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Nii-chan! Nii-chan!

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The final sentence his parents ever said to him rang in his head. Aizawa Shouta was one who liked to believe he lived by sound logic and rationality, but now that didn’t seem to be the case. An acidic kind of anger burned in his throat and skin.

When his parents discovered he was dating Yamada Hizashi, a high school friend, they threw a fit. And now here he was, walking outside in the early evening with no place to go. He had no money, so he couldn’t get a bus to the Yamada’s house. His phone had died so he couldn’t call anyone. He couldn’t think of anywhere else he could go that would be open or welcoming the entire night. He was basically stranded.

He took a deep and shaky breath. His breath turned into mist in the frigid air, and he watched it fade as he exhaled. It’s only going to get colder, he thought tiredly. He knew he was going to have a rough night and hopefully tomorrow his teachers could help him sort something better out. Until then… he’d have to face the winter. Leaning back against a wall, Aizawa let his solemn thoughts overrun his mind.


"Mama!" A toddler ran over to his mom in a day-care, his green curls bouncing like springs. He giggled as he hugged her leg, before looking up with joyful emerald eyes. "Hi Hi!"

"Hey there, Izuku, did you have a good day?" His mother, Midoriya Inko knelt to embrace her son. 

"I drew!" Izuku smiled before running off again, a little unsteady on his feet but that wasn't enough to slow him.

The Midoriya's were a loving family of two. Inko worked as a Secretary of a law firm, whilst Izuku worked as a bundle of pure sunshine for everyone around him. To Inko's surprise, Izuku had hit his milestones early, talking and walking faster than anyone his age, even faster than Inko's friend’s son who was a few months older than Izuku. Those at his day-care were constantly telling Inko that her son was likely to be gifted, considering the rate he was growing and learning.

She smiled as Izuku returned and held up a picture. Inko could see it was a drawing of her and Izuku, as well as the stray cat they would occasionally meet in the mornings. "It’s me and you and- and Pumpikin!" He told her, practically glowing with pride.

"It's beautiful, Izuku! you know what, this will go right on the fridge when we get home!" Inko said, Izuku gasped and clapped his hands happily. "Do you want to get your things?"

Izuku nodded and went to where his jacket and bag were. He quickly hurried back to his mother, so she could help with his jacket. He found the zipper a little tricky. 

"Bye Bye!" Izuku waved to his teachers, who happily waved back to the small boy.


On the way home, Izuku held onto the hankie he and his mom used to walk side by side. Izuku was cheerfully telling her about his day.

"Aki-sensei said, um..." Izuku thought about his words before continuing. "I may man-vest my quirk early."

"Manifest sweetie and wouldn't that be exciting." Inko smiled, Izuku nodded. 

"I want a quirk like you, mama!" Izuku looked up at her.

"You can't decide what quirk you get, sweetie. You'll have to wait and see." Inko told him.

"But, I can hope!" Izuku beamed.

"Yes, you can." Inko nodded, Izuku shrieked excitedly and skipped a few steps before settling down and walking normally once more.

They continued walking for a while, before Izuku slowed down a bit. His mother looked down at him. "Izu?"

He was looking ahead, Inko looked up and saw a teenage boy in a high school uniform leaning against a brick building, eyes downcast and broken. a heavy weight to hang on his shoulders and though he was trying to keep his face expressionless, his hands were shaking either from the cold or from the emotions he was trying to keep bottled. It broke Inko’s heart.

"Should we see if he is okay?" she asked. Izuku looked at her and nodded. 

One thing everyone who met the Midoriya's knew, no matter who you were, was that if you needed help, they would give it. Inko was a mother hen and would take care of anyone and everyone. She didn’t know how to take no for an answer. She could also give you quick as a whip a look that made you feel properly scolded. The power in her disappointment was almost scary. It was one of the reasons no one messed with her.

The duo approached the teen, and it was Inko who spoke up.

"Hello there..." She said and then gasped. Aizawa Shouta looked up from the ground to a woman with soft green hair. Her eyes stared at the swelling bruise on his check. "Are you okay? What happened?"

"Nothing. It's fine." Aizawa quickly looked away.

"No, it's not, young man, it's late and with an injury like that you should go home and get a cold compress," Inko began, ready to go on a full motherly tirade.

"I don't have a home..." Aizawa muttered, rather bitterly. Inko looked at him sadly, she felt a tug on her sleeve and she glanced down at Izuku, who looked from the boy to his mom with almost teary eyes. Inko smiled gently and nodded to him. She wasn't going to let this slide.

"Then, you have two choices." Inko said. "You either come with me so I can make sure you get that seen too, or I will march you straight to the nearest hospital and have the doctors look you over there." Aizawa looked at her with surprise.

"But... you don't know me..." He said warily.

"That doesn't mean I shouldn't help out. Heroes help strangers all the time, people they will likely never speak to again. I may not be a hero, but why shouldn't I show that same kindness?" Inko gave him a soft smile. "Now, come along."

Her tone of voice showed Aizawa she there was no arguing with her. Aizawa stood, stretched and followed after her. It was only then he saw Izuku. The younger boy was looking up at him with wide, wonder-filled eyes. He let out a small gasp he noticed Aizawa looking back at him and quickly looked away.

Aizawa was a little confused, but he was sure he could hear the kid whispering excitedly under his breath. Aizawa found himself watching the boy, who would occasionally glance shyly up at Aizawa. Aizawa raised an eyebrow at him. The boy quickly turned away. Aizawa’s could see his ears turning red. Aizawa shook his head, he’s going to be a problem child, he thought.