to hear him.

Luckily, their attention isn’t on him anymore. Even Taehyung’s response gets cut off as his focus is diverted to the man who walks in the room looking like a full on yoga junkie. The guy’s blonde hair is kept into two tiny space buns atop his head, a purple tank top covering his torso, and a pair of tight yoga pants similar to Taehyung’s on his lower body. To everyone’s surprise, he walks to the front of the room and sets his stuff down there, then looks around the room with a grin.

He clasps his hands and the dangling charms on his bracelets clang together. “Hello everyone. My name is Jimin, and I’ll be your new yoga instructor for this rotation,” he introduces, eyes squinting into half moons as he smiles at everyone.

Jimin begins talking once more, but it goes unheard by him, only because Taehyung leans over a little to whisper. “I wonder how he likes his eggs in the morning,” and it takes everything Jeongguk has in him not to scoff out loud.

It gets to the halfway mark of the class, and Jeongguk has already counted to over ten the amount of times he’s seen Taehyung not so subtly adjusting his pants. Somehow, he has managed to keep his arousal on the down low, no matter how many times his dick wants to say hello each time Jimin bends over. There is no underwear outline underneath the instructor’s yoga pants.

“I take it back, what I said about yoga not being hard,” Taehyung’s legs and arms are wobbling as he keeps himself in a downward dog pose, and Jeongguk thinks he even sees sweat beginning to drip from his fringe. “But it’s worth it. For every minute I get to look at his ass, ten years gets added onto my lifespan.”

It’s times like these where Jeongguk is very glad that he goes to the gym regularly. His body hasn’t gotten to a shaky state just yet, but some of these poses are more extreme than he had expected, so he’s almost there. The position he’s in doesn’t help his cause either, because he’s sure that with his back sticking out like this, the leggings must accentuate his ass more than ever.

“Dude, do you think you could do an ass check for me right now?” he asks, looking around afterwards to make sure nobody heard.

Taehyung faces him and raises an eyebrow. “That’s gay, bro,” but instantly looks back to Jeongguk’s ass. “It’s hot. I’d bang ten outta ten, definitely—“

“Kim Taehyung-ssi, is there anything you have to say that’s more important than paying attention to my class?” Jimin interrupts, the both of them looking up to the instructor to see a small smirk settled on his features and an amused glint in his eyes.

The one addressed chokes, almost falling flat on his face. Just when he goes to brokenly respond, the door opens up and an intruder comes in. As soon as Jeongguk sees who it is, he’s taking Taehyung’s place and losing his composure, sweaty hands slipping and causing his face to come in contact with the mat. He hears Taehyung snort at his pathetic self, but nobody else pays any mind to them and he can understand why.

Jung Hoseok is standing by the door, arms crossed and a grin on his face as he examines the room before his eyes land on Jimin. “Ah, Jiminie! Sorry to bother you, but one of my lovely juniors is in need of a bandaid and there’s none in the health cabinet.”

“Oh, okay! Everybody, you can relax for a minute,” Jimin says, maneuvering through the class to get to Hoseok.

While they talk, Jeongguk can’t stop staring. It’s kind of creepy but he can’t believe it. Hoseok is one of the main dancers at his university, the biggest reason why he hasn’t gained the courage to try out for the group. He’s been plenty comfortable admiring the orange haired dancer from afar while the man doesn’t even know of his existence, but now he’s standing right in front of him, and his cheek is still squished against the mat.

Jeongguk had read the terms and conditions for this yoga class, and had signed up for it regardless of whether or not he actually agreed to them just because he had no choice but to. Except, he wasn’t aware at the time that one of the conditions was to not melt on the spot when for some reason, Jung Hoseok comes in looking like a five course whole meal.

Yeah, if he had seen that on the paper, he would have ripped it up and shoved the remnants of it in his friends’ mouths to swallow. Fuck them.

He first saw Hoseok at a local bowling alley while he was hanging out with Taehyung, Namjoon, and Seokjin. The dancer was with some of his friends from the soccer team and happened to be a couple of lanes over. From the get-go, Jeongguk had been enamoured and messed up so many of his turns in favor of turning his head each time Hoseok’s laughter boomed throughout the room. His friends had slowly caught on because Jeon Jeongguk never does bad at bowling.

A couple of days later, he had seen Hoseok on campus at the smoothie shop. A strawberry banana smoothie had been calling his name, but upon seeing Hoseok already at the counter ordering, he had turned right around and bolted the other way to avoid any contact. The thought of being friends — or more with Hoseok seems great, but actually getting to that point? No thanks.

But now he’s here in Jeongguk’s yoga class, and Jeongguk is speechless, as one way to put it. His eyes are widened and his throat runs dry until Taehyung smacks him. “Stop your gawking and get up already, you embarrassing idiot.”

“Says the one who’s been drooling over Jimin for the past thirty minutes,” he retorts, gaining his self focus back and sliding into a seated position, only to stand up with Taehyung and stretch his body out properly.

When he takes another look towards the door, Jimin is gone but Hoseok is still leaning against the wall. He’s sporting a tank top that hugs his torso nicely, framing his bony shoulders and letting everyone get a good look at his bulging arm muscles. Jeongguk sees that everyone else in the room (minus Taehyung) is trying to sneak in occasional glances at Hoseok as well, but they’re too obvious.

With a sigh, he bends down and grabs for his water bottle. So many thoughts run through his mind while he unscrews the cap. Is Hoseok a student here? A worker maybe? He catches the dancer at the gym sometimes, and it would seem reasonable to take his skill outside of their campus borders, but out of all places, it had to be where Jeongguk currently is?

“Not to alarm you, but Jung Hoseok is checking your ass out,” Taehyung whispers hurriedly, angling himself so Hoseok can’t read his lips if he’s looking.

Jeongguk almost chokes on his water, thankfully managing to save himself with another gulp. He tilts his head up as he downs the water in large sips, and when he bends down to put the bottle back on the floor, he catches a glimpse of Hoseok through the mirror to see the dancer eyeing his ass. Oh shit . He really is looking at him.

For a moment he had forgotten that he’s wearing the leggings. Now Hoseok’s first impression of him must be that he’s some sort of freak, because what guy wears these kinds of leggings without shorts over them? He’s going to kill Taehyung after the class is over with.

Taking a chance, he risks turning around to face Hoseok. When he does, Hoseok averts his eyes and clears his throat. He feels the blood rushing to his cheeks the longer he looks at Hoseok, and it’s not until Taehyung nudges him that he looks away. God, Taehyung’s right; he’s too embarrassing for his own good.

Eventually Jimin comes back with a few bandaids in hand and gives them to Hoseok whose expression brightens when seeing the blonde arrive. Jeongguk frowns a little at that, although his mood had already dampened a little due to the fact that the entire class was more or less looking ready to get on their knees for Hoseok.

“Thank you Jiminie. Sorry again, for interrupting,” Hoseok says, smiling apologetically to both Jimin and the class.

“Don’t worry about it hyung, we were on our second to last stretch anyway,” Jimin hums, moving aside so Hoseok can walk out after waving to everybody. Once the door is shut, Jimin takes in a deep breath and sets his eyes on Taehyung. “Get back in your positions, class isn’t over yet.” he orders.

Maybe Jeongguk won’t have to be the one to kill Taehyung. With the way Jimin is staring at his best friend, he may be the one to do it for him.

By the time the class finishes, Jeongguk’s limbs feel like noodles. Being in shape, he had thought that yoga wouldn’t be that difficult in terms of losing his grip like this, but somehow yoga is like an Olympic sport.

