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Lollies and Loki

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Sam was waiting in Pastor Jim's empty church, sitting on one of the pews, swinging his legs idly. He had a Bible he'd found open on his lap, but the words were really big and hard to read. Dad was talking with Pastor Jim and Uncle Bobby in Pastor Jim's office, having a private adult talk, probably about monsters, and Dean was out in the churchyard somewhere, playing with an old football. He said the church was too boring, but Sam liked it. He liked the way the sun filtered in through the stained-glass windows, how the scent of the wood polish Pastor Jim used mixed with the smell of old books, and how safe and protected he felt within the haven of worship.

"Oh, the sheer irony of this– you're lucky I promised her I'd check up on you," an unfamiliar voice sighed, and Sam looked up, startled, as a man sat down next to him. The man had light brown-blond hair and eyes such light honey-brown that they almost looked golden. He was also holding a bright green lollypop for some reason, and he looked sort of familiar, but Sam wasn't sure where he'd seen him before. He also wasn't sure when or how the man had come into the church without Sam noticing the doors opening.

"Want one, kiddo?" the man offered, waving his lollypop around, and Sam shyly shook his head no. "Hm, smart. Taking candy from strangers, probably not a good idea," the man muttered, before glancing down at the open Bible on Sam's lap and pulling a face. "Urgh, don't read that one– here, my Priestess has a better one, you can have a copy," he said, snapping his fingers.

Sam gasped, his eyes widening in shock as a Bible appeared out of nowhere and fell onto his lap, on top of the one he'd been trying to read before. Alarmed, he jerked his head back up, but the golden-eyed 'man' was gone, as if he'd never been there at all. If it wasn't for the Bible on his lap, Sam would have thought he'd imagined the whole, strange encounter.

Glancing anxiously around, Sam took a deep breath and, with shaking fingers, he opened the Bible the supernatural 'man' had given him. The first thing he saw were a lot of scribbles. It took him a couple minutes of confusion to realise that they weren't actually scribbles at all, instead the Bible had been corrected, line by line, but while the corrections started in English, the further he got in, the more they started to devolve into funny looking squiggles that seemed to vibrate at the back of his eyeballs and make his head ache at the temples. It was only when his nose started to drip blood that Sam stopped squinting at the squiggles.

The door to Pastor Jim's office suddenly burst open and Sam quickly shut the Bible, hiding the strange writing as Dad stormed out, straight down the aisle between the pews and towards the church's exit. "We're leaving, Sam!" he shouted over his shoulder, and Sam flinched as his loud voice broke the calm of the church, shattering the quiet of the sanctuary and ruining the peace Sam had found there in a way that even the golden-eyed 'man' hadn't.

Behind Dad's back, Pastor Jim and Uncle Bobby traded grim looks, and when the church doors swung shut behind Dad, Pastor Jim walked over to where Sam was sitting and knelt down beside him, a warm, kindly smile on his face. "What have you got there, son?" he asked, and Sam hesitated for a moment, wondering if he should tell them about the supernatural visitor. He knew he should, he did, but... but he didn't want to. He remembered what his Dad had said, about nothing good ever coming from the supernatural, but he also remembered the girl who had saved him from the witch. He didn't want Pastor Jim and Uncle Bobby to hunt down the golden-eyed 'man'. He didn't want them to do anything bad to him.

So instead, Sam held up the Bible that the golden-eyed 'man' had made appear. "Is it okay if I borrow this?" he asked, widening his eyes the way Dean had taught him.

"Of course you can!" Pastor Jim said, looking pleased with his interest. "You can even keep it if you want, Sam– I've got more than enough of them around here, after all!"

"Don't know how you can believe in any kind of god when you know what kind of shi– cra– stuff exists out there," Uncle Bobby muttered, but Pastor Jim just smiled.

"I believe because I have faith," he said simply.

Before the two men could continue their good-natured bickering, the church doors were shoved open again and Dad shouted, "Sam! Now!"

Pastor Jim sighed, looking tired, as Uncle Bobby glared in Dad's direction. "You better run, Sam," he said, wearily, and Sam nodded sadly, sliding to his feet and looking around the church one last time. He paused suddenly, noticing something– where he'd been sitting, just moments before, was a bright green lollypop.


The End Of Part One