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I want you to be mine

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Life was really unfair Steve thought when he saw the boy enter the restaurant brandishing the keys of the Ferrari that was illegally parked just outside. Some people had everything: looks, intellect, success, money, love... and some people had none of those, like him.

The boy's entrance had been boisterous. He came in, all flashy and brash, as if he owned the place, wearing sunglasses and casual but fancy designer clothes. He seemed the kind of person whom would look good with just about anything anyway. His dazzling smile matched perfectly his self-assured pace. All the customers stared at him which made him even more proud of his little show. He strode confidently to the table where a man - that Steve recognized as Howard Stark- and a woman, his wife probably, were waiting for him.

The boy kissed the woman on the cheek and nodded to the man before sitting down between them. It's Tony Stark, Steve though. Steve had heard about him. Howard Stark was rich and famous enough as it was - Stark Industries being at the top 10 of US corporations - and the fact that Tony was a handsome showy genius made him a gold nugget for the tabloids. 

Tony Stark was handsome indeed. He was tall, well-fit and a dashing smile illuminated his beautiful face. His dark hair and alluring deep dark eyes gave him a mysterious charm that Steve found utterly sexy. He was obviously not the only one, seeing how the girls giggled and turned around as he walked across the restaurant. Tony was self-confident and with his charms he could probably have anyone he wanted. He was smart too, or so they said. Those were precious qualities to succeed in life, that was for sure, but for a boy like Tony, it was just added bonus. He didn't even need to succeed in life, he already was revoltingly rich.

Steve didn't really care for that though. Money, fame, ephemeral beauty... those were not things that Steve found absolutely indispensable in life. No, the biggest reason he envied Tony Stark at that moment was because, on top of having all that, Tony was there, to eat with his family. Both his parents were obviously showering him with love and affection. His mother was caressing the bangs of hair that were sexily falling over his face to remove them from his eyes with a smile that conveyed all the love and affection that mothers had. His father wasn't that affectionate but the smile on his stern face showed how proud he was of his only son. Steve would have given anything for that.

Well, some people had everything... and that was really unfair.

He, on the other hand, had none of that. He was just this scrawny kid from Brooklyn who had graduated two years ago from arts school and was now struggling to make a living out of it. His mum had died of cancer five years ago, leaving him about just enough to pay for the school fees. His dad was never in the picture. He had spent most of his childhood in hospitals - hence the drawing - and therefore hadn't had the chance to forge himself the necessary social skills that could have made up for his pitiful physical appearance and sickly body. He regretted Nature had not been more even-handed and given him some of the boy's suave and sociable ways, in order to help him in the love and friendship department. Most of his friends were actually from Buck's circle. As for his love life, apart from one serious relationship that - let's be honest- had been a complete failure, it was limited to fairly disappointing one-night-stands with guys from dating apps because Steve was much too shy to approach anyone in real life. Yes, because on top of that, Steve was gay which wasn't like a bad thing or anything but it just took some time for him to get his head around it. It was not the life he had envisioned for himself and even though his mum had been pretty cool about it, he knew that deep down she would have wanted something else for him. Not that it mattered anymore anyway.

Actually, when you came down to it, Steve's life was pretty miserable but he didn't like to think about it too much. He was not the depressive type. 

He was wondering though, what the Stark family was doing in that restaurant which was absolutely not fancy nor good, whose only advantage was to be facing the huge and arrogant phallus that attracted all the tourists in that particular area - the Stark Tower. Well... It totally made sense after all. 

The man called for a waiter and their table was in his area. He didn't look happy. Maybe Steve had stared a little bit too long and had forgotten about actually going there for their orders. Steve went there. The man was angry and ordering around and throwing insults, the woman was complaining and agreeing with her husband and finding him excuses for his poor behavior. They were just regular rich assholes. Steve had already met a bunch of them. Disagreeable and disdainful, thinking the world was theirs and the rest of us were just here so we would comply to all their desires. Steve despised those types. People with no values. People with no courage. Steve didn't really pay attention to them much though. ... The boy was staring.

He was smirking, playing with a toothpick that he turned and turned between his perfect teeth, showing a sensual tongue from time to time. He was sitting on his chair in a very inappropriate way with a couldn't-care-less attitude. His left foot was almost resting on the chair next to him and his legs were spread wide, exhibiting proudly his virility. He was slightly rocking on his chair, pushing against the table with his knee and his gaze was locked onto Steve who couldn't escape the mischievous sparkles of his eyes and the brightness of his amused smile. He was staring and the world stopped around Steve for a few seconds. He was staring and Steve felt naked and awkward, just as he had always felt in this puny body.