He’s in the process of rolling his mat when Taehyung puts the strap of his bag over his shoulder and tells him to go on without him, that he’s going to talk to Jimin for a little bit before leaving. Good luck, is what Jeongguk replies with, because there’s already five other women lined up to talk to the instructor. Or feel up his muscles like the girl talking to him right now is doing.

As soon as he exits the room and enters the main lobby, he takes a picture of himself in his sweaty, red-faced glory and sends to his group chat of him and his friends as proof that he attended the yoga class. Along with a ton of angry emojis even though it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be.

“Hey, Jeongguk right?” the new presence comes as a surprise to him, making him jump and quickly turn off his phone.

Quickly, he turns in the direction of the person, and his eyes must double in size when seeing Hoseok right in front of him. His mouth closes and opens like a fish’s would gaping for water. “U-uh. I—yeah, that’s me,” he sputters. “How’d you know?”

“I may or may not have seen you around campus a few times, and I’m friends with Min Yoongi, and he’s told me bits and pieces about his friend Jeongguk,” Hoseok scratches at the back of his neck with a mildly nervous smile grazing his lips. “I’m Hoseok, by the way. I know it seems kind of weird meeting like this, like wow I seem like some sort of stalker now—“

“N-no!” Jeongguk interjects, going to wave his hands in protest and instead dropping his mat and bag. He groans when the mat unrolls over their feet, but hearing Hoseok’s chuckle makes his irritation simmer down. “I’m sorry about that. I’m usually not this much of a mess, fucking hell,” his apologies turn into unintentional grumbles directed towards himself. “And now I’m talking to myself, that’s attractive.”

The bright and bubbly laughter that practically lead Jeongguk to Hoseok rings through his ears, and he watches as Hoseok crouches down to pick his things up for him. “It’s fine, I have my moments too.”

“Hoseok-ssi, you really d-don’t have to do that — oh, okay,” his breath hitches in his throat when he realizes that if Hoseok looks forward in his crouched position, his face will be right in his dick. That piece of knowledge has him shyly picking at the hem of his tank top and tugging it further down, knees knocking together as if that will help conceal himself.

Apparently his bag hadn’t been tightened enough since some of its contents had fallen out. Hoseok has to put a couple of sweatbands and a spare change of socks back in, which shouldn’t be embarrassing to Jeongguk but ends up feeling that way. He pops back up with mat and bag in hand, and Jeongguk gratefully receives them.

“Thank you,” he mumbles shyly, making sure that the bag straps are secured over his shoulders and that the mat is tucked firmly under his arm this time. “So. Uh. Are you taking a class too or…?”

Hoseok shakes his head and points over his shoulder to the door behind him.  “I teach the self defense class next door. You should come check it out some time maybe? Given that hopefully Jimin and I haven’t scared you away.”

Chuckling, Jeongguk shakes his head. “You haven’t scared me,” Really, the yoga class was supposed to be a one time thing to fulfill the punishment. However, with the way that Hoseok has sounded so eager to the thought of him coming back, he may have to turn it into more than just one occurrence. “And I will. Check it out, that is. Yeah.”

“Awesome,” Hoseok grins, then begins to gnaw on his bottom lip with a look back to one of the rooms behind him. “I hate to go, but I have to prepare one of the rooms for the next class. But hey, maybe I’ll see you around campus too?”

Disappointed that their talk has to come to and end, Jeongguk gives a small wave. “Maybe. See you later, Hoseok-ssi.”

And Hoseok sends him one last grin before disappearing into the only room with an open door. Aside from the receptionist who’s currently on a call, he’s the only one left in the lobby now because Taehyung still hasn’t come out of Jimin’s room. Growing impatient, he texts Taehyung that he’s leaving and hopes that Jimin’s ass makes all his dreams come true, and heads out the door.

On the way to campus, he has a little more skip in his step than usual.







It’s like he begins to see Hoseok everywhere after that day.

He’s in the courtyard when Jeongguk’s decides to take the scenic route to his next class, he’s coming out of the office while Jeongguk’s drinking from the water fountain beside it, he’s kicking a soccer ball around with his friends as Jeongguk has to make a quick detour past them to get to the gym where Yoongi is.

Not that he’s complaining.

Walking of out the main hall building after coming out of biology class, Hoseok is at the bottom of the stairs with two of his friends, laughing and smiling at whatever they’re saying to him. He prays that he doesn’t fall down the stairs while his focus isn’t on his own two feet, but stumbles a little when Hoseok catches him staring. Luckily he’s able to grab onto the railing in time to catch himself.

Having noticed his small mishap, Hoseok’s heart shaped grin makes an appearance. Then he waves to Jeongguk rather wildly, body swaying in whichever direction his hand goes. It would be embarrassing if it wasn’t so cute, and if Jeongguk didn’t think Hoseok’s one of the coolest people in their university. The guy he has a tiny (big) crush on and looks up to is waving at him .

The corners of his lips curl upwards without him even realizing, but once Hoseok’s friends turn around to see who he’s waving to, the smile disappears and Jeongguk becomes shy again, twinkling his fingers in a brief wave, and walking away

After recovering from that, the time of academic self destruct (when he should be studying for exams in the library but is choosing not to do that and possibly go down the dark path of exam failure) comes around, and he finds himself in the smoothie shop with Seokjin and Taehyung in front of him, Namjoon beside him.

“Did Gukkie tell you who talked to him after yoga last Tuesday?” Taehyung asks, and Jeongguk can see the evil twinkle in his eyes. The one that’s up to no good and wants to make him suffer. This motherfucker .

“No, why? Who was it?” Seokjin’s eyebrows furrow as he looks between the two youngest boys, his confusion setting in deeper as Jeongguk sinks further in to his seat.

“None other than Jung Hoseok, of course,” Taehyung smirks, smugly sipping his smoothie through an annoyingly bright pink straw. He hopes his best friend chokes and gets a brain freeze. “Not to mention the guy was staring at his ass thanks to those leggings I had him wear.”

Scowling, Jeongguk crosses his arms. “It still feels like my boxers are wedged up my ass.”

“I’m sure that’s not been the only thing shoved up there since talking to your loverboy, huh?” Taehyung snickers.


Namjoon (lightly) slams a hand down on the table and rattles every item on it. “I really do not want to think about my dongsaengs and their escapades, please,” he begs, looking at Taehyung with a pleading gaze.

“Fine. You’re all boring,” Taehyung pouts, copying Jeongguk’s position of a bratty looking teenager.

“Excuse you, I want to hear about what happened,” Seokjin scoffs and swats at Taehyung’s arm in offense. This has Jeongguk pulling his jacket’s hood over his head and craning his neck down so he’s looking into his lap. “Did they fuck?”

Instantly, Jeongguk’s shouting. “What the hell, no!” It grabs the attention of the entire shop, and he cringes. He makes sure to lower his voice next. “All we did was introduce each other. I was my usual awkward self, and he didn’t make me feel like shit over it, yadda yadda. Nothing huge.”

Then Taehyung’s speaking up again. “In other words, he wanted to fuck—“

And he shuts it down. “Oh yeah? What were you talking to the yoga instructor about for so long that I had to leave without you, huh. How much you wanted to suck his dick?”

They ignore Namjoon’s disappointed groan and Seokjin’s shocked grin.

“Actually, I told him I wanted him to eat my ass, but I wouldn’t say no to sucking his dick either.”

“Seriously?” he gasps when Taehyung nods with confidence. “What the fuck.”

“Just accept the fact that while I’ll be getting the dicking of my life, you’ll still be playing ‘if I can’t see you then you can’t see me’ with Hoseok,” Taehyung shrugs like all the logic in the world is held in the palm of his hand.

