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Burn Me Into Your Memory

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Chapter One- Summer Training

Harry Potter was turning fourteen soon, and he was excited. Him and his twin brother planned to hold their birthday party at the Weasley's house that year and then Harry would sleepover so that they could then all travel to the International Quidditch Cup the next day. But right now, he was sitting in his martial arts training dojo waiting to be dismissed for the day. At the beginning of summer vacation, him and his fathers had sat down and talked, all of them agreed that it would be wise for Harry to learn how to defend himself without magic.

He still remembered the day him, Severus, and Remus had apparated to an alley in Muggle London and began to search for a promising place to teach him to defend himself. They had looked at Boxing, Karate and other fighting styles, but none of the dojo's or trainers pleased either Remus or Severus enough so they left without signing up. And when Harry, who had been excited to learn a new way to defend himself, had started to believe that they would never find a place good enough, they stumbled upon a small martial arts dojo. It was hidden in the back alleys of the shops, where no one who didn't know it was there would be able to find it. After being pleased by not only the dojo but also the instructor, Harry had been signed up and started his training the next day.

As summer quickly flew by, Harry had trained at any possible moment he could, and had quickly flew up the ranks. It was almost as if his body was already used to all the movements and stretches needed. He was able to easily learn and master the movies with very little practice needed, it shocked and frightened Harry how quickly he took to martial arts, but he never voiced his fears, afraid he would be made to stop training.

After his instructor signaled that lessons were over for the day, Harry stood up and made his way to his gym bag while letting his shoulder length hair down from the pony tail he had put it in for lessons. The dojo door opened and Remus walked in, there to pick him up, the two of them shared a smile and a wave before Harry's attention was pulled away by a girl his age with long light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes.

"Hi Harry." The girl said tugging on her hair nervously as her eyes darted around them, looking at anything that wasn't Harry.

"Hello, Suzy." Harry said slipping his gym bag over his shoulder. "I noticed your stance has gotten stronger." She blushed deeply at that and giggled the same way Ginny used to around Haiden. It was then that Harry realized what was happening and looked around trying to spot anyone that could help him out of this situation he had found himself in.

"You noticed me?" She said looking at the ground with a small smile and tugged on her hair. "I've noticed you too." She bit her lip and glanced up at him.

"Right, um, well." Harry rubbed the back of his neck not wanting to hurt her feelings, but knowing it needed to be done. "Well, this is awkward." Suzy looked at him in confusion. "Look, Suzy, you're a nice girl, really cute, but," Her eyes started to tear up and Harry caught sight of her friends standing within ear shot, well this couldn't have gotten worse, "I'm gay."

"Oh, really?" Suzy asked as her tears started to fall.

"Yeah." Harry said awkwardly. The two of them stood there awkwardly for a few minutes, neither of them looking at the other as a hush fell over the rest of the people in the dojo. And even though Harry hadn't necessarily tried to hide his sexuality, he didn't go announcing it in muggle london, knowing that a lot of muggles didn't accept gays. "Right, well, see you next lesson." Harry turned and bolted towards Remus who quickly ushered him out of the gym.

"That went well." Remus said as they walked away from the dojo towards a safe place to apparate and Harry nodded silently wondering how his next lesson will be now that they knew he was gay? How fast would the word spread? How many bullies would try to mess with him? "Change of subject?" Remus asked and Harry nodded again. "Okay, before I left to pick up, Molly fire called saying everything was ready, and wondering if you had made up your mind on who you're going to be watching the match with."

"I still haven't decided." Harry muttered. He had been asked by the twins to go watch the International Quidditch Match with them and the rest of the gange plus Ginny and Arthur, while at the same time Draco had extended an invite to watch the game with him and his father. Harry was leaning more towards Draco so that he could let Hermione use his ticket and Molly could still have hers seeing as Arthur had only been able to enough tickets for his family plus two for him and Haiden. "I might watch the game with Draco so that Molly could also go, but still go to the game with the Weasleys since I'm already going to be there." Harry finally decided once they got to a safe place to apparate.

"I think Molly would like that. She might not always let it be known, but she is a huge Quidditch fan." Remus nodded before holding out his arm for Harry. "Hold on tightly." He warned Harry when he took hold of his arm. A second later, after feeling like he was being squeezed through a small tube, they were in the sitting room of their home.