"Why do we always have to suffer incompetence?" The man had grumbled, without even looking at Steve.

Steve was standing next to the table and blushing from uneasiness and anger. He didn't like confrontation. He wasn't good with words. He was just a simple waiter, facing the man who owned and had built the huge Tower in front of them, but he wasn't about to let those people bully him anyway. Just a matter of principle. Steve would not be rude though, his mother had not raised him that way. He wondered for a while if it wouldn't cost him his job. He really need it. His shift at the gallery wasn't enough. He also wondered if it wouldn't get Clint into trouble. He was the one who introduced him for this job and he was exceptionally covering Clint's shift today. It didn't stop him anyway. He hated bullies.

"I already apologized for the delay, Sir. You don't need to be rude. I will not accept disrespect. If you are not satisfied with our service, you can leave. Other customers are waiting."

The boy was still staring intently. When Steve stood up to the man, he chuckled mockingly. He was still chewing on his toothpick and looked at Steve in very provocative way. Steve didn't like that at all. He felt like the boy was going to challenge him for a fight. He didn't want that. He wouldn't back out of course but he'd rather not. He had been beaten up enough for a lifetime as a sickly gay kid at school. He looked away, trying to avoid the burning gaze. The boy kept staring anyway. He was making him feel inadequate and uncomfortable. 

"We're ready to order." The woman interrupted, ending the confrontation, while the man was internally fuming and glared at Steve. 

"Very well, ma'am." 


The boy kept staring. He had all along the course of dinner. His eyes were following him everywhere, undressing him, making him feel raw. He was still as nonchalant and bad-mannered, pouting to his parents like a whimsical kid. He was a kid tough, Steve thought. That kid however seemed to hold too much power over Steve. He never let go of him, almost touched him. Steve had felt something brushing his pants when he had brought his plate, which had made him blush furiously. 

Steve had nevertheless provided the best service one could ever be offered. He had been patient and attentive. He had dressed the plates perfectly with a quick efficiency. He unobtrusively cleared the table and cleaned their mess. He had attended to all their needs before they even asked.  He was proud after all and didn't like being called incompetent by someone who probably never did an ungrateful task in his entire life.

The man didn't give him any tip. Asshole!

Steve was relieved when they left. The boy gave him a last smirk and stared again before he flew out of the door, like a tornado.


When his shift finally ended Steve took his phone out of his pocket to check out his messages before going to the locker room and change. A small paper fell from his pocket and Steve picked it up to throw it in the bin. He looked at it first, in case it was important. It was scribbled with an energetic and irregular writing.  

Meet me at the back after your shift. Let's have some fun.

Steve felt warm at once, a blush starting on his face. He remembered those deep dark eyes he couldn't escape. His heart skipped a bit. He wasn't sure exactly if he was excited or scared. He looked outside but the Ferrari was gone. His shift had been fucking long, it would have been unlikely. He still headed to the back though, wondering what kind of fun was waiting for him out there. He really hoped it would not be the violent kind of fun. He would endure it anyway, he was kinda used to it now, sadly.

The boy was there, leaning against the wall, a phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other, blowing smoke in the air. He didn't look up when Steve arrived. Steve stood there wondering what he was doing there, watching the puffs of smoke drawing improbable forms around the boy in the wind. The boy finally looked up and saw Steve standing awkwardly in the middle of the alley. He wasn't smiling anymore and his eyes were piercing with an aggressive glow in them. Steve's heart skipped again. He considered making a run for it but stayed there. He wasn't a coward.

The stare was feral but he walked slowly and quietly toward Steve, chest out, always keeping eye contact. When he was standing in front of Steve, he checked him out, from top to bottom and Steve felt naked again. The boy didn't say anything, he just blew his smoke on Steve's face. 

Steve looked at him too. He was not so much of a boy after all, now that he was standing close to Steve. He was tall and broad and very masculine. And handsome, and mysterious, and sexy, and dangerous. 

They stared at each other for a moment without moving or talking. The tension rising between them until he couldn't take it anymore.  His all body was tense and hectic inside, his skin burning. His heart beat faster in his chest, pumping in his ears. He was trying to focus on his own breathing which was becoming heavier and heavier until it was the only thing he could hear. Those eyes were piercing through Steve until they reached his heart.