He’s never been outgoing like Taehyung is. They had grown up together, but it wasn’t Jeongguk who initiated the friendship. It’s thanks to Taehyung that he even has more than one friend. So he doesn’t doubt for a second that what Taehyung says is true.

“It’s fine.. I’m happy enough that he even knows my name,” he chuckles pathetically. He watches his friends previous expressions drop when they hear his tone. “And he stopped talking to his friends to wave to me today, which was nice too. Even though I probably looked like an idiot forgetting to wave back.”

Taehyung isn’t having it though. “You know what? We’re going to step up your game Gukkie. Jung Hoseok won’t know what will have hit him.”

Less than a week later, Jeongguk finds out that what Taehyung means by stepping up his game is upgrading from leggings to spandex shorts. He’s so glad he’s comfortable enough with Taehyung to let the guy tuck his dick in the shorts to where it won’t be hanging out for the world to see, but actual the process of hiding it was still not an ideal experience for him.

The length of them barely rises out past his ass cheeks, meaning he feels the need to tug them down as far as they’ll go every five seconds. Somehow they squeeze tighter than the leggings had, and this time he doesn’t have a shirt long enough to give his thick ass the slightest amount of cover. He still isn’t sure why he let Taehyung do this to him.

Their friends don’t even know that they’re attending another yoga class, but if they found out, they’d probably laugh in their faces. Then laugh even harder once finding out why .

He doesn’t quirk an eyebrow when Taehyung lays his mat right in front of where Jimin will be, knowing that the older is on an entire different level of desperate than he is. With his perseverance, there’s no doubt he’ll have what he wants in no time.

The simplest of Jeongguk’s wants is to be able to hold Hoseok’s hand, just once if possible at all, but even that seems like too much to ask for at the moment.

Once both of their mats are laid out, Taehyung makes a whining noise that has Jeongguk looking at him questioningly. “Can you go get me a bottle of water, please? I forgot mine at the dorms. There’s a snack room next to the reception desk.”

Seeing as he forgot his too, he’s willing to get it without a fuss. Once Taehyung’s given him enough coins for two bottles, he exits the room and trots the small distance across the lobby to get to the snack room.

For a fitness and wellness place, there sure are a lot of unhealthy snacks in their vending machines. He was expecting packaged carrots, maybe some broccoli, kale juice; all that gross health nut stuff. Not honey buns and peanut butter crackers.

Humming quietly, he puts the coins in and presses the buttons to get two bottles of water. When they fall down to the bottom, he stands back and bends over to grab them from the bottom container they landed in. A loud intake of breath and stuttered cough has him startled though, head knocking into the machine and making a huge ruckus.

“Shit!” he hisses, not bothering to look behind him to see who scared him in favour of grabbing the water.

“Oh fuck, I’m sorry.”

Jeongguk is spinning around as soon as the first word leaves Hoseok’s mouth, both water bottles in hand and quickly falling from their weak grasp. “I-I - no, it’s okay, I just - fuck,” he goes to reach down for the bottles at the same time Hoseok does. Their foreheads clash painfully. “ Ow! Oh my god I’m so sorry.”

Hoseok is laughing while clutching his forehead, an adorable sight to Jeongguk even during the aching his head is beginning to endure. “Was that payback for scaring you?”

“What? No, of course not!” Jeongguk waves his hands in front of him in an ‘X’ motion. “I’m just a moron. Is your head okay?”

“My head is fine. I’m more concerned about yours, bunny.”

Bunny . Flustered, he nods vigorously. “I-I’m good, Hoseok-ssi!”

“You sure?” Hoseok comes closer, hand coming down from his forehead to press his hand gently over Jeongguk’s, the other hand cradling his jaw. “Your face is all red too. Do I need to get you to a doctor?”

His concern seems genuine, like he’s oblivious to how obvious Jeongguk is being right now. Inwardly, Jeongguk rejoices that Hoseok thinks his reddened cheeks are from the knocks. He wouldn’t know what to do if Hoseok realized it’s all because of a pet name. How shameful that would be.

“I’m sure,” he squeaks, eyes going criss-crossed to look at the tip of Hoseok’s nose when the dancer leans in closer to examine where a small bump will probably begin to form.

Then a knock on the door interrupts them, and Kim motherfucking Taehyung pokes his head in. “Sorry for barging in, but Gukkie, class is starting soon and I need my water,” he looks at the two of them with a suppressed grin and downturned eyebrows.

Without another word, Jeongguk is quickly grabbing the waters from the floor and bidding a high pitched ‘goodbye’ to Hoseok, leaving alongside Taehyung before Hoseok can even think to respond.

“Never knew you were the exhibitionist kind,” Taehyung teases on the way to their class.

“Shut up,” Jeongguk mutters, slapping Taehyung’s baby tummy that has the older hunching over.







The next week is filled with lots of teasing and pestering from his friends. Including Yoongi, surprisingly, considering that most of the time he couldn’t care less about someone else’s business

It’s miserable for Jeongguk, but that can go without saying.

Which is why he’s glad when he makes plans for himself to go to the campus gym without any of his friends tagging along. Some of his muscles are still sore from yoga, but getting in the workout will hopefully help take his mind off of Hoseok and the snack room incident of last week.

Taehyung had been extremely disappointed finding out that the shorts hadn’t worked since Hoseok’s a worrier with his heart and not his dick, but Jeongguk’s cheeks want to flare up just thinking about the spandex piece of clothing on him. The basketball shorts he has on now are much more comfy, and hide all of the private bits that he doesn’t want the world to see.

Before he gets started, he puts his earbuds in and begins playing from music his exercise playlist. He switches among three different equipment, and by the time he’s finished on the bench press, he’s already been at it for four hours.

He’s sweated through his shirt almost entirely, and the squelching sound that comes from him raising his arm to wipe his forehead off makes his nose scrunch up. He grabs his things from beside the bench and gets ready to head to the showers.

Quietly, he sings Twenty-three by IU and continues singing after he’s stopped the music and taking his earbuds out.

There’s already someone in the showers when he gets there, but he doesn’t pay much attention to it. He places his things on a bench but brings a towel and toiletries with him. On his way to a stall, he stops dead in his tracks and stops singing.

Of course .

Apparently his singing coming to an abrupt end had been more noticeable than he thought, because Hoseok looks over his shoulder to the side and spots Jeongguk just standing there. Pulling a hand out of his shampoo lathered hair, Hoseok waves with a grin curling his lips.

“What a nice surprise, Jeongguk,” he calls out over the sound of the water spraying. “Although I had my suspicions you were a gym junkie.”

Instead of picking the stall he was originally going to choose, that’s four stall away from Hoseok, he goes for the one right next to him. The stall walls go up to their chests, giving Jeongguk a pretty view of Hoseok’s prominent collarbones. And his neck . Suddenly his mouth is dry.

“Uh. Well. With yoga classes, I haven’t been coming here as often.. But I’ve never seen you here before either,” he explains, setting his wash bottles on the small tile shelves and throwing his towel over the barrier between his and the empty stall next to him.

“That’s probably because I come here to swim in the pool. I do most of my other exercises at work since there’s no pool there.”

“Oh, nice,” Fuck. He’s a swimmer too, and if that isn’t attractive as hell. Great.

Slowly, a little anxiously, he tugs at the waistband on his shorts and boxers, slipping them down his legs in one go. Then comes his shirt, hands crossed behind his neck as he pulls upward from the collar. He shakes his hair out once it’s off to get the messy strands out of his eyes, and when he straightens up, Hoseok is staring at him.

He stares back as Hoseok’s eyes trail down his body as far as the wall will reveal. His body feels frozen in its spot, and it’s not until he takes a shuddered inhale that Hoseok blinks and looks away from him to continue washing his hair.