"I'm going to take a quick shower and then get my stuff ready." Harry informed Remus who nodded in response. Harry walked out of the sitting room and towards his bedroom that held his ensuite. Severus made a decent amount of money on his teachers salary plus a little extra that Dumbledore was paying him (what Dumbledore was paying him for they wouldn't tell him but he had a feeling it had something to do with him being an ex-Death Eater) so they weren't struggling for money like the Weasleys but at the same time they weren't swimming in money like the Malfoys (and him and his brother).

When he got to his room, he quickly pulled out a change of clothes and laid them neatly on his bed before going into his bathroom and turned on his shower to the perfect temperature. He got undressed, tossed his clothes in the hamper for the House Elf to take care of, and hopped into the shower where he just stood and let the water run over him as he got lost in his mind.

After an unknown amount of time, Harry finally got his thoughts in order and cleaned himself of sweat. After words he turned the shower off and hopped out, grabbing a towel and wrapped it around his waist. He went to leave the room when he caught his reflection in the mirror. He stopped walking and began to check himself over. His eyes were still too large for his face and Harry was sure his eyes would always be too large for his face. His hair that everyone always complemented and said was also so soft he hated, it never did anything he wanted and would either be too flat or too fluffy. He was too skinny, and not in the he didn't eat skinny (because he ate a shit ton when allowed) but in the 'he had no muscles' skinny. And he was too short. And Harry knew that he would always be too short thanks to the first 11 years of malnourishment he got at the Dursleys.

Harry gave an annoyed sigh and forced himself to leave the bathroom before he continued to find everything that he felt was wrong with his body and got dressed. Once dressed, he quickly went around his room and gathered everything he would need for not only his and his brother's birthday party, but also staying the night with his brother at the Weasleys. After words he left the room and went to the sitting room where he found Remus reading while waiting for him.

"Ready?" Remus asked never looking up from his book, knowing Harry was there from both smelling him and hearing him.

"Where's dad?" Harry asked and Remus marked his place before looking at him.

"He's having a quick meeting with Lucius, when that is over he will floo over with Draco." Remus informed him standing up from the chair and walked over to the floo.

"Draco's going to be there?" Harry asked not able to hide his excited smile, it had been a few months since he'd been able to see Draco. Him and his family had gone on a family vacation traveling the world.

"Yup, but he won't be staying the night." Remus said causing Harry's smile to falter for a second before.

"That-that's understandable." Harry said nodding. "So how are we getting there?"

"I thought we'd try flooing." Remus suggested and Harry opened his mouth to argue, but Remus held his hand up to silence him. "I understand that the first time you tried flooing, it did not end well. But I believe that was because you were taught how to use the floo in a rush and not properly. Now, the first thing I want you to do is think of where you want to go, almost like when you apparate." Harry nodded and pictured the Weasley's living room where their fireplace was. "Once you got that in your mind, then you need to take a pinch of the floo powder, not a handful." Harry walked over to the fireplace and reached into a small jar they had that sat on the mantle and took a small pinch of powder and looked at Remus for the next instruction. "Now, here's a little trick I learned from Severus, instead of stepping into the fire first and then throwing the powder, throw the powder in first while calling where you want to go and the step into the fire."

"The Burrow." Harry called as he tossed the flew powder into the fireplace and was amazed to see it turn green, he then stepped into the fire and stepped right out into the living room of the Burrow. No spinning, no nausea, and no worrying about trying to find the right fireplace. The fire roared behind him just before Remus stepped.

"Much better, right?" Remus asked with a smile and Harry nodded. "Want to know why?"

"Yeah." Harry said.

"Because when you throw the pinch of powder in first while calling out the name of the place you which to go, it connects to the fireplace like a floo call and then you can just step through without worry that you'll miss the fireplace." Remus whispered into his ear with a smirk. "It also keeps the soot off you." He added as Molly walked into the room. "Molly, thank you for offering to host this birthday party." He told her with a polite smile

"Where else would they have held their party?" Molly asked and Remus's smile suddenly turned from polite to looking as if he were trying to keep himself snapping at her. He looked around the living room.

"You sure you're going to have enough room to fit everyone comfortably, maybe we should have held it at my place. There would be enough room for everyone, plus Draco, to be comfortable." Remus said glaring at Molly from the corner of his eyes causing her to tense up.

"That's generous of you to offer, but I have enough room here for those that are staying. Plus this way I know they'll be safe." Molly said as Harry stood off to the side awkwardly, he would have left the room but Remus and Molly were blocking the only exit.

