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butch the bully oneshots

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Butch leaned up against the dirty brick wall. It was 8PM on a Sunday, Gods day. Butch was waiting for someone. In the opening of the alley, illuminated by streetlights, a silhouette appeared. She walked into the alley with pride, and with an unbreakable power to her step. Butch dare not say it aloud, but she was beautiful.

Momma cat.

Butch double checked his pockets for the bag of weed he had in store, took a deep breath, and stepped out in front of the cat woman.

"Hey~" murmured the feline. Butch bit down on the side of his cheek.

"You got it?" asked a deceptively sweet Momma cat. She fluttered her eyelashes, and swung her hips playfully. Although it was hard to see in the darkness, Momma cat kept one hand on her hip, covering the stiff outline of a weapon. Butch knew that Momma cats aesthetic was a façade, and yet...

"Uh- Y-yeah." Butch stuttered, fumbling with the bag before placing it in Momma cats open paw. She clumsily examined it, and smiled. She reached for her purse, but Butch interrupted her.

"Uh- Miss, you paid up front, you don't have to-" Momma cat put a claw to Butch's lips.

"But you did such a good job! You deserve a reward." Momma cat teased, her voice dropping after the word "deserve." Butch's face went bright red, and he could only hope she couldn't see him through the darkness.

She could. She giggled, and put her paw on Butch's face.

"Butch, do I intimidate you?" Momma cat coaxed, slipping another arm around Butch's waist. Butch couldn't speak, the words catching in his throat. He could only vigorously nod, pleasing Momma cat.

"The weed is for me, Butch." Momma cat explained. "I have to live with that anti-Christ of a husband, and that hell spawn of a son somehow." Momma cat sighed. Questions that Butch never bothered to answer began racing through his mind. How did this happen to her? Did she ever love Derek? What is she in it for? What is she doing with me anyway? Momma cat glanced around, and bit her lip.

"Butch... I look forward to our partnership." Momma cat said, and backed away, leaving Butch in the darkness. Butch looked up, and saw the moon shining through, and whispered:

"I gotta punk up."

Butch grazed the side of his face where Momma cat left her mark, sighed longingly, and continued into the dark alley.