Finally, he turns on his shower and starts rinsing off the sweat lingering on his skin. The silence between them isn’t long-lasting, and it comes to a shock to him that he’s the one breaking it. Watching Hoseok look at him like that had sent shivers down his spine in a positive rush, and if he speaks now, his words may come out jumbled.

“So. Um. Hoseok-ssi-”

“Call me hyung.”

Jeongguk pauses scrunching his hair up in its sudsy mess to look at Hoseok wordlessly. If anything, the man must look as nervous as he feels. There’s a faint tinge of pink to Hoseok’s cheeks, and he can tell the dancer is trying to hide it by looking away while washing his body.

“Yoongi-hyung’s told me you’re a couple years younger than me, so…” he mentions and proceeds to trail off.

“Okay hyung,” Jeongguk says softly. When Hoseok’s head tilts his way again, he thinks he sees the faint hint of a smirk. “I was going to ask if… if you were serious about me visiting your class one day?”

He swears to himself, he has got to stop with this whole heart skipping a beat each time Hoseok looks at him. It’s becoming real inconvenient and he’ll never get to hold Hoseok’s hand if he dies from arrhythmia.

“I was. Definitely,” Hoseok affirms, pushing his wet fringe off his forehead.

Oh god he looks so good . Does Hoseok know that it’s illegal to attack people like this?

When all he does is stare dumbly because he’s forgotten his entire vocabulary, Hoseok quirks an eyebrow at him in expectancy. “My classes are on Tuesdays and Fridays, and they start at 3:30.”

He nods, having half a mind to rinse his hair out. Once the cold water hits his head, he’s thrown back to reality. “I’ll come on Friday!” he announces a little too excitedly.

His self esteem crumbles when Hoseok chuckles at his eagerness. “Great. I’ll be anticipating Friday then,” The guy winks at him, as if his state of breathing hadn’t been bad enough before. “If I stay in here any longer, I’ll become a prune. It was nice seeing you, Jeongguk,” he turns off his shower and wraps a towel around his waist, leaving the stall after getting his cleaning products.

“You too,” Jeongguk replies, forgetting about the lack of a curtain on the backs of the stalls until Hoseok is walking past his. He flushes as red as a tomato thinking about Hoseok catching a glimpse of his ass without anything over it. “Hyung!” he calls, shutting his own shower right after.

“Yeah?” Hoseok turns around, putting a delay on getting changed and leaving.

Jeongguk sees the bulge under his towel and gulps, then quickly meets Hoseok’s eyes again. The dancer is smirking at him. Shit.

“I’m-” he swallows thickly. “I’m excited for Friday too.”

“You better be. You’ve just signed up to be my helper,” Hoseok responds, laughing at Jeongguk’s sputtered questions and complains, and leaves the showers and heading to the locker room in haste.

What is included in being a self defense trainer’s helper?








Busan Bun 6:08 PM

I’m going to Hoseok’s defense class friday

What does he mean when he says I’m going to be his helper


Tae 6:10 PM


It means youre gonna get that thick daddy jung dick


Busan Bun 6:11 PM

/////// omg dont say that


Tae 6:11 PM

Well did u want me to lie to you


Busan Bun 6:11 PM

He doesn’t wanna fuck me

And I dont wanna fuck him unless it means something


Tae 6:12 PM

Hon that’s not true n you know it :)))

And good for you that hoseok isnt a one night stand or no strings kinda guy :)))

Yoongi told me that hes the biggest Boyfriend Mood ever :)))


Busan Bun 6:12 PM

[softly but with feeling] o-oh


Tae 6:12 PM

Im glad we’ve established all this

Now squeal over ur new revelation without me

Jimin is getting whiny that i’m not paying att to him


Busan Bun 6:13 PM








It takes an embarrassing about of time to prepare himself for walking into Hoseok’s class, but when the time comes, he’s left to stare at the closed door out of intimidation.

His hand is lifted, knuckles hovering over the door and ready to knock against the surface. One deep breath later and he’s doing it, slowly opening the door soon after. Inside, Hoseok is sitting on the floor and facing the mirror, and looks up to see who’s coming in. As soon as he sees Jeongguk in the mirror, he springs up and does a quick jog towards him.

“Guk-ah, you really did come!” Hoseok cheers, enveloping Jeongguk in a tight hug and squeezing the breath out of him. When he lets go, he keeps his hands on the younger’s arms and lets them run up and down his biceps. “I’m. Uh. I’m really happy right now,” and he fucking giggles .

“How come? It’s just me,” Jeongguk bites his bottom lip to hold back the grin that wants to break free, and directs his gaze down to his inward angled feet.

It feels strangely nice having Hoseok in his space like this, one hand moving up his arm to his neck and finally to his jaw, while the other settles on his wrist. He hopes the quick pace of his heartbeat is discreet enough to go unnoticed by Hoseok. To him, it feels as if his whole body is pleasantly thrumming because of it.

"Exactly,” Jeongguk wants to turn his palm up and take Hoseok’s hand in his. It’s so close. And the temptation crawls further and further through his lungs until it’s in the crevices of his impulse and self control, just begging him to take action on it. “The fact that it’s just you, is enough to make me plenty happy, bunny.”

“Oh,” he lets out in a light exhale.

His response, or rather lack of it, has Hoseok smiling from ear to ear. Fingers play with the curly wisps of hair behind his ear, then run through the thick of it. The comforting gesture causes a low and soothing rumbling to go on in his chest, and it bubbles out of his throat and into the air between them as a content hum.

“Do you like being called that?” Hoseok questions, a hint of teasing laced within his hushed tone. “ Bunny .”

“I do, hyung,” he mumbles, eyes shutting closed when Hoseok gives a gentle tug to his strands.


There’s no time to linger on the small compliment when a group of five come in the room all at once. The two of them break apart as if they’ve burnt each other, and Jeongguk opts to sitting down with his back to the side wall. He watches and listens while Hoseok greets the people, and soon more people are filing through the door.

Just like Jeongguk’s seen on campus, Hoseok is able to catch the undivided attention of anybody and everybody, and merge himself with what keeps them immersed in whatever they do.

Even if what they’re doing is attack exercises on each other. Most of the things Hoseok explains goes over the top of his head. It would probably pay off to pay proper attention to the class in case he ever needs to fight off a creep someday, but for now, his mind is solely centered around how hot Hoseok looks when he’s serious and in depth. His jawline seems to sharpen every time he examines how others do the techniques, and loosens before he tells them what they need to improve on. Not to mention his crossed arms in the tank top he’s wearing.

It’s lethal.

And his dick may or may not be a little hard.

“Now for these next few moves, I’m going to have my friend Jeongguk come up and help me demonstrate.”

Wait what .

That certainly breaks his train of thought.

Hoseok motions for him to get up and join him at the front of the class, which he does with slight hesitation. He feels uncomfortable with everybody’s eyes on him, and Hoseok must notice it because he puts an arm around his shoulders and brings him in closer. “We’re going to go over what to do if you’re thrown over your attacker’s shoulder.”

So this is what he meant by helper .

There’s a squeeze on his shoulder, and Hoseok whispers to him. “You’re okay with this, right?” To which he nods.

Without any warning, he’s being picked up and thrown over Hoseok’s shoulder. He holds back a squeak that wants to burst out of him, and grabs ahold of the back of Hoseok’s shirt. There are hands under his ass that, if they were not in front of an audience of thirty some people, he would want them to scoot up just a bit more and squeeze his ass.