"I assure you, Molly, that my house is just as safe as yours, if not safer." Remus growled out and Harry had enough.

"Right, well this was fun, but I'd rather not spend my birthday watching you too have a pissing contest. You two are both plenty big enough, so you can put your dicks away." Harry said before trying to push past both of them, but Molly would not budge.

"Harry James Potter, you do not use that kind of language in my house." Molly screeched and Harry sighed while rolling his eyes.

"I wouldn't feel like I had to use that language if you would stop constantly attacking Remus. Yes, Remus is a Werewolf. Yes, Remus is gay. Yes, Remus is married to Severus. Yes, Severus is an ex-Death Eater. And yes, Severus makes more money than Arthur. It doesn't matter. Remus raises me just as well as you would!" Harry snapped at her.

"Not well enough if he is allowing you to talk to your elders like this." Molly told him angrily.

"STOP IT!" Harry roared, his magic flowing around him causing his hair to angrily fly up around him. "You are ruining the first birthday that me and Haiden have gotten to celebrate together!" This got Molly's attention. "If you cannot control yourself and be civil with Remus for a few hours, then me and Remus will head back home and I will cancel this party!" With that said Harry used his magic to move Molly out of the way and stormed up the stairs past the gawking Haiden, Ginny, and the Weasley Twins. He made it to the twins' room where he would be sleeping and threw his stuff on the floor beside the bed before he let himself fall onto the bed with a heavy sigh.

"You wouldn't really cancel our party, would you?" Haiden asked and Harry sighed again before turning his head to be able to look at his brother who was standing awkwardly beside the bed.

"Do we really need a party to celebrate us surviving another year?" Harry asked before pushing himself up so that he was sitting on his knees on the bed.

"Do you not want a party?" Haiden asked and Harry didn't answer, just stared at him. After a minute of silence Haiden sighed and shuffled his feet. "Want to go fly around the yard?"

"I don't like flying." Harry reminded him.

"Right, you and Hermione both." Haiden muttered.

"How are you and Hermione?" Harry asked shifting so that he was actually sitting down.

"Great, we're great. Sadly she won't be able to make it today, still on vacation with her parents, but she'll be here early tomorrow." Haiden said and they fell into an awkward silence. "Um, how-how's Draco?"

"He's good. He just got back from vacationing with his parents. Severus will actually be bringing him, but he won't be staying the night." Harry told him.

"I see." Haiden said as they fell into an awkward silence again just before someone outside the room cleared their throat. Both boys turned their head to look at the door to find Ron standing there. "Right, well, I think me and Ron are going to go flying, if you change your mind and decide to join us, you know where we'll be." Harry watched him all but bolt from the room and sighed before flopping back down on the bed. He had been so excited to spend time with his brother, and now after everything that happened that day, he just wanted to curl up and sleep.

~Burn Me Into Your Memory~

It was Frank's bad leg that woke him; it was paining him worse than ever in his old age. He got up and limped downstairs into the kitchen with the idea of refilling his hot-water bottle to ease the stiffness in his knee. Standing at the sink, filling the kettle, he looked up at the Riddle House and saw lights glimmering in it's upper windows. Frank knew at once what was going on. The boys had broken into the house again, and judging by the flickering quality of the light, they had started a fire.

Frank had no telephone, and in any case, he had deeply mistrusted the police ever since they had taken him in for questioning about the Riddles' deaths. He put down the kettle at once, hurried back upstairs as fast as his bad leg would allow, and was soon back in his kitchen, fully dressed and removing a rusty old key from its hook by the door. He picked up his walking stick, which was propped against the wall, and set off into the night.

The front door of the Riddle House bore not sign of being forced, nor did any of the windows. Frank limped around to the back of the house until he reached a door almost completely hidden by ivy, took out the old key, put it into the lock, and opened the door noiselessly.

He let himself into the cavernous kitchen. Frank had not entered it for many years; nonetheless, although it was very dark, he remembered where the door into the hall was, and he groped his way towards it, his nostrils full of decay, ears pricked for any sound of footsteps or voices from overhead. He reached the hall, which was a little lighter owing the larch mullioned windows on either side of the front door, and started to climb the stairs, blessing the dust that lay thick upon the stone, because it muffled the sound of his feet and stick.