Steve wasn't very sure how it had happened or who had started it, but suddenly he could feel the soft plump lips on his and the hot breath on his mouth. It smelled like cigarette and something else, something fiercely attractive that made Steve's head spinning and his heart beating faster.  The boy - the man - was holding his head in a strong inescapable grasp. The hands, on each side of his face, were steadying him firmly but gently, caressing his temples, descending down his neck and sending shivers down Steve's spine. The kiss was brutal and passionate, electrifying. Teeth against teeth. Tongues entangled together in a fiery fight. Their spit mixing together and running down their throat. The hot breath burning their nose.

Steve wanted to touch him too. He brought his hands to the boy's neck, pulling him closer to him. He wanted to feel him, to touch him, to possess that skin, to penetrate inside and intoxicate with that mesmerizing smell. His hands fondled his head, running through the boy's hair and messing them possessively.

The boy broke the kiss and laughed against Steve's lips. It was an erotic laugh and the lips brushing Steve's gave him a tingling sensation that spread in his whole body and down his belly. He felt the temperature rise and overwhelm him. The boy seized the collar of Steve's shirt and brutally brought him up closer to him. He snuggled in the crook of his neck, blowing hot air that tickled and enraptured Steve. His lips and teeth running along his throat, bit him softly and kissed delicately his neck. One hand grabbed him by the neck and hold him there firmly but without hurting, while the kisses were biting up to his ears. The other hand ran through Steve hair and pulled his head back, giving a better access to his neck.

"You're so hot..." The boy whispered against Steve's ear, while kissing and biting. It was the first time that he was hearing his voice, Steve realized. It was hoarse and sensual and made Steve's heart jump and his weak knees tremble. He thought they were going to fail him, maybe they did, but the boy was holding him firmly. He walked them both to the wall and leaned Steve against it. Then he let go of him and stepped back, and laughed again. 

He was still staring at Steve, eyes piercing dangerously and a devilish smile which hypnotized him. Steve was trying to catch his breath, his chest heaving jerkily. He was staring too. The boy was perfectly debauched, disheveled, hair in a mess, his sexy lips glowing with saliva. He had a hand clung to the waist of his back slim jeans. As if he was showing off the huge bulge between his legs that Steve couldn't take his eyes off, looking at it greedily. The eyes were diabolic, devouring Steve possessively and the moves were frenetic. Steve thought he was going to be eaten up. He bit his lips in expectation, slipping slowly his hand inside his own pants.

The boy rushed against him and pushed against the wall, invading Steve's space entirely. Their hands battled to touch their bodies, tearing the clothes off, running around, alternately caressing softly or grabbing firmly. Both of them wanted to touch, to penetrate, to possess. They kissed furiously, ardently. The boy was pushing his body against Steve, imprisoning him in his embrace. He rubbed his crotch against Steve's with strength and passion, until one of them finally pulled their cocks out of their prisons. The boy spat on them depravedly and they grabbed both of them in their hands, never letting go of each other's mouths. 

Steve let go of their cocks to grab the boys head and intensify their kiss. The boy squeezed on their cocks and accelerated in an eager frenzy, panting heavily. Steve's mind went blank. His arms embraced his lover and he rested on his vigorous body as he was indulging himself in pleasure, getting intoxicated by the musky smell. The pleasure was getting intense and his body was burning. He was close. He rolled his arms around the boy's neck and kissed him passionately, biting his sexy lips and searching for his tongue. He gasped and whined as his body tensed and spasmed. He spurted four times on his lover's hand. The boy laughed in his mouth and kissed him furiously before coming as well, in a quiet growl.

They let go of each other. The boy looked at him sidelong with a proud smile and mischievous eyes. He brought his soiled hand to his mouth and tasted both of them, grinning provocatively. He chuckled at Steve's startled face and got closer again, preventing Steve from escaping, his muscular body an impenetrable fence between Steve and the rest of the world. He wiped his hand on Steve's clothes and slipped his hand in Steve's pocket, grabbing something.

"This was hot." He said with the same devilish smile. "Let's do this again some times."

Steve was looking at him not exactly understanding what was happening. He was too busy admiring the beauty of his features and the perfection of his body, indulging in the post-sex haze. The boy, whose gaudy virility had entranced Steve completely, was typing something in Steve's phone and Steve heard a ring in the pocket of his black jeans. He got close to him again and slipped the phone back in Steve's pocket. He grabbed Steve's head delicately and before he could say anything, he shoved his tongue in his mouth and kissed him lovingly. "Call me" He whispered in his mouth and let go of him. He turned around and walked away.

"Name's Tony" he shouted without looking at Steve.

Steve watched the boy leave, admiring the muscular back that he could distinguish under his jacket, amused by the self-confident stride.

This was not the first time Steve had anonymous sex in a back alley, but it was certainly one of the hottest and most fascinating encounter he'd had in his entire life.