He’s lucky that Hoseok basically takes control of him for the demonstration, letting him be able to zone out for a little bit while hanging over his shoulder. A previously undiscovered kink of being manhandled comes to him when Hoseok bounces him up just barely to readjust him. Knowing how strong he is, being able to lift Jeongguk up and carry him so effortlessly like this is a turn-on, especially when he knows that he isn’t exactly of a light build.

There comes a time where he has to shuffle to get more comfortable, and feels himself rub up against Hoseok’s shoulder. His eyes shoot open wide because oh no I’m still hard fucking shit , and the situation somehow worsens when he hears Hoseok stutter while speaking. There’s no doubt that Hoseok knows too.

“I—alright! That’s it for today,” Hoseok quickly but carefully sets Jeongguk back down, and dismisses the class a few minutes early. “Have a good week everyone!”

He moves a little closer to the side wall, scared that this has just made things between them awkward. That he’s just messed up everything he’s worked up to to be Hoseok’s friend, since anything more seems so out of reach. It may be practically impossible now, he thinks, as he shies closer and closer to the wall and slumps against it shamefully.

Now the tears are starting to well up in his eyes and on the inside he scolds himself over and over again. All of this regret and guilt because of his stupid attraction and inability to not have the arousal sparks of a fifteen year old.

When the last person leaves, Hoseok is turning to face him. And when he does, the happy expression he has plastered on for everybody falls. He rushes over to Jeongguk and tends to him right away, using his thumbs to wipe the cascading tears away.

“Baby, why are you crying?” Hoseok frowns, looking heartbroken for him. “Is this because of what happened when I picked you up?”

He nods and Hoseok literally coos at him, continuing wiping away his tears that are gradually coming to a halt. “You probably think I’m a pervert or something now,” he sniffles, refusing to look Hoseok in the eye.

“No, no, of course not. I thought it was.. uh… adorable?” Who in their right mind calls a boner ‘adorable’? Apparently Hoseok does.

Jeongguk pouts and shakes his head. He wants to protest when Hoseok places two fingers underneath his chin to tilt his head up, but he refrains from doing so. “It was weird,” he mumbles.

“But I’m glad it happened. It means you think I’m at least a little hot, I hope?”

Despite the weight he had felt on his shoulders before, he laughs and tries to hide himself again by pressing his forehead against Hoseok’s shoulder. “I think you’re super hot. Why are we even talking about this? Do you love making me suffer?”

“It makes you shy, and I love it when you’re all flustered to that point. It’s cute,” Hoseok admits.

“Hyung,” he whines, bringing his hands up to curl the fabric of Hoseok’s tank top in his hands. “You can’t just say that sort of thing! Be serious, please.”

“Okay. You wanna know the real reason why?”


Hoseok forces him to move back a little so they’re face to face, and has it so one of his hands is back in Jeongguk’s hair. In all honesty, even with Hoseok looking at him calmly and possibly a little dazed on happiness, what the dancer has yet to say terrifies Jeongguk. What if it’s something bad after all?

Fortunately, the feeling in his chest is wrong.

“Because I like you a lot, Guk. I’ll understand if how you feel isn’t the same, but I needed you to know how I feel. I just.. I hope we can still hang out and get to know each other better if you don’t—“

“S-shut up. I like you too Hoseokkie-hyung,” Jeongguk cuts him off abruptly, and what he says puts the brightest smile on Hoseok’s face.

“I don’t know if I should be offended or flattered that you told me to shut up before confessing to me,” Hoseok chuckles, moving closer to Jeongguk in a few short strides.

Both of Hoseok’s hands cup his jaw, and Jeongguk has to blink several times just to comprehend the lack of distance between them. “Uhm,” he gulps. “Why be either when you could just kiss me?”

Taehyung is going to get such a kick of out of this once he hears about it.

A squeak escapes him when Hoseok takes him up on his remark and leans in, slotting their lips together in slow movements and eased pressure. His hands fumble for a hold on something to keep his feet on the ground, and eventually he settles on Hoseok’s shoulders. Hoseok’s kisses feel like walking on clouds in a dream, and he’s so, so high off of him, never to come down.

He lets out a reluctant whimper upon feeling Hoseok’s tongue sweep inside his mouth, darting out and tasting the sweet tangerines he had eaten beforehand. He hears the satisfied hum that comes from the older and his grip on Hoseok’s shoulders tighten. This could be Jeongguk’s new drug; it’s so addicting.

When Hoseok pulls away the slightest bit, he whines and leans forward on his toes, not ready to let go. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to. Hoseok is back on him in an instant, bodies pressing together nicely in all the right places. “Baby, Guk, let me, um, let me help you out,” Hoseok murmurs, keeping his eyes on Jeongguk’s, searching for any sign of hesitation. “May I?”

Jeongguk doesn’t even feel the hand trailing down his body until it’s grazing over the tent in his shorts and giving it a gentle squeeze. He nods and mumbles a quiet ‘yes’ . That ends up being all Hoseok needs to give him one last peck on the corner of his mouth then sink to his knees.

His eyes are closed while Hoseok pulls down both his shorts and boxers, and stay shut when he feels warmth fam over his half hard cock. A light tap on his hip has him looking down to Hoseok, who’s looking up at him. “Keep those pretty eyes open for me okay, bunny?”

“O-okay,” he replies, watching with curious eyes as Hoseok rids one of his legs on his shorts entirely to lift his leg over his shoulder so his thigh is next to Hoseok’s head.

His heartbeat doesn’t slow down when Hoseok kisses his thigh and nibbles on it lightly, nor when he drags his hands up and down his legs to his ass that he squeezes hard and kneads. With a gasp, one of Jeongguk’s hands threads through Hoseok’s hair while the other braces flat against the wall for more support.

Hoseok’s mouth brushes up his thigh and right beside where Jeongguk wants him the most. He tries tugging at his hair to bring him closer to his increasingly hardening cock, but the older won’t budge. “Hyung,” he whines at Hoseok’s smirk, head tipping back when Hoseok kitten licks at the base.

“What is it?” Hoseok asks, scratching down the back of Jeongguk’s thigh. “Is baby getting impatient?”

Please ,” he tugs on the orange locks a little harder in his desperation.

Heat shoots through his body when Hoseok finally complies, lips wrapping around his tip and tongue digging into his slit. He tries to thrust forward because he needs Hoseok so bad, but his hips are suddenly being pinned back to the wall so his movements are restricted. It’s torture as Hoseok takes him in slowly, cheeks hollowing and sinking further.

He scrambles to hold onto Hoseok’s hands when he feels himself hit the back of Hoseok’s throat. The dancer moans at his mouth being full, the vibrations shooting tingling sensations all through Jeongguk’s body. As soon as his nose brushes up against Jeongguk’s abdomen, he begins to bob his head back and forth.

“H-hyung, fuck. Please,” Jeongguk pants, the leg over Hoseok’s shoulder tending up and heel digging into Hoseok’s back. He feels his tongue run over one of the veins on the bottom and circle over the mushroom tip before he comes back down all the way to deepthroat him again.

Hoseok looks up at him through his eyelashes with bloodshot eyes that are glossed over. If his cock wasn’t in Hoseok’s mouth right now, the dancer would probably be smirking and snickering at his dishevelment. He swallows around Jeongguk and the younger cries out, a weighted and pleasuring feeling pooling in his tummy.

His orgasm creeps closer and closer on him, ready to combust as Hoseok makes a show of bobbing his head in quick successions. Until he pulls off of him completely, causing Jeongguk to whine and pathetically rut his hips forward. Hoseok laughs at him and licks over the tip again. He reaches up with one hand to drag a finger over Jeongguk’s bottom lip, and he opens up to suck on it and lather it with spit. Once the digit is slickness up enough, Hoseok pulls it out.