On the landing, Frank turned right, and saw at once where the intruders were: At the very end of the passage a door stood ajar, and a flickering light shone through the gap, casting a long sliver of gold across the black floor. Frank edged closer and closer, grasping his walking stick firmly. Several feet from the entrance, he was able to see a narrow slice of the room beyond.

The fire, he now saw, had been lit in the grate. This surprised him. Then he stopped moving and listened intently, for a man's voice spoke within the room; it sounded strangely high pitched, and cold as a sudden blast of icy wind.

"How fastidious you've become, Wormtail. As I recall, you once called the nearest gutter pipe home. Could it be that the task of nursing me has become wearisome for you?"

"Oh, no." said a second voice. This too belonged to a man- but it sounded timid and fearful. "No, no, my Lord Voldemort. I only meant…" Frank turned his ear toward the door, the better to hear, "perhaps if we were to do it without the boy."

"No!" The first voice cried angrily causing Frank to wince in unknown fear. "The boy is everything! It cannot be down without him. And it will be done. Exactly as I said."

"I will not disappoint you, my lord." A third voice said.

"Good." The first said. "First, gather our old comrades. Send them a sign." And then Frank heard movement behind him in the dark passageway. He turned to look, and found himself paralyzed with fright. Something was slithering towards him along the dark corridor floor, and as it drew nearer to the sliver of light, he realized with a thrill of terror that it was a gigantic snake, at least twelve feet long. Horrified, transfixed, Frank stared as its undulated body cut a wide, curving track through the thick dust on the floor, coming closer and closer - What was he to do? The only means of escape was into the room where three men seemed to be plotting something, yet if he stayed where he was the snake would surely kill him. Before he had made his decision, the snake was level with him, and then incredibly, miraculously, it was passing him and into the room where hissing sounds could be heard.

"Nagini tells me the old Muggle caretaker is standing just outside the door." The first voice announced. Frank didn't have a chance to hide himself. There were footsteps, and then the door of the room was flung wide open. A short, balding man with graying hair, a pointed nose, and small, watery eyes stood before Frank, a mixture of fear and alarm in his face. "Step aside, Wormtail, so I can give our guest a proper greeting. Avada Kedavra!"

Harry shot up in bed with a loud gasp as he suddenly felt that something was wrong with Haiden. He didn't know what had woken him, the feeling or the dream he had. Harry threw off his covers and bolted off the bed and out of the room. He slid stop in front of a shocked Hermione who was carrying a candle. "Harry?" She asked in shock.

"No time to explain. Haiden needs us." Was all Harry said before grabbing Hermione's hand and drug her up the stairs to the room Haiden and Ron were sharing. There they found Haiden in the throws of a terrible nightmare.

"Haiden!" Hermione called rushing over to Haiden and began to try and wake him up. "Haiden!" She called again as Harry rushed over and, for reasons he did not know, rub a finger down the lightning bolt scar. This caused Haiden's eyes to shoot open. "Are you all right?" Hermione asked as Haiden quickly, and panickly, grabbed his glasses. Once he was able to see who he was looking at, Haiden calmed down. "Harry? Hermione?" He asked before registering Hermione's question. "Bad dream." He sat up looking slight confused. "When did you get here?"

"Just now. Bumped into Harry on the way up to wake you and Ron, said you needed us." Hermione said and both of them looked at Harry.

"I woke up from a bad dream as well feeling like you needed my help." Harry told them as Hermione walked over to Ron, sitting the candle down.

"Wake up! Wake up, Ronald!" Hermione hissed into his ear. The second Ron noticed her, he grabbed his blanket and covered his chest with it.

"Bloody hell!" He cried.

"Honestly, get dressed. You too Harry." Hermione said as Harry heard Molly start to wake everyone else up. "And don't go back to sleep!" Hermione called as she left the room. Harry shook his head, glanced at his brother and notice his scar was looking very red.

"Does your scar hurt?" Harry asked shocking Haiden.

"How did you know?" Haiden asked.

"It's red. You might want to try putting some cooling balm on it." Harry said before leaving the room. Once he made his way back to the twins' room, it didn't take him long to get dressed. He then made his way down to the kitchen.

Molly was stirring the contents of a large pot on the stove, while Arthur was sitting at the table, checking a sheaf of large parchment tickets. He looked up as Harry entered and spread his arms so that Harry could see his clothes more clearly. He was wearing what appeared to be a golfing sweater and a very old pair of jeans, slightly too big for him, and held up with a thick leather belt.