“Fuck my mouth, bunny.” he instructs. His hands move around to his ass again, spreading the cheeks apart and brushing the slick finger over his rim. A shiver runs takes over Jeongguk as the tip of his finger just barely pushes in.

Once Hoseok takes him back in, his hands return to Hoseok’s hair. He contemplates on whether or not he should start off slow, but Hoseok is already pushing him forward with the hold he has on him. All the way down until he’s back to nosing the neatly trimmed hair around his base.

His hips stutter when the finger slowly pressing inside enters him fully. He moans as he starts fucking the older’s mouth roughly, then back onto the finger.

Hoseok takes him so well, making sure his tongue catches under the head with each glide, choking around him and swallowing. His fingers lock around the back of Hoseok’s head and he uses the leverage to have Hoseok meet his thrusts in the middle. The gurgling and gagging sounds that come from Hoseok are the dirtiest sounds that Jeongguk’s ever heard, but he fucking loves it.

He grows sloppier the closer he gets, his climax building up once more and intensifying with each curl of Hoseok’s tongue. “I’m close hyung. Sososo close,” he says incoherently. His thighs begin to shake as Hoseok starts to fuck him with his finger, brushing up against the bundle of nerves inside of him and setting him off into a flow of cries. “Hyung, I’m guh-gonna come, make me come, please.”

He loses it when Hoseok brings his other hand down to press two fingers against his perineum, coming inside of Hoseok’s mouth and down his throat with a silent scream hanging off of his lips. Hoseok milks him for all that he has, swallowing what he gives and suckling on the salty tip to get every last drop. He does so until Jeongguk is twitching from overstimulation and the younger whimpering as he has to force Hoseok off of him.

His leg slides off of Hoseok’s shoulder and the finger inside of him slowly pulls out. Hoseok is standing back to his feet after wiping his mouth free of spit and come, then licking the leaked come off of his fingers. All the while Jeongguk watches him with half lidded eyes, and his breathing still ragged.

“Do you need me to uh…” Jeongguk gestures down to Hoseok’s shorts. “fix that?”

Hoseok shakes his head, only now his cheeks become a faint shade of red. “No.. I already did while I was blowing you. You’re really hot when you’re about to come, you know that?”

Just as shy, he giggles. “I didn’t.”

Later on, they’re sitting with their backs against the mirrors, holding each other’s hands and Jeongguk’s head on Hoseok’s shoulder. The younger is almost asleep, the adrenaline that wears off after coming taking a toll on his energy. That, and the fact that he feels so warm and cozy in Hoseok’s presence.

“So, I wanted to ask you something. I actually meant to do it before going right to the sexy stuff, but I’m not complaining if you aren’t,” Hoseok says.

Waking up a little more, Jeongguk moves so his chin is rested on Hoseok’s shoulder instead so he can look at him properly. “I’m definitely not complaining. What’s up?”

Hoseok meets his eyes and brushes the backs of his fingers over Jeongguk’s cheek. “Would you be interested in going on a date with me? Maybe then I can woo you with my heart skills too, which if I do say, are much better than my mouth skills.”

Jeongguk snorts and nips at the tip of Hoseok’s thumb when it comes close to his mouth. “I’d love to go on a date with you, loser.”

“Thank God. My heart probably would have shattered if you said no,” Hoseok sighs in relief. “And I just realized I don’t have your number.”

“Should we change that?” Jeongguk quirks an eyebrow.

“Yeah, we should,” Hoseok murmurs, pressing a chaste kiss to his forehead.

Hoseok looks at him with a fondness that sends a feeling of adoration to his poor little heart.








Tae 7:20 PM

So did you get the daddy jung dick


Busan Bun 7:23 PM



Tae 7:23 PM

What about the daddy jung mouth


Busan Bun 7:23 PM


….and the daddy jung heart


Tae 7:23 PM








Taehyung, having the exact reaction Jeongguk had suspected he’d make, bursts into laughter after hearing how he landed a blowjob and a date with Hoseok.

But like the good best friend he is deep down, he also helps Jeongguk pick out an outfit for their date that’s only in twenty minutes.

After the awkward greetings that usually happen when texting someone for the first time, Jeongguk and Hoseok had planned the details of the date (although Jeongguk still doesn’t know where they’re going) and the day after, Hoseok had messaged him telling him to wear casual clothes. Aside from that, they’ve been texting like lovestruck fools, and the unveiled sappiness that bleeds through Hoseok’s texts makes Jeongguk squirm and giggle like a child.

Not that he’s any better. He hardly even used a simple smiley in his texts before messaging Hoseok. Now he’s sending the most dramatic of emojis left and right that usually end up with Hoseok calling him a cute baby.

While he loves being Hoseok’s cute baby, that’s not what Taehyung’s aiming for him to come off as during the date, apparently. Laid out on his bed is a pair of blue jeans that have small rips in both knees and a large one on his upper thigh just nearing the crotch area, ones that he forgot he even owned in the first place. At least the black shirt Taehyung’s picked is simple enough.

“Where did you even find these?” he asks, grimacing as he picks the jeans up and sticks a hand through the thigh hole. But after the slightly questionable articles of clothing he’s worn just in the past month, he isn’t all that thrown off by these jeans.

Taehyung looks up from his phone and eyes the jeans before smiling. “In the Hell Hollows of your closet. Remember, you bought those to go clubbing the night of high school graduation?”

Now that he thinks about it, he remembers that night a little too vividly. Humming as response that he does know, he begins to change (it’s not like Taehyung hasn’t seen everything).

“Two weeks ago a relationship with Hoseok seemed out of reach, but here I am now getting dressed for our date together. I can’t believe it, hyung,” he reminisces a little as he pulls the black shirt over his head. When his head peeks through the collar, he sees that Taehyung has gone back to his phone. “You could at least pretend to be proud of me. What are you doing on there?” he snorts.

“Sexting Jimin.”

He groans and picks up the pajama pants he just took off and chucks them at Taehyung’s face. “In my room, seriously? Come on dude, you don’t even have a boner.”

Taehyung pulls the pants off of his head and throws them back to Jeongguk. “We haven’t started sending pics yet, dude. Once I see his ass, you better believe I’ll be hightailing out of here to beat my—“

Thank every high power above and below that their doorbell goes off before Taehyung can finish his sentence.

Jeongguk rushes out of the room, grabbing his shoes and pulling them on while running. He almost trips a couple of times but somehow stays upright. Once his wallet and keys are tucked safely in his pockets, he’s opening the door up.

In all his beauty, and everything amazing, is Hoseok standing outside his door. He wears a white shirt underneath a leather jacket and black jeans that are ripped like his, but nowhere near as skin revealing. His hair has decided to be wavy tonight, and with the occasional gust of wind in the air, it blows over his eyes. Jeongguk’s mesmerized by the nimble fingers that brush the strands away, and by the heart curled lips that smile as sweet as they kiss.

“Whoa. Hey,” Hoseok breathes out, smiling at him after his eyes look away from the huge rip exposing most of his thigh. “You look really good.”

“I— so do you!” he reciprocates the compliment, nervously fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

They stand there staring at at each other with small smiles on their faces when they really should be getting a move on with their date. It sets into motion when Taehyung clears his throat behind him.

Jeongguk turns around to see his best friend watching them with an amused grin. “Are you going on that date or are you two just going to gawk at each other all night?”

“Goodbye Tae,” Jeongguk grumbles. He places a hand on Hoseok’s chest and lightly pushes him backwards so he can leave the apartment. Thanks to the light from a nearby street pole, Jeongguk can see the slight blush coating Hoseok’s pretty cheeks. “So that was Taehyung. My roommate and best friend. Unfortunately.”

“He the one who attends yoga with you isn’t he?” Hoseok inquires.

“Only to stare at Jimin’s ass the entire time,” Jeongguk says, to which Hoseok laughs. When the silence surrounds them again, he takes Hoseok by surprise by kissing him. He feels Hoseok’s hands go to his chest to slowly push him away when they’ve been kissing for too long, and they bump foreheads when they part, breaths mingling and lips still brushing. “Uhm– I — where’s your car?”

It seems as if Hoseok is yanked out of their post-kiss haze, and he gives an anxious looking grin. “About that. I don’t have a car,” then he turns around and walks to the car park and stands by a lone motorcycle, holding a helmet out for him. “But I do have a bike, if that’s okay with you.”

Jeongguk takes his bottom lip between his teeth and grins. He jogs forward and takes the helmet from Hoseok to put it on, waiting for Hoseok to equip his as well and get on the bike before hopping on behind him. “Do you have a secret bad boy complex, hyung?” he teases and wraps his arms around Hoseok’s waist. “Or was this an excuse to be close to me?”

“Well someone sure gained a bit of confidence after getting that blowjob,” Hoseok chuckles when Jeongguk swats at him.

The motorcycle engine starts with a rumble that has excitement pumping through Jeongguk’s veins. He’s never been on a motorcycle before, but it’s something he’s been wanting to try out ever since his parents once told him to stay away from them. It seems fitting that Hoseok would own a bike; because as cheesy at it sounds, he really must be the man of his dreams.

Except when they set off on the main road and build up to the speed limit, Jeongguk clings to Hoseok like his life depends on it. He hears the laughter that comes from Hoseok whenever he hugs him a little bit tighter and pouts behind the helmet every time. Admittedly, his eyes stay shut for most of the ride.

It’s not until they’ve slowed down to pull over on a side street that Jeongguk opens them and sees that they’ve stopped at a pizza place.

The two of them get off of the bike and after placing his helmet over one of the handles, Hoseok helps Jeongguk pull his off for him. Jeongguk scrunches his nose at his view being blocked by all of the hair flopped into his eyes, but Hoseok pushes it back for him. He hums and presses a brief kiss to Hoseok’s cheek as a thank you.

They walk inside the restaurant hand in hand, choosing a table near the back and ordering drinks when the waiter comes around. Like a gross couple in the honeymoon stage of their relationship, the two of them play footsie under the table and giggle about it. Jeongguk just hopes they can make the ‘couple’ part an official thing.

Since Jeongguk likes pineapple on pizza and Hoseok doesn’t, they order a half and half pepperoni and Hawaiian pizza. While eating, Jeongguk steals a bite of Hoseok’s pizza and flicks a piece of pineapple at his face. In retaliation, Hoseok plucks a piece of pepperoni off of his pizza and smacks it on Jeongguk’s cheek.

They call a truce before it turns into a food fight and they get kicked out.

“You still haven’t told me how you ended up taking yoga,” Hoseok mentions after he finishes eating and drinks the remaining sips of his soda. “No offense, but a hot bod like yours doesn’t seem like it belongs in Jimin-ah’s class.”

Jeongguk sighs. “Because it’s not. Me and Taehyung lost a prank war against Namjoon and Yoongi-hyung and had to go to one class as punishment.”

His answer piques Hoseok’s interest, the dancer’s eyebrows raising a little bit. “You kept coming back even though the punishment was only going once?”

It’s his turn for his face to heat up this time, and he hides behind his hands. “Uh. Well. I first saw you in my freshman year of uni, and I’ve kind of had a crush on you since when I saw you walk inside the class that first day, I decided to come back in case I could see you again,” he’s positive that his cheeks are on fire by the time Hoseok wraps his fingers around his wrists and pulls his hands away.

“I’m not gonna lie, I was secretly hoping you’d come back too. I only really knew you through Yoongi and when I saw you in the class, I was surprised — but in a good way. And you certainly caught my attention with those leggings and shorts.”

Whining helplessly, Jeongguk takes Hoseok’s hands in his and waves them around in shame. “Those were Taehyung’s ideas. You will never see me in them again,” he says. While Hoseok’s still laughing, Jeongguk brings their locked hands his way and kisses the older’s knuckles.

“I loved them though. Even though I thought I was going to lose it seeing you bent over in those skimpy little shorts by the vending machine that one day,” Hoseok whistles lowly at the memory. “I didn’t mean to scare you, but the sight knocked the breath out of me.”

“Then it’ll be unfortunate for your lungs when you see my ass without me wearing anything at all,” he speaks without thinking, and his eyes go wide at the same time Hoseok’s do. “I didn’t say that.”

“Oh, but you did. Is that the promise of finishing what we started last week?” Hoseok smirks.

“It depends. Are you going to take me to yours tonight or make me wait for it?” Jeongguk asks, cocking his head to the side innocently. “Because you know how impatient I am, hyung. I don’t like waiting, and if I wait too long, you might lose the chance.”

Hoseok swipes his tongue over his bottom lip and detaches his hands from Jeongguk’s to lean back in his booth. “Shall I ask for the check then? I’ll be paying, and you aren’t fighting me on it.”








Despite it being Jeongguk’s first time in Hoseok’s apartment, he isn’t able to take any of it in the way he had imagined doing so.

He’ll admire it in the morning, he makes a mental note to do so as Hoseok places his hands under his thighs to lift him up. His legs wrap around Hoseok’s waist while his mouth is preoccupied with sucking marks onto Hoseok’s neck.

They maneuver through the apartment blindly, and before Jeongguk knows it, he’s being carefully placed on the bed. Hoseok hovers over him for a moment and softly kisses different spots on his face. “Tell me what you want, Guk.” he demands,  gently biting at his jaw.

“You. I want you,” he answers, sighing happily when Hoseok pulls the collar of his shirt down his shoulder to kiss the newly revealed skin.

Hoseok is gentle while handling him, from the way he pulls Jeongguk’s clothing off of him to the way he preps him with three fingers. The slow pumping of his hand, fingers grazing inside his tight heat and watching him pant and writhe on the bed because of how good the stretch feels. His back arches when Hoseok brushes against his prostate, and his tongue joins his fingers.

He’s ready to come like that; on Hoseok’s tongue and fingers, but soon enough all of the stimulation fades away. Hoseok undresses himself and puts on a condom and lube before leaning back over him. His whines get hushed with a kiss as Hoseok eases into him, forearms on either sides of his head that lets him have a secure grip on the older’s biceps.

Once the older bottoms out, they lay together — connected. Hoseok takes in deep breaths that fan out over his lips, probably a becoming restless from having to restrain himself before Jeongguk’s ready for him to move. Jeongguk wraps his arms around Hoseok’s neck and leans forward to kiss his forehead.

“Move, hyung.” he whispers.

So Hoseok complies to Jeongguk’s orders. He pulls back until he’s almost all the way out, then slowly pushes back in to the hilt.

These movements continue until Hoseok’s pounding into Jeongguk, sending the younger bouncing upwards on the mattress with each thrust. Jeongguk’s whines and whimpers spur him on farther, sitting up on his knees and grinding his hips, driving his cock deeper into Jeongguk’s hole.

“Fuck, bunny,” Hoseok grunts, nails grazing down Jeongguk’s thighs as he pushes them back so the younger is bent in half. “So good, you’re so fucking good.”

Jeongguk tries his best to meet Hoseok’s increasingly harsh thrusts and cries out when Hoseok begins fucking him in a short and hurried pace, continuously hitting the bundle of nerves inside of him.