"What d'you think?" He asked anxiously. "We're supposed to go incognito- do I look like a Muggle, Harry?" Harry waved his hand and changed to golfing sweater into a simple white shirt with a light, long sleeve grey button up shirt over it, and made the jeans actually fit him.

"Now you do." Harry said before changing Molly into a nice yellow dress with a white jacket over it it.

"I'm not going, I gave my ticket to Hermione." Molly said.

"Yes you are, I'm accepting Draco's invite to watch the game with him, so you can keep your ticket and Hermione can have mine." Harry told her, his tone telling everyone that his decision was final as he sat down.

"Where're Bill and Charlie and Per-Per-Percy?" George asked, failing to stifle a huge yawn, as he and Fred made their way into the kitchen sitting on either side of Harry.

"Well, they're Apparating, aren't they?" Molly said carefully heaving the large pot over to the table, so not to get any on her outfit, and started to ladle porridge into bowls. "So they can have a bit of a lie-in."

"So they're still in bed?" Fred asked grumpily, pulling his bowl of porridge towards him. "Why can't we Apparate too?"

"Because you're not of age and you haven't passed your test." Molly snapped at him and Haiden and Ron finally made it into the kitchen. "And where have those girls got to?" She bustled out of the kitchen and they heard her climbing the stairs.

"You have to take a test to Apparate?" Harry asked.

"Oh yes." Arthur said, tucking the tickets safely into the back pocket of his jeans. "The Department of Magical Transportation had to fine a couple of people the other day for Apparating without a license. It's not easy, Apparition, and when it's not done properly it can lead to nasty complications. This pair I'm talking about went and splinched themselves." Everyone around the table except Haiden winced.

"Er - Splinched?" Haiden asked. "Wait, isn't that where you either loose clothing or, at worst, a body part?"

"Correct, Haiden. They left half of themselves behind," Arthur said, now spooning large amounts of treacle into his porridge. "So, of course, they were stuck. Couldn't move either way. Had to wait for the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad to sort them out. Meant a fair old bit of paperwork, I can tell you, what with the Muggles who spotted the body parts they left behind…"

Harry had the sudden vision of a pair of legs and and eyeball lying abandoned on the pavement of Privet Drive and the Dursleys finding it. He snorted out a laugh causing everyone to give him a strange look.

"Were they okay?" He asked biting back a smile.

"Oh yes." Arthur said matter-of-factly. "But they got a heavy fine, and I don't think they'll be trying it again in a hurry. You don't mess around with Apparition. There are plenty of adult wizards who don't bother with it. Prefer brooms- slower, but safer."

"But Bill and Charlie and Percy can all do it?" Haiden asked.

"Charlie had to take the test twice." Fred said grinning. "He failed the first time, Apparated five miles south of where he meant to, right on top of some poor old dear doing her shopping, remember?"

"Yes, well, he passed the second time." Molly said marching back into the kitchen amid hearty sniggers.

"Percy only passed two weeks ago." George said. "He's been Apparating downstairs every morning since, just to prove he can." There were footsteps down the passage and Hermione and Ginny came into the kitchen, both looking angry and Ginny had a red and swollen cheek. It didn't take long for Harry to figure out that the two of them had been fighting.

"Why do we have to be up so early?" Ginny asked as she angrily sat down, glaring at Hermione when she sat next to Haiden giving him a peck on the cheek while also glaring at Ginny.

"We've got a bit of a walk." Arthur said.

"Walk?" Harry asked looking away from the glaring match between Ginny and Hermione. "What, are we walking to the World Cup?"

"No, no, that's miles away." Arthur said smiling. "We only need to walk a short way. It's just that it's very difficult for a large number of wizards to congregate without attracting Muggle attention. We have to be very careful about how we travel at the best of times, and on a huge occasion like the Quidditch World Cup-"

"My lord, look at the time!" Molly cried and they rushed to leave. "I'll be joining Bill, Charlie, and Percy around midday." She said to Arthur as he, Harry, Haiden, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny set off across the dark yard after Fred and George.

"Ron," Harry heard Haiden start while trying to fight a yawn, "where are we actually going?" He finished as they entered the woods next to the Burrow.

"Don't know." Ron said while yawning. "Hey, Dad." He called out causing everyone to turn and look at him since him and Haiden were tailing after the group. "Where are we going?"

"Haven't the foggiest." Arthur called back to him. "Keep up!" They trudged through the woods, some stepping over fallen branches, others stumbling over them, the silence only broken by their footsteps. The sky lightened very slowly as they made their way through the woods, its inky blackness diluting to deepest blue.