His cock is red and leaking, slapping against his stomach repeatedly and the small stimulation bringing him closer to the edge.

Their sweaty scents mingle together until the entire room smells of sex, which will be terrible in the morning but Jeongguk loves it now. He’s hot and slick, maybe even a little bit sticky, but he doesn’t care. His toes curl and his fingers scrunch up the blankets beneath him the closer he grows to his release.

“Fuck me harder,” he gasps, clenching around Hoseok’s cock and giggling when it earns a pinch to his thigh. The laughter disappears when Hoseok maneuvers to where he’s braces over Jeongguk again and balanced on his toes in a push up position, then pulls out until only the tip is inside of him before slamming back in. “ Hyung!

“Hm? Is this not enough for you? Are you a greedy little thing?” Hoseok punctuates every second word with another hammering of his hips.

“Y-yeah, ple–ase,” his fingers dig into Hoseok’s shoulders hard enough to leave bruises, something he can’t even comprehend when Hoseok’s fucking him so good and relentlessly.

He can’t help them confusion that plagues his mind when Hoseok suddenly stops all movements. “Hold onto me.” Hoseok tells him, so he does. His ankles cross behind Hoseok’s waist and he keeps his hold on his shoulders.

It’s not until he’s being lifted off of the bed and pressed to the wall that he understand what is happening, and he swears his dick gives a pathetic kick from him almost coming right there.

“O-oh my god,” he whimpers into Hoseok’s neck when Hoseok starts fucking his cock in and out of him again, gravelly grunts leaving his lips with each push.

Hoseok uses the grip on his thighs to keep himself completely inside Jeongguk, rutting and gyrating his hips in little circles just to tease the younger. His forehead hits the wall and he breathes in, soon penetrating Jeongguk at an animalistic pace, smirking when he draws out incoherent slurs and cries from him.

“Is this what you get off on?” Hoseok rasps. “Being held up and used like this against a wall.”

“Yuh-yes,” he hiccups out between sobs. “Touch m-me.”

The fire coiling in his tummy is ready to spark and trigger into his climax, and it creeps up on him faster once Hoseok wraps a hand around him and strokes him.

With the abuse on his prostate staying consistent, his body shakes and spasms as he’s stroked to completion, come spurting over the both of their bodies.

“Baby, shit, you’re perfect,” Hoseok murmurs, still fucking him through his orgasm in attempt to reach his own as well. “Been wanting this s-since I saw you in those shorts. I thought you were the prettiest thing I’d ever seen.”

Even though he’s bordering sensitivity, he clenches down on Hoseok’s cock to bring him closer. “It was all for y-you. Wanna be pretty for just you,” more tears well up in his eyes from being so overstimulated, but it’s one of the best feelings he’s ever experienced. “Come for me, hyung. Come inside me, fill me up with it.”

He feels Hoseok twitch inside of him before the older stills above him, jaw hung loose and eyes closed shut as he comes inside the condom.

After Hoseok pulls out of him, he takes a small breather and lays them on the bed again. He disposes of the condom and leaves momentarily to grab a cloth to clean them off with.

Jeongguk is already under the blanket and half asleep by the time Hoseok flops down next to him. He lets himself be spooned by Hoseok, the arm around him pulling him closer until there’s no space left between their bodies. A smile adorns his features upon feeling the butterfly touch of a kiss on the nape of his neck.

He falls asleep not long after Hoseok whispers goodnight to him, and snuggles further into him.

The following morning, he wakes up alone. The space beside him is cold and empty and leaves him confused until he hears the sound of singing coming from somewhere outside the bedroom. It puts a smile on his face and he squishes his cheek against the pillow in the midst of falling just a little in love.

The ache that burns up his spine when he sits up is a surprisingly comfortable reminder of the night before, and he stands with a stretch. Managing to locate his boxers and Hoseok’s shirt, he sluggishly tugs both items on so he’s suitable to leave the room. He feels so soft and small in Hoseok’s clothes, and it makes him giggle more in his lovey daze.

Luckily the apartment’s layout isn’t complicated at all. He just has to walk down a hallway before he’s comin across Hoseok who’s in the kitchen, only wearing his boxers and standing at the stove to cook breakfast. It’s a sunny day and the rays reflect through the windows onto Hoseok’s golden skin, making him glow so beautifully.

Jeongguk’s grin grows in size when he realizes that the older is singing the same song he had been singing in the gym showers that one day.

Quietly, he walks over to Hoseok on his toes. The older is swaying his hips side to side, back muscles contracting and prodding in ways that makes Jeongguk want to reach out and touch them. Instead, he goes for a back hug.

One problem though; he forgets how jumpy Hoseok can be, so when he hugs Hoseok, the older screams and throws the spoon he was using to stir the eggs in the air. It lands on the floor with a pathetic crash and Jeongguk is trying not to crack up himself.

Hoseok turns around once he’s collected himself and looks at Jeongguk with the bridge of his nose pinched between his fingers. “Was the sex so bad… that you try to kill me the very next day?” he asks, still sounding winded.

“It’s not my fault you’re such a scaredy cat!” he balls up his hands into soft fists and bounces on his feet with laughter bubbling out of him when Hoseok crowds his space and begins tickling him. “Hyungie, you’re — ah, q-quit it! — going to burn breakfast,” he pushes at Hoseok’s chest but to no avail.

“Stove’s turned off, baby. You’re all mine now,” Jeongguk squeals as he’s lifted onto the kitchen island behind him. Hoseok spreads his legs and fits himself in the valley between and keeps his hands spread out over his thighs. “I can’t get over this. Are you sure this is all real?”

With how in awe Hoseok seems, Jeongguk has to hold back a coo. He cards his fingers through the orange strands that are messy and tangled, and nods. “I’ve been wondering the same thing, but I can assure you that this is one hundred percent real.”

“Damn. How did I get so fucking lucky?”

“Cut it out, hyung,” he whines, smacking his chest lightly.

He closes his eyes because he’s still sleepy and exhausted, and hums when Hoseok’s thumb caresses over his cheek. “Does this make us boyfriends?” the older asks, an incentive for Jeongguk to open his eyes again.

“Does what?”

“Y’know. This whole domestic scene right here. The date, the sex.. We’ve even confessed our feelings to each other and your dick has been in my mouth. That’s boyfriend stuff isn’t it?”

“Oh. Yeah. I guess so,” Jeongguk’s heart is racing right now.

“So will you be my boyfriend then?”

“I will. Will you be mine?”

Hoseok rubs the tips of their noses together. “Of course,” then kisses him once, twice, too many times to count furthermore. “I like you a lot, you have no idea, Jeon Jeongguk.”

“I like you a lot too, and I think I have somewhat of an idea, Jung Hoseok,” he says.

Right here, right now, with Hoseok who went from being a practical stranger who he’d been scared to approach, to his boyfriend who treats him so tenderly and with importance, Jeongguk is happier than he’s ever been. Nothing could change that. Except, maybe —

“Not to ruin the moment, but if I asked, could I get you to wear those booty shorts just one more time?”








Cutae 3:20 PM

Gukkie didn’t come back home from his date with Hoseok last night so I’m gonna guess they have fucked at least three times


Nam 3:21 PM

What made you think this was group chat worthy??


Jinnie 3:21 PM

Shut up Joon I’m anticipating jeongguks reply


Yoon-go 3:23 PM

Are u fuckin serious

You’re telling me that guk is the guy from yoga hoseok’s been thirsting over for the past month and a half


Cutae 3:23 PM

no printer just fax hyung


Jk 3:26 PM

I don’t appreciate you making assumptions about me and my boyfriend

It was actually four times but ok


Nam 3:27 PM