"Arthur!" Someone called from in front of them, next to a large tree that stood in the middle of a small clearing in the woods. "It's about time, son."

"Sorry, Amos. Some of us had a bit of a sleepy start." Arthur called out as he lead them towards the man. "This is Amos Diggory, everyone. Works with me at the Ministry." They all came a stop in front of the man and Harry leaned on Hermione tired and ready to sleep. Suddenly something fell from the tree next to the man and right in front of Harry and Hermione causing both of them to gasp and stumble backwards. "And this strapping young lad must be Cedric, am I right?" Arthur said holding out his hand for Cedric to shake.

"Yes, sir." Cedric said and Harry hid behind Hermione who laughed at him. "This way." He added as him and his father began to lead them up a hill.

"He is so handsome." Harry whispered into Hermione's ear, the two of them shared a look before they giggled and fell in line.

"Merlin's beard!" Amos suddenly exclaimed causing everyone to turn and look at him. "You must be Haiden Potter."

"Yes, sir." Haiden said awkwardly as Harry rolled his eyes and turned back around to continue following Cedric. Cedric lead them up a hill to an old moldy boot that was sitting at the top. "Yes, it, uh, just over there."

"Must be nearly time." Arthur said as they gathered around the boot taking a glance at his watch again. "Do you know whether we're waiting for any more, Amos?"

"No, the Lovegoods have been there for a week already and the Fawcetts couldn't get tickets." Amos said. "There aren't any more of us in this area, are there?"

"Not that I know of." Arthur said. "Yes, it's a minute off… We'd better get ready…" He looked around at Harry, Hermione, and Haiden. "You just need to touch the Portkey, that all, a finger will do-" With difficulty, owing to their bulky backpacks, the nine of them crowded around the old boot. They all stood there in a tight circle, as a chill breeze swept over the hilltop. Nobody spoke. It suddenly occurred to Harry how odd this would look if a Muggle were to walk up here now… nine people, two of them grown men, clutching this manky old boot in the semidarkness, waiting…

"Three…" Harry noticed Haiden wasn't touching the Portkey, only staring in confusion. "Two…"

"Haiden!" Hermione cried.

"One…" Harry grabbed Haiden's hand and forced him to touch the Portkey at the last second. It happened immediately: Harry felt as though a hook just behind his navel had been suddenly jerked irresistibly forward. His feet left the ground; Haiden's hand had slipped off the portkey, but Harry was still holding on to his wrist; they were all speeding forward in a howl of wind and swirling color; and he laughed while everyone else around him screamed.

"Let go, kids!" Arthur shouted over the wind.

"What!?" Hermione asked as Harry let go of Haiden's wrist and he fell away with a terrified scream. "HAIDEN!" Hermione yelled watching Haiden disappear before she lost grip and was blown away. Ron went after her, followed by Ginny and then the Weasley twins.

"Harry, let go!" Arthur urged him, but something was whispering in his mind to hold on till the very end.

"After you!" Harry called to him with a laugh. Arthur, Amos, and Cedric shared a look and then they let go at the same time, once the wind had taken them away, Harry let go of the boot and felt his back muscles move in a strange, yet familiar way, and then he was gently floating down. Everything cleared up and he saw Amos, Cedric, and Arthur also floating down. He caught sight of Haiden lying on his back on the ground and his eyes widened when they locked on him.

"I bet that cleared your sinuses, eh?" Arthur asked as he landed and walked over to Haiden and helped him up just as Harry landed. Haiden nodded his thanks to Arthur before rushing over to Harry and grabbed him by the shoulders. Harry thought he was going to yell at him for dropping him, but all he did was turn him so that he could look at his back before turning him back around to face him.

"Where did they go?" Haiden asked him.

"Where did what go?" Harry asked and Haiden sighed in annoyance.

"Your wings!" Haiden cried out gaining everyone's attention.

"What wings?" Harry asked.

"The wings that carried you down from the sky!" Haiden said.

"I never had wings, Haiden, you must have seen things." Harry said confused and scared. Amos walked over and lightly placed his hand on Haiden's shoulder.

"First time using a Portkey? The first one is also a doozy, can scramble a person's brain for a little while." Amos told them. "But don't worry, he should be back to normal in a few minutes."

"Seven past five from Stoatshead Hill?" A voice called.